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Big, fat Sally-Field-style tears were shed at 10:58 EST last night in the PRGay living room.

Our girl won. She FINALLY won.

For a dress that we only liked.

Don't get us wrong, it's pretty. It's also, as per usual, well-made and we're as happy as the judges were to see her make something that she herself wouldn't wear. She used her fabric choices well, because at first glance, they looked more appropriate for widow's weeds than on a youthful cocktail dress. And big ol' kudos to the fabulous Camilla for sashaying that thing down the runway like she was at a party for single young billionaires and in the market for a husband.

One nitpicky thing that we didn't like was the way the lace extends past the under-fabric all around the neckline. It looked like scallopped edging and gave it an uncharacteristically (for Laura) homemade feel to it.

Still, it's a cute dress and Laura was long overdue for a win. The "Sad Mommy" edit was pure setup and we figured she was going to win it when the first tear was shed.

We were once again with friends watching the show. Here's the difference between straight women and gay men. When Laura cried, all the women in our living room were like "Awww....sweet. That humanizes her." or "It's the hormones."

We, on the other hand, were all, "WHO MADE MY BITCH CRY! They need to get their ASSES BEAT! C'mere, girl. Let's go shopping."

No more salt and pepper shakers!

Yay! I missed most of last night's episode, but TG's podcast filled me in.

Go, Laura!


It wasn't a stellar dress but it was (IMO) by far the best one out there this round

(Sorry, Michael's dress reminded me too much of one made by an early-booted contestant on first season)

Seeing Creepy Vincent and Annoying Angela come back at the beginning of this show made me go AAARGHK!!!

Seeing them both get auf'd again made the short-lived anxiety worth it - still almost gagged when Get Off Man talked about making beautiful music

SO glad to see Laura finally win though - I really hope that gives her the oomph to get final three

If you haven't been preggers then you can't know! Hormones are vicious kitties that MUST be obeyed! I actually screamed like I'd won the oscar when Heidi declared her the winner. I wanted her to say it was for all the 42 yr old Mommies out there. But Laura is too cool to pull a Camryn.

Woo-hoo!! Finally! I was beginning to think that they would let Vincent win just to keep his royal craziness on the show! There are some other female designers out there that hje may not have had the chance to offend yet!

As a side note - the bonus footage on Bravo's web site shows the models talking and I thought it was very sweet of Camilla to defend Laura. She seems WAY too smart to be a dress form, but, girl CAN work it, so, power to her!

Okay, so I have been lurking for a few weeks and then got really obsessed and read into all of your archives. You two are just so snarky/witty/charming and remind me of the best things in life: best friends, cocktails, TV and gossip. I would LOVE to have drinks with you. I especially adore your commentary on "Bad Mommy" it's the best. Thanks for making my dreary day brighter! XO

I'm totally stoked for Laura!!! I LOVE her! I knew she'd recover from her "moment". Right on Laura!

Okay, I've only been lurking for a few days, 'cause lynnlaw told me about it when we were at dinner on Sunday. I'm obsessed with Project Runway and now I'm obsessed with Project Rungay, too! I'll tag along when you have drinks with lynnlaw. Big kisses for style, wit, and class!

I'm so happy that Laura won but so sad to see our little sunshine Kayne go home. :-(

Did you guys notice how extremely well-made Laura's clutch was? Structured bags are not easy, especially with the equipment they have. I wonder if she just glued the fabric onto a Macy's Accessory Wall bag???

It was obvious from the beginning that Laura would win, given her interviews and how much attention they were paying her. And when Michael went to help Kayne with his "hooker" dress, then you just KNEW Kayne was going bye-bye.

And now it's obvious why they gave Vincent the win for the Mom challenge. So they could bring him back in this episode! I do not like the social engineering aspect of Season 3. But I loved last night's episode because Laura won! Yeah!

I loved Laura's dress and the clutch. Very sad that Kayne is gone. He was a ray of sunshine.

My husband watched the show with me for the first time. Eyebrows were raised during any Vincent scene. Why, oh why, did they bring Angela and Vincent back? Too distracting and just plain uncomfortable.

I don't know... I liked Laura's dress, but I think Michael should have won. His model was so well put together, from the top of her head to her feet. But don't get me wrong, I'm happy Laura won. I think she got cheated out of winning in other challenges.

