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Yea or Nay: Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace Bag

Dance for us, minions! DANCE! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Darlings, sometimes we throw something out there, asking for your response, when we know damn well what your response is going to be. Why? Because it's fun.

With that in mind, check out the Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace shoulder bag:

It comes in two colors and is made from coated canvas, with a leather shoulder strap that detaches, in case you want to look even more like a crazy asshole. Price? $1,960.00.

Yea or *snort* Nay? No, really. We want to know.


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April fools?



Louis V., what were you thinking??

I think I'm going to have to stick with my Ziplock.

The Vuittons would clash with my tinfoil hat.


yeah I so need a 2k trash bag in my life.

Like Zoolander, only serious, and nine years later.

Not a fan of super expensive label flaunting handbags in the first place.
So, I'm dancing as fast as I can.

Call me crazy but I actually like the first one. Having said that, I would never pay that much money for it.

Two THOUSAND dollars for a Glad Trash Bag with a detachable handle??? How stupid do they think the consuming public is?

Is this supposed to be an accessory to the homeless chic look?

I think I can make one myself; I already have the strap.

Well, Marc Jacobs said in an interview, "There's this huge cult following of almost crazy people at Vuitton who just want whatever they buy to be exclusive." I guess he wasn't kidding.

I'll stick to my 99 cent Target tote bag. It's way cuter anyway...

I love recession chic with a $2K price tag. OUT.

We just love when you fuck with us. LOLOLOL

Stay safe with the snow and snuggle with your kitties.

Does it have Flex-Force so it can hold all the crap I put in my bag?

Do I have to worry now about being mugged when I take out my real trash?

you could be the chicest damn hobo on the BLOCK.

Nay for me, but yea for my lovely aunt who fawns over every and anything louis vuitton.


This is too good to be true - can't wait to see the douches that buy this crap.

As if the world wasn't already full of trash - LV is showing us that taking out the trash can be expensive - two friggin' thousand bucks expensive!!!!

Ridiculous! I think we have reached the tipping point with LV here.

I just carried my kitty's crap out to the dumpster in something very similar which I got for free at Walmart.

Fashion people live in a another world, don't they?

I think that we need to bear in mind that those who can afford this bag certainly don't take out their own trash. Clearly LV wanted to give the "well-off" the experience (and chicness but that goes without saying) of taking out the garbage without actually having to touch an icky dumpster.

Champagne for everyone!!

Kelly Cutrone

The top one will go perfectly with my anthracite caftan!

trash bag

It sucks!

If I were a model making $10,000.00 a day I could see having one, if Louis V gave it to me, to tote my modeling gear but that is about it. It looks like a fake you would buy out of the back of a truck from "Sammy" on Canal Street.


It's sounding like a stable in here, because all I hear is a bunch of neigh-sayers!!

Oh, how I love such craziness from the fashion world.

easiest. knock-off. ever.

I actually find the whole thing kind of insulting. Like, "Hmmm...let's see what people will pay for if we throw Louis Vuitton on it? A garbage bag? Yes! Next up, a flaming bag of poo!"

They're frickin' garbage bags - eeww.

Overpriced cheap-looking, tacky, ugly bags - only a must have for the brain dead sycophant fashion victim.

It's always been my opinion that "obvious statement fashion" just looks damned silly most of the time, this is a clear example of that.

Ridiculously offensive AND it would be the hugest pain in the ass to use. Imagine fishing for your cell phone in that. I think it's the LV minions who are dancing.

Now your garbage can be couture, thanks to Louis Vuitton! I will so have the trendiest trash on the block!


Either Louis Vuitton is delusional to the highest degree or a comedic genius.

I vote that we immediately ban any celebrities who actually buy one of these from magazines and the internet.

This is definitely one of those times where I throw up my hands and say, "I really don't understand fashion."

-- Anun

Are they just trying to see what they can make crazy, rich bitches buy? Seriously?

