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Jesse & Jonathan

Boys in the middle.

Model: Alexis Broker

This was a surprisingly good entry from Jesse.

We say that because frankly, we haven't liked anything he's sent down that runway before this. Sure, it just skirts up to the border of tacky, but we're talking Heidi here. Lots of thigh and lots of boob are to be expected. We really like the weave and the way he did the cups.

The back is kind of a mess, though.

And while he's to be commended for using a rich color, the fabric reads a little downscale.

Model: Alison Gingerich

Jonathan was so proud of his little romper but we had a hard time signing onto it. Mainly because, romper, y'know?.

But it drapes nicely and it's executed pretty flawlessly, so he's got that.

And loath as we are to admit it, fashion editors do love rompers even if all right-thinking people do not.

Bottom line is it's trendy and it had a lot of nice touches. The only thing working against it is the lack of color. Had this been rendered in eye-catching hues, we bet Joanna Coles would have been all over it.

But look how cute he is when he's all proud. He's so Pixar.

Tim Gunn's Workroom:

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"He's so Pixar"
OMG! That's my new Fave saying!!!!!!

Romper... or Roper, a la Three's Company?

I was surprised how much I liked both of these. Jesse (aka Patrick Bateman) can be too intense but there really is some potential in there. Jonathan is definately very current, I agree. Glad to see them both stay.

Nothing says "SPRING IS HERE" like solid Midnight Blue (or is that black??) or a bunch of beige.

I now realize that this is the season of the Hearing Impared. She said SPRING people!!

I wouldn't call it a romper, more like a bodysuit. Does it have the little snaps in the crotch too?

Jonathan's looks better here than I remember--can't believe he swapped out his model--I think she made this look!

Jonathan just needed to have some blue and red and then it could have been a Wonder Woman costume...
and it would have made a great cover for Heidi.

I too liked Jesse'-- and it was the first thing I liked of his. then Alexis turned around-- ugh!



The minute I saw the romper I though "Insane Crotch Award."

I really liked both these entries.

I thought Jesse's was a better variation on Emilio's dress. The same idea, shape, lenght... but this is much less tacky. I think Tim said that it was a pity he hadn't built more on that web effect as initially planned. I guess the lack of time. I think the critique's to Jesse execution have been off mark, he's much better than I expected, design-wise. But I thought he would exhibit more sense of humour and quirkiness both in his personality and his clothes (I guess on the strenght of his own presentation look as Thurston Jr), and that's pretty absent.

Jonathan's was cool, v to me looked perfect for a Spring is coming cover. I find that idea of colors saying Spring, meaning turquoise, fucsia and yellow galore is beyond naff, and anyway, has no relation to fashion reality. Jonathan's look was fun and well made.

Isn't the model Alison, not Holly?

<3 Jonathan.

Speaking of rompers, I'd like to romp with Jonathan sometime.

I hate rompers, but I actually kind of loved Jonathan's. Jesse's was okay from the front, but that's about all I can say about it, and sadly, it's one of the better things I've been able to say about any of his stuff thus far.

"He's so Pixar"

OMG.. how do you do it boys.

that is just killer! LMFAO!

Both of these surprised me.

Jonathan's for being atrocious. I hate to say it, but I'm beginning to think Jonathan -- who seemed to show promise -- has questionable taste.

Jesse's for being pretty damn good. I could see Heidi in it, and on a cover, if the fit and workmanship were tweaked. In Anthony's color or pink or orange, I think it'd have been a contender.

I agree that Jesse had has best week yet.
Short, tight, and somewhat shiny. perfect for Heidi. Details on the top of the dress, good for the Mag cover. but way too dark. If had done it in Heidi gold or silver, the pirate would have won the challenge.

Jonathan's I cannot get on board with. It is lingerie. Dirty lingerie. Me no likey. Bottom three.

For me, Jonathan was this week's, 'Who are you? Have you been in this competition before?' (Ben was last week's.)

I like Jesse's dress much more now that I've seen the close up with the weaving and the detailing on the bust and hem. I think it would probably photograph pretty well on Heidi. And, to be fair, while the back is a mess, the back would never be seen by Marie Claire readers, so.

I hate rompers. And who the hell decided to call them rompers? Rompers, Pampers, and Gerber's are all in one category, as far as I'm concerned, and I outgrew all of them a long time ago. But hey, I also prefer not to have to undress entirely every time I have to pee. Crazy, I know.

That aside, it's pretty I guess, but kind of crotchtacular.

