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Shear Genius Tonight!

Let's get snippy, bitches!

Shear Genius comes screaming back tonight at 10 on Bravo. We got a screener of the first episode and we have some good news and some not-so-good news.

The good news is that it's the usual band of over-the-top, attention-seeking, smack-talking hair stylists and we have nicknames for half of them already. Wait till you get a load of the chick with the yellow hair. Quite possibly the biggest attention whore we've even seen. And remember, we've seen Roberto from Launch My Line.

The other good news is that they can still wring entertaining challenges out of hairstyling, with a punk-rock-to-classic hair shortcut challenge and a runway hair challenge with a creative twist:

The not-so-good news is that Camila Alves makes first-season Heidi Klum sound like Diane Sawyer. Seriously. They should leave the line-readings to someone else and have her just flip her hair and stand there. The girl is no Jaclyn Smith, that's for sure. And that mentor dude is no Rene. Oh, and there's also the whole Jonathan Antin thing. Yeah. Not so thrilled on the host/judge/mentor front.

Still, that cast will keep us coming back and we can always make fun of Camila Alves' accent like we used to make fun of Rene's. Plus, the Lips of Vo are back!

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C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Aw, shit.

If she makes Season 1 Heidi look good, maybe it's a good thing I can't watch.

I'll miss the 'caps of Rene. Goosheggit!

ooooooooh thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for the reminder! I need a good diversion tonight.

Umm was yellow hair girl wearing roller skates? Really?! I'm gonna get annoyed with her real quick.

And Camila...oy! Yeah she was pretty bad. I'll still watch though, see if the contestants draw me in. The challenges look pretty good from those previews too.

Lips of Vo

Does that sound obscene to anyone else?

Was what Rene had an accent or a speech impediment? It did make me wince a lot.

Somehow I think the ability to shock is gone. So what, Tweety whore has yellow hair and talks about nips- *yawn*. And what's with American Doll hippy Pocahontas?

I hope the hosts aren't all that bad. My mind wandered for the short clip of Alves talking. But still, I love to watch the stylists work or crash and burn.

oops. American GIRL doll...and I didn't see Sammy Hagar the first time. Hey this is like the Beatles Sgt Pepper album cover...who else is on this show....

Lips of Vo...

Dr who fans?

Sweet fancy Moses I hate Jonathan Antin. He's awfully cocky for someone whose talents are restricted to the style of a moderately priced Sunset Strip whore. How many times does he remind everyone in the first episode that he's strayt? I'd say it would make a fun drinking game.

The Lips of Vo ! Are you spoofing the Face of Bo? If so I think I love you guys even more.

My poor DVR is going to explode. So much new tv.

Don't work too hard guys, or poor Tom will never get over his bug.

I am definately not pleased with them casting Antin. I think he is just so annoying. He could seriously keep me from watching. Bravo has a tendency for inbreeding, next thing you know the housewives will be shoved into every show.

Brig? An attention whore? Surely no... ;)

In honor of tonight's premiere, I have reprinted my ridiculous revision comments from the "Meet The Stylists" post here:

I'll give it a shot because I have missed Kim Vo and his otherworldly lips - but not sure if I'll be able to watch it with Camilla instead of Jaclyn.

I love you guys...a lot.

And I, too, HATE Jonathan!

Sounds like an entertaining evening coming up.

I love, nay lurve, Shear Genius. Like many, I have the opposite feelings towards Jonathan Antin. Bravo giveth and Bravo taketh away.

oh i will miss Rene but yea Im still excited! Cant wait for tonite =D

Forget about making S1 Heidi look good, or even S1 Padma, I suspect Camila Alves might give Katie Lee Joel a run for her money.

Can we have Jaclyn back now? But really, why did they get rid of her? She was actually good, and from the beginning.

I always felt like Jaclyn seemed really, really tired.

15 minutes in, and Camila is EXCRUCIATING. SO awful. Gah, ptooey. She's like a fembot without the personality.

i would fuck that jonathan dude. sexayyyyyy

I have to say, I really hate the catchphrases on this show. "You are the winner/You're out" are so much more efficient than "Your work is shear genius/This was your final cut." Really, I'm not sure everything has to be puns.

Camilla is so dull. It's keeeeeling me. And let's hope Sammy Hagar is ALL that. Lotsa smack going around.

Congrats, SG!! After an hour with the nails-on-the-blackboard that are Camilla and RollerGirl, you've managed to make Jonathan Antin seem remotely tolerable.

What were TPTB on this show smoking when they assembled this mess???


did anyone hear what Camilla said at the end of the show? it sounded like she said"Remember hair is important..." it seems like a rather silly thing to say..

