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Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Collection

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YAWN. I like a couple of these looks, but for the most part, this is really underwhelming. His other collection wasn't exactly spectacular, either.

Wow - is this dreary - the first couple of outfits look like prison garb. Where's the color? It might as well have been photographed and filmed in black and white.

The color story, if that's the right term, made me feel sad.

Damn, lads, did someone dump speed into the South Philly water supply? Not that I'm complaining...

I really do like the clothes, but the dour waif styling nearly ruins them.

A couple of the suits are just lovely.

The rest of the collection feels very Mary Kate and Ashley

Almost all of these would be great to wear to visit a terminally ill relative. Or to wear to the viewing after he finally passes. The grieving are a very underserved market in fashion: it's good to see someone finally paying attention to them.

another laura

Wow, grey is really smashing its way into my Fall 2010 shopping, isn't it? Or is it just my imaginations?

Has there been a proclamation that grey is the new black?


Half of these looks are the very difinition of dowdy.

They look like they are wandering right out of Angela's Ashes. Or perhaps they are taking the day off from chimney sweeping.

I really, really like it. Much better than the later MJ collections, which were not his best.

It reads like a compilation of all his collections passed. Grunge is there, vintage, 40s, laidy, quirk, you name it. And instead of coming up all patchworky and loud and caotic, he's got it all down to this kind of super serene, serious, peaceful mood. The styling is absolutely perfect for that, so understated but so well and carefully thought of. Love the hair. And how awesome that Susanne Deeken and Camille Bidault-Waddington are walking the runway! (Camille B-W's hand at this collection shows, it has some of her very special brand of chic).

The clothes themselves are beautiful. So many, so many good pieces. As TLo say, true investment pieces. And I get what he's saying, just seeing the latest shows you have been showing of PR contestants, all those twisted techniques, all that taming of the screw, all those generic clothes with "unexpected" detailing, it kind of gets so tiring. Ultimately, the amazing thing about Marc Jacobs, and here he's again at his best on that, is the way he knows how to capture the current zeitgeist and transalte into things you (want to) wear. This feels like what the doctor ordered. Just right. For now at least.


I do feel what you guys are saying about the bang for your clothes. There are some amazing separates in this collection. On the other hand, it feels so secretarial, it's disturbing. Even the styling, with the oversized reading glasses, reads secretary in the seventies.
It's also sad how a few muppets were slaughtered for their fur... (taking for the fug girls dictionary of fugging)

Clueless Jock

DuBois rightly described it as dreary. Seems like Marc Jacobs wasn't really into this collection.

Most of these are aggressively unflattering. The colors are beyond drab, except for the greenish ones, and that color is really hard to wear. The proportions make twig thin models look dumpy. OUT.

Are they having a semi-formal down at the Politbureau?


All the grey makes me feel like I've been launched back in time to the former Soviet Union.

A lot of this just looks dowdy and unflattering to me. Hems too long, tops too shapeless, that kind of thing.

However, the striped jacket in the seventeenth row of photos is gorgeous.

though i wish this had been styled with even a soup├žon of joy and i wish there had been even traces of color, i would absolutely wear any of these looks if there were only a place to put a pair of breasts.

GAH! So Mary Kate Olsen. I dislike almost everything.

And the socks, WTF?

Just a thought

Is it bad that the fashion industry encourages people to be unnaturally thin? Of course. Does it have an adverse effect on people's self esteem? Certainly.

I think it's important for people to fight this. A size 4 shouldn't be considered "fat." This doesn't mean, though, that we should insult the models that are out there -- especially when they look fine.

As a naturally very skinny person who has spent her life desperately trying to gain weight, I've become pretty good at telling whether people are naturally thin or not. All you do is compare the frame of the person to how thin they are. A great example of a person who is unnaturally thin would be Lindsay Lohan. It's clear that her frame is too big for her body fat content from how bony she is when she gets "skinny."

Conversely, if you look at these models, they're tiny, but they don't look unhealthily thin: their tiny bodies match their tiny frames. Of course, it's harder to tell in the long sleeved coats and such, but I only see two women who look too skinny for their frames -- the first model (note the upper arms) and the second to last model (note her chest). Most likely, the rest of these women are simply freaks of nature. It's not their fault that they're tall and skinny, and they shouldn't be insulted for it.

