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All over but the shouting.
So let's get to the shouting.

The most insanely obvious winner's edit of all time.

We don't have much to say about the finale. Despite our bitching, we do like this show, at least in theory. We're fine with its L.A.-based, retail-centered approach. We don't want a bunch of Project Runway ripoffs in the fashion reality TV pool, so it never bothered us that this isn't PR. We like the concept, liked the cast for the most part and liked more of the challenges than not. It's been a big, cheesy, brightly colored game show and we are absolutely a-ok with all of that.

What bothered us is the sheer inanity of the judging. It got to the point where it was torture having to listen to any of them speak. The two female judges are just as much mirror images of each other as the two male judges and there's really not all that much difference between any of them. It made for a very narrow, and very dull judging panel.

Our first impulse was that Merle should have won and to be honest, we still believe that, but we kind of talked ourselves into Kathy's win when we really sat down and examined it.

This was a knockout dress and she sold the hell out of it. We dig the hem.

She kind of loses us with the overabundance of zebra print. Although we do like the pantsuit and the cocktail dress.

It's all right. The judges made a big deal out of that kimono back and it is nice, to be sure, but we can't help thinking that the materials don't look rich enough for this gown.

We liked it better with the red sash.

Because we really hate that gold and turquoise color combination. This is our least favorite piece.

No complaints here. This is beautiful.

And we like this one too.

To be honest, we think this look was a big factor in her win. As we said, we really liked Merle's collection, but it wasn't without some weak points (which we'll get to later) and it was in some ways, fairly standard, Hollywood glamour with a little bit of NY style.

Kathy's was more unconventional and because of that, it had a stronger point of view. Now, color us surprised that those judges would even consider such a criterion, but we think that may have been it. The use of unusual colors, wild prints, challenging sillhouettes, and her braiding technique all combined to make a collection that definitely gets your attention and easily has some salable potential.

We'll have more on the other collections when we're damn well good and ready, kittens.

[Photos: Trae Patton/]

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Meh all around.

I kind of think Merle was robbed.

Merle definitely thinks she was robbed.

Yay for Kathy. I kind of guessed weeks ago. Either way, congrats Kathy. Thank you for posting becuase I fell asleep watching.

I was surprised by Kathy's win, but after reading your take on it, I can see why she got picked. This show just sort of limped along to a final conclusion. They could have done the finale in a one hour show. Most of the second hour was taken up with the drama of whats-his-name not showing up on the day of the runway show.

I'm almost happy that Merle lost, because her reaction was PRICELESS.

Did anyone notice there were at least 3 models from PR7 on this show as well? I noticed Holly, Sophia, and Kristina.

Nah, I don't think Merle should have won, much as I like her on Drag Race. That gimmicky stuff is a very tough sell and really, who wants it? People that can afford fancy schmancy would rather buy two dresses than have one that turns into two. And a hem that becomes a handbag? no.

I love that this collection was colorful, but it isn't particularly innovative. I don't think we need this line in the world but I won't be offended by its presence.

And that final gown is pretty spectacular.

I thought Merle was genuis, but the judges were right, it would be a nightmar eon the selling floor, hell,s tores can't keep belts with dresses, how will they keep a dress that has three attachmetns together.
If it couldn't be Merle, kathy was good, but I thought he yellow dress was a sore thumb,, no continuity, where is the yellow in har collection? And she should ahve left more red in, the beach look, the obi on the pantsuit.

I stuck it out to the bitter end with this one.

Kathy's sweet and worked hard and her collection is OK I guess. At least it was bold and colorful, and felt like there was a bit of joy in it.

I honestly hoped Merle would win because I loved her orange dress with the adjustable sleeves and I wanted to buy it. However, having popped over to Ruelala to check out Kathy's collection... oh my god. What they've done to her collection makes The Fashion Show retail pieces look refined and expensive. They've taken away everything that made Kathy's simple designs shine, and generic'd them up, making them look cheap and mundane. And then they hung $100 price tags on them. They're Target dresses for Macy's prices. Just, yuck.

I was surprised to agree with the judges that Merle's collection was too gimmicky with all the converting. If she had gone for some other hook, she was clearly more talented than any of the other competitors. That blinged out evening gown was stunning and on the strength of it alone she has a career in fashion.

