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Emilio, Jesse, Maya

Poodles, it's a veritable PARADE of frumpy, twisty, unflattering fashion!

"Prior to this challenge, it was all about me, me, me, me, me. But after meeting the ladies, you realize that there are greater things in this world than just winning a challenge."

Oh, PUH-LEEZE, bitch. If we were in charge of this show, we'd make sure to replay that soundbite every time Emilio trash-talks his competitors or acts like he shits ice cream. They had several opportunities to do so in this very episode as Emilio, post-Afterschool Special moment, did some trash-talking about the other garments.

When really, he should have been paying a lot more attention to his own.

We checked. As far as we know, she wasn't pregnant.

Now, she looks to have a perfectly fine body. We're not saying she's fat or there's anything wrong with how she looks physically. But she clearly does not have the body to wear a dress like this. Again, no crime in that, but the whole point to these "real women" challenges is to get the designers to design something for a body that doesn't have the measurements of a wire hanger.

Additionally, for some reason his technical skills went off the rails this week.

Inexplicably sloppy.

His previous two dresses demonstrated a high level of technical proficiency so what exactly went wrong here, with a design that looks to us to be a hell of a lot simpler than his previous work?

Honestly, we sometimes think we're watching Bizarro Project Runway when we hear the judges talk about Jesse's work.

Nina praised this. Stop and reflect on that for a moment.


Seriously, what was she thinking? She'd have raked another designer over the coals for this in previous seasons. We hope she's not toning herself down to avoid the "bitch" label. Nina! Embrace the bitch label! In this world, it means you're smart and have high standards!

So, okay. There's the incredibly frumptastic white jacket with the "Teacher of the Year" craft project corsage...

And then there's this. Or rather, these.

In fact, this neckline was what got Nina to wax rhapsodically. Although she was forced to admit that it wasn't the right neckline for this poor girl. Well Nina, we don't want to tell you how to do one of your jobs, but ISN'T THAT THE WHOLE POINT? To design for THESE girls?

Come ON. She looks like slutty Ethel Mertz!

And when we say "these girls," we mean the ladies, not the tits. Granted, designing for her tits would have been a step in the right direction, but still. We wanted to clear that up.

It was mostly inoffensive from the back. Still frumpy and definitely not flattering, but okay.

We like Maya. We think she's cool and intense and she's got an interesting aesthetic...

But this was another instance where the judges overpraised the piece. She looks like she's standing in front of a really large fan.

And while we realize that there is gold in the Campbell's logo, that gold and red together in one dress is a bit much from a color perspective. Hints of gold would work; a gigantic window treatment from Graceland hanging off her hip doesn't. Also, the way it curls around her boob doesn't look very flattering to us.

Again, not too bad from the back. Maybe they should have just had all the models walk backwards down the runway.

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LOL at "Slutty Ethel Mertz". Perfect description. Thank you TLo for a Sunday afternoon guffaw.

I like the idea that Maya was going for, the half-heart shape leading to a serpentine swoosh across the body. But the gold fabric she was using was too heavy to pull that off. Instead of looking flow-y, it just looked wadded up and tortured.

I do have to give Jesse props for giving us an outfit that had Nina and Heidi talking about nice bosoms. If the Duchess had commented about the great rack, I would have been rolling on the floor.

This episode had the most cracktastic judging so far this season. Good thing we have TLo for a voice of sanity!

Okay, I really thought Emilio's model was pregnant. Yikes. Love his work (aside from this), but he's working my nerve.

I think Jesse deserved to be the bottom two, though not the loser. What a mess, and that jacket is terrible.

I agreed with the Marchesa lady. I wanted to like Maya's. I thought the concept was good, but the execution didn't work out well at all. Love her, but didn't think she was top 3.

Princess Die

When the judges called out the bottom/top three line-up, the only dress I knew for sure was in the clear was Amy's. What a terrible showing this week. Maya's dress never would've made the top three if the pickings hadn't been so slim (ahahah "gigantic window treatement from Graceland" -- right on). I'm thinking some sly PA put crack in EVERYBODY's coffee.

Clueless Jock

Agreed, I didn't care for any of these dresses.

I hated Jesse's jacket and children make better flowers out if tissue paper. All I did was stare at the boob flower and not because I liked it. I really didn't care for any of thses but that jacket...I hated that jacket and how it fit. I can't wait for a more interesting challenge. I'm tired of dresses.

bleh, i'm so over this challenge. I think this is the first time in PR history that I have hated every single one of the entries.

Seriously, why would you send a girl down the runway in a dress that causes "congratulations, when are you due?" as the response?

Slightly unrelated: watching this episode gave me a great idea for a future challenge. Design for women in wheelchairs. Designing a dress for sitting is much different than one for walking. And, depending on the individuals' disabilities, the designers could have some interesting proportions to work with.

The thing that first made me think of this is this article from an MDA magazine:

that's got CLINTON FRIGGIN KELLY giving out fashion advice for people in wheelchairs. The article itself is kinda obvious but I am impressed that they got Clinton to address this subject. I think PR would do good to address it as well

"Slutty Ethel Mertz." LMAO.

