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Rihanna in Christian Siriano

Rihanna hosts the Pepsi Refresh Project Kick Off Party in Miami Beach in Christian Siriano.
Wow, she looks great and was brave enough to go with the original print.

Christian Siriano Spring 2010 Collection

Congrats, Princess. That's pretty freaking major.


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YES i'm the first commenter

I love this. so fierce. fits her like a glove. flatters her body (unlike that disgusting white dress she wore to the grammy's). cute dress on a cute girl


It's a bit tight in the bust, no? I do love the color.

So awesome for Princess Puffy Sleeves AND the best Rhianna has looked in months!

She really does look flawless.

I don't know, still don't like the fit on the bust. Look at her from the side. But glad she went with the original print.

It's too tight. GREAT DRESS!! BUT the past few dresses I've seen him send down the red carpet don't fit people correctly.
Plus, Rhianna gets on my LAST nerve.

Absolutely beautiful! Love his clothes, can't stand him. Ditto for Rihanna, beautiful and talented girl, but it all flies out the window when she opens her mouth. Two examples of "shut up and sing." (Or shut up and sew, whatever the case may be.)

I'm so proud of Miss Siriano. It's funny how Christian and Chris March managed to snag high profile clients when I thought Rami would be the popular one when it comes to red carpet dresses.

I gotta say I think Rhi Rhi looks even better than the model.

It reads too 80s for my taste, but the print is beautiful

Cute dress on her, but it would look even better if it fit.
I think Rhianna's overexposed these days - in every way. I think we're all just getting tired of her. She needs to stay home for a while instead of showing up for every single thing that's going on.

I think that's how it's supposed to fit in the bust, but I agree I don't like that trend. On American Idol earlier this week, guest judge Posh Spice (sorry, I mean Victoria Beckham) wore two strapless dresses that came up to the very top of her armpits. She looked great, and comfortable, like she wouldn't be tugging all the damn time, and still her shoulders were bare and sexy. I wish that "height" of strapless dress would come back in -- Grace Kelly-like.

The color and cut of the dress is great, fun, and flattering. However, I'm firmly in the "too tight and low in the bust" camp. Her boobs looked tortured to me.

She looks fabulous.

And she is wearing the dress (with a lot of people, it would look like this dress is wearing them, but she has got the 'It' to carry it off).

Congrats to PPS!


Loved this dress in the collection and Ms. Rihanna is a perfect model with the flair to wear the hell out of it!

That said, I'm not at all a fan of the ill-fitting bust that gives a "tits on a shelf" look that seems to be popular. Don't think the look of being ready to pop out of the top part of one's dress is all that cool myself. Makes the wearer's girls look artificial (even if they're not)


She looks great although I will agree with those who think the bust is a little tight. PPS is doing quite well.

Her boobies are pushed up way too high. Other than that, perfect fit, and perfect look.

This is so much better than the look she actually performed in: a black/white, one-legged catsuit (a la Victoria's Secret holiday spectacle). Oy.

I love this look on Rihanna. Fabulous color, cut & silhouette. However, I agree with those commenting on the questionable cut of the bustline and mushed boobies.


Love the color, hate the boob fit. It looks like it is cutting into her. Not crazy about the look. Sorry, PPS, or maybe it is just how it is fitting on her.

Pretty dress. I agree about the boobs. I also like the shoes Rihanna's wearing better than those on the model.

Yeah, what is with squishing the girls? It makes 'em look fake and distracts from an otherwise flawless look.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Love the print. Agree with the comments about the iffy fit of the top. I do not care for swollen boob flab. Bad look!

Hate the shoes, love the print, undecided on the side ruffle thing, hate the squished boobs. Always with the squished boobs, this boy.

I love this print. It makes me think of the Caribbean. So light, so pretty. I don't know why the starlets keep bucking it when it's what made the dresses most interesting. I covet them. The lava red ones too.

She looks really good. I agree with a few others though that it's too tight in the's really pushing her boobs way up as well it's giving her those ugly wrinkles/lines at her armpits. The overemphasis of the boobs just detracts from her overall beauty...makes her look a bit trashy (just a bit.)

The backdrop and carpet are horrid...that along with the pattern of the dress is a lot going on and a lot of blue. I really like the pattern and shape of the dress kudos to Christian.

I've said it before...and I'll say it again...the photographers really suck! The above angle they shot her from makes her legs look so unflattering! Would it kill the photographer to stoop down to her level and shoot her straight on! pet peeve...rant end!

too many cats

The print and its colors look good on the lady.
The bust fit is terrible. Maybe someone CS admires could help him learn to fit women so they don't look like they're in borrowed dresses. This is the boobie equivalent of a muffin.

another laura

I'm VERY happy to see somebody wearing the original print - takes it out of prom dress and into something resembling fashion.

Good for him.

Weary of the globular breast look.

wow she looks fantastic!!

am i the only one that's a little tired of the hair though? i think it's time for a cut!

I am so happy for Christian. Unlike others (coughcoughJaycough) he has created beautiful clothing for those in the public eye. He deserves all good things for his hard work and for, yes, working within the "system".

Sometimes rebellion isn't a good thing.

Loved this print from his collection. Glad to see someone so prominent wear it. Perfect dress for Rihanna, although I wish she had gotten a slightly classier fit, but it's miami so whatever.

Loved the print on Veronica Webb when she wore the gown version of this print.