Yuck. I turned it off after twenty minutes. What happened? I used to enjoy this show.

Yeah, Antin makes me itch, and this new chickie is kind of a blank.

But what I'm reall weeping over is the loss of Rene. *SOB*

Where ARE you Rene???!!!!


Why, why WHY??? Why do hairdressers dress like What Not to Wear candidates? Ugh--they all look alien to me.
Yes--Hostess Gal is awful--very cute but cannot speak. My hubs called her a poor man's Padma.
I've seen the first epi--I'll skip it till the last.

ok lets face it Brig is the star of the show... stole the show.

Whats with that guy Adee throwing a tantrum?

The swimsuit designer said Brig's hairstyle took away from the bathing suit, "well I guess you better come up with a better bathing suit."

excited for next week.

Rollergirl is hot!

Team Brig!

No Jaclyn??? No Rene??? What is the point???

This is on Bravo, right? My, not only have they been unable to replicate even a pale imitation of Project Runway, they seem hell-bent on ruining their own shows!

Yah, not just the accent. THe accent I can handle. It's the way she sounds pissed off and ends every sentence with a tight frown. Uck. Bring back Jaclyn!

I have seen some crappy reality shows in my day, but never have I seen one in which absolutely every single participant has no business representing their chosen profession. The stylists can't style. The mentor can't mentor. The hostess can't host. The models couldn't model. The judges couldn't judge.

If Mrs. Calahan's second-grade homeroom put on a reality show, it would be more cohesive than what I just saw.

Mostly I like it so far. I have a little girl-crush on Amy, and hope she can do more like her first style and less like her second. Country girl with the bow is amusing because she tries so hard to stick out with non-hair related things - lollerskates! And Adee scares me a little - why would they keep him on the show for even a second after his little tantrum and throwing things? They should have at least chastised him, but instead they just gloss over it. Any other reality show would have made that the drama filled highlight of the episode. Were they just confused because it happened in the first episode? I think that it happened so soon is a sign he could really snap and hurt someone. But I could be overreacting.

I just watched it, and i must say, Camila is a little annoying to listen to, but not horrible. Yellow hair, i find her amusing. I dont get the "attention whore" vibe from her at all; but more just throwing off the competition. Make yourself a joke, and thats how people will take you. But her rock to sleek look, was not bad work at all, and I personally, loved her bikini top. definitely my favorite. She is one to watch!

I loved this show back in its first season. It wasn't of Project Runway caliber, but it was still a pretty fun show. And I sorta crushed on Ben--he seemed like such a sweetie. After the show ended, I had my hair cut by him. It turns out he really is a genuine sweetie. He gave me two hugs, dished about the show, and rocked-out my hair. I got so many compliments on that haircut. If his salon wasn't 2 hours away from me, I'd go back to him every 6 weeks.

Anyway, I was excited when I found out Bravo was doing a third season. Not so excited by the changes. Rene was such a quirky element to the show, and his accent killed me. Never was a big fan of Jonathan. And honestly, I could take or leave Jaclyn, but this new chick is so horridly blank I'd much rather have Jaclyn.

I was prepared to hate Brig, but then I ended up loving her runway look. The girl is Trying To Hard To Be The Whimsical Wacky One, but it looks like she might have the skills to back it up.

Absolutely adore Amy. Yeah, her braid fell apart on the runway, but at least she didn't take the easy way out and do mermaid hair like most of them. And I loved her dreads-to-sleek style she did. Plus she's just freaking adorable.

What a weird first challenge for a show about hair styling - design something creative for the runway, but make sure it doesn't detract from the tiny bikini bottoms! How can the stylists both wow the judges with their skills and yet not let the styles steal focus from the "outfits"? I realize in a real runway show, hair shouldn't distract from the clothes, but this is a hair-styling show. I don't want to see hair that blends into the background, I want to see styles that stand out.

Camila Alves was fine, if a little bland. Jaclyn Smith was no better or worse... monotone and creaky sounding. They neither one have any personality.
I think boring is a requisite for hosting a Bravo show.

Camilla Alves is KILLING ME. She made watching the show absolutely excruciating, as someone else mentioned. By the end, I wanted to grab some shears and chase her off my tv. She makes Jonathan Antin tolerable, which is nearly impossible. I love this show so much. Jaclyn didn't want to do it again, but geez they could've gotten someone who could actually SPEAK with some inflection - instead of a fembot monotone (as someone else also mentioned. Gag. I miss Rene too. And his tight pants - he always gave good crotch shots, lol.

