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Emilio & Ben

Kittens, we have so much catching up to do!

Model: Brittany Oldehoff

We had a somewhat irrationally negative reaction to this dress.

Our initial reaction was that it was "more of the same" from him, but that's really not true, technically speaking. You can put this next to his other entries and see that it's not the same, not quite.

But there IS a similarity in the broad sense: cocktail dress + technique. In previous weeks, the technique was applique; this week it's lacing.

And WAY TOO MUCH lacing to boot. We tend to automatically look at lacing as a bit of honky-tonk tackiness. Sue us, we're snotty bitches.

And while we realize Heidi isn't exactly prim in her style and that this dress would have been altered, if not rebuilt from the ground up to fit her, we think that bust is way too low for a gal as bodacious as her, especially since she'd be wearing it shortly after giving birth, when her jugs runneth over.

On the other hand, we agreed with the judges when they said they found his willingness to alter the dress right there and then according to their critiques to be a pretty admirable thing and highly useful when dealing with a cover shot.

An unestablished designer SHOULD be ready to jump through hoops if he wants his look featured on the cover, and the judges were absolutely right that it looked better without the straps. Although it only drove the point home to us how inappropriately low cut the design is for Heidi.

How fucking cute was Ben when the judges were praising his dress? You could tell he was just barely keeping his emotions in check.

Model: Kristina Sajko

We really liked this dress, but we can't agree with the prevailing opinion in the comments section that Ben was "robbed" of his win. Let's break it down.

The colors are beautiful and rich and just interesting enough to make the combination seem refreshingly different.

Loved the belt, although we're not sure if he made it or pulled it off the wall. The judging makes it sound like he made it but the material he originally bought for the belt was a metallic leather. Either way, it was a strong choice.

And we were with Heidi in loving the way he framed the cutout.

But, we're not convinced that this would have been a better choice for the cover shot than Anthony's. While we love the color choices and the color blocking, we tend to think they would have been a bit distracting on a cover. Yes, the Duchess said that this dress "punches through" the noise on a newstand, but it would also fight all the other elements on a magazine cover, namely, all that text.

Don't get us wrong, it's a gorgeous piece, but not necessarily a cover piece.

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Loved Ben's.

Emilio' looked better after the modifications, for sure. I also agreed with him that the length was too short, giving it an ice skating outfit feel.

-Purple Leah

Tim made an interesting comment either on his blog or on his Facebook page. He said that he was miffed that Emilio's look became a contender for the win after he cut the straps off. His reasoning was that he intended it to walk the runway as it did, and that was the criteria by which is should've been judged. This would've been a bigger point if Emilio had won, but it's a good point nonetheless.

I personally didn't like Emilio's. It had a cool idea, but it looked like something a 12 year old would wear to a valentine's day dance. It did not look mature, sophisticated, or Heidi.

I liked Ben's, once I got a good look at it, but I would've liked it more if that yellow had been less obnoxious.

Yes I loved Ben's the best but I can understand Anthony's being deemed the more successful for the challenge

I think Emilio's being placed in the top 3 was more to do with the color than anything else. These 3 guys were the ones who followed the dictates of the challenge the closest. Otherwise I didn't think Emilio's was all that special compared to Ben's and Anthony's


When I saw capsule photos of the dresses on another site (maybe Jezebel?), Ben's just jumped right out of the mass of looks. That said, I get what TLo are saying about how it might have competed with the other elements of the cover. It also doesn't look very "Heidi" to me. Sure was a knockout, though.

All the little laces on Emilio's dress had a St. Pauli Girl/Gunne Sax feel to me (reminiscent of my own youth--and one of the reasons I kinda hate to look at some of my high school photos). A bit more streamlining--fewer dangly bits--and I'd have loved it.

Glad you're back, boys! I also don't think either of these deserved the win over Anthony, although they're nice. Emilio's is too little-girlish. I can see a 'tween ballerina killing for it. Ben's is very cool, but not very springy, and I have coloring similar to Heidi's and have been told not to wear yellow. Would the yellow have worked on her?

BTW, does anyone else think that Anthony's winning dress looks a lot like a couple of Christian's from fashion week? Is that style just in the air?

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Love Emilio, but I thought his dress looked like a figure skating outfit.

I think Ben's would have been the best... it would not have only made a great cover if Marie Claire used red text on the cover, but it would make a compelling image to flip to inside the magazine as well.

Anthony's is nice. It's a safe bet for Marie Claire. But Ben's would really pull in someone who might otherwise reach for Elle or Vogue.

