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In or Out: Tilda Swinton

Why, Tilda. How wonderful to see you again.

Tilda Swinton attends the 'Tuan Yuan' (Apart Together) Premiere during day one of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival at the Berlinale Palast in Berlin, Germany wearing a Haider Ackerman gown .

Haider Ackermann Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Iris Strubegger

Tilda, you disappoint. And that is not a sentence we're used to typing. Let us never type such a thing again.

While it's true that she was born to wear column dresses like this, we think the top is just a little too boxy looking. We do love the back, though. The shoes? Enh. They're pretty. But they're kind of (pun somewhat intended) pedestrian, wouldn't you say? Anyone could own a pair of shoes like that. We expect Tilda Swinton to bring it to the red carpet and when we say "it" we don't mean the shoes you wore to your cousin's wedding ten years ago.

We won't say "out," Tilda. We can't bear to do that. We'll just pretend this never happened, mkay?

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She really has the David Bowie Man-Who-Fell-to-Earth vibe going here, doesn't she? She's sui generis. She's not in or out: she's just SWINTON.



At first I thought it was a Ping design.

Love the back. Really dislike the hair. I still love her so I'll give her a conditional IN.

the blue is a nice compliment to her hair, which is a great color for her. unfortunately, this concludes the thoughts that i have on this dress. yawn.

Oh, IN.
Think the color and style are great for her. I like the modifications from the runway, which is rarely the case. I love the return to flaming red hair. I agree about the shoes though.

We won't say "out," Tilda. We can't bear to do that. We'll just pretend this never happened, mkay?

Yes, I feel the same way. Not out, just a dream LOL !

I do love the dress, but it's rather tame for her. Are you sure that she's not attending a cousin's wedding?

I think she has really interesting taste in clothes, but what's with 'no makeup' look and the lack of jewelry?

Give her sensible shoes, redrape the dress and she could pass for Mother Theresa.

Great color and back.

Out - my first reaction was that all those guys smiling and laughing were laughing at her.

Is it a totally different material? I like the original but the drape on hers seems to have stiffened up considerably.

The back is indeed a very pretty silhouette, but the front is odd. It somehow reminds me of a doll that someone took the arms off and then put back on and now they don't fit right. I'm sure even Tilda wasn't going for that type of look.

The whole look is boring and blah and she was never meant to be boring and blah.
There are so many wonderful dresses out there she could have rocked.

I know Ms. Swinton is all about the minimal makeup, but sometimes I just wish she's put a little bit of powder on her brows to make them stand out and frame her eyes. I'd love to see how that would look.

It cracks me up to hear 3-inch heels called "pedestrian." Those would be considered pretty racy in my neck of the woods. Looks like the designer was had Tilda in mind for this one, no? ~Gary

She's looking very Conan here.

Yes the color is great and the back is sensual

The front is stiff and her hair adds more severity

we need to phase this off to the "B" reality of Lost


I dunno. It kinda looks like she's wearing a blue silk snuggie that half fell off.

I say "in" if only becuase she is bucking the horrid trend of wearing those hateful and boxy platform heels that used to be just stripperwear.

Hate to say it, but OUT. The dress is passable, but the hair shifts it to OUT for me. I just don't like her coif.

Still, I can't stay mad at her. love ya!

I thought the dress was a Ping design, too! Really don't like the hair, but I have to admire her for being true to who she is.

very inappropriate for her age. out.

Great color for her, but that's all. It seems to look better on the model, but who knows if it looked that good even then.

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Don't like the boxy fit, but I still think she looks great. I'd rather she Tilda in a dress like this than any of 100 generic, interchangeable actresses that parade down every red carpet.


Looks like Swinton is a big fan of Conan.

Wow, all the negative comments!

I think she looks gorgeous. The color is fantastic on her; her makeup looks fresh - she doesn't look as pale and gaunt as she has in the past; j'adore the return of the red hair; the back of that dress is to die for. Agree that the draping in front is not perfect, and the shoes aren't great but they're not horrible, either.

She is a great big IN for me. Love her.

I like it from every angle but head-on. Then it looks boxy and ill-fit. but, as so many have said, it is SWINTON, so we give it a pass. The color is fantastic on both the dress and her head, but that hair is bad.

Tilda Swinton could not be out if she tried hard.

Big IN. To everything from head to toe.


I agree with the T&L critique of the top - the draping of the original on the model would have worked great for Tilda. But still a big IN.

Typical Tilda. I usually love most runway looks worn by her, but I can't summon much adoration of this one. TLo are right about the front being too boxy and the shoes, not so fabulous. I'll give her a conditional IN as well.


