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Isabel Mastache Fall 2010 Collection


well at least its interesting...

haha if i had vodka though, they'd probably be even MORE interesting.

i did enjoy the three armed man haha

penis pants for all!

Apparently this idiot has all the money she will ever need because she sure as hell ain't gonna be selling this ugly assed mess.

She's just fucking with us isn't she?

The tumor jacket is bad, the peen is funny but the crocheted hat is unpardonable.

Well, at least there's a point of view there. Further, the large blood red helmet outfit, I really like the jacket on it. As a matter of fact, am I completely strange for rather liking that particular look?

Penis pants, however, I could do without. Poor model - pants are probably more hung than he is.

I am convinced these are actually costumes for some new, terribly designed children's show. There's cabbage-head, and and gravy-man, and later, a black crow muppet?

I think this is a hell of a lot better than Agatha de la Prada. At least there's some creativity and talent involved.

Mardis Gras meets Skid Row meets Children's Theater meets Avante Garde Fashion?

"A fish, darling"
Hahahahahahaha! Snort! Kinda how I feel about her collection.

Yeah, she's batshit crazy, but she has some interesting ideas once you peel away the weirdness.

Looks like costume design for an adult version of Where the Wild Things are.

tha waz te bessstgammee evah..

I was thinking also "just in time for Mardi Gras and Carnivale"

Sadly it's too early in the norming to do vodka shots-beaucse it would help

Strangely enough what sticks out is the relatively straight-forward hoodie with the model holding a skull. It's positively pedestrian compared to the rest

Imagine contestants from Make Me a Supermodel trying to make these outfits work. I have to kudos to her boys for trying



Some of the trousers are pretty wearable... and I really like the black knobbly (spelt with a "k" intentionally) coat.

God bless those models. Not a one was smiling or sobbing in embarrassment. Thats the best resume, "I wore penis pants and didn't snicker ONCE!"

I know this is men's attire supposedly, but I fully expect to see Lady Gaga in at least 2 of these before winter is officially over. :P

Pauline Kael said it best....'Fashion is so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash, we should stop going to the mall!"

After viewing this collection..... Amy's fish pants now make sense to me. She did a Target/Macy's retail ready version of Isabel Mastache Fall 2010.


what the fuckety fuck fuck?????

OMG She looks like Cat Thrower! hahahahahahahah

TampaBay said...
After viewing this collection..... Amy's fish pants now make sense to me. She did a Target/Macy's retail ready version of Isabel Mastache Fall 2010.


Fashion took a vacation in Chernobyl. This is what came back.
I LOL'd.

Tank top w/ plaid pants.

"I would TOTALLY wear that!" : )

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! ( gasping for air ) Hahahahaha!!!!

The penis pants look like something Robert Plotkin would design.

Oh my god I have to show these to my boyfriend. Ya gotta love those Europeans!

This is total emasculation. She must be stopped. And I need a drink.

dammit, I thought my computer was fixed, obviously there's something not right here ... oh well, at least the comments made me smile. Thanks bitter kittens~ Gary

I completely missed the penis pants because I was looking/laughing at the fake arm.
I now feel very innocent compared to you lot!

I have to say, unlike Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's stuff, these clothes are very well made. I love the head pieces.


Well I liked the penis pant.

Can somebody tell what the heck is that thing, what kind of animal is that on the model's shirt (first picture)? First I thought it was a baby, but it has a tail. I can't tell.

A few of the jackets and pants are wearable separates. And the Scuba Elephant Man sweater does look warm . . . and that's all I got.

Well, at least now there's a reason the poor models look pissed off.

I didn't even notice the penis pant on the first scroll through. That's pretty bad when you don't notice a penis on the OUTSIDE of some guys trousers...

erm, well. okay. it all looked like weird deep-sea-life in felt and wool, except for the weird suit that looks like its from a nuclear waste dystopia.
though I DO actually really like the origami-ish "hat" in the last photo.

the penis pants are baffling.

some of this (a very little some of this) is art; a lot of it is just hideous/weird/baffling for its own sake.

can anyone actually explain - no, really, seriously - what the hell is going on here?

I find myself wondering whether she designed, made and intentionally aged the diving suit or whether it is 'found' fashion...