Like I said, it's important to call out designers when they use excessively thin models. We should also implore the fashion industry should include women larger than a size 2. Crying wolf, though, keeps the industry from taking our claims seriously. Some women are naturally a size 0 or 2, and if we call them "disgusting," the fashion industry will ignore what we're saying and disregard it as objections of the envious. It doesn't help.

Ultimately, I think what most observers want is to see healthy looking models with a larger range of sizes. That means that as long as someone's body looks appropriate for her frame, it shouldn't matter if she's a size 0 or an 8.

I am underwhelmed. The collection has all the glamour of the Depression, with the cheerful color scheme of Soviet Russia.

Joanie, I swear I didn't read the comments before posting mine! GMTA. :)

i will admit i still have a fondness for socks & shoes.

This collection made me depressed, now I have to take pills again. Seriously, it's like glamour being arrested by grey acid. I have nothing much to say. I have to go to a therapist right now.

You boys are on fire today...Seems like every time I hit my refresh button there's a new post. Your loyal minions do appreciate it!

While I like some of the garments, the colors make me want to reach for some Zoloft....

PhantomMinuet on 2/17/10 at 3:11 PM said.....I am underwhelmed. The collection has all the glamour of the Depression, with the cheerful color scheme of Soviet Russia.

I am glad I am not the only blogger to be underwhelmed. To be honest, I have never been a big fan of the "Marc Jacobs look". This collection reminds me of thrift shop chic at its worst. Nothing is appealing or appropriate for work if you are over 35 and nothing will make any type of "splash" that has not already been "splashed" for after 5:00 PM.


I guess I'm against the majority here, because I really liked this collection, the pantsuits are gorgeous and the coats are beautiful.... I don't mind the lack of color, because I love black and gray, and it is a fall collection after all.....
and even though I would never wear the shoes with socks, they look cute in a school-girl kind of way.....

So much stuff from the big names in NYFW for aw10 is so...greige. Grey and beige, grey and beige, grey and beige. So dreary and anti-depressanty.

While the colors are muted and somewhat drab, these are still beautifully made pieces with great detailing, and could be combined in many ways to create all kinds of different looks. I only had one Barbie and just a few outfits, so I learned early on all about mix'n match. I appreciate a collection that offers the opportunity to be creative (not that I could actually afford any of these pieces, but a girl can dream!)

Oh my god, this is depressing. All those draggy draggy clothes, all so *weighty* and *wide* at the bottom hems. Just looking at it drags me down.

These clothes don't make me want to wear them. They make me want to curl up on my bed with a long depressing Russian novel and suffer.

Oh dear. I like it. But then again, I love grey. I often mix it with other colors, and use a lot of silver accessories to wake it up, but it is my go-to color. Plus I love lady-like clothes that don't look oldlady-like. So this collection speaks to me, and as such, I can't really offer an unbiased opinion of it.

I will say that it suffers from the problem many collections have, in that the motifs are so repeated, the collection takes on a character of its own. Overall, this collection is a bit dreary, but many of the pieces on their own are lovely, wearable, and not at all funereal. YMMV.

And is that Kojii in the 10th row, left photo? If so, good for her. She was my favorite model on PR from last season.

The New York Times reviewed this collection today, and Cathy Horyn said that the shoes-and-socks motif was a nod to "The Wizard of Oz," which score was at least part of the background music.

I honestly didn't understand Ms. Horyn's enthusiasm for the re-imagined peacoat, which simply looks ill- to oddly fitting to me. And I don't see "buoyant," either.

Seeing the whole collection, though, makes me think that ChristopherM got it in one:

Are they having a semi-formal down at the Politbureau? That made me laugh, so thanks, Christopher!

All the best,


Gee. I feel like Marvin the Depressed Robot looking at these clothes. I get it--times are tough. People want reassurance. Clothes can make us feel cozy and cuddled. But is there no more hope? I generally like these wintry colors, but everything looks so shapeless and thick and draggy and huge on these skinny little chicks. No like.

Oh--forgot. I think grey is not the new black. It is the New Brown.

I am so fucking sick and tired of black and gray that I could vomit.

Fisherman sweater, fourth from the bottom, on the left? I had that in high school, but it was wool and it got shrunk. I think. Either that or I lost it/it got swiped in college. *sigh*

There are some nice pieces here, but as I was scrolling, I was thinking, so Jacobs' clients are all old ladies or prepubescent waifs? There's just a weird vibe. The collection does not seem cohesive to me, and that one dress with the big sparkly bow on it? No. Just. No.

