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Michael Kors Fall 2010 Collection

The Duchess held court.


By golly, I think I like it.

I can't get over the first girl, wearing a shirt, underpants, knee boots, and a fur coat. PANTS... they're not optional!

The combination was too ludicrous for words to me, and I think I shall have to come look at every look after that in a while with fresh eyes.

The fur skirt is INSANEly ugly.

I like many of the other outfits.

FINALLY! A Michael Kors collection that doesn't bore me!
I want that leather jacket in row 23... been looking for a good one for years.


He's really committed to camel and cowls. Very Aspen lux.
I think the mens looks are stronger than the womens.


"Hello Nipples"

Can't get over the fur. This whole collection is a big NO for me just based on the fur.

It's not winning any awards for innovation, but it's still beautiful. Here's what I love about Kors: he uses models that are over the age of 16. Frankie (that was Frankie and not Missy, right?) Rayder and Angela Lindvall are in their 30s, which is practically dead in fashion years. And yet there they are looking awesome and appropriate in these clothes.

I hate the use of fur but other than that I think this collection rocks!

What's with the insane crotches?

I want him to make that sweater that you guys posted on Facebook for women. kthanks. I really might need to buy that, gender be damned.

Definitely not a fan of this - that first look - did the stylist forget to give the model enough time to put her pants on, or did the skirt go around the neck of the male model immediately behind her?? I think there were 3 looks in the entire thing I liked. Overall‘s definitely not to my taste.

I also want to agree with TLo about Michael's choice of models- lots of pretty faces here.
Lately, I've been getting the feeling that to be a runway model these days you no longer have to be attractive... just tiny. Now MK has restored some of my faith.


am i the only one who thinks of wendy pepper when they show "boobies" on the runway? he flipped out on her for that.

I absolutely adore that long grey knit ensemble. Fabulous!

The fashionable elegance. It threatens to consume me.

A few of these -- especially the first -- bring to mind the immortal words, "Slutty, slutty, slutty!" But mostly, I like. Alta

Very pretty models! The knits brought back Irina memories...

Clueless Jock

Understated luxury. Marc Jacobs, take note.

Thank you, Mjude. I've been trying to remember what Michael Kors said about Wendy Pepper's final collection. Clothing, clothing, clothing, tits!

Oh thank god! I've needed to replace my winter wool bikini and my possum fur pencil skirt for a couple of years now. My pantyhose shirt is still holding up, but I'm glad to see that MK is there for me when I inevitably get a run in my nipple.

It is luxe. And has kind of a CK vibe, yes?

Oh dang Michael Kors. Rich Canadians are gonna buy the hell out of your coats. I could so use that parka with the giant fur face cover thing for the Ottawa winters myself.

Sexy. Except for the fur skirt, which is scary. I wish I could give off the vibe that this collection gives off, except maybe with fewer visible nipples. I'd spend all my time at a five-star ski lodge, posing all slinky with a glass of wine.

As for the fur: he's in a position to make popular the transition to faux, so what's the deal? People need to stop buying the real thing.

Wow, beautiful people.

Michael seems to be influenced by the PR finalists quite a bit. I looked at this and it really brought to mind Irina's PR final and newest collections--fur, oversized shawl collars, the color palette... I know she didn't invent these things, but the combination is pretty coincidental. Especially when you look at the collections side by side. I seem to recall in previous seasons thinking the same thing, but don't want to take the time to look it up because I'm lazy and would rather throw shade and run away.


You are not kidding about the models. That guy in row 3 is one of the hottest models I've ever seen.

I really like this. There are a couple of pieces that make no sense to me, but hey, its fashion week.

I love the full length, deep cowl gray in row 16, the tan full length in row 32 & the other full length gray in row 31.

The coats are fab, too.


Remind me why I want to wear a see-thru turtleneck?! (Row 4)

Generally, when I look at a MK collection I sorta like or sorta don't like. But, this collection elicits some stronger emotions.

The Flintstone skirt. If only it had a Wilma top!

Some of the separates are beautiful and subtle - the look next to the Flintstone skirt, for instance.

Hmmmm. Some nice pieces, but not feeling any fun.

Boy do I hate cowl necks. Always have. Can't really see the point of them unless they've got a button or zipper feature where they can be tightened up.

What do you do with the cowl? Isn't it sort of a crumb catcher?

Whoa, breasts! (Row 4, obviously)

I wasn't expecting that.

