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Korto Momolu Fall 2010 Collection

Our favorite pouty-faced designer showed her latest this week in New York.

It's a slightly more sober Korto than we're used to seeing. Granted, this is a fall collection and her vibrant, print-heavy PR finale collection was for Spring. Besides, we wouldn't want to see her repeat past successes. So here's a Korto collection surprisingly heavy on knitwear; here's a Korto using heavier fabrics and lots of grey and black. Once we got over the shock of seeing such different pieces, we noticed that she still puts in all kinds of details that are purely her. Of course, her oranges and pinks are still there, just much more subdued. And no matter the season, you can count on a couple of beautifully draped and fitted gowns. And even without the prints, you can still count on gorgeous jewelry and styling from her. Plus we love the coats. So yes, a bit of a surprise coming from her but you can't expect designers to stand still. This collection represents a moving forward for her.

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Wow, a lot of ANTM models!

I see Sheena, Bianca, and Aminat...

OOOhhh! The grey, dolman sleeved jersey gown would be wonderful for home lounging. WANT!

Oh, heavens, WANT WANT WANT the little orange plaid tweedy minidress. Sigh.

She still has Katarina. I guess she figures her to be a good luck charm.

Gorge, gorge, GORGE-OUS!

And KMo looks fabulous!

If only Shelley O would reach out to her...

There's definitely a market for these clothes.

What a beautiful collection. I love it!

I love Korto! When this 46 yo, size 10 frame can wear most all a collection, it makes me do the happy dance. The jackets and longer gowns are beautiful and the sweaters ... amazing. Thanks for the post guys. :D

Love everything but the shiny purple digs. Much more my taste than Irina's collection (I may be the only person who didn't like that one).

I love the first little grey party dress and the orange sheath with the cap sleeves - even though orange is so not my color.

I can hear Irina bitching now about her plagiarizing the t-shirt with writing on it. And the slouchy knitwear.

I really liked every piece except the shiny purple romper. That orange houndstooth dress was fanTAStic.

It looks cozy and chic at the same time. That grey long gown would be such a welcome thing at a cold weather fancy schmancy event. Can you imagine being warm and awesome at the same time?

I love the use of Kuchi jewelry pieces, and the jersey.

Its a very thoughtful collection, wearable but with enough touches that keep the pieces from being dull.


Well done, Korto! Love it!

Really great collection. Go Korto!

Liked the first dress and was hopeful scrolling, but am not an huge fan of much of this.

But I really like the long dress with the charcoal l/s top and magenta - that looks like a strapless dress over it. Very pretty and interesting l/s dress.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that orange plaid coat dress thing! Want want want! So insanely adorable!

That pink coat is to die for.

Love this collection! Real clothes for real women. I see sooo much I would wear - love the colors, shapes, styling. Love, love, love :)

There is alot to love here!
Firstly I love the hair and jewelry. Wonderful.
And soo many of the dresses.
7th row the flame pencil with black top and flame flower in the hair.
8th row orange plaid.
Also the cowl scarfs shown on the next few looks.
15th row the quilted red vest with black sequin skirt.
16th orange sheath.
18th Fushia tent dress and the next one which is like a super exagerated fushia peg skirt.
and my favorite of all is the hot pink satin coat dress in the 22nd row.
I hope she has a huge success with this collection. It is a stunner.

Clueless Jock

Great stuff! Love her new hairstyle too.

I like this collection very much. Some very interesting knits, and that red felted(?) vest is adorable.

Although I'm not usually a fan of zippers as decoration, I do like the way she used them to set off the shoulders of the red gown and the orange cowl-necked dress.

I love the gray, dolman-sleeved gown, and if I were 6' tall I'd buy it in a hot minute. Unfortunately, I'm only 5'3", so couldn't carry it off. That very first dress, though, I could do that one!

I've got one question, though. The model in the purple print dress is smiling! I thought it was illegal for models to smile on the runway. ;-))

This I like much more than her spring collection - which I appreciated but couldn't/wouldn't have worn much of.

1st row - if you have to have another basic little dress, this is it. Liked the soft asymmetrical folds of the skirt.

2nd row: - If you've got the height & posture, what way to sweep around in folds of fabric without knocking everyone's eyes out. And it could carry some awesome "statement" accessorizing.

4th row - I dont know why, but I love this one. Awesome collar/sleeve combo.

Stand out piece for me as well as lots of the rest of us: the orange check mini. LOVE.

11th row: Now that's a big collar knit I can get behind. It's proportional to the outfit, not some burgeoning growth.

