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Kell on Earth S1E2

Manager of the Year, 2010

Darlings there was one question and one question only running through our heads last night watching this episode.


But first, a little autobiographical diversion. Tom once worked for a high-volume, short-turnaround advertising agency full of extreme personalities. Now, Tom loved the fact that it was such an insane, stressful job because he got to spend his days with over-the-top personalities doing what he loves to do best: marrying the creative side of the industry to the business side, making sure everyone winds up happy. Unfortunately, this agency was run by a bunch of rank amateurs who had zero managerial skills and the interpersonal skills to match. The point? The most exciting, creative, insanely fun jobs in the world can be ruined when the people in charge don't do their damn jobs. Tom spent 5 years there, 3 of which he loved, 2 of which left him fetal every night when he got home. If there's one thing Tom can't abide (and there isn't. There are DOZENS of things he can't abide), it's seeing a poorly run company.

Now, Kell on Earth is a reality show and one must always remember when discussing reality shows the very first rule of reality shows: There is no reality. As such, we're not going to state definitively that People's Revolution is one of the worst-run companies we've ever seen. We don't know that. We only know what's on our TV screen and what's on our TV screen sure looks like one of the worst-run companies we've ever encountered.

As an aside, we had a litte debate last night as to just how staged this show might be. We came to the conclusion that it's probably one of the least staged reality shows we've ever seen, mainly because everyone's so insanely busy they can't possibly have the time to run through staged scenarios, not to mention that as a publicist, her clients wouldn't be too happy to see that sort of thing. We're not saying there's NO staging, just not on the level of a show like, say, Flipping Out.

So. Back to this unbelievably poorly run company. Look, we're not engaging in ageism here (okay, maybe a little), but you can't stock your company ENTIRELY with inexperienced 20-somethings. Sure, they bring a lot of energy and a willingness to learn, but someone, somewhere in your organization has to have a little bit of experience in order to pull the team together. These frikking students can't use a printer or stamp an envelope without fucking it up.

But we don't blame the kids here. Apparently the managerial style at PR is to have all the managers give really vague instructions to the staff and then not check up on their progress. Then, when they find out at the last second that the kids fucked something up, they freak out and do it themselves. That's like textbook bad management. That's the kind of stuff that you role play at horrible corporate retreats in order to demonstrate how not to run a business.

To put it in the most blunt terms, we'll just repeat what we screamed at the TV last night when Kelly addressed all her various managerial problems by burning incense: "HEY! HOW ABOUT YOU PUT DOWN THE SAGE AND PICK UP THE PHONE AND HIRE A FUCKING OFFICE MANAGER!"

In other news, that cute little Irish lucky charm was magically delicious, wasn't he? Terrible handwriting and none too bright, but he's the first real bit of eye candy we've seen on this show.

Honestly, we can't imagine that this show is doing her reputation any good. We said last week that we don't live in their world and we can't imagine all the pitfalls and difficulties of navigating it, but watching them almost completely fuck up the seating for the Ralph Rucci show had us asking how hard it can be. Seriously, how hard can it be to make up a seating list full of your RSVPs and then seat them when they show up? Sure, things go wrong and it's a high stress situation but we saw absolutely nothing that couldn't be attributed to their own fuckups. And you just don't stand in the lobby of the tents at Bryant Park screaming at people to get out of the line if they weren't invited. That's not classy and it's not professional.

On the other hand, we came away from the show not exactly loving Ralph Rucci himself. Sure, he was under a lot of stress and we wouldn't expect him to come off lovable, but still. Prissy, self-important, and impossible to work with is how he looked to us.

Which leads to our next point: the show instantly becomes more interesting when they're not in the office. Bryant Park, model castings, installations. That's why we want to watch this show. Ten minutes of drama over where they keep the stamps or a half hour over a printer malfunction (They have no IT people on-site. Unbe-fucking-lievable) is a little too close to home for most people who work in an office. The point to a show like this is to watch the goings-on behind the scenes in the fashion world. Not to watch clueless interns stand their with their mouths open while Kelly has another eruption over something that ultimately, is her own damn fault.

Anyway, here's the Chado Ralph Rucci spring 2010 collection from last night's show. Beautiful, yes?


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Can't believe this lady has made a dime with her shit organizational skills and constant hissy fits.

The collection is Mahvelous!!

All I gathered from last night's episode is that Stephanie Vorhees is a fool among fools. HONESTLY that girl cannot do anything.

i do find the show entertaining. i work in an office & about flipped over the usage of the sharpie.

irish boy, want him now.

She's listed as ex producer in the shows credit and I noticed last night she had the cameras stop rolling with the weave of her hand. I'd say the realness of this show is probably about 50%. In Kel's mind this is getting her name and brand out there more.
The clothes on the other hand, have been beautiful. My fav part of the show so far has been seeing these fashions..