The fur tube skirt is possibly the ugliest thing I have seen this year. (It's only February.)

Love the leather jackets and coats.

Elegant, Timeless and some of the best made clothing available.

Now would someone comment on Jonathan's imitation of the Duchess

"She looks like a waitress at Benihana!"

Wait, there's a pair of grey sweatpants that taper to the ankle in there (row 14). Um, yeah. Sweatpants are not fashionable, especially grey ones.

Otherwise, the pants on the women are all really unflattering. I hate the "boyfriend jean" look though. Menswear tailored to women = nice. Menswear made smaller and thrown on women = sloppy. It seems to be a strange preppy thing though.

sixgables, I just wet myself reading your comments.

Are those cowl necks on the boys' sweaters of scarfy things that aren't attached? They look great, but what happens once you get inside? If it is detached, where do you put it. If it's a cowl, it would be great for hiding your head and sleeping through meetings.

Why, oh why, didn't Kors do the Olympic team's opening cereomony gear?? Any of this would have shot down the Ralph Lauren crap like a gold medal biathlete!

I love love love the sweaters!
So sexy. As are the models.
Good man candy, Michael.

Irina must be fuming right now

Oh, and the two gowns at the end? Can we slip some Oscar nominees into them right now? I'd like to see Meryl in the black and Sandy B. in the gold. Pictures of Sandy dressed like an Oscar holding an Oscar would be great.

thank you, Bill, happy to return the favor.

Funny how the Duchess can take someone to task for "slutty" but when he does it, it's FASHION! Seriously, I do like many of the pieces here, especially the sweaters...gorgeous! But I've grown weary of the boobs on parade look.

i don't understand, do you really need to show tits on a runway?

Why, oh why, does he make so many of the men's pants baggy and dumpy?

Shalia said:
I can't get over the first girl, wearing a shirt, underpants, knee boots, and a fur coat. PANTS... they're not optional!

That is a silly look. Ditto for the fur skirt, which is just fug.

Those criticisms aside, there are a lot of attractive looks in the Duchess' collection.

WOW! I loved this collection!

Shelly O could rock the long sheath dresses.

honestly, i'm more drawn to the shoes. NORMAL SHOES ON THE RUNWAY OMGZ! i love the slouchy suede boots.

and i, too, don't get cowl necks. i feel like i've got a neck brace in the back and sides, and then a crumbcatcher on the front. uncomfy.

well, everyone seems to love it, but IMO, what a snoozefest.

Sorry, I just can't past all the fur, which disqualifies it for me. Yuck. (Not to mention the boobs and the insane crotch.)

A little inspired by Irina, no?

I like a lot of it (sheer tops and exposed undies aside), but what's with all the long skirts dragging on the floor? Some of the models' feet look wrapped up in them.

It looks like he ripped of Irina from last seasons PR. Those sweaters have her written all over them. And wasn't Lux Nina's word for practically every look Irina did?

Okay, lets flip it around. If Kors were judging the 1st row left (bikini bottom, slouchy knit top, fur coat) and the 4th row (hello tits!) he would rip the contestant to pieces. Nina would be saying that the look was trashy and the designer would be 'auf'.

Et tu Michael?

Love him, love the clothes. Hate hate hate hate the fur. Enough already. I blame Anna Wintour.
And I would say Irina most likely was inspired by MK's ongoing aesthetic, no? That's probably why I liked her collection, SANS FUR of course.

Look, the duchess has made some gorgeous choices for this collection (particularly the last two evening gowns - stunning!) but I just cannot abide by all the fur I've been seeing lately - all I do is look at the models and see my Chinchillas staring back at me.

Gorgeous collection otherwise - I'd think of buying some of these pieces if it weren't for the fur! Hate hate hate the puffy michelin-man jackets though. Reminds me of middle-school, and they aren't flattering on anyone.

SOme beautiful looks. But mixed in with "HELLO BOOBIES" (to quote him - to Wendy who I still say did it better) and INSANE CROTCHES - (Baggy waist to knee and then tight?)

I do love the L/S top with dressy long skirts. If they were jsut a little less low cut, these would work for more mature women at more formal occasions.

Yep. Irina is going to be pissed that he stole her sweater - just like Althea.

I, for one, love all the fur this season. It is the definition of luxury.

Of course, I spent a lot of time as a young girl with a towel on my head and my grandmother's mink stole wrapped around me pretend smoking a pencil....

