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Jesus & Amy

Let's bang this one out while we're getting the RuPaul screencaps, kittens.

We never could have predicted that these two would work well together. Not that either of them are problematic from a personality point of view, just that their styles seem so different. And yet, they were really cute together. If we were skinny little 21-year-old queens, we'd think Amy was the most fabulous and glamorous fruitfly we could wish for. We're telling you: it's that Streisand eye makeup. It just kills us.

Model: Holly Ridings

And it has to be said, they managed to put together a pretty fabulous look.

We love that they essentially created their own fabric from dozens of little pieces stitched together. Frankenfabric. It's a unique look and - we know we're not supposed to say this - it looked expensive.

And we REALLY loved that shrug/vest/ruffled tire thing.

Although we didn't quite love the way it came together in the back.

Still, we thought it was a really well done look with some innovation added. We honestly can't tell who was more responsible this design. From what little we know of the two of them at this point, it doesn't really look like either one of them. We suspect that's because, unlike a lot of the other teams, this was a true collaboration. Sharp-eyed minions point out that Amy wore a shrug like that to her audition. And since the gown kind of fits Jesus' over-the-top aesthetic, we guess this really was a true collaboration.

Models: Brandise Danesewich/Sophia Lee

And while we know how much most of you minions hate harem pants, we have to say that this was a truly ingenious way of reinterpreting Ping & Jesse's lace toga.

Also, we need to note that we were kind of sorry to see Sophia sent home. She's a bitch and a pain in the ass and we understand why no one wanted to work with her but she had a hell of a walk.

Anyway, this look. The reason we admire it is because the harem pants actually mimic the line of Ping's over-the-shoulder skirt pretty effectively.

And the tank top with just the hint of lace showing was a nice down-market way of interpreting the look. We don't LOVE this outfit from a style perspective, but we applaud it from a design perspective. In the immortal words of La Nina, they "really thought about it."

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I can't get over the fact that the pieced-together fabric looks like camouflage. Other than that, nice work.

Amy and Jesus outfits were my favorites this week! They Really did a nice job!

I hadn't realised that they'd made the patchwork fabric. Great job! I'd have put these two in the top two, alongside Maya and Jay, I think.

They were my pick for the win. Stayed within the dictates of the challenge, gorgeous Frankenfabric (snerk!)and I love the shrug.

I guess the dress silhouette on its own is not groundbreaking, but the combo of the two pieces was breathtaking.

Clueless Jock

Yes camouflage. I concur with Pink Pearl.

Likes it all! Do not usually like this style of Harem pants but they are not Butt-F*&K ugly. I really like the Harem pants and lace top. Jesus & Amy did the best down market interpretation of the signature look.


"that Streisand eye makeup"

Yes! There was that moment when Tim announced the 2nd look, and Amy looked up at Jesus, who was looking down at her. I instantly thought of Babs/Fanny looking up at Omar/Nicky!

Their design is pretty fab and does indeed seem a true collaboration. As with Pink Pearl above, the camo-ish look disturbed a bit; that is, it was hard to understand what I was seeing. The screencaps/close ups help a lot. Between the fabric treatment, the shoulder tire, and the apparent collaboration I'm thinking this should have been a serious contender for the win.

I won't miss Sophia. She was happy to be going home. Therefore I'm delighted for her.

I loved this dress! The Frankenfabric was amazing!!They should of had the top three and bottom three, not top two, etc. becasue I would of loved to see Jesus & Amy get some positive feedback from the judges, which they totally deserve for this look!!!


I'm confused as to why you would say this look isn't representative of either of their styles when Amy wore a version of that shrug (her design)to her audition.

The dress evoked a very Edgar Allen Poe feeling in in the Raven. Was it just me? In any event, I loved it!


They should have won this week, both designs were exactly what they were asked to do, unlike Mila's 2nd design. I think Amy had a lot of influence on this one; Jesus needed more guidance on making things look more modern.

The shrug they made is one of Amy's signature pieces. She wore one to her interview and had them in her collection. I'd put her as the designer on this.


