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We can't freaking wait until tomorrow night!

[Screencaps/Illustration: Project RunGay]

That is FUNNY! I can't wait either. The suspense is killing me.

Up until I heard most of the speculation that Keith was the one to go, I thought it was going to be Bradley for drug possesion.

But who cares about Keith? Geez.

I curse the fact that I'm on the west coast and will be among the last to know.

I think it's NOT Keith for plagarism. I don't know who it is going to be, it still could be Keith, but not for plagarism. May wager is that someone snuck some part of their project home to Atlas to work on (rosettes?)

I can't wait! I can't wait!

I'm totally trolling every PR blog entry written to try to get some kind of a fix. (Yours are a supercrazyfantastic, btw).

Well, I thought it was going to be Vincent for drugs, but I keep hearing things about Keith. I'm hoping he's the one to get kiced off.

Maybe Katherine will come back.

Aww I hope it's not Keith :( sorry but I like him lol. I think Vincent is going to be kicked off and for that, I definitely would not mind.

Don't you Rungay guys have a psychic on retainer or something to help us with this? Can you pretend to be one? Medium? How about "Small"? Or "Large"? I'll take anything but give me a prediction!

I am guessing Vincent!

i love keith as much as i love you guys for this ridiculously hilarious blog so i hope he doesn't get kicked off. i hope vincent does. and then angela loses the challenge if they still eliminate someone. then they should bring malan back! ah wishful thinking. keep the funny coming.

i dont think keith would get in trouble for plagarism, cuz marla didnt get kicked out for plagarizing nikki hilton's dress

Supposedly Keith plagarized designs in the portfolios he submitted when he applied to the show. I did kind of like "Laura is bad mommy" Keith. His designs have all been very good so far. Maybe now MK will finally get some airtime.

I'm pretty sure Vincent will make it to the final 3.

Angela is ridiculous. You can't have a whole design aesthetic that revolves around rosettes.

Don't you Rungay guys have a psychic on retainer or something to help us with this? Can you pretend to be one? Medium? How about "Small"? Or "Large"? I'll take anything but give me a prediction!

Unfortunately, all we have is gaydar.

How much caffeine do I have to pump into my body to stay up till 10?

This is too good to be true! I would prefer they dismiss Laura or Angela, but I'll settle for Keith.

" Bad Mommy" is going...she was caught sneaking out in sweatpants to take her turn carpooling the kids to soccer practice.

"Unfortunately, all we have is gaydar.

7:59 AM "

Ok, that literally made me hiss then choke then cough! Doesn't Gaydar address Small, Medium and Large? Snort! ;)

I'm on the west coast too, and I'm counting the nanoseconds 'til ten o'clock. LOVE the blog. You guys are too fab for words.

I can't believe no one thinks Keith will make it to the final three. You better hope he does or you'll be in for a long season. He's the wittiest one on the show and the only one, so far, to show some personality. Plus, he's a great designer! Like Nina Garcia said, his clothes have always been "impeccable." He won the first challenge. Had immunity in the second one. And would have won the third, according to the judges, if he hadn't been such a wise ass! So....I dare anyone else to say that he won't be in the final three. If he's not kicked off tonight for whatver Tim Gunn is so P.O'd about, I GUARANTEE you'll see him in the final three with Uli. I'm still up in the air about the third. Michael maybe.

Tick tick tick..tap tap tap.

(no that is not a bomb scare)

LOLOL that is funny, Katiecoo.
We keep checking the time every 15 minutes.

Buh Bye Keith....ya rule breaking CHEATER! :D

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