I finally got around the watching the episode yesterday. You have to believe most of those women were hoping they were NOT wearing the winning dress because there is no way they'd want to be seen in public looking so awful.

PRincess Die said:. I'm thinking some sly PA put crack in EVERYBODY's coffee.
Yes, or maybe something a bit more hallucination-inducing and they all made friends with the serpent on Maya's dress. ~Gary

Um, you guys....Nina didn't "praise" this. Yes, the neckline she did, but she had a problem with everything else.

TLo said: "Nina praised this. Stop and reflect on that for a moment.


yeah, can I please have some of the drugs she's on?

Because pharmaceutical intervention is the only way her praise of this garment makes any sense.

I would have been perfectly happy to have Thurston in the bottom three for this one - it was deserving.

Maya's look had some real thoughtfulness to the design and I liked that. a lot. This is yet another instance of if they'd had more time for the execution, the final product (dress) would have been much better.


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hahahaha.... I was wondering whether or not she was pregnant... she has a beautiful body but that dress was not flattering at all...also Maya's dress was interesting but the bust looked really weird.. like it wasnt fitted right

When I first say Maya's I didn't like it. When I looked at it again, I still didn't like it but there was something there - like it could have worked it there had been more time to modify, or more fabric choices. I agreed with the judge who said she couldn't stop looking at it. It wasn't a nice dress but it had potential somewhere. I was okay with her being safe, but it is a sad day when that makes top 3.

They all seemed to be working with poor quality fabric. I know they all got the same fabric budget, but aren't you at a disadvantage if you have a model who is a larger size than a competitor's model? Seemed a bit unfair to me.

I'm trying to remember if there was another PR episode where the collective results were so poor.

I also thought Emilio's model looked pregnant in that dress. I don't think any of the dresses in this challenge were really flattering to any of the women for whom they were created, with the possible exception of Seth Aaron's, who by the way, looked like he was channeling Ed Grimley.

The praise Maya's dress got just mystified me. Serious boobs akimbo, and all that bunched up fabric? Yuck. And maybe I've just been spending too much time at Cake Wrecks, but I thought that gold swoosh looked like someone went after her with a giant piping bag.

yeah! ho! wah!

emilio: seemed down-to-earth and low-key at the beginning, but seems to become more arrogant and dislikable with each ep. not that i mind it... its good to have some villains!

jesse: first keith, and now jesse: attractive, but kinda douchy and not all that talented, yet tim seems to love their stuff. i love tim, but i think he judges with his penis sometimes. hey, its a human (emphasis on "man") thing to do.

maya: at least its interesting. i think shes this seasons carol hannah: overthinking stuff way too much.

"Tlo said: We're not saying she's fat or there's anything wrong with how she looks physically. But she clearly does not have the body to wear a dress like this."

That silhouette looks bad on virtually every body - it just adds pounds, which is why it doesn't work on any body-type except a skinny-mini model type.

Both Emilio's & Jessie's dresses looked like Home Ec projects. And Jessie's looked matronly to boot.

With Maya, the sketch looked interesting, so I think this was just a case of her having a creative idea that she just didn't have the technical skills to bring to fruition (or maybe she does, but just not in the time frame they had to work with). The result was just awful though - it looks like one of those sculptural wall art thingies you see in furniture showrooms.


Oh boy.
Really WTF? It was all so bad. Jesus should not have gone home over Jesse and Anna. You know, I smell some producer manipulation in the praise of Jesse's dress/jacket. Wouldn't you just love to see Nina in that dress/jacket? I would!

I just do not get why Maya's was in the top three, especially with a couple far better entries in the muddy middle. I felt like the judges seemed a little mystified, too, but once it was there they had to praise it.

Ugh, these dresses were ugly, plain and simple! The first one really did make her look pregnant, the second might have worked for something like a showtune, because short of it displaying her chest even with the jacket on, it could have been cut better and looked like a 1940's jacket, whereas the singer would take it off for a sultry number. However, it looked just horrid on the poor woman.

And the third, oh who are we kidding? The only thing I think when I see is a gold goose/peacock/insert other long necked bird here with it's head lying on her boob. It is unflattering, makes her look lopsided and is just atrocious.

ARRRGH! These 12 hour challenges are KILLING this show! I think it's a testament to the caliber of this season's designers that they all finished their dresses at all.

Puckered seams, bad hems, weird fits... it all adds up to a bunch of ugly walking the runway, and that's just not fun. It's boring.

I have no doubt Jesse would have sent down the same dress even with more time, but I wonder what Emilio and Maya might have done to tweak their dresses. I could see where each was going, but they both sent down failures.

And what fun is it when even the most promising designers suck?

I found myself agreeing with the guest judge's views more than Nina and Michael on this episode. She seemed to cast a more objective outsider's eye on the garments.

All in all, the pieces were 'interesting' or 'nice' at best.

(Last season, it was the Macy's blue-themed challenge... this season, red. What next, green? (oh wait, that's already been done in season 2 on the flower-market challenge... with arguably much better results))

another laura

My sister and I decided that our word for this episode would be "mega-mediocrity" It's not like anybody sent an unfinished garment down the runway, or made their model look like a fool, but nobody's look was really any good, either. We considered "cornucopia of crap" before considering that this week didn't go far enough in that direction to merit "crap" designation. Does that make sense?