I love it! Everything is so well made and well fitted. These clothes may not be in all the editorials but I'm sure they will be in all the closets of who can afford it. And that gray three-piece suit? Gorgeous.

"Some of the girls look so thin it's disgusting." Really? Who? They all looked like pretty standard-issue models, to me. Which is not to say that standard-issue models are "normal" or that it's "ok" to be unsurprised by how slender they al are. I just didn't think there was anything unusual about Jacobs's group of models compared to all the other shows. -victoria

Those skirts -- you know which ones I'm talking about -- are fucking dowdy.

The first half dozen outfits I felt like I was looking at a remake of the 1984 Mac ad. And I really don't like a full cut skirt in that below knee length. Very grandma. If you're going that length the only silhouette that works is a pencil skirt. The slacks are nice tho, and some of the coats as well.


Ugh, where's Oliver Twist? I was expecting him to show up any minute. I need a quick uppity fix after seeing this collection – Quick! Someone get me a stiff drink.

Some of the girls look so thin it's disgusting.

Why does every other post become a discussion about this? Seriously, who are you to call anyone "disgusting?" You're judging the models without knowing anything about them. Some may be naturally thin, some may not. But you have no right to call ANYONE "disgusting."

Kinda reminds me of Vera Wang during what I call her slit-my-wrists phase.

FUR!! are we in for the same complaints that Irina got?

Socks with skrts and those shows - ugh.

rows 4 and 7 look so amazingly bulky that I wonder whether the models just layered those clothes over several of the other outfits.

I think there was a lot of interesting looks - but in the vein of MK - I don't see them all being worn by the same woman.

Such unflattering skirt lengths. I think those hemlines are also evoking 30s, which evokes Depression...

Man, harsh comments today!

I want to own nearly all of these pieces. This collection is so softly pretty and comfortable-looking! I love the idea of warm, luxurious drink-a-latte-and-read-a-book clothes that you can also stomp through NYC in, and I think this collection succeeds admirably at just that. I don't love the styling, but I like that I can see the clothes and I like that I'd wear it all.

Love some, hate some.
The more boring stuff is better.
The oversized 80s stuff sucks.
The fur sucks.
But I really like the simple stuff.
That is all.

I seriously want to start a twitter feed of post comments from TLo readers:

TED: "Almost all of these would be great to wear to visit a terminally ill relative."

honesty.not.pc: "Perhaps they are taking the day off chimney sweeping."

Christopher M: "Are they having a semi-formal down at the Politbureau?"

Sylvie: "Where's Oliver Twist?"

GENIUS guys. Thank you :).

You can go down to your local Salvation Army and pick up any of these clothes for pennies on the dollar. God, Hideous. Felt? Come on...


With pointy shoes!

The socks cushion your feet a little but you still have t have the small pinky toe cut off.

There are some wardrobe staples mixed with some WTF's. My lack of enthusiasm for it though, stems from scrolling through the pictures and starting to feel starved for some color, only to have the only color on offer being pea green.


I like it. It's something different from him. Fewer twee details than usual

Dreary. The 1930's called - the Great Depression wants their clothes back.

Oh such sad clothes. I need me some Prozac now.

Depressing, and I love grey.

And yeah, I am making one of the same complaint as I had about Irina's- What the f is up with all the fur? Just when you think that dated and gross trend has gone toes up.

It looks like what might happen if Calvin Klein went batshit.

all of this stuff, in both color and shape, looks really dowdy

Some pieces that would be smashing with a colorful accessory. However, THRILLED to see some models with glasses. Yeah, they're props for them, but speaking for someone who wears specs (can't do contacts anymore), what a surprise to see actual glasses. Maybe these (and Ping's glorious pair) will start a trend??

Ok let me clarify my "some of the girls look so thin it's disgusting" statement since I wasn't trying to offend anyone. A more accurate statement would have been:

Some of the girls are styled so horribly and their clothes look 2 sizes too big that it makes them look too thin (not that I know if they are or are not)that if you told me that they were sick I would believe you.

I think that's a a more accurate statement of what I meant.

But I still want to put a brush to their hair.

