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In or Out: Ping Wu

You heard us. Ping. Wu.

Ping Wu attends the 7th Annual Red Dress Awards presented by Woman's Day at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Check our Ping out, showing the world her ass crack!

Okay, not really, but that's certainly a much more daring Ping than we saw on the show. We think it's a safe assumption she made the dress. We like it. It's a beautiful fabric. Granted, there's a titscrepancy and from the side, the silhouette looks a little funny to us, but it's Ping being true to Ping and that's never a bad idea. Love the hair and makeup.

Unfortunately, we can't give a pass to those shoes. It's possible there's a cultural component there, and if she wants to wear low-heeled shoes that's her choice. But in white with that Mary Jane strap? No. It's way too distracting. If the shoes were black or if they picked up or complemented some color in the dress, we'd be okay with them, but we're just going to own our western prejudices and say she'd have looked a lot better to our eyes in a pair of heels.

But like we said, she's clearly being true to herself, so that earns her an IN.

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Dress in, shoes Out. I'm not sure what I think of her highlights though. Is that true to herself? Or enjoying a little post-PR glow? Whatev, she's clearly having fun

I just wish she had worn those FIERCE glasses she had on the show. Black frames, but would have added an interesting element to the outfit.

what a little minx, she looks awesome -- now I'm curious about those shoes, they obviously offer a little height. Kinda want a pair, I can't see Ping sporting stilettos! Gary

I never would have recognized her. The haircut is cute. You have to give someone props for being able to wear a dress like that.

You have to have a body that stays put (& stands at attention) to wear a dress that would move like that one.


She looks fantastic. I love the hair. And the shoes. It looks to me like they have some kind of pagoda platform heel. Very cool. I agree however that black or red would have been better.
Beautiful and daring red dress dress. IN.

What cultural element? In terms of shoes, Maryjanes are as Western as they come...

Not crazy about the whole outfit, not that the dress is ugly or anything. In the show, I also thought her own look was not in tune with what was supposed to be her design aesthetic.


From the waist up, I think she looks amazing. The bottom half of the um, dress (is that what it was? I couldn't tell if it was that or pants), the shoes and the way she was standing just made her look akward. I'd say more in than out though.

Can you get a close up on the shoes? I can't tell but they look like they may be more of a wedge designed to be a play on geisha footwear, you know, the block of wood/sandal things.

If so I say IN. Like you said, it's definitely a Ping Wu outfit. Also points for good hair and makeup.

OMG, is Ping rocking the red carpet or what!?

I'll give a pass to the shoes, although I'd prefer if they were black. In medieval Japan shoes were often built up on those platformy things (I forget what they're called), and most Japanese fashion sense at the time came from China. So I do think the style goes with the dress much more than a pair of western heels would.

I feel like I can't get a good look at the shoes because of that ridiculous angle they shoot everyone from on the runway these days. When I thought they were cloth flats (like they appear to be in the first shot), I gave them a big no. But in some of the other shots, it looks like there might be more to them.

Love the dress and other styling, though, so combined with the "Maybe? What's happening here?" on the shoes, she's definitely an IN for me.

IN (not looking at the shoes)

IN. can ping really ever be an out?


I'm never a fan of the butt crack dresses, but aside from that I really like it. Also, her hair is awesome. I'm more ambivalent about the shoes than actually against them... I think a different colour would've made it work. Heels would actually have not looked right with that dress, IMO.


These are "traditional", I guess Qing style is more accurate, style shoes. I think that's the look she was going for. I might've been a better idea if she just went with those, or something a lil bit more embroidered.

Okay. She is true to herself. But that self belongs poolside at the Roosevelt and not at the Red Dress awards.


Very Ping. All of it. So...IN

Maybe it was one of her "Oh my God, I'm not wearing shoes!" moments and she just grabbed whatever was by the door.

The look could be a lot better (I'd change the shoes and add a bunch of eyeliner, to start), but I love the fabric of the dress. Red dresses don't have to be plain shiny cheap satin!