Emilios dress was so awful!!! When he kept talking about how beautiful the dress looked on his model all I kept thinking was either he is delusional or he just got lucky in the first few challenges and he has bad taste...

Jesse does not know what a women really wants to wear and doesn't know about fashion at all!! That corsage thing was so awful.

Maya's could have been cute if she had about 2 extra days to play with the draping. I don't think she should have been in the top 3. Jay should have probably been in the top 3 before her because he made his model look so good. She looked tall and lean!!

Maya's gown just looked like the lady won the "Miss Campbell" competition or something. It was a gold sash--I kept waiting for The Duchess to rip into and mention all it needed was the name of the state she's from across it.

I had been very curious regarding Emilio's model...because she didn't look pregnant up until she went down the runway.


GOD I hated all three of these outfits.

First: Emilio, that is one hot mess. I think if you act like you shit ice cream you should be able to make your seams match on a flowy tube dress. Also, she isn't pregnant???? Damn girl, Emilio did you wrong! I would't be surprised if she was waiting for him in a dark alley somewhere.

Second: That Jacket is super unflattering, if you have girls, your jacket shouldn't end just under them, it makes her look like she is wearing an innertube. I can see where he was going with the neckline. I had a bridesmaid who wanted to wear her straps slightly off the shoulder cause she said (in her own words) "if I wear em regular I look like a linebacker".

Third: That last dress was so funny looking. The huge pleated drapes hanging across her body made her look really wide, and a little like she was wearing a dinner napkin. Also, the boob curl looks like a giant gold snake lives on her chest. AWEFULL. It would have been a nice curve if the head of the "snake" had met up with the neckline instead of curling protectively around her nipples.

BLECH to all three!

"Come ON. She looks like slutty Ethel Mertz!"

LOL, thanks, I needed that! Hate to hate on Ethel Mertz but you nailed it with that comment.

"But she clearly does not have the body to wear a dress like this" empire-waisted dress.

Well, who does? That style is UNIVERSALLY unflattering. Just look at any film or t.v. production of any Jane Austen film: all the actresses look pregnant. Even 20-something Gwyneth Paltrow looked pregnant when she played Emma Woodhouse. -victoria

I realize high fashion is a very insular world where there is little consideration of how an outfit will look on a real person, but since very few of these contestants, if any, will make it to high fashion, it might behoove them to learn how to design to flatter whatever body type walks through their doors.

So, I love the idea of real people challenges.

Those in wheelchairs should be especially fun, since there are all sorts of considerations, such as not getting caught in the wheel and those of us with a tendency for our legs to fall open. (My fear is always that, like with the movies, instead of using actual people with disabilities, they just put "regular" people in a chair and praise themselves as diverse and forward thinking.)

Also, challenges that involve dressing men. Men need fashion too.

Maya, like Mila, had a great concept in her sketch, but in reality, it looked awful. I can't believe it ended up in the top 3. Middle - at best.

If Emilio's dress had been executed better and if it had been on a different model, it could've been a really good entry. I still rather like it regardless. And thanks for clearing up that she wasn't pregnant. I couldn't help but think that too. For Jesse's dress I thought they were gonna actually rip him for all of that clevage but that's the only thing they praised about it. Maya's did have too much gold. But the general idea was nice.

See, I look at Maya's and I don't wonder how Mila's was in the top three. Because it's a hell of a lot better than Maya's mess.

Yes, Maya had an idea, but since when do you end up in the top three for a badly executed idea? The idea may keep you from going home, but top three?

I'm curious what you guys are going to say about Ben's, since that's the one I think should have been up there.

Oh, and Jesse's--just awful in satin. May have been okay in something else, but this was bad.

Didn't the judges hate it when Anthony put a big bunch of fabric on his model's hip? While I liked the idea behind Maya's design, aren't they judging the actual garment produced? I couldn't take my eyes off it either, but I am like that at train wrecks too.

I garden, and with all the tomato red, Maya's dress reminded me of a tomato being attacked by a hornworm. Really ugly bugs (except they're green). Really ugly dress.

Daisy said :
..."And maybe I've just been spending too much time at Cake Wrecks, but I thought that gold swoosh looked like someone went after her with a giant piping bag."

Love when my blogs cross over - and excellent description of her dress!

I think Nina was looking for something to praise about every dress, for the sake of the women. I looked pretty obvious that she was reaching for something flattering to say even when the dresses looked awful.

Dear sweet Tom and Lorenzo, won't you please recap/critique "Models of the Runway"? Come on, you KNOW you're watching it. Pretty please?

Slutty Ethel Mertz -- hah!

I was SURPRISED by Maya's design. I expected so much more from her. I think there was an idea in there, but something went wrong. Not auf-worthy, but certainly not top 3.

I don't know what the hell to think about Emilio -- based on his portfolio I wasn't expecting too much. Then his first 2 entries were very impressive. The last two -- team challenge and this one -- were more in keeping with my original expectations. So I dunno.

All these dresses were terrible. The only way I can even begin to understand why Maya's was in the top 3 was the underwhelming competition and the fact that her concept for the dress was slightly more interesting than some. But that still doesn't explain Maya's over Jay's or Ben's.

