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RuPaul's Drag Race S2E1

"You've got to earn it, Tina!"

Bitches, let's put the stiletto to the metal!

Oh, ladies. The return of Miss Ru to our TV last night was LONG overdue. We were almost as excited for this season premiere as we are for tonight's Lost premiere.

Now, we have a LOT of information to run down, so this episode is going to take at least a couple of posts. We'll introduce the girls, and rip on their tatty-ass dresses for now. Normally, the first couple of episodes of a reality competition are a bit confusing because it takes a while to learn everyone's names and personalities. Well, when each contestant has at least two names, personalities, and looks, that makes the job all that much harder. But before we get to that...

What a fabulous first guest judge to have. In fact, judging by the previews, it'll be one fabulous guest judge after another this season. Between the judge bookings and the expanded and much more glamorous sets, we're thrilled that Miss Ru's little traveling show of she-males is getting the kind of support it deserves.

And Merle looks so much better when she's not stressed out over trying to please the tacky twins over on Launch My Line. We adore her (even if we did make fun of her on LML) and we'll be doing an interview with her soon.

Only the gays could come up with a Gone With the Wind theme challenge revolving around dresses made out of curtains. We think that's what we love most about this show. It's everything fabulous and funny and subversive about the gays all on display in one hour of television.

So let's meet the girls:

Nicole Paige Brooks, working a southern-belle persona. We think she's the strongest competitor.

She's been doing this a long time and it shows. She's got the poise and the look and she's got the sewing skills. Plus, she was the only one who really went for a pseudo period look with her costume.

Shangela describes herself as a little boojee, but she's also your home girl. Well, we weren't seeing the boojee part of it,

In fact, we weren't even seeing the home girl part of it. We think the kid's got potential, but she clearly hasn't settled on a persona yet. And we will never understand people who try out for reality shows and don't brush up on the skills you know you're going to need. Bitch, take a sewing class. We can't say we were surprised she was sent home.

Raven's our pick for the biggest CharismaUniquenessNerveTalent among the bunch.

But damn, that girl can bring it. Her makeup skills are fierce. Another major contender.


What an adorable little Asian princess. We don't really like the dress, though.

Sahara seems very sweet, but...

She looks EXACTLY like Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta! Seriously! Look:

Spitting image!
Anyway, she could be a contender but she really needs to reach deep down inside and find her inner CharismaUniquenessNerveTalent because a sweet drag queen is an unemployed drag queen.

Morgan makes a cute boy but damn, is she FULL of herself. She's gonna be a contender too.

She has a terrible walk but that "dress" was pretty killa. We knew she'd won it as soon as she walked out. We're not completely sold on her face, though. She has the potential to be a traditionally beautiful glamour queen, but she goes for this really harsh, slutty look.

Mystique Summers. Gotta love a nerdy drag queen. Her name is a mashup of two X-Men characters. She says the big girls are gonna represent this year and we certainly hope she can stay in the game. It shouldn't be ALL skinny bitches. Those fat drag queens know how to put on a show.

Unfortunately, this big girl apparently can't put an outfit together. But in typical big girl style, what she lacked in sartorial splendor...

She MORE than made up for with attitude and sass. You GO.

Jessica Wild sounds like a member of the chorus in West Side Story.

But she gives FANTASTIC face.

And she's got the poise down cold. The outfit was pretty fab too.

Sonique doesn't look that glamorous out of drag...

But HOLY SHIT. She has the best makeup skills in the bunch. Another major contender.

Her walk and her garment were pretty fab too.

Tatianna went to school in drag when she was 14 and for that we love her a little. She comes off all sweet, but she's got that stealth bitch thing going on.

Gorgeous face but horrific dress.

LOVE LOVE LOVE PANDORA BOXX. First off, she's adorable and funny, and she comes across sweet but we're pretty sure she's got a raging CharismaUniquenessNerveTalent somewhere inside.

And damn if she doesn't look astonishingly like Kathy Griffin when she wants to.

You gotta love that.

That dress needed work, though. And she was too low-key on the catwalk. You'd think she would have really brought it since her idol was sitting there, but maybe she was intimidated. We're counting on you, girl. Don't let us down.

Tyra Sanchez...

Is the prettiest girl in the room. She could do with a little refining of her makeup skills, but the bitch has the bone structure to be world class.

And while the dress wasn't much to look at, she sold the hell out of it, like any true queen would.

So Morgan won it.

And Shangela went home.

But not before giving it everything she had during the lip synch. As Sonique said, it looked like Mortal Kombat out there on the catwalk.

Okay! Now you've got the rundown. If you haven't seen the show yet, you can watch it here. We'll be looking at the photo shoot later in the week, but bitches, we are SO THRILLED it's back and looks to be better than ever.


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This episode was EVERYTHING. Anyone else think they put Shangela on just to have an easy choice to "Sashay Away" on the first episode?

I kinda enjoyed the concept behind Jujubee's dress....just not the execution.

YAY! Sonique's my fav from your screencaps but I'm open to others.

LOVE that Merle's back and Kathy Freakin Griffin is the PERFECY guest judge.

I hope they bring back past contestants or even do a "where are they now" bit. I'm dying to know how el Loca Nina and Ongina are doing.


Pulling for my hometown girl - go Pandora!!!

