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Gordana Must Be Pissed

Breaking news, poodles!

Well, we'd heard this through the grapevine and now Tim's confirming it on his video blog. It's not like it's a scintillating piece of gossip. Anyone with a basic grasp of math could have figured it out. The Project Runway finale runway show is scheduled for the beginning of fashion week in New York; the 12th, specifically. That means one more episode with one more elimination will air before then. Put it together and you have the biggest finale show with the highest number of decoys, in, as Tim would say "THE HISTORY OF PROJECT RUNWAY echo echo echo..." We'd only heard there would be "a lot" of decoys, but Tim is saying that every designer standing at the end of the next episode will be showing, and advises us to do the math. We'd heard anywhere from 8 to 12 collections were showing, and since there are currently 12 designers left, it looks like it'll be 11 in Bryant Park, unless there's a double elimination next week.

We're of two minds about this, which is good, because there are, y'know, two of us. It means we'll get to see a really long show in Bryant Park and we'll have a ton of shit to rip for weeks afterward. But it also takes away the specialness of having the opportunity to show a collection on a world stage. That's the whole reason why contestants struggle to make it to the end. To give it to basically 2/3 of an entire season's cast, weakens it considerably.

And it's impossible for us to ignore that because of the whole move to Lifetime and accompanying lawsuit, there weren't ANY decoys last season. Gordana and Christopher must be pissed at this news.


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Boy I think this really sucks, and IS TERRIBLE for Christopher (chinstrap) and poor Gordana. What kinda suspense is there going to be?

The ratings are already way down this season. Did they think this would spark interest again?

I suppose, given the scheduling, it couldn't be helped. Still kinda sucks, though.

OH---and WHY didn't they get a reunion show?

I admit the significance of the final collections is weakened by this, but I'm happy to see lots of PR collections. I'm sure to like at least one!

oh yes why no reunion show. why is season 7 the season that wasnt?

They should do like a lot of other reality competitions. Schedule it so the finale is live - so that the Bryant Park runway is live with judging afterwards, or as close to live as possible. Elimates the need for decoys and feels great to the viewer, like they're in on the happenings.

A no brainer, I think.

Way, way too many people. Really what is the harm in cutting it down to half? It would be an understandable number given the timing of the season and fashion week, and would make reaching the finale more special.

I guess at least this way they will actually get to introduce their lines which is nice, right?

Given the low grade of some of the work being presented so far, I can't say that I'm looking forward to some of these collections. Jesse and Anna? Oy.

Get it together, Lifetime!

Wait, what?

How many episodes will there be this season then?

Why did they even bother?

While I love having loads of collections to look at and speculate on I think I prefer just having no decoys at all. This early in the game as we get to know the designers style we pretty much figure out by the end who wins. We knew Irina's was the winning collection last season upon first sight. Once we learned her style, it made for a pretty anticlimactic season. None of the filler in between really matter because you knew she was going to show.

yeah! ho! wah!

yeah, it cheapens the main prize considerably.

and now im even more pissed that ping was kicked out. i really would have loved to see her collection. i mean, anna is probably just going to make that same old dress twelve times, jesse is going to give us twelve crazy secretaries, and janeane is going to show some clothes made of pure sadness and boredom. hopefully, at least one of those gets sent home next episode.

Hate this. I completely agree, what's even the point of having a final show if basically EVERYONE gets to be in it?

I find it ironic that this FABULOUS show-- which was a ratings hit for Bravo-- is doing so poorly on a network called LIFETIME; it seems to me that the new network is killing the lifetime of the show. On Bravo, I could have watched the show for the next 20 years. On Lifetime, I will be surprised if it makes it another 3.

Last season's changes (relocated to LA, practically no Michael or Nina, and the addition of the model drama) did nothing positive to the show in my book. I am glad that they've returned to New York, but it still just isn't the same.

I can't quite put my finger on what made Bravo's Runway so much better than Lifetime's...but whatever "IT" is that Bravo was giving the show that Lifetime is not, I want it back.

yeah! ho! wah! said: "and janeane is going to show some clothes made of pure sadness and boredom..."

*Eclectic Mayhem snorts with laughter*

I watch Project Runway primarily for the Elimination shows. I enjoy watching the challenges.

The final Bryant Park business is icing on the cake.

Are they TRYING to kill this show?

This not only cheapens being a finalist, it cheapens PR. There's going to be a lot of fug up on that runway during Fashion Week, and that can only reflect badly on the show which is probably losing credibility anyway.

Come on, Tim, tell us what you REALLY think!

I'm kind of shocked by his candor in this video -- and I LOVE it.

So. . . I assume they already shot eliminations 5 - whatever leads up to Bryant Park, and we'll see those for the next several weeks, and then see the final 3?? Odd.

This blows. Simply.

