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Of Toilet Paper Dresses and Clown Fish Pants

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I'm surprised no comment / screencap of uncomfort about Tim's little journey to wrinkling his pants on the floor while with Amy in the workroom.

I thoguht the exact same thing when I saw those pants. Why didn't she make it a skirt. Or better yet the pants should have been on the kid and petal skirt on the adult

she's lucky her little girl had her back..unlike...

JOnathon' girl Brianna. But seriouly who puts a bolero on a little girl.

And Kors' comment about if Brandeis looks this bad in the dress imagine what would the average woman would look like in it...priceless

Isn't sad that Jeanene had serious competition for the auf


As soon as that comment slipped from her mouth, I was counting on you guys to find a Tory Burch outfit that combined blue and orange. Thank you.


guys I love the comparison to kids to the Trilogy of Terror doll


Awww, poor Amy Wamy. Here's hoping she pleads temporary insanity and gets back on the horse. Even Judy Noodles was almost eliminated for one ill-informed outfit, so let's not make it a habit. Still rooting for her!

Someone forgot to tell Jonathon than when you "bring the crazy" halfway through, it needs to be GOOD crazy, not "Ha! I've been fooling you all the time and I'm really a psycho with no editing eye!" kinda crazy.

Jonathan's adult look was pure toliet paper wedding dress at a bridal shower. He woulda won if that was the challenge. His kids look was schizophrenic. Tailored Easter dress with toliet paper fru-fru tacked on. A real puzzlement.

Amy- I loved the children's look. If the challenge had stopped at the Kids element, she should have won. The adult look is perfect thing to wear to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. I don't like the black. Turquoise and coral are a classic combination.

Okay, but how cute was Amy's kid? And Amy's expression when she said she trusted her?

Jonathan's kid is adorable, too, and looks a little bit like the daughter Alan Cumming never had, which makes her awesome.

I really loved the color scheme. In fact, I just made a quilt with those same colors. My grandma was horrified, but I don't really care much about the opinions of 80 year old women. I find it very modern.

I even liked Amy's children's outfit. I wouldn't have given it the win or anything, but I did think it was cute and interesting.

Obviously can't get behind those clown pants. Hoo-boy. Hideous is the word, that's for sure. I don't understand why she didn't go for a skirt.

"Like a background player in a Disney musical remake of Mad Max."

Ha ha!

raisin mountaineer

I know I"m getting boring, but either of these was more creative and festive than Emilio's dull sad fundy polyg outfits.

The clownfish pants would have made a cute cute skirt. The little girl's outfit was festive and wearable. And personally, I like that color blue and orange together-- they remind me of the 1964 World Book entry on interior design, which showed just such a "modern" color combination in a fabulous mid-century living room... (I was-- um, am-- a bit of an encyclopedia-reading dork).

Jonathon's, well I didn't get them at all, and they were horrible, but they still were interesting to look at, not dull and drab as a certain other designer who I keep flaming even though I usually really like his stuff (step it up, Emilio).

My mouth dropped open when they all agreed blue and orange don't go together. Have they NEVER seen the color wheel? Blue and orange are on exact opposite of the spectrum. Ergo, they GO TOGETHER.

Say the fish scale pants look silly and I'll be behind you all the way. But to say the colors are the problem? Oy.

I think a Clown Fish SKIRT was a salvageable idea. TLo, you are correct when you say the Clown Fish SKIRT should have been on the child. I blame this on the one day challenges as a designer has no time to re-think their work and modify their game plan.


I also loved the color scheme! And I actually really liked the little girl's outfit. Some little girls love to wear those mismatched kind of outfits - quirky yet cute. But the adult outfit was certainly horrid.

I missed alot of the show before the runway so I thought at first glance that the pants were a skirt and so I was thinking, "okay that's kinda interesting" but then when I saw otherwise, I was horrified. Seriously, if she had made the pants a skirt and maybe made the litte girl's outfit an entire sundress type of thing with the orange petals, she might have at least been safe.

Kleenex Fairy. LOL.

That guest judge was crazy, blue and orange not complementary? They're complementary colours! The one thing I did love about the outfit was the colours!

I feel like those pants could have worked if they weren't hanging fish scale things. If she had done some sort of color blocking pants, it could have looked really cool.

"you dress up a 6-year-old like a cosmetics company executive making a presentation at a shareholder's meeting..."

"Offer void in most state"

"Not Without My Clown Fish Pants"

"Get out of the house! The crazy design ideas are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!"

How do you guys come up with this stuff? MWAH XOXOX!!

Okay, but how cute was Amy's kid? And Amy's expression when she said she trusted her?

I totally agree. SO sweet of the girl to say that she trusted Amy after the judges ripped on the clothes.

I don't need to add anything to your criticism of the clothes. Spot on. I thought the petal idea would work better as a skirt, but those petals were horribly executed so I don't even know if that would have changed anything.

What I do want to add is that Tory Burch has to be one of the worst judges (queue Tim Gunn) "in the history of Project Runway". I can't remember the last time I hated a guest judge so much. The fact that Nicole Ritchie was far more insightful than her speaks volumes.

Oh Raggedy Amy's outfits.
I loved Amy's color combination and thought I'd like the clown pants...until I saw them. If it had been a skirt and the petals weren't so raggedy, I might have been all over it.

The little girl's outfit looks far worse in the full length via on Lifetime....I think it's the leggings that ruin the child's look...too much messiness going on.

Oh right, they're not complimentary. It's not like blue and orange ARE OPPOSITE EACH OTHER ON THE COLOR WHEEL.

ugh, some people...

This is my first comment on your blog, though I have been reading for years. When Tory said that orange and blue were not complementary colors, I gasped, loudly. In my head I was like, "TLo better call her out on that." And you did. Thank you for making my life.


That particular shade of blue and orange just screams Howard Johnsons to me. Maybe that what Ms. Burch meant. I was surprised she was so dull -- she's got like 3 or so perfect tow-headed children who live nearly full-time at the country club, so I assumed she'd actually have something insightful to say. And I sort of like her "younger Lilly Pulitzer" vibe. But man, dullsville.

Otherwise, there is no improving on your descriptions of both outfits. You put the L in LOL.

I did enjoy seeing how funny Jonathan was, especially his Duchess imitation.

I liked Amy's sweater, and didn't mind the ragamuffin chic idea, but the execution failed. From a distance, and if you squinted, the fish scales looked good --as a print-- but they were so messy. Oh, dear.

But I loved the way the girl spoke up about how she likes the outfit a little and trusts Amy's fashion sense -- how adorable was that?

Next as Sewing Siren has pointed out, the colors are not blue and orange (I'm talking to YOU Ms. Tory Burch, with your ubiquitous maltese crosslike logo and your stupid faux 60's faux hippie prep clothes, all of which look terrible on me), they are turquoise and coral, which happen to look great together. Have you ever been to the American southwest or Miami or the Caribbean, Ms. Tory Burch?

My inner Broadway geek squealed when the Duchess said: "Different is nice but it sure isn't pretty"

A CHORUS LINE reference in the house! YES!


As a graduate of the University of Florida, and a fan of the NY Mets, ain't nothing wrong with orange & blue used together.

Even Amy's combination of turquoise and melon works, because the Miami Dolphins have been using that combination for decades.

But even without an interest in sports, a quick look at a color wheel shows that orange is the optical opposite of blue, since it combines the other two primary colors (red and yellow).

To sum up, there was a whole lot of crap in Amy's design, but the color palette wasn't bad.

I thought it was a skirt when it came down the runway, because the scales totally obscured the leg movement.

But I didn't hate these, and I didn't abhor the colors (on my screen anyway). But I'm a fan of wacky Scandinavian clothes anyway.