I have worked for people like Kelly Cutrone before, they are neither results or process people.....If you get the correct result you used the wrong process.....If you used the right process then either the result was wrong or not achieved fast enough.

People's Revolution is nothing but a boot camp or graduate school by fire for people who want to get experience to get into the fashion industry. If you CAN work successfully for Kelly Cutrone, I am sure you can work for ANYONE in the fashion industry.


I'm sooo glad you guys are blogging on this, I spent all of last night's episode hoping you would.

I didn't understand why, when making the gift bags, they didn't make one the way Kelly did, in front of the interns, and then leave them to replicate that with all the other bags. Rather than just telling them to do something they've never done before and be shocked when they don't know what it means.

Also, loved the Ralph Rucci show. I know this isn't the measuring stick of fashion, but there was a lot I would wear. If I was a fabulously rich and skinny cocktail party regular.

The gift bag meltdown had me yelling at the screen. If you have time to take everyone aside to yell at them that the giftbags they're making suck, then you also have time to stand at the front of the room and put one together exactly how you want it done so that everyone knows. Don't just say, "Go put some giftbags together" and assume that they will magically turn out like the ones in your head.


Beautiful collection, except for the yicky, orange feather collar, and the stupid photo-print evening gown.


I have no idea what a decent (as opposed to excellent) Office Manager would costs in NYC but using the cost of living index on Wikipedia, I calculated $75,000 for a decent office manager against the cost of an Office Manager in Tampa, Florida. Add in strong IT knowledge and or IT experience and you are looking at $85-90,000 in NYC. I am surmise "Kell on Earth" does not want to spend this amount of money or she would have an office manager instead of incense.


I hate it when people play the victim! I can't believe Kelly keeps blaming the Chado show issues on issues "out of their control". Hello--businesses are responsible for the performance of their databases/computer systems and employees. Could someone have maybe printed a copy of the list more than 3 hours before the beginning of the show just as a back-up? Could she have reviewed the clients list requirements with him prior to the day of the show? I could go on and on--love watching the train wreck though :)

Your description of the clusterF* at People's Revolution is abso-effin-lutely why I will not watch this show -- it is far,FAR too close to home for this ex-corporate temp girl.

The collection is lovely, yes. Between Ricci, McQueen and our own Christian Siriano, I do love what designers are finding to do with photographic print on fabric.

Love the collection,
but I am going just read your blogs about this show.

I don't need more angst in my life, really I don't.

Using sharpie on the gift bags with a handwriting that looked like belonged to a 10-year-old high on glue? I don't think so. Very unprofessional.

Irish boy? Delicious!

Completely agree that the senior staff needs to lead and teach, but, jeez, there are a lot of people there who are dumber than dirt.
And I'll NEVER understand why Kelly can't take 4 minutes in the morning and wash her hair.

Quote of the show: "I want it to be an auto-erotic experience when you put on a pair of my jeans."

A finance major who can't figure out 44 cent postage? "FINCIAL" for financial? Wow, these kids are really sad. TLo, you're right, half the messes are preventable with decent management and proactive planning, rather than crisis management.

If there's one thing Tom can't abide (and there isn't. There are DOZENS of things he can't abide)

hahahahahahhahahha love you Tom!

Also love that white coat with the printed deep hem and cuffs. Love and CRAVE.

I liked the first episode, but last night's mess was all kinds of appalling. I don't blame Ricci for firing them. I would have fired them, too.

Kelly's claim that PR wasn't responsible for the seating snafus was just ridiculous. Plausible deniability is one thing; this wasn't even plausible.

And may I suggest a training program for your interns and assistants. Kelly? It would cut way down on the existential angst.

That white wrap dress/coat is just gorgeous. I want one.

Oh, and I just wanted to say: The clothes were gorgeous. Loved them.

Oh boy. You're spot on. Exactly, TLo, what I was thinking last week and why I didn't watch this week and will never watch again.

It's incompetency and it's boring incompetency to watch and I've lived through job situations like that before -- I don't want to again.

I flame Kell for failing even to realize that she needs to hire a mature manager for the 20-somethings -- I love that gen but it is a supremely coddled generation that is used to have baby boom parents manage everything and needs/wants an active manager (and lots of praise!) much more than our Gen X (latchkey) cohort.

I read what Tampa Bay wrote about the cost of hiring an office manager (BTW-great comment - it got me thinking), and yes, it's an expense, but look what it cost her in the end? She lost a lucrative account which could also cost her some future clients. Had someone been managing the business properly this never would have happened, so I guess the $85-90,000 should be looked at as an investment in the business. There would be someone there to manage the interns, handle the computer issues and know where the damn stamps are, leaving time for the other employees to manage the rest of the business. I think one of the problems is that no one seems to have a clearly defined job here. Everyone is running around doing everything and no one knows what anyone else is doing.
I can't imagine this show is going to benefit Kelly Cutrone's business if potential clients are watching this and seeing how poorly her business is being run. Her competitors must be enjoying the hell out of this show and taping it as a training video for their interns and employees. What not to do.

