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Prabal Gurung Spring 2011 Collection

Color! We could get used to this!

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I really like the shapes used in the colorblocking. Very cute collection in pretty semi-sorbet colors.

But the black. I like neutrals as accent colors, and you would think that a few pops of black in a collection of turquoise and tangerine and yellow would make you sit up, but I just feel like it's still a boring shade. I wonder why it's not quite working for me.

Color! I'm in complete agreement (especially on a gray, gloomy day) - this is compelling. attractive and fresh. Hope it signals the beginning of a trend we can embrace.

All the best,


I am LOVING all the bright fun colors this season...was so sick of the black-grey-white-offwhite-tan-jennifer anison's closet of the last few seasons!

Love some of this. Hate some of it, too, but. . . LOVE some of it, especially the beginning.

"Color! Wonderful, wonderful color!"

Anyone recognize that?

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Yes. There was a great quote from Diane Von Furstenberg on 'The Day Before' (running on the Sundance Channel) - actually there were a bunch of great quotes from her - but the one that applies to this was about color: She said something like, (I'm paraphrasing) 'Imagine a garden in black & white. That's why we use color.'

And I'm loving the color story in this collection.



This is a great, fun, spring/resort collection.

PS: "Barbara Bush (the cute one)" - LOL! Even though I do think that the Sr. One, is a great style icon for women her age.

Thank you TLO for featuring Prabal Gurung!!!

=D =D

I'm so happy to see the return of color! YAY! Spring.Very cute collection. My favs are the first few blue/yellow/coral pieces.

Holy shit, this is an amazing collection! Diverse and beautiful.

Wow, those are impressive. I'll take him over the repetitive PPS as a young designer to watch.

The Frank Lloyd Wright worshipper in me LOVES these -- the color blocking + they seem so "architectural" in their design. Magnificent!!!

oh, how pretty!

LOVE this collection, though really, it's the strong color pieces that make it for me. I've been craving something like this forever it seems. And hey, look at the awesome blue and orange going on!

As a longtime fan of black, I must say how much I'm in love with this color story. However, I also really like the incorporation of black and white with this line. Great shapes, textures and elegant long and lean silhouettes. Very refreshing. Very modern. I'm absolutely sold on this entire collection.


Love it. Sleek simple silhouettes with bright and interesting colors! I could not ask for more.

the thing that i love the most about this collection is that he did something that's been very in for the past couple spring seasons - colorblocking - but made it completely fresh and feel different from anything i've ever seen. love the white dress with the turquoise crescents


-Le Sigh


And Ooooh, the shoes. I believe they might make me happy with my life.


I LOVE this collection!

More fabulous colour, hooray.

The coral - kind of fractal - print on the off-white (?) reminds me of Amy Sarabi's decoy collection from PRS7.


There is so uch to love here, but I'm not a fan of the midi length.

Brooklyn Bomber, Ah, yes, "color-- wonderful, wonderful color" takes me back to sunday evenings when I was a child. Wonderful World of Disney and grilled cheese sandwiches with Campbell's tomato soup.

I like nearly all of them. The models are styled in a way that reminds me of Tilda Swinton.

Love the backs on the gowns. Colors are wonderful, the models look a little ghoulish with the total lack of color, other than their dark eyes.
But then you can hardly take your eyes off the color....

I really like it, but is anyone else wary of the length of the dresses? I feel like mid-calf skirt lengths are only flattering on tall, skinny types. Anyone who wears one of these on the red carpet will have to shorten it, right?

Shorten every single one of those to knee length so my squatty non-model form looks good, and I want each and every dress.

Love. it. Except the beige part. That just brings it all down. Also that is some great colour blocking.

Though I can see the reasoning behind it, I'm not liking the washed out makeup.

And I really don't like the midi-length dresses.

Otherwise- Fabulous.

Wow! Bright, modern and yet completely wearable by real women. Bravo.

Mila, this is how you do color blocking.

Fabulous colors! I love the white with the aqua slashes of color the best, but they are all fantastic.

Love the color--something sorely lacking in most of the PR offerings this season, it seems to me.