Thought the girl's outfit had very cute elements, but maybe not all together. I thought there was way worse on the runway (even an top 3 look).

I too applaud anything that gets the Duchess to spout A Chorus Line quotations. Unfortunately, her highness did not continue on, "pretty is what it's about. I never met anyone who was 'different' who couldn't figure that out."

Brooklyn Bomber said...

"you dress up a 6-year-old like a cosmetics company executive making a presentation at a shareholder's meeting..."

"Offer void in most state"

"Not Without My Clown Fish Pants"

"Get out of the house! The crazy design ideas are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!"

How do you guys come up with this stuff? MWAH XOXOX!!

Seriously, I was ROFLMAO. You guys Rock!!!

Anonymous said...
I'm surprised no comment / screencap of uncomfort about Tim's little journey to wrinkling his pants on the floor while with Amy in the workroom.

I'm not. Because you know what? They're not in your head.

TLo, you nailed it about the pants, as have other commenters. I was thinking the same thing about making the pants into a skirt. But it still would have looked bottom-heavy with that top.

And actually, I have to say I wasn't as horrified by Amy's color combination as the judges. Tory's blue and orange is much worse.

And if Amy had finished that sweater, the outfit would have been fine. True, the scallops were not perfectly cut but I forgave her given the time constraints and the fact that she made 4 pieces for the girl.

I like Amy's outfit for the girl. Wearing 4-6 things at a time is exactly how my niece dresses, and she is obsessed with clothes.

I had to laugh when Jonathan tried to fake compliment Brianna on the runway and she didn't buy it. Kids have a great BS detector.


When I was about 8, I refused to wear blue and orange at the same time because I felt like they didn't go together.

Then I grew up.

I'm glad Tory Burch apparently has the same fashion sense as I did when I was 8?

I just felt like both Jonathan and Amy got it in their heads that they were taking risks which gave them blinders about how the outfits actually looked. It seemed like they just thought, 'Yeah, it's crazy, let's just see what the judges say."

-Purple Leah

"Offer void in most states"


One of the best posts this season, guys! I can't stop laughing.

I liked Amy's design for the girl, except for the leggings. If she had gone with a plain black legging, the outfit would've been terrific. As it is, though, that blue sweater was fantastic.

I thought it was close to being good, and mostly with things you already suggested. A skirt on the adult look, a full sweater on the girl and lose the grey tights. I think it would have been cute.

Dear judges: Please look up the definition of "complimentary colors." And learn your color wheel.

"Jonathan's kid is adorable, too, and looks a little bit like the daughter Alan Cumming never had, which makes her awesome."

I totally see that. Awesome.

I'm so glad they kept Jonathan, if only in hopes of hearing more Kors-inspired gems like "she looks like a 7-year-old waitress at Benihaha."

I really thought they were going to auf Amy, not that she deserved that but there's always one shock exit every season. Very happy that didn't happen!!

They need to do a new Bravo show that somehow pairs gay men and children. Jonathan and Anthony's interactions with them were the funniest thing I have seen on TV in a long, long time.

Jonathan: I didn't think it was so very bad. Okay, the bolero was stupid. But I really liked the color combination of mustardy yellow-gray-white. And the dress on its own, a bit less stiff, could have been good in a special ocassion kind of place... The adult outfit could also have been interesting... He was real funny throughout the episode.

Amy: Really bad. Okay, the child outfit could be passable and he may have not been in the bottom-3 minus the adult one (hello Emilio). It's not the kind of thing I like at all, orange, and bright colors, and bohemian circus type of clothes but it's a children look that's certainly popular today. But the mom... she looks like the Papageno in an amateur puppet theatre function of the Magic Flute. Very student like, totally craft project.
The little girl was great!

I agree that the color scheme is just fine, but I think it would be much better without the black, or at least the black limited to the waist. I think it's the black that gives it such a jarring effect.

And the judging could have been worse. Imagine that judge from last season who said something to the effect of "That's why nobody listens to models." Yikes, poor kids!

Hilarious post! Thank you!

I, too, loved the colors. I wear colors like that. And while I'm not quite a fashion icon, I'm also not a clown. Or a fish. Not a clownfish.

Tory Burch on the other hand...I don't like her designs at all, and was surprised to see her, and was not surprised that she was boring. Her handbags actually make me angry. And she should look up "complementary colors" in the dictionary.

I think the bottom 3 was appropriate, and the auf.

But I'm really glad we're getting more funny from Jonathan! A sign that he's here for a while, so it's time to start featuring more of him? Or ramping him up for an auf?

Blue and orange are so overused together in marketing that they are a cliche. Every Bourne poster has blue and orange. Shutter Island has blue and orange. However, it's usually more like a deep blue with an orangish gold. Like the colors of the sun set on one horizon and the night sky on the other. It typically is used for action movies.

Now I will admit that pastel orange and blue are a little odd together but I still thought it was cute.

Unpopular opinion: I think the clown fish pants would have worked if she'd managed to finish them a little more competently. If she'd sewed the scales down instead of letting them flap around, for example, it might have been interestingly harlequin instead of outright clownish.

I actually loved the little girl outfit, though.

"Tlo said: Very early on in the process of affixing them to pants, she should have realized she was making clown clothes. At that point, had she course-corrected by making a clown fish skirt instead of pants?"

Excuse me, are you insinuating that clowns smell like fish? This is the very kind of anti-clown bias that leaves clowns ashamed of their privates and leads to indiscriminate custard pie attacks.

And for your information, I can say with authority that no self-respecting clown would wear those pants.

I find this all highly insensitive and very insulting.


I actually LOVED Amy's kid outfit. That's exactly how I wanted to dress from ages eight to twelve. And how did she make a sweater in 12 hours? The kid loved the outfit, too. The kid also called the pants "clown pants". Listen to the child.

"Tlo said: Paired with a skirt over tights, she looks a little "post-apocalyptic ragamuffin.""

She looks like one of the leads in her kindergarten class' production of 'Rent'.



Both of these were just horrifying. I really like Amy so watching her clown pants come to being was like watching a bus accident. I am glad she is in bust she must never be alowed to make pants again. You are totally right about the construction of those scales, AWEFUL. They were frayed and unraveling right ont the runway. I liked the sweater for the little girl and I thought it was really sweet that she stood up for Amy.

AS for the toilet paper...meh. Definity aweful but my eyes were completely focused on the bus accident to even notice. The bolero was stupid AND ugly. Never a good combo.

Boys, this:
""Oh no, girl. Get out of the house! The crazy design ideas are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!" But no, she had to go and walk down those basement stairs with the lights turned off. Result?"

Made me scare my cat with my laughter. Sorry Gizmo.

I thought Amy's colors looked ok together. I would have left the leggings off the kid's outfit (the skirt could have been a skort - suitable for playground cartwheels.) And I also liked the direction she was going in with the "mom" look. But I also kept saying - SKIRT -- make it a SKIRT! I also think it would have been EASIER for her to make.

I was surprised when I watched in on TV and saw the pics that the quality was not as nice as I expected. Would have been better as a skirt - few scales - more time!!

Thanks for the post!

Have they never seen the little girls in the Gap commercials? Layers upon layers upon leggings upon jeans upon sweaters upon scarves upon mittens upon hats. It's a look.

And, I was perusing your pix of the Marchesa collection, and thought I saw several versions of the much maligned toilet paper dress there.

Fabulous! And since everything else I was thinking has already been said, I'll whip out my inner pedant and remind posters: complementary, not complimentary.

