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Zac Posen Fall 2010 Collection


Most of it is OK, but those fur shoes are freaking me out. Looks like the girl is beginning a transformation of some sort.

Red velvet looks tacky, unless in cake form. Everything else is meh.


That guy is really off his rocker.
The only salvageable piece I see is the black coat with the shawl collar.

If I saw someone wearing one of these dresses, I would not think that they paid a lot of money for it.

Not loving the orange/pea green part of the color story...

i'm not dorothy gale

The fur booties are grotesque and everything else is, um, just OK; certainly nothing that I would lust after........

I can think of 4 PR7 designers that just showed at Fashion week that had better collections then this!!!

I use to like him but what has happened to him??

Loose the fur shoes. Also, the monochromatic pieces practically beat you over the head with their color... RED jacket, RED pants, RED tights

Some of those dresses are ubercute, but whats with all the fur this season? Maybe all the designers think the meat from all the skinned animals is going to soup kitchens...

those fur shoes are freaking me out.

They do look a bit odd with the outfits they are being worn with, but fur boots themselves are rather old hat!

I thought they were wearing slippers down the runway. Fuzzy, furry slippers (well some with heels).

Mostly just a bunch of ewww. Fur shoes are ultra-eww.

Ok what furry thing was on the feet of the model wearing the fushia and black clown dress with black ribbed corset?

It's a shame, you know, because he's such a cutie.

The silhouette is not so much odd, but rather, nonexistent. I am not sure what any of the twisted pieces of fabric do for any woman's figure other than the sticks on the runway. Disjointed and it looks like the point of view is "blech, just throw some fabric together and call it a day".

most of the offerings are wearable, uncomplicated pieces, which appears to be the mantra this week.

when I read this, I was looking forward to seeing this collection. After seeing it, I can only ask, what were ya'll thinking TLo? Were we watching the same show? Everything was overworked and the very definition of complicated. He had random draping and ruffles on almost every piece; I think I saw maybe one or two looks that could be described as 'uncomplicated'.

And the color story made me sad and slightly sick. What an ugly yellow/orangey color.

I'm not even gonna mention the fur.

I hate to hate so much on a designer that I like so much, but I was really disappointed here.

Of all the problems this economic crisis has been causing, as a relatively comfortable white gay man, I can say its toll on fashion has been the worst result.

And this monstrosity doesn't sit well with me, either:

Are my eyes going or are the models really wearing hose/tights with open toe shoes?


Wait. Was each of these pieces a 24-hour challenge?

It totally looks like a round up of Project Runway misfires.

Fur Shoes - Uggs Gone Wild!

Ok. I get it. Posen and Kors say: Recession over! Goldman Sachs is giving bonuses again, and fur is back. Yuck. The non-fur pieces, I like.

It's directionless.

It's 1975 department store, it's 1983 wannabe clubwear. Sleeves are long, except when they're still half or bracelet. It's Bonnie Cashin and someone brought home a souvenir shirt from the rodeo.

I don't understand the 70s schoolgirl layered idea: I don't see how it's relevant; as a reference to tee-shirt-over-long-sleeves it's painfully dated (Williamsburg at least 3 years ago); and if those are mock-layers I don't see who'd spend that kind of money on the equivalent of a dickey.

All that said, I kind of like #16, the long-sleeve gray top over the camel Donna Karan 1987 sarong.

The clothes have to be really bad when all they seem to do is accentuate the fact that each of these ladies need a cheeseburger or a few. In other words, the looks don't flatter even the models. Also, I wish I could help it, but sheer red tights on fair skinned people always look like very severe sunburn to me.

There were a couple of pieces I could imagine myself wearing, but most of this was just awful.

Normally I don't comment on models weight. I had friends who ate like there was no tomorrow and still they were really, really thin, but this is painfull. It even does not meet the purpose to make the clothes look good, which I give is somewhat easier on tall, thin woman. But here the clothes look like nothing, because the proportions are all wrong. Could we please stop this downsizing trend, now, please ? As a emphasizing, mirror-neuron possesing fellow human, I just see woman in need of food. The clothes just don't register any more.