More than honorable mentions : red quilted vest and black evening look in the last row, especially the knit top.

And the jaunty little hats get their own post!

I want one in in claret, one in a dark amethyst, one in deep moss green, and one in black, please. They would so frigging work with my current hairstyle.

Love the first dress! And if I don't love every single piece, I think a lot of them are terrific. And the best thing of all:

I don't feel like I've seen everything a million times before. Even when she's designing something with a fairly typical silhouette, she adds her own unique twist. Brava, Korto!

Love the orange plaid!!

Love her. And love that she's still using Katarina!

Wow! I like most of it and love some of it. I really like the use of charcoal and charcoal with brights - very flattering and much cheerier than all-black all-the-time for fall/winter. Also, sleeves! And layering! I'm so happy when designers acknowledge that some folks need to dress for, ya know, the weather. Kudos to Korto!

Sheesh, I ridiculously love the long sleeve T with the writing on it. And that asymmetrical pink vest is fabulous.

hmm not a good collection in my opinion, except for looks 1 and 17

"And even without the prints, you can still count on gorgeous jewelry and styling from her."

While the jewlry may be lovely, the makeup on these models makes them look haggard and exhausted. The clothes maybe lovely, but the models all look downtrodden.

I love her jewelry and knits.

That voluminous pink skirt is exquisite. With a different top, could see it on the red carpet.

This is GORGEOUS. Well done, Korto!

I am seriously in love with a lot of the necklaces, which I'm assuming are all hers. The one on image 19 (pink draped gown over gray jersey long sleeved shirt) is my favorite. I'm going to have to do some googling to see if her jewelry is available on her site!

Love the sweaters!!!! I want them all to leap into my closet...where does one go to buy Korto's clothes?

Subtly innovative but not going to change the world. That's okay, I want, want, want everything but the purple romper and I think most other women would too.

She is such a great designer AND stylist. I can'd decide which she does better.

Summer, here's her website where you can buy jewelry:

no clothes buying info that I could find, though :(

Beautiful clothes - I esp love the purple print cocktail dress. She also has gorgeous models, though I'm not so sure about the styling - with the eyelashes and red cheeks, they look a bit like they're dancing in the corps in The Nutcracker.

Love the greys, love the brights. Such a pretty collection! One day my perpetually broke self will own a piece of Korto's jewelry.

I think the collection is really sharp, but I totally miss Korto's wild curly HAIR!!!


Korto has a gift for designing clothes that flatter the female form in virtually any size. I would love to see her succeed wildly.

But, since I really like her collection and could actually wear it (well, not the romper) - I have to ask - is it fashion? I am so accustomed to feeling like fashion is a club I could never join - mile high shoes and fabulous gowns I have no occasion to wear, etc.

I've probably just seen too many dour Swedish movies and need to lay off the hemlock.

Wow! I love, love, LOVE that coat in the 3rd row and that swingy orange dress in the 8th row.

This is a really strong, confident collection.


LOVE! Korto is SO talented, I am always pleased with her collections. I especially love her (handmade?) knitwear. I am totally going to recreate that cowl neck sweater for myself!

I'm in LOVE with that orange/grey plaid dress. Alas, it won't go with my red hair. =(

This collection is simply beautiful to me in that I can see myself wearing a good portion of it...some of them sans spanx! WOOT!


I liked the clothes very much, but I was totally distracted by the eyelashes.

I love the color story and several pieces in this collection. It's amazing and great that women of a variety of sizes and proportions can wear her seperates. I know that all of the styling was done specifically for the show, but some looks seemed a bit weighed down by accessories and makeup. Other than that I love the direction she's headed with her work and look forward to seeing more in the future.



If only Shelley O would reach out to her...

I was just thinking the same thing...

I like that Korto is growing as a designer..and as an aside, I love her new do!

TLo....I am not nit picking but did you mean somber or sober? Korto might want you to fix that--LOL...unless sober really was what you meant.

the only look that I couldn't get behind was the purple romper with turtleneck. *ick*

But there is LOTS to love about this. And I love KM's hairstyle, too. Rock on, Korto!

Sober- 3: serious or grave in mood.
4: Having quite tone or color. solemn, earnest, sedate.

Claire said...

TLo....I am not nit picking

Yes you are.

Wow, some lovely things. All those knit sweaters are gorgeous, but I seriously covet the grey long sleeved shirt with the epaulets and the long pink high-waisted skirt. And I normally hate pink. But I must have that. Beautiful!

oh J'adore!

so many many many things i am coveting.

hmmm.. not my favorite from her by any means. almost everything but the knit work looks a bit cheap.

