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Louis Vuitton F/W 2010 Campaign

Fabulous for sale.

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I don't know if it's the posing, the photoshopping or the models (or some combination thereof), but the clothes look about a thousand times more fabulous in the ads than on the runway. Love it.

Gorgeous - although while the fabrics look F/W, the cuts mostly are not.

I love the shoes!!!!

These are gorgeous! Agree that the clothes ALL look better in the ad than om the runway.

Plus, I LOVE the Mad Men feel to the dresses!

Beautiful - love it!

Christie Turlington looks exactly the same as she did in the George Michael video. Wow!!


Must have gloves.

I'm loving the comeback (?) of the 50's-(early) 60's looks!

Gorgeous, although the boobage is a painfully aggressive in a couple of the shots.

I agree that the clothes look much better in the ads.


Turlington, OMG!! Didn't read your intro first and as I was getting down to the last photos, thought, "that looks like Christy Turlington but she's way too young!" Either incredible genes or a great surgeon!

Three of my favorite models. The clothes really do look ever so much better in the ad campaign than on the runway (which adds to the sense of these ads looking more like an editorial than anything else.)

LOVE the fabrics.

Wow it makes a HUGE difference in the way the clothes look. I was meh on the runway show but this spread is unbelievably gorgeous.

I love the Mad Men vibe going on.

What Daisy said...

I love the vintage feel of these clothes... The mid-century era was very good for women with my body type, so I'm for any designer reusing the silhouettes. And I agree, the ads are so much better than the runway shots -- though I would buy 90% of these clothes based on the runway shots alone if I had the money!

As for Christy Turlington, her career is the same age I am and I still want to be her when I grow up.

Yellow plaid skirt. yes.

But mostly those gloves. *sigh* Long gloves can be so elegant.

Overall, not silhouettes I am dying to wear, myself, being well into the years when I can achieve the bust-to-waist-to-hip proportions through corsetry alone, no matter how slim I am.

But oh those gloves.

Gorgeous! The only complaint I have is that the faces look a little too shiny for my taste.

Christy Turlington is so insanely gorgeous.

I want to look like her in my next life.

I love the clothes. Love the ad. No crotch skimmers or angry shoes - just lots of pretty!

Oh my God, I feel like I just got smacked in the face by Gorgeous! Amazing amazing amazing! I covet every single one of those dresses. And Christy &^$%&*in' Turlington! Gorgeous!

Oh my God, I feel like I just got smacked in the face by Gorgeous! Amazing amazing amazing! I covet every single one of those dresses. And Christy &^$%&*in' Turlington! Gorgeous!

No 'Mad Men' mention?

C'mon girls, you knew we minions wouldn't let that slip.

Barbie, circa 1959

This is the most beautiful and appealing campaign I've ever see LV do. And I agree with Daisy - the clothes look better in the ads.

I don't even watch Mad Men, I certainly credit it for the upswing in gorgeous, retro dresses like these. Bravo!

They had me until the deeply fugly ball gowns -- the one in the middle, was okay.

Bringing back the New Look is genius, as are the Barbie ponytails.

Thanks for fixing the link for those of us in some odd corner of cyberspace!

Oh.My. Love, Love, Love it all! Wish I had tons o'money to buy it all!

A THOUSAND times better than those stupid little mens suits with the too-short sleeves.

Oh, to be able to wear such a dress! Divine.

Christy Turlington will be a model for the ages not just for her classically beautiful face, but for the intelligence behind her eyes. Just stunning, in every way.


Love, love, love!

So much better in the ads than on the runway.

Great combo of retro/modern.

Seriously Mad Men--to the point where I was thinking--Natalia's Peggy in her dreams; Karen's Joan and Christy is a nonblonde, but equally perfect, Betty.

And, no, Turlington never ages and she looks effing gorgeous in those damn candids when she's busy doing humanitarian work in sweltering Africa.

I'd guess skin stuff more than actual surgery at this point. She doesn't just look great. She looks the *same*.

From the first pic, it looked as if Betty, Peggy and Joan made an editorial together.

Fabulous pretty.Love the detailing at shoulders and collars with black accents. Dramatic.

That would look fantastic if I wasn't afraid that their boobs were going to make a special guest appearance.

i love this silhouette and would happily walk away with half of these dresses.

someone remind me: who was it who recently wore that pinkish floor-length gown (pulled up in the front like a curtain!) at the very end of the post? i think at cannes, but i'm not sure... oh wait! it was milla jovovich, wasn't it? i can see now why she went for it!

I really disliked the runway show, but I really like the photos. All three models look gorgeous. I know that, compared to the non-model population, they are much skinnier than a normal woman, but it's nice to see the clothes on women with more curves than the runway models.

I love Christy, she is my one and only girl crush... she looks amazing in this shoot.

Love the clothes! Love the something for everyone, blonde, brunette, and red head routine.
What is happening in these photos anyway? The clothes are great and showcased, but, I'm not feeling it.
Some photo re-toucher got WAY overpaid.

OMG Boobs! I miss boobs in fashion.

Three fabulous models and lots of wonderful clothes, but as an ad campaign for the very brand they are wearing, you would think they would be able to get the right sizes. Poor girls look like they can't breathe in some shots.

I have such a girl-crush on Christy Turlington. Easily my favorite super model.