The possibility that Jesse may be showing at Fashion Week makes me want to spit nails. He doesn't have an ounce of talent or skill. He needs to go back to being a Disney pirate.

And the 'slutty Ethel Mertz' line was another TLo classic!

I like Maya and I wanted to like her dress. Unfortunately, it looked like static cling had made two garments stick together in the dryer.

Emilio's - the pregnancy look - already pointed this out. BUT as to empire waists. When a woman has is larger in the upper belly empire can work but the cut, flow and fit are critical. Dresses are difficult when you have a larger stomach/no waist. I have large breast and tend to bloat (heck my stomach expands with my first cup of water each day), but a couple my dresses that work best are jersey dresses that wrap above an empire waist. But they are soft and flow and have a perfect cut.

Jesse's (girl da da da da...)- I like the idea of a jacket and SLEEVES - but I always have trouble finding one that works with an empire waist. So yea for the idea but boo for the execution.
However, I liked the neckline and agree with the judges that in a crepe that dress would have worked.

I DO find it kind of wrong if they singled Jesse out onthe fabric - almost all of them used that shiny satin-y fabric - are they back to a reduced selection?

As to the boobs - that lady needed to learn forward and "lift and seperate" the girls. (Another example that most women would need to be able to wear a proper bra.)

Maya - I did not get the praise . It seems too shiny and bulky and sloppy


I, too, thought that Emilio's model was, oh, say 6-8 months pregnant. How did he manage to make such an unattractive and hideously crafted (not designed) dress? His smack talk is now a constant background buzz in every episode. I know that each season needs that stock character, but borrowing a quote from LML, Emilio really needs to "shut up and sew."

Maya's dress: Just didn't get the concept.

Jesse's dress: Made his guest model look bloated and matronly. Great "I Love Lucy" references! His garment actually reminded me a lot of the one Lucy created when Ricky refused to buy her a new dress.


Did Mood not have decent red fabric? It seemed like nearly every designer choose fabric that was either too shiny or too stiff to look good. I almost see what Jesse was going for, but I didn't like the jacket or the tacky badge/corsage. Mya's was hideous and Emilio's was not the right shape dress for his model.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Jesse's not only made the client look dumpy, all I could think of was a chorus line of "secretaries" in some 1960s show. Secretarial clothing in satin for the "big number." The neckline was great? Huh? The only chest up there that looked broader was the one on Anna's client---this one looked like she just went to second base with a guy behind a file cabinet in accounting at the company christmas party and then showed up down stage for the big number with the "secretarial pool...."

As someone said, Maya's heart "sash" fabric was far too heavy for that design.

How either of these got praised for anything was a damn mystery to me.

LOL!!! You guys are on fire today!

BTW, has anyone noticed Jesse likes to dress is gals like gents? Hmmmmm, just an observation.

ASK said, "When a woman has is larger in the upper belly empire can work but the cut, flow and fit are critical. Dresses are difficult when you have a larger stomach/no waist."

Jesse, Anna, and Anthony, and to some degree Emilio and even Amy did the exact OPPOSITE of what you should do if you're trying to create the illusion of a narrow waist. You don't cinch, or break up into blocks. You elongate designers, elongate! Next time you are given such a mind-bendingly difficult assignment (yes, that's sarcasm), try:

• a slightly narrowing-at-the-waist A-line
• a trapeze (depending on the figure you're designing for)
• a drop-waist
• a DVF-style wrap or faux-wrap

So true, Anon 4:49. Jesse's is totally Random Secretary #3 in the big finish of "How To Succeed In Business (Without Really Trying)."

Take another look at the top of the gold in Maya's dress... Is it me or does it look like the neck and head of a brontosaurus... you can see one eye in the profile... YIKES!

I was ok with the idea of Maya's dress, but I think it needed to have a sturdy underdress (boned heavily through the bust) to hold up the pleating/draping, and make use of a different (lighter- georgette perhaps?) fabric for all the drape-y stuff.

In a runway full of laaame, I'm not really surprised she ended up top three. She didn't play it safe, and heaven knows the judges love that.


I like how you put the three conundrums together in this post.

I really like Maya, I like her aesthetic and her personality, but I'm having trouble with some of her actual work. I feel she's always trying for these very interesting things but never quite achieving them. I don't know if it's all the one-day challenge or what, but it's hard to watch sometimes. I would like to see how she develops as her career progresses.

Emilio has been snarky but still fairly innocuous. I haven't really seen why he is getting on Tim's nerves so much. Still, that dress was not good.

As for Jesse. Sigh. His work always looks so sloppy on tv, and yet Tim seems to really love it. I don't get it.

"We checked. As far as we know, she wasn't pregnant."

Thank you! We were really wondering about that!

I think you may be exaggerating the praise for Jesse's look. The judges put him in the bottom three! I think they mentioned a few things they liked about the outfit to clarify why they weren't sending him home.

I like the fabric that Emilio choose. And the neckline was suitable for the client. I hate that so many of them used the soup fabric for belts or bias trim. Lame. They should have just left it off altogether. Solid middle, but only because there were so many utter fails.