What? Seriously? This has to be one of those drunk dares someone made. To wit:
LV: Dude, I can tootally get women to wear or buy anything I make.
Dude: :snort: Look, I know you're famous, but c'mon. No you can't.
LV: Dude, I toooootally can.
Dude: [points to trash can] Okay, how 'bout this Glad bag? No woman in her right mind would buy a Glad bag just because you put your name on it.
LV: Oh, puh-leeze. Amateur! Give me something difficult already.
[6 months later]
Fashion Newscaster: Jessica Simpson was seen sporting the newest Louis Vuitton trash bag purse. When asked about it, she said after seeing Fergie and Paris Hilton carrying them, she just had to have one. Paris Hilton reports her was accidentally thrown away by her undocumented, underpaid immigrant maid when she mistook it for a trashbag. Paris immediately bought three more to replace it and had Nicky beat the maid with one of them.

They've really turned this brand into a joke.

putting aside the obnoxious absurdity of making this so expensive and exclusive, i kind of like the idea of a bag that can hold various amounts of things, and can close to protect your belongings. the idea of a cinching-closed top that also bends over when you don't have that much stuff inside to look more like a purse...i like the idea. also that shiny plastic stuff, i'm seeing more of it around. like those new versions of the puffy winter jacket that are shiny...i dunno. i'm curious to see how this trend trickles down to more affordable versions.

Yes! I have always wanted a disassembled and put back together Hefty Bag as a purse! SO FABULOUS! :D

You soooo know some Hollywood starlet is gonna carry that gawd awful thing.


This is fuckery, plain and simple!

one of the few in the know

Some people just don't get it. It's fabulous. I covet it.

Why is it some sort of statement about the homeless? It's a trashbag, don't we all use them? I find irony in recreating the very last thing you'd want to make a purse out of--something filthy and ugly and meant to hold garbage. And yes, I do know the homeless use trashbags to carry possessions, but I still don't see trashbag purse = mocking the homeless. This isn't like that putrid Vivian Westwood show, it's just an ugly purse with an ugly inspiration.

I find it amusing, but I'm not sure if it's because I see humor in the purse itself, or because I know fashion victims will shell out the money for it.

I have to say I kinda love them. Its about concept people. Marc Jacobs is all about taking low brow and mixing with the high end, high art. Its truly a political and cultural piece about commodity. To me this is less a bag to wear and use, but a bag for the sheer commentary.

Oh well... I guess I have to wait for the LV body bag until next season when they move from the homeless to the Law and Order theme. I want mine to have a diamond studded zipper running the full length of the bag. The shoulder straps should be in yellow "crime Scene Do Not Cross" tapes.

Do you think there is a chance they will have it ready in time for Christmas?

so this is now 2 designers putting out Derelicte inspired goods this year? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

They've really turned this brand into a joke.

Ditto Coach and Burberry.


The new version is in ziplock...

Hahaha...hysterical!! Thanks for the chuckle this morning! :D

Are these are actually being sold/bought?!

hmmm...I guess there is one born every minute.

Dear God, NAY!

Guess they got sucked into the commercial. "wimpy wimpy wimpy. HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY!"

wimpy wimpy wimpy

or how about

If I saw a challenge on PR where they had to make fashion out of garbage bags - well that would be kind of fun. But seriously, 2K for a garbage bag purse. Try $10 - ad that would be for the strap....

I'd rather pay my mortgage than carry around a high-end garbage bag.

Go f*ck yourself, LV.

Would hate to mistake that for my kitchen garbage and toss nearly 2K away.


Marketing Diva

This has to be a joke. If this is for real I am going to be selling knock-offs for $100

I already have this in black with a textured surface! It isn't LV, however, its a "Glad."

Very roomy, waterproof, and tres chic!

Hefty, hefty, hefty! I know this will show up on someone's arm here in Houston - it's that kind of town.

It must have been a joke challenge gone horrible awry. Bored junior designers decided to come up with the ugliest, most ridiculous design imaginable. Unfortunately, their sketches were misinterpreted by the senior staff, leading to production.
Or else it was a test from the marketing department to see if it really was true that you could stick a Louis V. label on ANYTHING and sell it for a massively high mark up.

i dont know, why not?

