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Shear Genius S3E1

Bitches, we've got a lot crazy-ass hair to rip!

Okay, we've beaten the odds and made it back from a South Philly supermarket mere hours before the SNOWPOCALYPSE hits us. We've managed to stock our cupboard without getting our asses kicked by crazed South Philly bitches on a panicked snow run and that is a feat worth celebrating.

Let's kick off our boots, make ourselves a hot chocolate, and make fun of attention whores on TV, shall we?

We suppose we're not going to get away with ignoring the big Brazilian elephant in the room, are we? Camila was AWFUL. Easily the worst model-turned-reality hostess of all time. Producers, stop giving her ten-minute blocks of text to read! How could you not notice her deficiencies in that area after the first, oh, thirty seconds or so? Make her stand there, smile, and point to her hair a lot. Have someone else explain the challenges.

Look at them. They're practically sounding out the words FOR her. They've probably been standing there for hours listening to her trip over the same ten words over and over again.

And he was exactly as douchnozzle-tastic as we'd remembered. Strangely, he seems to have had as much trouble reading lines as Camila did.

At least we still had good old Kim Vo, who --



That is one non-biodegradable face.

We'll get to the shortcut challenge (which was a lot more fun) in another post, for now, let's rip bikini hair. This was a pretty decent challenge, except we think a lot of the stylists went off in not-so-hot directions.

He really commands the screen, doesn't he? A real once-in-a-generation type of star.

April says, "Let's rock. I rebelled against it all. It's just me and my shears."

Uh, okay. There's anarchy, and then way over on the other side of the scale, there's hairdressing. Let's not self-inflate here.

Oh, who are we kidding? They're attention whores!

It was all right. A bit too vertical, but it did the job.

Adee says, "I gave David one of his most famous hair styles."

And believe it or not, that didn't even come close to the most eyeroll-inducing of his comments.
And for all that chest-puffing, he really didn't do much to impress, did he? He made her look like a circus freak.

Jon says, "I'm a large pill to be swallowed."

T Lo says, "Try us."
Cute. Editorial. The blue really takes it away from being too boring.

Let's face it, there's only so much you can do to cover the nips without lapsing into weirdness.

Faatemah: "I'm not afraid of any of these people in the competition."

Girl, you did a TRUCKLOAD of smack-talking when you should have been putting the work in, because you? Did not impress.


Strangely, the rest of the hair really works. That braid is interesting.

Burning Man Brian sez: "I look beyond the pages of Vogue magazine. I look towards indigenous cultures."

Oh, save us.
What indigenous culture is this again? The Hanna-Barbera Tribe? Cause that is some cartoon-ass hair there, Radical Faerie.

Olivia Newton John says, "Even though I'm the youngest in the competition, I'm going to kick their asses out of here."

She kind of won us over in the shortcut challenge, not least because she seems to have her head on straight, which is a rarity with this group of egos.

But man, is that a bad idea.

We just don't get these entries where the stylists effectively tried to make bikini tops out of hair pieces. First off, it's a little gross-looking. Second, you're not styling hair at that point, you're making a garment out of hair.

Janine: "I'm here to get the job done. I'm here to win."

Boilerplate reality contestant statement. At least she jazzed it up with tap pants and an '80s secretarial blouse.

This was a pretty much perfect runway look. You could see an entire show of girls with hair styled like this. She did a really good job.

Arzo: "I think hairdressing is definitely in my blood."

They're like Jedi that way.
Boring. The top is basic. Couldn't she do something a little interesting with the ends?

Matthew says, "You can basically Google me and figure out that way."

Okay, seriously. If someone said this in our presence, we'd spend a few minutes gagging loudly just to make sure everyone in the room was paying attention, and then we'd throw up on his shoes.

Although we'll give him credit here. That was at least a unique shape and he managed it without doing anything weird.

Giacomo says, "Oh God, I've had a really great life. I worked all over the world with every celebrity in the world, with every supermodel in the world, with every wealthy queen, king...I'm telling you, God gave me a gift and I just do it."

T Lo says, "Oh God, we're going to make fun of you so much."

And which member of royalty taught you that little 'do? We're guessing it's a queen who has "of country music," or "of the Cornshucking Festival" after her title.

Not to be mean (too late) but they're kidding us when they tried to pass these girls off as bikini models, right?