I couldn't believe my ears and eyes when Angela said she used her extra fabric to line the (already lined, mass produced) purse her model was carrying. Then to see her pull out more than a handful of scraps...! I think I actually hated her more than Vincent. I mean, poor Vincent, he's just crazy. She's a lying, manipulative, talentless, deluded, self absorbed bitch.

When the judges said that they liked Laura's dress, I was jumping up and down like a straight (DC-area) man watching the Redskins kick the Cowboys' asses. My daughter kept telling me that I needed to calm down. I moved across the room before they announced the winner so that I wouldn't upset her.

Now she just needs to make it to the final three.

I missed it last night, and of course the Bravo website is moving at the speed of molasses - so I'm DEPENDING on the PRGayBoyz for my fix! Thanks for posting about Laura first, I'm so glad she managed to break out of the mold. I was really starting to doubt whether she could be pregnant *and* bring it - I have five kids too, and it's no picnic! She's away from her children, she's under a ton of stress, she's pregnant... poor thing. If she wasn't so fierce I'd just want to give her a big hug.

I'm sorry, but Kayne just did NOT step it up when it mattered.

And GOD but I would have been pissed if Angela or Vincent had gotten back in! Do them next! Do them next!

Jonesing in Jersey...


YAY!! I am so, so glad that Laura finally won. She deserved it. I agree 100% with you boys about the crying, I would do the same thing, kick someone's ass who made my girl cry.

I was so over it when Angela (Olive Oyl) and Vincent (Nutty McFruitcake) came back, but alas they both stabbed themselves in the foot. Angela's dress was her usual shiteousness and Vincent (poor old thang) is just full of himself but I cannot figure out why. That dress he made looked like a prop from Pretty Woman (before she got made over).

Angela thought she was being slick by stuffing the extra material in the purse, but they so called her out on it. I howled when the Nina said it was a structured purse that needed nothing to support it. Angela is such a stupid bimbo.

I knew from the start of the runway that Laura would win. Hers was far better than the others. I liked Uli's dress, but I fear that if she doesn't get out of that Miami mode she will be eliminated next. How many times can she re-hash that dress.

Poor Kayne, I will miss that nelly queen, but I hope that Jeffrey is the next to go. He is tired, tired, tired.

As thrilled as I was to see Laura's long overdue win, hearing Heidi tell Vincent "Your're out" was truly "music" to my ears. The evening would have been perfect had he been bound and gagged, wearing a basket hat, for his exit interview.

I was SO happy that Laura won, and SO sad to see Kayne go. I was hoping, reallyreally hoping, that they'd auf Jeffrey and keep Kayne. Oh well.

laura has a big mouth, a growing belly and some smart ass style. the woman can design and tailor a garment, throw out quips and swill champagne with the best of them. she did have a glass in her hand last night......but through it all....... she has remained steadfast in her design ethic. fashionable and forward (with the exception of the couture challenge). i loved the way she tried to psych-out angela. to be honest i did not like laura one iota in the early days of this show.....but as we have had a chance to watch her (grow) she has proven that brash, overbearing women can also have heart. kudos to her win.

Laura's dres was attractive. I thought so when I bought the virtually identical dress at Sakowitz in Houston in 1972. I still have it.

I will miss my Kaynebow!

I think I threw up a little when Angela and Vincent showed up.

I'm sooooo happy. Fabulous Laura won!!!

And while I'm at it ...
Hey Jeffrey:
3 "ladies" standing on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, sharing a bottle of Boonesfarm at 4:00 am is NOT a cocktail party.

Laura ... our Laura won! I have to agree it was not such a great dress. But it was the best thing up there, and she was totally long overdue for a win!

I loved seeing Angela return ONLY because it put a very bitter taste in the Angry Little Peanut's mouth. Incidently, if Kayne had bothered to use more white, the Peanut may have been given the boot. The Peanut's garment was total "Sunset Strip ho!"

And what made Michael Kors (top American designer, HA!) think the Peanut's garment was the sort of thing that Gwen Stefani would wear... WTF? Gwen is much too fabulous for the crap the Peanut makes.

Vincent's return made me want to reach for the valium and a martini (gin, very dry, up, 2 olives ... please!)

But, as usual, I digress ...

I think Laura can see it through to the big show. Wonder is she is still pregnant, or if she had the baby before the big show?

Brian in KY

^^^^^ Fashion commentary from Kentucky.


Brian in KY,

I seem to recall that reading somewhere that Laura is due in November.

As for you anonymous, one of the many good things about this blog is that it's pretty much devoid of personal attacks on others and their point of view. Let's try and keep it that way, shall we?

