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Leanne Marshall Fall 2010 Collection

Judy Noodles has a whole NEW set of noodles, y'all!

Season 5 Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall showed her collection last night and it's true, everyone's favorite nerdybird found a new toy to play with in her design arsenal. Things are still noodle-y and we would expect no less from her, but she's playing with new shapes and she's added the extra bonus flavor of cutouts to her looks.

Leanne can go from these cute, quirky-girl clothes to these drop dead gorgeous diva gowns in the same collection and somehow make it all fit into one cohesive whole. And all the while, she's giving us things to really look at. With its soft colors, drapings, and textural effects, it's all sculptural in a way that's all her own. Not to sound all fashion-pervy, but some of these clothes you just want to go up and touch, y'know?

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FIRST! (maybe)

What I love about Leanne is that her clothes are so intellectual without being completely removed from the realm of what a human being would wear. Love her.

It's all so much darker than her older stuff!

everything about this collection was adorable...i simply love every thing this girl kicks out....she is amazeballs...i totally want to touch that hoodie!

I really did love this collection and for all this sweatsuit inspired clothing going on this Fashion Week, I think Leanne has done it best! These are the types of Hoodies that adults should wear!! Oh and it goes without saying that the dresses are all très cute!

how can one not love our little miss noodles?

She's one of my favorite designers (wait for it) in the HISTORY of Project Runway! ;)

Her clothes are beautiful, and I see what you guys mean about wanting to touch them! This collection is beautiful... so much black at this NYFW that her color choices are noteworthy. Great collection!

Beautiful clothes, but I can't help but dislike the last gown.

She is so amazing. I hope this collection catches the eye of someone who can help her along in the biz.
7 down, 11 and 12 down are my favorates. So yummy. I would love to own and yes touch..

i don't love the last gown, but the collection is amazing. i am lusting over the black cardigan and noodley skirt!!

Love, love the collection, but hate, HATE the hideous styling.

Yay Judy Noodles!!

Now this I like! There are a lot of pieces I would never wear - mostly because while I am petite I'm a bit curvy for some of the bulkier outfits - but I love all of them and there are definitely a few I would wear til threadbare!

I like the addition of the cut-outs. It could start to get to be too much with the noodles, but it all works quite nicely. Good work!

Oh crap, i have to say something negative about Judy Noodles(my ID is not for her it's for my cat who is nicknamed Noodle)

Anyway, I love Leanne. I have followed all of her showings since she won PR. She is my 2nd fav after Jay and I think is the only one to rival him in totally original, straight from her head designs.

However, I did not like this collection. It's like it stalled halfway to being polished and awesome.

Those weird 3 button sweaters look sloppy and slept in as well as giving off the impression that they were buttoned wrong.
The cutouts look too much like paper(maybe i'd like them in a color other than white) and have a craft project look instead of the flowy, smooth, dreamy clothes I love from Leanne.

Sorry, Judy, I'm a big fan, honest, but this collection just looked too sloppy and whickety whack for me.

It reminds me of kirigami [just google it... lots of cool stuff].

What I love about her clothes is that you don't need to be a skinny minnie to wear it well. And they're so fun!

A little dissapointing
Hated the hair and makeup and all last dress but liked the new noodlework.

black sweater white skirt - LOVE!

Also, ADORE the black long dress. I have an event coming up and if that were in the stores I would buy it today. So pretty. Classy. New. Different. Interesting "L"BD (which is always hard to find)

Some of those pieces look so comfortable. There's a lot to like here, and I do appreciate her new toy!

I love, though I wish the black dress was in another color.

There is a lot here I would love, love, love to own. Great collection in my opinion.

I hate the models' hair styling, though.

Absolutely gorgeous! Especially with all that layered scherenschnitte!

I also really loved the few color combinations Leanne pulled out of her hat. It seems that she may have previously lack confidence about color choices, but she shouldn't; what she did this time around is inspired. A great collection, and I can't wait to see her continue to stretch as a designer.

I like some of this a lot -- but what IS it with these black legs with pastel dresses? Yuck and double-yuck.

am i the only one who doesn't get what there is to love about the "noodles"? i like that colorful skirt with the layered curvy pieces with cut outs in them, but usually all this noodly stuff just looks like...well...STUFF to me, just stuck to a dress?

