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"Valentine's Day" LA Premiere

Wow! These gals really got dressed up! Let's judge them!

Anne Hathaway in Marchesa

It is a gorgeous dress and the colors look amazing on her, but she needed an extra 2 inches on the hem.

Garcelle Beauvais in Versace fall 2008

We don't exactly love the dress, but she's rocking the hell out of it, moreso than the model shot. Love the shoes, love the hair.

Demi Moore in Chanel Spring 2009 Couture

Yes, we know. She paid good money for that face and body, but we can't deny she looks fantastic. She favors white often because she's smart and she knows it photographs well against her skin.

Emma Roberts in Jenny Packham Spring 2010

Adorable. The quintessential ingenue dress. Hair's cute too.

Jennifer Garner in Valentino Pre-Fall 2010

We don't love it. It's kind of severe for her and we have to repeat something Georgina Chapman said on the last episode of Project Runway: your eye doesn't know where to go.

Jessica Alba in Proenza Schouler Spring 2010

These might be the best red carpet pictures we've ever seen of her. Those colors look amazing on her and we kind of love the hair. The shoes are way too DTM, though.

Jessica Biel in Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2010

The prom queen after the car accident. If you stand in front of a mirror in a darkened room and repeat "I do believe in Jessica Biel" three times, she'll come and steal your soul. So don't do it!

Julia Roberts in Christian Dior Resort 2010

It's an okay dress, but it's a little matronly. And when you're starring in a romantic comedy with a bunch of actresses 10 to 15 years younger than you, that's a really bad idea.

Shirley, on the other hand, will never do wrong in our eyes. Luv huh.

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What about all the boys? What were they wearing? There was some serious eye candy in those Valentine's Day trailers.

Just lol'ed at Julia's eye/mouth combo in that last close-up shot. It looks like she just saw one of those 10-15 year younger ladies across the way in the exact same dress toungue-ing her husband or something but she's trying to hold in that rage in front of the cameras. Girl...relax.

i hated julia's dress! if she had stayed with blue then i would have probably liked it more!

I can't help thinking that Julia Roberts was deliberately going for matronly, what with the niece she brought to accessorise her.

Jessica Beil is WAY over dressed for a movie premier,I think. I also really dislike Jessica Alba's dress and hair. It looks wacky and not classy.

I pretty much hate Demi Moore in everything she does, but the chanel dress is lovely. Everyone else looks great.

As per usual, no matter the fashion faux pas the actresses all look better than the broken doll/ starved coathanger models.

With the possible exception of the prom queen after the car wreck dress, which is so foofy it makes the model look like she might have curves.

I love Demi's dress, and I agree - she's paid good money for her face and body - but that dress is WAY too young for her. Emma Roberts is wearing a similar dress and you call it the ideal ingenue dress - Demi hasn't been an ingenue in years. YEARS. I'm not sure why a 45+ year old woman wants to give off teenage-girl vibes, but it's giving me the heebie-jeebies. Jessica Biel scares me.

Also, this movie looks like pukey crap. but then, I hate valentine's day AND romantic comedies, so.....

Agree with you boys all the way, especially on the Jessica Biel monstrosity. WTF was she thinking? Carrie, Part Deux.

I really have been underwhelmed with the fashions on the carpet this season. Pretty boring. Jessica Alba looks the best of this bunch - very chic - and I do dig the shoes.

Ann just looks amazing, disagree on the need for a longer hem. She's still 27, she can rock a mini, her legs look fabulous. And it's nice to see her dressing young and flirty for once, since she usually does the whole classic/statuesque thing.

Dumb question: what's DTM?

DTM = dyed to match = ew

DTM= Dyed To Match, I believe.

I liked the original version of Jessical Biel's dress. That length is perfect for the event. The ball gown is not. It reeks of desperation.