Hope someone is brave enough to wear one of the lava print dresses someday as that print, too, is stunning.

That's a beautiful dress. Is it just me or does she have Kate Gosselin hair?

i'm kind of tired of seeing that silhouette.

I absolutely love this dress. LOVE! The print really makes beautiful. Who would have picked PPS as a designer of beautiful PRINTS?!?!

Although I feel for what she went through in the past couple of years, I don't understand what the big deal is with this girl. And she looks uncomfortable in this dress. Her boobs look like they are getting ready to explode out the top.

Love the dress, hate the posing, and everything else.

Finally this chick wears something instead of it wearing her.

Love this uber original print but it's getting a little tired at this point.

Nah - on the model's elongated and reed-slim proportions, that fabric is never overpowering, the color print is subtle, the details just in balance. Add the extra inches of dress necessary for Rhianna and the whole thing looks inelegant. She first of all looks like a bobble-head and short stumpy legs, the last thing her more+ womanly derriere needs is a side-bustle (versus the model that can handle the horizon-broadening moment) and in general, she doesn't work it in any way, just stiff standing there. In general, she is expressionless and ALWAYS stiff, standing around, not much of a stage-movement person .... fashion just seems to be on her, she doesn't wear it.

Finally! Someone who wears his dresses with the original print! It's gorgeous. She's gorgeous.

She looks gorgeous!

quigley (the cat)

Apparently if you have tortured your boobies into a pair of hooters, you WANT them to look like muffin tops. EVERYONE who has fake ones shows them off in this manner.

I love this dress, in the original print, but agree with the poster who said it would be great if classy, Grace Kelly style strapless would come back into fashion.


A hot girl in a hot dress. This signifies PPS has officially arrived!
Kudos to all!

She looks FABULOUS! Congratulations, PPS! You're working ti.

I now believe it is a fact that Rhianna can do no wrong. Her confidence alone is breathtaking.

And she looks a hundred times better than the model!

The bust of the dress could be a tad bigger, but otherwise it looks amazing on her!

What is wrong with these women who refuse to get fitted properly? She is falling out of that dress; it makes her look hoochie. (Of course, the tattoos don't help in that regard.)

That poofy thing at the waist looks limper than on the runway, not as nice. And I think the whole thing would be better without the sparkly border.

Lilithcat said...

She is falling out of that dress; it makes her look hoochie. (Of course, the tattoos don't help in that regard.)

Grr...stop ripping on tattoos, people! Tattoos don't automatically equal "hoochie."

Anon 2:34 PM said...

Nah - on the model's elongated and reed-slim proportions, that fabric is never overpowering, the color print is subtle, the details just in balance. Add the extra inches of dress necessary for Rhianna and the whole thing looks inelegant.

The model looks like she has a tumor, and the print goes much better with Rhianna's skin tone.

SOOOOO glad she kept the original print. It was fierce.

Her cups runneth over, but other than that the dress looks good. Her stylist should have checked on the color of the step & repeat as well as the carpet because Rhianna's a little too matchy!

Lilithcat said,

"That poofy thing at the waist looks limper than on the runway, not as nice."

I don't know, I thought the stiffer ruffle made it look like the model had an erection. I'm glad Rihanna opted not to go for the aroused drag queen look.

LOVE!!! Can't say I mind the hiked up ta tas and the print looks great on her! I want an occasion that would warrent this exact dress!

I don't get how with the "too tight and low in the bust" and the addition of the hip flounce this one is fab while a very similar dress is the definition of tacky with Jesus?

I think that what looks like a melon cut in half (The super round breasts esp in the first pic) and then spilling over a too tight top is not tacky?

Too much woman on top in too little dress. That looks like it hurts.
And the ruffle looks sad and tired instead of stiff and off to the side like it was on the runway.

For the first time in a LONG time, I think RiRi looks gorgeous. Yay Princess Puffy Sleeves!

Yeah! Seriously?! Christian's fuckin stylin!

Why does she have that Gosselin woman's hair?

It's a beautiful dress and she would have looked fabulous if it weren't for the ill fitting bust.

I love the original print and love the dress but the fit sucks.

She looks great! And of course she was brave enough to wear the original print, which is good because in any other color, this dress would be off-the-rack boring.

Way to go Princess Puffysleeves!


The print makes the dress.

I think the fit is wrong over the breasts, but if some paid stylist convinced her it fit, who am I to burst the bubble? Fit well elsewhere, though.

Love the dress on her.

I love this Christian Siriano collection - and I think it's a travesty that most celebrities ditch the prints, because that's what makes the collection for me.

Well played Rhianna!

That thing is too tight in the bust. She's smushed. Besides that, she looks great. Love that dress for her.

It's great to see Rhianna in his designs. She really is an ideal celebrity for him to dress, beautiful and edgy. Gorgeous!

I love the design of this dress and also like the print. What I don't like is that it appears to have no movement. It looks so stiff. Looks like you could stand it up on the ground.

She is, in fact, rocking it, but, oh, please don't hate me PRW people, but I am tired, tired, tired of this dress. Bored. Enough. Bleh. She looks fabulous, but the dress is bringing her down with its done-ness.

I wish she wouldn't do such silly things to her hair. She's so pretty.

God, I sound like someone's mother.

The print gives magic to the already pretty dress. Rihanna is shinning on it. Go Christian!

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