I also rather like the blue/gold jacket and had a huge laugh at the Scooby Doo coat.

60+ hubby has been wanted some new sweaters...if he wore any of these, would be afraid he'd get locked up for advanced dementia.

I love number 10. But please, not with those pants! What was she thinking?

Lady Gaga in men's wear

I love the third picture, the "Look Mom, I just flayed a manatee!"

I love it. I'm having fun imagining the movie in which all these men are characters.

I swear this collection is like if "Where the Wild Things are" had been directed by John Cameron Mitchell.

Are ya kidding me? ANYone caught in this clothing anywhere other than on stage performing in a play would BE shot dead in my state!

i think given the fact that most normal people can't wear any high fashion due to being too large or not having enough money or both---it should be crazy and funny and out of control. Nothing like seeing someone in a model-perfect body in a apocalyptic bunny suit!

Very folk art with lots of Latin iconography and wonderful colors. I liked the corazones and hands. However, I didn't get a very happy, fun, upbeat feeling from this collection. Maybe it's just me, but it seemed angry and a bit tortured.

i love it!!!!! all of it, painted blazer is such a good idea, totally copy it!!!! the hats are fun... and baby(s), it's called double standard, men designers have been forcing crazy/torturous shits onto women for the longest time, it's women's time to do it to men now (i'm talking to you, too v. westwood)

When I saw the third one down, all I could think about was Ralphie from "A Christmas Story".

Already stated, but bears repeating:



Oh... dear.

Though the tumor outfit is like an insanely more ludicrous callback to Eliza Jimenez's tumor/envy dress.

It's about monstrosity and deformity, right? I mean, it's definitely on the line between fashion and performance art (possibly over the line), but I still think there's some interesting ideas here.

I actually like some of the hats, but the bunny suit is just terrifying.

As crazy as that s**t is, there's some wearable pieces in there. That bunny hoodie was the most hilarious thing I've seen this week... if I were wealthy, I'd seriously think of that for a Halloween costume. Nice and warm.

Am I wrong for wishing for a performance piece where all of these garments are at the front of the TSA line at O'Hare?

Well, I think we have a new winner for the "insane crotch" award!

That tan over the head wooly thing looks like the Gumby version of the elephant man.
Is this the next installment from the Bruno/Borat guy? Are we being punked?

Adore. THIS is the sort of show I'd like to attend. Who was the designer that had that great Dali-inspired show a year or so ago? With the hearts all over and someone dressed as a grandfather clock? Like that.

No one (I hope) is going to wear Kors' pantyhose shirt and possum fur pencil skirt either, and at least this is fun to see and involved a lot of thought and construction.

Thank you for my WTF moment of the day. Love modern art.

Well, I always walk around carrying a skull and wearing an origami hat...

I'm seriously convinced a lot of your readers don't give a flying F about fashion as art. Some of these looks were quite stunning in the way a classic surrealist painting is stunning, and no one expects themselves to WEAR Dali.

It's about time to see a collection with some unique vision to it, some sense of art, something that's not designed to please or sell but to make us think about what fashion can and could be.

I found it delightful in an angry tortured art kind of way. Then again, I'm Spanish, so.... that might explain my delight.

There are actually some rather nice pieces there. I would totally wear that second jacket, as well as the blue/pink hooded jacket. The purple/gold one is gorgeous, too.

There's some very interesting fabric manipulation going on, as well.

Pissed off models! Not without reason either.

A few interesting garments underneath the "art".

Someone up above - a lot of someones, actually - mentioned Her Craziness, Lady Gaga. Now, I want her to wear the peen pants SO BADLY I don't even know what to say. It WOULD be a whole new level of what the eff?

By the way, did you guys hear Johnny Weir wants to go into fashion? Can we have a week on PR when they do MENS figure skating clothes AND JW is the guest judge PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?

There's something a little terrifying about the collection - like some Guillermo del Toro nightmare fashion show.

I have a sister who would so totally wear all of it!!

This fuckery made me laugh long and loud. I've never seen the difference between "fashion" and "clothing people wear" illustrated so perfectly: Utterly ludicrous as clothes, disturbingly interesting as fashion. More precisely, interestingly disturbing.