I liked Ben's but I thought it was more fall cover then spring. And Emilio's was nice but I kept thinking "figure skater".

LOVED BEN!! The colors look amazing and the garment was executed amazingly. His model was fantastic on the runway, helped his look 100%.

**TLo The model is Lorena Angjeli not Kristina.

Ben's dress works for a Fall cover but not particularly for spring or summer.

Interesting dress, but doesn't say "spring" the way Anthony's does.

For a fashion magazine I still think Ben's was the best.
Emilio's looks more like Victoria Secret.
Anthony's was more like Cosmo.
I don't understand why so many high fashion magazines these days want to but all that cheap looking text all over the covers. It makes them look like Womans World or crap like that. Elle at (least for their home delivery ) is getting back to using less text on the cover. And Bazzar used to do beautiful covers with very little text.

I thought Emilio's looked like almost-lingerie (you guys are right, it was entirely too low cut) or an almost-figure skating costume. I didn't like it at all.

I loved Ben's but HATED the styling. And I agree, I think it would have been too much on the cover with text and everything else.

Any designer that describes a piece as being "Madame Butterfly on acid" has the key to my heart. <3

I think the judges just picked the top three from the people who actually used color. Emilio's was uninspired but at least the color was bold.

I liked Ben's outfit and the styling, but (and this is a totally personal pet peeve, not a reflection on his work), I can't get over the fact that his "Madame Butterfly" kimono-inspired outfit was folded the wrong way. Right over left is only for corpses...

I still think Emilio's was a Cosmo cover, maybe even Cosmo Girl. Twee and way too short and precious. I agree with Tim that he should have been judged on what he presented, not on what he could have presented. Not impressed.

Love Ben's but not for this challenge. And I hate Lorena's hair - it distracts from the dress. But I can't get behind this for a Marie Claire cover. People who say that Ben was robbed have to do a search of MC covers. They're much more "all-American" than fashionable because the majority, if not all, of their cover models are celebs, not fashion models. The turquoise Miz Sophia dress is perfect for MC. and Heidi's coloring.

The one downfall with Ben's dress to me is that fuscia covered with black net. It doesn't work with the yellow and blue. Too bad that he didn't find a better color fabric at Mood.

And a HUGE shout-out to TLo for slaving to put up all these fab posts while attending Fashion Week. You bitches rock!

I HATED Emilio's dress, mostly because I had a bra in that exact same color scheme. It was all I could see.

Emilio's deserved top 3 for the color, for the short/tight Heidi factor, for following the brief (detail, no print), and for working that fabric with skill!

I don't get Tim's disdain for all things Emilio -- In every post-episode blog, he finds something to scoff about what Emilio has done. And really, Emilio has performed consistently above half of the other contestants -- and Tim's not scoffing or criticizing them. I'm sure we'll find out later what Emilio has done to earn Tim's ire. I hope it's not superbad as I really like much of what Emilio has done.

Loved Ben's. Wish it were mine to wear...
Emilio's - it was more appropriate for a Cosmo cover.

Lacing should be legally prohibited on anything else than shoes.

Ben should've won, in my opinion.

The winning design was pretty but not as interesting. I was almost expecting a Lorem Ipsum superimposed on it, it was that monochromatic.

Emilio - cheap and tacky, and cutting off the straps just made it look like a cheap and tacky strapless dress.
Ben - loved everything about it except those brown pleather-looking insets. Not surprising, though, considering he originally wanted to use purple-y metallic leather for the belt.
Ben's cute, but I really hate the scarf thing all these boys are doing. Mommy's closet-ish.

I liked Ben's dress, but for me, where it missed was the color story. I think you're right that it would have fought the other elements on a magazine cover, as is. But with a different color story, it could have made a great cover look.

But shoulda, woulda, coulda...


I am probably the only person who liked Emilio's dress. He put all of the detailing on the top, like the challenge suggested, and he was clearly thinking about Heidi's (lack of) taste and the way she loves her giant cha-chas. Obviously the dress would be redesigned for her TLO!

Ben's was too dark for spring.

I'm pretty sure the belt Ben used is the same one that Jonathan used in his first dress of the season. Much better choice than that shiny purple leather that he bought.


Loved Ben's dress, and it would have won if it had a more cohesive color story. For a mag cover it needs to be a little less stand out color wise.

I suspect that Emilio's dress will be featured in the Winter olympics this next weekend in the ladies' figure skating.

Ben's was a favorite dress, but it didn't fulfill the challenge requirements as well as Anthony's did.