Well ? It's about. Damn. Time.


it was wrenching to see such a strong, forceful, elegant woman cry. in true straight woman style, it made me go awwwwww, poor little cupcake.

a good thing, though, is that her self concept and her view of her designs is top notch. otherwise she'd not have been so rocked by the judges' savaging of her morticia adams dress.

and she's tired. who among us (women) doesn't boo hoo when we're overtired and overstressed? it's better than committing murder, which is the other option.

I LOVE this dress. I want to buy it and wear it like I "was at a party for single young billionaires and in the market for a husband."


It's not just straight women! Both my girlfriend and I (yes I'm a girl too... sheesh) both immediately coo'd "Awwww pregnancy breakdown... poor thing." No body MADE her cry. Yes, she probably needs a shopping fix but it's just the lovely, lovely, oh-so-charming, hormone roller-coaster that is being a woman... a pregnant one at that.

Looks like we have a troll on board here.

Meantime, Cyndi Lauper anyone?

For the very first time I am disagreeing with you guys! I looooooove this dress and if I were a size 0 I'd be bidding on that shit in a SECOND!

This means we will see a collection from Laura tomorrow (check on line by tomorrow night and there will be photos of the 3 PR finalists plus the decoy- just google and click) and I am really really interested to see what Laura does. I cannot imagine tackling this kind of a project whilst being SO PG....but if anyone can do it, our bad Mommy can!

CONGRATULATIONS LAURA!!! You took the downer from last week and rose like the Fashion Phoenix that you are and brought it!!!! I was SO HAPPY you got the win (although I must say i did predict it here in my fabulous living/viewing room :) ).
You're goin to the Final 3...yesssssssss!

PS. If anyone gets an invite to that single billionaires party, please don't forget about me. :D I'd work any of those dresses...ok maybe not Angelas. No definitely not that. (I have to say I loved Uli's though)

"Camilla for sashaying that thing down the runway like she was at a party for single young billionaires and in the market for a husband."

LOL. LOVE it. Btw, is she American?

I would rather see Kayne struggle with taste than watch
Jeffery, week after week, do the same old tired LA rocker schtick from 1994. I remember him trolling around the LA club scene from back then and he hasn't
freshened up his look since.

I am happy Laura won, she clearly had the best dress, although nothing this week was that impressive...

Count me among the thrilled that Laura won. I think part of the reason for the snarky comments to Angela was the realization that Angela's 'win' wouldn't have happened if not for her and Michael. Yet she would not have been asked back according to the directive. And say though we might that Jay never won a challenge, it had to have been grating for someone who was consistently good.

Btw, I believe the savaging by the judges of the couture dress was done during the hours of runway time that we don't get to see. I'd love to see just one of those full-blown sessions in a PR special.

I thought last week that Kayne would be next to go, but honestly I loved his dress from the front and thought it was close to looking chic in the back, given a different fabric ribbon and a less laundry bag-look; I liked the idea of a dramatic shift from the conservative 'little black dress' front. Think Hilary Swank blue Oscar dress.

[Ooh, I know, I know! A little black dress challenge!]

I thought Uli would be out. I thought she deserved to be out. I think the judges have to be as nervous about an Uli runway show as about a Kayne show, if not more so. Still, people will know where to go to get lovely, breezy print dresses, and more power to her.

But back to Laura (My Sweet). The video call was delightful, and I'm glad she got her confidence level back. Camilla was terrific. She was smart to have picked Laura for the icon challenge; the two of them are so collegial. For all that Laura exudes Park Avenue rich, she is very open to working with others and doesn't stand on a status pedestal with regard to age, education, occupation, money, or whatever. Well, maybe jerks (g).

So now I am a happy camper. I wanted Laura to make the final four. At this point it almost doesn't matter because they all get to show, but I think Michael not only deserves a win; he is the least established of the three professional designers, I think, and he will profit most from it.

Do you think Tim Gunn is going to be a judge next week? They all seemed to be so excited and happy with an announcement he makes.

So glad that "Bad Mommy" got an overdue win and loved it that she stepped outside her comfort zone and that it paid off for her.

What I love about Laura is that she would equally at home at swanky Upper East Side cocktail party ... or a bar on the docks. Now that is a textbook "dame" if there every was one!

Similar to what hopelaurie said, it's great to watch the symbiotic relationship developing between Laura and Camilla, bourne out of mutual respect and a lack of ego on both ladies' parts. I hope Camilla helps Laura bring it home next week!