Where is the old guy from the American Idol auditions singing "Pants on the Ground"...he needs a rewrite for this dress. Pull your dress up just a smidge in the back Ping or that guy is going to have to sing to you.

But other than that...she looks cute.

The dress is fabulous, the shoes, not so much. IN.

If she knew how to pose, I'd be a lot happier. I think the dress would look better, too.

Good for her! IN

ug - seems like the little innocent eats up attention

very ping = very out

Ping is ALWAYS in as far as I'm concerned. Way to work that red carpet, girl!

I think she looks pretty fierce, and I think the shoe idea was based on the asian-inspired platform soles being a little more visible. How much cuter, though, with something like one of these:

The shoes look like they might be orthopedic - given that Ping's a physical therapist, they're probably for health reasons?

And I really like the dress. Just wish there was a full-length shot from the front. I say IN!

Those shoes are DEFINATELY not orthopedic, because when you look at the picture there's no heel support.

Personally I find them very interesting...maybe a different spin on those heel-less stilettos of the past year or two? I'd rock Ping's shoes with a pair of jeans.


Ping looks terrific.

Couldn't she drape something this cute on the show, and stay a few more weeks?!

Ping is gorgeous, and she looks awesome here. I like the shoes!

I like the shoes. A lot. And in the tradition of almost all the LA judges from last year, "I'd wear it." I also like that she'd choose comfort over wearing painful heeled shoes and I love the fact I bet she didn't even think twice about the decision.

The dress. M'eh.

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen.

The shoes deminish the "sexy/slutty" aspects of the dress, which is very appropro for Ping. On an actress, known for her sexiness, heels would be totally expected. She has created a modern dress using a traditional kimono patterned fabric and chose shoes to emphasize the dress's origins, not her sexuality. Which, for some, makes it even sexier! IN

She's certainly milking her 15 minutes, isn't she?

The dress is better than anything she produced on the show, primarily because the fabric is beautiful and she doesn't have yards of fabric draped over her arm. The butt-baring "design" is vulgar and tacky.

Her face looks great - love the hair and makeup even though it must be said that Asians with highlights really rankle many other Asians who in fact see it as not being true to oneself.

The shoes are a disaster. If they were black they might have been just barely passable but in white they're seriously fug - and don't go with the dress at all.

Mary Jane straps have been used in Chinese shoes for years, so Ping's shoes read thoroughly Chinese to me, straps and all.

I love the dress and the shoes, but I'm not loving the highlights in the hair. Something about them looks so common. She looks best when strong elements are used around her face--deeply colored lipstick, bold glasses, darker hair. The neither-dark-nor-light effect that her hair has is totally blah. She either needs to stay dark, or go all the way blond.

She looks great in the dress - Kudos on the color.

Unfortunately, now I am obsessing with finding out more about those incongruous shoes. No combo of search terms has worked. And googling "Platform Mary Janes" returned some pretty scary footwear. Guess I am doomed to obsess in vain.

She looks beautiful.

She's adorable. Can't say I love the fabric -- it's a little too Chinese restaurant wallpaper for me -- but the style is awesome and so is she.

Asscrackery aside, Ping get's an IN for her dress. Sure, it's a familiar silhouette, but love the drape and fabric.

Can't stand by the shoes --- too casual, distracting and 1993. Btw: Didn't Ping design footwear? I thought I saw shoes in her portfolio.


I swear Ping and I lived in the same apt. building. No joke.

Who knew that Ping Wu had such a slamming bod?

I see what you're saying about the shoes, but -- "or complemented some color in the dress" -- they do, they complement the white in the dress.

It's a nice dress, although in shape it looks more like one of those ugly cuffed jumpsuits people are wearing. (I love jumpsuits that are sleek around the middle, 70s-style, I just hate these modern parachute-pants ones.) But she pulls it off, being Ping. She looks fresh and striking.