The husband and i both loved Amy's color scheme and i said 'oh sad! if she'd made that a skirt it would've been SO great!' i think the little girl's outfit is really fun and would've LOVED that outfit when i was that age. My mom would've had to wait til i was bathing to launder it because i'd wear it 24/7 and probably sleep in it too. ....but that says more about my unhealthy relationship with clothes than it does about the outfit :)

Jonathan, though way off in his designs this week, was entertaining as hell. i love someone who is not afraid to declare the terror factor of children and he was cracking me up joking around at the sewing machine. He might be my new favorite, so i hope he can get it together.

I wrote in the lounge that I did like Amy's. The only real issue I had with the child's was the sweater being so short and it looked like the bottom unravelled.
I did kind of like the model's outfit, though the petals were kind of ragged. But since the pants basically "played" skirt, I though they were funky (in a good way.)

I would not have called that color BLUE, because it is NOT blue. It is more teal which is the GREEN side of the green -blue combination.

Jonathan - WTH - the kids' outfit was not just NOT kid, it wasn't anyone. I looked back I think he is severely going downhill. I liked his outfit for the first challenge. Then......oye

As Amy's model came out of the gate, all I could think was "Jubilee Jumbles rides again".

I'm in the minority here but I actually thought the kids' outfit was cute. It looked kind of Hanna Anderson/Swedish to me, very funky. I thought the two outfits were also very complimentary to each other - both lively, colorful and fun.

I literally gasped aloud when Emilio's JC Penney outfits got "safe" and this one got called out.

Jonathan's crap was silly and ugly.

Moving on;

I saw some potential in Amy's outfit/color scheme. For some reason I immediately thought of a Barbabra Streisand outfit with sequins. Am I imagining this? Around the Funny Girl era. Anyhoo. Amy had some potential. I think the pants would have worked for the kid and the skirt for the adult.

Complementary Color - When a *judge* says something that removes all doubt that you, the viewer, apparently know more than the expert . . . well, then hell hath no fury like a bitter kitten scorned.

Wonder if Amy's model tutored the little girl on runway walking as well as politics. That was so cute--and no way would they let Amy go after that. However, she did look like she could be one of the orphans in ANNIE.

Ditto on the guest judge needing a refresher course on the basics of the colour wheel--and what was with the other three nodding in agreement?

Loved the horror-movie shout-outs - I see I'm not the only one who got the "Trilogy of Terror" reference - and Kors' Chorus Line quip. And while I watched these designs take shape with a running mental chorus of "What are you *thinking*", I have to admit it's more fun to see a few trainwrecks on the runway than a bunch of blandness.

I liked the TLo Awards for this episode, too, especially Jonathan's Talent Competition win. [I'd been hoping to see a Gunn Safety Award, or at least a screen-capture of Tim sitting on the floor - how cool was that? - but I guess he didn't out and out tell her not to do clown pants, just mentioned it as a possible risk.]

Orange and blue are the most basic of complementary colors. Tory Burch is an idiot.

I really, really loved this episode. I've so missed the epic fails of past seasons. It's really nice to see designers taking a huge risk and sometimes ending up with clown-fish pants, rather than meekly sending sad little black and brown dresses down the runway every week.

Totally biased because I love Amy and think she's fab, but the kid's look was cute. It did strike me as high end, Scandanavian.

Jonathan's kid look was laughable and for that, I love it. TLo totally nailed it.

When Amy's work came out, I thought those pants actually WERE a skirt, and I didn't agree with her being in the bottom at that point. But when I realized those were pants, oh HELL yes this was a bottom 3 entry just based on the adult outfit. I actually kind of like the colors in the kid's outfit as seen in TLo's photos - on my tiny TV in my kitchen they were a bit washed out.

The judges need to make a public apology for allowing Tori's comment about blue and orange go unchallenged. Amy must have felt like she was in the Twilight Zone or facing some kind of judges' conspiracy to destroy her confidence. Poor kid! Your art teacher was correct, Amy--blue & orange are complementary colors.

Comments from my 10-year old:
"Jonathan's model looked like a chicken and her child model looked like her little chick."

She also really liked the sweater on Amy's child model. Her and her friends all wear cropped shirts and sweaters with cute camis triimed with lace or other detailing under them (not tucked in)

Also, I have to say that my 13 year old (who thinks she is 16)wanted Jay's older model outfit and my 10 year old wanted Jay's child outfit. They also said no one over 6 or 7 would want to wear Seth's outfit, cute as it was. The watermelon pockets were "too babyish"

Here's my problem with Amy's pants, aside from the fact that I think the petals would work better as a skirt: there's too many colours, and while individually they go, as a mass they do not work at all for me. If she pulled out the two paler shades and just used the teal and orange and black? I think I might've liked it. If she'd pulled just one of the paler shades it might not have come off as clashy to me (or, perhaps, the judges). But all five? Too much. (It also might have worked better if she'd varied the order of the colours more uniformly, but to be honest I'm not sure on that part.)

Well, I have another problem, and that applies to the girl's skirt as well: everything looks messy. Now, maybe that was intentional with the skirt (it'd go with the half-sweater, which incidentally I kinda like, in and of itself), but it just ends up reading 'sloppy job' on the pants.

And then there's Jonathan's. I think the underlying non-tissue part of the girl's dress is kinda cute, and maybe if he'd done a loose vest instead of a bolero and just edged it with the tissue it might've been okay. Not great, but okay. The adult dress... um. I feel like maybe there was an idea in there that could have worked, a la Mychael Knight's coffee filter dress, but it was executed too poorly.

I actually have less trouble with the colors than with anything else about this outfit. Putting a kid into an unhemmed knit: disposable garment, with the bonus possibility of tread cuts to fingers. Using woven fabric for curved design features with unhemmed edges, and not doing something, anything (Hey, Amy, you ever heard of spray sizing?) to keep them from ravelling: random messy fuglydangling threads. Ever feature of it has at least one glaring fault, which isn't the way to instill confidence in a person's design sensibilities.

Really, though, the BIG problem with this mess was choosing something so very picky and time consuming for a timed challenge. I'm having borrowed angst just thinking of it!

Looking at those pants makes me remiscent of Starr's clothes on season one. Those were the days!

Anybody who doesn't think those shades of turquoise-y blue and coral-y orange don't go together has never been to Santa Fe. Practically the whole damn town is painted in those shades.

I want a TLo degree! Where do I sign up? I live in Texas...nothing is void here.

Jonathon: I'd like to pretend that never happened b/c that was

Amy: Seeing the pants come down the runway, I didn't cringe as much as I was expecting. Definitely sad up close tho.

Little girls do like to dress like Amy's little girl model. But a good mommy would her back to her room to change.

Duchess' Chorus Line reference mad me howl. And I see I'm not the only one to think "Howard Johnson's" when I saw Amy's clown pants (when you child model says "Alison, time to go to the circus" when they're dressing, it's a bad, bad sign). However,
I thought Emilio's insanely boring and old-fashioned, cliched looks were far, far worse than even Boo-Boo Kitty's mall look. Add to that the comment about the "kept" mom, and that jerk can't go home quickly enough for me.
I seriously hope Janeane is doing OK. She was so fragile and had the painful insecurity I remember so well from my 20s. I just want to give her a big hug and recommend a good therapist.

pffftt!!!! Are TLO still feeling the affects of Friday night cocktails? I laughed until my eyes watered.
I was watching men's ice skating so I was flipping back and forth. I thought Amy was making a skirt and thought the same thing, this could be interesting. Then I turned back in time to hear that they were PANTS???!! yeesh. And the comment about blue and orange cracked me up; yes, those two colors together are so out there- give me a break. Whatever Tory.

Joathan's was a well deserved "WTF were you on??" moment.

Outfits aside, I think Jonathan did very well on the runway when presenting his outfit. I thought he was concise and showed that he had a point of view, and that he tried to take a risk (both candy for the judges) and that it didn't work out well.