Joey: "I've always wanted my work to sort of be loud and stand out."

Who saw the big X floating over Crocodile Joey's head throughout the whole episode? He had "first one gone" in bright neon letters flashing every time he appeared.And speaking of bright neon letters, here they are spelling out "BREAST DEFORMITY" in a searing orange.

Tweety Bird says: "We just got a Mall three years ago. We have horses."

And we're guessing not a lot in the way of community mental health services.

Biggest attention whore we've ever set eyes on. And come on, you KNOW we've set eyes on a lot. But we've been racking or brains, and we just can't name one who resorted to roller-skating in a gold bikini in order to get camera time. Santino? Thank you.
It's creative, for sure. We can tell she's working a schtick wherein her affected craziness is a way of contrasting her skill, which is considerable. But this is another instance of someone not so much styling hair as making clothes out of hair. It's a creative and well-made solution, but we just don't love it aesthetically.

So, the top three are a female version of The Village People, for some reason.

And Secretary Village Person wins it.

And the bottom three are the loudmouth, Olivia Newton John, and Croc-Hunter.

And the surfer dude goes home, surprising absolutely none of the hundreds of thousands of people watching.

More hair-ripping to come, bitches.

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And no shots of him shirtless. I'm disappointed. ;)

i ADORE you!

you bitches kill me. way to end my week!

stay safe & warm in philly.

Of all the posts you guys have done, on the bitchy-hilarious ranking this is a top 3, easily. As long as you boys recap this show, there'll be a reason to follow it.

Camila - worst host EVER. And there isn't a male contestant here that doesn't deserve a swirlie, or worse.

So far, the only two contestants I actually kind of like are Olivia Newton-John and Secretary Village Person.

I saw only the bikini challenge,and it was one of the grossest things I've ever seen on a reality show. I get editorial hair and wild hair, but come on. Yicch.

Crazy admission time. In the third photo, with the four oe five contestants in a row, I keep thinking the guy on the left is wearing a Viking-type helmet with horns. Not when I look straight at it, but out of the corner of my eye. I'm actually kinda disappointed it's not true. But I guess Sissy Bear is the only reality contestant who has the balls to dress up like a Viking.

I think I was only surprised by Aussies aufing after English guy had the tantrum. They just brushed over it didn't they? Very odd. Normally they would string that out for tons of drama. Plus, this happened on the first challenge! You'd think it would make production think twice about having him in the house with 11 other people for the rest of the competition.

Awesome post you guys. Hilarious and bitchy just the way we like it. ;)

Oh Lord, that was hilarious. Don't ever stop. It's cozy in Chestnut Hill here with the fire and all and all the blonde bobs tapping to the NPR themes.

I don't even watch this show, but your commentary is hilarious! I really enjoyed reading this.

When the hell was this even on? I wasn't going to watch but now that you've posted, I'm falling for it again.

Curse you, TLO!!!! (not really, j'adore)

When can I fit all this TV in?

Giacomo = Sammy Hagar, without the personality.


She's not Olivia Newton John. Obviously she is Rose Tyler, making the Lips of Vo totally her fault, because she broke the law of the Timelords.

Hmm...secretarial? Janine seemed more "1984 Bob Evans Hostess" to me.

In fact, I might *need* a pioneer salad.

Or a trip to Outback Steakhouse...bye Joey!

We've been calling her 'yellow hair person' (we have no snarking gene) so Tweety Bird?! Brilliant!!

I really thought Adee's bikini 'do was worse than Joey's. It didn't even hide the nips. But I'm sure the judges think he has more potential than Joey.

The criss-cross, basketweaving thing that Brig did with her model's hair (extensions) is something that I've seen done with horse's manes. So maybe that "we have horses" thing is true--and she's styled some of them. Though the horses I've seen with this "mane treatment" were done much more neatly and evenly (and without the frizz at the bottom).

The winner was well-deserved. It was the only one that didn't look like Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette exploded all over the model's head.

And yeah, I'm sorry, but the models are fug. I think it's funny that the ones with the bad hairstyles look really pissed-off about it.

I honestly could barely even stomach Camila Alves. Her voice and pronunciation were soooo bad it was like nails on a chalkboard. In fact, I have watched this show since it's inception and I think I might have to boycott this season and just read about it here. Newsflash, Bravo, don't let Matthew McConaughey bribe you into hiring his baby mama again. Baaaad idea. Berry, berry bad.

