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Tara and the dress.

Yes, Tara wore the dress. She looked FABULOUS, and she finished as 4th runner-up. Too bad her walk sucked. Congratulations again, Kayne!

Miss Japan was the crowd's favorite. The bitch answered her questions in like 10 languages. Everyone was impressed. She was SOOO robbed. I bet Miss Japan is going to curse the judges in all the languages she knows.

Miss Puerto Rico won with her slutty dress. She's gorgeous!

"Es un milagro de la Virgen MarĂ­a!!"

And then the bitch fainted. We kid you not.
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This blog is so funny that I was laughing out loud for a good 5 minutes straight. Awesome!!!

I'm peeing in my pants and snorting soda out of my nose. Fucking hillarious! You guys are so bookmarked.

I bookmarked you too--damn, I laughed so hard that my boss almost found out I was only pretending to work! Love you and sent your link to all my friends!

Hi guys,

My friend told me about your blog. Too funny.
Great job.

You bitches are hilarious! (And bookmarked.)

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, guys! We're glad you like it.

Bookmarked? PRESSURE!

Hi guys,

I'm from Puerto Rico and that is fucking HILARIOUS! She would totally say that.

Love your blog, too sharp and on target, love all the screen caps also. Wish you guys were recapping the Janice Dickinson show. Too funny this blog.

Thanks again, guys! We're pleasantly surprised that anyone's reading us at all!

Japan will get her revenge... she brought a samurai with her...

that Rican bitch lookd so fake. 6 digit plastic surgery, for sure.

I think she's holding her hand up like that so all the horny men will know where to put the wedding ring. Slutty dresses are one thing, but you don't get more than one miracle from la Vierge Maria if you do it before the wedding.

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