Really? What's the catch - Is it for charity, do the proceeds go to the homeless or something?

-Skiminy Cricket

Out. Deliciously, hilariously out. Can we start a betting pool on the first famous face, scion, celebutante to be seen with this?

You know, I've gotta say that if the photo's accurate, LV did do quite an amazing job replicating a garbage bag in different materials.

I've always thought the original LV luggasge looked like trash - I guess they finally are acknowledging it?

it looks like you don't want to get yr new louis v gross in the rain, so you tied the bag from purchasing it around it.

god, that is soooo awful looking.

also LOL @gothamtomato.

I heard this was coming, but I didn't imagine it would turn out so...realistic.

BIG nay.

This is the year of the ridiculous bag for me, and I recently splurged on my first (and probably last) LV. It's gorgeous, and I'll probably carry it for the rest of my life.

It cost less than the trash bags.

I'm sorry, people, but the emperor has no clothes! It's too literal an interpretation of a garbage bag - there is nothing clever about it. If someone on Project Runway had designed something like this, they would have been laughed off the show. Maybe one of the designers should have just added sleeves to a potato sack and called it neo-dust bowl fashion.

Just because the Vuitton name is on it, does this make it worth almost US$ 2K? It probably costs them US$ .50 to make in China, or some other less developed country.

Polly Glot

Too bad it doesn't come in clear, which would be useful for recyclables.

"in case you want to look even more like a crazy asshole"

So many reasons to love you guys. . .

Hahahahahahahaha! Snort!

Oh, and this reminds me: Put Zoolander on the Netflix list again.

You guys are always right...this is fun.

Oh, fuck you, Marc Jacobs.

This isn't even fashion as joke, this is fashion as mockery. Marc Jacobs is bullying us.

And this is better than my ten year old North Face backpack how?
What next, a Chanel branded canvas grocery sack?

Who's going to be first? Will it be Lohan or Cyruss? Probably Madonna.

Now that I think about it. . .

Where were these when they did that "homeless chic" editorial spread we were looking at awhile back?

I can dress trashy all by myself...without spending two grand.

I guess the benefit of this bag is that if you find yourself caught in the rain sans umbrella, you can flip your purse upside down, poke a hole in the bottom and voila! Raincoat. Crisis averted and it only set you back $2,000. Brilliant.

Someone wrote: they are trash bags don't we all use them?

Well I use the plastic bags from the grocery store (the extras get recycled)-- why buy when I can reuse, but DC has banned or is charging tax for stores using them. Maybe that practice was the inspiration.

eh, I think it's kind of awesomely Dada. Why is it any sillier to buy this bag than any other designer bag? People were never paying those prices b/c the designer bag is prettier or better made than another bag--it's for the name. For people to know you bought an LV bag.

So if LV can get idiots to cough up 2K for a shopping bag? I say good on 'em.

Who needs a knock off when anyone of us can make one right now. Grab you a cheap canvas belt from walmart and a box of Hefty cinch sacks.

I can get ten of these for less than $5 dopwn to the Wal-Mart.

This actually kindof pisses me off and makes me want to punch the crazy, RICH asshole who can pay $1,960 for a trashbag pure (in the face). Le sigh.

Just when I thought conspicuous consumption couldn't get more disgusting...

one of the few in the know: Some people just don't get it. It's fabulous. I covet it.

Perfect satire FTW!

I think this would be less offensive if the economy wasn't SO messed up right now, and a lot of people (much more than normal) ARE living out of garbage bags. I'm sure whoever buys this will justify it as an act of empathy for suffering or some kind of meta-commentary on society.

But it's garbage. Send that $2K to Partners in Health, you know?


I will only buy one if it comes with a built-in scentless deodorizer. And a houseboy to take out the trash.

Because I'm worth it!

I can't wait to see Nicole Richie wearing one.

ASK: "I use the plastic bags from the grocery store (the extras get recycled)-- why buy when I can reuse, but DC has banned or is charging tax for stores using them."