Emilio's dress looked like more of a February cover, a cheap and tacky February cover - completely agree about the lacing.

We had a somewhat irrationally negative reaction to this dress.

Not irrational. It's awful. How it ended up in the top 3 escapes me. It looks like a skating costume or some kind of nightie. So wrong for Heidi, age-wise, body-wise.

I love that Ben did something so different, and I wouldn't have argued at all if it had won. Anthony's is more Spring-y and more Heidi, though, so I can understand the decision.

I didn't like either of these dresses very much, but Ben's is the better of the two, and definitely top three. I would have put Seth Aaron in third.

I'm pretty sure I saw that belt--or one very much like it--in an earlier challenge.

I am also baffled by Tim's distaste for Emilio, who seems far from the worst personality he's had to deal with. Granted, most of this season's designers are sweeties, but Tim's adoration of Jesse and distaste for Emilio kind of puzzle me. It is a break in his usual composure and relative objectivity, for sure. I guess we all have people who just rub us the wrong way.

Good God, he wasn't this mean to Kenley!

I want to know how the designers so often end up with "way too short"? Don't they make a garment and then hem it to fit?!

-Aunt Dee

"Brooklyn Bomber said: So wrong for Heidi, age-wise, body-wise."

Just about everything Heidi wears is wrong for her age-wise & body-wise. Which is what made this right for her (except it really wasn't tight enough).


Emilio's reminded me very much of lingerie. Between the fabric and lacing and length, it was very nighty to me. However, I agree that he made the top 3 because he used color and I did like the color.
I also liked Ben's dress and thought it seemed very wearable, but agree that Anthony's would translate better on a cover. Anthony's color and simplicity was just absolutely gorgeous and spring like!

I actually didn't like Ben's. Why? Because it has a disturbing similarity to what Anakin Skywalker wore before his decent into madness. I didn't think it was modern, because it's been done. It was just shorter, more colorful, and backless. The belt even reinforced the similarity!

I agree with Brooklyn Bomber: Emilio's dress was okay but I don't know why it ended up in the top three over Seth Aaron. I'm also not convinced it looked much better once they cut off the straps.
Ben's was by far the best in fashion-terms. Unfortunately, the covers of Marie Claire seem to have little to do with fashion. (I was reading Nick V's blog and every Marie Claire cover he included featured a "celebrity" in unremarkable or totally fugly clothes.)

Count me "Team: Ben was Robbed." The Judges picked Princess's dress for three reasons. 1. It's an awesome color for Heidi. 2. As a solid it IS a safer choice for a cover, but most importantly: 3. It is the dress with the most leeway, when reconstructed for the shoot/Heidi, to be tweaked and altered by the Stylist/Art Director into their EXACT vision. Watch and see, when that cover hits the newstand that wadded up fondant ribbon of a strap is going to lay quite a bit diifferently than it did on the runway.

Loved the idea of Ben's dress, but thought the colors were too saturated to be used together. I also can't understand why Tim's knickers are in a knot over Emilio.
The judges put him in the final three before the modifications, and they were just making suggestions. Poor Anthony asked for judge imput in an earlier challenge and that guest judge couldn't have been ruder.

GT: "Just about everything Heidi wears is wrong for her age-wise & body-wise."

Yes, well, this was the wrong wrong!

Tina, I agree cutting the straps wasn't an improvement.

First, Ben is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.
love this nerd.

And love this dress.
For sure,it's not that "glamourous" thing for Heidi alway preseant on any cover but a fashion-forward dress for maybe Natasha poly wear on I-D or that kind of zines.

happy for someone who it's my type got that talent to win and totally my type(in person and design)

remember Logan, biggest dispointment in the history of pjectrunway.
Cute as fuck
,being a straight and for the bigest guilt, making ugly things though.:(

Ben's belt is from the accessories wall. Johnathon used it in the first challenge.

Emilio's dress is too youthful and the belt made Ben's dress (not fond of the color choices).

I hate the middle part on Ben's where the yellow stripe stops. It looks like the original design (the pink leather belt) would have covered that gap, but the replacement belt reveals it instead.

Last night, when I couldn't get to sleep & I alternated between my recent insomnia mind schemes of "what would I do for the challenge?" and "dare I open the recent missive from my healthcare insurance that's gonna tell me whether they've increased my premium by as much as 39%)...

I realized I don't have a good handle on Marie Claire. I know the European MC, which is sort of Elle to the Vogue and mass-popular mag over there. But, is the US mag sort of a Redbook to the Elle?

How much easier to imagine Heidi on an season cover but Spring. Am I too stuck on pastels for April.