I think that often, once you make the bottom 3, it is then how you present and defend yourself that determines if you stay or go. I think Jonathan demonstrated strong abilities there that could serve him well in the future!

As much as I agree with all the comments about the pants, there's just one petal/scale up there that drives me nuts.

There's no black on it. It's just layers of orange/coral. It sticks out like a sore thumb, which is really saying something with these pants.

The child's outfit was salvageable--finish the sweater and it's much cuter.

Jonathan's child's outfit is much worse. The toilet paper down the front looks taped on, and I still don't quite understand the bolero.


...of cabbages and kings?

I confess, I think the pants are awesome and I wish they were mine. Better as a skirt? Yes, mostly because voluminous pants are rarely flattering - however, I can't understand why so many people say that a skirt would have made all the difference. I thought the whole thing moved in a very skirtlike way and it's just the idea that it's two legs bothers people.
Now that I can see the screenshots I see that the edges are pretty raggedy, which the Lifetime two-seconds-of-closeup-per-outfit camera work didn't bring across. Still, not bad enough for bottom two.
The one thing we can all agree on is that Tory Burch is a moron.

Amy's clown pants look just like Halloween fish costumes I made years ago for me and my husband, except ours were yellow (we were goldfish). I'm still wondering what she paid the kid to say, "I'd trust Amy's fashion sense," though!

Jonathan's looks were just awful. There's not really anything else I can think of to say; I was just too busy shuddering. Dressing children as mini-adults never, ever works; it just makes them look ridiculous.

Both of these designers were lucky that Boo Boo Kitty's look was so much worse -- otherwise I fear the judges would have been flipping a coin to see who would go home! They were equally awful looks.

I'm going to mention the final collections here so - if you've remained 'spoilerish' free then look away now...




I like Jonathon so I was surprised at how scruffy and - frankly - ugly much of his final collection was. Having seen this latest episode I'm no longer surprised.


I really like Amy, i hope she knows better, i think she wanted to be in the bottom 3 to show she has ideas. if that's not the case then I'm worried and i won't be surprised if she gets cut soon.

Poor Jonathan, I don't get why anyone would start to turn out ideas in the most commercial challenge they've had so far.

I thought Emilio's insanely boring and old-fashioned, cliched looks were far, far worse than even Boo-Boo Kitty's mall look.

I thought they were about on par...was really surprised that Emilio wasn't in the bottom three. "Boring and cliche" sums it up, definitely.

Personally, I would have put Emilio in the bottom three -- but wait, his all-pink extravaganza was so boring that it even left the judges speechless. Better to rag on the obvious.

Forgive me if you have already disucssed, but....what about the childrens accessories; some of the girls shoes were interesting. did they bring their own? and who dressed them? did they leave the work room and come back? was stage mom ofstage? inquiring minds (or minds with little else to do) want to know

I was practically yelling at the TV (yeah, I know, studies have shown they can't hear me), "Not pants Amy!" I was hoping she'd change her mind and neatly stitch those scales down to a pencil skirt. It could have looked like a cool print...Glad she's safe, I like Amy.

I threw popcorn at the TV when Tory Burch said blue and orange were not complimentary. I hope someon showed her the color wheel after that ignorant comment.

I like Amy's kid outfit--that's just the way my girls used to dress. The colors are cute (very complimentary) and the leggings with the flippy skirt are perfect for an 8 year old.
The pants would have certainly been better as a skirt--it would have looked whimsical and flirty intead of clown-ish.

Jonathan's? Just ugh.

"Tlo said: Let's bring the lovely and talented Miss Tory Burch out onstage to give her thoughts. Tory?

"I don't really feel these colors work together. I'm not sure that blue and orange are that complementary.""

Isn't Tory Burch just some rich girl who married NY money, and that's the only reason she has a business? That's what I thought her backstory is. It's not like she was sitting there because she earned anything with brains or talent. She's just a prehistoric Paris Hilton.


fragile industries

Emilio was lucky the bottom three were sooooo ...

Eeeeesh. Some serious crack smoking going on in one corner of the workroom, that's all I can say. Clowns and toilet paper and a disappearing butterfly as inspiration -- that's why the Big Love polygamy outfits of Emilio's were relatively less heinous.

I am not a fan of Jonathon's at all and haven't been. Anyone who thinks rompers are a viable signature look needs your correspondence course in a big way.

Speaking of which, you'd be legal in California -- everything else is except smoking tobacco.

Okay, thought of some more things to say upon re-watching the show:

1. The look on Seth's little girl's face at the beginning, right after Heidi says the looks must be fashionable, is hilarious.

2. Yes, some of the outfits were younger than the others...but so were the girls. Seth's girl was only six, so I think her look was definitely appropriate for her.

3. Jonathan's fear of children really endeared him to me. I fear kids too, though they were cute on the show.

4. Tiny dress forms!

5. Some people have said Amy's girl look was "Scandinavian." I lived in Denmark for a few years and recently returned....and yes, come to think of it, a lot of girls there do dress like that. And I thought her orange petal skirt was really cute. She could've done a grown-up version for her model instead of the clown fish pants.

6. I actually thought Mila's child dress would get called out for being too basic and...well, babyish. Go to the kid's department at Target or Wal-Mart and you'll see stuff like that all over the place.

Oh, also-- notice how nobody but Mila seems to use their HP tablets anymore, preferring their actual sketchbooks instead?

And by the way, blue and orange ARE complementary colors by freaking definition.

i was just starting to drift off to sleep (as it was bitterly obvious who won and who got the loser edit) when the orange and blue comment was made... i shot awake and wished i had a color wheel to throw at her head.

someone failed color theory.

any way, i almost liked amy's. i liked the color scheme and the little girl's sweater. i want to like the petal pants but they are totally something my 7th grade koo-koo krazy english teacher would wear.

I love blue/turquoise and orange together. It's a happy combination. I always think of Archie Andrews from the comics

Tim: Amy get back here! You think you can design these things but you just can't!
Amy: I -hate- you.

:/ I actually thought the clown fish pants WERE a skirt when I first saw them walking down the runway... thus I was like "ehh, kinda cute?"
The little girl looks awful though. Gray sweatpants under a wrinkled orange skirt, t-shirt under a homeless lady's sweater.

Amy's kid looks like real kids (the ones who'd fall in love with SA's outfit, too) look. It's a child's aesthetic.

But everyone was beautiful at the ballet.

Jonathan might have been better off switching models-- that big white fluffy thing would make a little girl still in her princess phase very happy, and the yellow dress could be styled for a grownup.

Anonymous 2:17 asked
2/20/10 2:17 PM

Wonder if Amy's model tutored the little girl on runway walking as well as politics.

All the models tutored the kids on runway walking. (You learn these tidbits by sitting through the train wreck that is MOTR.)

I have to admit I enjoyed both of these outfits--yes, they were overdesigned disasters, but something was going on.

The thing about using complementary colors--i.e. opposites--is that you use only a small amount of one to emphasize the other--Amy's use of them was too even and it didn't work as a result.

I liked her kid's outfit reasonably well--my daughter would wear it. Okay, it looks like something my daughter would throw together and that's not always a good thing, but, still, unlike Jonathan's, it's child-friendly.

Yes, Amy's clown pants would have worked better as a skirt, but I thought what really would have worked was to have made plain clam-digger pants out of the top material and then made a top out of the scales.

Jonathan's tissue-wreck might have worked for another challenge if he'd kept stuff off the midriff.

That said, I love Brandise as a model. Loved how she warmed up the kid before the scrim and then strutted her stuff like the dress was actual quality. No wonder Mila keeps picking her.

I think Amy's child outfit might have been salvaged if the leggings, even in gray, had not had the floppy trim at the bottom. With the petal skirt and the sweater, it was too much.

Loved the use of color, however!