If you want a touch of Asian culture mixed in with a touch of Ping crazy, she should have gone fore these:

Hate the hair, surprisingly don't mind the titscrepency, but the dress makes me bounce between 'it's ok' to 'no! it's cute!' to 'no, it's just ok.'

I think the proportions are a little strange. It makes her look very long bodied and short legged, but I love the color on her and overall, I think she looks good (minus the shoes).

It's better than all of the dresses shown in last week's red dress challenge. Hate the shoes, regardless of their provenance.

Ping! Wu. Woo!

I won't wear high heels, why should she?

Love, love.


I kinda like the dress...too low in the back, though, and the length is unflattering, but the fabric is lovely and drapes beautifully. She looks happy and I love her hair. Shoes would have been better in a different color. I'm not real keen on white shoes (they tend to make your feet look big).

Is it a dress or is it a drape?

I don't see fitting, beyond draping. The fabric could go home with her and be draped into something else next week.

The shoes...consider that they are classic Chinese shoes. I've seen millions of them in Hong Kong and points inland.

And she's not a girl; she's a mature woman with a classic hairstyle who futher defines herself with fabric.

it must be said that Asians with highlights really rankle many other Asians who in fact see it as not being true to oneself.

I just can't see Ping Wu deciding highlights were a bad idea because it might irk the Asian community. They seem very true to Ping Wu, and I'm sure she's SO worried about the Asian community's opinion of her hair.

And I am on the fence about the shoes until I get a better shot of what they really look like.


Titscrepancy, ass crack, diaper, odd length, bad draping... as Michael Kors recently said, where do I start?

I see what you're saying about the shoes, but -- "or complemented some color in the dress" -- they do, they complement the white in the dress.

White is not a color.

That is definitely a silhouette that only a skinny girl can wear. Makes your butt look big and gives you a tummy--neither of which Ping! has.

I'm with Meg. Ping! needs the fierce Lafont glasses.


But more importantly:



Can I say that I wish Ping had been able to stay around for just a couple more weeks? Long enough to be able to show at Fashion Week with all 12 (?) remaining designers. Even if she didn't make it to the final 3, I would have loved to see her collection. I'm sure she would have rocked the runway. Or at least brought the crazy, which would have been great, too.

I like the dress (though the back could be a tad higher; looking at it makes me feel a sympathetic draft); if she'd produced something like that on the show she might have gone farther. [Maybe this one comes with additional swathes of fabric that she left at home?]

This reminded me how much I miss hearing Tim Gunn say her name. "Ping? Oh, Ping..."

I am a Chinese and I am 200% sure Ping's shoes have NOTHING to do with culture. It's just her poor personal taste.

Love that dress! Ping looks fabulous!
Although, cultural component or not, the shoes are way too casual for this look. That dress is just begging for a fabulous pair of heels.

"Stubenville said:

Titscrepancy, ass crack, diaper, odd length, bad draping... as Michael Kors recently said, where do I start?"


I can't say I like the dress a lot and the shoes, just nevermind the shoes. But I love the makeup and highlights and as you say, the look is definitely Ping.

Still love her PR specs.

Love it. All of it. Although I like the shoes and dress better separate. I love the sole/heel on the shoe! They'd look amazing with a pair of jeans. The dress is gorgeous, the fabric especially.

TLo and the gang,
I dont know where to comment so in case you were able to read this, i am fond of a BBC show today "MATERIAL GIRL" a show about a fashion designer, romcom tv series, if you have time please watch it and also to know whats your take about this show...oh and also I saw the model of the winner in Gordana's batch in project runway (cant remember both their names all i remember is she is a bitch) in Ugly Betty (pls. confirm if that really was her).. tHANK YOU.

"She's certainly milking her 15 minutes, isn't she?

The dress is better than anything she produced on the show, primarily because the fabric is beautiful and she doesn't have yards of fabric draped over her arm. The butt-baring "design" is vulgar and tacky."

"Titscrepancy, ass crack, diaper, odd length, bad draping... as Michael Kors recently said, where do I start?"