WTF? Then Lifetime should have held off showing this season and had the final designers do shows for Fall 2010. This is ridiculous! And, as my 2 year old niece says, "NOT FAIR!"

Gordana, it's just bogus you didn't get to decoy. And Ping, I would have LOVED to see a full collection from you, knits and all.

I hate Lifetime and I hate B/M. Whaaaaa!

What are the chances that the best collection is one of the decoys? Pretty good when there are going to be so many!!!

I am definitely excited to see collections from everyone, but on the other hand it really is too many and takes away from fashion week.
Last season had no decoys, this season has far too many.
Five or six would have been appropriate, cuz look its fucking obvious to us already that anthony, jeaneane, amy, and jesse arent making it to the finale.
Having six keeps us guessing has to whos is whos and whos in the finale and who isnt. While having collections shown by some seriously weak designers are a waste of time cuz we know they're too weak to make it to the finale.


Oh well, at least several designers will have a chance to show their collections.

Pretty ridiculous! I remember crying my eyes out because Austin wasn't going to be showing at Bryant Park and only THREE designers were going to. What happened????

Now that's the blunt, "take no prisoners", Tim with whom I fell in love the first time I heard "Tim's Take". I've been missing him!

That's pretty messed up.....I thought project runway was suppose to be a lifetime opportunity for three designers. It's okay to have decoys, there's nothing wrong with that. But seriously who the hell cares. WE WATCH THE SHOW TO SEE PEOPLE BATTLING FOR WHAT THEY WANT! If they all know they are showing, then everyone will all be nice and good to each other....I'm really loosing hope for this show. How hard is it to make tough challenges, make drama, and give people an honest opportunity,,,,,,,,this sucks.

Maybe we'll have a quadruple elimination next week! Of course, that only brings it down to 8. Hmm.

Serenity Now

First of all, this man is some kind of wonderful.

Second, if Lifetime/BM are trying to kill the franchise, they are doing a magnificent job.

Third, now I'm angry all over again about Gordana.

What a horrible idea!! I dont think PR will be around much longer *tear* So sad.

Oh yes, and I am very sad for Gordana because she is my hometown girl! A sad day for Charleston, SC.

Frankly, I'm grateful that the world was spared a full collection by chinstrap.

So why exactly couldn't they do what they did last year? Present the final three as designers X, Y and Z and edit in their fawning "I hope you love this collection as much as I do" speech later? Given how booked the Bryant park tents are, I'm surprised Fern Mallis is putting up with this ten designer $hit...

I am kinda annoyed simply because I don't believe that some of the designers deserve to even attend a Bryant Park show let alone have one.

But I look forward to seeing the crap that gets sent down the catwalk

They or someone - ought to just go ahead sponsor Gordana.

Very interesting indeed, thank GOD they booted that Jesus off last night. That would have been a major disaster allowing him to be at Bryant Park. Maybe they could send him to Hookerville to make some clothes, but even Tim agrees that most hookers would have better taste than Jesus!

Not to mention that there's bound to be at least six collections that blow, and that's just making our whooole bag look unprofessional.

Totally OT here, but I would give everything I own to go to Vegas with Tim. :-)

He really does not care for Emillio, does he?

I think it's fun, but, isn't this like in Little League, now, where they give everyone a trophy?


You know I kind of don't get the outrage - the way it's been

I mean I think Gordana got screwed - but that was by Heidi and them putting Althea through.
So to past seasons' contestants it is not fair, but from a television audience this affects us how?

If you are in NYC and at the tents, ok you'll see it. But a huge % of the audience only sees what they see on their screens.

As to the person suggesting the anonymous runway show - I think that is far more unfair to the final 3. And if the final 3 are seleted based on skills/talent then it should be clear to the live audience that they are the top 3.


The top designers always talk about how bryant park is the real prize, so this is such an awful idea
Honestly, only half of the current designers should be going

Oh, I would just LOVE to watch PR with Tim, listening to him talk about his own reactions to the show!

but, oh, yeah, that is not a good decision on the part of BM/Lifetime to let everyone show. [making gagging noises] there's still a lot of crap walking down the runway by designers who are gonna be auf'd sooner rather than later.

WHY can these folks not do a better job of planning and scheduling?

and, yes, Gordana was robbed and this is just pouring buckets of salt in that wound.


Gordana is too classy and talented to be pissed (besides, didn't she really win anyway). We the fans, however, would be ultra pissed!

OMG Tim is soooooo fabulous!

I love it that Tim isn't like those dopey pageant contestants who waste imaginary wishes on world peace. Seeing garments walk the runway: THAT is what wishes are for!

And btw, I'd like to see Vegas with Tim.


Blame greed hog producer Harvey Weinstein (who is reviled in the film community) who killed the goose laying golden eggs by screwing over Bravo for Lifetime's quick cash.

Magical Elves production company had the magical touch -- and they loyally continued to dance with Bravo, the network that brung 'em.

