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We wish we had more to say about Uli, but she's always in the background, keeping the drama to a minimum and working like a German. She's repetitive in the same way Laura is, but what she does, she always does well. This dress was beautiful if a little lampshade-y.

YES! Jubilee Jumbles is back, y'all! Last week's detour into taste has been hastily readjusted back into ticky-tackery. Judging by the apron, this is meant to be worn by the cook at Camp Jubilee Jumbles. We're starting to think Camp Ju-Ju is where you send little gay boys to try and turn them straight. The counselors probably all walk around in crotchless panties.

Fashion! What a feeling!

When she said, "I just love patchwork," I knew we were in for Happy Hands at Home! Just too bad there was no ric-rac or plastic flowers in that dump heap!


I have tears. Not streaming tears, just welled tears. I can barely see.

You guys are too funny.

I'm sorry, but overalls should only be worn by pregnant woman looking to advertise the fact that they're pregnant - because they make even the skinniest of size -10 models look like they've got a bun in the oven.
Oh, Angela, what in heaven's name are you still doing on this show?

I thought that Uli's dress was lovely, although her model couldn't have looked more bored when she was walking down the runway. Conversely, Angela created another mess. It was like a Barbarella costume reject. Just hideous!

That's exactly what I thought. Plastic apron with a bandeau top.

And actually, I loved Uli's. I hope she doesn't get eliminated for an unfinished piece this week like the promos are suggesting.

i wish uli was a lesbian.
shes hott.

Uli's dress looked like a Martha Stewart gift basket with a hot model in it.

If you lift up the bottom of the skirt there is a little label sewn in that says

"...with love, Martha."

Strangely enough, while I didn't like Angela's design, I liked the patchwork and I thought it could have been utilised better in some other way. That and colour is always welcome.

I got hungry looking at Uli's dress.


miss ann thrope

Maybe someone should give Uli's model to Vincent. That oughta wake her up in a hurry.

Uli can calculate as well as design dresses. She doesn't go out of her way to stand out. But she knew when she had immunity.
She makes little comments here and there that shows she has her eyes on the prize.

haha I remember that,
"it was bonnies fault that the pants looked so awful, but i didn't care, i had immunity, i felt good all the way".
uli herzner, amazing.


I want Uli, Laura and Michael final three!

Do the panties have fleurcherons (sp?) on them? ((((shudder)))

Love Uli too but I want to see her do something very different than the various versions of the halter sundress-esque dress.

It's nice to see that SOMEONE remembered that Uli is on the show, because I think the bloody producers have forgotten the past two weeks. I am all for seeing as much of Uli and her beautiful dresses as possible, so THANKS!


I want Uli, Laura and Michael final three!"

I copy that, James D.D.! Right on.

"Happy Hands at Home" ~ embeedubya ;-) wonderful!

okay, i liked angela's dress. and i dress in clothes like the ones uli makes, so obviously i like hers.

but . . . "worked like a German" and the look on her face as her model is hugging her? priceless. so very German, so very "oooh, i don't do clutchy physical stuff very well get off of me quick" ~ wonderful.

can't wait until tonight. you guys are beyond fabulous, but then you knew that.

Tonite's the Night Boys! :D

Welcome back Happy Hands!

Now leave.

Ugh, I emailed you kids what I thought of Miss Jumbles.

Angela's dress looked like superslutty lunchlady.

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