I don't want to see them and why do designers think bras etc... are optional?

Ok, I feel better now.


I think it's funny that the Duchess of Orange invariable looks for the pinkest, palest models he can find. I guess that's how it goes when your favorite color is beige.

It's nice -- good pieces, nothing earth-shattering. Several of the skirts are great (if all things I've seen before and really only feasible for tall girls), but what is that hideous fur skirt atrocity? Looks JUST LIKE my nephew's raccoon-skin hat.

not my favorite duchess collection, but there are some truly gorgeous pieces in here. the long gray knit top & skirt combo is a dream outfit for me. unfortunately, i cant stand fur & the whole frumpy trend has worked my last nerve. i dont care how expensive the fabric was, too much of it is too much. kors rules when he tailors. anything less than tailored perfection from him just makes him look like he's trying to fit in with the kids.

The Irina vibe is impossible to ignore, isn't it? At any rate, some really beautiful separates here, in among some questionable oddities and all..that...fur.

Beautiful collection! Thank you for posting all these photos, Tlo!

Is it me or does fur seem to be popping up in a lot collections this season, and not just fur accents. Like a lot of fur, everywhere.

Also I have a notion that, as much I like them, large chunky knits and cowls are on the verge of being over done. I suddenly feel like they're everywhere.

But I do like this collection, especially the long slinky knit dresses. Comfy and pretty.

Yes Duchess, I can see what she had for lunch!

tom_chicago: "Michael seems to be influenced by . . . Irina's PR final and newest collections--fur, oversized shawl collars, the color palette... "

And all the others who say he ripped off Irina. . .

Every time we see something that reminds us of a PR contestant's designs, people post that the designer must have been influenced by the PR designer.

Of course it's possible that MK was influenced by Irina. But what seems more likely -- especially since we've been seeing a lot of knitwear this season -- is that Irina just had her finger on the pulse of what was going on for the year ahead, as did MK and all the many other designers who put out knits, big collars, etc. this season.

Yeah, see, as Laura, two posts above my first post says, fur & chunky knits are all over the place right now. I really don't think we can trace them all back to Irina.

another laura

I really love the camel/grey color combinations. It's so freaking elegant to my eye.

No, mjude, you are not the only one who thinks of Wendy. And it bugs me to no end. I really liked Wendy's collection, still do.

Yes, very much aimed at a certain economic class, but I wonder how it'll translate for the ready-to-wear crowd and the stores like Filene's that sell it. I own several Kors shirts that are the cheap, toned-down versions of what he shows on the runway. There are some particular pieces here I hope get translated and not ignored for us who buy the versions of his clothes that appear on the rack.

The animals that are eaten whose skin becomes leather I understand. Its the concept of using the whole animal food and clothing that lasts, but the fur killed for fashion alone? Grotesque. They look hideous with those poor animals skins hanging off of them seriously they look like idiots. Stop using the real thing. If you want to look like you are becoming a werewolf use faux fur.

"Hello Nipples"

Not to mention all the plunging necklines and skirts slit to the navel. Michael Kors -- for when absolutely, positively want to freeze your lady bits.

Love, love, love!!
And to comment on fur -
I live in Louisiana, where we have a very significant nutria problem. They are an invasive species with no natural predators, and their overpopulation's burrowing significantly threatens the stability of levees.
The problem is so bad that SWAT team sharpshooters drive up and down the levees at night and kill the nutria for target practice.
I have heard (not sure where) that there has been a push to use nutria fur, as apparently it is a fine quality.
If designers insist on using fur, I would love to see/hear about them embracing using nutria fur. They are being killed anyway as a matter of public safety, and this fur should not go to waste. I believe those so opposed to fur would not oppose this particular fur, no?

I want the entire outfit on row 3. Everything. I mean, it would look terrible with my ginger hair, but I want it so bad.

The coat in row 14 with the awesome fur hood? Want that too.

The coat in the second-to-last row? Fantastic. Want that one too.

I agree with whoever mentioned how crazy the men's pants are. Are the crotches supposed to be f'd up or was he just smoking something bad when he made those?

Gorgeous. I only wish there was more color. Beiges aren't really flattering on me, but I love the luxe feel of this collection.

And I'm going to get stoned for this, but I love the fur. I'll state right now that I think *all* parts of the animal should be used, if possible, and that animals that are slaughtered, whether for food or clothing, should be raised and slaughtered in a humane manner.