Wasn't Jesse in the bottom three? Anyway, I thought there were worse dresses. I dislike the jacket. I do like the silouette for the model, although the front neckline is too low. I think if he had chosen a fabric with a firmer hand it would have handled and looked better. The silk charmuse is too flimsy and is colapsing under her abdomen also the rippling at the stress points would be lessened with a firmer fabric.

Maya's dress is a bit sloppy. The ruching on the skirt is a bit much. Maybe if it were a gown length that would have worked better. I like the way the drape swings around and shows in the back when she walks though.

I loved Maya's idea but the execution was pretty bad. There was entirely too much fabric on the front and the length of the dress is really unflattering.

And Emilio's poor girl, he made her look six months along.

t.goodfellow said...
Emilio has been snarky but still fairly innocuous. I haven't really seen why he is getting on Tim's nerves so much. Still, that dress was not good.

I don't understand that either. Most of what Emilio has said is true. Sometimes it seems that Tim just doesn't like some of them. He is human after all.


Anonymous (4:50) said...

"BTW, has anyone noticed Jesse likes to dress is gals like gents? Hmmmmm, just an observation."

Yes, and I wish he'd stop. I hope that MK calls him out on it soon because it's tiresome.



These three were disasters overall. Holy cats, people!

Also, I really don't like Jesse. I agree with Ping's assessment from her interview. He SEEMED nice and decent (and perhaps like he might have an interesting fashion design POV), but boy was I ever disappointed.

And the garments he produced this challenge?



Oh Emilio, if Sir Gunn has taken against you, verily you must perform better than this.

Emilio's would have been o.k. if it hadn't made the model look quite pregnant. As Sewing Siren said, it's nice fabric.

Jesse's - not at all a "gala" jacket. Not even if it were well made and covered in sequins. But overall, if better made and better fitted, it would have been a decent dress, not a gala dress. (If, if, if: and if I won the lottery, a lot of things would be different 'round here) But nothing could redeem the choice of those shoes with that dress.

Maya: I liked hers, though the gold swirl over the breast looks unfinished. Needs, say, a huge gold brooch to serve as the comet whose trail swirls over the red dress.

Hmmm, somehow that doesn't *sound* like something you'd say about a dress you like.

Huh, Emilio. Such a waste. Too bad it was a 12-hour challenge, or he might have come up with a nice, graphic take on his stripey techniques again, which could have been excellent (though he might get called out on it, sigh.)

Emilio's choice of an empire waist/full skirt made me shudder but that could just be the result of having to fight my way back down from the weight gain of five pregnancies. Teenaged waifs are the only ones who can pull off that silhouette and not look pregnant. I did like the fabric.

And Michael was right on the money when he said Majorette in regards to Jesse's hideous jacket.

In my opinion no accessories wall could possibly be complete without flaming batons, GT.


I agree that Emilio hasn't been so insufferable. At least what we've been shown; obviously Tim is privy to a lot more and developed a real antipathy toward him.

I also think Emilio chose one of the better fabrics for this challenge.

I'm still confused by him as a designer, however.

I agree! None of these dresses were good.

I'm on two minds on whether I think Emilio's or Jeanneane's should have been in the bottom 3 (there's no way either Jesus or Anna would have avoided it). I think Jeannine's was probably worse but Emilio's is really really bad. Ugly, unflattering as hell, and you'd have thought that matching the zipper with the seam of the belt wouldn't have taken so much effort even within the absurd time constraints of this challenge (but I may be wrong here, it may be due to last-minute fitting). The model does look pregnant, so not easy, still...
That's two bad AND unimaginative looks in a row, I'm not feeling Emilio for the final.

Jesse was definitely not good. But I didn't think it was worse than a few others, including Emilio and Jeaneane's, some of it can be savaged. And I don't really see the lack of sewing skills people blame him for. In fact, both Tim Gunn and the judges seem oblivious to that lack, and this is not really a matter of taste.
Still, not great.

Maya, I think she was praised for having a good idea in a runaway almost devoid of them. I preferred other looks in the runway, although to me only Mila and Amy really deserved top position this week.


Glad I'm not the only one who thought Emilio's model looked pregnant.

I thought Maya's gold thingie looked like a serpent wrapped around her body, biting her boobs. Not a good visual.

Maya's look = Beauty pageant contestant in ancient Greece?

Me no likey.

Totally agree with Princess Die as I too wasn't sure which dresses were top three and which bottom three among the six (aside from Amy's that I assumed was safe and Anna's that I assumed was in the bottom). Couldn't stand Maya's dress as it looked like a terrible case of static cling emphasized by a horrible hip growth that it appeared she tried to disguise with a serpent-like half heart thingie.

The neckline of Jesse's looked just like the neckline of his "signature" look. Awkwardly off the shoulder, like it wasn't sure it should be there (spoiler: it shouldn't).

Lord these dresses were ugly.

Emilio: I thought for sure the woman was pregnant. I also noticed the sloppy construction on the dress. He doesn't even have someone else to blame on the dress construction this week.

Jesse: FUGLY!! I kept asking myself, "They do know they are designing for a "gala" event, right?" Why the short white jacket with the brass buttons?