On behalf of Northern New England, thank you for getting snowed on instead of us, on top of everything else you do.


The Lips of Vo!!! Oh, NO! Daughter of the Face of Bo, I suppose!

That was friggin' hilarious. Now I have to go watch a rerun of the show!

After seeing how good her replacement made her look,
Jaclyn Smith must be humming a happy song today.

Seriously, I don't know how much of that voice I can sit through. And I'll sit through a lot in the name of bitchy.

"She's not Olivia Newton John. Obviously she is Rose Tyler, making the Lips of Vo totally her fault, because she broke the law of the Timelords."
OMG, winninghamster, you nailed it! As soon as I saw her my thought was: "I hope Billie Piper can do hair better than she can act."

Now, which one is David Tennant?

Does Jon remind anyone else of James Haven? Like, bigtime?

Didn't see the show. What a disgusting challenge. Not about styling. About shock value. Ick.

Camilla is seriously terrible at English. She would be better off just speaking Spanish and Bravo putting in subtitles.

I am sad Croc-Hunter is gone, his face was meh but his pecs were entertaining.

And seriously those women, as nice as they maybe, were not bikini models or any kinda model. The one with the black hair had the most wobbly walk ever. It was like an epileptic fit, I rewound her walk at least ten times, laughing.

I always thought T-lo was based in NYC and not Philly, I love Philly I'm always going back since I went to college at Drexel.

ohhhhhhhh, I love you guys. I very much needed that as I try to decide if I'm going to work for another hour or just go home and pass out.

Yeah, I noticed NY April’s, um, enthusiasm too. And the tape of her HACKING at client’s hair in her home salon scared the crap out of me. And yes, I know what texturizing looks like. This chick was flailing around some VERY sharp shears. She’ll take someone’s ear off. Hopefully her own.

I liked Janine! Even with that little secretary look (though it ages her 15 yrs or so, I thought she was my age!) She didn’t waste time smack-talking, she just dialed it up a whole lot.

Other than Matthew’s gross “google me” comment he seems pretty likable, and he doesn’t suck.

And as much as Jon seems to want us all to think he's an ass, I kinda liked him!

Poor Joey. He seemed relatively normal, I was hoping he’d stay. Ah well.

So far, the only ones I REALLY want off my TV are Giacomo & Brig. There is some CRAZY shit going on with each of them. Dang.

Brig’s hair looks like a plastic Halloween wig pinned on crooked. And I couldn’t believe she wore the fecking roller skates in front of the judges.
Giacomo’s just a huge turd.

I thought the main challenge limited the contestants too much. Unless then want to be weird it is basically just long hair over the chest. And normally they never do that, it is always short.

But I am greatful that I am the show is back.

Watching Camilla was Shear Agony.

And, I think this show has turned into one where if I miss an episode or two or three, I'm not going to care. I'll just read your blog, and that's entertainment enough.

TLo said: "Make her (Camilla) stand there, smile, and point to her hair a lot."

Did anyone else notice some dodgy colour in Camilla's hair? I'm not a colour technician/genius/whatever like the Lips of Vo but it looked strange under the studio lights.

In fact - every single one of the judges and contestants looked strange under the studio lights; where did they find this barrel of loonies?!

Janine was very SHINY wasn't she? I felt her blouse was channelling Margot Kidder as Lois Lane rather than 80s secretary but there you go...

Eclectic Mayhem

That screencap of Brig alone makes me want to watch the show. Smart casting, Bravo.

I swear I only watched the thing because I knew I'd enjoy your post more if I did.

Camilla--I usually ignore hosts--they don't get me one way or another. But she was shear agony. Elmer Fudd on Valium. Ugh.

Alvee looks like reality TV gold--our tattooed guy actually *cares* about this idiotic contest. He should blow up on a regular basis. No wonder they kept him.

Gold-bikini fame whore. Shouldn't you have a rockin' body when going for the Roller Girl look? I could go with the touch of zaftig, but she's also skin-damage pink. That gold on her was seriously unflattering. (Crossover idea--someone from Launch my Line can do a Fame-whore clothing line.)

Wish Tabs would mentor 'em instead of primo divo Jonathan Antim.