Not one of these people can delegate, take direction, problem solve, or comb their damn hair.

I actually love this show. I didn't know so much drama and intensity went into planning fashion week and fashion shows in general. I love it regardless if some of the drama is 99% overreaction. However, I think Kelly should present a more professional appearance. I understand she embraces her black-ish wardrobe and lack of makeup...but I think if I was hiring a PR company, I would look for someone who actually looks like a professional. Not a sewer rat.


Anonymous on 2/9/10 at 12:09 PM said...Not one of these people can delegate, take direction, problem solve, or comb their damn hair.

I do not know what the reason is for not combing your hair. However, the problem with delegation, receiving direction and problem solving is the lack of good company policy, procedure and protocol. It all goes back to and rest with Kelly Cutrone. She does not seem to me the type of person who could work for a company that had any type of company policy, procedure and protocol. If you cannot do it yourself or at least have an uderstanding of it, you cannot train anyone else to do it.


This is the best written synopsis of the show I've read. You guys really do have an innate gift for scrutinizing the problems in America, generally and the fashion world, specifically in a concise, urbane manner. <3

I haven't watched last night's episode yet but I watched the first, and I can attest that this is exactly how the fashion PR firm I worked at was run, and how the beauty firm I worked at before that was, too. Top leader whose name was on the door, a couple of 30-something managers, and a gaggle of 20-somethings doing most of the grunt work. I've never, in my entire career, had an IT person that worked on site. It was very much a sink-or-swim mentality - very little to no training beforehand, more like yell and scream and mop up the mess after it was made. In that kind of environment, the cream rises to the top and the ones who can't handle it quit or get fired. Sink or swim. It may not be the best way to run a business, but it definitely shaped my work ethic and created a standard that I adhere to, even though I am finding now (that I am in-house and in LA) that many others don't. Of course, it has also served as a guide as how I DON'T want to act as a manager and I'm sure my current co-workers appreciate that!

Fashion is all SELF IMPORTANCE!!!!!

Something from nothing, you know?

Ha! Manhatten is so rediculous sometimes!
Spend your twenties pretty!

Now those are some pretty clothes.

Saffie Monsoon: Major motion pictures are made, huge concerts are put on in stadiums. I mean, five hundred thousand troops were mobilized in the Gulf, and a war fought and won in less time, and without everyone included having a nervous breakdown and being sent flowers! It cannot be that difficult!

Edina Monsoon: Darling, every troop didn’t have to contain Yasmine Le Bon, the generals didn’t require big hugs after every maneuver, and the whole operation did not have to be co-ordinated to rap and Japanese avant-garde pipe music because, you know, Darling, I think if it had, the outcome might have been rather different, don’t you?

–Absolutely Fabulous.

I really enjoy this show and agree with a lot that's said. Kelly reaming out SadStephanie for the seating chart mishap was freakish -- at the end of the last episode, Stephanie came to her and said basically "here's the problem, here's the solution (I'm having everyone retype the list)." Kelly flips out and is all "don't do that! why did this happen! how is this the only list that's fucked up!" Dude, what? It was a snide little backhand at SadStephanie, totally unfair given that it very well could have been a computer problem that would have affected every list had they tried to print them out.

So then the fashion show happens and it's a big seating clusterfuck and Kelly is calming explaining to Rucci's woman that there was a problem but they have it under control because they're writing everything in by hand. Geez -- why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, it's the same problem-solution approach SadStephanie took to telling you about the problem, the difference being that you rained fireballs on her head as a response, while the Rucci lady acted like a sane person and listened to what you had to say. THIS is the kind of management BS that infuriates me.

That said, I don't know how much to believe that no one has trained Stephanie Voorhis or the interns. For all we know, she was trained or the answer was totally obvious all along. For all we know people in the office have been preparing giftbags right in front of Stephanie's nose for a month and she never bothered to notice how they are supposed to look. That girl is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and I get the impression that she's the kind of person who, when she doesn't know something, just sort of dicks around and ignores the assignment for as long as she can, instead of being an adult and asking a follow-up question or 2.

I can only handle so much reality TV (really just one at a time...PR now), so I can't contribute to the show discussion. But those clothes are beautiful. I want the peach jacket with light brown skirt riiiiight now!

you can't stock your company ENTIRELY with inexperienced 20-somethings

You also can't stock your company entirely with creative people. I've seen this happen far too many times. Bring in some practical people, too, and everything will run much more smoothly!