Baby Jesus (I just can't resist writing that) and Amy were so cute together. More to the point, they worked well and came up with two designs that worked.

Loved their signature look-that shrug is fab, and the harem pants do work as an interpretation of dear departed Ping's draping.

TLo-you've coined another new word-Frankenfabric! Love!

That is a gorgeous piece. I was weirdly proud of Jesus (even though I've wanted him aufed since I saw the seal fur thing in his audition) because he wasn't in the bottom three this time around. I really hope that working with Amy (who's my favorite and definitely one of the ones to watch) has helped him so that he can keep moving forward because he does have very competent technical skills.

I think the reason weren't called back was because the weird technical issues with the back of the bolero/shrug/vest/thing and the fact that the knock off look had a visible elastic waist band, which basically makes Sofia (?) look like she's wearing shiny, overly-loose-omigod-they're-going-to-fall-off-her-at-any-second sweat pants, which is a rather unfabulous statement for a pair of pants to make.

I think Jesus was responsible for putting the horizontal seam across the middle of the skirt.

Oh, and I know this is nitpicky, but I wish Tim would stop saying "JeZus."

I've grown to like the signature dress. I can almost imagine it being Jesus' concept initially and Amy's technical skills helping to evolve it

Agree about the B look. STyling is horrid but the design concept was good. It's in the same thread as Ping/Jesse's without being overly derivative or a copycat. It could be in the same runway with the original dress

I'll miss Sophia too. Good walker and very candid. Her sharp tongue was a little refreshing from all the telegraphed niceness. I loved her comment that she's not here to make up for the mistakes of Megan's parents. Personally I wonder if she's as difficult as claimed. She did her job on the runway where it counted. And it's not like she's a Morgan.

If she's got a skin condition then it's understandable why she might be not be the most cooperative model. It's easy to forget such a thing can be pretty serious if it flares up and can be bad in terms of your health and immune system.


I loved their signature look. I wish they had been in the top 2.

I liked this team a lot. And I expected them to work well together, judging by their previous work.
The signature/musuem gown looks totally Jesus too me. And the econo inspired look is totally Amy. The 2nd look is better than the look it was inspired by. The only thing I dislike about it is the elastic waist showing. The top should have come down further to cover the elastic. That being said, these are by far the best harem pants that have been produced on a reality fashion show so far.

These two were definitely my favorite looks. Love them love them love them. and I also liked Sophia too. time froze when ever she was on the runway. it was totally awkward when she got eliminated..

This would have been my pick for the win. A classic gown silhouette with an edgy twist using camouflage patchwork and the big ruffled shrug...really pretty. I doubt they intended it to look like camo...but I rather enjoy the unexpectedness of it's use for a classic museum/haute couture look. I absolutely love the modest train as well love the attention the shrug places on her shoulders and back. I wasn't crazy about the point and volume the shrug came to on her back...kind of lizardlike. But overall really liked this gown.

I also liked their interpretation of Ping's toga dress too. I'm not bothered that they are harem pants...the drape is really nice and you can still see a lovely shape on the model underneath. Paired with the black laced tank...the look has a modern edgy feel to it and looks like more than $50 to me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think Jesus was responsible for putting the horizontal seam across the middle of the skirt.

ahahaha, I didn't notice that, but you are so right!!

I'd have put this team in the top 2 instead of Jay/Maya. Love the signature look, and on the B look those are great harem pants, and I don't even like the style. Those look modern, not I-dream-of-jeannie.

I didn't even realize that that they patched together pieces to make that fabric for the dress.

As for the second look, I totally agree that the balloony harem pants were a great way to re-interpret ping's aesthetic. But even if I can accept the harem pants, I can't get past the elastic waist (which reminds me of Mom-Jeans). So, much as I disliked it, I got a kick out of snooty Sophia having to walk the runway in the mom-jean/harem hybrid (and doesn't she look thrilled).