I'd've put Heidi in something tough with "April Fool!" across the front. But...

I'm another who doesn't understand Tim's Emilio-hate. There IS something funky about Emilio...his lack of an audition video, namely. But he seems talented and generally nice and respectful, and he's certainly no more arrogant that Irina. Add this to the mysteries of PR, like why Heidi hated Gordana!

I really like much of what Emilio has presented thus far, but this dress was just questionable (even with the alterations). Especially when he has become (portrayed at least) as increasingly arrogant and derogatory towards the other designers abilities. Honestly, there is just nothing that screams: "Wow! Technique!" about the lacing.

Now, Ben's dress on the other hand was exquisite. Maybe not meant for a cover for the reasons you outlined, but above and beyond the "I would buy that in a second" feeling it gave me, the use of color was fantastic, it fit like a dream, and the craftsmanship was excellent. The belt? Whatever. I love it.

I really liked Ben's more than Anthony's...but for this challenge it deserved 2nd place. Color was a bit dark for spring and not sexy enough for Heidi. I was very happy to see Ben do so well ...he's such a cutie...still though, his style is a bit too comic stripish overall.

The belt was used by Jonathan for the look that embodies you challenge...the black dress with the zebra pattern on top.

Emilio's...eek! I hated his design for this challenge. It looked like an ice skater costume to me...and too "junior" with those tassels and strings, like the judges commented. I'm surprised he made 3rd...there were a few others more appropriate for Heidi and Marie Claire than his.

Clueless Jock

I can't decide whether Emilio's willingness to cut off the straps at the direction of the judges was a sign of humility or ruthless ambition. Either way, I liked his dress very much. Ben's was nice too, though a bit prim even with the cutouts in the back.

I liked Ben's because it wasn't the generic one bright color cover dress. Anthony's was that to a T, which is probably why he won. Almost all the other designers had apparently never looked at the cover of fashion mags today, because they're pretty much all just brightly colored dresses - what was with all the fucking grey/beige? Stupid designers.

I don't think Ben's would have competed too much with the text though - since the color blocking is mostly large swaths, and toward the center of the body, I feel like just the blue and the black belt would be covered in text, possibly also that dark purple.

But I'm biased - I love me a fellow comic book nerd, especially one who is into fashion. If I knew Ben, I'd probably glomp onto him and never let go.

I can totally see Suri Cruise wearing Emilio's dress. But my kitty would have fun playing with it for days too.

I liked Emilio's best...WITH the straps. It was a cute little dress that I would buy in a second. It looked youthful and refreshing- perfect for the cover. Why in the world would they get rid of the straps? The straps are what made it so wearable!

Ben's was cool- but not sure if it would have worked for a Spring cover of Marie Claire. But it was very well made, edgy, and modern. Very innovative without being too cartoonish.

Kudos to both!

Pam on 2/14/10 at 3:16 PM said...It (Ben's) also doesn't look very "Heidi" to me.

This is why I think the Judges gave the win th Anthony. Miss Sophia followed the challenge brief which was to design a spring Marie Claire cover look for Heidi. Of the top three looks, his dress was the only one with neon lights flashing "Heidi! Heidi! Heidi!".

Ben's dress is the perfect cover look design for Tyra Banks because the yellow would compliment her skin tone, she looks great in wide gladiator style belts, she can carry off the heavier weight fabrics and she wears longer hem lines.


I too liked Seth Ann's for Heidi as I think I've seen her in a very similar outfit but I think color-wise and detail wise, it wasn't suited for a cover. It almost appears black and it lacked enough visual details.

Emma and Elaine, good to see I'm not the only one wondering about Tim's anti-Emilioisms.

The more I see Ben's dress the more I like it.

ben's had a lot of potential but he cocked it up with that ugly belt

emilio will be in the top three, he's SO talented...

Ben made a pretty good dress, but to me it said more summer to fall transitional apparel than spring.
Personally, I didn't love the colors although they were deep and saturated enough to make a nice magazine cover. I agree with others posting that the belt pulled the entire look together and made it more of a success.

The bustline of Emilio's was super-low, even for Heidi. In fact, it didn't even look all that flattering on the model. Usually, Emilio's dresses have been much more sophisticated in design, but while this one had great color, it came across a bit twee and far too revealing.


Ben's was my favorite by far but Anthony's was better for the challenge by far. I was shocked by how many nice dresses that were terrible for a cover went on the runway...why don't the designers just listen?

Loved Ben's. Want Ben's dress. Hated Emilio's. It looked like lingerie--like pirate lingerie. Do not want.