Jesse's was a pleasant surprise, as you say. I like the color, but I'm not sure if it's for spring.

Art said...
I wouldn't call it a romper, more like a bodysuit. Does it have the little snaps in the crotch too?

My grandmother , who was a young girl in the 20's, would have called it a teddy.

I must have blinked because I don't remember either of these outfits. Jesse's looks nice from the the front, but Jonathan's is too lingerie looking for me.

Oh, my God, I just watched the Jonathan video. I love the look of consternation on Tim's face while Jonathan explains the romper!

And now I think I understand part of the problem: J. keeps referring to the lower half as shorts, but they are not shorts. They are so freaking short that they look like panties, and there's no balance to the bigness of the top.

Oy. Unexpectedly stuck inside all day MUST GET OUT.

This was probably Jesse's best effort both in terms of construction and design. Sadly that green is way, way too dark. You would not have been able to photograph it very well. But he really needs to step things up still since he's at best middle of the pack

JOnathon's made me grimace. Yes it's well made but it's so trashy looking


Jesse's was well enough made, but it does have a big sign saying, "Hiya, honey, need a date for the night? We can talk rates later."

As loathe as I am to say it since he's such a tool, I actually like Thurston's and if he had listened to the dictates of the challenge (SPRING! COLOR!), he would have been a contenda despite the wonky back. Seriously, do any of these designers know how to hide a zipper????

Big Boy's is atrocious. 70's disco queen ho-ing it up at Studio 54. After seeing his final collection, I think someone's taste level has descended into fatty bacon cheeseburgers with day-old fries. Dismal. Yes, the fit is very nice, but I just can't get past the whole diaper-chic.

Rompers...they're fine if you are under the age of 5. Jesse's dress looked good coming toward you, but going away...YIKES! And neither of these outfits had anything to do with spring, 'cept maybe Jonathan's romper, and then only if you're under the age of 5.

worthless pedant

psst ...guys...."loath to." Different word than loathe.

Am I the only one who can't stomach Alexis? I thought it was just her incredibly emaciated look, which makes me uncomfortable (it's like seeing a neglected cat on an Animal Planet rescue show).....then I caught an episode of Models of the Runway. Girl is train wreck waiting to happen. Why do designers keep choocing ehr? It's not even like she is chosen last!

Jonathan is adorable. Hate rompers!! Hate the word romper. It's even difficult for me to type that word without a little bile rising.

As much as it pains me to say it; that was an interesting dress from Jesse. It was a bit messy though.

Holy typos! Sorry about that. I'm usually a rabid proof-reader. :-p

All we thought as we saw Jonathan's look come down the aisle is that life IS like an ABBA song. It was not bad, but it just screamed ABBA concert tour circa 1978.

It never fails: I have a shit-filled day, then I read TLo, and my load lightens tremendously. Big Smooches to you both.

Really thought Jesse's workmanship on the front of his dress was top-notch.

"He's so Pixar." Perfect.
Love Jonathon...the romper, not so much. I worried about the camera angles with this one, what with all that fabric flying in all directions from the waist down. Still, he can sew the hell out of a seam.

You know, I would be down for a romper, if someone could make on that doesn't look sort of ridiculous on an adult woman.

I agree that Jesse's dress is the only tolerable garment he's sent down the runway so far...and that's really damning him with faint praise considering that this is his best work and it's STILL wrong for the challenge and badly fitted.

MyFawny said...

I must have blinked because I don't remember either of these outfits.

I timed how long some of the dresses were shown on the runway using my Tivo and I remember Jesse's was between 4 and 5 seconds and that included the time the camera cut away to him watching his dress on the runway. That's barely enough time to see them even using the slow motion

I thought Jesse's should have been at least top two. Those cups were fantastic (a little low for a regular woman, maybe, but this was for Heidi).

I strongly disliked his portfolio and have been mixed on his earlier designs. BUt I really don't get the almost vitriolic responses. IMO there has only been one episode where people debated and even then it depends on whether you were on Ping's side or his side. I hope this represnets his future challenge work more than his previous entries.

(Looking at the back I wonder how other pics would look, because it doesn't appear that most of the seams were puckering, so maybe a combination of fit/length of the torso and movement?)

As to Jonathan I am so sadly diappointed. Speaking of someone who's exhibiting questinable taste. Disappointing after his first two entries. Color, a very covered top and no bottom? I guess that he figured the bottom didn't matter at all - he may as well have done a LaPerla/VS bra top and left it at that.