That's what we've been doing, too, but of course those bags really are evil, so we are supposed to buy biodegradable bags, like these:

or these:

I agree with sixgables...
I'd never buy it, even if I had $2K to throw away (pun intended). Even though I do appreciate irony.

Just made my own. Anyone else want one?

eh, I think it's kind of awesomely Dada. Why is it any sillier to buy this bag than any other designer bag?

This is exactly what I think, so, IN. I would carry that first one if it were $10 at Target. I refuse (refuse, get it?? ha ha) to buy any expensive purse, so $2k for a trash bag doesn't seem to me to be any more ridiculous than this:

Brooklyn Bomber - :o)

I never have those with me when I need them. And you have to wash them; and the use of water and phosphates in the detergent are evil also.

And Kathy Griffin was making fun of her mom's Target-bag-purse! But, seriously, there's no effing way.

If I saw it for $20 I'd think it was funny and cute. But designer priced? No...just no.

Well it'll be fun to see which talentless starlets fall for buying it.

I'm not going to underestimate LV's ability to sell a garbage bag purse. This is from the same company that's managed to persuade women to spends thousands on what is essentially a vinyl handbag.

ASK -- I know what you mean about not having shopping bags with you when you need them; if you in the suburbs and always go shopping in your car, then you can keep them in the trunk. But for city folk, it's a different story.

However, what I was referring to are trash bags. So, yeah, you have to carry shopping bags with you to the store, and then use these biodegradable bags for your trash.

It would be rather easy to knock off...

@Momsy @SUS @annmartina @Alexis

I totally think we should make a wager about the first celebutard to 'tote' this out in public! I'm definitely going with Lindsay! (Though my second bet would be the skinnier, waifier Olsen twin).

Although my first reaction, after reading that it was not just a plastic bag, was "how cute"! But in reality, at my age I try to avoid the bag lady look. Then again, back in the 80's I ADORED those plastic-folded-up-magazine purses.

Final viewpoint: If I am going to spend $2K on a handbag, it better be made of more than coated canvas. It better be hand tooled and encrusted with semi-precious stones.

Wait until you see the line of matching clutches.

...They do realize that people could make these themselves right? And they'd probably end up looking more creative and cool then these? Huge Nay

Ha. You just know Jessica Simpson and her ilk will be dragging these around very soon.

It's true: A fool and her money are soon parted.

Sign me:

Not a Fool


My tween daughter: "They are kinda cool, but expensive for a trash bag. I could make one and write GLAD on the side."

This is not an LV original it's "Derelicte" by Mugatu!

This is exactly why I love fashion!


Ok, now they're just fucking with people to see who will pay for the label.

Maybe I should set up my own little "knock-off" stand in the city! I'll make a fortune selling garbage bags for $100!

Are they just fucking with us? Do the designers sit at their tables giggling to themselves saying, "hhmmm, what's the ugliest thing we can design - but stamp it with our name and people will still buy it?" Honestly, I'm getting paranoid over here!!

Are they trying to do the whole "homeless chic" like that offensive fashion show with the shopping carts?

No -- hell no!

What are the official names for the colors? "Compostable" (green) and "Heavy Duty" (black)? Perhaps if its successful they'll branch into "Medical Waste"(red) and "Kitchen" (white)... These are definitely fug, and a few years too late since even the Olsen twins are moving away from the homeless look.

You guys are so awesome! I saw these bags yesterday and thought to myself how ridiculous they really are, and today I saw this post.


That's the only positive thing I could say.

YEAAAAAAA! if only for the fact that i get to laugh at the idiots who buy this. that would make my day.

You know, I've often joked that my purse is just a trash bag with shoulder straps due the accumulation of junk inside, but this...ummm.....NO

It would be "kinda cool" if it didn't cost TWO THOUSAND FREAKIN DOLLARS. I mean, come on, people...

Odd things spring from the mind of Mr. Jacobs.

If you haven't seen the documentary
Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton watch it. It will explain everything.

