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In or Out: Amanda Seyfried

To us, she'll always be the girl singing "Lay All Your Love on Me" in that mind-numbing movie they show every 15 minutes on HBO.

Amanda Seyfried attends the premiere of Screen Gem's "Dear John" at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California wearing a Giorgio Armani dress, Brian Atwood “Kendall” pumps and a Judith Leiber clutch.

Giorgio Armani Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Laura Blokhina

Lorenzo is beside himself with praise this morning. When Tom saw the pictures, he was all, "Hello, Tits!" But Lorenzo wouldn't hear a word said against her. "I LOVE her and I think it's FABULOUS that she's flashing her tits!" Lorenzo always did love a girl without any hangups.

It really is an adorable little dress and she's right at the age where she can get away with so much skin without looking a little slutty or desperate. Love the hair, love the shoes, love the bag. The only thing is, the skirt is making all kinds of weird shapes. We don't know if that's just from the posing she's doing or if that's really a weird-shaped skirt.

Regardless, she's the very picture of an ingenue at a movie premiere and we think she looks both sweet and sexy at the same time. IN.

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IN -- She's adorable!

I don't love it. I think it's the skirt that's getting on my nerves. Everything from the waist up is fab tho.

She looks fabulous! Lovelovelove the shoes and her arm candy. IN

I actually love that skirt and that weird little underskirt thing going on, and the colors are fabulous. A huge IN from me!

I'm conflicted, but only slightly. I think she's adorable and the dress looks great on her. The only thing I don't like is that she is taped to within an inch of her life.

Oh what the hell. If I were (ahem) 10 years younger (ahem) I'd go for it too.


Oh, and thank you ever so much for planting that earworm in my head.

Too much boobage. I think she *does* look desperate and trashy.

IN- i think the skirt has odd shapes and doesn't capture well in stasis compared to moving down the runway. the colour, fit, and style all suit her and she nailed the accessories and hair.

To me she'll always be Lily Kane, and because of that she can do no wrong. Definitely an IN.

J'adore her. She can do no wrong.

What a set! If I had those beautifully shaped cha chas, I would wear dresses like that every day. Heck, I would run around topless.

She's beautiful! Love her on BIG LOVE.

Love the whole look, head to toe.

She needs her boobs out so they can predict when it's going to rain. Or when it already is raining.

I love her too and I think she looks great. I did notice that the skirt looks odd but is that a pencil skirt underneath? That would explain it.

Meanwhile, Carolie.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So funny! :)

neither of them can act, but her boobs look great.

Definitely too much skin. It's a cute dress, but was that underskirt there on the original? I think that's what's making it look odd.

Even though the silver hemline looks like they tried to starch it to make it stand out like a ...flower maybe? A big IN.

IN - Lily Kane would be so proud.

I like the double skirt and the back neckline. But the front! No, no, no, no, too low!

At first I was afraid of her tits falling out, but then I saw the sheath fabric holding it in place, so that allayed my fears. The skirt is a little awkward to me, but it is a cute dress and Ms. Seyfried is an adorable (and more to the point professional) actress and is rocking out the dress.

OK, ok, IN, for all the reasons you listed.

However. I much prefer the arm candy of Channing ...

That is the PERFECT accessory for any occasion ...

Just sayin-

Still laughing at Carolie's comment...

Love her, don't love the dress. It cuts in at an awkward place in her midsection maybe? I can't quite place it. Channing Tatum doesn't seem to mind though :)

I second Gorgeous Things - as much as I love that damn "Mamma Mia" movie, I'm going to have that song in my head all day.

Thanks A LOT.


oh it is the shoes, the shoes, that I love. Who cares about the rest? I just really love those shoes!

(now please, cover up the foot tatoo... dear Lord tell me that tatoos will be out of style soon.)

Absolutely cute. Also, flawless hair and makeup.

To me, she'll always be Lilly Kane. And since Lilly Kane once said "I'm young. How many braless years do I have left," I kind of love this dress.

Out. The shape is all wrong for her and there is too much cleavage.

Michael at 9:50---

thank you! I didn't even pick up on that sheath. It is almost invisible but it made me like the dress a whole lot more. I guess it was making me nervous before I knew that the sheath was "holdin' it all together."