I really loved Ben's too, but I agree that not only wasn't it a cover look, it wasn't really a cover look for Marie Claire. Anthony's dress actually looks like it would fit stylistically with the cover looks that Marie Claire has been using for the past oh, probably six months or so (seriously, look at them).

Emilio's looked too much like lingerie for me and I hated all the hanging laces as well.

Ben's was nice, but I hated the color blocking on the bottom of the dress and I also wondered about the belt. The thing that really got me was the colors weren't Spring like enough for me.

I really don't like Emilio's dress. Looks like a nightie or a ice dancer outfit. The view from behind is horrible, with all those ties hanging down. Ugh! Not top-three worthy. Then again, I can't remember the other designs very well, so maybe that says something...

I would have given Ben the win, but I don't necessarily think he was robbed. I can see why the judges liked Anthony's better for the cover. But as a newsstand shopper, I'd be more likely to grab the magazine and see who made that interesting kimono dress rather than who made yet another one-shouldered ruffled dress.

I think Ben is talented and sweet, but I too, couldn't get past the color blocking below the waist. I think that's an area where designers need to be careful, and I'm surprised it's not being discussed much.

I liked Ben's but not for the cover, and not for spring unless maybe it was for spring on Vulcan.

I liked the color of Emilio's for spring and for Heidi, but that was a whole lot of lacing. I didn't realize how much stuff was going on in back. Yikes. The dress did look better when the straps were cut off, but the credit for that has to go to the Duchess, not Emilio.

Loved Ben's dress but it did not scream "Spring!"

I agree with Tim that he should have been judged on what he presented, not on what he could have presented.

But he was judged on what he presented. His marks put him in the top three before the discussion of alterations.

"I am also baffled by Tim's distaste for Emilio, who seems far from the worst personality he's had to deal with"
I don't get it either...Timm should be objective, stick to fashion and leave his personal feelings out of it. Makes him seem immature and bitchy, not a good look for him...

That's exactly what I thought.

Ben's dress would have been a distraction on the cover. Especially when the whole idea is to feature Heidi and the dress. If they picked Ben's dress it would have just been about the dress.

Also, it was supposed to bring Springtime? Ben's says Fall to me...but that's just me.

PS. I loved the irrationality comment...LOL!

Rainwood said...
"spring on Vulcan"
Awe! Some!
TLo has the best, most knowledgeable, dorkiest commenters in the blogosphere, bar none!

So glad you all brought up Tim's Emilio-hate, which I've grown increasingly curious about. Certainly, he (Emilio) is coming across as increasingly sullen and is potentially a one-note, but he is very talented and seems to listen to Tim's critiques (at least in what we see).

As far as Anthony's win, color me happy! Ben is a charmer and his dress is very interesting, but not best for a Marie Claire cover.

I would have been content with either Anthony or Ben winning (but what a Rocky moment when Anthony came backstage-yeah?) Emilio's wasn't bad but that abundance of shoelace on the back was sloppy. It was average I thought. Him pulling out the scissors tho was a great moment (although it did make me think of Top Model for a moment, where Tyra lives to shame girls in judging. In other news, Tyra is mean.)

When Emilio chose red fabric, I thought he had it in the bag. Am remembering from Project Jay that red is Heidi's favorite color; seemed like Emilio saw that show, too! When it showed up as a top-three, I wasn't surprised. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed. Cheri

"Anon said: Anonymous said...
"I am also baffled by Tim's distaste for Emilio, who seems far from the worst personality he's had to deal with"
I don't get it either...Timm should be objective, stick to fashion and leave his personal feelings out of it. Makes him seem immature and bitchy, not a good look for him..."

We don't know if there is something else that we either, haven't seen yet, or was left on the cutting room floor. Somehow I doubt Tim would express this without good cause.


I did a happy dance when Ben's design was finally chosen to come before the judges. I knew he would be in the top 3. I have felt that Ben should have been in the top 3 on several other challenges as well, so it was nice when his work was recognized by the judges.

I was happy with either Anthony or Ben winning. I felt that the judges should not give a win to Emilio because he altered his dress during the judging. The same rules need to apply for all - present your work and be judged on what you present. The judges can tell a designer where things went wrong, or offer constructive criticism on how to improve the design, just don't give a win after the alteration!