I can't wait to catch the episode. I know I don't have to worry about that. Thanks BRAVO for your OCD. I needed the laugh today TLo. You both are FABULOUS.

TOO FUNNY (and sadly probably true)...
Look at them. They're practically sounding out the words FOR her. They've probably been standing there for hours listening to her trip over the same ten words over and over again.

Is there a rule that (uncorrected) speech impediment are mandatory?
(I feel save asking that because I used to have a lisp and cruelly a family name had a S and TH sound in it.)

Can we call Janine "Elaine"? I kept getting this Julia Louis-Dreyfus vibe from her... over and over again.

So excited to see you guys ripping hair! Roller-girl is going to provide much excitement this season for sure - can't wait for your screencaps.

I turned the TV off about 20 minutes into the show. That woman's voice drove me nuts.

But I obviously don't need to watch it. Your commentary is all I need.


"Not to be mean (too late) but they're kidding us when they tried to pass these girls off as bikini models, right?"

You read my mind!!!

As for Camila, have the producers heard Matthew McConaughey speak? He's mega hot and she's truly blessed to call him hers but no one will ever mistake him for a speech coach. She made my ears cry!

That is one non-biodegradable face.


TLO, you are on a roll. My side hurts from laughing so much! How would I get through this mid-Atlantic storm w/o you?

MadS in DC

People like Brig are the reason gags were invented.



That is one non-biodegradable face.

Haha he looksa bit like PR Irina's favorite model, no?

Matthew looks like David Bowie. That is all.

That was FUCKING HILARIOUS, guys! Now I have a reason to watch this show.

K. Wasn't planning on watching this, but now have to because of you two.

Stop making my television look so danged interesting would ya? I already barely have enough of a real life to balance out the amount of reality TV I watch.

Everything I would have liked to say about this episode, you have covered far more eloquently than I could ever have done! The only thing I could add, would be that I suspect that when the producers figured out the cost of top-rate bikini models, they decided to shop the local pole-dancing emporium for this challenge instead (as evidenced by the impromptu performance of the Aussie's model). Could have done without the hairy mole nipple pasty, though.

What is with Camilla's eyebrows? Something weird is going on there -way too thick and over shaped. She is beyond DULL and I wanted to smack her every time she said "Ciao..."


Greetings, TLo, from the snow-covered suburbs of the nation's capital....since my husband braved the DC panic brigade earlier today, I empathize with your fighting through the South Philly brigade before the SNOWPACALYPSE heads your way.

I've been trying not to write something mean about Camilla Alves, but she really was lacking.
Perhaps Bravo should rethink having models such as she and Padma doing these hosting gigs.

Yep, Australian surfer dude had LOSER tattooed all over him. When Ms. Vo remarked on the red umbilical cord I knew this guy was out.

I did like Janine's bikini hair-I got a Venus emerging from the waves vibe from her model.

Bikini roller-skating gal? OMG, I'm thinking that she has Roberto from LML beaten by several miles.

TLo, enjoy your hot cocoa, snuggle up, and be safe!MWAHHH!!

While I am not one to talk as I am only fluent in ... English, I do have to point out that Camila sounds like a deaf person.

Reading your recap made watching this show the smartest thing I did all week! LMAO!

It was very painful to hear Camila speak and it's not going to get much easier. Seriously, they could've done better then that. And I agree with the win and sort of with the off. I thought Adee was going because of that incredibly annoying attitude of his. Seriously, that whole "I don't give a shit what you think because I think it's sexy" thing? Yeah so far that's the only reason he's still here in my opinion. He's going to have a tantrum every other week so they'll keep him around for drama even if his hairstyles are things that even the most inexperienced stylist could do.

You warned us that Camilla's speaking voice was bad, but oy ve I had no idea. Girlfriend was AWFUL.

They really need some team challenges or double eliminations, cause this is way to much crazy all at once.
I'm not sure if it's the HD or what but a few of the models looked like the makeup was spackled on. I also agree with you that these are hair models, not bikini models.

Top Chef Hair?

The intro is the same Bravo trying to save a few bucks in these tough times? The glazed look is explained by retake after retake..."lets try that big word phonetically..shall we?"

-thanks guys..."and not a lot in the way of community mental health"...I can't read to type this...I am sobbing with laughter... I was going to watch but if you gents rip it- I'll watch it!

but c'mon, no millionair matchmaker?