--Aunt Dee

Hanna Andersson and Oilily obsessed mother that I am (although my own spawn have out-grown them), I thought Amy's kids' look was fantastic. The best of the lot, really.

The Fish pants...When she was making the scales, I was rapturous. I loved those colors together, I loved the way the pattern looked...But it didn't work as pants. I'm not sure it would work as skirt. I like the previous commenter's suggestion that the scales be made into a top over clam-diggers. Plus, you know, seafood theme. I'd love those scales in some home-dec, I think. A shaggy throw pillow, perhaps...But I didn't see what a raggety mess they were until the close-up. bummer. are a lucky man, my friend.

And must continue to produce at this insane rate. I think the sleeplessness makes you punchy and you are crazy funny when you're punchy.

TLo said: Do we have to teach these contestants EVERYTHING? We're thinking of offering online courses for potential reality show contestants. You can get your T Lo degree in 6 weeks or less and sit back and wait for the money to come blowing through your front door! Offer void in most states.

and: This was almost cute, but still a little weird. What's with the half-sweater over a shirt thing? Paired with a skirt over tights, she looks a little "post-apocalyptic ragamuffin.

LOVE you boys!! your wit just never ends!

To give Amy some credit, perhaps she thought this child's look might be usable further in "The Road: The Musical" - as you pointed out, it's got that post-apocalyptic thing goin' strong. (if that sweater had only been a bit longer, it might have been a much better look....oh, well....)


I like Jonathan, but I see Corky from "Waiting for Guffman" every time he's interviewed.

This month's W has an interview with Tory Burch. She seems somewhat annoying. Also, predictable. Nina doesn't like predictable.

Amy's color combo: Miami Dolphins, Howard Johnsons...anyone...anyone

I agree the pants would have been better as a skirt, but I loved the colors!

I didn't mind Amy's color scheme either. So many things go down the runway from big-name designers that are clownier and more garish than this. My major objection was that it wasn't well made, although it certainly wasn't the worst construction of the night, not by a long shot. As usual, I saw several "safes" that should have been in the bottom three, although Janeane definitely owned the golden ticket home this week.

The funny thing about Amy's outfit for the girl is that little kids really dress that way. We always joke about my daughter looking like she got dressed in the dark. Now, of course, we never buy intentionally mismatched clothes, but my daughter will make the weirdest combinations out from her clothing options.

So, I kind of liked Amy's kid components, but not the way they were put together.

The scale pants were bad. A skirt would have been better, or if she had sewn them together in someway, kind of like Seth Aaron did with the black & white fabric.

I do like Amy and this seemed to be totally out of left field for her.

I got what Jonathan was going for, but it was very clear he had no idea how to design for kids. That doesn't excuse his toilet paper tornado dress for his adult model, though.

BTW, this recap had me dying laughter. "Not without My Clownfish Pants" indeed.

And agreed with everyone who said these were both far better than what Emilio put out.

well, Ms. Burch is correct. Blue and Orange aren't complementary; they contrast.


Two serious missteps from two designers I really like.

See, this practically defines what I dislike about these 12-hour challenges (yes, they had 2 days, but one for each look)...

..there is no time to step back and self-edit...or realize you're making a nightmare. Sometimes you have to 'live with it' for a little while to tell if something is going to work. If you don't even have time to leave the workroom (seriously, do they even eat or go to the bathroom?), you can't get any visual or creative distance from the garment to see where you're going wrong.

Here's hoping they both get it back on the track next week!

well, Ms. Burch is correct. Blue and Orange aren't complementary; they contrast.

There's nothing about contrasting that makes colors not complementary. In fact, contrasting might be a requirement.

Amy's: Actually, at her little girl's age they like to wear off mashups (she hasn't yet moved into the "what will my friends think? I wanna look exactly like them." tween stage)

I like where Amy was going and loved the color combo.What if she'd made the little girl's sweater a little longer and had used a better color on the capris? And what if she'd made a skirt or, even, a trapeze dress with the clown fish petals?

I think it could've worked!

Jonathan's I've no remedy.

I thought that Amy had made a skirt at first, so you can only imagine my horror at learning that it was a pair of pants, instead. I did enjoy watching the designers freak out about working with kids. I didn't think the producers would ever find anything more frightening to them than "real" women!

@ Lucinda, LOL! As a mom who is forced to watch "Nemo" constantly that's all I could think of when I saw TLO's title.

Can't really add anything new, everyone's already said pretty much what I was thinking. But I'm glad that the crew this season are willing to take risks and throw some crazy down the runway. That's so much more entertaining, don't you think?

And next week looks to be a real PR challenge when they go to the hardware store. Yay! XX's

Both grown-up outfits look like costumes in a ballet or theatre performance.

The little girl one from Amy looks like what they wore in the City of Ember movie- which IS a post-apocalyptic steampunk futuristic dystopia indeed.

The little girl from Jonathan is passable- but definitely one in the bottom 3.

Oh, here's a fun online tool for the color wheel obsessed:
You can turn the wheel around and get pleasing color combinations based on mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic and accented analogic color theories. Interestingly, Amy's orange (coral)/blue (teal) scheme also gets paired with peach and brown tones. I still think it was the black that threw off her scheme.

Amys kids oufit looks like when kids start dressing themselves and put all of their favorite things on at once.

Okay, I'm not getting some of the comments. Why does a bolero look 'stupid' on a child but fine on an adult? Personally I hate the damn things on everyone most of the time.

And why would Amy's home crafter pants look significantly better as a skirt? I can't imagine it making that much of a difference. The garment would still be poorly executed, ugly colored and clown-wear.

TLo, this was one of the most hilarious posts in recent memory.

Amy's child model backed her up to the hilt, in a very cute and precocious way. I hope Amy gave her a big hug and some ice cream afterwards.

As for Emilio... Heidi loved his Mom outfit. She commented on how sexy it was on MotR.

i have a 5-year-old and she dresses like this all the time (not the clown pants, she wears the sweater/top/skirt/leggings combo.) oooops. guess we don't have good taste. this looks exactly like naartjie which we both adore.

Although I hadn't pondered the question before today, I'd rather look like a clownfish walking than a toilet paper tornado. But just barely.

Jonathan's was just poorly conceived and executed. Amy's little girl look was cute, but I agree that the adult pants never had a chance. As a skirt, maaaaaybe, but still a little odd. The color combo, however, was just fine. I liked it much better than Tory Burch's version of blue and orange.

Rillion said
Oh, also-- notice how nobody but Mila seems to use their HP tablets anymore, preferring their actual sketchbooks instead?
I noticed that as well. my quess is that it's kinda like learning how to etch a sketch. no nuance.
also, did anyone notice that when Anthony got all the hugs last week Mila and Emillio were still on the runway? I wonder how they reacted when they say the episode.

"Complementary" colors are colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel--i.e. red and green; blue and orange; yellow and purple. A color looks its most whatever when paired with its opposite or complementary color. At the same time, the colors clash if not balanced well--so a green wreath with a red bow works because the bow emphasizes the green, but doesn't overwhelm it.

Mary Ellen,

That Web site, what fun! New ways to play for hours and hours. I'm a knitter so I'm always trying to figure out yarn combos.

First of all:
"The crazy design ideas are coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!"

Thank you for that. Made me laugh out loud. Love.

Secondly, thank you for calling Tory Burch out on the blue and orange comment, because the first thing I thought was what others have already said - they're directly opposite on the color wheel, meaning they ARE COMPLIMENTARY COLORS. Doy.

Thirdly, SO glad Mz. Amy is still in the competition. The end!

I could tell that the clown pants, which remind me of an exotic bird, and the toilet paper dress would be a bust. It didn't help that the previews mentioned the words "toilet paper dress." It was only a matter of time before I realized that Jonathan would be the one to make that almost deadly mistake.

