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Shear Genius S3E3 P1: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

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Seriously, where do they find these models? And what were the qualifications to be a contestant on this show? So far not one of them has really done anything outstanding, and most of them succeeded in making their model's hair look worse. I love your recaps, though. They make the show worth watching.

Oh T-Lo, please don't ever change. I just had a great laugh that has set me up for the rest of the day!

"turned him into the lead singer of The Commitments, circa 1994"

I just snorted up my morning bagel!

I was laughing through this whole post. Your reactions to shows are consistently more entertaining than most of the shows on TV.

The winning hairdo turned a guy who says "Everybody says I look just like Justin Timberlake" to a guys who says "Everybody says I look like that guy in "From Justin To Kelly". And yes, it was the best one.

You guys make this show a teeny bit bearable....Love!
Anyway, I thought this was a lame challenege. How do you do extensions on men without making them look like Fabio?
What's-his-name puking though, was worth watching...that clip even made it on The Soup last night!

I thought the short-cut challenge was hilarious, since it seemed to be "make these guys look like ass and then be judged on it!"

Brig's guy looked EXACTLY like the dude from the Red Meat comic:

Not good.

Tap Pants (snort. Love it. She could totally go into little Anne Miller at any moment) gave her model the Biggest Forehead In the World.

Loved Amy's spite mullet.

I've started muting it whenever Camilla opens her mouth. It's like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Brig's model looks like exactly like a guy on "High School Reunion".

Hahahahahahaha! Snort!
Oh, I love you guys.

looks like boy band member was turned into Daniel Franco. Bless.

I don't know - that screenshot makes Brian's model look like Daniel Franco...

Brian's model looked like Daniel Franco's long-lost brother when Brian was done with him. Bluh

I remember that Red Meat guy from the Onion when I was in college. Cre-e-e-e-e-py. And a spot-on comparison.

I've never used this accolade before because my mother would not approve but
>a DIY approach to electrical work around the home.<

May I suggest a write-in campaign to Bravo for SUBTITLES?

If they're going to hire a 'spokesperson' (she slept with who for this gig??) that doesn't speak english- fine.

buht I du nat unnerstahn whutsheeEEStulkinbout half the time...can't see point or gesture?

I now spend most of the show watching the contestants to eee I can catch one them sound out the words on her que cards...

T'lo, I grew up in a salon, you have taken a show painful to watch and made it painful to watch as I am howling in pain laughing at your critiques- thanks darlings!

I still giggle at 'and no mental health' comment.

can we just call tweety bird 'camera whore' and be done with it?

I've never even seen this show (don't live the U.S.) but I don't even need to! Your comments are priceless. Your blog is the funniest thing on the interwebs.

Everything about this episode's recap was seriously funny, but in particular, I loved the "Brain" Krakow/My So-Called Life reference. First thing I thought of when I saw the winning model. And, like an earlier commenter, I also have to mute the sound when Marble-mouth Camilla speaks.

Yes!! I could barely pay attention to the results of that challenge because I kept thinking "Brian Krakow! Brian Krakow!!"

TLo said...
"The prosecution rests."


Best ROTFLMAO all week!!!
Thanks, guys!


I'm losing the love for the show this season. Not really loving any of the stylist.

You guys fucking rock!


Hilarious recap!!!!

"CPK said...

Oh T-Lo, please don't ever change. I just had a great laugh that has set me up for the rest of the day!"


You guys are HiLaRiOuS!!

thank you for making me laugh at a very unfunny, dull, tedious episode =D

geez, I totally missed the My So Called Life ref...thanks, fellow commenters!

TLo, thank you for being so much funnier than this show. I think I'm giving up on this season and only reading TLo.

Good that Matthew McConaghey and her children will be beautiful because they are unlikely to be brainy.

I'm only here for the My So-Called Life reference.

Another big thanks for the MSCL reference. Just made my day.

TLo, you are the only reason I watch this dumbass show. But I am still waiting for the recap of the Blond shortcut challenge...

Rebuttal: You're a middle-aged douchebag. And you just used "bro" un-ironically in a sentence.

The prosecution rests.

Love you guys!

This mini-challenge was utterly cracktacular. Most of the "models" already had longish hair anyway, so the only options seemed to be (a) make him look like Fabio (b) make him look like Billy Ray Cyrus or (c) give him a clip-on ponytail. But kudos to Matthew for actually making his model look better after the extensions than before!

Aside from his pre-show pic I never paid much notice of Matthew, but this episode made him a fave. Loving Jon too.

You guys are the only reason I watch this show, too, b/c that recap had my laughing out loud! Thanks, I really needed that!

Sling Blade took a boy band member...
and turn him into a girl band member.

That MIGHT have been cute on a girl.

That douche model looks like Sean Penn to me.

I wonder what would happen on this show if the contestants just say F the model's "wishes" - I am doing what I want? This group and the bleach blondes who refused any color changes did not seem to be "real person" challenges so how are they permitted to scres the contestants?

These challenges are hilarious! Even the terrible new host and "mentor" did not ruin the show.

Has anyone found a link to new episodes? Hulu has only S3E1 so far. Even though this season is looking like a trainwreck, I still kinda want to watch it.