Two things:

1. The sleeveless sequined dress is so so so lovely I would wear it to any occasion.

2. BUCK UP LADIES, you're wearing MARC JACOBS and GETTING PAID FOR IT. Also, eat a sandwich and brush your hair.

These poor models look ghastly! They are so very gaunt and wan and gloomy looking that the clothes look ridiculous. The whole first half looks like girls putting on their mothers' work clothes. The proportions are so off, and the girls are so preying mantis-y, that they actually look both pear-shaped and starving at the same time.

The hair is hideous. An extremely depressing collection.


Interesting to see how clearly he's separating MJ and Marc.

I like the clothes, all wearable and saleable and grownup. But narrow wire-frame eyeglasses? Every over-40 I know has been in plastic frames for years now, and the frames are getting bigger and/or heavier.

Nothing personal (honestly), Jess, but "Eat a sandwich" has become such a cliche around here.

I ask you, people:

How many of you eat sandwiches on a regular basis?

i died over this collection. perfection. genius. loved every second of it. the fur balanced with the sheerness in a lot of the pieces. amazing. congrats to marc!

the 40s are back

there are definitely some wonderful pieces under all that frumpy/bag lady/olsen twins-ness.

btw - when is that frumpy/bag lady/olsen twins trend going to die? tomorrow please?

Oh my gosh. SO AWFUL. those stiff, dowdy and unflattering. The person who referenced Angela's Ashes is spot on...what hideousness.

Gah! The proportions of half of this collection are wack. Why all the skirts going down to the mid-shin point and awkward socks almost meeting those skirts?Oogly!
Some great pieces throughout though. I just hate the few with the horrid proportions...

Do we have to beat the too thin model horse again? It's preaching to the choir here. Thin obsessed people do eat sandwiches- they take off half the bread, the cheese, half the meat and scrape any creamy condiments off; the closer to finishing is when the remaining meat is pulled off the last of the bread, take a bite of the sorry ass little piece of meat in hand and toss the rest in the sandwich graveyard left on the plate. Think I'm kidding? I watch friends do this. The best is when they wash it down with a nasty *splenda* Margarita. FFS, that's when you order a shot with lime wedges!!!

And I'm not talking about naturally thin women before that gripe appears.

I'm out; a cheeseburger is calling my name and a nice long walk to work it off.

Oy, there is a difference between not doing anything new, and somehow accomplishing the task of designing a completely forgettable line.

Honestly I got what he was going for with the whole "comfortable vintage like awkward ugly-pretty look" But my god some of those clothes were just plain UGLY.
And the color story, my god how overwhelmingly uninteresting.
It all read very "my blind grandmother's closet during the great depression" at first and then it became low-rent cheap old hollywood glamour.
I mean there was really nothing interesting.
I mean you could't pay me to wear those long skirts they were foul and there was absolutely nothing modern about them.
I feel like if some new designer, or some designer thats not quite so popular, had presented this collection people would have ripped it to shreds but because its marc fucking jacobs people just swoon over it when its crap I mean theres so little actual design and each look is duller then the look I mean come on really!?!?
You guys should review Rodarte's collection, thats fashion, that's artistry, that's DESIGN.
This was kind of just a bunch of crap.

Pic 1 - I think I had those glasses in 8th grade, and they were butt-ugly THEN.

Time has not helped.

Some beautiful dresses, but I wanted to take a brush to most of the models' heads. SO distracting.

Completely forgetable.


I'm just glad to see my glasses from 6th grade are making a comeback. Pearle Vision Center must be over the moon!!!!

why is everyone comparing this to the Great Depression? I don't get how everyone thinks that this is depressing; while it definitely doesn't have that much colour, it doesn't come off as depressing to me.
anyway, I really like some of the pieces, I can definitely see myself wearing them. perfect for fall.

Quite a few of those looks remind me of Fraulein Maria - Sound of Music. Seriously, couldn't you see Maria romping around in half of these looks with the children decked up in drab old furniture upholstery?

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....oh...huh..wha???? Is it over?? ACK! Dead animals! WTF??? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Brooklyn Bomber: "Nothing personal (honestly), Jess, but "Eat a sandwich" has become such a cliche around here.

I ask you, people:

How many of you eat sandwiches on a regular basis?"