Jessica Biel's dress looks like ribbon Christmas candy. Her lipstick is the same shade and then they photographed her in front of pink flowers! God, way too much.
I wouldn't care if everyone hated Jessica Alba's dress, I love it, loved her hair but I don't get the shoes. To be fair, for some reason it bothers me to see tiny ankles in clunky shoes. It's almost like the shoes are wearing the woman.
Hell yeah Shirley can do no wrong!!!...will always love Shirley.

Demi Moore looked nice, but she basically ruined the dress. Might as well bought a white strapless cocktail dress off the rack.

Garcelle B's dress reminded me of Stella's black garbage bag dress - same type of shiny, ugh.


Ann's dress really reminds me of Jesus's in its shape, and being - short, tight and shiny - which I am now noticing more since all the negative comments - and him getting the auf/
I like Alba's shoes but prefer her with "a little meat on her bones".

Garcelle looked great.
The model in the Dior - oh my that hair - creepy

When did Anne Hathaway join the Ice Capades?

As a writer, I can barely stand not to pull down my edit menu to cut, cut, cut 3/4 of the Valentine's fluffery off Jessica Biel's dress. Brings to mind the old saying, if it can be done, it can be over done. She might has well have worn a Valentine's Day cardigan. She consistently comes across style-less. JT deserves better. He brought sexy back.

Is it just me, or does Garcelle's dress look like it's made of duck tape?

The ladies for the most part do indeed look pretty.
Two inches longer on Anne's, an inch shorter on Garcelle's. The only big missteps I see are Jessica Beil. Way too much dress. It may have worked if it was knee length and didn't have the pieces hanging . I also think Julia should have worn that dress in the original color/fabric. Then again she's been pretty boring on the red carpet lately. Jessica Alba looks good, but the shoes as you mentioned are too clunky.

I'm kinda curious about this movie. It strikes me as a sort of Valentine's Day version of Love Actually, but I'm worried that we've seen all the good parts in commercials and this will turn out to be one of those movies where the combined star power cancels each other out and you end up with a clinker like Mars Attacks.

I like platforms, but I don't think they were the right shoe choice for Anne Hathaway-- combined with the super-short skirt I think they're steering her into hooker territory. Really, really expensive hooker territory, but still.

JT deserves better. He brought sexy back.
Heh, I remember when that song first came out I went to see Prince in concert. Let me tell he rocked it out. At once point he stopped and said, "What are they talking about 'bringing sexy back'? Sexy never left the building" and continued to rock out.

Hahahaha When I saw Jessica Biel I thought, "Candyman, Candyman, Candymmfmft."

As for Demi, kudos to her for having work done but having the least possible work done to maintain the integrity of her look.

Julia Roberts looks like the 50's housewife she has become. Boring.

Did someone punch Jennifer Garner in the upper lip? Does Julia own a comb? Emma and Shirley look great.

I say leave the hem Annie. When you got it, flaunt it.

Any one of the dresses Jessica and Jennifer wore in that editorial you featured would have been better than what they've chosen to wear here!

Ah, thanks Mercy X and Sara Bellum for the clarification.

Also, does anyone else think that with that floofy white dress paired with vaguely hoof-ish black shoes that Demi Moore looks like "mutton dressed as lamb" both figuratively and literally?

I meant to say that I thought Garcella looks great - BUT those shoes totally do not work with that dress.

Demi's dress is twee and unlike her youngish face, it does not suit her.
The Roberts gil looks like a linebacker and I'm SURE she's a wee little thing.
Julia looks great, Anne is a yucky mess, the colour is terrible on her (a loving sister always gets a pass though. Yay, family values!!).

Anne Hathaway - She looks great, but I all I could think of was how freezing cold she must be in that dress.

Garcelle Beauvais - She is a gorgeous woman, but I feel "meh" about the dress.

Demi Moore - She looks like she raided her daughter Tallulah's closet. The dress is age inappropriate for Demi.

Emma Roberts - She is cute, but I think she looks washed out in that dress. Too much pale going on there.

Jennifer Garner - My eyes keep going to her gorgeous face because the dress is "meh".