My first take: "She hates men." The next was: "Her muse is that five-legged calf at the sideshow." And then, "Who actually funded this? Amazing!"

14 SHOTS LATER...I AM DRUNK! But of course...I WOULD WEAR THAT! Now that I am thoroughly drunk!

I would TOTALLY wear the three-arm jackets!

TampaBay had me ROTF, too.


"penis pants for all!"

How true! Maybe I'd make more money!

But some of those jackets were really lovely and wearable. I know I'd have to be crazy drunk to say "i'd wear that" but I do like some of the stuff underneath all the fantasy/weirdness. I don't know, it was more fun to look at.

OK, this is either something from that upcoming Bruno (Sasha Cohen) movie, or this is an example of yet another talentless rich kid who's trying to get famous by standing on daddy's wallet.


Oh, that's just wonderful! Serious WTF-eckery, but in a very entertaining way... [Some of the outfits reminded me of the previews for the new Alice in Wonderland film with Johnny Depp - yes, it looks nightmarish, too.]

Kudos to the models; my favorite was Skull-Holding Guy, who was very cute indeed even if his outfit wasn't the most challenging to wear.

The penis-pants - well, what can one say about penis-pants? [That hasn't already been said, anyway {grin}.]

And the undead-rabbit/flayed-manatee/whatever-it-was - well, that's High Octane Nightmare Fuel...

I'm pretty sure half these models quit the profession after this show.

A few good pieces- overall it was fun and left me feeling cozy, which can't be bad on a winter morning!

I think at least one of those is a monster from Pan's Labyrinth.

Look #3 (Donnie Darko?) reminds me a bit of Ari Fish's soccer-ball auffing look from last season's PR.

Okay, so it's, like, the abstract representation of some weird transporter accident where the poor transportee's DNA gets mixed up with the molecules of their clothing, and when they rematerialize their entrails become fabric extrails and stuff. You know, like The Fly, but with fashion. Go with me here...the first model is wearing a giant stomach, right? And then there's the big grey human colon, extra apendage man, blood vessel boy, and my favorite, bones with a boner. The all black outfit looks like villi of the intestine. Of course, this is probably the alcohol talking.

That's insane. But you know, it's a weirdly coherent kind of insanity. I also think she deserves full marks for using the economic downturn as an excuse to go no-holds-barred creative rather than toning down to court skittish buyers.

Finally! A high-fashion Zaphod Beeblebrox costume.

TLo, you've totally made my Sunday morning!

Now I'm off to re-think the mother of the groom dress I've been working on...

I just assume, with shows like this, the goal isn't to sell most of the garments...jackets with built in hands and/or extra sleeves aren't likely to become the Next Big Thing. I always thought that this sort of show is meant to introduce a new element or concept or use--I really think that origami-looking stuff could be used in a wearable way by someone who is sane. The boiled wool trousers, sans penis, are wearable and lovely.

Now, if she really expects calls from buyers, desperate for the sea coral nipple sweater? Well then, she's batshit crazy.

Bwahahahahahahaha!!! This is hilarious - I would be drunk as a skunk and unable to type this if I had any vodka on hand. There are no words for this, other than thank for giving me the best laugh so far this year. Love you guys.

OK the penis pants caused my inner ten year old to yell,"Ooooooo!" and then look around for an adult to tattle to.

The third look reminds me of a Star Trek creature because it channels a 1960s actor running around in a bad monster costume.

As a costume designer, I love it!! Absolutely hilarious, and super creative. The black one near the end, at least to me, seems to be a living representation of "when gloves go wild"!!


Cwazy Wabbit!

But, you know, if you take away the foufra, there are actually plenty of pieces that could be worn, though most of them likely by women, not men.

Some of these seem straightforwardly based on art (Cubism etc.) ... others I can't trace the roots ... impressive and cool, although not really, you know, clothes.


I'm surprised people keep mentioning Dali when the more obvious influence is Picasso. Some of these outfits are straight out of Guernica, others are from his Blue Period.

I actually felt nauseous looking at these.

Why are some models allowed to have right arms, and some models aren't? And one gets to have two? And why does anyone need a hat made of gloves? Oh MY.