I just can't condemn it - it's warm and comfortable. No polyester substitute is going to keep me aswarm, and where I live, fur/down is pretty much a necessity.

Irina should be collecting royalties on this.

I simply can't respect a designer or a collection that uses fur. Killing animals for luxury is not, and never will be, okay.

Ugh - I am so tired of khaki, tan, camel, biscuit, taupe...whatever. It's BEIGE and it's boring.

Oh ffs. Some of you need to stop smoking the Irina crack. She didn't invent fur, cowl necks, or oversized sweaters. Kors has been using fur and knits in his fall collections for years, not to mention cowl necks. These things are all staples of sportswear fall collections, especially this season.

Also this isn't the first time he's sent a model down the runway in a sheer shirt. Designers have been sending out exposed nipples for years. Can we get over it now?

As for this collection? A little generic, but he does it well. Most of it looks comfortable, warm, and luxe, so it should be a hit with his customers. I'm not a fan of fur (personally find fur and feathers gross), but I love a soft roomy sweater on a cool fall day, so I'd like a few of the items here.

Without looking at who did this collection, if you've been paying attention to fashion you'd know that it's Micahel Kors. This. is. what. he. does. And he was doing it before Irina or any other PR alum applied to design school.

I'd kill for that first pair of charcoal trousers.

I can't speak for everyone else - but my crack about Irina was more of a burn on her than a comment about MK. Calm down, people.

I can't belive how many animals died to make that ugly fur skirt...
but I do like the knits, and the long dresses

Seriously, that first lady model? What IS that? Other than hideous, I mean. I guess some of it's nice.

Except for the fur and leather, my first thought is, why aren't I thin and rich? I LOVE this collection, though I'd wear pants and a camisole where needed. Gorgeous.

Sewing Siren, I believe he's committed to camel, cowls, AND crotches. Pot calling the kettle black, anyone? And he criticizes some of the designers on PR for being vulgar?

Yeah, I'm afraid the first thing that went through my mind was also the "Slutty, slutty, slutty." line.

I'm not really a big fan of the current trends so I think I'll leave it at that, except to say that almost none of the fur even looked very good. I'm not going to get into the debate about it, I just want to say that if someone's going to use it, faux or not, it should not be ugly.

I see tootie!

And the men's pants all win the Insane Crotch award.

Love the gowns, love the knits. Not so wild about the fur skirt, and it has nothing to do with fur. That's just a lotta volume below the waist.

It's beautiful, classic, classy stuff. But seriously, what is with all the fur this season? Did the fur lobby get a big budget boost or something? It's pretty to look at on the runway, but are real (I use the term loosely) people actually going to buy and (more importantly) wear it? In public?

The fur is so repulsive, I really can't look at the non-fur pieces. MK won't be getting any of my $$ this season.

I think the fur lobby has been a very very busy bee this past year.

That fur skirt is just so crazy it is cracktastic.

The rest is pretty wonderful.

the camel and gray look so elegant together -- and I would kill for the sleeveless leather trench.

all in all a great collection


I can't really get with the whole fur concept. It's so easy to have luxury and glamour without animal cruelty, why go there? Plus, even aside from the violence, fur is just so in-your-face, flash-your-cash, vulgar and obvious (even in economically flush times) that it disgusts me. It's a big, bulky, ugly object that exists only for the purpose of conspicuous consumption -- like a set of Louis Vuitton luggage, or a huge, bulky, heavy Birkin bag. No one with true confidence and taste would need or want to be associated with such vulgar and unnecessary things.

I think real style and taste requires what Tim Gunn (also an opponent of conspicuous consumption) would call an "editing eye." That kind of restraint, and confidence, is exactly what Kors USUALLY has, and is so sorely lacking here. -victoria

It's the Duchess's fuck you valentine to animal advocates everywhere.

Does Irina know that The Duchess stole her sweater (hahahaha).

I guess a lot of people in this blog got into fashion through PR and they're still very much inside it? That would explain Michael Kors cowl necks being inspired by Irina's (Hello? Kors and cowl necks is like Chanel and camelias). Or comments tracking back bare or glimpsed breasts to some Wendy or other which is... don't even know what to say...
TLo should get a government grant for promotion of fashion literacy education.

I wear fur. In public (I mean, it's not the sort of thing you wear to hang around the house is it? it's warm inside houses). I am real people. I think.