The dress and colour is gorgeous on her but at certain angles, the dress looks a little odd around her shoulder/neck. Otherwise, it's interesting. It look different in EVERY angle you look at.

Great color, great back, great hair, like the shoes. The top front, however, is off.

But, over all, this being Tilda, she's IN.

The world needs Tilda to save us from all the safe, inane, and boring gowns we see over and over. She's always an in, just for being herself and keeping things interesting.

Love this color on her. It looks amazing against her pale skin. The dress itself is oddly boxy and doing strange things to her figure. And agree the shoes are too plain.

She looks happy and natural, so no complaints about the makeup. Hair is very Tilda, so no complaints about that either.

I'm not crazy about the dress, but then, Tilda could wear an old bedspread and still look great.
A qualified IN.

My initial judgment was IN but meh and then I saw the back - the back is amazing. I just wished I saw it first, she should have walked backwards all evening.

So IN without qualification.

I'll give Tilda an suits her minimalist and plain personal style, but really, I'm no fan of her overall look/style in the first place.

The back is beautiful and she looks so statuesque. The column structure suits her well. The front is too blousy at the drape and if it were more fitted as it appears on the model, it would have been a vast improvement.

Dress in, styling out. Maybe she could have rocked a fabulous brooch or necklace drawing attention to the front what-do-you-call-it, shoulder swath? Or maybe a fantastic jeweled low-slung belt breaking up the column? I don't know, I'm no stylist to the stars, but something that would have drawn attention down from the haircut and into the dress might have been an improvement.

I think she just looks boxy in that first picture. Further down, it looks like that panel on the left has some great movement. The color is great on her, and the back is divine.

Can't defend the shoes.

Are you kidding me? She is IN - that color is fantastic and I like the silhouette - a bit of boxy keeps it from being too classical, a snoozy Grecian-esque column.

Out. Looks like she's wearing a blue, shiny shroud.

Clearly this is an homage to CoCo. She was quite flattered when he selected her to play him in the Late Shift 2.0 you know. Heh, love her, she can do no wrong.

In. SWINTON in always in. I wish she had gone with more fantastical shoes, though.

This dress does remind me of my youth, when I would use my mom's fabric and wrap it around me and try to look "exotic." A la Ping, I guess.

Okay, even given the references to my 7-year-old self and Ping...She is still in. Whew, almost talked myself out of it there for a minute.

I can't say that I love the look, the hair or shoes. But I can't imagine anyone else pulling this off, to any degree on the red carpet. It's that certain something in her eye that says, 'What you think is irrelevant'.

Tilda Swinton is always in - she can get away with anything. I love the David Bowie hair and that color is fantastic on her.

Who needs fabulous shoes when you're 8,000 feet tall anyway?

I like the hair color. I like the dress color.

But something is wrong--the dress is draped differently on the model than on Tilda, and that extra pleat/fold/whatever gave a better shape to the garment.

It's not good.

It appears that the model's dress was somehow belted/blouson? Much more flattering than that straight blob of fabric. Love the color on her, tho.

Didn't she wear this already?

Tilda is the best alien around!

I knew I couldn't be the only one to recognize a Conan-support pompadour on her head there.

Are you sure that Ping didn't put that together for her?

I couldn't help but think that if her posture were just better here, it would be a total IN. She's slouching too much, and it's making it look as if the dress is wearing her, not the other way around.

raisin mountaineer

beautiful color, beautiful hair. She is so odd looking that it's hard to judge a "pretty dress" or no-- but I think she is always stunning. In, just for the color of the dress if nothing else.

OUT. Loving TS and liking everything she wears 'cause she is TS are two different things in my mind. I personally don't think she has ever looked worse, head to toe.

I am beyond shocked that you guys love her. I think the dress is fabulous, but her pepetually bad hair and lack of make up kill me! And she couldn't have had a pedicure before wearing those open toe shoes? Maybe I am just not edgey enough to appreciate her asthetic...but OUT with her always OUT!


The Swinton can do no wrong.

Beautiful but cut out front not a great fit. Live her colors, the hair smooshed on the sides is very over the top. In on planet Swinton.

just watched a documentary on Sundance yesterday about the red carpet and fashion shows.

What an eye opener..I think it was called Red Carpet..I recommend seeing it to anyone who loves fashion and red carpet events.

It did give me a whole new love of Ms. Tilda Swinton, I now have mad respect for her.
She was one of the only celebs in that docu that didnt sell out or take gifts from fashion houses. She prefers to support new emerging and struggling designers, she wears the clothes, makes a statement and asks for nothing in return...YOU GO TILDA...keep the integrity!