I wish she'd managed to stay IN on PR as I think she had a totally unique design sensibility that was interesting. I wanted to see more Ping. Plus her personality was reality tv gold!

Ping, you look fabulous! I'll ignore the shoes. You're an IN and should have had the opportunity to show at BP. xoxoxoxo

It's an in, though I'm not loving how low the back goes, me no wants to see ass-crack. But the top half is really beautiful.

Ping as a person? Definitely in! Very cool and interesting person. The dress? I like the shape, but agree with the above poster who said it reminded them of of restaurant wallpaper. The shoes are quirky and controversial-just like Ping. She gets people talking, that's for sure!

Funny how the addition of an Asian flower print suddenly makes y'all think that cheap shiny satin is "beautiful."

I love Ping, but that fabric looks exactly like the cheap bathrobes sold in ticky-tacky Japanese souvenir shops for foreign tourists who want to buy a "kimono" as a souvenir.

I totally covet the shoes and love that she's wearing non-heels on a red carpet, although I don't think those shoes really belong with that dress.

Hmm, I don't love the hair coloring job... it looks kind of like a cup of dye was dumped on her head. As for the rest, well, she's certainly being herself! I agree with Meg that she should wear those awesome glasses more often.

yeah! ho! wah!


She did not use the accessory wall very well.

Ping has a perpetual in as far as I'm concerned. Go Ping!

Titscrepancy, ass crack, diaper, odd length, bad draping... as Michael Kors recently said, where do I start?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Don't get all this Ping love at all. I found her to be egocentric and oblivious to input from others. She has been playing the victim card in all her interviews post PR which seems really classless to me.
At first I thought she was quirky and fun, but now think that Jesse wasn't the only one acting a part.
Dress-beautiful scarf tied up around a skinny body-seriously what design?

Ping is one SEXY lady.
Those shoes are questionable though.

This is SO Ping ( I really know her...) The shoes are very traditional Chinese, so I can see it. I just wish they were a darker color. But--she's having fun and is just glowing.
Good for her!

I think I am the odd man out. I don;t think the dress does anything for her. It makes her pear-shaped, and the length is awkward. The shoes are too casual for the dress, though they are pretty cute in the Japanese platform shoe kinda way.

Ping looks fabulous. When she was on PR, Ping she looked haggard and tired but in these pix, she's fabulous looking! BTW, while those shoes may not be the ideal choice for TLo, you have to admit they look super comfy what with the unusual sole. Maybe they would have been better accepted if they were another color?

It looks like she grabbed some cheap fabric from a store in China town wrapped it around herself and stumbled out the door. The only place that mess should be called "IN" is a trashcan.

An enthusiastic IN. Terrific hair, too.

How to take a darling girl and dress her like a toy or in a hand- sewn foreigner's get up, complete with compulsory wrong type shoe choice. She is still a mess, I am neither impressed at all or amused. No sale. Dumb looking and OUT .

Fabulous Ping. Love her!!

I'm not sure what asians in the U.S. think of highlights, but I just moved over here to a Tokyo suburb, and it's ALMOST more difficult to find natural hair color than not. These women know how to work some pretty gorgeous (and vibrant!) colors, and not look ridiculous while doing it! I think Ping's hair looks fab, and i LOVE that her dress is so red-carpet appropriate while being so different (although she could have taken that low back up just a teensy bit, and it would have been even better). So refreshing.

She looks pretty good, but I think it's due to the fabric and the fact that she has a lovely shape. The dress looks pinned together in the front and the bottom part looks like a bag. I won't comment on the back because the plunging back is not uncommon on the red carpet.

I have to say that the shoes are the most Ping thing about the whole outfit.

"Little Ping" is sure enjoying her 15 minutes and has really gotten into the posing. I smell an attention whore in the making.


Sorry, I don't like the back and cannot see the front. However I have a feeling it is looped and crossed and probably looks like a beach cover up, making the shoes appropriate.

I agree with whoever said diaper butt, crack baring . unflattering length... and I don't even care about the titscrepancy. This looks thrown together. I don't really care for the "oriental" shiny floral. OUT.