Once again the filming/editing on the runway did not give you a chance to see how beautiful their couture
dress was

I don't mind the harem pants, actually. It's the elastic waistband that I found distracting. Makes them look like silk sweatpants.

I would have put this in top 3. Not exactly the winni8ing garment, but a good entry. Also considering for many of the couples the 2nd look was such an afterthought, I liked how they interpreted Ping and Jesse's look. In fact it annoy me a tiny bit cause I think if Jesse has the skills he could have coached a workable design fro Ping that allowed her retain the drapey look she wanted.

Oh and I loved Heidi scolding Sophia about being difficult.

I honestly thought that this look was a contender for win. Their interpretation look was fantastic, better than the inspiration, and their signature piece was beyond fantastic. I literally paused the TV to try and figure out what that fabric was. So far, Amy is my favorite of the season. I've loved all of her work with the exception of minor details.

And I agree on Sophia. Such a bitch, but the bitch could WALK and had a really strong look. I thought she was well matched with Ben's aesthetics.

Based on what we've seen of Jesus' work, the $500 look must have mostly Amy's design, and the $50 look must have been mostly Jesus' work (under Amy's design supervision.)

And good riddance to Sophia; despite her walk, she appeared to be a sharp-tongued, high-maintenance drama queen.

This was my favourite. I thought they were top two fur sure.
Sophia is sooooooooooooo beautiful.

ian, I concur.

Lifetime is not running PR in Hi Def on its Hi Def channel and THAT SUCKS.

Also, I don't know who was happier, Sophia upon not being picked or the Garnier hair and L'Oreal makeup folks. I'm sure Garnier and L'Oreal were not to keen on seeing someone so allergic to their products!

Could you imagine if they would have continued the ruffle shape through the skirt of the dress????
That would have been amazing.
I know would have means diddly but, I'm just saying.

I can't get over the fact that the pieced-together fabric looks like camouflage. Other than that, nice work.

That's what I thought when it came down the runway. I was thinking "ballgown for an NRA social?"

When I saw Jesus select Amy, I thought, "very smart move". I wasn't sure how they would work as a team but it went very well.

Their vest/shrug was very well done. I recall Angela (S3) attempted one with awful results.

Tell me again why they didn't win ?


I thought they did a great job. I think their high end look was in it for the win. I wasn't as wild about their $50 look, but it didn't look as down market as the rest of them.

I really wish I could see their signature look in real life, as the photos and videos of the frankenfabric don't appear to be doing it justice. The crap lighting makes it look more like fancy camo. It's still a sort of fabulous, but I have a feeling it'd be much more impressive in person.

I didn't care much about the dress. The fabric is interesting but at the end of the day is the classic flamenco dancer shape and nothing much more. It has Jesus written all over it and maybe Penelope Cruz would wear it... The shrug is gorgeous and what puts this outfit in another level and probably Amy's contribution.

I agree with model Sophia. I think Anthony made a huge mistake in his model selection. The model she's stuck with is just not good. And considering Anthony already vergers dangerously into the tacky party dress territory, her body shape is not going to be the most helpful. Miss Sophia should have stuck with Sophia and drop her later. And who knows, maybe she would have loosen up next to him, how could one not?


Upon seeing this closer up, I'm shocked it didn't get the win! It's gorgeous. And I rather like the second look...

Loved their first look. It should have been a contender.

I loved the Frankenfabric dress, but I thought that if you are piecing the fabric together and have no particular reason to make the pieces rectangular, why don't you make the pieces with curvy shapes and the fabric would look more natural/organic. Just an idea.

I loved them - especially the first look - and thought they should have won. (Jesus redeems himself)

Normally I despise fraying and harem pants but the dress looked beautiful and the pants fit the challenge and were done in the right fabric with the right drape up the leg.

Agree that I am not sure about how the vest looks from the back but it was definitely a statement piece.

Loved the signature look, especially the "shrug/vest/ruffled tire thing."

Frankenfabric, haha!
Yeah, they really did come up with a pretty cool dress. (I kind of love that it looks a little like camo)

The harem pants- I guess I can see your point in terms of the interpretation, but still. Those pants are vile.