Oh, Isabel Mastache, bless your heart and crazy eyes.

She may be (as some have said) just a dilettante, but on the ideas-per-inch measure, she scores big. And that isn't even counting entertainment-per-inch.

Thanks TLo for posting this.

Thank you! - Best laugh so far today. Really interesting, like what you would get from a felter on acid. These seem wearable to me, but then next Halloween I've decided to go as a welder-fungus or a melted bunny. How did the models keep from laughing out loud?


ok yeah, totally missed the penis pants first time through.

So... it totally express the demasculinization of men in modern day society as influenced by the Spanish Civil War, ancient European tribal cultures, and vast amounts of LSD. Oh yeah, and fish.

I quite liked Penis-pant boy's tumor riddled jacket. The "grandma's crocheting gone crazy hat, not quite as much, although I did enjoy looking at it.

In fact, I quite liked many of the jackets with few to no lumpy tumors. Some of the color stories were very interesting, and I really didn't mind when they had the slightly more subtle growths coming out of them.

I really LOVED the purple/gold jacket with the tall Mardi Gras hat. Very pretty jacket. I also liked the t-shirt with the red heart sewn onto it, up near the top.

The flayed bunny suit was just...weird. The "I'm wearing my stomach on the outside" first look was a total WTF. All in all, it's a collection I looked through more than once, which is more than I can say for many of the more "normal" collections. (OK...some of the collections I've looked through twice, once for the clothes, and the second time for my drooling over pretty boys. I want more of that Silver Fox from a couple of weeks ago).

No wonder the models faces were 1/2 hidden - I'd want to be anonymous, too, wearing that schitt. Butt... there were some nice separates... espec luved the cream jacket with the orange/green horiz stripes.

I swear I saw #3--sans tumors-- throwing boulders at Dr. Smith in an early episode of Lost in Space. (In reruns, of course...I couldn't possibly be that old already.)


visually, so-so-so interesting. Lots of textures and fun for my eyes to decipher.

i joked with a friend that some of the models are glad their face is mostly covered.

Here's what I don't get:

Why cover the models in so much extra stuff that you can't tell which items are actually a part of the collection and which are just styling/art elements? Forget the art/insanity going on here. I can't tell or see what someone is supposed to end up buying here.

Correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm no fashion expert, but isn't the point of a fashion show to let people see your designs? Doesn't covering up or otherwise making it difficult to see the clothes kinda defeat the purpose of having the show?


"How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A fish, darlings!"


*snort* *snort*


I want to see Donald Trump in the Penis Pants.

What the fuckety fuck fuck?

Best line ever, guys. I used it all the time now.

This collection would not bore Nina.

O. M. G.

This is bananas!!!!!

Did the models get hazard pay?

if i had a taste for grandmother cardigans I'd say there were some wearable pieces in there.

I've never spoken the words "What the F-ck?" so many times in less than 5 minutes. I'm a fan of the weird but this is too much even for me!

Joy 2/21/10 1:38 PM said:
...why does anyone need a hat made of gloves? Oh MY.

The surrealist influence on clothing in the 1930's produced a number of hats made of gloves. Here is a modern version:

I love looking at avantgarde clothing. Blurring the line between art and fashion can produce interesting results.
(Of course in the case of the Isabel Mastache show my first thought was that I needed a shot of vodka, but at least I was not bored!)

Love this collection! There's actually a few jackets and pants that look well made and that I can actually see on real men (not the penis pants of course). It's really the styling, the crazy hats, etc. that make it seem so over the top, but obviously she wanted to put on a show, and get people talking.

So far the shows in Madrid and London not surprisingly are blowing New York fashion week out of the water. Of course that might be because of the economic situation here which made the designers scale back, making the shows seem so ho-hum.

Also, someone mentioned this above but Elisa Jimenez did not create the tumor/ envy dress that was Starr from season 1.

I wuold sototally where all of thees outfist! hic...


I would like Tilda to wear the black rooster outfit to the Oscars. I think you'll agree that the fact that it was 'made for a man' is beside the point.

I'm wondering what The Duchess and Nina would say about these, er, outfits. I have no doubt it would be hilarious to hear their takes on them and surely, the designer would get "Aufed"!!