Jessica Alba - I think she looks great, but I feel this was the wrong dress for her.

Jessica Biel - Poor girl. The dress needs to be much shorter and less tattered.

Julia Roberts - I agree with TLo, I get a matronly vibe from her in that dress. Would love to see her in the original color instead.

Shirley MacLaine - FABULOUS!!!

Mama Jo

Anne Hathaway's dress is way too short. When did she start dressing like Heidi?

To Anne Hathaway - Heidi called. She wants her short tight and shiny back. Jessica Biel looks like she's trying to hard, Julia Roberts looks like she isn't trying at all (just the dress. She looks gorgeous). The rest are all cute.

And what - no Shirley Maclaine????

That first photo of Anne Hathaway looks like a classic Esther Williams bathing suit shot.

Must have the Dior in the blue. Le sigh.

True, the black is a bit matronly on Jules, but does she really need to worry about being 15 years older than anybody?

Jessica Biel - original design much better. "Prom queen after the car accident" is perfect. Though I thought she fell into a vat of liquid candy before it's formed into canes.

Love Alba's haircut.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anne Hathaway - Anne looks fab but woo that skirt is mighty short.

Garcelle Beauvais - Werkin' it!!!

Demi Moore - It seems like it would be too twee, but go figure it works... I ain't mad at her.

Emma Roberts - Thumbs up.

Jennifer Garner - I don't think she has the body to pull off this look... it should be noted that I would much rather have Jennifer Garner's body than the body needed to pull off this look.

Jessica Alba - She looks great - hair, makeup and expression. I really like the silhouette of the dress, but there is something primordial about the pattern that takes away the youth and fun of the look. Still, it's a winner.

Jessica Biel - Thumbs down. The dress is quite pretty on the runway and if it was going to be modified it should have been shortened rather than lengthened. Isn't she kinda tall, so I wonder if the dress was lengthened or if it is just falls longer on Jessica Biel than the model?

Julia Roberts and Shirley Maclaine - OK this tableau looks like a young starlet (Emma) invited her hip (Shirley) and hick (Julia) aunts to her movie premiere. OK, OK I got another one, Julia's dress reminds me of a scene from As Good As It Gets when Jack Nicholson's character complains to Helen Hunt's about the restaurant management making him wear a suit jacket while letting her in wearing a bathrobe. Having said that, I adore Julia Roberts and her smile has lost none of its dazzle.


Garcelle Beauvais' dress is okay for the occasion, but for me, the problem is with the shoes. They look super-heavy and make her legs look shorter than they really are and a bit stumpish.

I've never, ever been a fan of Julia Roberts' but have seen her at so many awards ceremonies and red carpets that I can't help but notice that over the last few years her personal style has really declined. She's still pretty young, but looks as though she just doesn't give a damn anymore. Here, she looks the best I've seen her in a very long time --- matronly and meh.


I like that hint of little Emma and Julia together at the end. They have a similar smile. You know what I love about Julia Roberts? Lately, she's rocking the idea that she's Julia Fuckin' Rogers. She;s all " I'm putting this dress on now, but I'd rather be at home with my kids than sucking up for this crappy ensemble film, all designed to prove that Love, Actually, really was charming. Ef it. I'm going home to have popcorn and scrape the mac and cheese off the floor, and yes, I'll do it in these shoes."

Jessica Biel's dress makes me hungry for strawberry cheesecake.

I adore Anne Hathaway, I really do, and I think she's going to become one of the style icons of her generation, but I agree with you guys -- two extra inches on the hem would have made the look for me. Not crazy about the hair or shoes, either, but they'll do.

I love it when I make the same call on a dress before I scroll down and read your opinion! Ann Hathaway +2 inches! Woot!

And how cute is that Emma chick waving at the camera?

I'd say Jessica Alba wins the grand prize out of this lot. So many of these gals don't really project anything that communicates glamor or even fun - I mean, if it's just dreary old work, who wants to be a successful actress? But she reminded me of the days I'd see a "star" in a photo and really believe she might be "all that." Cute dress, great colors, not same-old, same-old, looked good on her, glam enough for the occasion - and she looked both comfortable AND put together. And that hair and makeup worked with the dress.