Maya: This is probably just me, but her dress kept reminding me of the Swan dress that Bjork wore that year to the Oscars. Only because of the supposed "heart" curve at the top, that I swear has an eye and beak and looks like a bird. Or as you stated a serpent. I am suspect of the judges putting her in the top 3 for this dress.

Mama Jo

I think that the judges had a difficult job this week. They had to rein in their comments so as not to come across as too harsh on the guest walkers. After all, these women gave input to the designers, so to savage the dress would have sounded like an attack on the 'girls' [as you referred to them].

As you would say, there was just so much ass on the runway this week. The gold fabric on Maya's dress looked like a giant Chinese dragon turd.

I don't really get the hatred for Jesse's garment, I didn't think it was that bad. It made her look sorta stumpy but otherwise emphasized her nice figure. And you can't blame him for showing the cleavage when everyone loved Christina Hendricks at the Golden Globes.

When I saw Emilio's lady, I thought she was pregnant. Then I saw the giant wet-lookin dot over her right breast, and I thought, oh, poor thing, she's postpartum and her milk is leaking. Then I realized the dot was part of his fabric and I screamed. Nice placement, there, Emilio.

Jesse's dress was awful, so frumpy and blocky.

Maya's was also hideous and so disappointing. That bunch of gold fabric was just a meandering river of ugly tacked at intervals to the dress. What were they all thinking?

A bad, bad week.

I might be the only one. but I really enjoy Jesse on my tv. just sayin'. anyway, I hope he gets cut next. preferably him and Anna.

I totally under estimated miss Maya. I thought her designs were going to be all Lady Gaga-esque judging from her portfolio but she brought it with her last 2 entries. I agree with you guys about the color choices not working together. and maybe the gold should've been scaled down cause that boob is not a good look.

and I refuse to believe that Emilio's model is not pregnant.

Damn, it's too bad Ping's gone because you KNOW she would have made her model look like an actual soup can...

Had Jesse actually fitted the bust properly, I'd agree with Madame Nina--I like the idea better than the execution.
Love the tit swoop on Maya's dress! It's the rest of it I have problems with. Did the model have to lean to the right to keep balanced? That drapery looked heavy.
And Emilio...what the hell has happened to him? For the first two weeks I thought he was going to be the one to beat, but his last two pieces have been simply baffling: ugly, with poor fit and construction. His ego and trash talking have risen as his skills have dipped.

The only element I like out of these three is Emilo's fabric choice. How it is used is another story.

Emilio needs to stop smack talking and start paying attention to his own work. What a mess the back of that dress is! And that poor woman's been through enough without being made pregnant-looking.

I really haven't been into Maya's designs. I didn't care for her portfolio either, just her bomb-diggity bags. I like her personally and think her personal aesthetic is cool, but she can't translate it successfully. That dress in the top 3?? Crack, crack and more crack.

Thurston - god, I can't comment except for what the hell are the boobs doing peeking out of the top of the jacket like half moons? Ass. Pure ass. Poor Ethel!! She had better taste than this for sure.

I want to forget this challenge existed.

...acts like he shits ice cream


Emilio's was mediocre. Again, it could have used some straps. I do not know what the fixation is with strapless dresses nowadays.

Maya's was overrated. Could have been built better.

Jesse's I would have just safed out. The fact that he made that jacket shows ambition. I do not know what the big fuss is about the corsage- I think it was cute. And the dress itself is nice.

I came away from this challenge thinking there's no such thing as a good red- which is ridiculous, and I know it, but: YUCK. None of these dresses have anything approaching color sense; Maya's is the worst, on that level: the babypoo "gold" just screams at the orange-red. That the gold fabric is too thick to drape properly; even a stiffer fabric would look less like a window treatment if it weren't upholstry weight.

The back of Emilio's looks as if he assembled it in the dark, with mittens on.

Jesse's looks like something out of the chorus of a 1941 Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney let's put on a show movie. Retro High School Musical, so to speak.

You know who they should always have judging the real women challenge? Stacy and/or Clinton from What Not to Wear. Cuz they would look at most of these garments, and think NO NO NO and know exactly what kind of feedback to give the designer so like, they can actually figure out how to dress a real body, which I think is an important skill in a designer because it just can broaden your client base so much.
I will say I do not hate the IDEA of Maya's dress, and I don't find it's as unflattering as most of the others.

Oh so very - and sadly - on target. What happened in this challenge - I had such high hopes for this group? Ugh...

Emilio: I knew she wasn't pregnant!

Jesse: I wore a little jacket like that with a spaghetti strap dress to my junior high dance - I'm 42!!

Maya: I was just agog when they praised your dress. Hot mess was the only cliche that came to mind.

mona b said...
You know who they should always have judging the real women challenge? Stacy and/or Clinton from What Not to Wear. Cuz they would look at most of these garments, and think NO NO NO and know exactly what kind of feedback to give the designer so like, they can actually figure out how to dress a real body, which I think is an important skill in a designer because it just can broaden your client base so much.
I will say I do not hate the IDEA of Maya's dress, and I don't find it's as unflattering as most of the others.
agree 100%. boy would i love if they brought clinton...i adore him...