Brooklyn Bomber, When I read your comment "I won't miss Sophia."

I thought you meant Miss Sophia - and wonder where he was going :) - hopefully nowhere for a while.

McFawny - Jesse tried Ping yelled at him each time he tried to suggest anything. "I AM THE LEADER." and NO

This would have been my second place team after Maya/Jay. It did look like designer camo and the back was a bit troublesome but the dress was still quite lovely. And I agree with you TLo on the second look. Not great fashion, but a good way to draw from the inspiration piece.

I'd love to know what that base fabric is, and to be able to see the variations of black fabric they used for the patchwork. I know it's hard to photograph black to see real details, though.

Anon 11:52, I like your suggestion of using curvy shapes for the patchwork, but from a technical standpoint, the straight-edged shapes would fray much more readily than curves will.

Didn't like this look at first glance, but now I'm starting to feel the love!

This dress was my pick for the win. Also, I HATE hate hate harem pants, but they managed to produce a pair that looked chic and sophisticated.

I don't see camo I see a beautiful random lace-like fabric and had NO idea that they did this like patchwork.

It was a lovely take on a black lace over nude. Since both looks worked they should have won.

I wonder how much Nina and Heidi's seemingly biased views of Jesus counted against him. (I think he is this year's Gordana with Heidi's snark comments the first two weeks.)

can't stop giggling over "ruffled tire thingy" ...glad i hadn't just had a sip of my coffee
the RTT does look very nice from the front and side...but i concur the back is a bit oddly joined
cannot get behind elastic waisted silk pants in anyway...but had to agree it was a good interpretation of the "luxe" outfit for less

This was my fave too. I think they used the flippy-flappies in a more unique way. Loved the frankenfabric and they really did take Ping's crazy poo fabric and brought it down to earth, harem pants be damned.

This made me look forward to more from both designers.

Looking at the photos, my first thought was that (with the pants at least), they had done a better job with constructing Ping's aesthetic than Ping has been able to within the confines of the PR setting.

This made me look forward to more from both designers.

Looking at the photos, my first thought was that (with the pants at least), they had done a better job with constructing Ping's aesthetic than Ping has been able to within the confines of the PR setting.

This was my pick for the win.

I'll miss Sophia too. Good walker and very candid. Her sharp tongue was a little refreshing from all the telegraphed niceness. I loved her comment that she's not here to make up for the mistakes of Megan's parents. Personally I wonder if she's as difficult as claimed. She did her job on the runway where it counted.
If she's got a skin condition then it's understandable why she might be not be the most cooperative model. It's easy to forget such a thing can be pretty serious if it flares up and can be bad in terms of your health and immune system.


I always wonder about reality contestants that try out for shows and then can't fulfill the obligations of the show. Garnier & L'Oreal have been sponsors for as long as I can remember. The winning models have even done magazine spreads for them. If she wasn't unable to use their products why audition? So producer manufactured or not I think it played a part.

Jesse tried Ping yelled at him each time he tried to suggest anything. "I AM THE LEADER." and NO

It always becomes a which came first the chicken or the egg convo when talking about the dysfunctional team. By the time this occurred Jesse was firmly in douche mode so I'm not surprised it didn't work. I get that the designers are usually worried about getting auf'd because of a partner who can't make a good dress, but there's a knack for dealing with these types of people. Epperson & Qristyl failed, Laura/Michael/Angela didn't.

Like a lot of others here, the signature look was my pick for the win. And kudos for the brilliant interpretation of harem pants from a slung bolt of fabric. Wouldn't wanna wear 'em, but they beat the original look!

I thought both looks were very beautiful. LOVED the signature look--so nice to see somthing dramatic but well-executed. I loved the fabric and didn't realize it was pieced. Being a quilter, I (heart) it.
The B look was also well done. It reflected Ping's look perfectly while still looking fresh and different.
Sohpia had the best walk by far. When I first saw her on MotR, I knew she was not long for that show; too cerebral. I wish her well...