Demi Moore did well too. Great dress, and she looked great. Gotta be fair, there's plenty of gals out there as worked-on as she is, who don't look nearly as good.

Poor Ann Hathaway reminded me of a Rockette.

Emma Roberts looked good.

I liked the dress from the bust down, but Jennifer Garner had too much unadorned Jennifer Garner on display between the top of her dress and her chin. It threw the proportions off, I thought. She'd have been better off getting the hair out of the way and wearing some kind of necklace.

The Marchesa and the Proenza Schouler are possibly the two most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.

Am I the only one that dislikes Emma's look? I think she looks completely washed out.

does Julia Roberts just add a few more teeth every year, or what? it's otherworldly.....

"does Julia Roberts just add a few more teeth every year, or what? it's otherworldly....."

I was thinking the same thing!


I think they all look wonderful! Great dresses, great shoes, lovely hair and makeup - well done ladies.

Julia Roberts' dress looks like something Sarah Jessica Parker would wear.

" but I'd rather be at home "
How I wish Julia Roberts would go back home... and stay there this time. I couldn't stand her back then and flat out loathe her now. She is irritating as runny shit, and I will be so glad when her comeback has goneback.

Love Jessica Alba the most. Its perfect for her and the event

Shirley is there to show them all how it's done. Love her!

Garcelle should have cut a few inches off her hem and given it to Anne.

I'm getting tired of celebs taking fabulous dresses and having them remade in black. It's not a funeral, honey.

TLo said...It's an okay dress, but it's a little matronly. And when you're starring in a romantic comedy with a bunch of actresses 10 to 15 years younger than you, that's a really bad idea.

Here is the really strange thing...Demi Moore is 5 years OLDER than Julia Roberts.

What was Shirley doing there? She always looks great.


Julia Roberts looked matronly. And Jessica Biel? It's not the Oscars.

Okay, the Jessia Biel stuff killed me. You guys always nail it.

Shirley looks like my aunt at a wake.

Hope this doesn't make me look clueless, but what is DTM?

Jessica Alba looks adorable, age appropriate, event appropriate and most of all - comfortable! It's nice to see someone who looks good but not like she was squeezed into sausage casing (ahem, Anne Hathaway). You know some of those ladies spent the rest of the night tugging on their clothes and trying to get comfortable and dreaming of when they could rip it all off when they got home.

Re Anne Hathaway's dress length: whenever I see very short strapless dressses it always makes me think of a bath towel wrapped around your middle after a shower. Especially when it's so tight like this one. Either straps and short or strapless and longer, please.

Absolutely loved Jessica's dress and fantastic styling. I would have liked Julia's dress better if she had worn the lavender print version. The color would have looked much younger on her.

They all look pretty good, especially Emma Roberts (who normally find annoying)

I'm still mad Shirley was kicked off of Virgins vs. Vixens.

I think if Julia Roberts had the same hairstyle as the model's for that dress she could have pulled it off, and gotten a cameo on Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland."

Prom Queen after the accident....bawahhhha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Hathaway - LOVE this bitch. She's so striking and I usually love what she's wearing, although, you boys are right as usual. It's too short.
Beauvais - I feel this one is too long. Above the knee would be better, although I still don't love the dress and I don't like those shoes with it. Hair and makeup are great.
Demi - FAB
Emma Roberts - So cute!
Garner - Blech! I really like the hair and natural makeup, though.
Alba - Fab. Love the sassy hair.
Biel - I'm torn because I DO like the dress, just not on her. I really really hate that she matched her lip color exactly to the dress.
Roberts - Yeah, not good. And let me just say that someone should convince her to revisit red hair. Blonde just washes her out.

Imagine Jennifer Garner with her hair up, dark blue velvet shoes and a silver clutch (not the distracting kind)

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