(a partial repost from the Prabal gurung Thread, since i mentioned tilda I reposted that part over here)

Oh Tilda! This is what we redheads look like. Our hair tends to be thick with a willful mind of its own and our bare faces betray only the color of our eyes. Tilda dares you to find our undoctored beauty and Oh! How I love her for it.

Does anyone else think her hair looks like Conan O'Brien's???


Sui generis, indeed. I suspect the runway model had tape or swing tacks holding that left side bodice drape in place, which SWINTON lacks.

But, great Ceres Pomona, Ishtar, and Juno, that body! That skin! And most unfairly, given her age and willowy build, that ass! Tilda Swinton gets away with anything she puts on (and every weird thing she does to her hair) because under it all she is some kind of manifestation of the vengeful mother goddess.


I like how the cut is so confusing. Beautiful color.

Slight shame that the fabric is stiffer and doesn't drape quite as pretty as the original.


The color is magnificent on her and the hair is a perfect compliment to the dress. As for the shoes, being such a tall woman, she probably has large feet and manufacturers rarely go beyond a size 10. It is nearly impossible for a size 12 or above to find something fashionable to wear! Give her a pass on the shoes.

In a small voice here--I like the shoes. She doesn't need a doctor of podiatry in her entourage--her feet don't look tortured.

She looks seven feet tall and the color is stunning. She gets an IN here. But she wears what she likes and always looks confident in what she wears, so there is a lifetime IN going.

LOVE the dress

TLo, I love you, I love your blog, but I've got to disagree about the shoes. I absolutely love those shoes! And they look great on her. Classic sexy.

The dress is a bit too shiny, the draping is a little off for her figure, but still an interesting look. She keeps the "in" in Sw"in"ton.

How could you out Tilda Swinton?? I think she looks spectacular in the dress which I suspect few women could pull off. The shoes are a little boring perhaps but the real drama is the back cutout. You want head to noise?

Does anyone else thinks she looks a little like Alby from Big Love? I mean that in a nice way.

Always in. ALWAYS.

Nice to see Conan out and about again.

I say IN. With the power to strut the outre (imagine I put in the accent) should also come the power to wear a great gown that isn't wild. Because her point (in my head, anyway) isn't that she has a gimmick of choosing bizarre fashion rarely seen off of the runway - it's that she chooses runway fashion and makes it her own.

I'll agree the shoes were nothing fab, though.

It's a big IN for me. The Rihannaesque hair is not my favorite, but she has the fabulosity to pull it off.

IN. But please, please, stand up straight.

Also, she's wearing makeup. It's not stripper lips and smoky eyes like all the Hollywood starlets who won't be working in ten years, but it's makeup. Perfect skin and perfectly defined and evenly colored lips and way-pale-but-noticeably-defined brows can happen by chance, but at 50 all together on one person, they're there together because someone's helping nature out. (There's blush there, too.)

The idea that a woman needs weird colors on her face, weird colors on her toenails, and five inch heels to be properly turned out is kind of, well, dumb.

I love you guys, but are you tired maybe?

She looks AMAZING. The color, the structural shape of the dress, the shoes that are minimal and complement the look.

She is Tilda Swinton. It's okay to look simply phenomenal in a (for her) relatively conventional way. She doesn't need to wear whacked out stuff all the time. When she does, that's great too.

Just great, Tilda. Dare to look great by normal people standards as well as your own.

Suz said...

Also, she's wearing makeup. [stuff cut] Perfect skin and perfectly defined and evenly colored lips and way-pale-but-noticeably-defined brows can happen by chance, but at 50 all together on one person, they're there together because someone's helping nature out. (There's blush there, too.)

Love you Suz. Fashion/show biz is so far removed from objective reality and it is good for us all to remember that.

The dress doesn't really flatter her figure. It's much better on the nmodel. Her hair is AWFUL

quigley (the cat)

I never know what to say about Tilda Swinton. I'm not familiar enough with her acting career, but I understand that she is considered quite talented.

What I do admire is her having come to terms (a very long time ago I'm sure) with her otherness. Her acceptance of her unusual, somewhat gender-neutral looks, and embracing them usually in a very classy and non-traditional way. I don't recall seeing her as looking bizarre or wacky, but this is based only on seeing the postings on this blog. She looks confident and comfortable in her own skin, and that is what makes a woman (or man) sexy, and always In.


People who support child rapists like Roman Polanski? ALWAYS OUT

good lord, does she have ANY makeup on at all?? She at least needs some blush. bloody hell.