Kathy's did have a strong design and color story and I'm happy for her win. I'm not as sure she could be a clothes designer as I am of Merle but she does have an eye and a point of view.


Personally I was fine with Kathy's win. AS stated, just to knock Merle down a peg or 2 is worth it

The other thing that helped Kathy I feel is she was clearly making decisions to try to make her line as cohesive as possible but as varied as possible

Merle's was too gimmicky. And too much the same gimmick. All 3 of her dresses from the final challenge had tear-away skirts. That trick is too overdone

It was great on the red carpet dress but then it became overkill

I will give soem props to Eric for showing some growth. I liked what he came up with for the final challenge especially because he clearly came up with it


I didn't understand how Jim could run late with "car trouble." Don't contestants on reality shows usually live together?

Can't recall if I posted here or not, but I started leaning towards a Kathy win a few weeks back. In part because I am drawn to color, but also because the whole convertible garment thing of Merle's started to get on my nerves. My favorite of hers was the multicolored dress and I agree she should have kept the read sash on the kimono .

I like the show, but they need to lose those two women and get judges that have a different POV than the wonder twins.

I find it odd that Rue La La didn't do a version of Kathy's colorful print dress, which was the nicest one in her collection. I think she won because had the easiest line to duplicate for production.

Individually, I think Merle's pieces were better. But as a collection, Kathy was right for the win.

The judges really did identify the problem with Merle's as a collection and that is that a gimmick does not provide cohesiveness. And I also find a disconnect between her "three, three, three looks in one" idea and the sort of woman she wants to buy her clothes. Let's face it. If you can afford that gorgeous evening gown, which they all think will end up on the red carpet, you don't need to make it serve double duty.

And I'd like to have seen that "hem as handbag" sent down the runway stuffed with "your Blackberry and your ID and your lipstick". I don't think it would have moved well or have been comfortable.

In any case, Merle's look when they named Kathy the winner was worth all the time I wasted watching this show.

I loved Merle and was rooting for her but when I saw all the collections on stage, I had to finally admit that I liked Kathy's the best (who would have been my favorite if my beloved Merle wasn't there.) Eric is a sweet boy. And, I'll leave it at that.

(Jeebus, even the amazing Amanda couldn't sell that belly dancing gown the judges raved over inexplicably.)

It was fitting that the top 3 had the most successful and endearing relationships with their experts.

This show has potential. I like the Wonder Twin(k)s but they need new judges. Those chicks were boring and I couldn't tell them apart but on the bright side, they were still better than Kelly Rowland. I am with you, bring on Kara Saun. I really, really liked giving them the opportunity to rework past looks. I know were I a PR contestant (unlikely since I can't thread a needle), I would be itching to have that chance.

I think they should not be so locked into fabrics chosen at the beginning of the season. I think they should have some say in picking their experts or letting their experts pick them as in the finale. Some people clearly rose and fell on those choices they had no hand in.

Meh here too.

I watched for a while, but it got boring. The DJ guy got on my last nerve with his "sexy girls wearing sexy clothes" stuff.

Also, the toilet seat runway wasn't helping much.

I really see the logic behind Kathy's win (and when I really sat down and thought about it, I liked her collection the best -- if the goal is saleability, it's the one I could see myself wearing most of) -- D&D said something about the simplicity of the designs and I think that was the key -- the designs were relatively simple in and of themselves, but they were well done and not *over* done, as I really think the other two collections were. And since the deal was that they would actually produce and sell the designs, I can definitely see why they went with this one in the end.

OK, I amend what I said about the Ruelala pieces. First of all, unlike the Fashion Show pieces, Kathy's pieces are made with quality materials. 100% silk, 100% cotton, ect. So they aren't the polyester horrors that the Fashion Show was trying to off-load on the public.

But they still look cheap and void of any personality.

Also, I said they were $100, and I was wrong. Most of her looks are going for $200.

One thing I'll say about LML - the three finalists had definite and distinct points of view. No mistaking Kathy for Erik or Merle.

My favorite line: "We'll have more on the other collections when we're damn well good and ready, kittens."


Merle was not robbed. She lost me somewhere in a pouf of brown fabric. Her evening gown was awesome, but Kathy's overall grouping was gorgeous. Hooray color! And that backwards kimono dress was so simple and beautiful.