Notice what doesn't work on the show: everything dreamed up by the new production company, Bunim-Murray production company.

This latest faux pas among the Bunim-Murray bright ideas.

Just to be the devil's advocate... how many seasons have we all been so angry that our favorite did not make it to Bryant Park? I would have loved to see Gordana and Epperson's collections last season. Now we will get to see those folks who get eliminated too early due to cracked out judging, and will be able to see if some of these folks simply did not get a fair shake, or if (like Suede) they do not have the skill, and no amount of time or money would have helped them.

BTW, I think it's cute that Tim has that autographed picture of Heidi on the desk behind him, but I wonder if it's one of those things that's only brought out for company.


This is just ridiculous. It cheapens the entire experience if basically everyone gets to show at Bryant Park. There is no reason for it. They could have repeated what they did last season when the designers did NOT get to introduce their collections at the finale, so no decoys were needed. I have no interest in seeing a collection from Jesse, Anna, or Janeane, but at least 2 of these losers will be showing at BP. I can only hope it turns out to completely embarrass Heidi and the producers, just like when they let Suede show at BP. What a travesty.


I can't quite put my finger on what made Bravo's Runway so much better than Lifetime's...but whatever "IT" is that Bravo was giving the show that Lifetime is not, I want it back.

What Bravo had that Lifetime doesn't is the original production company for Project Runway-the Magical Elves. Since Magical Elves has an exclusive deal with Bravo,they can't be brought in to sprinkle fairy dust over what Bunim/Murray is doing with the show.

While the level of talent for this seaon seems to be better than season 6 overall, I think having so many designers do collections for Bryant Park does cheapen the show. I don't have any special dislike for Janeane, Anna or Jesse, but neither am I excited to see collections by them, based on their output so far this season.

It also makes Season 6's no decoys decision really reek. I don't think the outcome of the finale would have changed, but I would have enjoyed seeing Gordana do a collection, and by the new standards, well, then Christopher deserved the chance, too.

Hmmm. Having 3/4 of the designers entered in the competition show at Bryant Park kind of takes away the cachet, doesn't it? Well, let's hope for Tim's sake that they didn't decide to take it a step further and send him out on 11 road trips to visit all of the remaining designers in their natural habitats!

Well with all this talk of Gordana (who yes indeedy was ripped off) I'd like to offer a bit of a twist.
Guess who she's "shackin' up" with?
Our most recent PR loser:

Interesting duo to say the least, and I sure hope it doesn't hinder her creations in any way because he talks about how they're able to incorporate their design aesthetics or some such guff.

Ugh, that's too much. There are a bunch of people still standing that I have no interest in seeing a full collection from. Not that we'd see it onscreen, but you guys will feel compelled to rip it all apart, right? Not that that isn't fun, but oy vey! That's more than a lotta look!

This means there will be some terribly mediocre collections seen on the runway for Fashion Week. Sucks.

I really wish our talented Gordana had been in a different season of PR. She got stuck with the crappy locale and crappy judges. She deserved so much better.

Was Tim drunk when he recorded this? I am LMAO, because he had no filter at all.

I all but cheered at his smack down of Emilio, cause yeah, Emilio definitely should have been tending to his own business and not worried about what the other designers were doing wrong, because his Ricky 2.0 prom dress definitely should have been on the bottom.


srq said....

"WHY can these folks not do a better job of planning and scheduling?"


Thank you, srq. I really think that this is what it all boils down to ---- ill-conceived ideas, poor planning and greed. And having an overabundance of designers at FW not only cheapens the experience for viewers, but designers as well.


They really should have rescheduled the show to air over the summer so the collections would show in the Fall. What's the point if getting to Bryant Park requires that you make it through less than half the challenges?

I'm really hoping for a triple elimination of Jesse, Anna and Janine, but that is truly wishful thinking.


Seriously? That is so fricking lame. I officially think that 11 decoys means that PR has jumped the shark.

Is this show even in control of itself?

Should we start a straw poll to try to work out which designer throws Tim 'under the bus' to Heidi?

Tim mentioned that he's sure it'll be edited out - I do hope he'll reveal all in his video blog when the time comes.

I'm guessing it's Emilio - judging by the level of rancour in this last blog.

And - by the way - how cute was the wee snigger from whomever helps Tim record the blogs?!

Eclectic Mayhem

Hey, I heard the same rumor...Gordana and Jesus under the same roof. Wow, what's up?

I can see it now: The first challenge of Season 8 would be to show a ten-piece collection for Fashion Week Spring 2011.


Interviews of the contestants should no longer dwell on how awesome it would be if they get to show at Bryant Park, if this stupid trend continues.


It has become more and more apparent that since the death of Mary-Ellis Bunim that she was, indeed, the talent of the business. What a clusterfuck.