But the models are made up to look like mannequins. Walking mannequins, literally. Now that's a little creepy.

will you be reviewing Daniel V's collection?

That yellow is gorgeous. I'm loving the pops of color. Love this collection.

Beautiful collection...hope to see Shelley in some of these designs.

If I could get a right ankle transplant and had $1300 to blow on a pair of shoes, I'd own some Nicholas Kirkwoods.

Nothing brilliant to add about the collection other than I kinda like it.

I love every piece and wish I was rich and skinny enough to own/wear them!

I love all of the color!! And I even liked the shapes of the neutrals too.
The shoes are fabulous. I would love to see some side shots of them.

I LOVE the pale coral/salmon color that is apparently going to be in this year.

Though I think the most striking dress here is the white with black trim at neck & arm with streaks of blue (aqua blue?) in the body.

And agree about the length being hard to wear for many of us, but it's not as though I can run out and buy one of these anyway. They're for looking.

Love the simplicity of the sheaths, but I love the back of the simple black dress back.


THIS is how you update the 80s! I hope we see LOTS of this on the street! LOVE it. Love, love, love.

I adore so many of these dresses, especially anything with turquoise/orange/yellow gold in them. And some of those gold column dresses? OH MY GOD, amazing. Can't you see Michelle O in a bunch of these dresses? I can't wait.

Shelley O should order one of every sheath dress in this collection. That mustard yellow would be fabulous on her.

That first dress hurts my eyes. Since when did clashing become a 'bold color statement'?

I'm loving the wearability of this collection, apart from the hemlines that cut you at the middle of the calf, which does not flatter very many people.

I love the fact that there is colour!! But then the effect was kind of lost in the middle with the stark black and white contrasts and the beige and that greyish muddy colour. Is there a rule now that you can't have a collection without beige and other borderline non-colours? I think at this point I would support anyone who would make an entire collection without them, no matter what the clothes looked like...

Spring season is beautiful already. Gorgeous colors, love the colorblocking, love where fashion is heading. LOVE! Thank you guys for these gorgeous eye candy.

Tangerine! Turquoise! Yum!

I don't care for color-blocking (dare I say gimmicky?) - my favorites are all monochromatic. I adored many of the brights as well as some of the taupe and white. Much to love.

I'm not sure that the models needed to be styled in neo-undead in order to keep the focus on the dresses, but it kinda worked.

oooh now this is lovely. asymmetry done right!

yeah! ho! wah!

love the opening colour blocking looks to death, and there are some other nice outfits sprikled throughout the collection (particularly love the coral japanese smock top), but there is also a whole lotta yawn here, and the whole collection doesnt seem coherent to me.

What have you guys been wearing to the shows?

Desperately in love from soup to nuts. GORGE!

Yes, Rachel Z., Demi & Cameron would look GREAT in these!!!

Jenn H

Fresh, fresh and fresh. And I love the longer skirts - they look lean and fluid. Most of my work clothes in the late 80s were this length.

Anna said...
I really like it, but is anyone else wary of the length of the dresses? I feel like mid-calf skirt lengths are only flattering on tall, skinny types. Anyone who wears one of these on the red carpet will have to shorten it, right?

Yes. I too noticed the below-knee lengths of the dresses and picture anyone under 5-foot-8 looking as if her legs were squat little pegs.

However, I adore the vibrant colors (Ivy, take note) and the unusual—but not awkward—shapes of the colorblocking (Valerie, take note).

The backs of two long gowns in particular: the black one with cap sleeves that is sort of boring from the front, sings when it leaves the runway.
The long blue with interest on the front becomes great from the back where the interest continues and gets an upper back treatment that deserves real attention (just in comparison with some of the PR abominations.)

really beautiful. i like everything.

does anyone else find the lengths to be awkward?? i feel the urge to cut them all and make them about 3 to 4 inches shorter.

Love those colors, but don't like the hems. Not ready for this length to be back yet, damn...

MoHub said...
Anna said...
I really like it, but is anyone else wary of the length of the dresses? I feel like mid-calf skirt lengths are only flattering on tall, skinny types.

They are not flattering on tall skinny types, as this runway well proves...

Simply fantastic!

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