Oh God, has "douche" become the only adjective available in the English language?

They were a cute team.

It's a shame the vest thing looks so stiff because that camouflage-look needed a little softening up.

They probably didn't see the camo-effect, but it would've been cool if they'd done the B top in actual camo with the lace insert.

I liked this pair's work a lot, and they'd have been a top two pick for me. Maybe even the win.

I think I see Amy in the shrug and the frankenfabric and Jesus in the silhouette of the gown. Considering that it was the shrug and "print" that made this dress something special, I'd have given the edge to Amy as the "winner" if this look had ended up as number one. Between this one and last week, I'm really digging her.

For Jesus this was such an improvement over his other 2 designs. 1,000 times better than previous work--good job indeed. I know ZERO about Amy and cant remember anything she's done in the past so i have nothing really to say for her.

But yea the 1st high end design was so classy and stunning and their 2nd look was the first time ive actually thought harem pants looked good.

This was my third favorite look. I preferred the shrug to Maya's tree fungus. However, the drab color scheme kept it from being higher for me.

Why I may be that rare person who doesn't automatically hate harem pants and I really liked the idea in this case as an interpretation of Ping's work, the elastic waistband killed it for me. Elastic waistbands aren't meant to be seen. Period. If you're going to make it visible, make it fitted.

Does anyone know if the judges take off points for repeating things the designers have done in their pre-PR work? The shrug is very cool but it's the same one Amy is wearing in one of the audition videos, as others have pointed out. Would the judges care about that?

I also think the fabric looks ugly and camo, but perhaps that's just on my monitor.


I'm going to totally contradict my post from yesterday declaring that Team JayMay should have won --- Jesus & Amy's garment was far more fabulous than theirs. I'd forgotten about their tow submissions because they get so little screen time (well, Jesus get's his share since he's usually in the bottom of the bottom three). I'd forgotten how cool Amys is and the fact that she gets so little screen time just might be a good omen. Love the gown and fabric treatment and I recall her little shruggie from her audition video and love(d) it. She's a cool girl and I, too, dig the Streisand Funny Girl makeup.


I don't see it. That patchwork fabric looked sad and Derelicte. It also looks like my 3rd grade papier mache project, only worse. If I were high I could get behind the outrageous ruffled shoulder floaties, but I don't know how you could describe that as expensive. It's charred newspaper.

I love the ruffled shrug. Amy is fantastic.

I loved their high end look. As you say, a true collaboration and beautifully done.

The "down-market" (love that description-so much better than "cheap") version was better than the original. I would have thought some sort of sash to cover the elastic, but what do I know. Those pants moved very well in cheap fabric. I did not think MC Hammer one time, I think because they are restrained, not full on Hammer-time. :-)


Possibly the judges kept this from the top 2 because as fabulous as both looks are -- the best fulfillment of the challenges, IMHO -- they are bored with Jesus' glamour dresses, no matter how successful. More imagination is shown by how they met the challenge for the second look. Excellent work.

I found the signature look so incredibly dour and and depressing/
The shrug was gorgeous, though it felt a little bit overworked and stiff which, when combined with the color, added to the overall dour and depressed feeling.
I did however think that the look for less was a smart interpretation of ping's signature piece, though at first I thought those pants were just baggy sweatpants.
For me, neither of these pieces were remarkable.

The more I look at these, alongside Maya and Jay's, the more thoughtless I think the judging went this last week. These both look so pretty and so imaginative. Whereas in all honesty I found Milla's coat and separates to be somewhere between garish and ugly. They may have been well-made from a technical point of view, but they did not seem very flattering. Whereas both of these outfits do seem pretty special. I have long felt that the judges on PR are better at figuring out the worst than at rewarding the best.