It was torture to sit through this whole show...I feel like I'm owed the 12 or so hours I wasted on this.
But--I watched. After the runway show, you could really see that Kathy's was, in the words of Nina, "a cohesive collection". Just about all of the looks related to each other, and the color story was clear and interesting. (Except for that yellow job--a beautiful dress but it stuck out.)
So--Kathy won.
I'm not holding my breath to see her designs on the real runway anytime soon.

didn't jim have a cell phone???? it's almost as if the whole thing was staged to create drama. he hardly seemed apologetic as he arrived.

I choose to believe that Merle realized that the judging was a crock of shit halfway through the show and just decided to have some fun with her bitch persona for the remaining weeks. Her reaction was pretty priceless at the end.

And sweet fancy Moses, listening to the judges cream their slacks over Eric's work over the duration of the show made me want to jam steel spikes in my ears.

I about peed myself watching Merle's reaction! That shot alone made it worth my time. Yea for Kathy. I really liked her and her clothing!

the model in the red dress was definitely holly ridings from PR.

I ended up liking this collection more than I expected. But as I said on Twitter, I love the finale collections on the whole much more than those on the last Project Runway season.

Yes, the editing was so obvious that it was embarrassing. There was not subtlety whatsoever.

But I did like this collection. I liked all three. The right three made the final, and I wasn't saying that two weeks ago.

Shocking another collection where you can't wear a (normal) bra.

(sides cut down to the waist on most and/or super low cut / no back).

Pretty colors. Still love the yellow dress.

The navy blue one and the yellow are fab.

I can't believe it's over! Not. I had a love/hate thing going with LML and it feels like it was on forever.

I had Kathy & Emil pegged winners for pretty much the run of the show. I really liked her reality show persona and she seemed sincere and focused (and having the same name helped). However, in the end I didn't really love her collection. I liked that she had such a bright and varied color story, but the individual pieces did nothing for me.

Despite her gimmick-based aesthetic, I really liked Merle & Thai's collection. I thought that many of her pieces were super marketable, innovative and highly wearable. In the end, I think that Merle's hubris lost her and Thai the win for the competition. And I, too, loved her reaction once announced that Kathy & Emil won.


As long as it wasn't Eric the tacky king of clubs I didn't care. Merle and Katy with both good, though like all the contestants they were a bit heavy with the shiny.
Although the group brain was a problem with LML, the bigger problem was a group brain that was so friggin' tacky. In a sane world, Eric would have been kicked out weeks ago and Patrick/Ricardo would have been dead by the third show.
That and the continuing judges as mentors that is becoming Bravo's continuing concept. Bad idea though the Wonder Twinks were not the worst I've seen of that (cough Tom Colicciho cough).

I definitely thought Merle should have won, but I'm fine with Kathy winning. As long as Erik didn't win, I was fine.

He seems like a nice guy, but his collection looked so cheap and trashy (especially the disco ball dress the judges raved about for some reason). Though, I did like his ruffle dress, but that was about it.

Kathy's dresses were pretty, and my main complaint is a personal one -- these are not bra-friendly looks. The beach kimono is pretty much the only one that you could wear a bra underneath. Is everyone in LA either flat-chested or rigid plastic?

I would like to see what the garments look like on Rue La La, but I don't want to have to sign up for another shopping-site membership I'll never use. Can someone post a link that non-members can use to see what has become of Native Rose?

I don't know who "should" have won, really. Merle's stuff is more fashionable, but Kathy's has a market too. They both had problems with their collections. (Merle's tacky convertible gimmick, while Kathy had two looks that didn't belong at all - the gold/blue disaster and the dark 'kimono' gown - and half of her collection was zebra, black, and red! She needs to take that palette back to Lane Bryant where it belongs. Meh. This show was shit anyway. Loved Merle's reaction to losing. Heh.

Went to look at the collection on ruelala.
Lots of changes, lots of things missing.
When you think about having to reproduce it for sale - that's when I saw why they picked her collection.
It's Kathy Lite. The other two would have been impossible.
Have to wonder how much input the website had in picking the winner.
Didn't like any of the collections.

Not sure why but I never warmed up to the show. Especially after Patrick left. I might follow the next season here on TLO.

