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In or Out: Marion Cotillard & Penelope Cruz

"Nine" is still premiering somewhere?


aaaarrrggghh! How is it possible top make Penelope freakin Cruz look frumpy??? she looks horrible - old and fat - both of which she certainly is NOT!!!

raisin mountaineer

I had the opposite reaction. The pepto-bismol pink, too tight, not flattering: out. (I agree with the previous poster: frumpy).

The funky fun net dress-- not my favorite, but she clearly likes it. In.

Dudes, I TOTALLY agree. Penelope, as gorgeous as she is, tends to bore on the red carpet- she's always cute in her candids/street style though, dont you think? And Marion, yea, she should have left this corset at the Nine costume archive...

I have to say I completely disagree. I think People's dress is basic and boring and OUT, while Marion looks lovely and unique and IN, in my opinion.

I think you got this one wrong. Marion looks adorable and Penelope looks like she has just given up.

I can't give Ms. Cruz a pass for this. I hate the color, and I think the original length would have been more flattering.

T&Lo - have you completely abandoned your paid professions? Cause that's the only way I can imagine you guys are keeping up this pace.

The runway, below-the-knee version of the dress Cruz is wearing has more pizazz than the full length version.

Cotillard's dress might also have been improved by being another length - one that would have let the sheer overskirt come out to some fullness. It just doesn't do anything for her at the mini-length, nor is it impressive as a beautiful garment.

I think they both float in the netherland between In and Out, it just depends on the viewer's mood.

I think they're both out. The color looks terrible on Penelope.

Penny looks like a bridesmaid. You can't wear that color & not look like you should be carrying a bouquet of plastic roses & staggering around in some blister-inducing dyed to match shoes.

Tiffany on 2/19/10 at 11:09 AM said...I think you got this one wrong. Marion looks adorable and Penelope looks like she has just given up.

I agree with Tiffany 100%.

Marion - IN

Penelope - OUT! OUT! OUT!


oooh, France and Spain have joined forces, for an okay look.

I think Cotillard looks cool and chic. Yes.

Penelope Cruz bores me to death. At least here she doesn't look like a plastic flamenco figurine doll from a souvenir stand at Barajas airport in Madrid. But still, nay.

i agree with some of the other commenters,

i love the alterations marion did to the original. definitely looks ALOT better. and it looks great on her too, i mean look how it flatters her LEGS!
penelope however, does look a tad frumpy in her pink gown. its too 'old lady' on her and does not really flatter her body either. and shes got a pretty good body.

Sometimes Penelope Cruz takes risks - she wore vintage Balmain to the Oscars a couple of years ago.

Or maybe that's not a risk? Hmm.

i love the alterations marion did to the original. definitely looks ALOT better.

I wouldn't think the alterations were done by Marion necessarily, actually most probably not... Go to a Christian Dior store, hardly anything is as in the runway.

I think the problem I'm having with Marion's dress is the scalloped seaming on the overlay. It's a little ugly, frankly and I don't like the seaming that follows the hip lines of the undergarment either. I loved the collection though, and had they left the overlay the way it was, and just shortened it, I think it could have worked. Penelope is gorgeous, but she dresses like a Kennedy. Out.

Penelope Cruz is always IN. Always, though that first photo makes her look like Salma Hayek (not a good idea IMO).

Oh, there's someone else with her? What? Marion who?

Whatever on the dresses, I just love Penelope's hair. Usually it's so "done." She looks so pretty. Marion's hair is a weird mess.

Marion is always an IN for me. She had me from bonjour - and the fish scale dress. Though, to be honest, IN for me is beginning to translate to "more innovative than a prom dress."

And yeah, it looks like undergarments. But I was born in the 80s - I didn't get to do it the first time around!

Penelope is out. Incredibly unflattering - its makes her amazing body look frumpy. How is that even possible?

Marion Out Penelope In?
The color of Penelope's dress puts me right to sleep.
And Marions dress is hella sexy on her.
Marion- IN

Marion looks like she's wearing a fancy girdle and Penelope looks like she's going to the prom. Both OUT for me.

Penelope's dress is a different silhouette, yes.. but still boring.