GothamTomato said: "BTW, I think it's cute that Tim has that autographed picture of Heidi on the desk behind him, but I wonder if it's one of those things that's only brought out for company."

or when he's filming his video blogs!


I wonder what they'll do for Season 8?

HATE this scheduling.

I've always liked the decoy thing (when timed right) because it adds that last little end of the season ooomph (and gives some like Kara Janx a real boost). "which of these designers showing are the final 3 & who is gonna totally flame out on the last challenge?" is part of the fun leading up to the show's finale.

With so many to wrangle, won't it be obvious who the real finalists are as they go last (or first)?

I wonder if each designer will do an intro? If they'll all get the same funds.

grrrr rrrr. It's a bit much, no?

OTOH -- It would be great fun if the final episode(s) covered the entire backstage craziness including the decoys.

When I read this, all I could think of was what a travesty it was that Suede got to show his nauseating Barbie collection at Bryant Park in whatever-season-that-was because there were way too many decoys that season, but Gordana didn't get to show at all because there were no decoys in her season. BOOOOOO.

Did Suede teach them NOTHING?!?!???

That seems really unfair, and if we haven't learned from past decoys: shit is going to walk out there.
There is a REASON you have to make it to the final 3 (or 4) to make it to fashion week. UGH!

I'm crossing my fingers for a double auf so it gets knocked down to 10, but that's still nuts. I agree with those who are saying it lessens the prize greatly. At least you'll have a longer show to watch?

I'm surprised at the vitriol.

Assuming next week eliminates Anna, Janine, or Jessie-- I expect to see six or even seven good shows. (I think Anna might actually be able to turn it out, even if her work on the show is unspectacular.)

This is a strong cast, and I'm happy for them to get as much exposure as possible.

I just think it is rather dumb how they cannot plan things so that the last elimination is air just before the shows, and you produce the final episode later. And you eliminate the need for decoys. Cannot be that hard really...

I don't think that anyone who matter is fashion week is going to go through 11 wannabe shows either... so for the three finalists, it is rather a let down too.

WTH? I was pretty much on board with this season of PR after last season's travesty, then they make this mistake? I just don't get it - it's like no one at Bunim/Murray or Lifetime even cares about the show.

I agree with Max re Anna. I think she's got a lot of talent and skills. Although her work is quiet, there's something about it that I wanna see more of so I hope she makes it through next week's elimination.

What a shame Ping didn't last enough episodes to show.

8-11 decoy collections is better than 3 anonymous collections with stupid "magical" editing.

Cmon you guys. You would have gone ape-shit if they did that again.

Yes, it was a little dumb that they couldn't just air this season in early December so there would be fewer decoys. Or why they couldn't wait to air the season this summer for September.

But I say, it'll be nice to see a huge finale, especially considering the talent level this season.

Look at the positives!

My theory on why the show is suffering now that it is on Lifetime can be boiled down to 4 words...
"Models of the Runway"

This basically limits the challenges. I am sure that this past week will be the only one using non-MOTR models. No more designing for each other, designing for a drag queen, designing for a teenager or a female wrestler etc. In my opinion, those were some of the best challenges! I really find MOTR boring and useless. Why can't they just hire models like all the other shows? Oh Yeah, Heidi...

This is also the reason that they cannot use the "anonymous Bryant Park" show... because the designers tend to stick with their same models, and this gives it away.

Its simple - don't look at the collections before the finale, if you want that "element of surprise"

Thats what I'll do.

Because I don't like ripping this show apart just for the mere fact that there are so many decoy collections. WHO CARES? THE FINALE 3 ARE THE ONLY ONES BEING TELEVISED! its not like they are handing a win over to 11 people.

I watched Tim's videoblog and I think he's stretching himself too thin. He said something about the PR designers creating "separates" . . . maybe he's living in an alternate universe. If I see ONE MORE STRAPLESS DRESS I AM GOING TO HURL!!!!


I have to say that I love Tim even more than I did before after watching his video blog.

The man is all kinds of wonderful.

I don't get the outrage at the epic decoy-a-thon.

I'm not upset that past non-finalists have managed to parlay their TV exposure into networking opportunities and career advancement. I wouldn't be upset if PR added cash prizes in descending amounts for the runners-up and last eliminees, Survivor-style. I wouldn't be upset if one episode had a multi-day, big-budget challenge to create a mini-collection.

So I'm certainly not upset that seven contestants rather than just one or two get the fantastic "consolation prize" of showing at Bryant Park despite not being eligible for the big prize. And I'm not upset that avid PR fans like us have lots more fodder to cheer, mock, and speculate about.

Hey, does this mean in the obligatory final "surprise" challenge, the finalists only get to choose their special helper from among Ping, Jesus, Christiane, Pamela, and whoever's auffed next? Yikes. (Although that's one situation where I definitely want Jesus as my copilot.)