I am amazed I made it through the whole season, in light of the Dsquared creep factor and the horrendous judging. "It's tacky and short and tight, and I'd wear it" gets real tired real fast. Anyone who could rave about Eric's "evening gown"/cheap bellydancer Halloween costume should not be judging anything.

I think the show has some potential, if they clean up the judging mess and take some of the gimmicky out of the challenge assignments.

As for the fabric selections, I think making them buy all their fabric at once is a great real-world restriction, and did wonders for giving cohesiveness to the collections, but they need to do it in such a way that it helps the designers, not get in their way.

I'm kinda torn. On the one hand I think Merle's collection was very strong and the versatility of the garments appeals to the pragmatic shopper in me, but Kathy's was more striking, I see fewer good looks but the ones that are good are fantastic.

I really wanted to Kathy to win because she was the only one from the beginning who didn't feel like she should win. Kathy was in it for the ride, and so I think it is fitting that she won.

I will save my Merle rant for her post.

I have a daughter who works retail, and she routinely spends at least two hours after closing cleaning up the store. If she had to find all the removable pieces from Merle's line and figure out which piece went with which dress, it would take even longer. This is not a realistic sales item.

Two hours of finale was one hour way too much. Definitely should have and could have been done in an hour.

As a whole, I didn't like Merle's collection, though I did love the first gown that converted to a cocktail dress and her very first piece. Otherwise, I think she overused the rip off skirt ad nauseum and frankly, it reminds me of the kind of hiking pants you can zip off to make into shorts. Good idea in theory but having a zipper bang around your legs is uncomfortable.

I liked Kathy's collection as a whole and loved the color story. I agree that the turquoise kimono lost it's "bang" with that boring new sash. The red made it really pop. Love the final dress. I'm glad she won and Merle's reaction on the runway was priceless.

I am not thrilled with this show. The judging and editing left no excitement. Kathy has gotten the winner's edit for weeks now and Merle was being set up for the fall week's ago. And Eric was kept to have a guy in the finals. The judging sucks. And I still don't like the idea of being preassigned an expert by random and buying fabric at random.


Sorry-no. Kathy had the sweetest personality but overall creative vision and talentwise she was second to Merle.
Bravo likes winners who are obedient and malleable who will shill for them. Kathy will fit that bill.
Can't see Merle as someone who wouldn't question what she might be asked to do (or shill).

I think this collection was the clear winner. I hated Merle's whole convertible concept.

Agree on the judging. The 3rd full-size photo pretty much says it all: the judge on the far right (can't remember her name, don't care) looks like "OMG, OMG, they're taking my picture!!" And DSquared look like something out of the Lawrence Welk Show.

I tried to go to ruelala last night - but am annoyed that they want to make you register just to look - so I didn't.

How bad were their versions?

I though Merle had it in the bag, but after seeing her reaction, as well as Kathy's, I'm glad Kathy one. Kathy seemed grateful and humbled to have one, where Merle just expected the win to be handed to her. Merle's shimmery gown was to die for though.

Secondly, did anyone else think of the models were god-awful? Like laughably bad. Especially Eric's model in the blue outfit with the red belt. Good god.

What was the deal with Jamie Pressly being there? Is she married to Eric? She certainly didn't look all that pleased to be there if she is.

What's with this having to sign up for Ruelala? And be invited by another member? Never mind.

I figured Kath for the win as the most logical for selling on Ruelala. Merle's pieces were fabulous, but too gimicky for an entire line. Also without much color.

Merle and Thai are the most talented. Thai, just amazing. Hope this takes him far.


Shocking another collection where you can't wear a (normal) bra.

Kathy's dresses were pretty, and my main complaint is a personal one -- these are not bra-friendly looks.

Two words, ladies: Duct tape.

I'm dead serious, and I'm a 38C. :)


I'm in total agreement with TLo about the judging panel for this show. It would have been more interesting if any of the judges had shown a different point of view.

Frankly I think both female judges are in that category of women who are completely terrified about aging and want to hang on to their disco ball days until they're pushed off the dance floor.

I'm OK with Kathy's win. I was just relieved that Eric's "Hookers R Us" collection didn't win-and I still find the judges' love for that skanky silver monstrosity mind-boggling.