I also love her LW(hite)D #2 down.
Now I want a winter white sheath.


I adore the felt skirts with their sculptural cutouts - so gorgeous. And creative!

Miss Amanda gettin' more runway time. Go girl!

Touch? I'd like to lick some of these. Buying for my own closet, I'd snap up the dresses in rows 2 and 12, the oversize top in row 4 and the lucious green shirt in row 14. Does she sell her line anywhere? Does she have a website?

The last dress looked a little too much like the cutouts were glued on, but the rest of the collection looks great. I love the shapes and the was she assembled the looks.

Love the blue blouse w/ white piping. WANT.

I also like the Chanel-y black top the erupts into the white poufy skirt.

Only real negative for me: are those jackets felt?? Or, gulp, fleece?? Hate to say it but the fabric on those looks, er, inexpensive.

Love the clothes, yummy.

But that callback to '70s hair, yech.

Although it did pin the hair as far away form the clothing as possible.

I thought Leanne's season was pretty lackluster. But she's really one of the best designers to ever come from the show. These are so fabulous!!

I wondered if some of it was ultra suede? Anyone know?

I just love the cutouts . . . except the last gown looks like she is shitting butterflies.

I love the way she plays with and develops her noodle idea - especially the two cream colored skirts. Really interesting. Beautiful.

I think I can see where she is going with the hair - it mirrors the triangular silhouette she is working in these looks. Unfortunately, the hair reminds me too literally of a (late 70's? 80's?) hairdo from the past that I didn't like the first time around. But, especially on the model (Amanda?) in the black gown, the hair consciously mirrors the silhouette.

Excellent combination of some flights of fancy along with some solid commercial pieces. I did like the relief from the amount of black that's been in the other collections this year. The thinking seems to be that in a recession if women are going to buy some investment clothes they want lots of versatility, hence, black. Can't argue with the logic, but it's nice to have a little break.

Is that it? Feels like a PR final...
I think some of these clothes are soooo pretty. I love some of the looks, it's wearable and pretty without being to obvious or boring. But... there's always quite not there... and why does she feel the need of coming up with those conventional gowns? Is she hoping for the Hollywood sponsorship? I find they're the worst of the collection, she hasn't have the chance to half-develop any theme in ten looks and bang, here come the gowns, a bit runawaying-by-numbers. Also, why would you design a collection like this and dress like that ? Even if it was';t the day of the runaway, which it was, if you don't believe in your own clothes what's the point? To me that picture of her with the ill-suited random-buttoned cardigan and knee-stained jeans summarises what's wrong with this collection, it lacks conviction.


Touch that hoodie?

I want to make love to (in) that hoodie!


I would want to wear just about everything here.
Anyone have any ideas when and where it will be sold?

raisin mountaineer

Lovely. Every single piece.

love! my favorite yet. it's dreamy and has that leanne voice.

Like the collection, but I can't stand the last dress. Too many noodles... too heavy... and feels a bit matronly. It's pretty, I guess, but that's not how you close a show.

Beautiful exxept for the last gown where she looks like a piece of TP got stuck in her tush.

potty mouth princess


I am loving this, especially looks 1, 13, 15, and 18. So interesting and fun!

love miss noodles.

this is hit and miss for me, but I really appreciate her creativity and design. I love the last dress.

Go noodles, go!

The skirts look like topographic maps! Muy awesome!

LOVELOVELOVE her fourth look!! And all of her skirts. She's great!

5 & 10

Some sweet ingenue with a brain needs to wear #11 on the red carpet....perhaps Claire Daines in the spring for Temple Grandin? or Jena Malone for whatever?

Love it.
II ca actually see regular people wearing a lot of theses pieces.
Nice going Leanne!

I'm so thrilled to see Leanne's back. Love the black Chanel-esque cardi with white skirt. Beautiful and memorable. I couldn't quite reconcile the fleece hoodies though. Maybe it's me, but they just didn't seem to fit in very well with the mood of this collection.