C' may be cliche, but trying to help someone learn by being a true and patient mentor and not by being a vehement bitch actually yields results. And guess what, you have delegated and can move on to other management things. She just likes her tantrums.

I was bored so I switched this on against my better judgment. Kelly might be a brilliant event stager (although I've yet to see evidence of that) but she's a totally craptastic manager.

As others have mentioned, Kelly needs to hire someone who is a competent office manager and pay them a fair salary. Hey Kel, it's a lot cheaper than trying to find new clients.

And if you're going to have a bunch of interns around, assume they know nothing. Give them clear and concise instructions, preferably with example pictures and follow up before it's a disaster! How about a company manual, with a page on how to prepare a gift bag for an important client among the 1001 other topics related to your business?

Last, there are IT consultants you can hire who are available by phone 24/7. If you have a problem, they just log in remotely to your network and fix it. And I'm wondering if the printing problem for the Ralph Rucci show was caused by something as simple as the 'set print range' command in Excel? As Anonymous [11:35A] said, printing a test copy before the absolute last minute would have allowed a lot more time to catch and fix the problem.

First, the good news. The Ralph Rucci show was absolutely gorgeous. Loved it, especially in motion.

Everything else was a big mess. Kelly is not an effective leader or delegator, but she does seem to have a batch of interns who are completely lacking in common sense. I've never been in the fashion industry, never been to a runway show, and even I know those gift bags were total ass. And I've had jobs where there is little training, and you just have to leap in and do it. It is possible, but you do need people who are comfortable with that approach, do not need any handholding, and do have a strong dose of common sense. The goth assistant is the only one who seems to have those qualities.

That said, they do need an office manager, an IT person, and someone who can actually do the work as well as explain it to others. That's even more important given the type of interns they seem to attract.

Here is a case where more mature interns would be super helpful to Kelly's business. How about trying out a woman who has been out of the work force raising her children to intern? Now that is an intern who would get it done.

I've worked in offices JUST LIKE THIS -- and when I was a 20 something! And let me tell you, I wasn't a grade a f-up like the one blonde...not the tired looking one, the clueless one. She should be OUT! Kelly C is making excuses for her incompetence. She's the one dragging everyone down and making more of a workload. I know this because I worked with people like her. Once they're finally gone, the workday goes a lot more smoothly.


I am so glad you are blogging this show since I decided not to watch it. My own office is stressful enough.

I just read an article about companies refusing to hire people in their 20's precisely for their lack of common sense, poor manners, poor motivation, their constant need for praise and hand holding, and all the other behaviors so beautifully demonstrated in last night's show.

And while I love gender benders, I don't appreciate those who seem to do it for TV face time.

They don't need an IT person, they need one person on the staff with some understanding of computers. I'm that person in every office I've ever worked in and the inability to solve the printing problem made me itch. I know there's editing, and I don't even know what program they use to create seating charts, but I was thinking up solutions (or at least attempted solutions) sitting on my sofa.


The first episode was great, but last night's was truly absurd. I can't believe Kelly was lighting up sage and herbs to create order and productivity in the office rather than invest in an experienced office manager, IT professional or executive assistant.

I like Kelly and will continue to watch the program because as I've commented in the past, she's fascinating to watch in action at runway shows and I think she's genuinely a good person. However, I absolutely cannot imagine the impact this show will have on her business or prospective/current clients. Perhaps there's a method to her madness?

Talk about unbe-fucking-lievable --- the Chado Ralph Rucci collection is absolutely divine. Thanks for showing the collections each week --- makes me feel so much better after each epi (and calms my brittle nerves after hearing, "STEPHANIE VOORHEES!!!" in my brain over and over again. I sure hope Steph either changes her name or gets a new career after the run of the show).


I might be wrong but I was under the impression that GayGothBoy is supposed to be the office manager. If I'm correct and he IS the OM, why isn't HE doing something to help out except playing on his computer?

Loved the collection, btw!

I do like Andrew on the show. He seems like he might have some higher awareness than the other interns.

I was sure I saw a brief shot of Patrick from LML in the front row! He was wearing a tophat and looked great. It must have really pissed off whoever was sitting behind him though.

If in any of my jobs I displayed the kind of hand-wringing and incompetence that these girls (and they are girls) displayed, I would have been fired, then re-hired so I could be fired again.

Here's an idea: if you want to know where something is, TRY LOOKING FOR IT. Think to yourself, what is the point of these gifts that our PR firm sends out? Why, it's to make a good impression on the people who receive them! Does a pair of jeans half-as$edly chucked in a bag with a name scribbled on it make a good impression? Should I try harder?

I think the goth-assistant kid got it right about Vorhees-- she's never encountered any real challenges before, so when she's asked to, you know, work, all she can do is whinge about not being properly trained. I wanted to throw her out the window, seriously.