Friggin' LOVED the dress. LOVE Laura. I was fooled by the tears, must admit. I thought this might be our girl's swan song....but NO MOMMA. She pulled it off!!!

I'm on the edge of my seat now waiting for more from you two because this episode was RICH$$$$$.

Tom in Chicago

Hopelaurie: Thanks for reminding me...

Am I the only one who was surprised they didn't edit out Laura's husband's cell phone number? You can see it (albeit upside down) beneath the video as she's watching it. With all the pixillating they do of EVERYTHING on TV--license plates, slogans on T-shirts, etc.--it was a little shocking that that slipped past.

OMG, the boyfriend and I were totally crying through this whole episode. I don't think we're pregnant so it must just be that we're total fags!

We were so happy that our Laura finally got her win! Because of all the preview drama I knew she was safe but I didn't know she would win until the judges started praising her. I just melt when she smiles!

I want to add that last night's challenge was SUPER dramatic! I was disgusted to see those two come back for a second chance and knots in my stomach thinking EITHER of them could win and knock any of the others out but the drama...the dra ha hahaha ma...was FIERCE!!! The extra bang of using all the fabric...dang...I was sweating bullets! And my a/c was ON!

I loved the "who made her cry" comment. Hilarious.

Congratulations Laura! I knew from the begining you were going far. And I loved the dress. Very sweet.

One more thing..who else caught that prolonged STARE of Laura's from the bathroom at Angela when Angie was trying to claim the "designer" rights to their group challenge that they won (then the great montage showing exactly who did the "designing" there). It was AWESOME.

Dear prgayboyz-

You complete me.


I was very pleased for Laura, but I also was in the "liked" (not loved) boat with this dress. Not that I'm qualified to say jack about fashion, but that lace overlay fabrication was pretty dreary to me, and I worried that the judges would think it was way too old. Glad to be wrong :)

And I've so gotta make a sound clip of Tim's, "Oh, JESUS!" re Kayne's Hooker!Belt...God, was that ever funny!


AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's fucking awesome! And its true...I was one of the females sitting there thinking it was a total hormonal meltdown.
You guys kill me! That's some good shit right there!

Is it sad that I, a straight woman, also thought "Who made my bitch cry?"

There's nothing like pregnancy hormones coursing through her iron veins to make our strong girl cry. It showed she is human, and I like her all the more for it.

This woman can design! And she held her own in each of the contests.

Do you notice how she and Michael congratulate each other? Warm feelings and respect are evident.

Our Michael is a gentleman, genuinely happy when others win and sad when they lose. Nazri rocked the runway. He and Laura deserve to be in the final three.

Except for Jeffrey outlasting Kayne (J's getup looked like a K-Mart special for pre-teens) the judges have got it right.

katiecoo said: One more thing..who else caught that prolonged STARE of Laura's from the bathroom at Angela when Angie was trying to claim the "designer" rights to their group challenge that they won (then the great montage showing exactly who did the "designing" there). It was AWESOME.

2:08 PM

It was Angela, doing her best Eve Harrington, showing her true colors.

Angela "Harrington", no APPLAUSE for you!

When Laura crabbed about the "Olsen twins" did she mean Heidi and Nina?

Too sweet! Would you darlings take me shopping when stupid men make me cry?

When Laura talked about The Olsen Twins, I thought she just meant trying to design for the young and allegedly hip....Yay, Laura!

I clapped so hard and wooped so loud when Laura won that my little Bichon went into hiding. A fabulous and well-deserved win for a classy lady! I can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Laura and Michael are two talented and classy designers who both deserve everything coming their way. I hope Uli is in on the action too.

Has anyone looked at Michael Kors S/S 07 show up today? It looks like a cross between the Jetsetter dress Laura made and Michael's 80-ish cocktail dress for this challenge. The colours and fabrications are the same. The wrappy cocktail dresses and the off-the shoulder tops are reminiscent of Laura's and Michael's PR designs. Was he influenced by them or is it in the water at Parsons? Makes me think Laura should have won for her jetsetter look. If it's good enough for the Kors runway, it should be good enough for Project Rumway. Anyway, love Kors stuff too---even the swimsuits look wearable.

On another note, check out James Coviello on The man has a serious case of fleurchon flu. He has a fleurchon cape, a belt(used several times) and a vest. Quilters call these yo-yos. No wonder Angela gave them a new name. Maybe Coviello is drinking Parsons water as well.