How weird it must be to have a drag queen look JUST like you...ONLY BETTER! 'cause, Pandora IS a Kathy...only prettier...

TLo, I think you guys are magnificent and always so smart and careful and sensitive. I'm just surprised to see that's such a hateful, violent word.

Anyway, carry on with the hilarity.

ASDFG I was so worried that this wasn't gonna be on the net!

I'm surprised you bitches didn't mention that the neckline of Merles' top during judging looked EXACTLY like the back of Marilyn and Cocos' losing dress on LML.

I am so upset at miss Shangela going. It could've been a fabulous "bitches to drags" story with her, but alas, she just couldn't pull it together.

Jujubee's my fave to win though, just because I think I'm in love with her.

I loved Sonique's curtain outfit and thought she should have won. I mean, she made the pattern on the top in such a way that it gave the illusion of visible nipples! How great is that?


I was so happy to see this show come back. And so surprised to see it on iTunes yesterday afternoon. Awesomesauce. As you say, it's really hard to keep up with all of these girls, especially with the double identities. I think my favorites are Tatiana and Nicole. Paige. Brooks. so far, but we'll see.

Anne, the anagram was the creation of RuPaul with a wink and a smile. I'm pretty sure it's safe and non-violent in this manifestation.

I only caught the end of it last night, I forget that Logo is among the channels that broadcast their east coast feed for us. Recorded a later showing though and am SOOOO excited to see the rest of it tonight :) Thanks for the rundown, looks like a great group this year!

Terrific first episode!
Tyra and Pandora are my faves but I thought Jessica Wild's outfit was the most awesome. Between "she mail" and housewares from "Out of the Closet," I was cracking up pretty much non stop. Wish they had shown more exchange between Kathy G. and doppelganger tho. ~Gary

"you've got to earn it Tina"
I can see a whole hour of Miss Paul doing Mommie Dearest comments


I am so glad that RuPaul got the money for season 2, cause it shows in that show!!


And the guest judges? Kathy this week ... and I can't wait for Debbie Reynolds and Henry Fucking Rollins!! Also still heart Merle, Santino and Mr. Ruiz ...

And definitely the sets and lighting are better, but they are still making do cause they don't have a full network budget ...

But Lord, they know how to work it ... the humor, the fun, the bitchiness and personalities ....

I loved last season, but I think I'm gonna LUV this season ALL the Better!!!

And that Lip Synch competition at the end? Lord, that was just great TV ...

And I thought that Sonique should have been in the top three ... That African Warrior Southern Princess outfit was great ... Pandora got a golden ticket because of the guest Judge Kathy, but I can live with that ...

And I'm glad yall are doing multiple posts and covering this show, so I will shut up now.

Glad to have the drag race back, bitches!

Just sayin-

OK, I'd love to see this but I don't get the LOGO channel!! Is it going to be available for viewing online, does anyone know?

Can't watch it cause I'm not in the US boomer!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne said...

TLo, I think you guys are magnificent and always so smart and careful and sensitive. I'm just surprised to see that's such a hateful, violent word.


SO GLAD THIS IS BACK. This show is so ridiculously fun. Pandora is my early favorite, both in and out of drag, but I don't think she has a chance at winning.

As an aside: I always spelled it "bourgie," which also has a (smaller) presence on Urban Dictionary. Interesting. Boojee makes me think of Devo's Booji Boy.

@Anne -- it's an anagram that RuPaul uses during the show. It was said at least twice last night, maybe three times. I'm not crazy about it either, but I understand its use in the drag world.

I'm not sure why, but Morgan's jawline looks larger in drag than out. What's up with that?

LOVED the episode. Freaking hilarious. Thank you for blogging RPDR. I missed it so much.

Anne said...
TLo, I think you guys are magnificent and always so smart and careful and sensitive. I'm just surprised to see that's such a hateful, violent word.

Anyway, carry on with the hilarity.

That's what Rupaul tells the contestants what they will be judged on. It's from the show.

Ru looked so gorgeous in that red dress! My favorites right now are Pandora and Jujubee. I wish I were as pretty as Tyra in drag.

I am so incredibly happy that this show is back!

Lovelovelovelovelove Pandora Boxx! She is FABULOUS!!!!

I was a little disappointed in last season's winner. Bebe just seemed so cliche like RuPaul chose the queen that could imitate her the best instead of the ones with real star power. There's interesting things happening in drag like Lady Gaga who was the real next drag superstar. None of this season of girls seem to be anything special - at least not yet. I also really hate being referred to as fish.

Even with all these gripes though, I'll be watching because seeing these personalities created is just too fascinating.


So very utterly filled with joy that this show is back!!!!

THANK YOU boys for the glorious recaps - I can't wait to watch the episode when I get home tonight. (No cable in my house - thank GAWD for the internets!)

Haven't caught it yet, but now I'm stoked.

To Jorge and others outside the US. Go to and you can download the shows, usually the day after they air. Then you can play them whenever you want. But not for money, because that would be stealing.

Yay! I'm feeling miserable with a head cold but this was a ray of sunshine. RuPaul is just so warm and caring on the show, he honestly gives a Tim Gunn.

I have a terrible crush on Pandora, I'm afraid. I'd totally have dated him in high school. Lord knows he fit the profile.

I think Tatiana is the prettiest, though.