Agree with 11:18. Obviously Merle didn't win because her collection would be hell (and hella expensive) to produce. Sorry, Merle, knew you weren't a contenda from the get go.

Agree that I would have been happy with either a Merle or Kathy win. Was a little scared that they would go to the DJ win.

Kathy's finale outfit was less than flattering. Were those shorts? Would have loved to see something more in line with her line. Perhaps the top was shimmery, but the effect was that she just came from working in the workroom, and forgot to change into her public clothes.


I have to admit that I watched the finale but I was also so meh about it. It didn't matter who won or who lost. It was all on the just OK level, nothing that made me jump in my seat, and nothing that made me run to the store. It's the kind of show to watch if you are home with nothing else to do and you don't need to record if you are going to miss an episode or two or three.

I'm not surprised that Kathy won because in the previews they showed both where the final 3 were standing and one of the twinks swiveling in Kathy's direction to announce the winner. Not that I cared all that much who won, but it killed what little suspense the finale held.

I still think the concept is off because the contestants are very dependent on the skills of the "real" designer who they have no hand in picking. Would Merle be where she was without Thai? And the same for Kathy and her designer whose name I can't remember. We still don't know how much talent the contestants themselves have.

But you are right on, TLo, about the judging. I'd actually change out the entire judging panel, including the twinks. They got less interesting rather than more interesting over the course of the season.

I went over to RueLaLa to see Kathy's revised collection but found that I had to be invited by a member to enter.

Yeah. Right. Buh-bye!

I thought Kathy's collection was the weakest of the three, and with the exception of her African print gown, I didn't like any of her designs.

If the judging panel was going to trash Merle on the basis of her convertible clothes, as they did last night, they should have raised that issue many, many episodes ago. They never did. What the freak, freaks?

So yeah, I think Merle was robbed. But I'll bet that, in the end, she ends up on top.

1:33 - you hit the nail on the head. I've been saying for weeks that there is no way Merle was going to win because her line would be prohibitively expensive to mass produce -- although it was very clever and sophisticated with some market appeal (at least I thought so), there were too many pieces, too mahy bells and whistles. Kathy's was easy and simple - she let her fabrics do most of the talking. I do think it was kind of crappy for no one to say to Merle, earlier on, "how practical would this line be to produce? think about how to simplify while sticking to your POV." (A good example, I think, was the orange beach dress, which was convertible without requiring too many pieces.)

Of course, given the quality and perceptiveness of the judging, it's no surprise that this didn't happen. Yawn.

didn't jim have a cell phone???? it's almost as if the whole thing was staged to create drama. he hardly seemed apologetic as he arrived.

Hee! If Jim wasn't being held hostage by a PA I'll eat my hat. That was such a blatant attempt to ramp up the drama I didn't bat an eye when he sauntered in. Bad editing monkeys! Kathy's win has been telegraphed pretty clearly for a few weeks.

That said, the idea of the show isn't bad at all. Execution? Not so much, but I think it has potential, with some tweaks.

I, too, was annoyed that I could not see how the winning collection was translated for sale.

Strange that a show on Lifetime would hook up with an on-line retailer that was trying to be "exclusive". You have to be reccomended???

Anyway, it would be nice to get Tlo's thoughts on the transition from show to retail, if they have the time and inclination.

I so agree with your comment re: judging. The longer the show aired, the more the pairs mirrored each other - in opinion and dress!! Too matchy-matchy!! Otherwise, the show was pretty entertaining.

LML judges and hosts made this show unwatchable for me after the 2nd episode..I hate the 2 flat- ironed, orange lady judges who seem to cater only to the Paris Hiltons of the retail world. (barf!) That's the only reason I can figure for why the D.J who made nothing but slutwear for 22yr.olds from the planet skeeze made it all the way to the final.

And to top it all off the only way I can see the winners collection, the "launched line" if you will, is to create an account with an INVITE ONLY website just to LOOK?!
plus it says they will only be available until Feb 5th? Really? 2 DAYS? WTF?

I am not filling out a form with all my personal info(for them to sell to marketers)just to look at the winning collections from a reality show.

Way to go Bravo! I swear I don't know how they keep any viewers anymore. The fact that all of the housewives trash is getting good ratings makes me sad and disgusted at the same time.