On the other hand, I think that Marion's dress is killer (pre-modifications as well as post-modifications), AND she's killin' it.

Love it. Love her.

I would have never recognized Penelope Cruz. The hair color just makes her look completely unremarkable. Has she done something to her face too? I don't hate the pink dress although it was a knock out in the black cocktail length. The sequins on the shoulders should be the same color as the dress. IN.

Marion Cotillard has a weird bump in her hairdo. I like the dress much better with the mod(est)ifications. IN.

Penelope's dress makes her look thick and very matronly. Does. Not. Like. I think she should have gone with the shorter length like the runway version, at least that was a little more youthful.
Marion's version looks better than the runway models. I like her look better than Penelope's as well.
Overall, I have to say, I'm not super impressed with either of them.

Ok, I just saw a photo of Penelope's dress from the back, and it's got a slit with a light pink lace modesty panel-type device.
100% out.

Penelope's face and hair look beautiful. I don't mind the color on her. The dress, however, is fug and not flattering in the least. Fire your stylist on this one, sweetie!

Marion's dress needs to be a few inches longer and then it would be a definite IN. (Mostly because she seems so happy wearing it).

Penelope's dress is utterly dreadful. Horrible colour, ill-fitting and frumpy and the sequins are tacky. So far OUT it's on Mars. And her hair colour is a perfect example in how dark brunettes should never, ever, ever try going blonde - it just washes them out completely.

Penelope's dress is beautiful. Looks gorgeous on her. I have her coloring and would buy it in a second.

Marion's is not my style. And her hairstyle is bordering on Minnie Mouse. Which looks cool on a 10 year old- but not on an adult in a formal event.

Huh, my In and Out are reversed. Though I don't like to use the word "matronly" (because I am a 45 year old mom of 2 and, oh, how that word stings), but Penelope is looking pretty matronly to me in that pic. Shorter, as the original was, would be so much better. Furthermore, the silver/grey at the shoulder with the pink is waaaaay too 80's for me.

Marion looked lovely. Especially in the more candid photo where she is moving and laughing. She looks amazing. Hate the hair do though. Looks like she has little bows in her hair.

I think Marion looks lovely, and Penelope looks frumpy.

Penelope is probably a size 2 (or close to it) but this dress somehow makes her seem wide across the hips!

I agree with everyone who said Penelope is OUT. her dress is so boring. and Marion is IN for weraing a cute and unique dress, and knowing how to pull it off.

Penelope's dress should be pretty but it's making her look all slouchy. And I'm pretty sure Penelope doesn't slouch.

Penelope is not a size 2.

And since a while she has this square shape, that sometimes comes with age for non-waist types. It's a very Spanish shape...

I'm apparently in the minority in agreeing that Penelope is IN. Not a perfect dress, but I think it works for her. I give Marion a big OUT.

As sad and excrutiatingly painful as it is to write this, Penelope get's an "out" from me. This dress is le ugh and does her absolutely nooooo justice.

I'm not in love with the modified and altered look worn by Marion, but she get's a barely passing a la mode from moi. I think that if the look had retained it's original length, then it would've looked much better. Too boudoiresque (sic) for the red carpet.


I'm waiting for Marion to burst into a chorus or two of Madge's Open Your Heart.

We have a consensus: TLo, you're as high as two rainbow-flag kites this morning!

Penelope's dress is very ill-fitting, causing her boobs looks squashy. Marion, with the exception of her strange hair (looks like it was styled by Faatemah ala her "final cut"), looks super cute.

Here's the thing, though. Aren't they about the same age? Cuz they look like a mom and her teenage daughter posing for snaps before heading out to two very different events.

Seriously, fellas. I'll have trouble stomaching your complaints about the cracked-out judging on PR after this little episode. (JK--I'll always love you).

Penelope is an OUT for me. Not the most flattering dress for her wide torso and not the best fit either. Marion is IN, just.

I think they both look adorable.

Totally disagree! I think Penelope looks awful in this. Should've kept it black because she looks larger in it than she actually is! I think Marion's is cute and youthful and fun!

Does it seem like celebrities are modifying their gowns a lot more lately? I prefer the originals in both cases, here.

Neither is very impressively dressed, I feel, but it's cute how cheerful and lively they look together.