I really don't like that harsh look that Morgan has. I like somewhere between that and "pretty girl." I want Fabulous, not Cut a Bitch.

I just giggled and laughed throughout the show. Such a great, guilty pleasure. They are doing everything right, and it looks like they're doing it even better than last year.

I don't see Nicole at all. She just looks like a guy to me.

Morgan's got this odd Joey Heatherton thing going on for me.

Sonique is a glammed up Ellen Barkin, and I love her.

I wish Pandora's last name was Spox or Sparks. It works better than Boxx IMHO. There's something sweet about her that reads a little Emma Pillsbury. But a character like that wouldn't work for drag.

The "untucked" aftershow concept is brilliant, but I sort of drifted during it. An hour of drag queens is quite enough for me, I guess.

Can't wait for next week.

OK I'm new to the drag world, what anagram are you talking about?

Yay! So happy you guys are posting about this show. I <3 it so much. Rooting for Jujubee. Adorable.

"a sweet drag queen is an unemployed drag queen."
Sahara is the cutest boy and the ugliest lady. She burnt the catwalk DOWN with herdance though.
Does anyone else want Tim Gunn and RuPaul to fall in love and run away together? Ru is too too adorable when he's in the workroom.
The BEST part of the show was the Jerry Springer (sponsored by Absolute of course!)after party or whatever they called the half hour behind the scenes thing that's on right after.
Best show on TV

I am so happy this show is back. I have missed it so very very much!! As a Boston girl I am rootin' for Jujubee, but I am also a big fan of Pandora. My only complaint about last night was I wanted to see more of Kathy Griffin and the queens together. I think it would have been hilarious to see them interacting. Otherwise, it was so good and made me very happy.


I haven't even read the post yet, but I cannot wait. I love this show, it's one of the best reality shows out there. And I finally get LOGO! I have already downloaded Ru's face as my work desktop image!

@Daxx: It's not up yet. And the site is, if anyone is confused.

I'm looking for a workaround right now, will post if I find one.

Thank you for introducing me to this show, I love it! I watched a few eps of the marathon yesterday and tuned in for the premiere. It was great to see the vodka commercials with last season's queens. I <3 Ongina.

I think this show is the perfect combination of Next Top Model and Project Runway, with Lip Sync for you Life as the perfect cherry on this bizarre sundae. So. Much. Fun.

Oh, it's back! I didn't realize that it had started again. I don't get the show on my cable (~pout~), so I guess I'll spend the evening in front of my computer!

Not an anagram. An acrostic. Just sayin'.

I was LOVING the Absolut ads with last years Queens talking to the bartender.

I didn't feel like there was a real good cross section of types last night. They didn't seem like they had the same differentiation as last years girls. There was a lot of paint by number makeup effects on those faces, I'd like to see something a little more graceful and elegant as opposed to FIERCE.

I'm only a couple hours from Rochester so I need to go with Pandora.


Which acrostic?

I wish Pandora's last name was Spox or Sparks. It works better than Boxx IMHO

Pandora's Box

Thanks, Lilybp. That was driving me nuts.

Dan Savage was blogging the show, too, and said that Shangela, in her final dress "looks like she's been packed to be shipped." totally cracked me up.

I am SO excited this is back!!!!

LOVE Pandora, Sonique & JujuBee so far.

Tyra IS the prettiest, but she's also pretty damn boring. She'll last past most of the raggedy ones, but her ice princess thing isn't going to take her terribly far.

Yes, I agree about Raven having alot of CharismaUniquenessNerveTalent, BUT I think Nicole & Morgan have just as much big, stinky CharismaUniquenessNerveTalent.

And ooh, did Raven NOT like it when Nicole said Raven's the cutest boy!!

Mystique kinda scares me - not the size, mind you. The temper. Yikes.

Someone shoulda done the Went With the Wind dress.

Actually, I should have said "an acronym." That'll teach me.

Also, I just watched the ep on Logo Online.

SO excited!! I love Jujubee!!

I started gearing up for this show by watching some of the reruns the last few weeks. I knew I had to get into this pretty much from the start, though. I'm SO glad I watched it last night. This show is amazing, and gotta love anything with Kathy Griffin making an appearance.

Love your overview of the girls, too. That's so helpful and I know I'll head back here many times for a refresher.

Also, "Only the gays could come up with a Gone With the Wind theme challenge revolving around dresses made out of curtains. We think that's what we love most about this show. It's everything fabulous and funny and subversive about the gays all on display in one hour of television."

was fucking priceless.

I'm so glad you're covering this - not least because of the design challenge. Did anyone else start wishing desperately that Project Runway would have a make-it-out-of-curtains challenge too? [Or wonder whether any of those designs would be as deliriously far-out as some of these? "Grommets!"]

Just to add -- those with Time Warner but no Logo should check their OnDemand choices. I think it's Lifestyle OnDemand, and then Logo is a sub-category. I watched it that way last season.

Also can't resist saying (though I know I should), The "C" word that too-damn-many people freak out over is certainly RUDE, but it's not VIOLENT or HATEFUL. It's just an anotomical part. A body part can't be violent or hateful all on it's own.

(Personally, my favorite word for it is cooter.)

The "C" word is rude, and the "fishes" is an actual derogatory pejorative. I like a lot about this show, and I want to love it, but I do wish that some of the "queens" didn't try to raise themselves up by trashing what they're trying to emulate (women) quite so much. There's no royalty or class in that.