You don't have to be invited to Ruelala, but you do have to sign up to view their site.

Just go to and it's a presto invite.

Also, these invite-only, flash-sale websites that are popping up lately? Yeah, no. Very annoying sites.

Thought Merle should have won, hands down, but I'm "OK" with Kathy's win simply because it means DJ Tacky McGaudypants didn't win. I was really concerned about that because the judges have been eating his "bling" up with a gigantic glittered spoon.

Merle was my favorite for most of the show's run, but I was torn between her and Kathy by the time of the final runway, mostly because Kathy loves color and Merle runs from it.

But mostly I was just relieved that Eric took third. I would not have put it past the judges to approve of that whole load of crap.

Should probably save this for his post, but Eric's teal ruffle dress reminded me of Christopher's disco pumpkin.


Mike B said:

But mostly I was just relieved that Eric took third. I would not have put it past the judges to approve of that whole load of crap.

2/4/10 3:45 PM

I really couldn't believe the blather from the judges when they were talking about how Eric "came into his own" with the silver disco ball dress. All four judges seemed to have a real weakness for short, tight and shiny.

It's finally over? Thank you baby Jesus

I'd favored Merle at the beginning--there was really some ingenuous stuff along the way, but as a whole, it did feel uselessly gimmicky. Why do you need a three-way evening gown? Some things, yes, but everything.

So while my individual favorites were by Merle--Kathy's did look better as a collection. Merle really didn't have as good a sense of color and line.

The show needs to be tweaked--I still love the weird twins. I like the idea of developing a line through the show. I liked that they had the tools and staffing to finish the line (and drop the bad looks) at the end.

They do need a mentor to stir things up and nonidentical judges.

In other words, I see some decent bones here, but it's not there.

Oh, one thing I would have liked to have seen is the possibility of experts switching designers or vice versa. Marle had a huge advantage with Thai and Marilyn at a big disadvantage with Coco.

I'd kind of like them to fix it and bring it back. But it needs to be fixed.

Wow, I looked at the collection and my favorite turquoise kimono dress is now just in black - zzzz - and the yellow dress is like ankle-length, instead of full length...the best piece is the jumpsuit with the funky belt and that's sold out.

Has anyone explained to Merle that she didn't win?

Not crazy about her collection but I understand why she won.

I too liked the show -- in theory. In fact, the judging was awful and the challenges were worse. Make an outfit that can go from a baby shower to a red carpet event? Design a dress based on some flabby middle aged nude guy? WHY?

I think Merle was robbed. Her concept may have been gimmicky, but her design work was solid. They could have sold it and reigned in the convertible aspect- maybe confined it to the pieces where it made sense.

Merle? How many women think, "hmm, I wish I could rip off half my skirt and turn it into a cape and go out for the evening?" How many women weven wear a cape, torn from a skirt or not? That convertible thing was goofy, no two ways about it.

I was SO happy that the dj went home
At first I preferred merle's collection, but Kathy's was executed perfectly. The color story and cohesive shapes really made it pop. It was a smart collection that would be much easier to execute than Merle's, and kathy has a bright future ahead of her with her great instincts and ethnic-inspired pieces. When put side by side, Merle's individual pieces were stronger, but Kathy's collection was more of a show. Anyway, Merle's going to get her own line.

Who's the nebbish in the middle?

i'm not dorothy gale

So Sunshine Moonflower won and Merle's clothes weren't appropriate for ruelala, a site that requires registration, for God's sake. Frankly I hung on to the bitter end just to see who won; I probably wouldn't watch another season.

I logged into Rue La La in the first time in ages to check out the collection. I put these images up since several folks made comments about not wanting to bother with making a RLL account:
(Sorry it's broken into 2 images - new hard drive, no photoshop yet, blahblahblah.)

In case anyone is curious about how well they are selling - so far anyway (16 hours left before the "boutique closes"), the jumpsuit is the only one that has sold completely out. Size 2 of the kimono dress and size 2 and 4 in the wrap jacket are also sold out.

I only tuned into the last 10 or so minutes because I wanted to see if DJ Tacky won the whole thing since the judges seemed to swoon over him so much. I was surprised they managed to collectively muster enough taste to put him in third.