Of course, none of the managers who are aghast at the rank incompetence of the interns seems to be interested in doing anything to stem the tide. You have to check on the twenty-year-olds that you hired because they were pretty to make sure they haven't screwed everything up or wandered off in a daze. DUH.

Maybe Ralph Rucci didn't like the circus a reality show filming his show and backstage caused. Kelly has no one to blame but herself for being fired. He did seem like an ass but having four film crews following around the people who are suppose to be putting together your event makes them do not such an amazing job. Surprise! When you having an event for "The only couturier in the United States" it should be classy. Reality TV is not classy. It's as classy as misspelled sharpie on a paper bag.

And not having one IT person or an office manager? Really? You have four floors of that building and making everyone work elbow to elbow in a room the size of a closet? Really?

What a bunch of assholes.

mrspeel on 2/9/10 at 3:28 PM said...I might be wrong but I was under the impression that GayGothBoy is supposed to be the office manager.

GayGothBoy is Kell Cutrone's personal assistant.


I thought the lack of managerial control and expertise was perfectly obvious last week. I've never understood people like Kelly who will hire someone because they see something in them and then essentially throw them to their own devices. Though Stephanie V certainly is lacking in a number or respects, I think it's perfectly plausible that she could have been a good employee had she actually been trained. Some people can survive and thrive in that kind of environment while others can't without some kind of orientation and training. That should be pretty apparent in any kind of hiring interview situation. If Kelly's not prepared to offer training and support to get the best out of her employees, then she shouldn't be hiring people who need that to thrive. And why do we assume they don't have some kind of office manager? Someone has to process paryroll, someone has to be responsible for accounts receivable, etc. and all the other business-related functions. Is that side of things somehow out-sourced?

Continually wearing caftans and not showering doesn't makes much business sense in an industry based on superficial gloss.

i'm not dorothy gale

"Hell on Nerves" has had its last showing in my home. I deal with incompetents like these interns every day, and watching this episode was like being at work without a paycheck.

More fashion, less moronic behavior please!

Okay, now imagine if one of those interns inexplicably was promoted straight from internship to a managerial position. Yes, one of those interns who doesn't know where to put a stamp on an envelope, or how courier service works, or how to use Excel, who's never had any office job before, is now managing a section at my office. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Welcome to my hell. And that's the reason why I had to stop watching this show, because, due to my current reality, clueless kids and shitty management are two things I just can't handle right now, no matter how awesome the behind-the-scenes view of fashion. Sadface. I wanted to like this show, too. Oh, well. At least Johnny Weir continues to be entertaining.

It is my understanding from digging and researching that the INTERNS at People's Revolution DO NOT get paid. The assistants, such as GayGothBoy, are paid but not the INTERNS.


FYI-I could be wrong

Unpaid interns is another great reason to hire women who need real world work experience after taking a break to raise a family. They would contribute maturity and gain needed work experience.

The most annoying thing about this show is the fact that I am unemployed right now while these people have jobs.

I don't watch the show, because I don't have cable. But now I'm wondering about Tom's list ...and if any of "us" are on it..

Exactly what I said last week. This woman has NO managerial skills at all and neither does anyone else in this office. I cannot imagine that she is doing her business any good by putting all this out there for all of her clients to see. Really stupid decision, imo.

The clothes, however, are gorgeous.

I'm not shocked by any of this other than Voorhees (or whatever her name is) not being fired. But even that is understandable seeing how Kelly treats people, remember she's the one who showed patience with a woman notorious for her relationship with a prominent married man.

I'm not saying any of this is excusable but those who think her office should be run like a well oiled machine with manuals, procedures etc are dreaming. Some businesses just don't function like that nor could they because there are often unforseen interruptions, mishaps and changes necessary. Someone said there doesn't need to be an IT person. I agree with that; I worked for an artist that was in business for 20 plus years without one. What shocked me was that not one of the employees had the slightest idea what to do or had a person to call to help out. There is no common sense-NONE!!! None of them seem capable of learning from mistakes or problem solving. How can you not figure out what to do about friggin stamps?

I worked for 18 years in an atmosphere like this and 5 in a stiff office with strict structure and procedure. I will take the 18 years of understaffed crazy over an office of confused & panicky people who have no sense if a manual doesn't tell them what to do. Was it stressful and argumentative? You bet it was, but at the end of the day you work together and get things done; you don't stand there with your mouth open saying things like, "well, no one told me..." TLO are on spot with their take on this- you can have insanely crazy but somewhere there has to be interpersonal skills from someone and the skill to manage.

Love the collection except for the black evening dress from Auschwitz.

Just watched the second ep; the funniest part was Kell saying she should charge $10,000 for the interns to work for her.