I usually don't care for Michael Kors but I love this collection. You could stock my closet with these clothes!

Fur is warm and comfortable. Some of us live where it's cold and warmth is essential.

I understand y'alls PETA-rage, but I simply don't agree that it's that big a deal. I have hot-button issues to get my panties in a twist about other than the use of a material that is both beautiful and practical.

As for the "fur lobby" comments: maybe fur has just come into fashion again? Maybe I'm hyper-sensitive to flinging accusations about "lobbies" due to my political interests, but it seems like some people are treating it like some huge conspiracy that ends with kicking puppies.


I'm back, Tlo! I missed you guys so much. I'm going to have to spend the whole weekend reading your posts. You guys have posted a LOT!

I love his clothes, they're sexy, perfectly tailored and wearable. I think he's a great designer. Not a fan of fur, though.


Exquisite and the male models are always gorgeous!

I can't really get with the whole fur concept. It's so easy to have luxury and glamour without animal cruelty, why go there? Plus, even aside from the violence, fur is just so in-your-face, flash-your-cash, vulgar and obvious (even in economically flush times) that it disgusts me. It's a big, bulky, ugly object that exists only for the purpose of conspicuous consumption -- like a set of Louis Vuitton luggage, or a huge, bulky, heavy Birkin bag. No one with true confidence and taste would need or want to be associated with such vulgar and unnecessary things.

Cheap disposable attention grabbing H&M handbags produced by cheap disposable child labor from tortured and abused cows in India are unnecessary. An understated Birkin bag, produced from well treated Italian cattle by well paid qualified European workers, which can be passed from generation to generation in a family... well, I'm not saying it is a necessity, but...
Anyway, who cares about Indian children when we have a overpopulation of rabbits to worry about?

Overall, a great collection, especially the menswear.

steubenville: Et tu, Michael?


*** On another note:
I had a whole rant here about exacerbating the chasm between the haves and have-nots in this country, but instead I will simply quote the well-spoken Mr. Tim Gunn: "This concerns me."

I though it was tit print.

seriously enough with the "inspired by irina" comments. michael was barely there to see irina's stuff anyway.

the fur skirt on sasha p is a little ridiculous.

I'll take the guy in the 4th to last picture. Yes. Doesn't matter if he is gay or straight.

The collection... uh... what?

I'm baffled at some of the styling. Not just underpants girl, but who wears a boyfriend sweater and a heavy knit watch cap with their glittery evening skirt? Color me mystified.

Too much fur and way too many cowls -- both necklines and detached -- for my tastes. Oh, and I counted at least three or four transparent sweaters. Who wears wool knit so fine their tits are hanging out, anyway? Talk about failing to grasp the concept.

Yeah, I'm not a fan.

Year after year MK returns to the same foundation pieces in his collections. Yet, year after year it works, and it's always fresh and always modern. And definitely, always amazing.

In short, love it all. Especially, the menswear, leathers and exaggerated cowls/eternity ring neckwear.


"Boring, nothing new. Reminds me of early Donna Karan. One would think that some of the PR designers would rub off on the famous Michael Kors as Heidi puts it. Weak show, a collection of collections.


The fabrics are indeed luxurious, but the proportions are just off on most of these looks. There are a few I like (I'm a sucker for hipslung belt) but overall I'm underwhelmed.

Good heavens, these are some of the most beautiful men I've ever seen!

But WTF with all the men's pants? Has the Duchess suddenly decided HE wants to win the Insane Crotch Award??

I like it. Maybe it's the slightly warmer palette. Not sure what but it hits the right notes for me.

"Oh thank god! I've needed to replace my winter wool bikini and my possum fur pencil skirt for a couple of years now."
-Sooooo funny! Thanks for the laugh :)

Don't really care for Michael anymore, maybe familiarity does breed contempt, kinda wish he hadn't done PR.

on fur: I just can't understand why anyone would want to dress up as an animal...beautiful and luxurious??? just seems ridiculous to me.

Unless you're living in an igloo you don't need fur to keep warm...warm for the 5 minutes it takes you to walk from your heated car to your heated destination...spare me!

He seems like he's following not leading the trends.... beautiful, but...

Hot-ish models not hot-est!

ok already, shut up about the f-ing fur. If you're a true vegan you probably have bigger animal cruelty issues to tackle...I personally don't want to wear a corpse as clothes, but in the grand scheme of things a few farm raised foxes pales in comparison to all the shoe box derived egg products most people don't think twice about. It's not wrong to use animals per se, but it is wrong when it's done cruelly IMO. There really is a difference. Hopefully designers are getting more educated about those differences.