I think it'd be interesting to have an inspiration competition on these ---

what was the inspiration behind this design?

#3 photo - obviously a breastfeeding bunny rabbit.

My first thought for the third picture was "tumor rabbit." I don't think that association should ever come up with clothes.

On the other hand, these would make great costumes in a fantasy flick.

At last! A female designer is putting men into absurd, deranged outfits! Viva la difference!

I think they're kindof fabulous.

To me it looks like this person's pnly goal was to smash the dignity of the models.

I made it to the end of the post, now, there's no vodka left and my fingers are really not working properly.

I have so many thoughts on each of these, but I will only say this:

What fun!

When the most normal looking guy is holding 1/2 a skull that's really saying something.

How drugged were those hangers to agree to wear the stuff? Or how well were they paid.

"After viewing this collection..... Amy's fish pants now make sense to me. She did a Target/Macy's retail ready version of Isabel Mastache Fall 2010."

Thank you Tampa Bay! I love you!

Looks #8 & #13 have wearability, at least.

Hey, if she made an oversized felt tube coat with FOUR sleeves, it could be Ping-y (or Merle-ish) by giving you a choice of which sleeves you want to put your arms in! And then you twist and button the other two around your torso!

In these challenging times, it's nice to see that someone is finally thinking of the mutants.

Are we sure that Isabel Mastache isn't really Tim Burton? On second thought, Burton would do a boob shirt and not penis pants.

Can they please post these pictures in the workroom the next time there is an Avant Garde challenge on PR?

I believe they would make the point with no discussion.

Had I followed your advice I would have had such a hangover tomorrow, and I have to go to work. Besides, I would have set a terrible example for my kids screaming W*T*F* at virtually every picture.

I actually was kind of fond of the giant black chicken.

The snouted alien look though almost had me spouting tea through my nose.

I also detest mushrooms, so all that fungus around the heads and shoulders of the models really turned me off.

Did you notice how the penis pants outfit includes one gloved hand? Talk about well thought out design.

Hope these models were paid double for enduring this show. I would never have been able to keep a staight face, and would have been crying tears of laughter before I hit the end of the runway.

laughed so hard i was cryin' :-) HILARIOUS! :-)

#3 OMG! They killed Kenny! Those bastards!

i'm not dorothy gale

I just returned from the KC Symphony where a commissioned piece had it's "world premiere".

It would have SOOOOO accompanied this show. Discordant notes, sheer insanity, sensory assaults and my overwhelming desire to shriek, "make it STOP!"

All of this looks like stuff Sacha Baron Cohen would wear to crash a fashion show.

Weird--why did everyone decide today that good fashion must equal something you can imagine someone wearing in "real life." And there might be other motivations for creating than making money and developing a bestselling line...

According to this, some of these pieces can photograph beautifully:

They're a bit much when all mashed together on one person, but I can visualize some stunning editorials just using an individual garment (one of the headpieces, or a jacket) and placing it against naked skin, making a beautiful juxtaposition of texture and volume.


I laughed from start to finish. It's even funnier in motion.

Isha good fing vodka dosen give mea hangover!

I love it! This show is the feminist, craft-based response to Alexander McQueen's huge, triangular hairy vagina with blow-up, sex doll lips and Chinese foot-binding horse hoof shoes. Viva Senora Mastache!

Aside from Lady Gaga in the penis pants, which is now an inevitability, here is what I want:
A mannequin in my home wearing said penis pants, the blue mardi-gras jacket, and the mushroom...hat

Some people collect african masks, I'm gonna start collecting "WTF fashion."

This is the type of thing I imagine Nick Cave sees when he closes his eyes.

Now I'm scared, confused, AND drunk!

Thanks for making my Sunday, TLo! Much Love!

Definitely for outer space. The helmet in the first picture looks like it was inspired by Marvin the Martian.

Fabric origami? So been there done that, that it looks like something someone's Grandma who quilts would make....
the skirt made from quilter's border prints looked like a reworked table runner... The Dr. Seuss outfit has redeeming qualities.....
Penis pants... saw that back in the 1980's a WSU Coug's frat party....oopsie... that may have been an intoxicated pledge just letting it all hang out... was about as impressive... NOT!