Cable-less. *sigh*

All of these poor guys looked much better before, except for the Brian Krakow winner. Brigadont turned a relatively decent-looking man into Slim Whitman (look him up). All he needed was a pencil mustache and a sparkly suit from Nudie's. Amy should have given her grumpy old man a real redneck mullet, with the front and top practically a buzz and the back a shoulder-length extension. He deserved it. Where do they get their hair models, anyway? Force them in off the streets? Most of the time, they never want a change.

I enjoyed the crazy in this episode. However, I hate the new hostess. Why did they get rid of Jaclyn Smith? She seemed to have this great in-charge quality that never became overbearing. This girl doesn't even try, and has allowed Jonathan Antin to take over, which is unforgivable.

Doing some crossovers here (pun intended). The winner looks like Charlie White, the U.S. ice dancer currently standing in third place.

The guy with the robot cut looks like Will Arnett in the after pic.

I thought the idea of going to a salon was to make things better? I like this show, but I wouldn't want any of them touching my head.

I love (Burning Man) Brian! His manxtention's were pretty good considering the fact these models are worse than the freaks that students from Robert Fiance have to style before they take the state board.
Gina Q

T-Lo said:
Amy took a middle-aged douchebag ... And turned him into a middle-aged douchebag with a mullet.

Laughing my ass off! Thank you for your assistance in my weight loss efforts.

Your comments are hysterical! And yes why couldn't they find a hostess that speaks English. Really distracts from the show.

can't. stop. laughing.


T Lo, I swear every Shear Genius recap this season is comedy gold. GOLD I say. You made me guffaw, loudly.

Okay, through the magic of extensions, the first wigstand totally became the genetically engineered love child of Christopher Atkins and The Greatest American Hero guy. Which definitely beats the Stephen Wright he was rockin pre-makeover. That's why he won, clearly. Overall, though, I bet Ken Paves was not feelin the love for the product placement deal he got here. His poor extensions were tortured beyond recognition.

Looks to me like Brian served up a Daniel Franco special. I smell bliss.

Tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard. I just love you guys! Best recap of any show EVAH!

zombie mormon dude ends up being a surprisingly hot ginger.

from the front.

the side is killing me.

This show has totally dropped off my radar, but I loved the recap. There was some seriously bad extensions work going on.

Janine turned her guy into Gob Bluth.

Is it just me or is there a lot of unremarkable hairdressing going on? Yet the show is strangely still watchable.

Camilla's accent is, well, it's an accent but she isn't wooden and this week she showed she had moxie and some common sense so I don't mind her. Kim Vo, on the other hand, looks more like a weird orange Real Doll than ever. The botox, the collagen, the tan, the highlights--dude what the fuck was so wrong with your original face and hair?

"turned him into the lead singer of The Commitments, circa 1994"


You guys are on a TEAR! All these posts are hysterical.
What are you drinking? Smoking? Popping? Seriously!

Best. Recaps. Ever!

Hahaha, I'm so glad I'm not the only one to note the Daniel Franco doppelganger.

Brian/Burning Man gave his guy a haircut that made him look so overwhelmingly Daniel Franco that I actually gasped when I saw it. So glad to see that others who also have ancient Project Runway trivia occupying the space in their brains that used to belong to algebra.

I don't watch this show, but the comments you boys make have me laughing so hard! Keep it up :)

I gotta tune in. I actually think boy band guy looked the best if not kind of going too emo asymmetrical with it.

I don't watch this show, but the comments you boys make have me laughing so hard! Keep it up :)

I gotta tune in. I actually think boy band guy looked the best if not kind of going too emo asymmetrical with it.

I have actual tears in my eyes! This may be the funniest post you guys have ever done! The nicknames! The critiques! Brilliant! And somehow you do all this while also blogging about a dozen other TV shows and endless collections. You boys are just givers, aren't you!

Thanks for the big, loud laughs on this dreary February day, TLo! It's worth watching the show just so I can understand your hilarious comments.

Has anyone noticed that that first screen-cap of Fateemah looks EXACTLY like Mos Def in drag!?!

crying. with. laughter. seriously, y'all have THE. BEST. screencaps ever. so awesome, i was forced to use both caps lock AND periods.

middle-aged douchebag with a mullet! ha ha ha ha ha!

I seriously love you guys. You made my night.

The pictures are funny but it's the dash of TLo that makes it hilarious!

Who are these guys? Seriously, where do they find these "models"? Your commentary made it infinitely more entertaining than it actually was. I definitely agreed with giving the Greatest American Hero makeover the win. Matthew keeps showing he's the one to beat. Most of the entries were heinous.

I need a glossary to understand the nicknames.

Matthew, Janine, and Jon are the ones to beat. Although, Bravo will probably keep Brig so people have a reason to tune in

It is very hard to sit here at my desk, eating lunch and reading this, without calling undue attention to myself with unseemly bursts of laughter. Well done!!

It is very hard to sit here at my desk, eating lunch and reading this, without calling undue attention to myself with unseemly bursts of laughter. Well done!!

Wow! Now I am afraid of going to the hairstylists' after looking at this!

I really do not like blond curly hair on guys like in the winning look, but it really was the best one!

I actually hate the winning look the more I look at it, but the thing is, yes, it really was the best! It was the least of all evils.

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