Happy foxes make the best fur...

Does anyone know who the model in the fur skirt is? I always notice her in all the shows and think she is extremely striking.

The belts! The cashmere knits! The Michael Kors collection makes me super excited, unlike the Marc Jacobs collection that bored me to tears.
This is why Kors is a fashion institution, and worthy of his title as Duchess. May he reign forever!

Hm, I thought you boys weren't into the fur? I remember you commenting on Irina's last collection...What exactly is your position on the use of real pelts (I'm assuming these are real, no doubt)?

We already hashed out the fur issue with Irina's collection...let's not go into it again, please.

I like his collection...but does anyone think he got a little "inspiration" from Irina's collection she showed at Bryant Park last season?

so is Irina going to sue him for stealing the big bulky knits & collars that SHE invented??

Whyizit he hates nips showing in PR but it's okay in his collection??? Also looks like he's taken some inspiration from the PR designers. These clothes remind me of Ralph Lauren.

I thought that long gray, wool? dress with the low belts and big cowl was sexy and innovative.

I liked some of the menswear, but hated the pants. Then again, I like pants that are more fitted than loose.

This isn't my favorte M. Kors collection, but it's pretty good. Hate the fur, but I won't get into that again after the Irina thread, but felt I should mention it here too in all fairness.

This collection is super luxe, but then again this has always been his clientele. TLo is right, he's telling his customers that they only need him this season.

Animal cruelty concerns aside, just the concept of a fur skirt is almost a parody of mindless and conspicuous consumption.

It was a garment created just to get a response, but it, hopefully, has absolutely no use in the real world. How uncomfortable would it be to be lugging around a skirt that both weighs a ton AND makes your ass look huge?

The knits are nice, and I love the full-lenght skirts and cowls, but seriously, if a designer is going to use a hot-button material like real fur, use it judiciously. Otherwise, you just look like someone out of Zoolander.

Good fuckin god .. that last man walking? Head to toe perfection.

This is possibly the most gorgeous collection I've ever seen. I would love to own everything - even the guys' clothing - except for the silver puffer jacket.
Never a fan of the puffer...

10th row from the bottom, on the right: I seriously can't tell if that's a guy or a girl. I think I see boobs, but...?

I LOVE his men's stuff, and I'm a fervent, unapologetic fan of giant cowl necks, so well done, Duchess.

Also, call me a freak, but I'm really into the tall boots/long coat/no pants look. Not that I'd wear it to work or anything, but it's striking.

And again, I'm not pro-fur myself, but if fur is OMG EVIL, than what about leather? There's lots of that here, too.

Right off the bat the very first look made me have a deja vu moment to this:

And the boobie top to this:

Which if i recall he made a STINK about!

Lol what a hypocrite.

I do think his menswear is all kinds of amazing.

I see a similarity with Marc Jacobs; the subdued colors and looser shapes. But unlike MJ, these clothes have some life to them.
Absolutely love all the belts, boots and handbags. I want me some leathah!
I want every piece, even the men's stuff. I want to wear all of it.

Pass. Irina's collection made far better use of fur... this just looks like it was designed for women who don't mind flashing their naughty bits and for men who like looking like their head is coming out of a giant vagina.

Laura47 said...
I'm baffled at some of the styling. Not just underpants girl, but who wears a boyfriend sweater and a heavy knit watch cap with their glittery evening skirt? Color me mystified. Oh, and I counted at least three or four transparent sweaters. Who wears wool knit so fine their tits are hanging out, anyway? Talk about failing to grasp the concept.

You are suppossed to wear something underneath, the sheer tops I mean. It's quite easy really, any t-shirt would do. As for who wears heavy knits with evening looks, I do. It's quite a useful look, and has been quite popular for a while. But in any event, you don't have to, you can wear the pieces separately, really! It IS a runway you know?

I was never much of a Michael Kors Fan, but I really like this collection.
Yeah, Irina had similar material combinations, but honestly, these look soo much better! I would love to own some of these, because I know I would look good in them.
But, you know, that's just what makes ME want to buy clothes...

All the fur is nauseous to me. Can't get past it. Sorry, Duchess, but time to step it up and go faux.

