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Heidi at the Finale (a bit spoiler-ish)


La Nina, Faith Hill, Heidi, and The Duchess at the Project Runway Finale at Bryant Park this morning.

Darlings, we have much to discuss and don't you worry, we'll have pictures of the collections as soon as we can get our gay little hands on them. Let's talk about Heidi's dress.

But before we do that, we absolutely have to shoutout to our blogging heroes and the gals who inspired us to start this blog in the first place, the Fug Girls. After what seems like years of emailing and twittering back and forth, we finally had an in-person blog collision in the tent and can we just say? They are adorable and fabulous and funny. We met a lot of PR designers for the first time today and that was thrilling as always, but meeting Heather and Jessica made our week. In fact, they pretty much had to kick us out of the tent after the show because we ignored everyone else and just chat-chat-chatted our heads off. Love them and they're fabulous beyond words.

Okay. Heidi's frock. When she first came out, we both whispered "McQueen! Is she wearing McQueen?" But then Lorenzo said, "No, I think it's Gucci." And sure enough:

Gucci Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Imogen Morris Clarke

He was right.

Honestly? Can't say we love it. Not crazy about the colors and REALLY not crazy about all that stuff going on around her shoulders. What do you guys think?

Additional Pictures:

[Photos: WireImage/]

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you know, I love the dress in theory, but I don't think it flatters her. And if a dress doesn't flatter Heidi, something is wrong with IT.

So, did you guys get to watch the episode last night?

hardly spoilerish :P

I like it-- very different for Heidi.

Faith Hill as guest judge? Ew.

CANNOT WAIT to see all the collections.

Thanks for blogging while you're in NYC, guys.

i like it.

Very Cher-Half-Breed-80's Oscars-Mackie.

To quote Nina: "It's a little costume-y"

I echo Lauren's comments

Not flattering at all.. such a shame that someone that the critics always end up looking fug..

I thought McQueen too! But, no, not really loving it...

I really like the dress on Heidi. It's visually interesting, but doesn't make her body look weird. It would have been great if she had wore McQueen.

I like it. I think few carry off that sort of print well.

off topic:

Christian Siriano's comments on Mr Mcqueen's death were aired on the UK national news last night.

You can watch it here (1:39)...

It makes her butt look big. Out.

I never thought it would be possible to make Heidi look heavy and thick through her waist but this dress does.


The dress: thumbs up. Love the shoulders.

I never noticed that Heidi has a tattoo. What is that?

i don't think it flatters her at all.

I love it, I think its interesting

I actually don't mind the shoulder bondage stuff... it's the rest of the dress I have a problem with. The pattern does not work for me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

It somehow manages to make her look larger in the middle.

I recognized that it was Gucci right away. I dont care for the dress itself. that's the point of the dress, I think. is a little fug.

maybe she was disappointed that she didn't get to wear last nights dress with the lines pointing you know where. when nina says it is wrong, heidi embraces it

OMFG! My two favorite blog teams, chatting with each other at Bryant Park!!!!! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall. I adore the Fug Girls. You guys plus those girls are my top two favorite blogs ever. Squeeeee!

As for Heidi's dress, it's a big MEH. And I really don't like the hair.

Faith Hill? Really, Lifetime/Bunim-Murray? Really?!

And yeah, bad choice on the dress. And if she made some deal with Gucci to wear their dress beforehand, I don't think they would've minded if she wore McQueen instead, as they do own 51% of the company.

It's okay as dresses go, but it doesn't look good on her. It actually makes her look a little, uh, chunky. How is that possible?

After four children, I believe Heidi IS a little thick and heavy through the waist. There would be something wrong with her if she weren't, especially so soon after having a baby.

I like the dress. As much as I have grown to dislike her over the past few years, she still looks fantastic in it.


I agree with Elaine, the first poster: there is something wrong with the dress.

And, Faith Hill is giving Heidi a run for her "prettiest girl on the runway" money. She may not be as tall as you, Heidi, but she's giving incredible face and hair!

Hmmm... not liking Heidi's dress. The shoulders look a little like the way an athlete would tape a hurt shoulder nowadays and the pattern on the top of the dress looks a little like two eyes and a frown.

Although with everyone else in black it is refreshing to see some color!

Wow, good catch Lorenzo! I don't think I've ever seen Heidi in McQueen, but it would have been a kind gesture.
The dress is okay. I love the Teutonic hair though.

Not loving the dress but would kill for the shoes...


Never noticed Heidi's tattoo before. Can someone interpret?

It looks like a native american blanket. Which is great on a bed or a wall, but not on a dress.

Wow, I'm an idiot. I had no idea she had a tattoo.

