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Mary Katrantzou Spring 2011 Collection

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Trompe-l'œil meets Alice in Wonderland !

Very interesting concept, but that's just it, I'm so caught up in the idea I can't get into the fashion. Plus some of these look like "Would you like to go for a swim in my pool? And by pool I mean my vagina". I suppose I could chalk that up to poor placement on the outfit but its a bit suspect.

So sitting is out with the lampshade dresses or we have a helloooooo moment - woman as object indeed.
And looks like walking is out with the last two, a UTube moment waiting to happen.

The only part I don't like is the curtains opening over the models vagina. It's certainly unique and quite interesting.

Would anyone ever look at the actual person wearing these clothes? I wouldn't. But they're fascinating.

Eeer...I'm not feeling it. One or two might look alright, and the colours are nice, but is a little awkward for my taste. :\

Agree with Anon (post #9). Many of these dresses treat women's lady bits as dining room tables. I'm not into it. Why not just wear a shirt that says "eat me"?


I like how she carried the theme all the way through to shelf-liner skirts.

Maybe she'll make some tupperware clutch purses?

Actually, some of these are pretty great, I have to admit. The graphics create a fun-house effect that keeps me looking at them. She lost me with the lampshade skirts, though.

they make me dizzy - in a fun way...

Not wearable but beautifully artistic. Admittedly, I'm a little bothered by the dresses that look like vagina serving vessels but I won't be wearing them so whatever.

Clueless Jock

Surreal, like Magritte. But too busy for me.

I like the tromp l'oleil (sorry, sp) panels. I wish the models had some expression, a knowing or amused look maybe. They just seem bewildered.

GAK. This is an moving art installation, not really fashion. As fashion, it's too pretentious.

As an art exhibit with "woman as object/place/dining room vagina", I like it. I bet some still photography with these pieces could be very interesting social commentary.

No way, these are genius! Yes, a bit overwhelming as presented, but much more than a gimmick. The lines and colors are so brilliant. If I could I would wear one of the jackets with black trousers and heels, incredible!


Have never seen something like this...and every piece looks like it has been infused with love and many details coming together to create an image.

I hope some of her ideas make it to the department stores.

This is more on the art than on the fashion side b/c it's very non-commercial and looks a lot like museum-wear...but I have to admit that I would wear those pieces x3 - they are so wonderful!!

<3<3<3 Lots of love to the designer!

the silhouettes remind me of mcqueen s/s 2010, but still stunning!


Thank you, TLo.

This is just supposed to be clothing as art, right? In that sense, I think it works, though I could do with a few less entryways leading to the ladybits.

As fashion, eh, not so much.


Really, really cool. I would wear these in a heartbeat!

Aw, I wanted to like these, I really did. But they're just too busy. I like mixed patterns, but all the elements in each dress are competing with each other. Simply not pretty.


i feel like heidi would be like- this has a concept and is good fashion!

If I was a movie star I would wear one of these on the red carpet- probably the last dress, that's a bit dramatic.

I like the shorts and the second dress.

crazy cool....

Got to hand it to the London designers, at least some of their stuff is more interesting than what happened at NYFW. That said, I think the chandelier dresses are cool but otherwise, no. Although I can see the more daring celeb types sporting one of these.


Sort of Busby Berkeley meets HGTV.

I like it.


Points for the prints. Deduction for lampshades around waist.

I agree, while most were not the most wearable garments in the world, some were certainly lovely, clever and breathtaking. I especially loved how she incorporated jewelry and trompe l'oeil effects. I actually think it's quite refreshing to see someone doing something so unique when most of what we see these days are either poorly executed, derivative or just redundant.


I like it as art. It's a Disney movie on a dress. As long as no one tries to wear these dresses on the red carpet I think it's cute.

Fun as a concept or a Project Runway challenge but as something to wear? Ah, no.

I like it, very creative and interesting. Esp the literal take on 'showing the good china.' har har.

Left-over costumes from Disney's stage production of Beauty and the Beast.

Those lampshade skirts look so comfortable to sit in. NOT.

Something for Bjork's next trip down the red carpet, perhaps?

It made me think of how you always note when the Mad men ladies outfits match the coloring of the interiors.

This is taking that notion to the edge!

I kind of like it. Some are a little too wackadoo for my taste (the vagina-enhancing ones in particular), but this is a very intriguing idea. The first dress is fantastic, and I love the silhouette of the lampshade-skirted dresses. i'd skip the beaded fringe, though.