I really want to meet the people who will buy that so I can just ask one question...'Why?'

Nay x Infinity!

2/10/10 9:51 AM
They've really turned this brand into a joke.

i wonder what the french think about this bullshit? put a european designer in charge...


Congrats to the designer. They've finally made something that no one in a trailer park would accept as a hand me down

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't wait to see this shit being sold down in Chinatown. At least you'll have your own doggie bag when you eat out.

I'm gonna go get the box of 50 I have of these in the cupboard, post each on for sale on eBay and make a killing!

Marc Jacobs is officially laughing at everyone and basking in his self-aggrandized superiority.

That being said, I do think it's funny. However, my grandmother's vintage LV that still looks gorgeous after all these years is weeping in my closet.

That Anjelina girl from "The Jersey Shore" would rock that Louis!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(FYI In theifrst episode the other roomates mocked her for showing up at the house with her belongings in garbage bags instead of luggage)


If this is a proper wager, I'll change my vote to Lady Gaga.

It's Derelicte! LV better watch out! When Mugatu gets bloated and farty, he tends to throw lattes at people...

Obey my dog!

I have long been of the opinion that if I were paying a ridiculously inflated price for fashion that the name emblazoned on it should be my own whether leather or plastic. As for Dada? I tend to think of it as LV's dirty little joke on their patrons. They are smoking weed and laughing their asses off.

It's really ugly. But you could say that about so many Louis Vitton items.

"How stupid do they think the consuming public is?" ---

true story: i have an acquaintance who was bragging she spent $2,500 on a purse and when asked what it was she replied "louis vuitton" -- when a comment was made "but they're ugly" her response was"it's not about what it looks like; it's about letting people see that you can afford to spend $2,500 on a handbag"

as long as there are women with that mentality there will be a market for the homeless chic trashbag purse as long as it's got a designer logo on it.....

Gaga would be my first wager. Lohan is a very good bet, too.

Okay T Lo's kittens, we need to be on the look out for these on the arms of the rich. Post a link or photo if you see this bag in action!!

For that price: Nay.

I'd pay twenty bucks for it, just for novelty value.

That's a big ::snort:: NAY!!!
One of the ugliest, stupidest, silliest handbags ever. Again, NAY!!

You have GOT to be kidding me! I wouldn't pay $5 for that crap!

I'll wait for the Chinatown/Canal St. knockoff. They deserve it for coming up with designs like that.

I'm trying to find a way to defend those bags but they literally look like trash bags full of dog shit. Plus the colors look stinky and just *vomits...*

*takes my glad trash bag and walks outside and does a runway walk*..

People buying this should be given appointments to pick up their custom merchandise, and then instead be herded into slave labor camps.

UGLY. just like the Chanel duffles. UG.

"Form follows function"

What is this SHIT?


Anyone remember the excessive pleating/quilting trend? When prada and Miu Miu had the brilliant idea to make their bags look like intestines? This might be worse....

Who's taking out the trash? What the hell?

This totally is Derelicte. Vivienne Westwood did 'homeless chic' in her recent collection, and, when interviewed by The Big Issue (the magazine run to benefit homeless people in the UK) denied (a) having seen Zoolander, and (b) that people were laughing as it came down the catwalk...

This comment has been removed by the author.

And people will buy it.

Hm, I don't know. Let me get my trash bag and attach my suspenders strap to it.

Or you could keep the purse you have and donate that $2000 to Haiti. Or starving people in America.

2/10/10 8:55 AM

"Two THOUSAND dollars for a Glad Trash Bag with a detachable handle??? How stupid do they think the consuming public is?"

Exactly as stupid and status-seeking as they are. People will buy it because they have that kind of money to throw around or because they are so empty they need the label to validate themselves.

Hmmm, I wonder if that's the Tall Kitchen, or the Medium Garbage bag? Hard to tell without any scale.

i'm not dorothy gale

Promise to find us the first "Raindrop" carrier so we can laugh and point in derision.

I am curious about something though reading the reactions.