Not crazy about the dress. Thank you for all the tweets, guys. Loved it! You bitches rock!!

Heidi - Love the dress, but not on her. While it's nice to see her doing something graphic, the cut isn't flattering. Would be perfect for a twig like Jennifer Connelly.

Nina - WTF is that dress?? Shoes are to die though.

Faith Hill - F**k you very much, Lifetime.

Dress is not bad but not sure how flattering, because it makes her look totally shapeless...

Now that I look at the dress again, make that two crying eyes and a frown!

Now that I look at the dress again, make that two crying eyes and a frown!

Never noticed Heidi's tattoo before. Can someone interpret?

It says "Seal" and then there are little symbols or markings for each of her kids. I recall seeing her explain it somewhere saying that the color was 'the exact color of [her] husband.'

Her tattoo says Seal - turn your head sideways to see it...

I actually kind of like the dress, because I often can't decide on whether I want a bondage look or a full-on native american look, and here you can have one without having to chose!

I think Heidi's tats are of Seal and her kids (names).

Not feeling the love for that dress. It's not terrible, but she could have chosen something much better. I would have loved to see her in a sharply tailored jacket from McQueen.

Faith Hill? Oh yeah, she's a "Fashion ICON", I'm sure. Bleah.

I'll put my faith (so to speak) in Nina and the Duchess

Thanks for tweeting, guys! That was awesome, I felt like I was there.
I kind of like the dress, not crazy about the hair and makeup, though.

I don't love the dress either, but it has nothing to do with the stuff around the shoulders. It's just that it makes her look like she has no makes her look boxy, and we all know that is not the case.

Personaly, I think the shoulders are the best part of the dress. The rest looks like a "western styled" blanket and VERY ill fitting! Look at the buckling of the fabric on her sides! Heidi always bashes designers for fit of a garment. What was she thinking wearing this? While I have the utmost apprecitation of Gucci designs... its a bad dress for her.

I'd love the dress if it were one color (no pattern) -- the shoulder work is interesting IMHO. The shoes are to die.

I love it!

which is suprising since i usually dislike Heidi's hooker tacky wear.

I'd probably like it more without the shoulder webbing, but i still think it's wonderful!

OMG! My two favorite blogs are this one and GFY. I first found out about you guys from reading GFY (love those girls) and I can't believe you finally met! So cute. Hope you had fun today.

Are you guys attending any of the other shows? My friend Lani (from sugarrockcatwalk, another fashion blog) has been invited to so many shows. You guys are already in NY, I hope you can take advantage!

Yes, designers are always being bashed about fitting the models, as if anyone fitted dresses nowadays... that only happens HC. Heidi just picked this from the hanger.

Love the dress but not on the Frau. It's an edgy dress and she's not edgy.

I actually like it more because of the black webbing-like top.

She looks far better than the model - who looks like she is kind of "hunched" or a posture problem - basically not working it.

it reminds me of native american art. i like it as art... not so much as an outfit on heidi

The pattern is from imbricated basketry, not blanket weaving; it's sort of a West African/Northern California mash-up of motifs, which is fingernails on a chalk-board to me, cultural appropriation without anthropological visual literacy.

The design functions on the runway model by making her look as if she has hips; since Heidi has hips, it makes her look bottom heavy. Out, so very out.

Too much going on in that dress, so a nay.

And Faith Hill as a judge? Not so sure about that!

Assume the "spoiler" is that Faith will be the guest judge?

Makes her look fat. How is that possible?

I thought I felt the ground shift and amazing forces at work in the universe today. Turns out it was overwhelming collision of Funny and Fabulous when the Fug Girls and TLo met face-to-face! Love it!

Not a flattering dress. It makes Heidi look like she's flat chested!

really? I kindof love it.

The dress is fine and fine on her, but I wished she selected something sleeker and more polished to the finale show.

She looks wide and flat and of course she's neither. That's not a good dress on her.

I think I'd like it better in all black. But I'm just not wild about the print. She's even wearing the same shoes as the model.

OMG OMG!!! You met the Fug Girls! You guys are my two favorite blogs to read during the day - my mind is bursting with glee that you all are actually hanging out and comisserating in person.


-skiminy cricket

I never feel compelled to comment, but GOOD GOD THAT DRESS. Speaking of fug...seriously. I can't agree that it's art, and I certainly don't think it's flattering.

I've never noticed her tattoo before, and I kind of think it cheapens the look for some reason. Does she normally wear makeup to cover it?

Hate the dress; makes her look like Sponge Girl Squarefrock--and I dislike the tattoo, but then again, I dislike all tattoos.