However... she looks happy and her skin looks good.

That's not REALLY a dress is it? Looks like a partially designed, sarong-ish thingy. Nice hair and make-up. I like the shoes, but not with what she's wearing.

Too right, Ellen, about a blossoming attention whore.

Way out!


What the fuck? She's an attention whore because she attended a benefit?

If it's a red carpet look, then everything has to pull together. Hair, makeup, great.

Those shoes are bad. And quite frankly, I don't like what that dress does to her butt.

When I first opened the post I was afraid the IN included the Nurse Nancy shoes...shiver...

but I do love me some Ping!


Anon 9:30, thank you!

She's a designer from the current season of Project Runway, at an event that was just showcased by Project Runway, during Fashion Week a couple of days before the PR runway show. How is she an attention whore or grabbing her 15 minutes by being there? Maybe the producers asked her to be there? And even if they didn't, she's serious about becoming a designer. So showing up at an industry event during Fashion Week is a good move then, no? C'mon, it's not like she showed up at the Grammys or Oscars.

Okay, let's wake up. She showed some promise, she seemed interesting, there was some expectation of talent... And nothing much to show for it at the end of the day. Here she looks okay, just okay. Uninteresting, a bit goofy... the dress manages to be both cliche and awkward. OUT

Her hair and make up are adorable. However ass crack thing was risky when Daryl Hanna did it in Roxanne. Quite frankly Mrs Ping just has the crack with no ass. Love the dress fabric and style though. It would just look better if there were more person in it. Thte shoes are cute just not with this outfit.

That's a dress? Looks like more drapey pinned together fabric to me...

She would have looked better bare foot! Pull it together Ping!

Laura - yes and that's what her first look was on the show.

Budding attention whore wears white wig to BP - HEY LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, the others get to show (because THEY actually sew), but LOOK AT ME

Love the shoes!


Takes one to know one.

I adore Ping so much that the awful profile and those shoes don't even matter. She will always, always be IN.

Shoes are horrendous. Her aesthetic is unique and I think that dress is lovely. The colors are beautiful and it looks casually elegant.

Again, her aesthetic is not to my taste, but I recognize there are women who would really love that style. The hair I liked better on the show, and I really miss her glasses. They were fantastic!

I think it's H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S that Ping is trying to pass off a sultry look! I think she looks silly. No other word for it.

I often liked what she wore and how she styled herself on the show, but I don't like the back of this or the shoes. OUT.

My inner society matron is offended by the white shoes before Memorial Day. The rest of me is telling inner-society-matron self that those aren't really a white-white, but more of a bone and acceptable, but she's having none of it, the bitch.

Mz. Wu looks lovely, otherwise, in a decidedly "Ping Wu being Ping Wu" way, and I rather like the shoes, but definitely not with this dress.

The dress is...interesting. I 80% like it.

I'm sad she's gone from the show. It's just not as interesting without her, and I think she was definitely a better designer than several of the people who remain.

The shoes are not attractive with that outfit but what may make them a nod towards traditional Chinese dress (hard to see from the pics) comes from around the 17th century & the practice of foot binding. Women who did not have bound feet would wear platform shoes where the base was tiny. The platform would be what was visible beneath their skirts therefore giving the illusion of them having "high class" bound feet.

Those shoes are a modern take on a traditional Asian shoe -- I'm thinking something like a nod to geta or a similar Asian clog -- I like what she was trying to say with them but I agree she should've gone with another color.

Nitpicking aside, how great to see her and she looks radiant.

And I'm totaaallllllly behind on these blog posts so no one's gonna read this comment anyway. (jazz hands)

Ping: (regarding your blog) "They're soooo good with collecting info! It just happened last night?! I was invited to my first red carpet event, and I didn't have the right shoes!! They're right on it, and I knew it.:P (I didn't have time to buy one and I only have little belongings with me as I travel so much). But focus on the dress I made. I'm proud of it. :)"
-- Ping Wu's facebook

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