Are people this angry about a $2000 dress or a $1000 pair of pants?

I am a bargain shopper and Maxx and Marshalls are where I get a lot of my apparel. About 2 (?) years ago their purse section went from most bags under $50 to now many, if not most over $100 (to $200++).

(I guess I am hard on my purses so I cannot justify considering a bag, an "investment" piece.)

Seriously, please keep us informed when a celebutard is photographed carrying one. Please!

In a way, it's a cute idea that one could duplicate in fabric (rather than an actual trash bag that would tear) for $5 plus or minus. The hardware would cost something...

I have a feeling the Olsen twins are gonna be all over this. It's something to make them look even MORE like a homeless person/bag lady.

ohhh my god! he wants two grand from something i could make for $1??? did someone forget to slip him the anti-crazy pills that day?

"I'm not a plastic bag" is sooooo 2007. Boring.

Derelicte -- its'already been done -- as a joke.

Ok now Louis Vuitton is just fucking with us. Lets take a trash bag, add a leather strap, and charge their gullable azzes $2,000 for it *giggle, giggle*

that is a trash bag

...until I read the article I thought that was some trying-to-be-witty gift wrapping for the REAL bag.

Genius! I never thought to use a trashbag as a purse. In all seriousness the sad part is not that they made these but that people will pay that much to own them.


i'm not so stupid that slapping a label on a TRASH BAG will make me buy it. frankly, i'm a tad insulted.

what the hell are they thinking?

Incredibly offensive.

In ... if I'm the one making it and pocketing the change. :)

Seriously, though, I don't see anything to like about it. I'll appreciate designer things when they really think through a design and make it more useable or out of high end materials or utilize some amazing sewing skillz - here I'm just not seeing anything but fairly nice ripstop poly sewn quickly into a drawstring bag - the same sort of thing my sewing students make in their first class. And it looks annoying as anything to use, flipping up the top, loosening the strings, then dealing with that extra fabric when it's snowing outside and you just want your @$# keys. Yeah. Not feeling it. Especially the green - seriously? No. No no no.

Very wry, Marc, very wry. Now make me a purse I want pls.

The economy must be improving. A year ago this type of tomfoolery would have resulted in national outrage. The bag is awful on about ten differnt levels. Among them are the general slipshod look (as if putting the LV logo on it will somehow redeem its cheap appearance), the random tie, the fact that it looks like a darned garbage bag and the outrageous price.

This is a joke, right? I guess people are really digging the 'I buy all my stuff at thriftshops or Goodwill' vibe...

You know, just this morning I was thinking "how can I making taking out the trash FABULOUS?"

Thank you, Louis Vuitton.

I am going to smack the first person I see carrying one of these in the face with my Nine West knockoff. And that sucker holds a LOT.

" rgrandixie said...

Hmmm, I wonder if that's the Tall Kitchen, or the Medium Garbage bag? Hard to tell without any scale."


I don't... understand.

Dada? No. Really. Not.

Ironic? Well, obviously.

But that does not make it good: irony is merely a technique of representation, not a virtue.

Political? No.

Perhaps Mr. Jacobs* thinks he is being political, although I would like to think he is too smart——and self-ironic——for that.

This is not a critique of commodity fetishism. It is a commodification of cultural critique——the erasure of the political.

None of which should be taken to mean that I am particularly outraged: re-appropriation is the law of late capitalism. Something we have known for a very long time——something we certainly did not need these bags to learn or remember.

At the very most, they state the obvious, state it in a tediously naked, obvious way.


*I suppose I should admit that I generally like Jacobs' work and own a number of things (all bought at deep, deep discount).

ASK asked (btw, LOL): Are people this angry about a $2000 dress or a $1000 pair of pants?

I would not spend $1K on a pair of pants. $300 or $500 jeans just piss me off. They're denim, fer cripes sakes! Anyway, $2K for a dress - yeah, not me personally, but I would consider some dresses worth that.

I don't even have a problem with a well made, leather, fantastic amazing purse that will last a lifetime at $500.