OK, did the show send a memo to all the contestants to dress like video hos? Because they all LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME.

Season 1 had distinct personalities. So far, I haven't seen an inkling of the extravangaza and glamour brought by Vegas showgirl Shannel, urban Akashia, Camaroon goddess Bebe, Genderfreak Nina Flowers, fierce, but tiny, Ongina, even Porkchop and Tammie Brown stood out as individuals from day 1. All I saw last night was a room full of Rebeccas. I understand that often season 1 of reality shows can be lightening in a bottle. (see season 1 of Project Runway), but all I saw was a bunch of (mostly) skinny twinks in wigs. nd who taught them how to do makeup? Half of them can't blend to save their lives.
Nicole Paige Brooks Unimpressed, but probably because she didn't bring any drama. Hopefully her skills are strong enough to keep her around long enough to form an opinion.

Shangela - Too inexperienced to survive, but I loved her LSFYL

Raven - I agree with TLo here. I expect drama from this one and I liked her makeup.

J'adore Jujubee - Unimpressed so far.

Sahara - I immediately noticed the Sheree similarities as well. Hated her makeup, otherwise boring.

Morgan - She wins crazy bitch of the week award. Her drama with Mystique was off the chain and all kinds o' crazy.

Mystique - I was hoping there would be someone to hold it down for the big girls' but she's sloppy. She could have made a better outfit than a giant tube. like a lot of big girls I suspect she gets all her clothes made and has no sewing skills of her own. That could be her downfall cause a split ain't gonna save you every time.
Jessica Wild - One to watch. Loved her outfit. Good makeup skills.
Sonique - Loved her face. Now that's how you apply some makeup and her outfit was a contender.
Tatianna Kinda ordinary right now.
Pandora Boxx - She annoyed me for some reason and I find her a little ugly even though I do see the Kathy Griffin similarity.
Tyra I wonder if he was still trying to figure out who he was when he had his son. He says the child was born when he was in 12th grade. She seems nice and her makeup was one of the few that looked right, but she's gonna need to step up the extravaganza level if she wants to stick around.
They no longer have MAC as the makeup sponsor this year. Wonder what happened there. MAC lost fashion week last year as well. I wonder if they will still do the Viva Glam challenge. NYX is a decent enough brand, I don't use it, but I know a few who seem to like it. I just didn't realize they carried concealers and foundations to use in drag makeup.
Just glad my show is back!

Not an anagram.

Not an acrostic.

A backronym.

Like the APGAR test for babies' health at birth, which is named after the inventor, Virginia Apgar, but which now also uses its initial letters to stand for a word that reminds doctors of the elements of the test.

Pandora's fabulous and from Rochester, I HAVE to pull for her!

And yay! Merle!

Anyone else notice it was the same challenge as the first episode of last season, just with a different theme? Both first episodes had a photo shoot and a make a costume competition.

Love the show--love you boys. Can't wait to read more recaps.

Amazing, campy, perfect TV. It was livestreamed last night on Jezebel (for those of us with no Logo, no OnDemand, no nada) and I don't know if they're going to do that again? But it was a delightful gift to see it and a stroke of brilliant genius on the part of Logo to livestream. Why can't that be the norm??

i'm not dorothy gale

I adore this show and having both Kathy and Merle there was awesome.(I always imagine Merle's name said in the twin's voices, kind of nasally and musical; Lord I hope that goes away soon).

Besides the creativity, wit, and general bitchiness I watch for the make up transformations. A drag queen offered to do my make up decades ago and I wish to this day I had let him have at it.

"Tlo said: Plus, she was the only one who really went for a pseudo period look with her costume."

And here I thought that the whole advantage to being a drag queen was that you didn't get a period.


"anon said: and the "fishes" is an actual derogatory pejorative."

Oh come on.


There are plenty of feminist efforts out there to reclaim that particular c-word, like this particular book (which I'll admit I haven't read but which a friend of mine teaches in her women's studies class)

There are plenty of divergent opinions about this word like there are about squaw, bitch, etc. Calling it violent is an extreme oversimplification.

And on-topic, I like Santino WAY more on this show than on PR!! ^_^

When I grow up, I want to look like Tatiana, (but I don't think I could ever hope to look that feminine).

But I have to say that Morgan was getting on my last nerve. So much so, I was thinking she should change her name to Kanye Hasselbeck.


This show is like a little bottled burst of sunshine on a gray, cold, midwestern February night. Pure, absolute and unabashed joy.

I haven't "warmed" to any one contestant yet--but it was like that in the first season for me right out of the gate--and it took me a second watching of the season to fall hard in love with Nina Flowers.

That being said, Pandora Boxx has a load of personality and makes an adorable boy--which always helps. :)

Rats!! Since we moved, our new cable company doesn't offer LOGO.
But I am so thankful for this blog.
Just from the pics, I like Sonica the best so far.
Thanks so much for blogging this, TLo!!! XOXO


I want Tim Gunn and Stephen Fry to fall in love and run away together. Although, apparently Stephen Fry already has a significant other (learned that just now). But I'm not yet willing to join team Gunn/RuPaul.