Yeah, these kids are gonna pay YOU that kinda of cash to not learn anything and have no direction given to them.

She's basically asking them to pay for the privilage of being her scapegoats.

Everyone wants to be a chief on this show but no one wants to take the heat for the screw-ups....You are right on the money with your blog posts. It's a train-wreck.

Unpaid interns is another great reason to hire women who need real world work experience after taking a break to raise a family. They would contribute maturity and gain needed work experience.
Or you get moms who whine about how long they have to work, skip out early and take days off for Timmy's 3rd grade piano recital, etc ... what she really needs is some self-driven, single/childless women in their 30s who don't give a rat's ass about Fashion and can type in something other than txt spk. Though, I don't know any of those kinds of women who'd work for a company as poorly managed (and likely poorly compensated) as this one. You get what you give.

LOVE the white dress with the black organza embellishments


Loved the collection - pretty clothes that grown ups can wear!

This show is worse than I thought it would be, in terms of making me cringe. You can't BE talented enough to make up for treating people like this, and it's not even as if it serves to make the business run better.

I have a moderately high tolerance for verbal abuse, if I can dig up any respect for the perpetrator for any other reason. But this is just stupidity. If it's not exaggerated it's a poor business model (nearly-free help isn't such a bargain if they screw up the job) and the show would certainly give me pause before giving them my business. What if *my* job was the one that *didn't* get salvaged at the last minute?

Anonymous said:
I just read an article about companies refusing to hire people in their 20's precisely for their lack of common sense, poor manners, poor motivation, their constant need for praise and hand holding, and all the other behaviors so beautifully demonstrated in last night's show.
I'd love to know who those companies are...because nobody seems to want to hire 40somethings
with experience, manners, motivation and skills anymore.
I don't get the fascination with the teens. In the long run companies should go with experience but I'm finding sadly, at least in NY and LA that is not the case.

I just watched the show for the first time last night because Tom and Lorenzo`s blog about the first show made it sound interesting. Boy, I sure was wrong about that one. I will give her one more chance and then just go back to reading the blog, I get to see the pictures of the pretty clothes anyways, right?


Anonymous [7:52 pm] said:
"nobody seems to want to hire 40somethings with experience, manners, motivation and skills anymore."

Most companies can afford to hire a lot of young people with no experience and put them through hell giving them lots of work and paying them very little. They are not given a lot of resposibility though: the tasks that they perform are not so important but it is NECESSARY that they get done for the company to function. If they screw up it is not difficult to course correct and if they can't take the work load or the abuse they can be easily replaced at little cost because they have very little time with the company and similarly qualified people are not hard to find. As someone else pointed out the really outstanding talent rises to the top and gains the experience and training to move on to management positions after a few years. This way the company can mold their employees to their satisfaction and needs which is safer than bringing in people who have had training in other companies and, regardless of their skills, may end up screwing things up because they are used to doing things differently. Their mistakes would also be costlier because their greater experience usually entails greater responsibilities. Older people are only actively sought by a lot of companies when very specific experience is needed.

Or at least that's what I have noticed. And it sucks. For everyone.


As one of the 20-somethings hired by a company without any manual, any training, anything... guys, we want to do well. We do. We don't even know what to ask for to succeed. We don't know a goddamn thing. D:

I'm getting a little annoyed at the generalizations I'm seeing here and on the comments about this episode on Bravo's website, regarding how "idiotic" us so-called "Gen Y-ers" are. I don't appreciate being grouped in and associated with random people on reality television shows who are clearly idiots, when I myself am not an idiot. All I really have in common with these "stupid interns" is my age.

Do you know why Kelly hires these people to work for her instead of an "experienced office manager"? Because when you have a bunch of "kids" working for you, you can treat them like crap, work them to the bone, and quite literally pay them nothing. My fellow Gen-Yers and I also come in handy as believable scapegoats. Unless they are strongly motivated by a deep love of the fashion world, any smart, motivated, practical person my age (and we do exist) is not going to be attracted by a job like this, but rather to fields and job positions where they will be treated with the respect they deserve, given responsibilities to match their abilities (i.e., something more important than stamping envelopes), and paid for their efforts.

I'm sure if you really think about it, you'll realize that while we can all agree at least one intern in that office IS an idiot (I'm talking to you, person responsible for "FINCIAL"), we can also agree that there are idiots of every age working in every field. Unfortunately, stupidity and incompetence are universal phenomena.

I can understand not having an IT person *on staff* but I can't understand them not having a service *on call*. For a place like that, they probably don't need a fulltime helpdesk-like person (although, truly, there ought to be ONE person who has the capacity to do *basic* troubleshooting for common issues). But I can't imagine a successful company not having an IT firm on retainer. That's just stupid in this day an age. And oh good god, if they should get a virus or have a harddrive failure. I'm guessing NOTHING is backed up.