As to actual wearability? I think a couple of these could work. The first dress; I LOVE the neck/shoulder piece.
nine rows down, the right hand piece: it looks like a jacket and floral skirt.
12th row, the one on the left.
18th row, the shorts & top.
I could see those actually working wonderfully as clothes, IF IF IF IF IF worn by the right person.

I like this way more than I thought I would, though - like everyone else - the dinner table/pool vaginas are really a bit too much.

But does the carpet match the curtains?

2'd row. (Guy at the table).

Got a vibe like the Drew Carey Show episode kind of Full Monty UPS package guys - spinning the package on um - below the belt.

Oh look, there's a desk in my vagina.

Someone reached into my seven-year-old head and actually MADE my lampshade skirt! Scary.

I really liked the one that had the blue curtains made of fringe, but I am fearful that I am not understanding the psychology/symbology of the dress.

Several of the dresses from far away look like robot faces from a Transformers cartoon or movie.

Certainly a collection with more than meets the eye...

I surprise myself, but I actually kinda like this collection. It's definitely the clothing as art type of fashion that I feel has been missing from the industry lately. Not wearable, but not everything should be...

However, hate the Easter egg eye shadow. Really unnecessary. These designs don't need any help in the color department.

And someone should have shown those lampshade-skirt models how to walk with hands akimbo. I always find it distracting when full skirts force runway models to walk with their arms out at weird angles because they can't figure out how to put their damn hands on their hips.

I don't see this as particularly wearable...but as art, it's delish, and I kind of love the message. We as women are so much associated with 'home' in so many different ways, and these pieces do reflect that, from the painfull to the peaceful.

I love the idea of this, even if the execution isn't something that'd actually make it out the front door...


Very delicate, modern , fresh ideas here. I'm quite intrigued by these looks and actually like them. It's real fashion. Love it.

Bjork called, she wanted her clothes back.

i usually don't like the really wacky collections, but i have to admit i love this... would i wear it if i were 20 and had a size 0 model's bod? maybe one or two of the pieces, but mostly no. but i love the vibrant colors, the beautiful graphics and, yes, the lampshade skirts....definitely more art than fashion. thanks tlo...

Finally, a fun and exciting Spring collection!

It's not woman as a object but woman as place.

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I don't understand this.

On an aesthetic level, there's a toxic mullet hem spill going on here. They're pointless and distracting, taking attention away from the images on the garments.

Although some of it is too fussy by half, I love that someone thought to make... these clothes? This art? Whatever one would call it, it's riveting.

Fascinating. I love that she has gone to a place that I've never quite seen before.

And I DO hope that someone dares to wear one on the red carpet. Drew Barrymore would look freaking adorable in several of these. And she would know how to work it.


PS I love, love the shoes. Damn those young girls and their never ending legs.


Kelly Bag-Lady

It's kinda yum-yuck for me.

ANYWAY......I am GAGGING for the Oscar de la Renta review, Boys!!!!!!! Gagging, I tell you!!!!

some of these are really lovely00and some wackadoo, but I was distracted by the extreme thinness of some of those model legs...I mean seriously, scary and sort of gross. Models shouldn't distract from the clothes.

i think the color palette is stunning and spot-on for spring... and some of the pieces are great, like the structured suit-dress, the waist-length jacket w/ bright pink cap sleeves, and the orange skirt (well, it's the bottom half of a dress, but whatevs). but as @AJ said, the "SAY HELLO TO MY VAGINA"-ness of it is disturbing. what is it w/ that trend this season?!? between that and the sheer, i'm wondering why we should even bother w/ the ladylike silhouette lol. plus, it's obviously not functional, but an interesting source of inspiration nonetheless.

Suddenly Mondo's designs look so demure.

Incredibly silly, but very colorful and entertaining collection. I am now trying to decide which room in my house I would like to emulate wearing.

What was the title of this collection? "Come Inside"?

I agree that the too-literal pieces are distractingly gimmicky, but the more abstract pieces are really beautiful and interesting. And the use of prints here reminds me of those sea creature-esque prints Alexander McQueen. Different themes but with a similarly captivating result. Thumbs up from me!

If I were a young starlet, I'd be on these like white on rice. Not the lampshade ones, but certainly the ones with the curtains hanging down. Super cool.

At their most abstract, the prints recall McQueen. The shapes are very Nicolas Ghesquiere. Very smart. She's got people talking and it is well made. Not a bad place to be at the beginning of your career.

Fabulous! I think it is very wearable--and reminiscent of the pop-art era when big graphic representational prints were OK.

But Maura is right -- the "toxic mullet hems" are a bit too much. :)

For those worried about showing too much of the good china--remember runway looks are always altered for the real world. It will be interesting to see how much these get toned down.