I try to forget that I am a prude, but my subconsious won't let me forget.

another laura

Netting across that plunging neck line? (can it be a neck line when it goes to the waist?) oh dear, what has Hollywood come to when a starlet wears the ice skater netting! It's not a true tits flash.

Love the accessories more than the dress. Hard not to get weak in the knees over Judith Lieber clutches. The colors of the dress are nice.

In, but I'm not enthusiastic about it.

Beautiful, and so talented. I love the dress, especially the colors that look so well on her.

I think Amanda's enjoying the career Lindsay Lohan could have been having right now.

Gorgeous. Perfect. I love Amanda, I love this entire look. Lily Kane can do no wrong.

Heh, and to me she'll always be Lilly Kane. Love her, she looks great.

She's cute, he's cute, and that movie will be atrocious.

She will always be dimwitted Karen from "mean girls"

"My boobs can tell when its raining" ; "there are your cousins and THEN there are your first cousins". LOVE HER and she's a great actress on Big Love

At first, it looked like her nip was showing in the side poses, but then I realized it was the sheer fabric!

I was thinking, "Her mother let her out of the house like that?" -- then I realized she was 25.

The back of the dress is sexy, but the front is a little weird: superplunging + boobnetting + kindadroppedwaist + bagskirt. That being said, she's doing a damn good job of making it look good anyway. The color, fit and the rest of her styling is fabulous, and I don't think anyone else could've done it better. Armani owes her and her stylist a thank-you!

The sexy yet innocent persona has served her well on HBO's Big Love as the daughter in a family of Mormon polygamists. This is her last season on that show so she can pursue her acting career on the big screen rather than the small one. She has literally outgrown the role as she has become a young, beautiful woman.

Definitely IN. She looks incredibly lovely.

Clueless Jock

Very hot. IN.

IN! She is so cute, and those shoes are FIYAH!

Moderate IN for me. She's young enough for the look, but there is the odd skirt shape issue.

Ice skating call girl. Out.


I love a woman who is PROUD of her boobies!!! And if she's 25, then her ingenue days are numbered...she better live 'em up.

Ehhh, just Ok. I thought platforms were going out of style.
I hate them.

THIS DRESS SCREAMS SERENA VAN DER WOORSEN (or whatever her last name spells)...xoxo

LOVE the shoes. think she's adorable. but if you told me that dress was a craft project instead of Armani, i'd have believed you. looks like it coulda been done by a midlevel PR contestant! it fits weird, it doesn't flatter, the vest-y flyaway bits are awkward, the proportions are bugging me, and it's trying way too hard -- it's just belabored-looking.


I think she's fantastic, and her boobs has raised her stock in my book (yeah, I know). Straight on there is something a bit off, but the side views are great. Great accessories! Love the hair and makeup.

Sorry. I hate to do this, but I disagree with Lorenzo. Seyfried's cute and all, and I like how she's styled and accessorized, and the color is very good on her, but I very much dislike the shape of the skirt (perhaps it's better on film/in person than in stills; the fabric isn't working for me, either) and that's too much hanging boob. This dress was obviously meant to be worn by a woman who has bee-stings rather than B-cups. (I hate seeing those things unsupported. And, as an owner of breasts, I really don't need to see that much of other people's.) On her, this dress is the equivalent of a man who is wearing his shirt unbuttoned down too far: tacky, tacky, tacky. Which is a shame, because she has a lovely figure and does not strike me as a tacky person. A reluctant OUT.


Like you said...sweet and sexy!

I'm not digging the netting at the lower portion of the cleavage though. Why not use double stick tape to hold the top in place?

Also, it appears that the 2 different fabrics on the skirt don't pleat/fold the same way. Maybe it's supposed to be like that but it really throws off the skirt and draws a lot of attention to the seam. I like the pencil skirt underneath...wish the full skirt was an inch or two shorter to see more of it.

She looks great.

Nariya said....

"The back of the dress is sexy, but the front is a little weird: superplunging + boobnetting + kindadroppedwaist + bagskirt."

All of these components together in one look really bother me. I find it all very distracting. It's a cute look, but superplunging + boobnetting kind of cancel each other out. And the uncontrollable wonkiness of the skirt doesn't help. I'll give her a very weak IN.