Anyone else notice Laura was not-as-flat-chested or hey-she-does-have-boobs this episode? Must be because of the pregnancy.

Glad for Laura! But I honestly liked Micheal's better. The little fringey stuff bugged me.

I fully expect a post about Vincent's "beautiful music" comment. Please?

mm the sweet satisfaction of seeing the faces of angela and vincent as they had their extra chance ripped out from underneath them is the reason i watch this show.
and for the dresses.


Last night's show was tough to watch! As a Jeffrey fan (yeah, there's one of us out here), I really thought he was in serious trouble.

I liked Laura a little bit more last night, especially after her telling Angela The Truth about that Macy's project. I wasn't wowed by the dress, but I think she and Michael were essentially tied, so it wasn't a bad win.

I guess I was reading her expression wrong, though, 'cause I thought she looked peeved at Camilla's helpful suggestions. As to the crying? I know she's tired. Shoot, they all look exhausted. I just didn't understand the business about how the judges nailed her the week before. Isn't that the first time she's ever received any criticism on the runway?

I thought of you boys, though, and was happy, 'cause I knew you'd be thrilled about Bad Mommy's win.

I sure will miss Kaynebow, though.

Laura when are we gonna go pahtee? call the babysitter to watch your pile ;-)

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why Laura's dress looked familiar to me. Finally--my grandmother had a similar one (same neckline, same sleeves) in navy lace overlay in 1966--only longer and without the fringe and rhinestones.
While it was nice to see something other than the same sternum revealing dreck, it was not enough to impress me.
Laura's dress looked as old and tired as she does. (Oh no I di'n't!) As a gay man, I wonder what is wrong with me that I can not love her? Am I thinking outside of the gay box again?

I'm shocked, shocked! that you boys have said nothing (yet) about the frighteningly nightmarish return of Vincent and Angela! While watching at home with my roommate, we both gasped, nay, hyperventilated when Jubilee Jumbles and Captain Percoset emerged... we thought sure it would be the first thing on the blog this morning! Don't keep us waiting any more!!!

OMG you guys, the HORmones are very much the culprit. Add the stress of PR to that, and it's a nasty combo.

I am disgusted, though, in the long run. Did NOT like Angela coming back. No no no no no....

Hormones must be given their due, yes. But the first trimester -- the fatigue! How is that dynamo able to stay awake past 8:00 p.m.? Maybe it gets easier with the sixth one. And I have a feeling the dress had a fresher look in person -- we really couldn't get the full effect of the artfully-placed feathers and sparkles.

Me and my sisters reaction was: Oh hell no, we know that isn't our girl Laura. It's the hormones.

I know my Laura doesn't breakdown and show fear. She only strikes fear into those who oppose her.

Holy hell I cried like a baby when Laura cried! She totally deserved that win! Work it Laura!!!

hey PR boys -

did you notice Laura's sorta visible cell number when she got the 'video message' or whatever from her husband?
i can't believe they wouldn't blur that out. it was definitely 917-something-something...
any chance ya got a screen shot? :)

You know they HAVE to have Jeffery in the finals to provide the drama. Can you really see 3 men in the finals? They have to have Uli or Laura..and Uli...well, she just isn't reality television material (no pun intended!) You can virtually substitute Jeffery for Santino (aren't those two best friends or something?) no matter what Jeff turns out he'll be in the final 3 just for the drama.

anon 4:02: " When Laura crabbed about the "Olsen twins" did she mean Heidi and Nina?"
anon 4:54: " When Laura talked about The Olsen Twins, I thought she just meant trying to design for the young and allegedly hip."
But I think Laura talked about the Olsen twins in the context of not knowing what she had to do to satisfy the judges. She talked a lot about being ripped by the judges in the previous challenge. Hmmm.

That visible phone number was probably changed as of 11:01pm EST Wednesday evening.

I have to agree and disagree on this episode.

I was very happy to see Laura win finally. Yet, she's not my favorite designer and I would've much prefered to see Micheal win instead. I thought his dress was absolutely stunning and I would've never bought what Laura made. Maybe it's a matter of preference and taste, but Micheal is where it's at, in my opinion.

So hooray for Laura for winning. But to Micheal, I'm with you all the way hottie!

I'm a straight woman and when Laura started crying I said, "Oh dear, pregnancy hormones."

Mariana (The Original)

This episode gave me motion sickness.

It doesn't matter what happens on the show, your comments are the best part!

KAYNE IS GONE!! i think im gonna cry...

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