Forget about making S1 Heidi look good, or even S1 Padma, I suspect Camila Alves might give Katie Lee Joel a run for her money.
O-M-GEE! Camilla is awful! Anton sucks and I miss Rene.

The only thing saving this show are the stylist. Yellow hair roller skate girl makes me what to trip her, but she seems to have some skills.

The ONLY thing holding this show up is that there seems to be SOME talent. Did you notice the poll? Most people were watching because of the hair styles (50+%) ssome watched because of Jonathan (30+%) and the least tuned in for the drama at 11%!!! Bravo please pay attention and please get hosts who can pronounce the words in a way that we can understand. English is my second language and I can still be understood by the average English speaking man. Jonathan had some insightful comments but was concentrating too hard on keeping his useless mean bitch image. Whatever for? I liked the mentor so far.

OK, guys, I'm looking forward to your take on the ep, but more importantly, I'm hoping you can get us some insider knowledge on WHERE THE HELL DID RENE AND JACLYN GO???? Especially Rene -- SG isn't the same without his "hihi!"

Did Bravo quit Jaclyn Smith or did Jaclyn Smith quit Bravo? I cannot find anything via Google. Does anyone know? I am a Jaclyn fan.


Camilla = snooze

Jaclyn & Renee = sorely missed

Brig (annoying + talented) = SG gold

From Faatemah, the best quote; No one deserves that hair, not even a two dollar hooker. (About epi 2)


I'm still trying to get past Camilla Alves, model and handbag designer....for some reason that makes me giggle. Her delivery seems a bit unsure.

BeccaGo, loved your value-added bio of Brig! She seems to be trying to retire the whacky/quirky trophy in only one episode. Luckily for her she has some talent.

I miss Rene....those beautiful blue eyes and that adorable accent!

I grew up in West Texas where we had to learn a second language or we had fewer friends. But Ms. Alves is really hard to understand as she seems to have an impediment on top of a language difference. I can't even bring myself to make fun of her. However, she makes such unfortunate faces when she tries to be serious or severe. Some of them are downright homely. OMG I'm such a bitch.

That Minnie Mouse bow is so done after the first screenshot. It makes that country girl look like Ellie May.

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't stand listening to Camilla. I was expecting a sexy exotic accent, but got a weird hybrid like she was struggling to sound American. Ugh, a horrible voice and tragic delivery...what was Bravo thinking?!

What the eff has Jonathan done to his face? He is one visit to the dermie away from looking like Lisa Rinna.

Camilla's accent sounds more like a speech defect. My husband was trying to sleep while I watched this in bed last night, and he rolled over and asked me, "does that lady have a hair lip?"

I think Camilla killed this show for me. I don't mind Jonathan's bitchiness 'cause this show needs a bitchy judge.

My almost-21-yr old son was practically weeping that his "hottie" was gone.

And yes, he knows that she 60 years old.

So for those JS detractors: there's no comparison between the two. There's an almost 30 year age difference.

Maybe Kate Jackson would be willing to come in as host in JS's place?

The Vo guy is creepy deluxe. I was hoping Antin replaced him-Antin is an ass but a funny ass (and his Dirt hair paste stuff really is fantastic.) I will definitely miss Rene.

That Other Redhead said, "But Ms. Alves is really hard to understand as she seems to have an impediment on top of a language difference."

This (and others having trouble with her) made me wonder if perhaps she was Spanish. (Yeah, I had no idea that she was Mathew McCaughnehey's baby momma, I had to google.)

But she's Brazilian. Could her accent be hard on a U.S. ear because we're listenting for a Central/South American Spanish accent rather than a Brazilian Portuguese accent?

(although I didn't have trouble understanding...I just hope she gets alot more comfortable very quickly)

Camilla comes across as Elmeretta Fudd, that accent, not sexy like Heidi K, or even intelligent sounding...
Love Rollergirl, love the one with teh skunk hair, wish the men would shave and look clean, eeech, who wants their hair done by someone who looks like they need a shower and shave!!

Oh my! Camilla was AWFUL (who is she, anyway?)! Truly unwatchable. She must have said "for one of you, this will be your last cut" a thousand times!!! Ms. Smith was a bit stiff herself, but there is no comparison. Camilla is killing the show! Just terrible. ALso, the 'runway' show was PATHETIC! there were about 30 people in the audience. what a joke.

that being said, i loved the punk rock challenge. I was pleased that for the most part the stylist kept the girls edgy. the rollar skating girl in her gold swimsuit almost made me vomit. I never want to see that much of her skin again! And those stupid bows must go!

I consider this show cheap filler while they film Top Chef. It's mildly entertaining, but I will always pass if Bridezillas or Say Yes To The Dress is on at the same time!