In DC but from Ohio - so I remember the blizzards of 77 and 78- but heck DC had 24" the Saturday before Christmas and was passable the next day.

I started to write about her eyebrow and her speech but I swear she has some kind of speech problem; so now I feel guilty about all the things I wanted to write.

BuT I might get to where I have to watch with mute and close captioning.

Adee's tirades looked far more angry and scary that Jesse's fist into the hand - everyone even ducked - I would have expected at least SOME of the outrage that was levelled at Jesse.

For those looking for some shirtless Aussie:

If I may try agian:

winninghamster said...

She's not Olivia Newton John. Obviously she is Rose Tyler, making the Lips of Vo totally her fault, because she broke the law of the Timelords.
Now you're making me miss Ten.

I made it to Acme in Mt Airy after a friend texted that the Whole Foods on Callowhill was insane. So now I'm gonna snuggle in and play catch up on the DVR.


Thank you so much for this post!

The surfer did have a giant X over him-- he seemed kind of sad.
Camila was terrible--I found myself straining to understand what she was saying.
And I too like Olivia N-J and Secretary Village Person.

Stay warm!

who was janine's model? she reminds me of kahlen from antm.

Kim Vo is the micheal jackson of the asain world..

He USED to be an Asian man...


Asian world *

These hairwhores are damn lucky they didn't get women who had grown out of training bras....oooo lordie there would have been titties flapping out everywhere from behind those hair bras.

"And which member of royalty taught you that little 'do? We're guessing it's a queen who has "of country music," or "of the Cornshucking Festival" after her title."

HEY!!! I had that hair in the 80's!


That post was so funny it hurt....

i think camilla makes a fine host. she just needs subtitles. you know like the ones they had on pr for roberto cavalli. except i think i understood cavalli better than camilla.

i think camilla makes a fine host. she just needs subtitles. you know like the ones they had on pr for roberto cavalli. except i think i understood cavalli better than camilla.

You guys slay me! Freaking hilarious post! Burning Man Brian the radical faerie!

BTW check out the expression on Olivia Newton John's model- too funny.

"they're kidding us when they tried to pass these girls off as bikini models, right?"

Thank you. I asked who let the chubby chicks in to model swimsuits? And why is there a stripper on there?

maybe if they called them 'european bikini models' they could have simply added extensions and braded the underarm hair?

That little short one is such a Maggie Gylenhall look-alike.

AW! I love Padma. She is the right combo of sexy, a bit of an accent and raving bitchybitchybitchy while still looking beautiful.

Jezebelle-you're right that Jon (pronounced "yawn" by the Camila, so maybe her English is better than she lets on) looks like James Haven. He appears to be a scale model of what would've happened if Angelina and Billy Bob had had a kid together. Indeed, he may have been assembled from spare parts left over from their respective cosmetic procedures.

I want Rene back right now! The "mentor" was a bore.

One of the funniest posts in a long time!!! I was LOLing all the way through!! "Not to be mean..." Thanks for the laughs!!

I may have been hallucinating, but didn't Adee glue hair extensions to his "model's" boobs at first? She looked like a circus freak. Long blonde hair growing out of her nips.

Your review is way better than the actual program!

Matthew must also do stars hair, his model bears a striking resemblance hair wise to Dawg the Bounty Hunterbi

Matthew must also do stars hair, his model bears a striking resemblance hair wise to Dawg the Bounty Hunterbi

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

You two are back in fine form!

PS: Thank you for watching this so that I don't have to. It sounds as if Camilla AND douchenozzle would make me want to shoot out my tv.

Too bad I missed rollergirl in the gold bikini - is there footage on YouTube?

PS: at least you two can huddle together for warmth during the snowpocalypse. Maybe throw a couple cats on as well....

I am in TEARS over the Village People comment.
So true.

The clothes made out of hair was creepy. Reminded me of Tim Gunn's monkey house analogy a couple of years ago.

T-Lo you are hilarity wrapped in a bitchy reality tv blanket, LOVE IT. Especially the tweety bird comment, still chuckling over that one!

Tootie, man, with those skates? I wanted to punch her in the face. I wish she sucked, so she'd go home.

"Cause that is some cartoon-ass hair there, Radical Faerie." Oh, the snort that caused.

I really wish Adee had sent down the model with the hairy nipples. that was hiLARious.