It's a harsh look, but that appears to be her intent and choice. She has a lengthy forehead, and that, combined with the severe, unflattering hairstyle serves to give her a strident aesthetic. She is a very striking woman, who can look beautiful if she chooses.

Is she even wearin makeup? Her face looks so washed out. Don't like the hair but the dress and shoes are nice.

Love her hair from the back.

Like Rocky V, this never happened...

Raisin, I don't think Tilda ever wears makeup.

She looks very pretty from the neck up. I like the hair.

I can't figure out why the dress hangs so poorly on her. It looks good on the model. The color is good, though.

The shoes look like something you could pick up at Saks. If she wants to go edgy, she needs edgy shoes, no?

I don't want to say OUT, because it isn't horrible, but for Tilda, it's out.

In. Few could wear that as well as she does, and she looks better than the model. I agree about the shoes though... horrible.

On a 10-point scale, I give her an 8. But if anyone else tried to wear this dress, they'd get a 5 or less. She's not looking her best, but she's still looking a hell of a lot better than everyone else.

potty mouth princess

What TLo said. You bitches hit every point I was going to write in this box.

Anyone else gets an OUT, even though I love the back, but I'll give our girl a pass this time with Ru's famous words of wisdom "Don't fuck it up [next time]."

LOVE the dress. Hate the matchy-matchy shoes.

Tilda could seriously rock a Ping garment.

I still think she looks fabulous.

Noodle said...

"just watched a documentary on Sundance yesterday about the red carpet and fashion shows.

What an eye opener..I think it was called Red Carpet..I recommend seeing it to anyone who loves fashion and red carpet events."

I watched the documentary, Noodle. I thought that it was great and incredibly informative about the connection between the fashion and entertanment industries. Opened my eyes to how celebs acquire their red carpet looks and goodies as well as all the how-to's and what not to do's on the red carpet. I, too, had thought of the doc when I saw this post, but you beat me to posting about it. Love Sundance channel's Full Frontal Fashion programming.


On a bad day Tilda is still more interesting than 90% of what's out there. In.

i'm not dorothy gale

For the guts to wear whatever the hell she wants plus to live with BOTH her husband AND her boyfriend, I give her an IN. The dress, though, is an OUT.

Of course she wears make up...

Love the back of that gown. Just love her. Can't really be fair judging IN or OUT. Just her own entity.

The dress is very pretty, but it's almost too SAFE for Tilda. Whether or not your like her style, she always shows up in something striking that no one else could ever pull off. This dress, however, seems like it could have been worn by just about any starlet to an awards show, movie premiere, or other fancypants event.

The color is amazing on her.

What a stunning woman.

"Stubenville said...

I think she has really interesting taste in clothes, but what's with 'no makeup' look and the lack of jewelry? "

I actually think that's great. Why does one have to wear makeup?

Gorgeous! IN!

"meow said...

At first I thought it was a Ping design."

It could well be.

It's too safe for SWINTON, but still gorgeous if you ask me. IN.

JessicaSloet said...

I actually think that's great. Why does one have to wear makeup?

Of course I have no way of knowing for sure, but Tilda looks both makeup-less and absolutely perfect, so she probably is wearing a lot of product carefully chosen and very artfully applied.

IMHO, wearing at least a little makeup (blush, lipstick)is the female equivalent of a man shaving; you're expected to make the effort for a gala occasion.

I think she looks elegant. Don't care for the shoes at all, but the dress is uniquely cut and very flattering. Could have been a bit brighter, but overall, she's lovely.


I adore Tilda, and, like TLo, I can't bear to say she's out.

I say, IN! - understated and gorgeous - A missed opportunity to showcase some over the top earrings or bracelet/cuff/bangle up near her elbow. The shoes are simple, plain and everywhere but Project Runway simple/plain beats overdone and ugly. All that was missing was statement jewelry. It is refreshing not to see an overwrought, unembellished dress for a change.

She could wear a potato sack and still be the most intriguing person in the room. She always brings to mind that one really, truly cool person in the room that you would totally like to have a long, interesting, conversation with, but you know you just aren't cool enough yourself to actually approach her.

I actually like this one on her. The top is a bit boxy, but if you imagine it cinched in a little so the proportion to the sleeve makes more sense, it's quite striking. I'm going to just blame it on a bad camera angle.

I can't say I really care one way or the other about the shoes or the dress, as I'm far too distracted by the sheer and utter fabulousness of her hair to look lower than her chin. MUCH SWINTON LOVE.

I second TED: Tilda Swinton is a higher being far beyond our petty mortal In/Out dichotomy.

Yes, love the back. However, she is just as s c a r y, especially in this, as Ms. Kidman.

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Your pictures are all mixed up!

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