Mama Jo

I thought Emilio's dress was beyond tacky and thought he'd been selected to be in the top-3 (and I was like, Mila is going to be top-3 with that? I've this feeling if that had been presented by Jesus it could have been slammed to death (then again, if Jesus had been alive for this challenge, maybe he would have taken it home!). And then en plus, they ask him to change the design, wasn't there something more worthy in the runway with no such need for alterations? But I think they chose the three bright coloured looks, and one happened to be this...

I loved loved loved Ben's. A great dress. I don't agree it's wrong for a cover, it could be in one million covers, and the judges did not say the contrary. I also don't agree the colors doesn't read spring (come on, the idea that spring should be pink and lila flowers and fall burgundy and hunter's green is like from another century...). But it was just not what the editor was looking for for , so fair enough. I'm also not sure it was the best dress... for Heidi (that comment from Nina was concipuosly absent in this case).

I thought Emilio's dress was beyond tacky and thought he'd been selected to be in the bottom-3 (and I was like, Mila is going to be top-3 with that? I've this feeling if that had been presented by Jesus it could have been slammed to death (then again, if Jesus had been alive for this challenge, maybe he would have taken it home!). And then en plus, they ask him to change the design, wasn't there something more worthy in the runway with no such need for alterations? But I think they chose the three bright coloured looks, and one happened to be this...

I loved loved loved Ben's. A great dress. I don't agree it's wrong for a cover, it could be in one million covers, and the judges did not say the contrary. I also don't agree the colors doesn't read spring (come on, the idea that spring should be pink and lila flowers and fall burgundy and hunter's green is like from another century...). But it was just not what the editor was looking for for , so fair enough. I'm also not sure it was the best dress... for Heidi (that comment from Nina was concipuosly absent in this case).


I can't believe no one has commented on the big yellow traffic sign arrow on Ben's pointing to the model's crotch.

I didn't like the colors on Ben's dress, which was the heart of the design. Other than that, it was not anything groundbreaking IMHO. I read the "TLounge" comments before seeing the dress and I was expecting to be wowed, and I wasn't. I don' think he deserved to win.

The thing that bugs me about Tim's disdain for Emilio is how it compares to his infatuation with Jesse. He seems to like (if not love) everything Jesse puts out, and often comments on his great construction, when evidence to the contrary is plainly apparent in the pictures. Emilio is a much more talented designer.

I am surprised that Emilio is not using the fabric piecing techniques he did at the beginning, which were quite striking. Maybe due to the time constraints? Anyway, I don't think his last two designs have been as strong as he started out.

The whole Tim thing puzzles me when he was fairly courteous and reserved in his comments about that crazy guy in the second season, Kenley, the guy that cheated, and Jeffrey Sebelia. I can't believe that Emilio is worse than those people. He's arrogant, but talks behind people's backs for the most part (that's called manners lol). I think it is something personal, and I don't like that idea. It is better to keep personal stuff out of the public eye. (By personal I mean that Tim has something personal against Emilio, not that they have any sort of relationship or whatever.)

Ben's biggest mistake was to put the most interesting detail on the back of the dress, forgetting that it wouldn't be seen on the cover shoot (unless he thought they'd get Heidi to do an awkward over the shoulder shot). Anthony got the combination right - eye-catching color, detail on the shoulder - and deserved the win.

Emilio's dress looked for all the world like a swimsuit, ESPECIALLY after he took the straps off. I did love that he was open enough to criticism to alter it right then and there, though.

Ben is adorkable.

LOVED Ben's and he's so cute and sweet.

I think ultimately the reason I didn't like Emilio's that much is that it was kinda twee. Which is odd for a dress with that much cleavage, but there it is. I do applaud his willingness to edit, but I'm honestly really glad he didn't get the win just because of that.

I loved Ben's dress. Just flat-out think it's great. Also, while he did end up using a belt from the wall (I'm nearly certain), it was the smart choice after Tim's critique, and I'm pretty sure it still was more or less what he was going for. I don't mind horribly that he didn't win because I understand why Anthony's might have been more cover-appropriate (and anyhow, I rather liked his as well). I'm really glad he made it into the top 3 though, and he got the "good job" and not just "you're in", too.

When I saw Emilio's dress all I could think was, "Nightgown". And it looked worse without the straps.

I thought Ben's should have won but was still happy and proud of Anthony. When he described his vision for the dress at the beginning of the show I thought, "That's Heidi. He's got this one." :D

Emilio's dress made his model look like she was trying on something that she owned as a ten year old. It fit on her body, but the combination of too short, too low cut, and no torso length just made it look like it was intended for someone much, much shorter.

That, and it looked like lingerie. Kind of a disturbing combination. I like Emilio's youthfulness, but this didn't work.