I have loved the Fug girls for a long time, what fun to know you all got together!

Generally I like it. I'm not super crazy about that particular print. The shoulder stuff is the visual interest for me, though, rather than the print, and I really dig the way the shoes echo the shoulder stuff. I'd kill for those shoes, actually.

the dress seems a bit stiff and it doesn't work with her figure. Heidi's hair, make up and face are STUNNING. I will never forget seeing some candid back stage photos of the runway models, etc. from a previous season, and when the pictures with Heidi showed up she literally jumped of the screen as her beauty overshadowed everyone. I totally have a girl-crush on her and my hubbie is ok with it!


The first thing I thought of when I saw the dress was Space Invaders

You know, I love it. But Faith Hill? Blech. Classic Lifetime move. Maybe Sharon Gless couldn't make it.

It makes her look as if she's shaped like a potato. And lord knows she's not. I don't get it--there's been a lot of that on PR this season, too--designers ignoring basic "What Not to Wear" rules on color placing that is flattering versus unflattering.

The pattern is doing something weird to Heidi's figure. But it's a fun dress I love that fact that for once, she is wearing something unexpected.
So... one thumb up, rather than 2.


LOVE that you met the Fug Girls!! Wish I had been a little fashion fly on the wall for that conversation.

Heidi looks like she's wearing an old bathmat.

And Faith Fucking Hill??? god...things have gone downhill, Lifetime.

I like the shoulders, but the two prehistoric infants on her belly and the Rorschach test across her hips strike me as odd.

It's not a very pretty dress. The print somehow remind me of my old Minnetonka moccasins, only ugly.

What are Faith Hill and Nina wearing? Yuck.

I am SO glad that you guys and the fug girls are friends. They were the first blog I ever read and love reading thier blog ALMOST as much as I love yours. It's weird to me that the writers of my 2 favorite blogs are friends!

Maybe Sharon Gless couldn't make it.

Muwah! And Valerie Bertinelli must be too busy with her Jenny Craig endorsement deal.

I LOVE the dress that Heidi is wearing!

and let's give it a bit of perspective. think back to previous seasons of Project Runway. She has had some odd choices. Remember the blue jeans one year? They looked like she forgot she was going to be on TV. Other seasons have seen some real odd choices. This one is fashionable and looks great, and her whole look was put together.

thumbs up

the two blogs that i check every single day without fail is projectrungay and gofugyourself. LOVE the idea of all you fabulous fashion minions running around together. jealous jealous!

If a dress makes Heidi Klum look like she's bottom heavy, it's a baaaaad dress. While Heidi has a super-human body, sometimes when one has a few babies and hits a certain age, one must adjust a tad.

too many cats

Nina, Nina, Nina, sphagetti straps are wrong for New York in February.

Heidi's dress should be held back for her daughter when the daughter turns pre-Teen. It flatters her not.

Of the three ladies, Faith Hill looks good.

forget about heidi - you guys and the fug girls??? together in the same room??? what collective fabulousness! i'm thrilled you boys are friends with the girls - i love you all so much!


The dress reminds me of the pony bead projects we did at camp. That can't be good.

Don't love the Navajo dominatrix look.

Love the top and the print, but the fit doesn't flatter Heidi's figure. She has no waist in that dress.

The dress is not photogenic and doesn't flatter her. Not a good outfit for the stage either.


I would like EITHER the shoulders or the print, but not both together. It looks a little inkblot/biology slide to me.


Faith Hill? Ew. She's a beautiful woman, but I don't consider her taste in clothes very, erm, tasteful.

My hubby can't even stand to see her at the beginning of Sunday Night Football, LOL.

Hopefully La Nina and the Duchess just ignored her and did what they wanted anyway. :)

Love the Fug Girls...they are brilliant.

Love Heidi's dress too....

I'm surprised but I really like it. Not on the model though, I think it looks better on Heidi. I can't believe I'm saying this about H. Klum-Samuels, but it looks better on someone with more hips.

I really like it and think she looks great...except for the bunching or thickness at the waistline. Really interesting pattern...her legs look amazing as usual and overall she looks happy, healthy and quite pretty. :)

That dress leaves me thinking this is some sort of pixellated tribute to the "battle of Hoth" in "The Empire Strikes Back". Or am I alone in seeing two AT-ATs trudging through her midsection?

I adore Native American art, but NOT on Heidi Klum. She looks like a counterfeit kachina.

omg - this dress is amazing! don't over think it. it's very stunning

Not loving the Gucci on Heidi. There's something severe about it, and her hair that don't flatter her.

Fug all the way.
It looks like a souvenir navajo blanket you'd buy on the side of the road in the Southwest.