Sorry boys, for once you are wrong. Penelope looks awful in that dress, and it looked awful on my Barbie in 1982 as well. Marion is super cute in that little lacy thing and the collection it came from blew my mind! It was gorgeous! I can't believe you didn't love it! Penelope OUT Marion IN.

...So that's what Penelope looks like as a veal sausage. OUT

I gotta disagree with you two, too.

I ADORE Marion's dress. It's fun, sexy, and as a many posters have said - you can tell she feels really good in it. Although, I will admit, I'm not a big fan of her hair. She could have done better there... but still, IN.

But OMG, Penelope. How on EARTH did she find the one dress in the world that makes her look chubby and as if she's wearing a sports bra? The color is terrible, the fit is awful, and the sequins do not add but instead cheapen the look significantly. OUT.

Asparagus Lust

Marion wears this like a lady and a gamine. Dear lord , those legs. She can achieve in one try what Madonna could not ever, and I LOVED the collection this came from. I definately would have put a black sheer cover over the skirt for balance. In.

Penelope looked neither frumpy nor fat (shame on you Kibbilites), she and Marion looked fantastic together, and for once Penelope looked perfect without tortured pushed ip boobs and wonky stapless-sequined overwrought detail. In.

I think they'd both look better if they switched dresses. (And if the pink one was the shorter length.)

I'm glad to see Penelope wearing a color instead of black, black, black. However, this dress is not flattering her at all. Penelope is always in, but this look is OUT.

I agree that Marion's dress has that undergarment look to it, but she is clearly having a great time and selling it for all she's worth. IN



I passionately adore Marion's dress. (and Marion too!) I just stared at it, wanting it, and imagining it on me for several minutes.
I also passionately adore the collection it came from; it's one of my favourite's from Galliano's recent years.
I also passionately adore Galliano... but I've mentioned that before.

Both of them were rather boring, I'm afraid. What really struck me was the Dior model...she's a dead ringer for Michelle Pfeiffer in "Age of Innocence".

I seldom disagree with you and I usually love the simple and classic and abhor the underwear dress. (So I guess I am even disagreeing me.)

The color of Penelope's dress is faded wallflower. It also fits poorly. A definite OUT.

On the other hand, Marion's dress is young, fun and vivacious! (And it helps draw attention away from the frumpy dress Penelope is wearing!) A definite in.

Mrs. Miniver

I'm tossing another IN at Marion. I think it's fun and pretty. Penelope's is plain, but passable, as you say.

I would say OUT for Penelope, because I never realized she didn't have much of a waist until I saw her in this.

I like Marion's look for her, but HATE the spiky bangs.

Am I disagreeing with TLo? Impossible!

Love Marion always
Penelope looks bland

oh no sorry boys, i usually agree, but im flipping the in & out here.

the conservatively long powder pink dress on penelope looks really aging. she looks like marion's mom or at least aunt in this pic. she should have stayed with the shorter black version - it at least would have had some sex appeal.

marion's was relatively appropriate & i actually like the changes they made to it. it works on her & its right for the event.


They look like an ad for victoria secret.

Not ugly or offensive, just blah.

"Frenchy Frenchiness" LMFAO!

I think MC looks hot and the changes made the dress better. I think PC looks awful, worse than the model, and the changes made the dress worse.

So, I'm with those of you who disagree with TLo. Sorry, boys!

I have to dissagree with you. I thik Penelope looks awful, the dress makes her look fat, which she so obvioulsy is NOT. And the color washes her out. On the other hand I think Marion looks young and fresh and I really love the dress! Sorry TLo ;-)

Are you joking? Penelope looks like a length of intestine in that dress.

Marion looks great though. I preferred the glammed up Dior styling, but she looks adorable and that seems to be what her stylist is going for.

why the alterations, marion? remember that time you wore the dior couture dress the way the dior couture dress was made, and everybody liked it, and you were on all those "WOW!" lists?


You guys got this one totally wrong, I'm afraid. Marion is a big fat IN and Penelope is out, out, OUT.

Penelope - OUT

Marion - IN

Disagreeing with you boys a lot lately on these red carpet looks.