That rust color is hideous. Love the orange, but that rust looks like a bad 80s paint color.

There are a few cute pieces but mostly hate it :-(

I had to look twice a couple of those. Hint: Netted hats shouldn't make you look like you have huge sores on your forehead.

Those fur booties are ridiculous, and i want them!

Everything else...basic seperates to ground every woman's wardrobe, but nothing that really grabs me, as presented here.

Except for the booties =)

I just imagine the ghosts of the dead animals whose pelts made those shoes are really pissed off. Goooood Night. Imagine giving up your life so that those fur booties might live.

Oh God, do I hate this collection

I like the looks with the futuristic structure, but it literally looks like overworked simplicity gone bad. Especially those fur boots. It's a mess. it would have been better if he stayed with the simplicity of some looks, but the overworked ones just go on borderline vomit. Fashion week has been pretty terrible in fall 2010. Project runway 7 collections were better then this.

Finally fall collection that uses some colours. And when the designer is using them, gosh it looks a bit tacky at some outfits.

As a person who loves different colours, it has been quite boring for me to see all these fall collections made of white, gray and black. Dull autumn would look even more dull with the masses painted by those colours.


can we as a culture stop using fur (real or fake) to make the most ridiculous looking things ever?

do you know why fur looks so beautiful on animals? it's because they don't have it wrapped around them like a giant furry burrito.

I wasn't a fan of Zac Posen's work before. And I'm still not.

Oh, hork. How very Sears.

And top row, on the right? Urban Cowboy, 30 years later. And although I would never have thought it possible, it's even worse the second time around.

Fur Shoes With Stiletto Heels=Clydesdale Chic

Love the collection! He did a great job this time.

I like the short dresses : )

loved the third and fourth looks and a couple others.

I am sick of looking at dead animal pelts on women and on the feet? Gross. I don't give a flying rat's ass about "luxe". Tacky is more like it.

I'm so in the minority here, LOVE LOVE the fur heels.

It's oddly fun fashion.

Fall 2010 already! where did this year go! LOL

I really like most of's fun and colorful. One thing I especially like is his use of coordinating stockings...colorful and shimmery. I'm a bit over the bare leg look in fashion...especially for fall/winter...the knobby knees and veiny feet etc...ick. Black tights are a bit overdone too. These stockings just give such a clean and polished look. I especially dig the seam on the back of the

I've never been a huge Zac Posen fan, but found a few pieces in this collection attractive. I really liked the camel/grey combination looks and thought the rose velvet pieces were interesting especially when paired with coordinating hosiery. The fur booties didn't really creep me out, in fact, I thought that they were pretty fun and unique.


can someone tell me who that model is in pic 13 and 14? (brown satin dress with the black frippery on the breast)...i've seen her in so many different shows, and she is just stunningly gorgeous.

Why are some of the models wearing Tribbles on their feet?

LOVE that grey number in the middle-ish
i love it.
the rest is okay
some nice stuff

LOVE that grey number in the middle-ish
i love it.
the rest is okay
some nice stuff

Can't see the clothes when I'm so distracted by models who need a sandwich. Scarily skinny!

"hmm...the economy is bad, so obviously a show of extravagant gowns would be in poor taste...i know, fur shoes!"

I'll say that again, FUR SHOES. Obviously something every women needs in her wardrobe.

also, hate the colors. but i never really got the big deal about zac posen.


I personally don't own any fur, but the contrarian in me wants to run out and buy those shoes just to hear someone tell me I'm a terrible person for wearing fur. That said, I think they're kind of ugly, and I don't really like Zacky Poo's color palette at all.

I don't want to be a total bitch about this but I cannot find a SINGLE thing to like here. I looked twice and it only got worse the 2nd time.

Momsy said:"It totally looks like a round up of Project Runway misfires."