I love this collection. Very her but done in a new way!

Oh my God, I find this really, really, REALLY bad...
I was never fond of Korto's aesthetic, and never saw much in he run-of-the-mill designs. So I expected to like this move forward better, and the first look was promising...
Then came that ugly black coat... I just don't see what this collection is about. Maybe something generic to sell at some suburban mall shop? I don't know... don't get it. There are a couple of long nice dresses, with the grey/pinks combination that really work. Otherwise this is so uterly generic, middle-agey, boring...

And the styling... I always thought her styling very outdated, and ackwardly inappropriate which still is here (a feathery headdress with a pencil skirt/turtle neck combo? what's that about?). But here it's also ugly... I had to look twice at some of the models because they looked like they were wearing metal frameglasses, or had serious eye bags.
Don't get this stuff at all.

Claire, 'sober' can also mean serious, or muted in color. It doesn't always have to do with drugs or alcohol :)

Either "sober" or "somber" would be appropriate in that context. It would be mildly amusing to argue which would be better, but it probably comes down to your point of view on life in general, so I'd chalk it up to chacun a son gout.

It's always good to see Korto, and this collection definitely looks like her and yet unlike her past, so, yeah, she's evolving. I think she looks great in the picture, too, though I also kind of miss the big head of curls.

I especially love the long dresses and coats here, but a lot of it's very cool. It's a very mature collection, in the best sense of "mature."

@SusanID - I don't know much about "fashion" either, but it is all beautifully designed. That's got to count for something, right?

Or almost all, anyway. I, too, could do without the purple shiny print. And I would toss out the first look - what is that sad little chain at the waist? Boo.

Everything else I would be happy and proud to have in my closet. It all looks so soft and perfect for fall.

Awesome! Sophisticated and elegant. Very litle that didn't flow like a luxurious fabric river - I really love the shades of gray with the dark skin.

But, outfit 7's necklace is comically over-sized. It looks like Flava Flav's clock. Bad reference point. Anything that brings Flava Flav to mind will bring STD's to mind next. The romper with the gray catsuit was better with than without but if you're out of pampers, you shouldn't be wearing rompers -

Love the color story too... gray, red, pink, purple, orange, plus creams and beiges. Somehow it really gels into a warm urban fall look for me.

Love it! Especially that Orange plaid mini dress and that long black coat *sigh*

Loving the clothes, hating the eye makeup.

Love the chunky gray sweater and the gray jersey gown. I also really like the orange minidress. How fun!

I normally adore Korto but too much of this collection is... painfully ugly. Bulky, dowdy, unflattering. And what did she do to those poor lovely models? That makeup makes them look haggard and adds a good 20 years to their faces. Depressing. What happened to the playful and talented designer I used to know and love???


love the shapes and the color story and the styling. OK love it all!

Is any of this going to be available?

That red quilted vest could spiff up the outfit I'm wearing right now...


Marketing Diva

Thanks for showing her collection. I LOVED IT. I seriously want to buy a few pieces, do you know if any major store will pick these pieces?

As Deidre said earlier any time a 46 year old can wear your clothes then you have done an outstanding job

Muted, yes... but I'm still impressed!

Love this stuff - so ready to 'sell' and that is a GOOD thing.
The shiny romper is riduclous but fits in the color story and adds whimsy and interest to the show
the coats are fantastic, also lusting for the fushia sweater vest thing (and most of the sweaters)
And while I am too old and pale for hot pink and the fabulous orange dress - me still adore.

Please let this get picked up by real stores for real women!
IF korto checks out the comments - Please make available for sale on your website!

I always liked Korto. I love the collection. I even feel like I could wear these at my advanced age. Now I just need the moulah.

Just a beautiful, rich collection.
Hate the zombie make-up, though/

I love everything! And hello there, Bianca rockin' it out.

i love korto for always making clothes that look gorgeous, flattering, feminine & comfortable! i want it all. when is macy's gonna start selling her clothes already?

bonus points for using ANTM models XD

Wow, a lot of ANTM models!

I see Sheena, Bianca, and Aminat...

dont forget camille! even though you might want to...

Some great pieces, but I'm not liking the shiny purple fabric much.

Wow, definitely a surprise from Korto, but a really nice one.
She has such a specific style, but she did a great job changing it up but still being herself. Good for her!

According to my morning paper, she's designed a line exclusively for Dillard's.

LOVE. Except for the violet shiny pieces - anybody else hear tires screeching to a halt whenever that fabric popped up? Other than that, though, love it, esp. the knitwear!