Ok I'm a derby girl and I kill it in roller skates but stupid-bow-fame-whore-girl is giving it a bad name. Too bad she's got some skills. Ugghhh.

Antin - I kind of like his manbitchness.

As far as Camilla goes I could take her or leave her.

Actually far more scared of Adee's angry blow-ups than Jesse's fist into his hand frustration.
Noone at Mood even reacted, but the rest of the contestants there jumped.

Camilla's two catepillars almost joining on her nose and an almost caveman like brow/forehead combined with her speech just was so uncomfortable.
I think if I keep watching I might have to Mute and do Close Caption.


I will not be surprised if the other contestants snap and tear Rollergirl limb for limb.

Speaking of Doctor Who, Rose Tyler lookalike girl ftw!

Bravo is really going down the tubes...
Shear genius is a joke now. They had a watchable host and serious judges the first season, now its all reality tv psuedo-celeb, plastic-faced, wannabees and another model/host who has ZERO charisma.

I have not cared for ANY of the top chef eye candy hosts. Now Camilla is the worst Bravo host yet. Why do the people at Bravo think looks are more important than actual speaking ability or personality? Do none of the show developers see how terrible these gals are during the pre-production? Why do they keep doing this? There are tons of people out there who could host properly, they may not be models but they would be engaging and enhance the show instead of ruin it!

Heidi is/was the only watchable model/host and she wasn't picked by Bravo. Heidi is also becoming more stuck-up and mean with each season and is now almost ruining the show for me. Still, she has more hosting ability in one stiletto clad foot than ANY of Bravo's somber fembots.

Bow down to the lips of Vo!

This whole 20-something model type taking over hosting shows sucks!.

I used to love that show 'How Do I Look' when Finola Hghes was the host. Now they replaced her with this young over the top bubbly asian gal. i only made it through one episode, never to return.

Older people(older than 20's), women especially, just make better hosts I feel. They have some wisdom and confidence and experience in life and in front of a camera.

I was watching the Today show this morning, and there was this Swedish dude trying to sound American.

Then, I watched Shear Genius. How could Camilla Alves sound like HIM? Honestly, she sounds like a Swede, trying to sound American by way of Brazil.

I went to school with Brazilians, and their Portugese accented English sounded nothing like Ms. Alves. Too much of The McConaughey stoner influence?

That being said, I'm surprised Elaine Benes went from worst to first in the challenges.

Camila Alves is Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend and they have two babies together. I can't believe I know that. I believe she's Brazilian. She was truly awful last night. But the show was fun.

i cannot watch this show as I find that host's voice so annoying!!! now if she had a speech impediment I would have no problems, but sounds as if she was trying to americanize her accent or something but sounds so annoying! i have plenty of brazillian friends and listening to them speak is great, when they speak naturally!

PS - as other agree" Anonymous said...

Camilla Alves is KILLING ME. She made watching the show absolutely excruciating, as someone else mentioned.

i am happy I found this site as I thought it was just me! She needs to allow her natural brazillian accent to JUST BE. and some PhD student can use her and us as subjects as it is TRULY fascinated so many of us react the same way!

I am personally a fan of Brig's I think she has some serious ideas up her sleeve. She will be the fun one of the group, there to realize that this is an opportunity of a lifetime and to be out there and live it up!!!! The other's should take her cue and have some fun too. O and the guy with the temper issues, well he needs to go!

I agree about Camilla. Her voice is very nasal-sounding which coupled with the monotone, and the sour face make her a worse host than Katie Lee Joel, and that's saying something.

I don't dislike Jonathan Antin, I watched his show, but I don't think he's a good fit for this show, especially when teamed with the Brazilian Voice of Doom. Together, they take all the fun and lightness out of the program.

I will say that the Bravo programming folks seem to have lost their touch. None of the new stuff is very good, and certainly not of the caliber of PR, Top Chef, Queer Eye, etc.

Wow. Camila is not good. I think they were going for a Padma/Top Chef sort of deal, but she does not have the charisma to pull it off.

The new hostess is not qualified for the job! Her accent and nasal-ly voice are most annoying. I miss Jaclyn.

The bikini challenge was disturbing and worthless. Is this a hair styling competition, or a show about how to make clothing out of hair extensions???

Ugh. I'm near to dropping this show from my "must see" list.

SG Producers: Bad moves all around.

Could someone please tell me WHAT Camila alves is actually SAYING when she greets everone? It sounds like she's saying 'oi, everyone' - is that some Brazilian vernacular for 'hello'?

She's excruciating to listen to, in any case!


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