The pictures in the adds are beautiful albeit rather over-photoshopped. I love seeing clothes on women who don't look like they were just liberated from a concentration camp.

The retouchers seemed to have forgotten about those pesky mirrors! Other than some mismatched reflections, I LOVE these ads and pretty much everything in them*!

*except that Speedy. Why, LV, did you have to revisit the lace-covered Speedy?!?

Wow, all three are absolutely gorgeous. Beauty personified.

I'm so glad that so many designers (and stylists) are still rocking the mid-century style, probably thanks to Mad Men. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts and buy as much of it as I can, because these styles look amazing on a lot of women (me included). There's always vintage but it's nice to find that esthetic with a modern touch.

If I cannot have Christy's dress in the first shot, I will die.

Turlington has always been my favorite. More than any other model, I feel like I can see intelligence in her eyes.

The red haired woman looks like a young(er) Julianne Moore. Stunning, all.

I love the Natalia Vodianov, I loved when she was Alice in Wonderland shot by Annie Leibowitz.

As many have noted, the clothes all look better in the ads - stunning. Love the retro feel while managing to also look distinctly modern. Love the pretty.

Christy Turlington looks BETTER than she did in her Supermodel hey day. Yes, photoshop, blah blah blah...the woman looks stunning.

Love it. We see celebs doing photo shoots for fashion houses so often that we forget how much better it is to see the pros do it.

I really do like this ad campaign. It takes the clothes (some of them downright dowdy-looking on the runway) to a whole new level. Sensuous and rich-looking.

My fav is the third shot which is more of a close-up of the models. There is a dynamic present which is missing in some of the other shots.


I think a big reason the photo shoot looks better is that, with one or two exceptions, the models in the photo shoot appear to have more curves than the ones on the runway. Christy Turlington is only 41. She's not old enough to need cosmetic surgery. Contrary to popular belief, things don't just fall apart at 40.

Good GOD Christy Turlington is breathtaking. She was always my favorite supermodel. She's so naturally gorgeous. These photos are lovely too. perfect eye candy!


Beautiful, feminine, and these will be marketable in sizes other than 0. Yay! I'll never be able to afford them, but I can dust off the old Singer and locate that box some of my mammas 1955 patterns!

squeal of delight

I love these clothes!!! The fuller skirts, the fitted tops... so pretty. And I also love the gloves.

The straps on the dresses don`t seem all that practical for fall/winter. But with a cute little sweater over top they`d be perfect.

Gee, no Mad Men influence here.

Love these clothes....retro and fresh all at the same time. So very elegant.

Must. Have. Grey dress with velvet straps. Now.

I loved the runway show for this collection because of the diversity of body types, but not because of the clothes. Now I can truly see the beauty of the clothes in these shots. I think it takes models willing to show some personality to make the clothes come alive.

Me. Wants. All.

i hate you Christy Turlington. You ageless bitch.

god she is fierce. this is the best thing i have seen in awhile.

It's like the dream closet for a Mad Men fanfic!

I love the campaign. The models all look way stunning. But doesn't it look like Christy Turlington's boobs are getting the shit strangled out of them by a few of the dresses?

IHMO, Christy Turlington is the most beautiful woman on the planet! Ed Burns is one lucky fella. ;)

Very pretty campaign. I saw Christy Turlington in person not too long ago and she is beyond gorgeous. But she has, of course, aged. Still, aged well enough that she can be photoshoped back to 20!

Karen Elson looks the best i have EVER seen her. It's astounding how beautiful she is here.



Sigh, that's a lot of pretty...

Gorgeous! LOVE Christy Turlington!!

So, who decided it was a good idea to starve all models, again? I mean, we should at least let them have boobs. Because, honestly, some of the clothes in the runway show really suffer from the lack of boob inside of them.

If only I were rich and thin, sigh.

Beautiful... but ow, boob-squishing! Why is Turlington so hot?

I love these dresses.

Ali said...
So, who decided it was a good idea to starve all models, again? I mean, we should at least let them have boobs.

It is not a question of "letting them have boobs". It is a question of whether they feel the need, to stay in the profession, to go under the knife to get them, as the 80s supermodels did.
There is nothing particularly natural about a very tall very thin woman with big breasts. Actually, it is pretty rare (although in the US, the over presence of hormones in food has made it more likely)

Some odd Photoshop happening in that last photo--the image in the mirror all the way right is clearly not a mirror image of the model Natalia as she's do they miss these things?

I never realized that Mad Men was so popular that it was going to bring back the styles of the 60s today.... Or is there some other reason for this new retread?

Ah, who cares. I can actually look good in and love those big poofy skirts when I look horrible a lot of other styles. Retread away fashion designers!

I really want the dress in middle of the last row. I would never have a need to wear it but it is beautiful!

Enjoy the pretty is right - wow! I'm going to have to grow a ponytail and fast. This is what Nina and the Duchess mean when they say you can take a vintage look but make it modern. I love the fabrics - that wool bustier and leather circle skirt - gimmee! Just in love with these dresses - how much for the whole set?

so any reason why the reflections are so messed up?

what's with all the boobies? i'm a c-cup myself but that was a little too, too much.

My sister had the original Barbie with that ponytail. Very feminine.

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Ow--these pictures make my boobs hurt!

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