They should have made last week's episode (episode three, the signature piece bullshit one) a double elimination. That way they could have reduced the number of decoys (down from eleven to ten), and also jesse would have gotten what he deserved and gone home when he was a big part of the reason the designs failed but he took no fault in that.
I doubt next week will be a double elimination because it makes the most sense to have double elimination on team challenges, although they did a double elimination in season 5 during the astrology challenge (which in essentially was to reduce the number of decoys from 7-6), so next week could be a double but it would've made alot more sense to have done it last week when it was a team challenge.
Also the double elimination worked in season 5 because it was getting down to the wire, it was final eight, so when heidi Mail announced the double elimination, it just added to the already tense mood in the workroom due to the eliminated designers and the avant garde challenge.
I feel like a non team double elimination this early will just kind of be like "eh, there are so many that suck cuz its so early in the game, that we'll be glad we can kill two birds with one stone"
unless its gonna be one of those shocking eleminations like out of the blue circa top model cycle 4 when tyra just deicded both tiffany and rebecca weren't good enough and set them both home (and then commenced to have a screaming match with tiffany unrivaled in the history of reality tv).
i miss judging screaming matches, the likes of which made famous by santino and kenley (though kenleys were kind of pathetic as most of the time instead of screaming she would just pout and cry and whine about how unfair everything is).
i hope theres a judging screaming match this season.

This move makes total sense. And it's exactly what they should have done last season.

In fact, it would have been a special "we're moving to Lifetime, see how special our new cast is" kind of move to showcase ALL of the contestants that season at BP. (It might have also betrayed some of the assy judging that season, though Irina would still have had the awesomest collection.)

this is absolutely ridiculous...

And I bet Althea, Irina and Carol Hannah wish they had been able to show their faces at their Bryant Park show!

Why couldn't they schedule this better? 8 or 9 decoy shows? Why not have every designer do a decoy show, and then air the episodes after Fashion Week? *eye roll*

To the people asking about why the last season didn't have a reunion show, it's because those episodes were specials hosted by Bravo.

I don't get the anger... If they had done it the way they did last season everyone would be pissed too. First off, i'm looking forward to seeing everyones collections. There are much more than three designers whose collections I want to see. I think it's interesting to see how everybody is doing when the time constraints and th estress level aren't as they are now. Some might surprise you and some might drash and burn and we all know that's LOTS of fan to watch.

And it's not like they'll be showing every single collection on TV all the time, so if you really think it's going to spoil the show for you it can easily be avoided to see them.

I do agree it sucks that they're giving a benefit to numerous designers that last season they couldn't be arsed to do even for the top non-finalists. However, I can't see how this will ruin the suspense the way the S6 one did.

In S6's case, the problem was that because they did only show 3 designers' work, it was fairly obvious to some who would make it to the finale early on. But in this case, there's no way to discern from the showing which designers will be eliminated when. At best, you could make educated guesses about the makeup of the finale based on which designs seem strongest, but that's no guarantee; they've sent people to Bryant Park in the past who had lousy collections.

Honestly, I think this could be pretty cool just because I think that all of the designers have worked hard to be there at this point. It's cool that more people will have the opportunity to get some more exposure. Yeah, if Jesse, Anna, and Janeane all get to show, we know that it won't be anything worthwhile. But we will get the opportunity to see more collections from more people. And the rules still apply: only 3 designers are actually competing and only one can win. This way we all get exposed to more designs and fashion, which is one of the reasons we watch Project Runway, right? And more designers get exposure and the opportunity to grow as designers, which is why they go on Project Runway, right? It could be seen as a win-win situation.

-Purple Leah

Way OT, but anybody else seen those new HP banner ads with Tim? They show the designers working on the pads, but not their faces!

Guess they didn't wanna pay everybody.

Anonymous said...

"Five or six would have been appropriate, cuz look its fucking obvious to us already that anthony, jeaneane, amy, and jesse arent making it to the finale."

I'm sorry but I do think Amy will at least make to the last six standing. My picks for those are Milla, Jonathan,Seth Aaron (I wish he makes it to the final three), Emilio, Amy. I'm torn between Maya, Ben and Jay for the last "6" spot, but I wish Ben gets it. I could justify my preference for Ben by saying I was interested in seeing a collection from him but I'm 95% sure I will given this "show collections from 2/3 of the cast" decision.

Anyway this blows for my dear Gordana, who was completely fucked up because of that "Heidi-in-charge" all-season judging which reached its climax when they sent Puckerfest Althea to Bryant Park instead of her, despite have the best dress on that runway, and Nina - NINA, for heaven's sake! - said she didn't know who she was a designer when she was barely present during the whole season! So they wouldn't finance 2 extra collectionds for decoy, but now there's money to show about 10 collections??? To quote that memorable TLo sentence from last season, "FUCK YOU BUNIM-MURRAY!"