Classic Jesse wear-- with all those idiosyncratic touches that make you "question his taste level". Winged boobage? Secretarial half jacket? That woman has a great rack-- why cover it up? Yup, I thought Maya borrowed Wendy's bite you in the ass snake for the shoulder treatment. Yuck. Emilio's dress was so basic, and yes, the model looked preggers. This may have been the worst crop of dresses ever turned out on a single episode--top three included.

Maya's design looked gorgeous on paper, but when the final product came down the runway I really wanted to offer her model a static cling sheet, because it looked like as if some gold drapes were sticking to her red dress and she couldn't shake it off.

Emilio's dress totally reminded me of Kevin's prom dress from Season 4. Reminder: He got auf-ed for that one.

For so many of the designers, dressing a "real" woman meant making her look dowdy or out of date. Mila's dress had a little power to its design which showed when the model wore it and Amy's had a wonderful touch of glamour. Other than those two, this week was a complete disaster.

For some cracked out reason, Jesse reminds me of Christian Bale in American Psycho...

Maybe I'm slutty Ethel (Merman not Mertz please!) but I liked Jesse's. Oops, I admitted it. i even understand why he had that jacket. I have a body like his client and I usually want a jacket or something to wear when at a gala.

The only thing I really didn't like about the jacket was the color.

I might be close to the only one but Tim also says complimentary things about Jesse's dress in the post-show video -- So THERE! Tim must like himself some Ethel too!

Putting a white belt with black edges on a red dress with that silhouette, it looked like Jesse was making a dress that would be perfect for Annie

I think that for at least one challenge, Tim should make the satin aisle at Mood "off-limits," and make the designers think about fabrics that aren't shiny. Didn't Michael say something to the effect of "why didn't he use crepe?" Seems like for these quick-turn-around challenges, you'd want a forgiving fabric. Just sayin'.

Asparagus Lust

Shame on them - these 3 and the 3 judges. This rock bottom "effort" is channelling the uber ugliness in spirit and result of The Fashion Show, tom Gunn being THE. ONLY. SAVING. GRACE. This challenge and the feel of this season is unsettlingly putrid , and unwatchable a lot of the time. Nina had severely changed and " not in a good way". All 3 of them have turned into insincere phonies, beyond acceptable.

The idea of Stacy & Clinton guest judging a "real" women challenge is BRILLIANT!! I also think having them come up with the challenge could be really intersting... They'd have a good time with it.

Please oh please make it happen!

Also. Jesse (though I find him an obnoxious prick) totally looks like a young Christian Bale. I don't mind looking, but I wish he'd stop talking. Especially about his "tailoring" skills. Please! He can't even fit a jacket.

On Emilio, totally agree. The "looks pregnant" and "didn't stand up technically to what we know he can do" both stood out, especially in a week where he did so much smack-talking.

On Jesse, I half-like the jacket. I like the cardiganesque quality of the neckline and buttons. It should've either been more fitted or longer, and, oh yeah, probably not paired with a cocktail dress. The dress itself, bleh. The length is actually good but those straps look both uncomfortable and unflattering.

I think Maya had a good idea, but overworked it so it ended up bulky and just not right. I think if she'd pieced it together instead of folding and draping, or used half as much fabric in the folding, or something to reduce the heaviness, it might've worked.

IndyAnna said...
I think that for at least one challenge, Tim should make the satin aisle at Mood "off-limits," and make the designers think about fabrics that aren't shiny.

If they took away the shiny fabrics, how would they ever get Heidi's attention?

I wish they'd get Hillary Clinton to judge a challenge about making a good pantsuit.


I honestly think Michael, Nina, and Heidi have all just given up and are phoning it in. I see no real interest from them at all anymore in the clothes or the people. The spark is gone. They are just playing the game and collecting their paychecks at this point.

I didn't like Jesse's at all... but I was really surprised that no one on the show ever noted that it does, at least, look like a Cambpell's soup can. It's more logo-like than Maya's stars! Ugly as sin, but more Campbells than anything else out there.

"Slutty Ethel Mertz"

LOLOL Love it.

"Slutty Ethel Mertz"
"gigantic window treatement from Graceland"
"Maybe they should have just had all the models walk backwards down the runway."

Best. Post. Ever. The only redeeming thing about this sad little challenge.

Anonymous on 2/7/10 at 2:48 PM said...
I'm trying to remember if there was another PR episode where the collective results were so poor.

I think the prom challenge on Season 4 and the Nancy O'Dell red carpet challenge on Season 1 are the runners up for poor collective results.


Maya - During one of the workroom scenes the camera panned to Maya's dress on the dress form and the heart effect was darn near perfect, it got lost on an actual body and ended up just looking like a big wrinkly blob of gold fabric on top of a big wrinkly blob of red fabric. Still I can appreciate the judges acknowledging the "idear" while acknowledging that the dress itself had issues.

Jesse - Jesse is another one working off a checklist. He is playing the as long as I make a jacket or pants, I'm good. Truth be told, it will probably work for him for a few more challenges as long as he does not produce any insane crotches.