I find it very telling that this post has drawn so few comments. Obviously, public opinion of this show is very low.

Okay, agreed with most posts, BUT have (of course) my own musings to add. In no particular order:
1. Kathy's obvious eyelash glue...ew.
2. Jim didn't seem sorry. At all.
3. Fergie was cute. And sweet, tho it sure seemed like she liked Eric's collection the most.
4. Fekkai's stock dropped as notch for me when I saw him. But, if he's just testing the waters for his own show, then sign me up!
5. Eric's line - Heidi would wear it.
6. Eric's line - Tiger Wood's ideal lady would wear it.
7. Merle's sequined dress was GORGE!
8. Merle SO lucked out with her expert. He was a genius with tailoring and had good taste, too.
9. I reeeeeaallly want to know what D&D honestly think...I got the feeling many times over the course of this (long) season that their real opinions were squashed in favor of those 2 idiot ladies. Seriously, those 2 broads are the worst.

Tlo wrote...
"Our first impulse was that Merle should have won and to be honest, we still believe that, but we kind of talked ourselves into Kathy's win when we really sat down and examined it."

hahaha, I love it. You guys hit the nail on the head about this show.

A big "eh" in my book.

And I'm sad for Merle's loss, but then I can just turn on RPDR and see her surrounded by infinitely more awesome people on an infinitely more awesome show, so there's always a bright side.

Also, I just looked at the pictures Tee posted.

Holy cow, did they ever do a number on her collection... Mostly black, zebra print, the yellow dress, and the red dress. Also, the yellow and red dress were made in black too... and they made the kimono black. Boring.

I totally agree about RueLaLa's cheap knock-offs of Kathy's line. They would have destroyed Merle's pieces-- she'd be better offf finding an investor.

I LOVE the group shot.

It's like there was a glamorous dinner party where all the guests having their photo taken said "Bring over those two funny gay waiters! We liked them!"

Thanks to the person who posted the pictures of the winning line as actually marketed.

Three of the most unique dresses, the gold one with the turquoise, the dark blue with the belt, and the gorgeous long print, were totally missing from the launched line. It seems that the shapes were too subtle or an adequate print was too hard to find.

How disappointing for Kathy. I'd want to punch out the people at Ruelala. If Merle had won, she probably wouldn't have been as tolerant. Her feistiness might have contributed to her loss.


Ignoring the collection for a minute...did anyone else think that Kathy and Fergie look incredibly alike? They could be sisters.

Is it just me or does Merle bare a stricking resemblance to Peg Bundy from "married with children"...I'm just sayin....

I just signed in to Rulala and don't see the collection. Any hints of this?

Tee thanks for posting the pics.
A couple look well made, though overall they seem to have lost something in translation.

I agree with most of the posters. Merle's "convertability" gimmick was impractical and needless. That said, however, her design aesthetic was far more interesting in terms of silhouette and finishing details. Kathy's win is more reflective of the tacky, "big box" aesthetics of the producers and the judges. It's interesting that no major national retailers were involved, i.e. Macy's, Nordstrom's, etc.

I definitely have to agree with your assessment of the show. Overall I still think it has a lot of potential and if they do plan on doing another season I hope it grows and changes a bit more, though I wouldn't want to see it try to be a PR knock-off.

Honestly, I like Kathy's collection the best.


Didn't they get that zebra print out of the trim room? I like that Kathy sort of worked around that "buy all your fabrics up front" rule. She was able to effectively work in another fabric. Clever!

The clothes themselves aren't my thing, so it's harder to be objective. My favorite is the blue one-shoulder gown, and after that I'm think it's just alright. I suspect her clothes reward closer viewing, with all of her braiding work, which I remember looking pretty cool in the closeups.

I had picked Kathy's collection over the other two. I like the use of prints, her gowns were lovely and the other two had more serious issues, IMO.

I'm sick of the two D's. They annoy the crap out of me and I hope if this show continues they are replaced immediately. The two women weren't great either, but those two brothers...Oiy.

I just want to let you all know that Kathy's line will be re-launched on Ruelala starting tomorrow (April 8th-Monday the 12th). I am a huge fan of Native Rose, and have been following your blog a little, so thought I would let you know!!! I can't wait to get myself one of the yellow dresses! Such an amazing dress!!!

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