@Emma: Gunn/Fry? They'd be too polite! Not bad, I guess. Actually, I'll always have a touch of sadface because Fry/Laurie was never, ever going to be (with Emma Thompson as their fag hag third, they would have been hilariously Brit fab in an alternate universe where Hugh Laurie wasn't straight). God, I loved watching the two of them together. Now I shall sit in the corner and whinge for a bit.

Darn i dont get the Logo channel. Does anyone know where i can watch it online? iTunes carry it?

GothamTomato said in regards to "fish" being derogatory:

Oh, come on.

Actually, it's quite true. It refers to the alleged scent of female genitalia:

Really. It's not a compliment, particularly when used by a drag queen or gay man when referring to a biological female. And unlike the C word, I don't know any womens' group trying to co-opt it or "reclaim" it to be positive. In the context of biological females, it's an insult, pure and simple.


Raisin -

Try reading the entire post, and you'll find a link to the site where you can watch the show on line.

@ Raisin - you can order it on iTunes. The whole season is about $18.00 (I just downloaded). I had to watch the link that TLo had and i LOVED the show. I can't wait till the other half get's home so I can watch it again on the big screen TV. PasGuy1965

"anon said: Actually, it's quite true. It refers to the alleged scent of female genitalia"

Yeah, I know what it was referring too - and I also know it's a JOKE. Not an insult. A joke.

And what fishing also refers to is what some people do to try to create an imagined insult where none exists, because they need it for the victim narrative that's running in their head.

Seriously, I just don't know how some people can get through the day what with their hyper sensitivity to every little thing. If one finds it insulting, maybe one shouldn't watch it: Maybe one should sit in a padded room listening to Muzak or Tinky Winky (who, I've heard, does not go fishing).


Glad the show is back on. Being from Rochester, I've seen Pandora Boxx many times and always thought she looked like Kathy Griffin. Like Kathy, she ain't the purrtiest, but damn she's funny. Go Pandora!

Was anyone else bored by these drag names.

With the exception of JujuBee and Pandora Boxx, there's no creativity.

In fact, I think I'm loving Pandora the most so far.

And Raven looks busted to the levels of Akasia. Sorry, but those makeup skills are terrible and her dress was a basic boring Zebra dress.

are we getting youtube clips for this year/season? i missed last night :_(

Looks like Logo sprung for a major upgrade to. That set is a lot fancier than the last one.

I love that Merle is back too. I feared Kathy had replaced her. I do like Kathy's gay friendliness of course but the way she lumps gays into a faceless mass(like, oh I dunno, calling her gay friends "the gays" for instance?) rubs me wrong.

Personally, I thought Shangela was hot and I'm sorry she went home. I agree the girl from ATL is the hottest bitch but since she's also subtle in her feminity, I fear she will be sent packing near the end.

As a Boston girl myself, I have to say....Love JuJuBee.

Had to call all my bff's and tell them about the show's premiere last night.

"Untucked" is the name of the show that follows the Drag Race. I didn't much care for Raven who instigated the drama between Morgan and Mystique. Morgan jumped to conclusions and took something Mystique said out of context and started a whole shitload of drama over it. Can't say as I care much for her (she was also running around the workroom naked and the others didn't much like it),but hell, what's a show about drag queens without drama? (Answer: nonexistent).

I'd never heard the term "fish" before last night, but I can't say I find it all that offensive. Mostly because, yeah it does smell like fish (at certain times). So own it. Besides, it's natural and some people like it.

Besides, we have bigger fish to fry...

What the hell happened to Kathy Griffin's neck in that screen shot? She looks like a fun house mirror.

I don't personally get bent about the fish schtick (tee hee) from drag queens. Drag isn't meant to be PC, and drag queens are far from the worst perpetrators to worry about. But I do think the people who have an issue with it have a point.

The "vaginas smell like fish" thing has been used for a long time to make women's genitals seem gross, dirty, or shameful. While a lot of gay men and drag queens who make those jokes don't mean anything by it, there are also, unfortunately, a lot of gay men and drag queens who really do disparage women's genitals :(.

Um, where are Jessica Wild's "bits and pieces"? I mean I understand that they are "tucked" but tucked where? There's no place to hide in that outfit.

Hutchlover: Was anyone else bored by these drag names.

With the exception of JujuBee and Pandora Boxx, there's no creativity.

Okay, I'm lost. What's the hook with the name JujuBee in this context? (On a drag queen doing Hasidic schtick it'd be brilliant, of course.)

I'm not a big fan of Kathy but if there was ever a show that was so appropriate for her, it's this one. I like Mystique, I know the bitch can bring it. she was also providing me with the LOLs last night along with Jujubee for crying.

I am THRILLED that you picked up on the Sahara/Sheree lookalikefest. It was downright distracting. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if RHOA viewers haven't been played all along by a crafty queen...or perhaps queens? Those gals in Atlanta do love their lip liner and wigs. Someone needs to quiz Andy Cohen about this one.

PS I watched this with my mom last night and she also said that queen is Sheree's doppelganger

Oh! And speaking of lipliner, what is up with Morgan's??? Dark liner filled in with frosty pink is so over. She may have the abs, but her walk and taste level (ask Nina) leave much to be desired.

This show is just all around fun! I love all the catty bitches! The behind the scenes drama and cat fights are hilarious!!! :D

My fav so far is Raven...more so as a guy though...really cute! She was talking a bit too much in some of the vids though...a bit overbearing.