I thought Ben's dress was fantastic. Marie Claire cover outfits are almost always monochromatic, so it makes sense, but I freaking adore that dress.

I thought Emilio was in the bottom 3... to me, it looked cheap and like an ice-skating costume. I really don't understand the appeal. Ben's, on the other hand, was gorgeous. It would have been my choice for the win, but I understand why they chose Anthony... he's the viewers' favorite and will therefore sell more magazines. Ben's was gorgeous but he hasn't been a force in the show yet, so I can't see him moving magazines.

Emilio's was a contender for the Sascha Cohen challenge.

While I liked Ben's, the dark red triangle on the front of the skirt was too "uterus goes here" for me.

Emilio's dress just screamed Tavern Wench Lingerie to me. It would sell quite well at a Renn Faire.

Emelios was too short and low-cut.

Bens was terrific, great saturated colors.

Anthonys was perfect for heidi's cover shot as I could see her with that little over the shoulder pose and her hair blowing in the wind machine. The color popped.

Not my style, but was best for heidi.


All the people reading uterus and crotches in Ben's design, is this what American sex obsession and nude censorship does to you? Because I just don't get it. At all.

I agree that Anthony/Miss Sophia's was appropriate for the win because its design and color were on point for a Marie Claire cover. His dress was simple and pleasing to the eye; but nothing fashion-forward, as those noodles and baby blue color have been done so many times in the past.

I liked Emilio's well crafted pattern around the bust; but the dress was both too short and too low cut, that I felt naked just from looking at that model walking in it.

I didn't like Ben's at first but now I think it is BRILLIANT. I totally see his reinterpreted "Madame Butterfly" kimono as the inspiration for the way his dress wraps around her body and closes with the belt. And the black and gold center form a butterfly that all that jumped out of the TV and flew around my living room, heralding the arrival of spring.

I don't know whether people would notice the butterfly while on the checkout line, but I think Ben is definitely one to watch. His designs seem thoughtfully planned and methodically executed.

Ben - definitely the best dress in absolute terms, but when taking into account the dictates of the challenge, being the runner up made sense.

Emilio - well at least this week he made a decent enough dress to justify his smack talking. The dress is very nice (impressive lacing) in the front, but a bit of a mess in the back. Also too young, even for willing to dress age inappropriately Heidi.

I wasn't a huge fan of Emilio's dress and agree with the critiques here and the show. However, I am wondering: where are the Heidi screencaps when she watched it walk down the runway? Pure unadulterated lust. I swear I saw a little drool!

TLo - you rock!

emilio's lisp is incredibly irritating. he's getting on my nerves always smack talking his competition with his wonky tongue.

Liked the straps and said so at the time - thought cutting the tes would have been enough.

Ben's did not work for Heidi and did not like the weird black over fushia
I'd have a different top 3 but apparently I cannot say

Emilio's did look like an ice skating dress, but there's no denying he has skills. Still, Heidi's ladies would definitely be on full display in this dress, and probably not in a good way.

Ben's dress rocked! Love the comic book vibe and the vibrant colors. He's starting to get the judges' attention now, which is a good thing.

Seeing the stills I like Ben's piece even more (which is the opposite as with Anthony's). Look at the triple stitching in the inmaculate hem. The fall of the tucked fabric on the back. I love how he achieved those maroon panels, both in terms of color and texture. And it proves that Mood does have nice fabrics after all. Impressive for a 12 h. challenge.


I really liked Ben's dres, but I would have liked seeing the purple belt. I didn't care for the way his model was styled.

Emilio had a great idea. If he had made it as a strapless dress the neckline would have been higher and it was DEFINATELY too short! he probably could have gotten away with adding a longer underskirt (unlike the way Jesus made his first dress longer) due to the flowy fabric. Or made the underskirt in a chiffon or contrasting color? Just a thought.

I am thrilled that Anthony won! His dress truly fit the challenge and it was lovely. I would love to have that dress!

Well, I understand your reaoning. But I still liked Ben's the best and I was surprised the judges didn't give him the win. Emilio's was OK, a nice color and probably the one most suited to Heidi, since it looked like well-made cocktail lingerie.

I can't see lacing without immediately thinking "Ren Fair!", and Emilio's dress did little to push that idea out of my head.

Somehow, all I'm reading off Emilio's dress pre-alteration is "Xena, Warrior Princess, going to bed."