Emilio - I think the term "B**** Please!" needs to be a staple of every post involving Emilio. Anyhoo, has anyone fallen this far, this fast? OK he started off with two very good dresses and then last week, another good dress, just wholly inappropriate for the challenge and then THIS! Anna, bless her wet-behind-the-ears heart, has not done anything this bad. Emilio would greatly benefit from a Project Runway Family Visit Day where a no nonsense grandmother or auntie sternly tells him to mind his own business and then sends him outside to cut a switch off a bush.

Regarding the judging on this episode...I got the feeling that all the judges were being careful with their comments so as to not hurt the models' feelings. Am I nuts?

Emilio talked way too much shit to design a short tube dress with a Campbell's cord around the waist. How much time could that take?

She looked 6 mos. pregnant.

He really annoyed me this week.

I hated all 3 of these...well...I hated all of the dresses this episode. Producers should have just canned this episode...given all of them a do over!


Thank you TLo! I was beginning to think I was going crazy like last season, but judging was off on Jesse and Maya's looks. I just didn't get it at all!

LOL, you guys have such a way with words. I actually missed this episode, and after seeing these dresses, I'm not inclined to watch it. Maybe the challenge shouldn't have been red/Campbell Soup plus designing for real women. And why do designers insist upon using shiny red fabric? Couldn't they have used a nice jersey or wool?

I couldn't believe it when Maya ended up in the top three. The ideas was okay, but the execution was awful.

If you say she's not pregnant I'll believe you. Emilio made a horrible dress for his model.

Maybe Nina was blinded by the brass buttons. Jesse's "gala" dress was wrong all around.

Sewing Siren -
I love your sketch!

When Emilio's came down the runway, I thought that little pregnant girl looks adorable.

I am a longtime lurker, but have finally been moved to post to ask: Sewing Siren, where can I see your sketches???!!!

I so agree! All 3 of these pieces were FUG! True Maya's dress was the less offensive of the 3 but that gold.....thing on the front of the dress made her look like a snake attacking her boob.

monstrosity trifecta.

Actually jw_ny said it best:

"Producers should have just canned this episode...given all of them a do over!"

Pfft. Slutty Ethel Mertz would have such better style than that poor, sad dress. She would've at least included a neckercheif in the ensemble. (A la that one outfit that Chris March made with the teal sweetheart neck top.)

Also, I agree with the walking backwards! It was nice to see a "real" butt strolling down the catwalk!

What makes anyone think a girl with a rack wants a portrait neckline that she has to hike up every 3 minutes? Jesse scares me-he doesn't really like women, he wants to dress them up like GI Janes with saucy undies. He's creepy.

And the rest of these? Meh.

Jr. Goddess

All of these looks were just awful on those poor fact most of the dresses were yucky.

I think I *just* figured out what the problem is with all of these dresses in this challenge. It seems that these people, along with many designers that show at Bryant Park, are so far removed from what "real women" actaully wear--they have no idea how desgin for them.
The high waists, tiny jackets and charmeuse don't look good on anyone over a size two! This happens with every "real woman" challenge--they think thay can design runway looks--then just make them bigger without regard to flattering their models.
They shold all take a page from Oprah--that girl knows what makes her look good!

Mayas dress wasnt amazing by any means but wasnt terrible, should have been in the middle not the top. Emilio and Jesse ...I just want to know what the judges are sipping on backstage this season...
<3 Miss M

Maya's dress was a freaking MESS. I could not understand why the judges praised her. I could see the stitching on the boob-swirl from my living room sofa, and I don't have an HD TV. Horrid mess of a thing. Dig Maya, hate the dress. Just looking at it again makes me sad. Sad-making dress of heart-shaped fail.


Nina was smoking something cracktacular if she thought there was anything to praise in Jesse's crappy sexy-teacher newbie cosplay. Even Liz Lemon wouldn't wear that.


Yes, there was a whole lotta frumpy walking down the runway in this episode.

I thought that Maya was originally planning a long gown, and the proportions of her design may have worked in a longer length, but the short dress really looked heavy and unflattering.

Emilio's done better, and perhaps my man should stow the bitchpants and go back to work.

Jesse is not long for this show. I expect him, Anna and Boo Boo Kitty to be the next aufees.

Fragile Industries

"slutty Ethel Mertz ..."
"a gigantic window treatment from Graceland hanging off her hip ..."

Ah, boys, that's what keeps me coming back for more. Love you.

Jesse should have gone home this week. NOTHING was defensible here. I was willing to give him a pass on his first look (horribly made but I thought I saw an idea, I was wrong) and since then I have loathed everything he's done. El Frodito is at least fun to watch, even with the taste issues.

Maya's was in the top three only because if she had another day, I bet this look would have been much closer to the original sketch and quite good. OK, better with different fabric ... still, there was a possiblity there.

Please tell me they're not doing any more 1-day challenges. It robs the good designers of a chance to do authentic work.

Emilio ... you are SO lucky there was a lot of ugly on that runway. You can do so much better. And I like watching your claws come out!!!

I thought she should have had her state written across that gold. It looked a pageant banner.

the internet suggests that possibly Emilio's model has a type of pacemaker or other heart-assisting implant in her abdomen which enhances the pregnant look but then of course Emilio should have taken even more pains to obscure the bulge... unless he thought she should show it off? like some of the designers felt that their models should show off the scars on their chests?

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