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Sketchy Keith

"I made many, many outfits for the dog and I
thought about it a long time."

We managed to get a hold of Keith's sketches
for the dog outfit!

Check it out!

[Screencap/Illustration: Project RunGay]


you guys are HEAVENLY!

O-M-G. You guys are hilariously funny.
There are actually tears in my eyes from reading this. This is bloody genius.

I was seriously going frame by frame today during the section where Heidi gets up to evaluate his "little sash" he makes for the dog collar he pulled off the accessory wall. I can't see any sash! Was the bracelet too small so he lengthened it with some swatch of fabric that he "worked on for a really long time"?

Just finished reading the whole site, and I must say I ABSOLUTELY love this site. You guys are hilarious.

Will be back for more.

The emperor's not wearing any clothes, Keith, you crazy son of a bitch. Too bad you're so damned good looking.

he is sooooo hot though.

New PR watcher and I just love this blog! So catty, it's heavenly.

To Keith's credit, there's nothing you could put on that half-shaven, overgrown sewer rat to make it look remotely presentable.

Whoever said on the show that everyone picked themselves in dogs was right - maybe it's Keith's inner dog?


there's supposed to be an early elimination (rumoured to be Keith) due to stolen sketches by him.

I can't believe no one thinks Keith will make it to the final three. You better hope he does or you'll be in for a long season. He's the wittiest one on the show and the only one, so far, to show some personality. Plus, he's a great designer! Like Nina Garcia said, his clothes have always been "impeccable." He won the first challenge. Had immunity in the second one. And would have won the third, according to the judges, if he hadn't been such a wise ass! So....I dare anyone else to say that he won't be in the final three. If he's not kicked off tonight for whatver Tim Gunn is so P.O'd about, I GUARANTEE you'll see him in the final three with Uli. I'm still up in the air about the third. Michael maybe.


I GUARANTEE you won't see Keith in the final 3. Ha ha ha.

la mere artiste

Very nice, PRG guys! I also like how several contestants' jaws dropped when K out & out lies to the judges. Is this a textbook example of narcissistic personality disorder?

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