Whether they're real or not, I love that she's flashing some boob at an age when they could actually be that perky and high. Flaunt it (within reason) while you got it.

I like her. Liked her in Mamma Mia! and loved her loopy, dumb act in Mean Girls.

The foot tattoo. What is it, her Sell By date?

Is it just me, or is there a slight line going across the front of her boobs? In the last two pictures it definitely looks like there is something from around mid-boob down that is sticking out from the front of the dress- and it's skin colored.

Or I could be seeing things.

You see her and immediately think "Mamma Mia"?? You poor things - you need to watch Mean Girls a few times.

She looks stunning, but the dress is ok. She is wearing that dress, which speaks more about her. She looks like she's compensating for the weird shape shifting skirt. And that sheer/nudish piece of cloth for the boobs is not good. Love the boobage, but that transparent veil does not compliment the look of the dress.

She is a beautiful girl and i hope she makes this page often.

Oh, and the guy (her co-star, I assume) is cute as heck, but how come we aren't ripping his incredibly boring shirt and tie? He looks like he works a senior management job at The Very Safe Insurance Company.

Aaaand BAM you have established my soundtrack for the day. Thanks, I think.

She's an IN just for being savvy enough to pick the one boob-flashing dress that she actually won't fall out of. Well played, my dear. And you can give me that clutch later, thanks.

If I looked like her, I'd wear that dress every damn day! She's rockin' it, and the dress is FAB. IN IN IN!

I think she looks great.

The overall look works, and love the hair and make-up.

The boobnet is tacky. Less plunge would have worked just as well and would have eliminated the need for that tacky addition--though it looks like on the model, the sheer netting is placed below the boobs, not over. Underskirt: ?!

Overall, cute look, and she looks like she is enjoying herself and feels good in the dress.

I think it's the unusual dress that is waay better in side view. Front and back the skirt looked a little unimpressive, possibly droopy. From the side I saw the shape. I say IN.

And, yes, it's a little much boob on display for "real life" (unless you're trolling) but she's an actress at an Event.

I'm OK with the dress, but please! If you're going to wear open-toed shoes, get a manicure, or at the very least paint your toenails. If you're gonna show 'em off, pretty 'em up!

Out. Hate the front of the dress, what's with the satin underskirt?! Fail fail fail.

See, and everytime I look at her, I think, "Karen! What are your boobs saying about the weather?"


I think this is adorable & she looks great in it.

And interesting how there's that little figure skating-esque modesty mesh in the V (very handy for those who don't want to have to worry about standing up straight every minute).

Definitely IN.


I've never seen her act in anything, but every time I see her photo, I think it's Dakota Fanning (okay, a very grown up Dakota.) Color is nice, skirt is weird and for my taste, the outfit is way too boobalicious...

I, too, see her as the ghost of Lily Kane. What I also see is that someone needed to bring out the battery-powered steamer when she got out of the car, or perhaps just pay more attention to the way the front of the skirt was stretched out of plumb by her knees.

So hard to look perfect when one is not transported in a tissue-lined coffin like they use for long stemmed roses.

The shoes are cute, but the way they make it look like her big toe juts out from the center of her foot is rather disgusting.

Agreed, Lorenzo! She's adorable and she looks great! She's at the perfect tit-flashing age. Not so young as to make people gasp and not so old as to make people say, put it away.

IN - Amanda looks fabulous! She has the boobs to make this dress work and there is very few that can be said about, including the models.

This girl is one of the few young starlets I can stand. Its good to her looking so hot.

quigley (the cat)

Oh, bitter kittens, this is the kind of post where I think I'm gonna have to turn in my Snarky Fashionista Blogger Commenter (SFBC) license. Cause most of ya'll see way more than I do. Maybe you have giant 24" HD monitors, or click on photos to blow them up to max.

Me, I just have a lil ole old laptop. What I saw and thought. Oh, isn't she cute! where have I seen her before? hello, tits (echo in the room). That's a really cute purse and I wish I could wear those shoes. Hair and makeup, good—check. Posture great—check. I love blue and silver together. OK, let's see what everyone else has to say...