Wow!(in reference to the workroom vids and his blog) How much different were Tim's opinions than the majority of our own this week.

He loved BOTH kids outfits here, when I didn't hate them, but both felt just slightly off and overworked. Then he called Janeane's an orange barrel??

On top of that he told Amy and Jonathon that both of the adult pieces would/could be show stopping wow moments??? Ok I could maybe see Jonathon's turning out that way with better editing and tweaking to refine it, but Amy's petal pants??!!?? In no world would that not be clown either or...Just clownish and a big fat NO!

I dunno, i've been watching PR Canada on youtube and really like their mentor. He is very hands on and offers real and specific commentary to the designers and has no repetitive catch phrases.

We heard all this hoopla about the designers throwing Tim under the bus, and even tho we haven't seen it yet, I'm pretty inclined to take their side after this season (and parts of last season) He's telling them how fabulous their garments and design concepts are and really rallying them to send the crazy down that runway. It kinda sucks if i'm being honest. When you are sleep deprived and under those obscene time constraints it is very hard to step outside and really see possible missteps or bad choices. They need more time, sleep, AND practical, realistic criticsm to have a more rational eye for their concepts and edit accordingly

Maybe he is so bored with the repetition of the show that he took up drinking at work? Perhaps he is missing Bravo and unhappy at Lifetime. Something seems very off with the silver fox these days.

It really seems like I am bagging on Tim alot lately. I do not mean to. Even tho I haven't always agreed with some of his comments about people and models on the show. I've consistantly been a huge Tim fan. It wasn't until last season and now this one that my love for the Gunn is being tested.

Amy definitely had a skirt in those scales. And I loved the colors together.

As for the little girl's outfit, I liked it. I thought of my daughter at that age and I know she'd have worn that outfit.

Noodle, as much as we fans of PR deify Tim, he isn't a saint. He has his foibles, including misdirecting contestants sometimes :(. I also find his glossing over S6 and S7 PR's flaws somewhat annoying but recognize it's his job to be a loyal "rah-rah time Lifetime/B-M" sayer.

I hope he realizes though that his pettiness about some contestants isn't endearing. I don't yet get his dislike of Emilio and I don't get his admiration of Jesse's design work. *I don't have anything against Jesse's personality but I think Jesse's work is still immature.

Tim is not r"ah rah Lifetime", if you watch his weekly video blogs he's very candid about some of the odd decisions the producers and staff make without his knowledge or consent! he gets totally perplexed about some of them and it's clear it isn't what he'd do. Tim is the best!

"And Kors' comment about if Brandeis looks this bad in the dress imagine what would the average woman would look like in it...priceless"
He actually said "normal woman" .. which makes it even funnier.

Jonathan's little girl - she has a mouthful of pointy rat teeth... like the monsters in Where The Wild Things are.
Amy's little girl - she has one of those Megan Fox stubby thumbs.
Proof that children are little freaks. Hate 'em.

oh honeys! "not without my fish scale clown pants" ?!? Priceless!


I did like Jonathan's brief imitation of the Duchess. He is cute as a Pixar button.

However, when the Duchess says that your dress looks like your model was caught in a tornado of toilet paper, you're in trouble.

I'm just relieved that Janeane's effort was worse than Amy's. I would have been truly sad had Amy been auf'ed. Hopefully she and Jonathan learned a lesson this week about reining in the crazy.

As far as Tory Burch's stupid ass color comment, what pissed me off more was that both Nina and the Duchess said "Yeah" after she said that and then Heidi made Amy's color choices an issue when she and Boo Boo Kitty were getting the smack down before the elimination. WTF?????? It's not just Tory Burch who needs a color wheel lesson. Idiots.

And you finding a photo of a Tory Burch design in blue and orange is priceless, TLo!! You bitches rock!

Amy's kid outfit could have been cute with a longer sweater, which really was cute, and maybe a plain dark brown legging. I thought the skirt had some construction issues as well. The petals weren't finished on that either.

The adult outfit was hideous. I hate clowns and I wouldn't wish a clown to have to wear those. The petals were all hand cut, uneven, unfinished. WTF would you choose such a time consuming design for a one-day challenge? That's stupid on Amy's part and she's lucky that she's put out some other interesting garments because I'm sure that saved her since Boo Boo's body of work was just sad.

Big Boy - The kid's look was better without the tp tacked onto the front (when Tim saw it, it didn't have that crap on it). I actually like the yellow, white, black combo. Brandeis saved the adult look. Seriously. She walked a fierce walk in that mess. If BB had tailored it somehow, or just stuck with the volume on the bottom, or something, it could have been interesting. He's lucky he does a mean Duchess L'Orange imitation!!!

Tim is not r"ah rah Lifetime", if you watch his weekly video blogs he's very candid about some of the odd decisions the producers and staff make without his knowledge or consent! he gets totally perplexed about some of them and it's clear it isn't what he'd do. Tim is the best!

I did list that as a possible reason for Tim seeming very disconnected on the show compared to earlier seasons: The network change.
That's still not a reason to encourage the designers to go in a "what were they thinking" type of direction with accolades of fabulousness.

I would normally just write it off as a difference in taste. Tim usually has flawless taste, he wrote a book and had a makeover show.
I only spoke out because before the season aired Tim said in several different press pieces that the designers threw him under the bus and blamed him more than once with the judges.. He also said some thought too highly of themselves and their abilities..

From what I have seen Tim is just telling *most* people they are fabu and he's exicited to see the finished product, even the ones I think had already boarded the train to hot messville. :)

I also said that I am/was a huge Tim fan so please don't take my thoughts as some personal attack on him. I do not want to argue or make those who love Tim angry.

These are just the opinions of ONE person, me. I hope my expressing of that opinion doesn't make me any enemies here.

I kind of liked Amy's, it was bold.
But I hated how the little one's sweater just ended, it looked like it had been burned off.
As much as I love him, Johnathans was a disaste, he should def have been in the bottom.

I was under the impression that Amy was going to sew the petals/scales down to the pants. At least they wouldn't have been flopping around like that. (And add me to the "why didn't she just make a skirt?" camp.)

I actually liked Jonathan's little girl's dress but was way too old for her.

Zippy said:
"(when Tim saw it, it didn't have that crap on it)."

Look at the video above. It did have that on it. You can even see it in the pic before you play the video. Tim did ask if he was going to tweak it tho.

When I first saw Amy's look as she worked on assembling scales in the workroom, I wondered if she'd been inspired to create the design by the uber-popular children's book, Pretty Fish by Marcus Pfister.
I agree, her big girl look could've been a success had she made a skirt instead of pants and maybe even reduced scales could've helped as well. Her little girl's look wasn't horrible, just awkward. It looked overworked, but apparently little girl's really dig layers, texture and color. I can actually think of a number of friends' little ones who might flip over something similar or in the realm of that whole bright, multi-layer & textural aesthetic.

Jonathan's little girl garment was just looked a mess. TLo were being far too kind by comparing it to a female exec. For me, the big girl Kleenex dress wasn't all that horrible. Had Jonathan used Kleenex brand pocket tissues, the dress may have looked much less offensive. Little girl's look and big girl's looks together --- not at all a cohesive combination.


hey Anon 9:12: too bad your parents didn't feel the same way.


The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

I'm glad Amy's still in, but was worried this was going to be the mid-season crazy auf where they kick off one of the more talented designers... the Alison/Kit/Kellie type of auf.

What's with the half-sweater over a shirt thing? Paired with a skirt over tights, she looks a little "post-apocalyptic ragamuffin." Like a background player in a Disney musical remake of Mad Max

Oh my - this absolutely brilliantly hilarious! PR would not be the same without you bitches.