TLo -- do you know where the show was held? Looks like the Darwin Centre at the Museum of Natural History in London

Sorry--just checked--deserted Eurostar platforms in Waterloo station. Great architecture though--

These are a lot of fun to look at but I'm not sure how many women will actually want to wear the "loin cloth" look embraced by a few of these. Also, some of those "curtains" are placed in such a manner as to imply a very intimate reveal. Just sayin'

It looks kind of like Alexander McQueen's spring 2010 collection crossed with Balenciaga fall 2006. I could see some of the pieces mixed up and mitigated, to use a Tim Gunn favorite, with plainer separates.

Wow -- that actually makes for some very visually stunning pieces. Hopefully this inspires some more interesting prints.
The lampshade skirts are silly, but oh-well, it is a runway show.

I think these are awesome and totally wearable. Maybe not an every day thing, but certainly to a funky art opening or something. I would be thrilled to wear something as beautiful as any of these designs.

I can't believe how much I like some of the non-lampshadey dresses. The necklaces are a bit much, but I actually like that she went there even if no one would actually wear them - Lady Gaga excepted.

That first suit outfit needs to be on Cate Blanchett, pronto.

Reminds me of the collectible Barbies that pay tribute to Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty.

Julia in Black

Nutty, gorgeous, and unexpected - that's always a winning combination. When I squinted my eyes and tried to look past the cray-cray embellishment, I saw some amazingly flattering necklines and shapes.

I like it as a concept, and usually love it when a designer goes for the bright colors, but I can't help thinking that I would have responded better to more architectural looks in slightly more subdued colors.

Interesting to look at though.

Some of these pieces are really gorgeous -- I like the ones that look more abstract. Hate the chandeliers, hate the lampshade skirts. But several of these are to die for.


These remind me of McQueen, as well as Dali.

I think these are hysterical, and some of them are even pretty.
I can't really see a person wearing them under any circumstances, but hey, fashion isn't ABOUT wearing clothes, right? Lol.

T Minus ten minutes before Katy Perry has worn everything in this collection...

Visually stunning, if not all that wearable. Some of the pieces have odd placement of the designs, like the window into her vagina dress up there.

Still, it's unique and bold. I like.

Bjork, eat your heart out!

I kinda like!

I wonder if any of these would make Michael Kors' head explode "it looks like she's wearing a lampshade around her waist!"


I love them. Playful, beautiful, surprising, fun, interesting clothing that I haven't seen amillion times before. reminds me a little of Alexander McQueen's last collection, without ripping it off.



I love her work, but agree with what you say, TLo.

It's not my favorite collection from her, but she's still one of the more interesting designers around.

I believe (but could be wrong) that she started doing this type of digital printing as a student & presented a collection before Alexander McQueen expanded on the technique.

Gorgeous Things has a good comment that these would work well as separates.

Very Balenciaga-esque. I really covet some pieces, but the literal "curtains" and "lampshades" are just silly.

Call the Chapter Seven lawyers now.

I love them. So beautiful and intersting. I'd wear one - maybe not THAT one - but several of them are just gorgeous to look at.

Hmm. Art + set design + fashion.

Fun to look at.


Is that *toner* hanging from that model's crotch on the second dress?

wild and fun. i kept thinking of the children's book "Ozma of Oz" for some reason.

Wackadoodle in a fun sort of way.
At least it's original...cough, cough, Duchess, cough cough.

These are so fucking weird, I just love them.

raisin mountaineer

love the prints, love the colors. Reminds me of the 70s, which we seem to be returning to anyway.

I watched the video, thinking maybe it was purposeful, that curtain-twisting-around-the-legs thing on those last two dresses. But no, I think it's just a casualty of, you know, walking.

Dumb. The Emperor has no Architectural Digest.

Surreally fabulous. The pull up a chair and have a seat at my hoohah dresses actually didn't freak me out like they seemed to freak out a lot of other people. I thought that was kinda witty.

Love it!

I like the concept behind it but can't really see anyone wearing these clothes.

Never heard of her. A google search says that she's Greek, living in London and studied at RISD and Central St. Martins. And everyone in London is raving about this collection.

It's interesting as art and/or commentary but as clothes, not so much. It screams student collection to me.

Holy sh!t, I love this. Totally impractical, basically body canvases. The trompe l'oeil is beautiful.


Lovely to look at. But I'd have to be 20 years younger (or maybe, older...?) to pull that kind of look off.

I thought it was rather ingenuous, with all the technical advances in printing and hyper realist detailing in garments. the fact she took that literal and technical challenge of making it look like lampshades, and having the tops streamline with the rest of the dress. I really liked it.

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