What? an underskirt? what underskirt? (scroll back up) oh, yeah. What? illusion netting? where? (sbu) oh, yeah. Those were platform shoes? (sbu) hunh. There's a tat on her foot? seriously? (sbu) that tiny thing? lol She needs a manicure? (sbu) hahaha...please...

Ok, dig in, try to make a comment everyone else hasn't. Well, yeah, I think you have. LOL. At least her boobs look real. I had a figure like that at 25 too. Just you wait honey.

luv, hisses AND biting,
SFBC license on probation

Howdy there, ladies! We are honored by your presence.


IN she looks super cute and sexy. However those shoes look like foot torture! They are gorgeous but it looks like they are giving her bunions.

She looks lovely and is one of my favorite young actresses. Scratch that: she IS my favorite young actress. I even liked Jennifer's Body. In for infinity.

another laura

Serenity Now: Thanks, you put your finger on my ID issue of this girl!

I haven't seen anything that this girl has done - that I know of - but I have seen Dakota Fanning work from time to time. And now I know I'm not crazy.

Oh, that's a ridiculous dress.


But I see I'm deeply in the minority here. Oh, well.

Wow, I miss Veronica Mars.

I like the dress but mostly because it has good cleavage and today apparently I'm shallow...

I don`t love it, but I think it looks so much better on her than the model. Plus SHE is adorable.

The dress is ridiculous.

I say bravo for not having a manicure, bravo for showing off your perky tits while you've got them, bravo even for the funny shaped skirt. (I think it is a funny shaped skirt, not just the posing-- those inverted pleats and the stiff fabric are making it stand away from the body like that.) I understand why some think the illusion netting is tacky, but for me it just makes it a wearable dress as opposed to something that would make me very nervous as a wearer or a spectator. YMMV, as they say.

Was there a law passed that every single starlet out there must have a tattoo on her foot?

All I can see is tits and illusion netting! Ugh!

I haven't read the text yet. All I could think was, "OMFG, did she make that herself?"

@Missy Ann: Yes. All starlets and vaguely famous young females must:

1) have at least a foot tattoo

2) show off as much of their unsupported young breasts as possible

3) wear shoes that make their feet look inhuman

These are all things, of course, the starlets and pointlessly famous young females will deeply regret in 10-15 years' time, but, WHO CARES. We won't know who the hell they are by then, being as they'll be over the age during which the world cares about females.

Looking at a teenager's breasts makes me uncomfortable.

I wonder why that is? Why am I (a 44 y.o. hetero female) so uncomfortable with teen tatas? I don't know, but I know that I am not alone: remember that PR episode that nearly got Mr. Siriano auf'd (the prom dress challenge), ALL the designers were talking about how an "age appropriate" is more modest?

It's odd we grownups feel that way -- if anyone's breasts can handle that nearly-naked style, it's the teenagers. -victoria

IN --but then the boobage is very Lily Kane, as she says, 'you only have so many braless years in you.' Despite the plunging neckline, it didn't look tacky to me. Not fan of the netting, but okay.

I love her hair and make-up, and for that alone, I would give her an IN. Given that general state of red carpet hair these days seems mostly, and inexplicably, tragic.

And it's a great colour on her.

First thing I said was BOOBS! Other than that she looks great!

Those of you saying out and/or complaining about the breasts are either jealous, prude, or you've just got bad taste.

And, yes, they are quite real and quite fabulous.

I think she looks great, but I really don't like that dress. The fabric, the shape... meh.

Please paint your toenails, if you're going to wear that type or shoe.

I love her. I love her mind. I love her boobs.

Pink Pearl, you are right on about that Lindsey comment. And Anonymous at 9:09 PM, she is 25 - hardly a teenager.

If I had boobs like that I'd never put them away.

I'm slightly conflicted.i love the dress by itself-but it's deff too much skin.
i love the hair,the make up,the shoes and Amanda in generall though.

In- love the dress, the boobs are delish, nice and even! Note the sheer fabric panel in the deep V to keep wardrobe mishaps to a minimum! Smart girl!


Could she be any cuter? Love everything, definitely IN.

IIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it and I love her. She pulls it off perfectly. It is as if that dress was made for her!

I agree with you guys 100%. IN

I love her on Big Love, she's wonderful.

To me she's looking very Michelle Pfeiffer in these pics.

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