Terry, yes! That "romper" would have looked perfect with knee-high tube socks and rollerskates (okay, I know ABBA didn't wear skates, but it works for me). Yes, it moved well, but where could it move TO other than the bedroom in some climate that suggests one's tap pants ensemble should have long sleeves?

Jesse's was okay. I don't think the weaving lays well, but that may be because his model has no flesh.

What the fuck with these models? Ugly, fat, old, scaggy looking. Seriously, where are the tall, thin, pretty girls this season?

My favorite part of these 2 looks was Alexis' pentagram tattoo. And I despise Alexis.

Jesse's does look much better now that I can see the detail, tho. If it had been in a different color, he probably should have replaced Emilio in the top three.

Oy, I forgot about the romper. Seeing it again, I realize I hate it with an all consuming passion. I can't believe I forgot about it. Maybe it is some kind of romper-related PTSD thing.

Jesse's was a pleasant surprise. Like others have said here, it would probably be even better in a livelier color. The weaving kind of disappears into that flat green/blue/teal fabric.

I thought Jesse's looked kind of navy. Which I often see in spring time (not everything is the color of a flower). And it would fit his sailor style.

When I saw Jesse's basket-weave stomach panel I thought it was expandable, just in case Heidi was pregnant again when they shot the cover :-)

Laurie said...
MyFawny said...

I must have blinked because I don't remember either of these outfits.

I timed how long some of the dresses were shown on the runway using my Tivo and I remember Jesse's was between 4 and 5 seconds and that included the time the camera cut away to him watching his dress on the runway. That's barely enough time to see them even using the slow motion

Wow. 4-5 seconds. That explains a lot, because I completely forgot both of these looks.

Jesse's dress *is* a good idea - BUT - and I know I am a broken record- STOP WITH THE ONE DAY CHALLENGES. Maybe with a little more time Jesse could have constructed this dress better. It would have looked so much better if the woven part in front was laying flat and if the back zipper was properly done. But, again, who can make anything but crap in one day?

I think all these people would risk a little more if they knew they were going to have time to execute their design. When work time is reduced to a minimum, almost no one is going out on a limb creatively.

Sorry, I think Jonathan's looks like a skating outfit (maybe I've been watching too much Olympics.....)

5& 10

Look at it this way: on a magazine cover, you don't see the back OR below the waist (usually), so these guys put the emphasis where it counted!

I think Jesse sabotaged his chances by picking such a dark color. Not only is it not springlike, but it makes the detailing disappear.

I like the idea of Jonathan's, but the fabric is too '70s hippie-dippie (in addition to the lack of color). The romper idea, with the kimono top, is kind of strange.

Yes, as pointed out above, Jonathan's model was Alison, not Holly.

Also, Ben's model in the post from a few days a go was incorrectly credited as Kristina when it's actually Lorena.

I know it's nitpicky but I'm sure the girls would like to be properly acknowledge.

am i the only one annoyed by the alexis' pentagram tattoo? i mean, my father is a tattoo artist, i have one myself, and i respect everyone's right to do what they want to their body. but, for a model i think that's just tacky.

now that i think about it, i think annoyed was a poor word choice. i meant distracted more so.

Jesse's dress was one of my favorite colors (he's not my favorite people), but it seemed an almost perverse pick: "No black." OK, I'm going to get as close as I can and see if you'll like it.

Maybe it looked like a bright color when he bought the fabric in Mood.

"He's so Pixar!" LOVE. THAT.

Ariel Shpigel

Jesse's was surprisingly cute and quite fitting for heidi. Regardless of how annoying she is, Alexis can work a look.

Jonathan always does strong work, but this look seemed outside his typical aesthetic. Three of his looks have been edgy mixed with feminine. A sort of romantic, goth look that's been updated to look modern and wearable. This was more hippie-chic, but it was still a cute and well made look. Love the way he dyed the top and cut the sleeves. My only real problem is that it's so short that it's almost a shirt. He should have made it longer or added some sort of separate bottom.

Jonathan? No no no! Boogie Night's just called...

Romper = BAD idea. The insane crotch award indeed.

You can see chocha in that romper pic. It's just tooooo short. Egads.

I will never fathom the PR designer tendency (embodied by Thurston here) to do BEAUTIFUL, technical, thoughtful a color so dark that we can't see ANY of it!

This has much more appeal to me in these screencaps--I couldn't see a lot of that in super-fast-runway-prance.

