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I'm a WINNER, dammit!!

Our girl Kayne really thought he had this one locked up.

That is one uber-confident queen there.

"Lalalala. I could stand here and listen to this all day. WinnerWinnerWinner, that's me. Kayne the winner."

And here's the exact moment when he realized he wasn't going to win it and his gracious-loser pageant training reluctantly kicked in. That is one pinched smile.

Now, y'know that Orbitz commercial with the two twinsets trimming their hedges while trying to book a trip to Cancun? Y'know how the blonde one - Dan's wife, for those of us in the know - screws it all up and goes all 20th century by trying to book it with a phone and she's totally not with it because the brown one has a computer installed in her shrubbery and she lands a sweet deal through and Dan's wife is all secretly pissed but she can't actually say she is, what with this being the suburbs and all, and she squeezes out a thin little "
Congratulations"? You know, that one?

He is totally Dan's wife right now, trimmed hedges and all.

Maybe the pagent-training kicked in, but those cheekbones never lie.

LOL. His facial expressions are enough to make me burst out laughing.
I thought he was going to win this one too. His dress was gorgeous. Well, this girl surely knows how to make a garment.

We agree, Jason, his dress was gorgeous and the model looked fabulous.

One day those cheekbones will sprout legs and walk right off his face.

I love it. Kayne is definitely Dan's wife right there. And look at those eyes: they say, "Bitch, this was my challenge! I was supposed to win!!!"

Oh, that is too much! The look on his face in the second picture.... your caption is PERFECT! LOL!!!

I am cracking up over here! =D

Isn't that the same face that Meryl Streep made in The Devil Wears Prada? You know the scene where they showed her a red and black gown? That is totally the same face! I agreed that this was a third place dress, the horizontal pleats on the ass-age area looked like the model had ROLLS.

Love the Orbitz reference, that blond loser woman is such a SKEEZ.

Why does Kayne irritate me soooo much???

I'm surprised his jaws didn't squeeze his teeth right out between those pursed lips.

That is the face I'd imagine he'd make if he was forced to eat bearded clam with a lemon warheads chaser.


I love Mikey, and I am glad he won, but my precious Mr. Kayne made one fabulous dress for the updated Miss Marilyn Monroe, and he was a most gracious non-winner of this particular challenge.

p.s. guys what is with the identify yourself thing before leaving a comment? Have you been inundated with false messages since your fabulous glamorousness has become so widely known? (it is just a teeny bit annoying).

Unfortunately we have, Lisa. Sorry about that, but it was driving us crazy.

He IS Dan's wife! Ya'll are so damn hilarious....if I were Kathy Griffen I would want you guys to be my Gays!!!

"Lalalala. I could stand here and listen to this all day. WinnerWinnerWinner, that's me. Kayne the winner."

LMFAO. I seriously LOL'ed at work and people are staring...I work with scientists. They seriously think something is wrong with me.

You guys rock! And as much as I love kayne his dress made that model look really fat, and thats bad if you make 100lb stick insect look fat.

oh man, I always found that commercial funny but your description of it makes it ten times funnier.
I liked Kayne's dress, but Michaels was so fierce! Tyra would've shed a tear.

Excellent, I am rolling here...I love Kayne and his saving grace was that it only lasted for less than a minute and then you could see he was pleased for my boy Mikey.

Perfectly understandable, and no problem whatsoever, my honeys.

Oh so THAT is the name of that hairstyle. "Trimmed hedges". Got it. :)

We weren't exactly referring to the hair on his head, katie.

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