Gucci or not, NOT flattering.

and Faith Hill? I'm sure she's a fine country singer, but PR judge?
With it being fashion week it's very hard to believe there was NO ONE ELSE with a fashion background or credits available or interested in judging????

I guess Faith Hill has some dreadful project coming up on their lousy network hence the gig today.

You suck Lifetime and Bunim-Murray.

????"and Faith Hill? I'm sure she's a fine country singer, but PR judge? "??

As opposed to

Nicole Ritchie
Lindsay Lohan,
Natalie Portman,
That mean stylist last season
Parker Posey
Eva Longoria
Sasha Cohen

(how many times has it been said that models don't get paid to have an opinion about the clothes)
Lauren Hutton, Cindy, Rebecca....etc

She should have worn McQueen.

She looks cute, but those Shoulder thingies make her look like a linebacker & that waist area is insane!

Good hem length, though and the print is cool.

Aw, hell -- IN

Kinda looks like a Navajo blanket got caught in Charlotte's web...

Creativity Chick

OT: Mimi Dev posted upthread:

"Christian Siriano's comments on Mr Mcqueen's death were aired on the UK national news last night."

You can watch it here (1:39)...

-- Also check out who's interviewed at 1:05ish... with misspelled name, but looking pretty together.

It's a nice dress, but you're right. Something is off about the shoulders.

The dress is quite interesting, but does very strange things to her mid-section & hip areas. Heidi must've really loved it because it's not something we'd normally expect from her. At all. It's much more daring and edgier than her usual style of dress. I'll give her an "in" for trying something different.


I like the dress, just not on Heidi.
Faith Hill...yeah, why is she here and all that, but: the hair is gorge!

ask said:
????"and Faith Hill? I'm sure she's a fine country singer, but PR judge? "??

As opposed to

Nicole Ritchie
Lindsay Lohan,
Natalie Portman,
That mean stylist last season
Parker Posey
Eva Longoria
Sasha Cohen

I think that's what they are saying. the above list is equally dreadful. How about Fern Malis?

yeah im not keen on the dress. heidi is a bombshell. you dont put a bombshell in a dress that makes her look flat-chested :P

I am starting to think Heidi should be ambushed by the "What Not To Wear" pair.

The way she dresses just reeks of mutton dressed as lamb. There's nothing wrong with being a married mom of a litter. She should tone down the tight, tacky mini dresses, show a little respect for her husband and brood, not dress like a fading call girl.

Heidi, Nina says dresses are not supposed to have arrows pointing towards the crotch!

She's right, you know.

I don't hate the dress, it's just not a fav.

Are you crazy?! This looks great on her!

I for one think she looks fabulous. Love the shoulder treatment, the hair, the makeup, and the shoes. Not crazy about the waist/hips area, but give her props for color and style amidst the sea of black that is the judging panel. BTW TLo, who is Nina wearing? That is an interesting dress.

She fades into the white backdrop of the runway, but in the crowd pictures, not so bad. Still, reminds me of the tv test pattern from the fifties. But kudos for stepping away from short, shiny and slutty.

I already commented on how fabulous I think Heidi looks...didn't comment though on how much I like the shoulder treatment of the dress as well in this case love love love how the her shoes go perfectly with the dress style. Normally I don't like the matchy matchy look...this case it's perfect.

Thank god she wore a bit of color/pattern...ugh, the other judges all somber in black...snore.

I don't like the dress at all, but I applaud Heidi for ditching the shiny and just going with short and tight. Now, her hair looks a lot like Faith Hill's. Are they supposed to match?

I love that you were more excited to meet Heather and Jessica than this season's latest crop of designers. ( I think I would be too! )

The Duchess is looking properly orange. I didn't love the Gucci but I like that Heidi showed her arm tat.

I don't hate Faith HIll but finale judge? hmm I guess they couldn't get J. Lo again.

What the hell ass does Faith Hill know about fashion?!

Ugh. Tragic.

I never noticed Heidi's tattoo before, either. Looks like a scribbled phone number.

Faith Hill is gorgeous and a very classy lady ! Love her look ! Do not like Heidi's dress, Too busy and what's with the top of it? Heidi is also standing pigeon-toed as if she doesn't like dress either.

I like the dress, I guess, but I think it's something that works better as an idea than as clothes. It makes Heidi "Victoria's Secret" Klum look like she has absolutely no curves, which is far from the truth. Fail.

I'm glad you guys got to meet with the Fug Girls. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

Heidi's dress isn't bad. I'd like it much more if the black stuff at the shoulders wasn't there. All in all, a pretty good choice when you consider some of the craptastic stuff she's worn in the past.

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