Penelope looks like she's wearing a mother-of-the-bride dress from the early 80s. Ick. She looks frumpy and unattractive and it squashes her vibrancy completely. Big OUT.

Marion, on the other hand, looks flirty and fun and is obviously digging her look. Definite IN for the oo-la-la Frenchwoman!

If Penelope was going to have the dress changed from the runway version, you'd think she'd have had them make room for her boobs. That sort of fit issue can't be news to her-- she's had those things for years.

Well, they go so well together. They're a tea room!

But I hate the Dior dress (except for the very top part), and I like the shoes M. is wearing.

Penelope: get thee to Lady Clairol and dark hair, please! The dress is half okay, half snooze.

They both look like they ate too much at all the NINE premieres. Yes, I understand they're probably below normal weight in real life.

Tough crowd.

PC - I have a fondness for the combination of dusty pink and golden brown skin. It's like my mom's coloring when she was young. So - IN (for personal reasons).

MC - No opinion on the dress - except MC looks confident in it.

I think they're both OUT. Marion's dress is ugly.

Penelope looks as if she is in serious need of a good bra. That is a large part of why she looks so frumpy.

I would've thought it humanly impossible to make Penelope Cruz look like an unsexy old lady, but that dress got about as close as you can get. And if Marion Cotillard can't pull off the sheer-dress-over-underwear look with a straight face, then I guess that look will have to be reserved for over-the-top sex icons like Madonna and Sharon Stone. -victoria

Both marginally in. Marion's dress needs to be about 2" longer.


Agree w/Jo. Penelope's in, but the dress is way out. As for Marion, all I can say is shame on her hairdresser.

Penelope, eh.
Marion however, I like. I'm a fan of the changes. Both the stained-glass division-seaming, and the removal of the silver bow pin at the gather.

I like the echo of the stained-glass between her leg and shoe color. But there's something just slightly off, about the shoe.

Penelope OUT!
Marion way IN!


I also feel that Penelope is OUT and Marion is a big IN.

That first solo picture of Penelope, the close up... good god she is a gorgeous woman.

Marion looks hot Penelope does not....

Both women are amazingly beautiful but Penelope's decision to lengthen the dress just makes her look matronly and the color is pretty scary too, dusty pink ?the whole dress is missing the WOW factor and needs a serious dose of omph. She also doesn't look comfortable in this dress which you guys are always dogging Sandra Bullock for doing.

Come on Penelope your fun and amazing dress that way : P

Marion's dress, though a little short, all together is appropriate and the right choice for her. It was a risk but it worked. She looked comfortable and happy in that dress it also fit her well. the style lines where also good for her proportions. This dress was the better one of the two hands down.

I am in love with Marion's dress and shoes. UGH. LOVE. The hair is a little... girlish, but everything from the neck down is to die for.


Sharon wore a version of Marion's dress a few months ago, and looked fantastic in it.

I don't even care what Marion is wearing. LOVE HUH. Fabulous gams. Her boobs DO looked squashed.

Wow, have rarely had such an opposite reaction from TLo. Marion is IN...stunning. Penelope? I have rarely seen her take such a misstep. This 70s prom dress makes her look lumpy and frumpy. Shudder. And very OUT.

Suz said of Penelope:
That sort of fit issue can't be news to her-- she's had those things for years.


So glad to see that I am not the only one in disagreement with TLO - that pink gown is frump-city - could be mother of the bride - just a hideous shape. But I love Marion's dress and I love the way she changed it - looks much better without the extended netting beyond the under-sheath.

To be perfectly honest, I loved both of these looks. And I love how they work together--the two looks don't compete with each other but complement each other. PR designers should take a look at the way these two dresses work together without looking the same to ace future challenges.

Both of them are a big IN for me!

And the anonymous person who says Cruz looks fat is insane. This is why regular women have trouble feeling good about themselvs. Cruz looks classy and age-appropriate, not "old and fat."

Also, to other anonymous—women are supposed to be wide across the hips! That's how we have babies. I adore Penelope's curves!

That dress makes Penelope Cruz look like she has Michelle Obama's body. How can that happen? I give it a big OUT.


I disagree, I think Marion looks beautiful and Penelope looks like Madam Frump.

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