Merry, get over yourself. You are unwittingly exemplifying your generation's need for contstant praise by seeing critiques of some well-documented aspects of Gen-Y as personal attacks on you.

BTW, in addition to the "coddled" generation, your generation is also the "empathetic" generation so it's not all bad.

Kell's problem is part of a Gen-X problem -- our first jobs were often in organizations where we were treated like shite so Kell thinks that just what you do. And if Kell's Dad was like my Dad, when I complained, growled, "Grow up, welcome to the real world."

Of course, this recession/depression economic morass is scarring all of us so who knows how it will change all of our behaviors.

didn't see the show, but those fashions are really striking and fabulous! Love them.

This is the link to the article:

"Tlo said: Look, we're not engaging in ageism here (okay, maybe a little), but you can't stock your company ENTIRELY with inexperienced 20-somethings."

I finally watched this show & boy, what a train wreck. And you're right, you cannot have entirely 20 year olds on your staff, but the reason they do, no doubt, is money. They are cheap & they don't want to hire experienced professionals. I'd bet a bunch of those kids (if not most) are unpaid interns who are getting college credit (and I hope that when the schools they attend see the menial tasks they are doing, that they will stop funneling interns into the sausage grinder - it's one of my pet peeves: Companies, or individuals, too cheap to pay staff, getting free labor with bogus internships).

You guys are right on every count here. It is NOT hard to manage an RSVP list. I've done it many times. Even without a computer it is easy. All it takes is a simple willingness to do the job.

It is possible that the reason these kids look like they can't do anything is because this loon Kelly, has created such an atmosphere of chaos (and I've worked for those type of boss), that the staff just shrivels (again, because if they are interns, they cannot quit so easily without messing things up with their school).

But the most annoying thing about this show, and these people, aside from that nasal valley girl inflected speech patterns they all seem to have, is that they act like they are curing cancer or something. They're not that important.


Gorgeous clothes - I agree that's the best part, the events.

As for the dangerous generalizations, yeah, they suck, but there's usually a portion of truth in them too.

I've heard this new group referred to as "Millenials" though, one notch younger than Gen-Y.

FWIW, we have 3 "Millenial" interns working in our department, and 2 of the 3 fit the description. Can't seem to think for themselves, missing alot of general courtesy, and fold without exhorbitant praise. One girl freaked out when I calmly asked her to call the mailroom for a supply of IO envelopes next time she had a mailing so that we don't run out. I was perplexed. "Hey, can you..." "*bitch*moan*whine*sarcasm*"

I don't know how she thinks that will make our firm want to hire her later. Or keep her now. Oh, and our interns are pretty well paid.

The 3rd Millenial is a dream. Hates having nothing to do, thinks ahead, works her butt off---and is disgusted by the other 2. She will rule the world.

Oh, and my favorite thing, the other millenial-ish intern somehow thought that because the word "assistant" appears in my job title, I must be subordinate to and in service of her as well as my boss, the managing director. Guess she missed the 'executive' part of my title.

I hate when I have to set people straight.

It's good TV but I would never hire her if I was a designer.

bobbi said:

...I cannot imagine that she is doing her business any good by putting all this out there for all of her clients to see. Really stupid decision, imo.

You're thinking rationally, not like an Orange County Housewife style attention whore. IMHO, Kelly craves attention like crack.

And it matters little how old the interns are; if they have no experience in an industry and no direction, of course they're going to screw up. But frankly I'm gobsmacked at someone who can't figure out postage stamps. She's never sent a greeting card before???

clearly some of those people are idiots who need to get why haven't they yet? haha the only thing dumber than being incapable of stamping envelopes is continuing to employ someone who is incapable of stamping envelopes.

I don't understand the stamps thing. They are in NYC, right? There are places called post offices in which one can bring your invitations and purchase the correct postage. There are six interns, one can run an errand.

Why is everyone so jammed in together?

That Stephanie Voorhees -- does she actually talk to the interns? Isn't there a schedule? Was she supposed to be in LA, reporting the weather instead? She is absolutely clueless.

The other thing, the RSVP list. What office doesn't keep a hard copy, an event book that has everything written down in case the power goes out and the computers crash? We do this on hospital floors. In an instant, I can lay hands on who has been discharged on what day, what room they were in and who their nurse was without even pressing the power button on my computer. I think Kell freaks out and makes everything worse.

This firm needs a competency check off list.

Regarding the Millies... I am in the Gen X generation and there was a recession when I got out of school too. We were characterized as apathetic slackers by the baby boomers. Hate to say it but life is rough, and you do have to get used to it. Things don't get easier. I don't think they were easy for anyone.