And I feel for Christopher too. Given time and resources, he'd do fine... well, at least better than Suede's collection. No other can (hopefully!!!) top that mess.

I guess this means Miss Sophia gets to do a collection. Cannot wait to see it! Remember Kara's decoy collection was as good or better than the winner's collection.


God, I love Tim!! My dream is to sit down to lunch with him and talk fashion, fashion, fashion!!
I am not totally upset by the multi-showings at Bryant Park. Maybe because I am as underwhelmed this season by these designers as I was last season. It's boiling down to four reasons why I am still watching PR: Tim, Nina, Michael and OF COURSE, TLo!!!

Seems to weaken the Fashion Week show in another way: to the extent that they learn anything from the challenges and critiques (which, admittedly, the only lesson may be "never go on a reality competition show"), they've only just begun that learning process. So, really, what they'll be showing is what they'd've shown if they'd just been picked off the street, and not what they'd show after having gained experience and insight from having been on the show.

Could they make decoy collections too? How about ping as well?

My initial reaction was, "There will be a lot of ASS coming down that runway," but ... I suspect that with more time to create a colllection, a lot of these designers will make a better showing.

I have often thought that PR should be 2 shows: The one we see, and a parallel version (to maybe run on-line only).

In the parallel version, everyone who is eliminated would go to a second workroom where they would continue to get & complete challenges under the same conditions as those still in the competition.

The reason I think this is because I've often thought that there is some (maybe a lot) luck of the draw involved in that if the challenges were in a different order, it would affect who gets auf'd & who stays in. Obviously there are weak links in every cast, who are destined to go early, but there are others who would have made it to the finals (or at least gone farther) if the challenges that play to their strengths came earlier than the challenges that don't. There have been a lot of designers I wish I'd gotten to see complete more challenges (while other, less talented designers skated through farther than they should have).

Even though it IS kind of ridiculous to have so many decoy collections, it would be interesting to see if any of those decoys are better than the eligible finalists.


I do not know how they cast the show but it seems to me the talent level has been going downhill since Princess Puffy Sleeves won the whole shebang in Season 4. I not saying the final three were inferior in talent for any particular season but the overall talent level of the entire season seems to be heading south. Also, winning does not seem to help your career that much with the exception of PPS. Unlike American Idol, PR does not seem to produce any instant fashion stars put instead produces instant media stars.


Tim is so cute I could die. "I watch the show. I have to." Court-ordered PR viewing. "I actually shouted at the television." and then that prim look. I'm going to capture him and keep him in my basement.

This scheduling was just stupid. It's not like Fashion Week is a surprise.

First of all, how much do I love Tim Gunn? Crazy much.

Second, Tim seems to have just as big a problem with Emilio as he did with Vincent and Victoria. When are we going to see why?

Third, if those eliminated designers are smart, they'll use the Bryant Park show not to go for high fashion, but to show well made, commercially viable clothes that speak to their ideal customer. Like Joe Faris did.

another laura

Pathetic. I just don't know even know what to say that doesn't lead me around to "why am I still watching"?

Why not just the final 5? You know, not everybody peeks at the Bryant Park show before hand and If you're peeking, you don't care much about being surprised so they could have just done 3 or 4.
Bunim/Murray is drowning and draging PR down with it or maybe it's the other way around, who really gives a crap anymore.
I'm just dissapointed that they couldn't keep Ping in for two more eppisodes, uhg looks like we're gunna get a Jesse DeLacraptastic runway. HA HA HA
It'll be more cringe inducuing than Suede's. Remeber that mess.

I love Tim Gunn!! Has he been doing a video recap after all the episodes? I've got to find them. I loved his old podcast. There is something about hearing him comment on the designs that is more satifying than reading his blog.

Wow - does he dislike Emilio. Hope a future show shows where this emnity started. Has to be more to it than hearing Emilio's smack talk on the confessionals.

Way too many designers showing at fashion week.

The season is over, they know who the final 3 are, so I'd guess they get the 9/10 grand. The others will get a lesser amount (half?), but get to show at Bryant Park
That's my take..
Still all in all an I find it an unsatisfactory end.
The Season 6 contestants must really feel they got short changed all the way around.

If Lifetime is so concerned about spending money that they have to continually give one-day challenges, how can they justify giving 5-8 extra designers $8000 to create a collection for BP? Goddamn - where are their priorities?

I adore Tim, but yikes I get uncomfortable when he has it in for a contestant (i.e., Vincent and Victoria, as mentioned above). The animus is so palpable, and he comes across as a far more reliable narrator when he dials it down.

10-11 collections at BP is WAY too many. If a majority of the season's designers get to show at BP, finalist or decoy, might as well let all 16 designers next season show.