This? Not so much. Never. Nyet. THIS pisses me off.

warmheartedgirl in Seattle

For the person who has everything, but wants to look like a homeless person, this is an AbFab accessory! And at such a GREAT price, who could pass them up?

TLo said: "in case you want to look even more like a crazy asshole"

Have I told you guys lately how much I love you? Well I do!


i mean, i loved zoolander as much as anyone and thought westwood's homeless "chic" collection was both ridiculously out of touch and offensive, and i would NEVER buy one of these bags, but i take issue with some of the things people are mocking. after all, it's not literally trash bag material, it's coated canvas, right? so while its appearance approximates a plastic bag, it's not technically a plastic bag. i really don't think this is mocking homelessness/poverty at all in the same way silly old westwood was is sometimes about making something beautiful out of something gross/hideous. i'm not saying this is beautiful...but if this were, say, a sculpture made to look like trash bags, i don't believe anybody would be ridiculing it as harshly. of course, i could be giving LV too much credit...perhaps marc jacobs and his creative team smoked a bowl together and then tried to come up with the most ridiculous idea for a$2K bag ever. probably! =]

ASK: I am curious about something though reading the reactions.

Are people this angry about a $2000 dress or a $1000 pair of pants?

If it's a hand-sewn, one of a kind couture garment, I can see the justification for high prices. And so much more goes into creating garments, not the least of which is creating something that's flattering and fits. Of course the prices can get silly for any brand that trades on label whores, but at least most of the time I can understand why a dress is $2000.

But a mass-produced purse? Made of rubberized canvas? For 2 grand? Silly silly silly.

And this purse will appeal to the same people who buy those over-priced dresses and pants simply for the label. You know what they say about fools and their money...

Wow - this is just offensive on so many levels!

Seriously? Wow. There are going to be a lot of foolish looking young B-listers carrying these around, I am sure.

It's a fucking garbage bag!!!!! NAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm Bag that looks like I'm carrying a trash can? Or one of every style that Queen Bee makes? Tough call.

Show me a picture of the starlet or daddy's little girl wearing it, 'cause I've got quite an opinion about THAT.

BTW, you guys really do rock.

"in case you want to look even more
like a crazy asshole."

Thank you, boys. You made my day!

It's kind of new and edgy, but...the price tag doesn't make sense. Maybe 5 bucks? 10? 10 is being generous.

I'd rather have a 7 dollar Mood tote bag.

This comment has been removed by the author.

It's a fucking trash bag.

Things like this and those "modern art sculptures" that are just cans of soup make me want to punch kittens.

You have got to be kidding. Gives new meaning to white trash.

Franklin Mint collectible bag for people with bigger money and pretentions.

What I would like to know is whether this is an intentional and self-aware Derelicte copy or if they are just plain clueless.

Stinky! Stinky! Stinky!

I almost think they release stuff like this as an experiment. "hey! let's take a garbage bag and put a strap on it and see who buys it!"

good god. OUT.

obviously the price is crazy and its ugly, but imagining the same shape with the drawstings and garbage bag look but in a really nice soft leather would be just the sort of playful thing that ive come to expect from LV, if only, if only

step, ball, change!


I predict that Lady GaGa will feature it in her next video...
...she'll have it tied over her face...

I never got the whole designer bag made of vinyl or plastic or canvas -- really? Hundreds or thousands for canvas and plastic? Are you insane?

I own two vintage Coach bags, just over $100 or so each on ebay, both leather, and the older of a leather so sturdy I'll still be able to carry it when I'm 80.

Those LV garbage bags are just that.

Someone please explain the "Raindrop" connection. I don't normally thing of singing in the rain when I see a garbage bag with a shoulder strap.


Even as I'm shaking my head in disbelief this one made me smile. I'd love to hear the back-story as to how they came up with this "purse" and I shudder to think of the trends this may start. Should Manolo Blahnik ever put out a Clementine sandal (sized number 9, please) you could pair them with this handbag. Or would that be considered too matchy-matchy?

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