The tumor/blood mess... a sophomore halloween project....

Seriously! I know art is in the eye of the beholder... but anyone who compares Dali to this female-type-critter's shameful!

Liz wrote: "I'm seriously convinced a lot of your readers don't give a flying F about fashion as art. Some of these looks were quite stunning in the way a classic surrealist painting is stunning, and no one expects themselves to WEAR Dali."

Good point!

As far as the wearability of these looks, I think there are some fun items in there, like the blue button down with the skeleton print on it. That is something I'd wear (in a girlie version!)

Mushroom-head (#4) is wearing pee pants.

another laura

heeheeheehee hahahahaha hohohohoho and HA! I kid you not, this is the best laugh I've had in a month. Literally cackling with joy here.

Oh thank you, TLo, thank you! For bringing us this today.

Oh I have laughed so much... I had seen some of this (the penis pants are doing the rounds and creating quite an outrage in the Spanish media and blogo- and forospheres. But seeing the whole story develop is lots of fun.

Amy pants look like the ultimate conventional Macy's office appropriate outfit compared to this...

In the video the models looked like they wanted to get out of there QUICKLY.

But I have to say I enjoyed it. With work like this I don't need vodka or drugs. It is a relief to have something that is out of this world to look at, especially in men's fashion. Plus there really are pieces one could take out of the looks and wear in real life.

Thanks for the mini high TLO.

I freaking love this show I can't even tell you. It reminds me of Santino and "lighten up, it's just fashion!"


Look number two; isn't it covered in fleurchons? So is batshit Isabel Mustache really Angela Keslar from Season 3 of Project Runway?

I laughed and smiled.

Not much relationship to clothes, as I know them - but fun.

The fifth one is funny, but then again I did just get home from a bachelorette weekend in New Orleans.

I was too busy being disgusted by the exposed belly button on the penis pants outfit to even notice the penis pants themselves the first time. Only in a collection like this could a fake cloth penis not stand out.

And to be fair, I would wear a couple of the jackets in this collection. Although I do think this was meant to be a menswear collection and I can't imagine my husband wearing anything from it.

"I'm seriously convinced a lot of your readers don't give a flying F about fashion as art. Some of these looks were quite stunning in the way a classic surrealist painting is stunning, and no one expects themselves to WEAR Dali."

Perhaps we just see this as trite and silly rather than high art.

I don't even know what to say. For once I am speechless, which is a feat in and of itself.

The monkey necklace is A-mazing. I would seriously, totally wear it.

Gory Details, you linked to TV Tropes. ARGH!

Well, I don't have anything to do tonight, I guess...

I hope this isn't out of line, but if I get the penis pants in dark brown instead of the light beige, will the penis be...bigger?

I thoroughly disagree with the 'it's art, darling, it's not supposed to be wearable' contingent.

I am a fan of surrealism, I love a good puzzle in a story. the problem I have here is, the puzzle isn't "what is she telling me", it's "why won't she shush?"

The beauty of surrealism -- GOOD surrealism -- is that it's quietly disturbing. There's nothing quiet here, it's shouting "I smoked crack for lunch today, and I'm really pissed my lover peed on the toilet seat again!"

There is little love for man in this exploration. There's some cruelty and flat-out mean spiritedness, but no, no love. That purple jacket would've been a good place to start -- how delicious it might've been, had a different, more appealing color been chosen. That alone rather says it all; they aren't wearable separates, they're one big giant spoiled tempertantrum.

Those boys did a fantastic job with their "serious face male model lumbering walk everything is normal" look didn't they?


(I'd wear a couple jackets. For sure.)

Thanks, TLo. That was fun.

Uhm.....I don't get it?
This kind of "artsy out there" stuff is just kinda dumb to me and a bit of a joke.

I mean no one will buy or wear this other than a lady gaga type who would not actually pay for it anyhow. It's expensive to put on a show, who pays for this circus display? Its just wasteful in a way since the poor boys look like walking compost piles of fabrics. Also it kinda bugs me that other designers who probably want to show actual wearable and real clothes didn't get a slot because it was filled with this idiocy.