She is seriously the only PR designer whose work I would actually shell out money to own. I love her stuff, so so so much.

Eh, I'm not enthralled on the whole, although I do agree that some of the pieces are really beautiful. I do think she's a spectacular artist. As a fashion designer, I'm hoping that she'll evolve beyond the oodles of noodles, although I guess that's her signature at this point.

Also, on an unrelated note, I can't imagine what the dry-cleaning would be like on one of those noodle dresses or skirts...

I love it, but some of the colors of the cutouts make me think seaweed...

Amanda? Which one?

Love this collection! I love her subtle intellectual approach to her designs.

Does that bitch Amanda get more work than any other model in NYC? You go, girl!

She REALLY needs to get a stylist to style those models !!! The boots, leggings and black tights were ALL SO WRONG. AND they made a nice collection look like it went down the runway at the local "Fashion College" next door to the "Beauty School".


Those skirts at 7, 11, and 12 resemble a coral reef. I love it, but I think it was only done flatteringly on 12. That dress is gorgeous. It's better done in a combination of colors, lower on the body so it doesn't look like a lady is made of sponge from the waist down.

But what is with the styling? Does she hate pretty girls? ~Gary

Can't believe Leanne allowed herself to be photographed in black leggings (with smudged knees) and brown work boots. She looks fabulous from the thighs up and then... *sigh*

Something about that last gown seemed a little off to me, but most of this collection was happiness-inducing. Some these clothes I could even wear -- and that's something of a miracle IMO.

Beyond gorgeous plus it's practical and it really kills most of the fall 2010 collections. DAM THESE PROJECT RUNWAY contestants can design better then celebrity designers. Unbelievable. Leanne marshall will make it far. The last to second black gown was beyond breath taking and those noodles are spectacular. I would wear all the skirts. They are too die for. I can keep on talking, Breath TAKING!.

If that 4th row dress were longer, it would be mine!

Awesome, JudyN! J'adore! Get thee into a store NOW!


Gorgeous collection!!! Thank you for posting it, Tlo!

I am too old and don't have the body for most of her designs but I love them all. I even like the last dress, I guess because it reminds me of all the old movies I watched as a child. I could see so many of the stars from the 30's and 40's working that dress in a movie.

Agree with the dislike of the hairstyles. The styling in fashion shows often bugs me because it takes attention away from the garments. This wasn't horrible, just blech.

Yay Judy Noodles! Fabulous collection!

I'm not wild about that bag sillhouette, but I L O V E the noodley cutouts. I wonder how they hold up, what they're made of. That 3 colored strapless dress literally made my jaw drop. I've never seen it before and I hope to see it some more. yay, LeAnne!

What if Leanne and Ping pulled a Wondertwins and produced a line? That would be so cool.

That blue top with the white... I need it. (Wouldn't mind the black skirt it's with, either.)

Really a nice collection, interesting and saleable and wearable.

For those looking for stores, try her website--

The noodly prodigy returneth. I actually gasped when I opened the thread and saw the cutout piece. If that were mine, I'd probably just sit and stare at it lovingly for hours before even thinking about trying it on.

Beautiful outfits- but the styling is questionable. Hair is okay most of the time- but the make-up makes some of them look like spectres.

Some cool stuff here & I love the cutouts, especially that neckline treatment white on black 3rd row down.

Where'd she show? did anybody go? Does she have any buyers? Is she selling anywhere?

(btw, how's emmett these days?)

Please do a little interview with Judy Noodle, TLo. Love her.

I guess you know Daniel V showed his first collect last week?

i'm not dorothy gale

BRAVA, Leanne! A gorgeous collection; I'm so proud of her.

she should do an affordable line for Anthropologie or

the shoppers there would LOVE her stuff!

There's a lot to love here. The layers of shapes look like topographical maps to me.

I LOVE that dress in the 4th row.


Leanne's clothes are available at, and on etsy, but since this is her fall collection these pieces probably won't be available til the end of summer.

ADORE! Leanne, if you were a lesbian, and I was a lesbian, I would totally date you. Lesbianly.