I thought that in my head when I viewed the collection as well. I thought to myself how the PR judges would shred every single one of these atrocities in clothing. It would happen to be one of the times where I agreed with them FULLY!

Zac Posen has never met a women that he couldn't make look short, fat, or clinically insane.

Seriously, what does he have against flattering, tasteful clothes in a wearable color palette?

I think he missed class on the day they discussed the difference between avante garde and just plain ugly.

There's just something about this collection that bugs me.something doesn't look quite right.
Though there's some nice dresses.nice,no more.

that color read reminds me of old, dirty hotel rooms that far too many 'film makers' have been in. why on earth did he choose such a tacky, sick color?

Ug, I couldn't even look at it; the color story is horrible. If he had done this collection in some more appealing colors, it might be good.

Killing an animal for vanity is morally wrong. Using said pelt to make something this ugly is even worse.

Pretty good collection. LOVE some of the skirts but then I'm partial to a flare skirt.

I have only 1 question: WHERE do these people live? Inside? You can't tell me that in NY women won't be wearing pants under those skirts when the temperature starts to drop.

What's with the stupid fur chanclas? It looks like the models are wearing Tribbles on their feet.

I had to do a double take with the first girl wearing a veil... I thought she had been beat up and had scabs on her face. Those black things on the veils did NOT photograph well...

Oh hey, there's Maya's window treatment on no. 13!

F.W. Worldweary

I loveloveloved Posen's Spring and Pre-Fall this year and Fall last year (and most of his resort-wear last year), but eh, I'm bored. Except this jacket:

I love it. I don't care if I'll always look like I'm en route to a Snuffleupagus tribute show, I want it.

I guess I am one of the few that loved the colors. If I was a size 0 I would wear any of these, including the fur boots.

Blech. Super ugly stuff.

What's going on with Zac Posen. This is his worst collection I've seen. Usually his clothes have a lot of whimsy, but these are very sad garments.

If you are gonna use this strange ass color palette, go all out.

you know that classic moment in "Some Like It Hott" where Marilyn asks 'are my seams straight?'

That's a skill that needs to be taught to some of those models in the magenta tights. unless the seam is supposed to be a zig-zag mess down the back of their legs.

Anyway, Zac does it best when he puts on a show. I couldn't help but be disappointed at the lack of showmanship in this collection. Not a single gown?! really zac?!

You all have been hittin' the crack pipe. This is GORGEOUS!!! (Except for the purple and black dress.) LOVE the gold color story. Very rich.

i usually like his stuff, but this collection looks a mess. there are a handful of very nice pieces. but most of those dresses look like he took two ugly garments & stapled them together. unfocused, unflattering and silly.

Fug colors. I loved his pre-fall collection, it had so much whimsy and playfulness that this collection lacks. What happened between that collection and this one?

The color story is just... the color of illness. Not to get too gross, but these are the colors of sick. I've never been so turned off by a color story as I have by this collection. So much so I can't even look at the clothes, all I see are these awful colors and feel my stomach start to cramp up. Just, yuck.

It's like an army of Chloe Sovignys rushing toward me, trying to make me feel bad about something that has nothing to do with me!

anonymous 7:53

you are soooo right!!!!

and that lavender/black one (fugly #22) looks like she's wearing one of my patio chairs.

I also was thinking about how this would go over on PR. And THAT'S a blue and orange that are not complimentary.

It seem oddly disjointed to me. Without a clear POV.

There were four or five pieces which were beautiful and amazing, but I had to look beyond the chaos of colors, textures and fabrics to find them.

It starts off well enough, but then sinks into some form of sartorial madness, with only one or two moments of clarity.

However, it was very nice of him to give a runway gig to a model of Oompa Loompa descent.

I am sooooo sick of the racoon eyes.

I guess if I noticed the styling more than the clothes, that tells ya how I feel about this collection. It's OK I guess....

Call me old-fashioned, but I just don't think gray and camel go together.

MUCH better than previous seasons, for sure.

What a great resource!

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