Anonymous said

I just read an article about companies refusing to hire people in their 20's precisely for their lack of common sense, poor manners, poor motivation, their constant need for praise and hand holding, and all the other behaviors so beautifully demonstrated in last night's show.

Wow, this really offended me. I'm a 20-something and I am pretty sure that is...illegal. To refuse to hire someone solely based on their age and the perceptions you have of people at that age? Also! I don't think you should pick eight interns who are on a REALITY TV SHOW and use them to exemplify a stereotype. It's a REALITY TV show...not real life.


Think Kelly has to own and run her own company because no one else on earth is stupid enough to pay her money to be an employee. She has absolutely no discipline whatsoever, and a total sense of entitlement. She's been fired twice in the space of two-weeks (reality show time) -- I just wonder how many times she's been fired over-all throughout her life.


Is no one else going to comment on the boy model fainting, prolly due to starvation?


I could not *believe* this bitch's balls, banging on the window of a fire truck to demand they turn off their flashing lights so it wouldn't interfere with her "installation". I bet she doesn't pull over in traffic either when an emergency vehicle is sirening through -- because obviously whatever SHE is currently doing must take precedence over every thing else, including fire, blood and floods.


Taking best on how the Ava the daughter will end up. Can you say, "Mommy Dearest"?

I don't think the notion of "management technique" or anything remotely corporate has ever entered Kelly Cutrone's head. I also don't think that's a bad thing for the kind of high-end work she does, but what a nightmare vibe in that office… I've done my time in those kinds of places and still have very mixed feelings, to say the least.

Ralph Rucci is an ass, but the clothes are lovely.

NahnCee said...

"I could not *believe* this bitch's balls, banging on the window of a fire truck to demand they turn off their flashing lights so it wouldn't interfere with her "installation". I bet she doesn't pull over in traffic either when an emergency vehicle is sirening through -- because obviously whatever SHE is currently doing must take precedence over every thing else, including fire, blood and floods."

Okay, it's not like the fire truck's siren/flashing lights were serving any purpose at all. The EMT had already come inside and were in the process of treating the model. It would be a different story if the fire truck was being used to put out a huge fire across the street but it wasn't. It was just there to accompany the EMTs.


Cathy Horyn has nice little blog post on Ralph Rucci with close-up photos of detail work.

Courtney, you don't suppose they flash their lights at night when they're blocking the street traffic so no one else will crash into them, do you?

Oh wait - you're the know-it-all 20-something so nevermind.

Ok--the interns should have had higher standards when making the gift bags--but I kept thinking if the goal is to try and make them into great potential employees there should be some 'teaching' moments incorportated within the day. How about telling each intern that they have to design a label for the gift bag and they have 30 minutes to do so. THen they have to present their printed label to Kelly and she would quickly tell them the good points and the bad points--declare a winner and that person would have to mail-merge the list onto the labels. There--a lesson in design, time management, and creativity. Honestly--all I want to do is get into that office and organize the staff and their projects--I can't watch this show, it is too,too, frustrating!

I hired two Millenial/Gen Y'ers for our office and I have no complaints. Of course, we pay them. I suspect the troubles at People's Revolution may have less to do with a generational flaw and more to do with the adage "you get what you pay for."

I totally agree with you on everything you've said about this poorly run company. How stupid can these people be? No office manger, no IT person, everyone is clueless. BTW, I just read on Kell's blog that she "regretted" naming the show "Kell on Earth" because she just realized it sounded too much like Hell on Earth. No, really? Does this woman really have a good reputation in "the business"? It's hard to believe if she does.

I agree with you guys, I do love this show for the behind the scenes but Jesus H. Christ, everyone was dumb as rocks. How can Kelly possible hire these people? I am all for trial by fire sometimes, but with CAPABLE people for the love of God. No wonder the fashion world has such a bad reputation for vapidity if these is the kind of people someone seemingly as smart and experienced as Kelly is hiring! I just can't help thinking if I acted like that Vorhees girl I would have been fired long ago. But that little Irish boy was tre we think he is gay?

Darlings, I just caught up on this show. I find it both fascinating and hilarious that no one has apparently commented on the small but tres-juicy bit at the bar where she hands her friend a Swarovski crystal and he swallows it without missing a beat, assuming it was the newest club drug. It was a delicious voyeuristic view into the NY Fashion scene that should not be overlooked. For those of us on the outside, that was pure entertainment.

Thank you ScubaOtter for mentioning the Swarovski crystal incident. I thought that was the best part of the episode and am still laughing just thinking about it.

@CMC: I know, right? It was so voyeuristically delicious it should be fattening.

It's so frustrating to watch this show. I've never even worked in an office and I could do a better job than Kelly Cutrone and her gang. How did a woman with no managerial skills and no sense of personal style ever get to this position?

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