Judy does noodles right. I've been getting really tired of the layered fabric stuff on PR, so I was prepared to not like Leanne's collection, but, by golly, a surprising amount of the fabric sculpting looks fresh.

And knowing Leanne's other work, I'm betting a lot of these move beautifully. Wonderful three-dimensional work.

The cutouts are exquisite! I covet #13! That dress if fantastic!

Love all the looks but #s 3 (proportionally off), 10 (men's L at Walmart - $15.00), and 12 (that top doesn't go with that beautiful skirt).

Wow, I really love Leanne Marshall. Everything she makes just reinforces how great I think she is as a designer. This is beautiful, and it's full of new elements we haven't seen from her before. She is constantly evolving and growing, and she remains a fabulous designer.

The cutouts remind me of this:

I agree that the styling could be better. And while I suppose Leanne herself could have dressed up, I kind of like the nerdy dressmaker vibe. I think she looks cute, and it makes the whole thing feel very personal. I can just see a pencil stuck in her hair, glasses on a chain, and a pin cushion on her wrist.

Scherenschnitte! Beautifully done! J'adore. The blue blouse with white trim slew me. And I can imagine several of the designs being made for RTW, and looking GOOD on "real women." Somebody with a retail kingdom, get a clue! JUDY NOODLES!

I love the cream "fettuccine" skirt. Now THOSE are power noodles.


I want all of these. Seriously, it's all so gorgeous!

Wow, talk about origami!

I'm getting a little tired of it, personally.

She hasn't delivered on the promise that her PR collection had. I think it is the best thing that she's done.

Yes, it is wearable and cute, but some of her noodley dresses are looking overworked. I'm just not feeling it.

All in all, a very nice collection, but just not doing it for me.

How can it be personal, a female designer that creates clothes that she's not prepared to wear, who wears clothes that bear no resemblance whatsoever to those she wants us to wear?
Personal is Consuelo Castiglioni, standing by her collection clad head to toe in Marni, being totally herself.

I absolutely love all of this! Wow! Leanne! She's one of my faves!

I am wild for those skirts!! They are fantastic!!

The whole collection is lovely but the skirt are just perfect!!

Great Job Judy!! ;)

Something I find fascinating about Leanne is how her clothes can have this cute, homemade, art-school look to them, and still look utterly professional.

I love that blue... thing... some kind of slouchy blouse? about partway through the show.

TLo: thanks for all the posts this weekend! You guys are tearing it up!

So, it's 10 degrees where I live and snowing for the billionth time in 2 months and all I can think now is how much I want that hoodie-dress to just curl up in. It just looks so warm and inviting.

I agree with Alison 9:02pm. Would love to see Leanne design for Anthropologie. Their clothes seem to have that same kinda vibe that she has.

I liked her and there are some winners in there, but I was distracted by what looked like kind of cheap sweats.



Well, I don't love all of it, but overall it is a much better effort than her last collection. Nice color palette, too, but the styling is awful.

I agree, some of these look like cheap sweatshirts. What is with the skirts with droopy waistbands, then add to that thick sweaters tucked in? I just don't get the appeal of this at all. The long sweatshirtey thing with the cross-over banded bottom, it's pulling up all funny where the band is sewn together. Nope nope I just don't get it.

I like it a lot... not as much as I loved her finale collection, but it still kicks ass! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the styling! The hair is gorgeous.

The cut out noodling reminds me of fungus, like something curiously three dimensional you would find growing on the underside of a fallen tree trunk. In a bad way.

Conceptual, interesting, yet not often pretty. Fascinating but not pleasing. Leanne is definitely the most artistic of the finalists. That said I do love the black origami dress.

Oh Leanne, how I love thee.

LOVE the softer, touchable, wearable looks - you can still tell its her, but I can still see myself snuggling up in one of those sweaters on a cold day.

T-Lo - you bitches have been busy! Thank you for this buffet of posts on this cold night.

-Skiminy Cricket

judy noodles,you do not disappoint... beautiful collection. i love...

I'm a huge Leanne fan. I like the clothes, but not the styling. She has a strong POV and the black tights and makeup and hair detract from what makes Leanne's clothes special.

i love everything eventhough its very quiet- for her...