Korto was my favorite designer from Season 5, and I'm so happy to see this collection. I absolutely want the orange/grey plaid dress and the sweater in look #10. Actually I want the entire collection! It's gorgeous! Go Korto! =)

Korto, congrats! this is a beautiful collection!
I absolutely love the knits and I want that long sleeves Tshirt!!!! (pic #6)..... also her jewelry is fantastic!

I loved it until the purple romper, and after that it was hit and miss for me.

I love this, at least half of these I want in my closet.

I always like to play the 'name the ANTM contestant' w/ her shows. Is she a fan or is this a big coincidence?

While the jewlry may be lovely, the makeup on these models makes them look haggard and exhausted. The clothes maybe lovely, but the models all look downtrodden.

I feel the same way. The jewelry and hair styling is fantastic, but that makeup! The horror!

This is a very wearable collection. I can definitely see teenage girls/young working class women all over America wearing this. I love the colors and the tribal touch. I hated about two of the pieces ( the short, brown ones with the cut off at the boobs). Besides those two, I LOVED everything else. Good job Korto, best of luck.

Loved the collection. Would wear every single piece.

Re: ANTM-- she probably likes their look, but more than that: she's smart. She's playing the reality TV game-- she knows these models each have a fan base of their own.

korto for me is the best female designer they have ever had on Project Runway. Her point of view along with her garments are fantastic, styling gorgeous and she's following up her fantastic Project Runway showing with a breathtaking collection. My mom, who is 48 and a size 16, could wear these clothes, that's how amazing and wearable they are. Just marvelous.

Loving the second grey dress and the long fuchsia skirt. I like the charcoal-fuchsia-orange palette in general, and the way she paired really exuberant jewelry with some of her more sober but very expensive-looking pieces.

One off note that stood out was putting such a tight garment as the orange pencil skirt on an incredibly thin model with such prominent, narrow, off-set pelvic bones, and again with the fuchsia cigarette pants. It did really strange things to the lines of both garments and didn't flatter the model.

Love that gray dress just after Jaslene's.

Beautiful collection. Could have done without the funky eyelashes, but that's trifling.

Gorgeous! Love the pink satin trench, the knit cowls and that long charcoal wool coat. Want!

MercyX said...
@SusanID - I don't know much about "fashion" either, but it is all beautifully designed. That's got to count for something, right?

I should never post before I have coffee.

I was thinking along the lines of Groucho Marx saying "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members. "

Wow! A lot of knit wear, which I love.
And I want the black dress at the end.

I thought it was a bit of a yawn. Nothing particularly eye-catching or beautiful, nothing that made me feel I really understood her better as a designer, and there were some awkward/unwearable pieces as well. Also, I found hte models' makeup really distracting. They seemed to have aggressively false eyelashes that sort of closed their eyes, and then false eyebrows painted on above their real brows, so that their faces looked all eyelid, somehow. It was sort of disturbing, definitely distracting, and not pretty. I liked her PR finale collection a lot better. -victoria

I like the clothing, but what the hell was with the makeup? It looks like they all got punched in the eyes (swollen) and had cried all night. I spent more time looking at the hideous makeup than I did at the clothes.

Who sawed off that quarter of Sean Young's dress? Seriously, I had that dress (whole) back in the '80s. Slicing off half of the top didn't help.

Still, some lovely pieces here -- although I am afraid I must agree that the super-long eyelashes had the effect of making the models look as if they all had puffy black eyes.

I love that collection, there are so many pieces I actually would wear... as a matter of fact, I like that first long dark grey dress so much, I would love to have it in a burgundy to wear at my wedding in October... How does one call up a designer to get a dress made, anyway?

She is my ABSOLUTE favorite designer to have come out of project runway.

I love ALL THE COATS AND JACKETS! They are divine.

The clothes are all wearable, and the knits are just drop dead gorgeous. The gray and black are definitely showing how she is developing as a designer and giving the audience and the industry what they want. The splashes of color in the collection allow her to keep her own unique aesthetic throughout the line.

The styling is fluid, bold, and never overpowering for the item shown. She is a great innovative talent...I would love for her to get more press.

I would love to just get an original garment from her!

This is totally a step BACK for her. Sure, it's different than what she's done before, but it isn't better. Her 'old' collections were interesting because they hinted at design elements that these 'new' clothes use to beat you across the face.

Would you dress the First Lady in any of these looks?

I like the black/gray as a base, but really appreciate the pops of jewel-tone colors uses.

Not hard to imagine people wearing these clothes & I hope she gets a good showroom & sales.

LOVE the orange plaid coat.

Best of luck, Korto. And, BTW, you look gorgeous, too!