I generally like Jonathan's work...but yeesh to this one! My reaction during the show was "lingerie"--to which my hubby promptly added "for Dynasty". The top moves beautifully...but the bottom looks like he either ran out of fabric or time.

Big Boy did look precious with the smooth look, though!

He's so Pixar.

ROFL. I love Anthony, he's SO cute.

I was surprised how much I liked Jesse's. Jonathan's looks impeccably made but a little boudoir-ish.

Jesse lost the challenge the minute he picked that color. Spring, it ain't. The weaving seems like a good idea, but it doesn't lie flat so ended up looking a bit ragged. And you're right about the back. It's a hot mess.

Jonathan's romper is wrong for the challenge in so many ways - the color, the romperishness, the shiny. I thought he was going to be a much better designer than he's turned out to be.

When Jonathan's walked down the runway I had a total Logan's Run flashback. - Tami Seattle

Just because a designer doesn't meet the dictates of a challenge doesn't mean they're not good designers. I consider a "poor designer" someone who steals designs, can't sew, and basically those two things...

"He's so Pixar" is now in my lexicon. Thankyouverymuch.

When the romper came out, my husband said it best: "Why would you wear something that gives you an 8-inch camel toe?" Erudite, that one. :-)

Loved Jesse's black dress-I would wear it! I can see Heidi wearing this dress.

Hated hated the romper. Cannot see Heidi ever ever wearing a romper.



Jesse's dress is pretty decent -- except, as you mentioned, for the back. Nina certainly seems to recognize something in him. I suppose I'll reserve judgment a while longer.

Oh my god, Jonathan's dress! All I can say is, have you ever seen Logan's Run? hee hee

Fit on Jesse's dress sucks, front and back. It's riding up in a serious way.

Romper = NO.

I sort of loved the romper.

But I agree that it's ridiculous.

Serious question: where would one wear such a thing? I can't imagine a single situation that calls for a romper.

oh wow, she DOES have an 8-inch camel toe!!

here's Pixar jonathan, btw!

The little Pixar is adorable...and I kind of really liked his romper...too bad it was a romper though and not a cute little 60's inspired mini dress. This looked like lounge wear to me...and not that there is anything wrong with lounge wear, it's just not the best choice for Heidi on the cover of MC. I could totally see Heidi wearing this though.

Jesse's...really nice too! The wave has been done a lot...but this turned out well and would be perfect for Heidi post pregnancy...even if she had a bit of belly still to lose. Her boobs would have totally been spilling out of the cups'd have loved it! ;) Too bad he didn't choose a more springlike'd have been a contender.



rompers always scream 'look at my cammeltoe!'if you ask me. not even slightly flattering, who wants to wear something that draws attention to your crotch?

Johnathan looks like Danny Gokey from American Idol season 8.

worthless pedant

You guys have made a poor pathetic little pedant very happy. Thank you. You now have better usage than the NYTimes. But 1000 times more fabulous.

I happened to LOVE the romper, just wish the colors were better. And Jonathan is a doll.

Blake Lively: That's who I can see wearing that romper. But as herself, not Serena. (This is neither to her nor the romper's credit.)

The long crotch may be a Jonathan thing -- it was certainly the case on his track pants in the team challenge.

Echo the glee over "he's so Pixar"

Good for Jesse.

Jonathon's was too lingerie, and not really even wonderful lingerie.

Lots of people in this challenge apparently don't look at magazine covers. And don't grasp the cliches of how color is used to signal season.

formerlyAnon said...
Lots of people in this challenge apparently don't look at magazine covers. And don't grasp the cliches of how color is used to signal season.

Lot's of people in this blog apparently don't look at magazine covers...

I do not understand the fascination that designers have with "rompers." It's an article of clothing that should only be worn by toddlers, yet designers try to convince us that grown women can wear them outside the house as normal clothes. I could MAYBE see it on a 21-year old who lives at the Playboy Mansion, but only on movie night with Hef or lounging around the pool. NOT on anyone else, and NOT outside the house.

Nice to see that I'm not the only one who asked if Jonathan's romper has a snap crotch. Frankly, it looks like it should for easy... access. And I'm not talking about access to change the baby's diapers, either.

Rompers are all well and good on my 21-month-old little girl. In fact, she looks adorable in them. But adorable on women, they aren't. And look at the photo with the model's hand on her hip. That armhole is huge!


That romper would be pretty if it wasn't... a romper...

Sorry that romper is crotchtacular. As the fug girls would say, look into pants.

"He's so Pixar."

ROFL. I'm going to use that all the time now.

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