Okay, I loved Ben's dress. I would so wear it and think it is wonderfully done, but it does not scream spring. The colors and material are wrong. The darker colors and thicker material scream fall to me and would be great in September/October. Spring to me is all about brighter colors and lighter material. Then again I live in Charleston, SC wear I would be sweating in normal spring weather with a huge leather belt, so my opinion may be a little off on wearablity.

Seeing the stills I like Ben's piece even more (which is the opposite as with Anthony's). Look at the triple stitching in the inmaculate hem. The fall of the tucked fabric on the back. I love how he achieved those maroon panels, both in terms of color and texture. And it proves that Mood does have nice fabrics after all. Impressive for a 12 h. challenge.


Thank you for pointing that out Don. I hadn't noticed it before.
I wonder if it is another subtle reference to the kimono. I have seen antique ones that have a quilted band at the hem.

The problem with Emilio's dress -- apart from it being too short, which he admitted was an accident -- was that lacing always makes a thing look cheap. Unless you're in a RenFaire, and I'm not knocking RenFaires, but in fashion terms it puts you right back in Wet Seal, and that's no good. It was also too girlish. Cutting the straps off helped because you could almost pretend the lacing was just a form of decoration, but not quite. The only good thing about the dress really was the color, which was great.

The model's expression was too funny. "This is -- delightfully spontaneous! As long as my top doesn't fall down!"

I have such a crush on Ben. It was a joy to see him getting some praise. Agreed that it wasn't the best dress for a cover, but it was the most striking overall. And he listened to Tim about the belt!

Ben was so cute. His dress is the one I would've picked for the cover: Marie Claire is usually the last fashion mag I notice on the newsstand, therefore my feeling was that they could stand for something punchier. But I'm not even sure what Marie Claire's target demographic is, so… In the end I don't think Anthony was robbed. I'm really happy that he won the challenge, but I feel equally as bad that Ben had to lose when he presented such a knockout dress.

I'm just not that convinced by Emilio so far. He has very strong skills but his details often make me recoil in horror. Those stupid strappy lacing bows were no exception. I do love how willing he was to cut those straps off though. Also, those colors were perfect for Heidi.

Oops. Read "don't think Ben was robbed" etc. Too much coffee.

LOVED Ben's and he is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

I applaud Emilio for being willing to cut his dress up, but I did NOT agree with this being in the top three. It looked like an ice capades outfit for some kind of gypsy renn fair bar-maid routine.

Loved Ben's, and preferred it in whole to my beloved Madea Jr.'s. but I don't think it would have cropped as well. I really think Ben has the goods to make it to the end, though.

I thought Ben's dress was absolutely gorgeous and striking. However, I didn't get that "Spring" feeling from it that it probably should have had for an April cover.

Still, beautiful beautiful work.

To all the people commenting that the contestants didn't know what Marie Claire's covers look like.

If you are going to compete on a show/contest (for a job, etc) you really should take the time to know about the magazine/judge/company who will be evaluating you, don't you think?

Emilio's design reminded me of an ice skating outfit.

ben's was my choice for the win.
Hated the overkill of lacing in the back of Emilios and I can't understand how the judges could look at that bust and not laugh at how horrible it was.

Can't believe Joanna Coles did not mention that the high contrast lights and darks on Ben's dress would be a nightmare to put legible type over. Nice dress, bad cover choice.

I thought Ben's design was really interesting, and different from the direction anyone else went.

I still had a bit of a negative reaction to it though...the colors were very fall-ish to me. (plus I sometimes let personal opinion get in the way...I can't wear a single ONE of those colors, so my first reaction was 'ick'!)

I think that in a different colorway he could easily have been the winner. Beautifully done, and it seemed like a nice confidence boost for him.

Well I'm on the "Ben was robbed" team. The Mammy Princess' dress was a mess in my eyes.

And this dress of Emilio's....doesn't ANYONE see how it looks like an ice skaters costume? Give that thing to Oksana---not Heidi.

I'm coming into this a little late, but I loved the thought that went behind Ben's design and color story. It was a shame that he didn't find the proper fabric he wanted. The use of cyan, yellow and magenta was a direct nod to publishing, as those are the three primaries used in color processing for the print industry. So, while I can see why they would have liked Anthony's better, I still felt that Ben's was the best from an editorial standpoint.

Emelio's looked to me like a nighty, plain and simple.

Everytime I see a Ben creation, I play "GUESS THE COMIC BOOK CHARACTER." This is straight Silk Spectre from The Watchmen....'s Wolverine from the X-Men...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Emilio's looked like it would be perfect for Sasha Cohen's "Valentine's Day on Ice" figure skating extravaganza.

Ben's model is Lorena not Kristina.

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