I DIED over this collection. I watched it live on the Michael Kors website and I was borderline drooling. I love everything Michael Kors does...I think he makes fablous clothes and he's a fabulous man. The first look was actually my favorite. Obviously I would never wear a sweater without pants but this model totally worked the look and the fur coat is AH-MAZING. I <3 Michael (and TLo of course)

Can't say I'm jazzed. Don't like the over-sized cowls. They don't look good on very many people. Only for the very rich, the very skinny, and those who aren't afraid to show their tits.

Definitely The Duchess doing what she does best.

Anonymous on 2/19/10 at 5:51 PM said......Also this isn't the first time he's sent a model down the runway in a sheer shirt. Designers have been sending out exposed nipples for years. Can we get over it now?

Kors and exposed nipples...did he do it before or after Wendy Pepper??? LOL! LOL!


Is it me or does this seem to be inspired by a certain Project Runway, Season 6 winner? . . .or vice versa?

So, cowl neck, extreme v-neck, nipple. Sassy.

I have a new red flag to watch for...the aviator jacket and, heaven help us, the flight suit.

It's code for "I'm phoning in this collection."

I love the knits and the shiny. The dresses too.
Not real crazy about the fur.

Lush, rich fabrics. Elegant silhouettes.

The silver lame' and fur I can live without, but otherwise a very satisfying collection. I love his esthetically.

If you hadn't put Kors's name and mug on this post, I would've thought it was Irina's.

I like. Except his cocktail/evening dresses, they're neither particularly luxe nor interesting.

I like his menswear better here than I usually do. Maybe because it's for cold weather and mostly in grey/black? It's his "cocktails at the yacht club" menswear I can't ever get excited about.

Womenswear feels very very 70's to me, but I still like.

I'm even less built for long sweaters over long knit skirts than I was in the 70's (you just can't change short), but I still like the look.

I think he ripped off Irina!

Like the men's coats, but the baggy pants aren't doing it for me.

Simply love most of the pieces - very sassy and different. I adore that kind of fashion style!

Isn't this the same guy who criticized Wendy Pepper for showing boobies?

It's like Ralph Lauren x Mia Farrow x Irina Shabayeva. Who knew Duchess was such a talented thief?

The crotches are awkward, the models are sexy, loving the knitwear, big no on the fur. There's no excuse for it.

i don't mind pretending for a few seconds that we're not in the middle of a recession. that was a gorgeous collection. love the loose fits, the massive cowls, the colours and the leather!!!!!

Wasn't the Duchess the one who complained most loudly about the nearly nude sheer blouse in Wendy Pepper's finale collection duirng the first season? Well look #4 here is certainly all about boobies in your face.

Seems Michael is taking inspiration from Wendy Pepper.... who would have guessed??

Mmm yeah, wendy will be gunning him down for sure. blaming him for the mustache on her childs photo.

Forgive me, but how can you all tell that the fur is real instead of faux fur? I haven't spent significant time looking at either so I don't know what the visual clues are that's tipping you off.

As for the sheer shirt/Wendy Pepper criticism, is it possible the producers told the judges to complain about it so that other contestants wouldn't do it? I'm sure the producers freaked because this was for television.

As for sheer clothing in general: I don't get why they don't just let the models wear something underneath to cover themselves. It's not like the people who buy this aren't going to do that anyway. With the possible exceptions of places where going topless is legal, no one wants to walk around exposed like that.

(I just asked about the fur.)

Yeah, I don't get sending that first woman without pants either. Couldn't he have at least let her wear second pair of one of his existing designs? Not even a pair of leggings? Leggings aren't pants but they're better than nothing.

It kind of implies that he didn't create any bottom that goes with the rest of what she's wearing which begs the question: Why not?

I'm complaining a lot but I really like most of this. (I do think the fur, even if it turns out to be fake, looks weird on some of the bags.)


Love this collection. Beautiful shit.

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1) Very, very, veryyyy Irina in coloring and cowl necks and fur... but awesome
2) I hope everyone that complains about fur is vegetarian, just because an animal is cuter than the rest doesn't mean its better or has more heart, it just means its a sympathetic cause
3) I love fur and meat and this collection and irina

Homeless Lostie

I don't know if anyone will read this as I'm commenting so late in the game, but when I linked to this collection today, my first thought was "Irina Shabaeva." Then I did a search on the page and saw 34 others thought the same thing.

Speaks tons to MK's originality this season, doesn't it?

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