I thought Sonique had the best drag look and Jujubee a close second.

Pandora Boxx...loving her too!

Shangela...clear choice to go first...she was a hot mess when she first walked in the door, and stayed that way throughout.

Can't wait for more...

@Anonymous 6:42pm

"Um, where are Jessica Wild's "bits and pieces"? I mean I understand that they are "tucked" but tucked where? There's no place to hide in that outfit."

She tucks it to her "tain't".

Some guys call it the "tain't" because it ain't the testes and it ain't the anus. It is the space in between.

Others call it the "grundel", which allegedly originated in Cape Breton (don't ask me, I don't know).

Doctors call it the perineum.

There's more at the urban dictionary, if you're interested.

I didn't watch the first season. I saw the reunion. I loved last night! I'm the only person I know that enjoys this stuff or has ever been to a drag competition other than my old crowd whom I've lost touch with so this is really fun for me.

I almost died when you pointed out the Sheree' Sahara connection. They look EXACTLY alike which is funny since I've argued she looks like she's in drag at times.

...Sahara has a better personality.

OMG I went to a drag competition to support a schoolmate and Raven was hosting! She is really funny and has plenty of character to make it through the competition. She is hosting the "drag idol" for several more weeks and I'm going to see if I can grab a picture one week.

"Vera said: While a lot of gay men and drag queens who make those jokes don't mean anything by it, there are also, unfortunately, a lot of gay men and drag queens who really do disparage women's genitals :(."

No, I think people just generally make fun of all genitals because genitals are just generally funny. Male, female; doesn't matter.

But btw, what is this sign you signed off with?: :(.

It looks like some sort of secret code for people mourning the loss of SJP's mole.


i appreciate how involved Ru Paul is in all aspects of the show; i think it gives her and the show alot of cred that she actually gets to know the contestants.. unlike other celeb-hosted reality competitions. (hi, Heidi! when was the last time you even had a conversation with any PR designer outside the runway and the rooftop?)

I was trying to figure out who Tatiana reminded me of, so thanks for clearing that up for me! I, too, am thrilled that RuPaul is back. I missed it so much, and Merle's the only reason I've continued to watch LML.

YES! I so recognized Mystique's name like, right off the bat. I was afraid I was going to be the only nerd in the world watching this show.

Nicole Paige Brooks, Pandora Boxx, Raven and Sonique are probably my top four right now. Tyra looks like a former contestant on ANTM coincidentally. I can't remember her name, or what season though. Not at all a fan of Morgan. I don't like the way she does he makeup, or her slutty style. Her face just seems off when she's in drag.

This season looks like it's going to shape up really well.

THANK YOU for linking so we could watch it.

I bought S1 via iTunes last year, watched the whole thing on a flight to South Africa - it was AWESOME!

Definitely a step up from S1 in terms of production value. Can hardly wait.

I agree with you, Gotham Tomato, that people make jokes about female AND male genitals, and that genitals are funny.

However, there's no male comparison to the level or frequency of insults (and pervasive cultural messages) about vaginas being smelly and weird and gross. It's not at all the same thing, and I know that you're a smart lady and you know that.

Again, in the grand scheme of feminism, I'm not particularly concerned about fish humor in the dragosphere. Talk about your first world problems. I'm just saying, the people who do take issue with it have a point.

Wow. Never watched this show before, but I love TLo and all that you blog... So I checked it out. Thanks so much for the imbedded episode at your site!
I. am. in. love. So excited to watch this show. What amazing transformations! What fun personalities! I'm a Boston girl myself so am rooting for Jujubee right now. Can't wait for next week, and of course for more TLo posts and screencaps!

GT, you kill me. SJP's mole indeed!


"Vera said: However, there's no male comparison to the level or frequency of insults (and pervasive cultural messages) about vaginas being smelly and weird and gross. It's not at all the same thing, and I know that you're a smart lady and you know that."

No, actually I think you're seeing bias that doesn't exist in any real or serious way (beyond frat houses, and usually from guys who can't get laid). I've seen no 'pervasive cultural messages'. That's just fishing (and ridiculous).

Truly, I cannot remember the last time I even heard that reference. However just last week some housewives were posting here about how their husbands had stinky crotches. Not to mention all the dozens of variations (in Yiddish alone) of the term 'dick' used, always, to describe someone in a pejorative way.


I have to say I can't help laughing when guys call their genitalia "junk". It's just the last word I'd have ever come up with!

And I love me a witty drag queen name! My all time favorite... Sofonda Peters of Seattle WA. It's been a decade since I lived there so I can't imagine if she's still around.


There are whole industries devoted to feminine hygiene products telling us to "stay fresh." The message that women are unclean has been and is pretty pervasive throughout human culture.

I think it's fine for you not to be offended by the term fish. Why isn't it fine if other people have a different opinion?


Just watched the first episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, Untucked. I thought it would be fun to watch a bunch of drag queens dish and bitch...but that all-out fight between Morgan and Mystique was just ridiculous. Those two were unhinged.


Love the post, guys!!!!!

This show is awesome, thank you for suggesting it, Tlo!


Pandora Boxx is my favorite, she's hilarious!

"You've got to earn it, Tina!"

ROFL. What an awesome start!!!!!