I do agree this is a better season than the last two seasons, but there are still some weak links that need to be weeded out. I would rather see some of the designers from past seasons who didn't even get to show, such as Nick, Christopher, and especially Gordana, show at BP than a collection from Anna, Janeane, or Jesse.

I think it hurts the brand to have so many collections at BP. They are supposed to be showing collections from the top designers.

In season 5, they had 3 decoys, which was a disaster as they were all horrible.

4, maybe 5 collections is enough.

Well, season 6 contestants just got unlucky. such is life.


What? Am I the only one that's excited? This is going to be fun! Hours of runway footage to criticize! 9 different chances for people to Kara Janx the winner! At Least 4 seasons worth of ANTM Contestants walking down the runway! Who cares if this defeats the purpose of the show, It's gonna be awesome!

Interesting to say the least, so is the entire show over in only 5 episodes, will they air next weeks show at Bryant Park WHEN?

We love Christopher from last season and wish that he would have had an opportunity to show at BP, it would have been great for him.

This whole thing with Lifetime is just not the same as when Bravo produced the show.

Back in NYC = Good
Nina and Michael = Good
All designers left get to show at BP = ODD

Wow...... what does it matter? It's undoubtably a "one off" situation because last season's lawsuit threw off the timing for the beginning of this season as well. I can't say it's going to affect me how many people show; and quite frankly, I'm happy for all the designers who wouldn't otherwise have had the chance.
You'll see, next season it will be back to the usual set up.

For those of you who don't seem to have a grasp on what is going on here: PR will be showing a full season of episodes. But since Bryant Park occurs and the finale is FILMED next week, the producers include every contestant who has not been eliminated in the episodes aired to date so that no one knows for sure who the Final 3 will be.

Get it?

This is what happens when you dovetail pre-recorded shows with a live event.

Princess Die

Tim in leathah! (albeit in blazer and cashmere turtleneck, lol). I don't usually watch his videos, so can anyone tell me: Does Tim get his leather on when he's dishing out the tough love?

Lifetime/BM are killing the show. IDEKY. What's the point of offering designers A BRYANT PARK SHOW as a big woohoo prize when everybody gets one? It cheapens the prize, and by extension, the impact of winning PR.

I used to LOVE this show and now it is ssooo boring! Yawn... Leaving Bravo was a big mistake. Lifetime is evidently for stupid movies meanwhile Bravo continues to have IT with it's other shows. I'm afraid I'm seeing the beginning of the end for PR. I guess I'll have to buy the dvds from Bravo and rewatch them.


Ha ha! Yeah, I'm getting a little tired of hearing that!

There is no excuse for scheduling it this badly. Showing your collection at Bryant Park should be the reward for making to the end. I agree that this completely waters down that honor.

Yes, the entire crowd will go to fashion week BUT I will lay odds that the $$$ to create their collections will only go to the final three.

Also, I'll bet Tim only visits the final three (and not all of them).

I think it sucks! Bad planing from their part.

I think it's lame and we'll have to wade through way more fug to see a winner. I do think this season is better, but after a while, you want the finale to be very competitive and cream-of-the-crop. I don't want the show to ever be canceled because my favorite part of the show is the TLo recaps! You've surpasses the actual Spectacle to become the Spectacle (have you ever heard of the Situationists?)

That's totally ridiculous.

As of this week, Jesse, Anna and Janeane are all still in the game. Ponder this, internet friends: even with a double elimination, at LEAST one of these three will present at New York Fashion Week. I'd argue that there are a couple others outside of these three who probably don't deserve a show, but the thought of these three with their shoddy execution and boring points of view actually being allowed to show at NYFW is almost offensive.

Who could be in the final three is debatable -- but I doubt anyone would disagree that they will be comprised of three from this list: Amy, Jay, Emilio, Mila, Seth Aaron, Jonathan, and Maya. Even if every single one of them showed, that would be seven presentations -- even more than in S5 (Leanne, Korto, Kenley, Jerrell, Suede and Joe = 6).

This isn't fair to the final five or six contestants. Also, holy crap, can you imagine how much of a mad house it'll be backstage? Tim's going to go INSANE.

Looks like you two will get to wade through a lot of crap.....

...and I can't wait to read through every bit of it!


Hi everybody,
I was so suprised to see the headline "Gordana will be pissed!" when I looked at the homepage, but now I know what it is all about.

I'm even more surprised and grateful how many people are commenting on my behalf. It is disappointing that I didn't get to show in Bryant Park, but I really hope somebody will show up from some corner of my life and give me the opportunity that was lost. :-)

Fashion shows are so quick anyways, and I think it would be good entertainment for the viewers. Some designers do not perform well under pressure, and we might be pleasantly surprised. It will keep the top three on their toes.

I know I will make it to Bryant Park someday, so stay tuned!