Did I say "model"? I meant "random girl" because I don't think any of those lasses have ever walked a runway before. Episode one of any given cycle of ANTM has better runway walks. And less back fat.

I kept checking back all day Friday waiting for your post, 'cause I knew it would be hilarious, and you did not disappoint! Love you guys!

Too bad the Aussie guy was canned, I thought he was hot (let's face it, this season it's a male-plastic-surgery fest).

And I was astonished by how they presented the girls as bikini models. Try with cheap strippers, 'cause at best they were jumping up and down the runway.

OMG. I didn't get any furhter than the Kim Vo screen cap... I'm hyperventilating with laughter. (the significant just told me to calm down) That's how I feel but you say it soo much better.

I don't just want Sammy Hagar sent home, I want him KEELED.

I think that this show SUCKS Big Time! It is just another version of 'Top Chef' or 'Project Runway' only with hair! The half baked model as the host...with a male that no one knows who he is...then...there are the "contestants" who...let's talk about Professionalism...or lack of Professionalism...would any of you want your hair done by any of them? It is beyond reality tv...and I won't be watching any longer...too stupid to even waste my time for brainless humor...

Isn't the only reason Camila is on here so gay men can scream at the screen, "Ohmygod, why does she get to go down on Matthew McConaughey whenever she wants, and I don't?"

Not that I was saying that. But I sure read it enough online.

"So, the top three are a female version of The Village People"

Yes! LOL!

By the way, I've been to Simi Valley and it's true, they don't have indoor plumbing or color television. And they worship I giant golden statue of Ronald Reagan.

This episode was pretty fun. I really liked the quickfire challenge. I wish for the elimination challenge they had just been told to "give the models long hair to cover their boobs." Without that clear instruction some of the stylists got WAY too creative. I agree that the hair bikinis were disgusting. Janine deserved the win!

What was wrong with Jaclyn Smith? This chick should just stick to birthin' Matthew McConoughey's babies. She sounds and acts like she's hosting the show under water. I miss Rene Fris. His accent was amusing. I'll never forget that canine challenge when he was gushing over the "cyud li'l doggis." Why did they mess with it? At least they kept freaky-looking Kim Vo, who looks like a young, collagen-lipped Michael York. Yeah, and that cover-the-boobs challenge was simply creepy.

Too bad the hot one went home : (

The sad thing is, Joey's EXTREMELY talented -- I'm familiar with his work. But you can never tell who's going to succeed on a reality competition, and he deserved to go. His little speech about people thinking this is how his work looks was especially poignant.

The judges made the right choices

Brig's look wasn't as editorial, but it was really cool.

How annoying was the guest judge? All she could say was whether or not the hair took the attention away from the bathing suit bottoms. Guess what, if your hair is that much more interesting than what you're wearing, the swimsuit is probably unremarkable. Her favorite was the most boring, average look in the top 3. It's a hair show, not one for making unremarkable looks that you could find in any mall.


I kind of have to give them all props for not just saying "you're kidding, right?" at the challenge. Bikini models either have generically sexy but boring hair, because the shoot's not about the hair, or some strong (read: weird) editorial slant handed down by the art director ("The feeling is fertility rituals at Stonehenge, get it? So take that vibe and give me pre-literate culture hair.")

The worst part of the storm was losing Internet access for 2 days and missing the blog! This post more than made up for my angst. :-) Hope you guys are dug out and toasty warm.

Hooray! I read this blog first and then went to watch the show. Thank you again, TLo! You are always a joy to read :)

"The big Brazilian elephant!!"


I love this show, but I really can't watch it with Camilla. I had trouble getting through that one episode; there's no way I'm going to torture myself all season long.

I miss Jacklyn. :(

I thought Angela (from PR) had snuck in and done a Hair Fleurchon for Faatemah.

Not really a good style in the bunch.

And the hosts and judges: BOH-RING!

Thank you for pointing out that these clearly were not bikini models!


Vo has had more work done. Oh dear Lord.

And there's something about Giacomo that just makes me smile. Oh, he's crazy, but I know I'm gonna love it!

I kinda miss surfer boy. And I'm liking Jon. The ass personality is always a fun one on this show. Should be interesting.

I thought Janine's second nymph hair was amazing. She seems one of the most down to earth contestants, I hope she wins.

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