Although the finale gown from the back- the noodles on the but and the train looks like she is "pooing fabric"

I'm torn, i want to like it more than I do. There are pieces that are gorge (love dress#4 & 7), but i really don't like how the frippery in the last one seems so inorganic. I think that's my major complaint with this collection, actually. For me, her noodles were always appealing because they seemed to flow so naturally from the structure of the dresses. The new noodles seem more like embellishments to me. It could mean she's moving in a new and interesting direction, it's just not as much my taste as her previous aesthetic.


Amanda looks a fright. Where do I begin? The styling is way off, horrible makeup, the dress is far too low and looks like it's about to fall off her boobs. Such a huge miss on such a gorgeous woman.

Really love this collection. She's definitely more comfortable in her designer skin and is showing that she has less to prove.

Her treatment of fabric is genius. She makes even the thickest of fabrics look light and sheer.

Adore the hair.

Need the second to last gown in my life..maybe not in black.

Anonymous said...
How can it be personal, a female designer that creates clothes that she's not prepared to wear, who wears clothes that bear no resemblance whatsoever to those she wants us to wear?
Personal is Consuelo Castiglioni, standing by her collection clad head to toe in Marni, being totally herself.

Leanne does often wear her own designs. During the course of the season 5 show she frequently had on tops she designed and during the judging she wore one of her bolero's. She as also worn her dresses of talk show appearances and in photo shoots.
She may have had a garment to wear for her congratulatory appearance at the end of the show, but became too busy with last minute emergencies to change.
Consuelo Castiglioni is in a far diffenent place on her career path and has many people to help with the back stage minutia at shows.

"anon said: How can it be personal, a female designer that creates clothes that she's not prepared to wear, who wears clothes that bear no resemblance whatsoever to those she wants us to wear?"

She does wear her own clothes.

But clearly there is nothing in THIS particular collection that you would wear to be on your hands & knees fixing hems and other last minute details (which looks exactly like what she'd just been doing a few minutes before she came out from behind the scrim.) That doesn't mean it's not personal; just that it is aspirational as well as personal.


I love the clothes, but I agree with previous posters about the styling. She's managed to amke the models look matronly with the whacked out hair and dark eyes. It took away from the freshness of the collection.

Wearable, wonderful- some of the looks are timeless and some belong purely to this time. A superb collection - how she managed to blend clothing with so much structure and detail with clothing so simple and elegant is masterful-

The styling did not distract me from the clothing. I guess I am used to tuning it out. It has to be as exreme as the black porn lips used by Alexander McQueen before it cancels out the outfit for me. What do I know? I have a photo of chickens next to my moniker.

The horrible hair is extremely distracting to me. Even without it, I am certainly not crazy about the clothing.
But, I still love Leanne. Better luck next time, dear!


I'm impressed. Very creative and innovative. And most of all, wearable. Good work, Judy Noodles.

The final gown didn't wow me like I thought it would, but I love the overall collection...the color story, the silhouettes, and even the contrasting tights and leggings. They're not a look everyone likes, but I think they fit the young, casual vibe Leann is going for.

Women designers, just like men designers, have visions that they are creating via clothing. Women are not "designing for themselves" or "making clothes" while men have a grand artistic vision, simply because they don't wear the clothes. I know it's just a comment, but this perception seems to really plague female designers, particularly on PR, and it's annoying. The Mulleavy sisters aren't creating Rodarte because it's "what they want to wear" any more than Alexander McQueen created his work because it was "what he wants to wear."

Male designers get lauded for their "vision" while female designers are "dressing themselves" or "one-note." If you'd think it was artistic expression from someone with an XY chromosome, it also is from someone XX.

That being said, love the multicolored dress and the long black dress at the end.

True that, Lala.
I certainly don't think that female designers are obliged to wear their own designs, I'm just saying that Leanne does.
On the other hand female designers never get accused of being misogynistic when they put on the crazy in their designs. Something that really sticks in my craw when it comes up on Gallino or McQueen threads.

Oh no! I hated this collection as a whole. I saw sparks of briilliance with her simple elegance, but she struggles with ballance, either not being creative enough (ei her generic black dress) or being to"creative" (crazy craft project noodles) when she has an innovative idea and tones it down is wher she shines other than that she sinks.