Love to all of you,

An entire collection designed by Jesse? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

I'd argue that there are a couple others outside of these three who probably don't deserve a show, but the thought of these three with their shoddy execution and boring points of view actually being allowed to show at NYFW is almost offensive.

Well hell, it's almost offensive that they were even chosen to be on Project Runway, if that's the kind of thing that almost offends you.

This isn't fair to the final five or six contestants.

Okay, I kind of understand where people are coming from when they feel sorry for the three finalists who'll have all these decoys potentially diverting attention from their final collections, but the final eliminees? It's PR tradition that the last eliminee(s) are called on to present decoy collections, but I'm pretty sure it's not promised in the contract.

It sucks for Gordana that they didn't need a decoy in her season, and it sucks for Uncle Nick that they didn't need two decoys in his season (he was eliminated just before Kara Janx). It sucks for Kara Janx that there were the normal three finalists her season, not four finalists like the one after. It sucks for Austin Scarlett that they didn't realize they'd need him to do a decoy collection until a few weeks before the show, so he had to throw it together at the last minute. It sucks for the previous winners that their prize didn't include the "HP Technology Suite." It sucks, it sucks, it sucks, but them's the breaks, kids.

BTW, I was looking at previous seasons' results, and if you think the last eliminees are so wonderful and deserving, check out Season Three, where the last three auffed were Angela, Vincent, and Kayne. It speaks to the strength of this season's contestants that there are still seven contestants you think are (generally considered) strong or interesting and only three that'll really outrage you if/when they show at Bryant Park.

Oh, and hi, Gordana! Hi, anonymous pissed Christopher!

My reaction to this was.. it's dumb, what a laugh, whatever. Terrible? I don't know, maybe I don't get it that people can be so emotional about a show, to have something as trivial as this ruin their day... As for Gordana and co (hi Gordana!), I fail to see how this makes any difference one way or the other, honestly...

Now I am really, really bummed about Jesus' elimination, I would love to have seen his Barbie / quinceanera / Real Housewives collection... boo hoo!

Bryant Park isn't what Bryant Park used to be. This year, the collections are way down. At best, B-M's decision (or poor planning) is probably being embraced as an economic stimulus measure. Still, long term, we may look back on Seasons 6 and 7 as the seasons where Project Runway jumped the shark.

I don't think this is a good idea, mostly because it feels like we as fans are losing a lot of the show. But, I guess I can see why they would want to do something different. I guess I am most interested to see how the rest of this season plays out.

Eh. As a viewer, it's just more for me to look at. So no complaints.

Though with so many showing, there could be a real danger that one of the decoy collections is clearly being better than one of the top 3, thereby undermining the show. If the best collection doesn't end up a contender, what does that say about PR's credibility? And as a fan, it will tick me off if one of my favorites is eliminated and goes on to produce a collection that should take it all, if not for being a decoy.


What strikes me most strongly is that it must have been an interesting production decision tree to have gotten to this point.

The only thing that I find upsetting is if (when) the word comes down that the decoys got significantly less money to work with but had to send their work out on the same runway as the fully-funded actual finalists.

Otherwise, I think it's great that more of the mob get to have their handful of minutes in the spotlight. Life is unfair, the fashion industry more so than many, and really - getting to Bryant Park via a being top three on a gimmicky reality show? How fair is that?

I see nothing but good in having a chance to see what more of the designers can do with a chunck of change and a few months to work.

former contestant

Formerly Anon:

In all past seasons decoys got exactly the same budget as the final contenders to create their collection.

Now, however being that there are many decoys this season, I'd say it's a possibility to be the first time where that's not the case.

Either that or we may be seeing significantly smaller collections (8 or 9 looks) from each designer rather than 12. I'm predicting smaller than usual collections especially given how long the runway show could end up taking.

I would LOVE, love, LOVE and B-M/Lifetime listen to this ratings! would watch a post-S7 hour-long show where they showed all the rest of the decoy runways AND had Tim critique.

I think y'all would watch too! And having Tim as commentator in chief would take make it very clear that it wasn't a "judged" show :).

I can't wait to see Anthony's collection.

GUESS WHAT FOLKS!? unless you have a ticket to see the will not see everyone's collection. they will only show the finalists on TV.

Maybe you need to figure out what decoy means.

Also a lot of people here are very mis informed about what a production company and a network are. Do your homework...

Anonymous said...

GUESS WHAT FOLKS!? unless you have a ticket to see the will not see everyone's collection. they will only show the finalists on TV.

GUESS WHAT ANONYMOUS?! That has no bearing on this conversation. In the past, even the decoys managed to wring a lot of press out of it if their collections were good. You seem to be very misinformed about the fashion world and how it works. Do your homework.

LIFESLIME needs to hire a scheduling manager---ONE THAT CAN DO THE JOB PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Decoys? Come on! That is simply tossing money down the drain...and money they are not going to have if they keep this up because ratings are going down.

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