I mean I do... but that's because I'm on a diet. Not trying to get fatter! Sandwiches are my uncreative response to no more junk food on the lunch break

It has snowed every week since Christmas. That means cold, wet, crunchy and miserable. These pieces all look like comfort and that is what I crave right now rather than innovative, trendy, or new. I want warm, cozy, comfort and want to look good too. All of these are perfect for the moment.

Like many of the silhouettes, but I would prefer the addition of colors--pairing the generally neutral palette with bits of color here and there would liven up the collection a bit.

It's not so much the depression era as that it's styled in a very depressing way. the lack of color is one thing, but to couple a below the knee skirt with socks? That screams orphanage. The way some of the garments are baggy makes it look like the model is wearing a hand me down, again, orphanage apparel. This is also the message you get from the complete lack of any accessories: we are poor and can't afford to spend what little we have on frivolous stuff like a necklace or a bracelet. Combining bulky sweaters with shiny evening-ware also screams hand-me-downs. As if the models went to the back bin at the Salvation Army store and put on whatever they pulled out.

Granted, individual garments are well made and of luxurious materials. But the whole staging and styling is depressing.

How many of you eat sandwiches on a regular basis?

*raises hand*

PB&J (with natural peanut butter) is a staple. Cheap, filling, quick to make. Also ham when it's on sale, or leftover roast beast, usually with a lot of tomato, onion, and lettuce. And tuna sometimes. It's an easy lunch for work, for one thing. (Leftovers are, too, but we don't always have those.)

That having been said, most of the models are too covered up for me to have a feel for whether or not I think they're too thin. I see a couple that do look it, but I also see a couple that look just naturally lean.

None of which has anything to do with the collection, of course, which I am ambivalent about. I like grey and I see a few pieces I think are nice, including a couple nice jackets, but it's a little too drab overall and some of it's just a little boring even for me.

Dress #4, the pale pale grey styled with long white gloves, was the only look I could get excited about. (Put a wide red belt with it ...) The shape is both Now and Mad Men.

The clothes look downright dowdy. And like 5 sizes too large on all the models. This is how I look when I get up on a Sunday morning and haven't showered since Friday evening and I reach for the first comfy pullover sweater I can find.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but I don't hate it as much as some others I've seen. I like the flapper coat near the beginning and would like it even more if it was an in-your-face color. XX's

I like the inspiration here, and some of the dresses (the white one with the neck scarf in particular) are really gorgeous.
But the length is SO AWKWARD. And these girls are 5'10", so on most people the skirts will go to their ankles. Tailors will be very busy if people buy from this collection.

I like the collection overall and most of the clothes, but I am totally perplexed as to why the color palette is so dreary - I am fine with gray being the dominant color, but at least throw in a colorful (or sunnier neutral) blouse here and there. I am also perplexed about the model styling being so dreary, they did not have to set the hair and makeup gun on Dior whore, but I think 1930s / 40s styling would have worked better. Now this is the collection that is worthy of those digs that were directed towards Gordana when she made that gray and black suit.

I am very curious to see if the longer hem length catches on.

Somehow its drabness feels refreshing and I like it a lot. Especially the silhouettes & hem length.

(seems that PPS was on to something)

I know my liking it so much is because it's kinda my personal style. Add a bold or patterned scarf or bit or statement jewelry or lime green cardigan and there ya go.

LOVE the lowered hems & lowered heels.

Give me a Douchebag and a Sandwich and there's nothing I can't do!

i'm not dorothy gale

It looks like the American Fur Council (which touts fur as "fabric") has been busy. What a shame that designers haven't evolved beyond using pelts, yet maybe that concept is too "new" to suit Ms. Jacobs.

i'm not dorothy gale

It looks like the American Fur Council (which touts fur as "fabric") has been busy. What a shame that designers haven't evolved beyond using pelts, yet maybe that concept is too "new" to suit Ms. Jacobs.

Goodness it is so so dowdy. I understand the aesthetic, but between the hem length, the waif models in shapeless tops, and the grey black color story, it feels exceptionally dowdy and depressing.

Designers usually say that they pick thin models because the clothing looks better on them, but in this case especially, I think that they are wrong.

All I could think of when I looked at the photos is how they would look in women with some curves.

And this is beyond just thinking that designers should use a greater variety of body types - I think that these clothes specifically would look much better on women with more of an hourglass shape.

I love how classic this collection is. Thanks for posting it, guys.