Leanne > Irina.

All the way.

I love love love that blue top with the white swoop going around.

I enjoyed the whole thing.

Good for her!

i find that it looks poorly executed and matronly (except for the dresses at the end). i expected more from her.

It's not about designing only what you want to wear, as a woman. It is about being into fashion. She's not really into fashion. She is crafty, she is a craftsman(woman). She makes clothes like she could do crochet tablecloths or patchwork blanketts, or sculpture or whatever. She's never going to make it as a fashion designer.

LOVE the detailing she puts into her clothes, and she always knows when to stop before it veers into costume-land.
So happy for her!

i like the fourth look and the fourteenth look, and would wear both. i am pleasantly surprised at how wearable and realistic it is.

Pretty clothes but My word !! The styling was distacting. That's a crap load of eye make up.

Yay Leanne! I liked this so much more than her last collection. Like others have mentioned, some of the pieces- for me the most beautiful ones- reference topographical maps. She usually uses sustainable fabrics (bravo!) anyone know if these are enviro-friendly as well?

I love Leanne. Plus, she promised on Etsy that she'd make a Tony dress for me someday. It may be many years from now, but I hope I can keep her to that promise.

Somehow, I can't get behind sweaters being tucked into skirts and Kindergarten paperdoll/snowflake projects. A few of these dresses are really quite pretty and sculptural, but not all of them.

I think it's a really gorgeous collection and it's not following a trend. It's Judy Noodles doing and being something altogether different.

give me that hoodie now!!!

leanne was never my favorite pr designer, but i love this collection. honestly - some of the best work shes ever done.

I would stab somebody for that cute black one shoulder dress!

I love how she treats fabric like high-end construction paper. If I could afford it, I'd buy all of her skirts.

I LOVE that first black dress with the white cutouts... love love love! She is my favorite PR alumni by far.

When I saw that little preview photo you guys always have I thought seriously? More noodles? Do something new. Please. It was cool the first time, but it's getting old fast. Then I saw her collection and I went wow - I love this!

Having been at the show, I can attest that some of these photos do not do the clothes, make-up or hair any justice. It was a spectacular show, the make-up and hair was very complimentary to the design and the feel of the collection. I amuses me to listen to the rambling opinions of people who really know nothing about the business ripping things i adore the uneducated masses....well done leanne and team. There is a reason you are where you are and these 'negative nancy' readers home.

On her blog, Leanne has a nice account of getting the show together.

This doesn't have to do with the collection, but I hate the styling on her models.

fragile industries

Look #3 -- in red, for the Campbell's Heart challenge? Oops, I'm mixing my seasons. And mixing up Real Life with Lifetime. (That last is really embarassing.)

Yay Leanne! She has such solid talent and technique and still keeps it light and magic.

Dear God! Please give the model in the long black dress (Amanda?) some aloe vera STAT. Girl looks burned to a crisp!

I thought the styling was great.
Kind of better than the clothes, really.

Consistently beautiful work. Hooray Leanne. :D

white dress, grey dress-I want them!!!

jr. goddess

Rihanna's stylist needs to pull look #13 -- a much better example of the fashion-forward party frock than the Victor & Rolf thing that swallowed her.

I liked Leanne during her season, but I was very disappointed by her final collection and this is no improvement. I like the idea of noodles, but I don't think she's figured out how to use them effectively quite yet. There are two dresses that are interesting, but that's it.

Def Ms. Noodels work. She needs to make sure her models don't have tan lines. And... don't hate me y'all.... but she needs to step away from the drawing table more often and get some exercise. ahem. she's getting the saddle bags her garments often portray.

Loved nearly the entire collection, proving once again why she's a winner. She makes me want to wear noodles and I'm def not a noodle-wearer. But those noodles are so noodly!

LOVE Leanne's work, beautiful as ever. However, did anyone else notice that many of her models bore a striking resemblance to Austin Scarlett?

"Sweet techniques" perhaps Leanne and Carol Hanna season 6 should team up."SWEET DRESSES.

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