Go Pandora!!! SO GLAD you guys are blogging this show again.


Um...I mean, thanks for reminding us it's back on.

Sonique, Raven, Jessica, and Morgan rocked the runway!

You're probably right, Gotham Tomato. The multi-million dollar, 100+ year old, harmful-to-female-health industry to "clean," "freshen" and "eliminate odors" of the vagina and insults like the very one we're discussing only exist in frat houses, and everyone who doesn't see this just like you do is ridiculous.

This episode was sooooooo much better than last seaon! I can't wait for more.

I wish Kathy would be on more often.

Even as a guy it's pretty clear there's a lot of advertising aimed at making women think there's something wrong with normal genital odor. Normal to me means "can smell it with clothes off from a few feet, can't smell it with clothes on".

@Livia, I understood that the penis tucked back, and I even found the following mostly PG-13 demonstration but I don't get how it's possible. In a quickly abandoned experiment, my balls were the main impediment. If they weren't there, I suppose the penis could be tucked to the perineum, but they are there, and the experiment threatened to grow painful. Oh sh-t. Don't tell me they push the testes back into the body cavity from which they descended earlier in life.

The idea that a man calling another man a dick is the same as using pussy is just silly. One is just meaningless banter, the other will end with someone getting punched in the face.

As is the idea that there are not gay men and/or drag queens that don't like women and use lines like a woman smelling like fish as an insult.

A person has to be very sheltered to actually believe that male bits are ridiculed and referred to with the same hostility as female.

I am already in love with season two!

Sahara should change her name to Sheree...that is just freaky!

AHHHH, I love this show!
Where can I watch on line!

What ever the place the girls came from but they are really looking hot. I watch all the action in my DISH TV.

For those still asking how to view it online, just go to
You can see full episodes, plus full eps of "Untucked," as well as other clips not seen on the show.

"Vera said: You're probably right, Gotham Tomato. The multi-million dollar, 100+ year old, harmful-to-female-health industry to "clean," "freshen" and "eliminate odors" of the vagina and insults like the very one we're discussing only exist in frat houses, and everyone who doesn't see this just like you do is ridiculous."

If you take everything out of context it would seem that way. But is that the only hygiene industry you've ever heard of? I see more commercials for toothpaste etc, than those feminine products. Does that mean all those toothless Jerry Springer fans should be insulted?

The reality is there are huge industries to manufacture countless products to clean and 'improve' every square inch of the human body. And there is a huge advertising industry dedicated to selling those products. And those advertisements are placed where the most receptive audience will be. So if you are under the impression that vaginas are being picked on then you obviously spend all your time watching Lifetime (or soap operas), where those ads are most often placed because that's where advertisers find the most buyers for their products; which I suppose goes with your narrative because that entertainment is all about women as victims.

But this is a ridiculous discussion. Ru told a simple joke. Laugh or don't laugh. But if that little joke is too coarse for someone, maybe they should stick to something milder, like a Bennett Cerf joke book. But then, I suppose, they'd find it insulting that Cerf thinks an elephant could fit in your pyjamas.



Anonymous said...
For those still asking how to view it online, just go to
You can see full episodes, plus full eps of "Untucked," as well as other clips not seen on the show.

How about just read the post in its entirety? There's a link to the video in the post. It takes you to a second page where you can watch the video:

"If you haven't seen the show yet, you can watch it here."

So happy to have Drag Race back! Yay!!!

Kathy Griffin was an excellent guest judge, as you guys pointed out. She was just so comfortable and funny!

When I watched the episode, I was a little disappointed on some of the make-up skills I saw (remember the fabulous Miss Flowers???) but you guys pointed out that there were some heavy hitters in the bunch, so I feel bit better. LOL

Thought it was real interesting hat a few of the Queens already knew one another. More drama?

Cannot wait to see episode 2. Good television again!

This has just risen to the top of my personal "must-see tv" list!

The conversation about fish was on Untucked and was between some of the queens not Rupaul.

F--k you if you can't take a joke is the refrain of bullies everywhere.


... why do they all use so much lipliner? It's kind of freaking me out. Of course, I only use gloss, so who knows... are male lips usually that much flatter/undefined that this practice is sort of a default?

Jessica Wild is pretty hot, and I too am amazed by her tucking skillz. There is a particular undergarment (for transvestites) that basically looks like panties/briefs and is engineered to conceal the goods, what is it called again? o.O last, RuPaul's Drag Race is back!!! I'm so glad you guys are blogging the show again. Looking forward to another season sitting next to you boys on the couch.

Too lazy to go back and quote but whoever said "Pandora Boxx" had a creative name...are you freaking kidding me? The Pandora's Box reference in terms of sex, etc is so DONE. I mean, there is a porno store not ten minutes from my house named Pandora's Box. So the creativity? Yeah. Not seeing it.


Also, the psychic dissonance of the trucker hat and bandanna out-of-drag trappings may destroy my soul. XD

I don't think women are victims.

But I also don't think that all gay men are magical unicorns who never say anything mean.

You can be a non-victim and still believe that it's pretty assholish to call a woman a fish.