I like the collection, over all. It's generally very practical, could fit women of various sizes, it also feels luxurious for the most part. But I do thing she has issues with fit, starting with the jacket she is wearing - look at how it pulls in the front an in the sleeve.

In the third row, the black jacket with the pink legging - looks how weird her chest line is. It folds unnaturally like it's too big.

The purple shiny romper also looks too large on top and the placement of the black triangle on the shorts is ill advised.

The orange pencil skirt is too tight on the model, it makes her hips look like they are sticking out because they are too large, and they are not.

The purple short shiny dress is too big on top and the strap is falling off the model.

The shiny pink skinny pants have an insane ripply crotch.

The gorgeous pink long dress with the gray sleeves is so long the model has to hold it so she won't trip over it.

The brown one sleeve mini dress is about to have a wardrobe malfunction any second now.

The red long dress with the zippers is also giving the model a weird crotch,

All and all a really beautiful collection , with some issues.

I would look good in more than half of that collection.

What a treat!

I really loved Korto's collection from PR and I'm just not seeing her in this group. It's not the lack of color but the lack of joy in the designs that I'm missing.

However, I do covet that orange check mini. That was a home run!

Fabulous! I want!

Love [most] everything in this collection! The detailing is beautiful. Would never have guessed this was from Korto Momolu - love that she is challenging herself and going in different directions.

What's with all the Tyra-bots in their? So many ANTM models!!!

I love love love look #2. I wouldn't have guessed that this was from Korto without the attribution. If she'd done this on the All-Stars Show she probably would've done better. This shows some evolution. XX's


From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate a collection of looks that are not only wearable by many sizes and shapes of women, and pieces that can work for multiple occasions and situations, but also appear AFFORDABLE without losing any touch of class.

Special love bombs for Looks: 1, 3, 6, 9, 11 (now THAT's how to do a knit circle shawl!), 16 (great vest, sorta Ping-y!), 17, 20, 21, and 24.

Big big Love to Korto!

I'm in love with most of it, and could actually see myself wearing about half of it. Gorgeous work here.

Glad to see so many PR designers showing at fashion week and thank you for posting the collections, TLo. I always thought that Korto had a strong voice. Congratulations, Korto!

gorge clothes... hideous and quite distracting eye makeup. Too bad.

Luv luv luv Korto. Her designs are FABU. She's such a curvy, gorgeous woman (like moi) I'd love to see her do a line for "us".

I like the first two dresses and the coats. She is showing her versatility, and it seems that most designers are in a more sober mood for Fall 2010.

The hair and accessories on the models are cool, but the eyelashes are really unflattering.

It's a slightly more sober Korto than we're used to seeing.

Do you mean sombre? xD

Gorgeous collection though...some of these knits are gorgeous *__*

The models look like their faces were made up with grease crayons... but at least they had expressions, and a couple even smiled, and that makes a huge difference. HATE the stone-faced robot look.
Oh yeah, some pretty clothes.

I think there is a big market for these clothes because you can find a lot of similar styles at Macys. She really wasn't groundbreaking. I am just kinda "meh" about this whole collection.


I love so many of the textures here, and how the greys worked with the colors, and the styling (for the most part). But what really impresses me is how fabulous our dear Korto is looking.

I know pointing this sort of thing out is a tired line by now, but it made me very happy, so I really must say that it's lovely to see models with actual real-live woman-like shapes (breasts! hips! oh my goodness!) wearing clothes that fit and flatter them on a runway. Thank you, Ms. Momolu!

Love the Kortu - but a romper? Alas.

"Somber" - american spelling

the grey and blacks are nice too, but the the long pink skirt and the pink coat were phenom.

Not impressed....looks like it all came off the racks from Marshall's or Daffy's. Cast offs. Everything is "off".

Korto is a darling. I attended her show here in NY. "EVOLUTION".comes to mind. I also loved her bags. Keep up the great work.

I love Korto. Her use of colour, styling, craftsmanship, etc. But as someone said, there's something off. It was the reason she didn't win the All-Star Challenge and why she was the number 2.
I thought someone would have told her by now. But I see it here in this collection as well: It's wearable (which is fabulous, don't get me wrong), but not a collection where you could say, 'oh, those are the main ideas she's going with and this is how she plays the variations on the theme.'
With this collection, it's kinda getting there and I hope she continues to focus on building that part of her art. Coz the sky's the limit for her.

Love the jewelry. Like the style and colors. Very nicely done, Korto!

yummy! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

What an amazing the orange dress and the outerwear!!!!! WONDERFUL!

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