I think this team deserved extra points for having to interpret Ping's design. Not only was Ping's design out there, I'm pretty sure it was quite unfinished when Jesus and Amy went to view it. It must have been hard to interpret something that wasn't much more than draping and a sketch.

raisin mountaineer

When I looked at the screen caps at the designs (since I watch this show initially by following the blogs-- I don't get to see the whole episode until Saturday online--) anyway, looking at the screen caps, I though the harem pants WERE Ping's design initially. And unlike most harem pants, they fit and moved pretty well. So when I found out about the challenge-- to make a "look for less"-- I was impressed by how clearly you could see Ping, in a good way, in Jesus's and Amy's design.

I agree about the elastic waistband showing on the harem pant-- they really are great pants, but my seamstress mother told me to always cover up an elastic waistband with a belt or a sash. They could have made a simple tied sash out of the lace and I wouldn't have been distracted by the ugly waistband.

I'm not getting the love for this dress. I really do love the shrug and that is definitely an Amy signature, but the dress is the same exact silhouette that Jesus did for the first challenge without the strap up the neck. Boring. Mermaid dress. He even put in the same horizontal seam.

I did like the idea of the Frankenfabric, but the colors wash out any drama. If they had played with color....but then again, everyone - except Miz Sophia and Sethy - stayed as far away from color as possible. I was having a PR6 flashback...brrrrr.....

I think this had potential but missed the mark.

The reinterpretation of Ping's signature toga is excellent, as much as I hate Hammer pants. But these drape nicely and I like the top. Unfortunately I too wish the waistband had been covered with a fold down flap, even.

I watched the extended review video and was shocked to hear Jesus say to Tim, "We took your advice." First time for everything.

I thought they did an awesome job with their outfits and they didn't even throw a shit-fit when they got stuck with Ping's outfit for their "inspiration" look.

Anonymous said...
Does anyone know if the judges take off points for repeating things the designers have done in their pre-PR work? The shrug is very cool but it's the same one Amy is wearing in one of the audition videos, as others have pointed out. Would the judges care about that?

There is no way to know for sure what criteria the judges use to score the garments ( it seems to change weekly). But they certainly should not count off for repeating design ideas or reinterpeting them. It would be like a teacher taking points off a students test because the student studied.
Especially when the assignment, so to speak ,was to do a signature garment.
Besides the cockade bolero in the audition video is quite a bit more subdued than the one presented on the runway for this challenge.

Didn't even realize the shrug looped around back like that. Even more fabulous than I thought. Thanks for the screencap!

They're the winners in my book.

Gawd, how fuckin' FABULOUS was that dress!

Jesus and Amy really did do a good job here and I am prepared to revise my thinking that it should have been a showdown between Jesus and Amy versus Maya and Jay for the win.

I think the shrug was Amy's contribution and the gown and the Frankenfabric were Jesus'; after all he did a frankenfabric last week, it was just inappropriate given the terms of that challenge. Jesus does seem to have a thing for drab colors, but I don't know that if he used more color that that would not be too much given his design aesthetic.

I like the Look for Less, surprisingly the elastic waistband did not bother me because it is hitting Sophia in the right spot. Now it is unlikely that that would be the case in real life, even among the young and fit. All-in-all I think that they did do a well-thought out look and they deserve extra kudos for how they handled their inspiration.

Jesus and Amys outfits were gorgeous
I love the fabric

Amy's personal asthetic is fabulous, but more than Babs, her look seems to me a reflection of her Iranian heritage.

Sorry that I didn't weigh in last week when Jesus picked the BEST designer possible to partner with, he is not a fool. Had he not picked Amy or someone of her caliber he would have been yet again in the bottom two!

Thank GOD that this week the judges saw Jesus Estrada for what he truly is a "seamstress"! With NO TASTE. You can't learn taste - now can you?

He can sew, he can not design. People, how long was it going to take?

We are sure that had last week NOT been the partners competition he would have been auf'd for sure.

If a designer designs a garment and then gives that garment to a seamstress to sew, who really is the designer?

Amy is a true talent on the show and a designer to be watched, she has fabulous creative vision. It would be interesting to know what Jesus really did for that garment, notice that they really never showed them at all in the work room.


it should have won. it worked so well and the batwing mod ensemble was just so, tennis shoe ish

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