JS said:
Okay, but how cute was Amy's kid? And Amy's expression when she said she trusted her?
...SO sweet of the girl to say that she trusted Amy after the judges ripped on the clothes.
Ditto. i love her confidence, and how she stood right up to the Duchess. Bravo for her!
And while much of Amy's outfit for the adult was a misstep, the turquoise sweater looked adorable on the girl. The pieces all looked very Gap Kids.

this challenge reeked of "lifetime" programming, it was pretty boring. I'm sure all of these kids were the offspring of the staff of PR and Tory Burch brought nothing to the table. Bring back Lauren Hutton.

Am I the only one who liked the toilet paper dress? Besides, it reminded me of something I hd seen before and I found it! It's a Baron Crown shoes ad in vogue. Look at the 3/10 BITTY ad in the link:

I am very happy to see some crazy coming down the runway.

That said, Amy's kid separates are actually on trend. In the stores - for this age range - you see top, jacket, fluffy skirt worn w/leggings underneath sold as a complete outfit. Sometimes the leggings are actually attached to the skirt. And I thought the colors were great So yeah, I think she understood the market and did a good job. (Even if the fish pants were nutty.)

As for Ms. Burch, when she made her color comment, all I could think of was every turquoise-coral editorial I've seen over the past 20 years in the fashion rags. Hmmhph.

"I don't really feel these colors work together. I'm not sure that blue and orange are that complementary."

Tory Burch's logo is blue and orange . . . oh the irony!

If Amy had made a miniskirt, I would have cut many a bitch to get ahold of it. That treatment would have been genius in a miniskirt.

When she started her child's skirt, I thought it was going to be brilliant, but then it looked kind of crappy on. It was too short, so it didn't work as a skirt -- and those micro-mini, crotch-skimmers are less winning on a child than on Heidi Klum. The shrunken sweater did not work on a child; it reminded me of times when my children refuse to admit they outgrew a particular beloved piece of clothing and wear it to the point that I fear CPS is going to get called on me.

Amy's so talented, but she had some poor judgment going on those two days. Pull it together, Amy!


A few months ago TLo asked their fans to post suggestions for challenges for a newer and better Project Runway. There were quite a few ideas that involved mother/daughter mother/child. This challenge is right out of the blog and I doubt that Rungay readers reflect Lifetime Network demographic. The challenge is cute but it might have been too broad. Project Runway Israel had a challenge for a bridal gown and a corresponding flower girl.

raisin mountaineer

"they are totally something my 7th grade koo-koo krazy english teacher would wear."

Oh man, when i started into that sentence, I thought, "Oh my god, one of my former students is on here!" But I taught 7th grade math.

There was a time when I would have totally worn those pants. Crazy junior high teacher time. Anything that kept me happy and kept the kids' attention (weird or whatever) was a good thing. And those are happy, happy pants, whatever anyone might not like about them.

See, I don't get people saying "I saw it and thought it was a skirt and I liked it, but then I found out they were pants and thought they were hideous." What the fug is with that? They looked the same, didn't they? Part of what I liked about them (and I did like them, pretty well actually) is that they looked like a pencil skirt but were actually pants, making them more comfortable and casual to wear. They weren't horrific, and I'm right!!!!!

Blue and orange are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. That is the definition of a complementary color.

am I the only one who didn't hate the paper towel dress so much- I actully thoght that ,with a bit of editing, it was a pretty good dress.i think that if he worked more on the weastline of the dress he could have gotten a good high fashion dress (not fantastic, but cerntenly something that was much better then some of the other entries). the children outfit, one the other end, was terrible.
so were the clown pents- who would have worked nicely as a short mini or a midi skirt.

I really think had Amy had the time to execute the fish-scale pattern and apply a better editing eye to the idea (SKIRT not PANTS!!) it could have been a really interesting look. She was really ambitious and creative, so I have to give her props for that. Also I love how her kid-model was defending her on the runway--so cute! she must have won her over.

Wow, epic fail. I see where she was going but the colors were too busy and utterly clashed and the construction was poor. Much too ambitious for a one day time frame. The girl's outfit wasn't much better. She looked like "flower #3" for a school play.

There aren't many ways to prevent that ragged look Amy got with the horrible fish scales, either--she could have serged each one or sewn two together and turned them, like she did with the kid's skirt. The moment she started laying them out, I started face palming. It had train wreck written all over it from the start!

On Amy's behalf, her outfits made me smile and I laughed WITH her (even though she wasn't laughing) instead of AT her. Now, I would never imagine any sane person wanting to wear them, but they were at least interested and FUN, something that was lacking in many of the contestants' creations.

Total side note- Amy looked gorgeous in that strapless dress. omg. soooo pretty.

Stubenville said:
"...Why does a bolero look 'stupid' on a child but fine on an adult? Personally I hate the damn things on everyone most of the time."

I can't figure out how that thing even qualifies as a bolero jacket.
The damn thing should come down to at least the second rib and that thing was just stuck right into that poor kids armpit.
I'm not sure if that even qualifies as a shrug.


Re: Tim's role/guilt/etc.

One of the things I like about the move to Lifetime is the plethora of online footage to peruse. I'm finally getting a sense of what Tim does in the workroom. It seems to me, that his role is to try to see the designers vision and give them tips to achieve it (edit here, go with that, what about this, etc). His job isn't to tell them that their ideas suck. He seems to genuinely want them to achieve their vision as strongly as possible.

Like with the clownfish pants, he said it was risky. She acknowledged that risk. He also saw her vision, and encouraged her to pursue it. Those pants were whack, but they had the germ of a good idea in them. With more time, she could have executed them better and edited them down and had a real show stopper. That's what Tim saw, that potential show stopper, and that's why he encouraged her.

If he tells them "no, don't do that" then he's kind overstepping his bounds as mentor and becomes more of a coach. It's their designs, he's just a preliminary sounding board and technical resource for them.

Okay, apparently I have some very strong pro-Tim Gunn feelings that I've never tapped into before. Sorry so long.

Did anyone else look at Jonathan's adult dress and have a season 5 Keith flashback? I'm particularly thinking of his "New York at night" inspiration.

brings me back to Fred asking Lucy to buy Ethel's birthday present. LOOK FOR THAT EPISODE, boys, and you will SEE the Clown Fish Pants!

Anonymous on 2/20/10 at 11:05 PM said...Am I the only one who liked the toilet paper dress?

You are not alone! I liked it too.


Amy had me cautiously intrigued until she said "pants." Whatever hope I had that something interesting would come out of that...well, it flew out the window fast.

Technically, blue and orange define the concept of complimentary, being directly opposite of each other on the color wheel.

Thank you, ibreathandisigh, Amy's clown pants reminded me of Ethel's hostess pants.

And I agree with Stubenville. Whether pants or skirt, "The garment would still be poorly executed, ugly colored and clown-wear."

Thank you bloggers for totally echoing my feelings on the blue/orange kid outfit - loved it! When I first saw it, I felt it was something I would totally buy for my girls. Yes, the clown fish pants were crazy - too bad though, like Amy and she survived so all is good. Great challenge!

I laughed at "blue and orange aren't complimentary." Um, blue and orange are COMPLIMENTARY colors.

Like a background player in a Disney musical remake of Mad Max. LOL. And ouch, considering that was the best look of those particular four. What were they thinking??? It's becoming clear that Amy sometimes has judgement issues, but Jonathan is usually pretty steady. I'm fretting over them both now.

I liked the clown pants, I liked the colors, I didn't like the frayed-ness of the scales, I would actually wear them in public, and I love that they were pants and not a skirt. Where TLo saw Fug, I saw Fun. But the little girl outfit from Amyville, not so much.