Lovely wearable : )

A little meh in the beginning, but it got a lot better towards the end. I love the coats and the metallic dresses.


What's with all the fur this fall?


Very Mary Poppins!

I loved, loved, loved this show so much! Everything about it!

This is way better than his last collection. A little somber, yes, but very romantic and feminine. I don't find it dreary at all.

Too grandma-ish for my taste, what was he thinking?

Both os the sheath dresses with gloves are killer - I want!

But socks? What the hell is with that? They look almost as bad as my Aunt Elsie's nylons hanging around her ankles when she was sitting comfy at home alone. Ugh.

I know everyone is craving bright spring colors right now, but it's a fall collection! I happen to love it.



What I like about this collection is that it actually looks comfortable.

Part of me wants to say this collection is boring. The other part of me wishes she had all of the really, truly, daily/functional pieces so she could pair them with black and/or an insane pop of color.

Some nice shapes in there, but dear god, how depressing. It's like the kids from Mary Poppins crossed with the kids from Oliver Twist ... and hung over.

I liked a lot of this, some of it a lot. I think it's the styling that makes it read as dreary.

Some of it has a very 70's vibe to me. I swear I owned something nearly identical to the 3-piece pants suit worn by the model carrying a mustard colored envelope clutch. (though it was in a vastly inferior fabric, I am sure, and my vest had only 4 buttons. And since I was at least 6 inches shorter it didn't look nearly as good on me, though I was barely over 100 lbs)

I love the bronze-ish evening dress with the super-oversized fur top. I read it as updated 30's Hollywood glamour. (Barbaric, blah blah. I admit you guys are morally correct. I eat meat occasionally and wear leather also.)

I love this collection. It's smart girl clothing.

But I find the face of the model whose picture begins the post really upsetting. I'm with those of you who are being upset by the thinness here.

Set to be one of the most influential collections of the season. Mr Jacobs is back in form!

I find this blog's obsession with color perplexing. Not that I hate color or anything, but sometimes it's like the spectrum of criticism starts and ends there... And arguably, everything but black is color (I'm assuming that most comments about color refer to bright colors?) In any event, this collection has a very subtle and beautiful treatment of color, how many grays? None are standard and they all look lux and covetable. And the combinations of hues is so delicate. How he mixes black and brown is genius, and the richer mustardy shades are gorgeous. The color treatment is one of the best things of this collection

The dresses are pretty but ugh, more fur.

If it makes you feel any better, Anon 12:51, a lot more people in the United States die of or suffer from the effects of being overweight than being underweight.

Also, I like grey, especially for suits and separates. To me, it is the pastel of neutrals, sort of. Less serious than black, and don't get me started on beige and tan. (I don't look good in them.)

I'm just gonna mess with y'all sometime and, when they have a spread about "real" women or "plus size" models, I'm going to say they look "disgusting" and that they should lay off the cheeseburgers aned try a salad instead.

Turnabout is fair play.

Predicabtly, while Irina got over 100 comments mostly about her fur, when a big name designer does it, there is narly a peep. People are too busy opinionating on the designs.

While I'm all for discussing the designs and such, its a bit hypocritical. Being super-famous doesn't make it ok...

Meh, anyways. Blah-blah colors, but I really like a lot of the individual pieces. I do agree that some of the hem lengths are very 30s awkward, and I'm not digging those, but if the Wizard of Oz was one of the inspirations that would make sense.

The shoes/socks looks more like a stolen-from-japan idea to me, but whatevs. ::amused::

Oh come on guys, your are kidding me, the socks+heels combo has been omnipresent in runways since more than a couple of seasons, and they are all over the place in the streets...

Wow, I didn't know, fashion could be so incredibly boring and joyless.
There are some very pretty coats, some nicely cut trousers and that one pretty sequine-dress, no question about that, and I even like nudes and greys, but nonetheless this collection lost me at the first looks and had me craving it's end somewhere in the middle while scrolling through. And that's not talking about the styling of the poor models yet.
I think, fashion should provide something dreamy, not dreary, it should be creative (which doesn't mean reinventing the wheel) and should be able to make you enjoy wearing it.

I'm getting a 1930's vibe from the collection. Right down to the gaunt models. The runway looks like a breadline.