So, FYI, if you and I are ever at a party together, GothamTomato, and anyone (gay, straight, whatever) says fish in that way, I'm going to call them out on it. And if you call me a "victim" or anything like it, I'm going to call you out, too.


the other thing that cracked me up about this episode is how everyone had trouble with their eyelashes once those fans cranked up. LOL

I was all ready to get my Scottish on and root for Morgan from Loch Lomond, but...meh. Her make-up was a travesty and her spitting match with Mystique seemed forced (not blaming Mystique here), like she got into it just to ensure screen time. Then again, the producers might have encouraged just that.

Lovin' Mystique more for the X-Men reference. Maybe she'll pull together some great comic book/superhero inspired looks. One can hope. One can dream.

To Anon 6:42- That's what's called a "fierce tuck." And props to whomever mentioned "t'aint." Fun word if there ever was one.

"anon said: F--k you if you can't take a joke is the refrain of bullies everywhere."

And 'F--k 'em if they can't take a joke' is also one of the mottos of The Divine Miss M.

Just sayin.


"Gwen said: But I also don't think that all gay men are magical unicorns who never say anything mean."

Did anyone say that?

No, no magical unicorns,; but next time you're in the supermarket, check out the Lucky Charms: That's Tom on the box.


Pandora does a local drag show here and is really really fabulous- I hope she brings it because I certainly know she's capable.

I wasn't anon. My name was at the bottom of my post.

There's a difference in you and 'em.

Just sayin.


Not sure if anyone's mentioned this; but for those of you who don't get Logo, VH1 airs episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race -- not sure of the exact time or day, but I'm watching it right now, at 1AM EST time.

Just wanted to throw that out there for people who aren't paying for it on iTunes, and who don't get it OnDemand, Logo, or anywhere else.


I just came back after a marathon session of watching season 1. wow.

I like how self-aware the show is, and yet the drama is still so real. Also interesting to me is how many of the contestants this season were shown last season in the montage of people who had just missed season 1.

I hope we can catch up with some of the greats of season1. I want to see how Nina and Ongina are doing.

Ok! I he tons of experience with drags from everywhere and I'm going to analyze each one because I took the time to do some research on each one videos. For me drags is not just lip sink, makeup, outfits, etc. Is a mix of everything.
In order of how they came out:
Nicole Paige Brooks. She has been doing drag for 15 years and she is ok but she needs to work more on her make up.
Shangela: She only had 5 months when they recorded the show. I mean she is going to give a lot to talk in a few years. She had the potential but not the experience that it would helped her is she had some.
Raven: I liked her style but she needs to work on her runway and I don't like her making her lip line to big. It looks ugly but she is ok
JujuBee: She is amazing. Love her make up, her lipsink, loved her.
Sahara: I have seen her in pictures but the first episode her makeup was horrible and her outfit didn't said nothing
Morgan: I mean she is ok. But I don't like her attitude. she is not that hot but she is entertaining on stage and she can bring it. I wasn't happy with her winning the challenge. her runway sucked BIG TIME!!!
Mystique: I think she can bring it but she didn't show all she got. Hate her attitude and her makeup is a mess
Jessica Wild : Wao! Wao! Wao! She is EVERYTHING: She has the face, right makeup, her style, the Runways was sick and HOT as a guy. I think she was the one who should win both challenges. She gave glamour and she was classy. When she talks she only gives compliments. I rotting for her. Have you seen her videos on youtube? That bitch can dance! The only problem is her language skills but for me its not. Because language don't tell u who ur.
Tatianna: GORGEOUS face. She is totally a girl. But she lacks of experience. I see her just a pretty girl
Sonique: Wao she is stunning. She was my second Favorite dress. Her makeup is fierce.
Pandora: She is so funny, she has charisma and everything but she is boring.
Tyra: She is totally a lady but she is the one who I can't stand. She is not humble and for me thats a -. I mean girl ur cute cute u have ur ego too Hi.
Write this down the top will be:
Jessica Wild
and Pandora

Did anyone find the Absolut commercials on the logo video player odd? Last year's girls were just odd with their little stories.

And Shannel, bitch can't stop talking about herself. She still comes across as pompous, verbose and over the fucking top.

for all you non-yank bitches out there who cant watch this pot 'o gold online; pick up your torrent right here;

anastasia beverhausen

I knew Ms. JuJubee in college and she was a STAR at one Diva's Nightclub in Northampton, MA and beyond. Be prepared for some FIERCE Beyonce moves if she gets the chance to show them off. She is AMAAAAZING and get this: Her real name, no joke, is AIRLINE.

I knew Ms. JuJubee in college and she was a STAR at one Diva's Nightclub in Northampton, MA and beyond. Be prepared for some FIERCE Beyonce moves if she gets the chance to show them off. She is AMAAAAZING and get this: Her real name, no joke, is AIRLINE.

"Anonymous said: for all you non-yank bitches out there who cant watch this pot 'o gold online; pick up your torrent right here;"

Warning: From what I hear, you have to be VERY careful using torrent sites. They can compromise the security of your computer.


Am I the only one who hoped someone would come down the runway in a Carol Burnett-esque Gone With the Wind dress? That would be hilarious and awesome.

Princess Die

I love this show beyond words. Great post to kick off the season with! And what a great episode it was… Pandora's Boxx is absolutely on fire (though you're right -- she really needs to turn it up on the runway). I don't get Morgan's appeal though, and what was up with her walk?

I love it! These bitches are workin' their ass off. Love Ms. RuPaul!

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