I think Amy's little kid outfit was spot on cause that's how they like to dress. Haphazardly.

I was surprised Jonathan put the tissue paper all over the dress. I like the structure he had underneath and I think if he had been more strategic with the tissue pieces it would have been fantabulous.

Why didn't Jonathan listen to his own premonition when he was channeling Michael Kors?

The bolero on the little girl was ill fitting. It looked like it was strangling her. Maybe that was his secret plan all along? After all, he told us that children terrify him. hmmmmm

Amy's fish scale pants were thrown together at the last minute that one could tell it was shoddy work even without closeup photos. Even her little model Caitlin told Alison to get ready for the circus! I didn't mind the colors at all, but I agree, a skirt instead of pants would have been better.

Wow, I thought Amy's kid outfit was adorable, and I actually really liked her clown fish pants.

Hear me out. I would never wear them but they were bold, striking, and interesting. I've seen a lot fuglier stuff on the runway and on fashionistas and have come more and more to appreciate that frequently fashion is more about point of view and risk-taking than about "pretty." And I think Amy's color choices are so much more interesting than, say, Emilio's.


You're right, TLo that Tory Burch should not be allowed to judge again, but not just because she's a hypocrite--rather because, as so many of your wonderful readers have pointed out, she doesn't know the definition of "complementary" colors and, therefore, is not even qualified to judge design on the most basic level. (I specifically remember learning about complementary colors for the first time when I was a freshman in high school.)

I was screaming at my television last night when I finally watched this week's ep, and she said she didn't think orange and blue were complementary. I think my rampage went something like this: "They're opposites on the color wheel, you ignoramus! How did you even become a designer?! Go back to art school!"

Not only are blue and orange complementary, but amy chose to work with a more blue/green blue and a red/orangey orange.... COMPLEMENTS!

ok. anyway, there goes any street cred she may have had.

The toilet paper dress might have worked better with something to break up all that white fluffiness. Too bad Jesse already snagged the Magic Belt from the Bluefly accessory wall. Shall we place bets on how many more times that gets used? XX's

I second Katie's sentiments - I liked Amy's child's outfit. On the other hand, the clown-fish pants were not so special, but I feared that they might have ended up looking like those pants that Cher used to wear on the old Sonny & Cher show.

Jonathan's dress was definitely Charmin.

I loved the colors of Amy's outfits was sorely tempted to look for a blue and orange Tory Burch design, just to call her out (in my head). But I knew TLo wouldn't let me down!

Tory fails Color Theory HARDCORE. Orange and blue are, by their very definition, complementary colors.

One of your best-ever recaps, loveys! Kleenex Fairy! Psychedelic chicken costume! HR Pufnstuf! BRILLIANT!

This is my new favorite place to be on the internet! This blog rocks!

By the by, I feel like Tim is a little more forgiving than he has been in the past. He doesn't seem as "worried" as he has been in previous seasons. Agree?

I have to say I think Amy's design really reflects some of the fashion out here in the Bay Area. It didn't seem that out of left field to me given what I see folks wear in San Francisco.

Watching jonathon's dress come down the runway, I couldn't help but wondering how S5's Keith got back in the building.

I really like Amy and I do happen to think that blue and orange can go together (and so, evidently, does Tori Burch) but, well what else can be said that could top your "When a Stranger Calls" reference. I agree it might have been salvageable as a skirt but those were some raggedy ass scales. Dude I was so worried the judges might plum lose their minds and send Amy home over Boo Boo Kitty anyways.

You know what was beautiful tho? Amy's child model defending her on the runway. That little girl melted my Grinchy heart.

Your commentary on Amy Sarabi will have me laughing all week. Thank you for summing up the crazy so well!

@Jane: Amy is from Oakland, so there ya go.

Did anyone notice the musical comedy moment that slipped out of the Duchess' mouth?

"Different is nice but it sure isn't pretty..."

Someone was blasting "At the Ballet" from A Chorus Line on their way to the set...

I prefer the term "guttersnipe" over "ragamuffin", but not I'm just picking nits. ;)

I use the term "urchin" to describe my adorable nieces and nephew so I might just be a little quirky when it comes to child descriptions.

Just a moment about complimentary colors. Hey art theory--

This is the definition from Definition:

Two colours on opposite sides of the color wheel, which when placed next to each other make both appear brighter. The complementary color of a primary color (red, blue, and yellow) is the colour you get by mixing the other two (red + blue = purple; blue + yellow = green; red + yellow = orange). So the complementary color for red is green, for blue it's orange, and for yellow it's purple.

So actually yeah- blue and orange are the definition of complimentary colors.

At first I thought she might just pull off the clown scales, but....

However, Tory's comment about orange and blue not going together left me agahst. I've seen that particular color combination for decades, Tory.

I want a TLo degree! Yes please. Teach me all your ways.

I loved when Jonathan's teeny model threw him under the bus. "It hurts my skin here!" Hahahahaha!

He had good reason to be scared of her.

OMG, I had to close my office door and literally laugh out loud at this recap. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Amy's clownfish pants are so ridiculous. I don't think I would have liked them even if she had made a skirt out of those scales. I find she's also becoming a one-trick pony with the handkerchief/petals schtick. It worked beautifully for the potato sack challenge. It looked cute, if a bit much for the cover look. Here it is boring and just plain ugly.

Poor Jonathan. When your 8-year-old model throws you under the bus, you are toast.

So I think Amy might have been a little outside the lines, but she took a risk. I'd like to see her get commended on that aspect and the pink duo get bashed for their lack of any risks. Where would fashion be without some risks?!

I actually don't mind the color combination - though I'd rather be shot during a fox hunt in January than wear it - but the execution is sloppy on the mom outfit. Now, the kid's thing is borderline okay. An eight-year-old with attitude could pull it off...right before a schoolyard brawl.

Am I the only one who kinda liked both of these just a little? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Probably am.

Yes, the pants would have been much better as a skirt. And she should have given the kid a full sweater instead of a half sweater. But the petals were neat and it felt high fashion to me - I can picture those "clown pants" in many a runway show.

Also, Tory Burch is an idiot for saying that. First of all, ORANGE AND BLUE ARE COMPLEMENTARY COLORS. Literally. Secondly, these particular shades blue/green and orange/pink look great together (but of course could have looked better not on petal clown pants).

Certainly not the best this week, but far from the worst (that would be Mila). Thankfully they spared her.

A few years ago I was in Saks in NYC and heard that Tory Burch was in her boutique to meet her customers. She stood there, arms folded, all pouty and put upon and no one went near her. Fashion whore that I am, I was planning to go over and say hey, but came to a screeching halt at the edge of her area. The entire floor was packed,as it always is on a Saturday afternoon, but her little boutique was empty, except for frosty little Tory.

You'd think that selling 18 billion pairs of ballet flats with your logo on them would make you a little happier.


I think am one of 5 people in the world who love Amy's pants, from the fit to the scales to the color combination. Watching her make them was fun til she said 'pants,' as I thought a skirt would be a no-brainer, but when I saw how they turned out I fell in love. They have a very Erte 1920's feel to me, and I would wear them in a heartbeat, if I had an appropriately fabulous event to go to. I also love the little girl's look, so maybe Mad Max is just in my blood. Anyway, it was nice to see some daring design, and the judges sounded to me like schoolkids who didn't like someone solely because they were 'weird' and threatened their sense of conformity. Yes the pants were outside the norm, and no they were not appropriate for the masses, but to my eyes both the form and colors were awesome and looked great on the model.

Dear Tory Birch,
Please reference ANY basic colorwheel... Blue & orange are indeed ACTUAL complimentary colors.

To quote Jay McCarroll: "If [Amy's pants] were balenciaga all of those idiots would be saying how whimsical and amazing they were."


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