As far as the penis pants go....girlfriend should aim higher.......or bigger! :)

Best way to begin a Monday ever. I haven't giggled this uproariously in a long time.

Fashion at the quantum level.

Does a "What the hell?" count for the game?

actually, I liked the jacket in the 9th picture - but not for a man. I think more for a young girl it would look stunning.

The penis cozy. Now there's an article of clothing whose time has come.


I just got back from Spain. And while I didn't attend the fashion shows in Madrid I did see some of them on tv. After immersing myself in Spanish art and architecture this past week I definitely see the influences in this collection. Of course no one would wear it! But who cares? It's full of interesting ideas and images. Kudos to her for producing art to keep us engaged and interested.

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That is one of the funniest goddamned things I've seen in ages. Entirely ♥ing this proposal for a new production of Hamlet. Holy cats. I hope they get the funding to put it into production soon.

Props for creativity!

But even more props to TLO for the good laughs this morning. You guys are on a roll.

Vodka, hell. This is a collection that calls for dropping acid.

I'm seriously convinced a lot of your readers don't give a flying F about fashion as art. Some of these looks were quite stunning in the way a classic surrealist painting is stunning, and no one expects themselves to WEAR Dali."

"Perhaps we just see this as trite and silly rather than high art."

Well, no one expects to wear Dali because Dali isn't CLOTHES.

Silly is a good description, as well as WTF. If an artist has to resort to shock factor then they're grasping for straws.

Loving the faux junk in #7.

Wow. If there is ever a sequel to Pan's Labyrinth, we'll know who the costume designer will be.


Once you do some editing, there's some interesting pieces in there!

mochizuki-senpai said...
That is one of the funniest goddamned things I've seen in ages. Entirely ♥ing this proposal for a new production of Hamlet. Holy cats. I hope they get the funding to put it into production soon.

LOL. That thought was tumbling around unformed in my head - what with the "Alas! poor Yorick" pose.

I feel like she gave acid to small children, and then asked them to draw up designs for her.

I'm very. very frightened.

Props to those models for keeping straight faces!! OMG! I think Tim Burton's going to be jealous!

Fascinating. The penis pant on its own was crass. In the context of the collection it just adds a note of levity to a fairly dark show. The fact that she mixed in some wearable clothing almost makes it more disturbing. Like those origami felt tumors are creeping up on the simple "man on the street."

Talk about arts and crafts projects gone wrong!

The jackets are fantastic!

Wow. I'm amazed.

Horrifyingly amazed.

Ok, I'm down 2 beers, and actually LOVING a lot of these pieces. I'm a big girl, and I would totally raid the men's section for some of these- get rid of the crazy, and there are a LOT of completely wearable things here.
#1- love the pink shirt
#2- love the skirt- basic print
#3-CRAZY- Booby Bunny!
#5-What is the red fringe thing adding color to this crazy?
#6-love the plaid jacket if you take all the extra gloves out of the pockets
#7- Peen! and what a pair of nuts with it!
#8- love the fleecy baby blue and pink sport jacket
#9- Love the striped jacket
#10- love the gold and blue jacket
#12- I would LOVE the black cape/coat- I think the shape, the graduating volume with the 'tumors' is so interesting- not really as crazy as some furs you see.
#13- is this our MMASM winner? - love the jacket without the frippery- it's really a basic sport coat
#14- take away the crazy hat, and you have a very mundane outfit.

A lot of the jackets are kind of adorable, if put with different ensembles.

is the penis pants a form of revenge sginst man (you made us wear thongs!)?

Number 3: Donnie Darko indeed... which made the rest of the collection even more disorienting, terrifying, and delicious.


Oh MY GOD!!! Thank you so much, I needed that. MY boyfriend just came in from the other room to see what had caused my hysterics!!

Have to stop typing, laughing too hard to see screen!

Ye gads! I was able to fool my self into "interesting" territory-especially with look number two's folded shapes-until I got to look four. That looks like a post-apocalyptic revival of life, where the beings knew that the items were to be worn, but had not a clue how to do so.

My favorite, however, is the burly man in the toolbelt/tutu.

Love it. lot's of WTF and Vodka shots. I would totally wear it. Well maybe not the penis pants.


best. collection. ever.

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