We called that skirt length "duty length" in high school (thanks, private school uniforms), and it was the epitome of ugliness...yet these are so chic! The other commentors use "drab" and "Soviet" as criticisms, but I find the color story and simple cuts strangely appealing...together with the rougher, tweedy textures, I like! Given, many of the proportions would only look decent on someone very tall and/or lithe, but isn't that the case with the majority of runway fashion? I think one of those shifts for day, paired with blood-red lipstick and a big ole clutch, would be impossibly chic.

It's a smart wearable collection. I don't think the pieces would look so drab if you saw someone wearing it in real life with out the styling and monotony of the runway (one after the other). But this
"It's refreshing to see something that isn't trying so hard to be new. There's so much striving for newness now that newness feels less new."
is complete bullshit. I will attempt a translation. " My backers are threatening to pull out if I do not produce a profitable line soon" and " I'm a bit over taxed and I ran out of ideas so what the hell, I did this."

In Soviet Russia, clothes wear you.

Ahem, now that the joke is out of the way. The one thing that really strikes me about the way the collection was presented is that most of the clothes look 2 sizes too big for the models. Which is so odd. A couple of the dresses are pretty, but other than that it is a fairly forgetable collection.

Went to and watched the complete slide slow of the whole collection. I was amazed that there was not one non-Caucasian ethnic model in the whole line up.


formerlyAnon on 2/18/10 at 12:AM said..of it has a very 70's vibe to me. I swear I owned something nearly identical to the 3-piece pants suit worn by the model carrying a mustard colored envelope clutch.

formerlyAnon, I had that same suit too around 1976-77. As a matter of fact, I have a picture of myself wearing it. The suit was by a bridge line company called "gregee sport".


The simpler and less frou-frou/shiny/fur, the better in this collection. There were a some looks I liked a great deal, but many were too shiny, too saggy, too busy. Some were right brain, some an insane left, I guess. I really want a couple of the coat-over-dress/skit looks, but could leave the rest. I, for one, don't mind the greys, but the colors otherwise are rather sad; who on earth ever heard of a sad yellow? Congrats on managing to find it, Mr. Jacobs. Still, I think the styling and pouting on the models is not helping these looks any.

I really want that three-piece suit, damn it.

I liked how Merle next door describes this runaway in her website:
"These girls look like smart French students who are in America for a year, and are deep in thought."
She says in a good way btw. This collection is really creating waves. Jacobs rocks!

I like the collection - it's 99% wearable. And the colors are a little darks, but that's fall/winter apparel after all.

Prison Matron Gray is the new black.

I love it. But I guess I'm in the minority.

it's a gorgeous collection! perfectly versatile clothes and what women actually want to wear.

i didn't know that finding love made one so boring... where is that fire? must be in the bedroom... maybe he should design sheets instead; oh wait, that is what the dresses look like.

Ellen M
2/18/10 1:36 AM I'm just gonna mess with y'all sometime and, when they have a spread about "real" women or "plus size" models, I'm going to say they look "disgusting" and that they should lay off the cheeseburgers aned try a salad instead.

Haha Ellen, do it, it's fun. I do it with every fat chick post and you should see these sheeple attack.

Back on subject: This is some fucking ugly shit ass garbage. The clothes AND the crack whore models

So sad!

It reminds me of Polish refugees caught in the rain. Drab hair with evening gowns...grey and brown ankle sockie-wockies...ugh.

No thank you.

I can smell the 90's.anyone?
it's not bad,there's some dresses and couple of suits i loved,but it's just kinda boring,and sad.

I agree with Heather, who said the first few looks harkened back to Maria (Sound of Music) just after she left the abbey. When kids in sailor uniforms are making fun of someone's outfit, something is terribly, terribly wrong. C'mon, Marc Jacobs! Since there is nary a Nazi or vow of poverty to be had, there is no excuse for this. Read up on your Musical Mondays, please. It will prevent a repeat of this incident.

The walking dead wearing designer threads. I'm sooooo bored.

why do designers insist on trying to make shoes with heels happen?

When other designers give it a whirl I give it a pass, but since Marc Jacobs is a tool and I LOATHE what he's done at Vuitton I will selectively hate on the socks here.

beyond that i found this collection boring and melancholy and hardly as dreamlike as everybody else. I much more enjoyed his neo-80's fall collection for last year, because as much of a tool as Jacobs is, he is very creative.

It feels dark. Rich, but dark...

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