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Duckie Brown Fall 2010 Collection

Lorenzo is whipping out his credit card as we speak.

WSJ was there and (sadly) we weren't:

"The dub music that opened Duckie Brown’s Fall 2010 show gave it all away: the ’80s rude boy is back. The fitted pants paired with boots and oversized jackets brought a new spin to the shrunken suit stylings popularized by Thom Browne. Duckie Brown upped the sartorial references by adding a ska edge to the mod influences."

"The work was unapologetically Anglophile and emerged out of nostalgia, the Duckie Brown designers said. “It was about me, England, my family and it was about the boys that I went to school with,” co-designer
Steven Cox said. “But doing it in the way that we would do it.”

“We just thought, ‘Let’s do all things English,’ “ co-designer
Daniel Silver added. “We just went with it. Although we take liberties because we’re Duckie Brown, there was a very strict sense of the rude boy. "

Holy shit, plaid is really back in a big way, isn't it? Due to his love of all things plaid, Lorenzo is swooning over this collection. We both love it, actually. The '80s is referred to so much and so often in fashion, but speaking as two people who wore the cossack shirts and wore out our Big Country cassette, it's so rare to see the good parts of '80s style make a return. Everyone remembers the big hair and the neon and the acid washed jeans, but sometimes it seems like no one remembers the cool patterns, the saturated colors, the cuffed pants, the boots, the long tweed overcoats (oh, belted houndstooth that went to my ankles, how I miss you so). This collection just brings a smile to our faces without being too retro. We love it. We want it. And so help us, if anyone tells us we're too old for these clothes we'll smack them so hard their second cousin twice removed will feel it.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Too old? Bitches PLEASE. You are each the perfect amount of FABULOUS to be able to pull off this biz. I'm happily picturing Lorenzo in the white plaid blazer and Tom in the colorful knee length tweed!

I want the red/black plaid jacket. now.

OMG, I wish I hadn't gotten rid of my Doc Martens now.

PLAID LOVE. TLo, I know ;) that you won't comment on the Bryant Park collections until the end of Project Runway BUT Tom must have loved Seth's ;).

Will you promise to comment on the decoy collections? It would be a shame not to hear TLo's thoughts for some of the good ones if they aren't finalists.

I want to see pics of you two boys in these clothes.
I think you would look fabulous!

I love how Seth Aaron is really on trend right now-- I can see his stuff evolving into this.

I LOVE the brown double breasted sport coat and the cuffed plaid pants. Reminds me of a pair of red plaid ones I had.

And a pair of my Dad's old plaid shorts I commandeered-- I called them the bumble bee shorts because of the yellow, black, navy blue madras type plaid.

I'm with you--I grew up at the same time and with the same influences and nothing will stop me from buying these clothes if I can find them and try them on.

Hideous. I can see plaid and tweed but this is English Aristocracy gone awry. Mixing plaids makes you look like an old bag lady or a crazy old bedwetting man, and those hats are ridiculous. And the capris... No. No.

You guys aren't too old for this. however, i'm too young for this.. ;) haha just kidding.

I would love to see Lorenzo in a pair of plaid pants. Oh go ahead. I make you a cake.

Everyone else needs to back away from that black double-breasted jacket with the epaulets. IT'S MINE.

Everything else is meh. Not in love with plaid. But that jacket is awesome.

The two jackets towards the bottom- that have four LARGE pockets on the front.

I don't understand them.

Love the collection, but I really cannot get behind some of those models' straight bangs. Blerg.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oops, pressed "publish" too soon.

Anyway, one of the Duckie Brown owners/designers used to be my best friend, way back when. He made gloves and painted t-shirts those days. "An' ah helped!" (paint t-shirts, that is). Anyway, cool, he's been having success with this for a few years now. Bravo.

I must have steered clear of rude boys in the 80's because I don't remember this look. Then again, I'm from the Northwest so plaid to me means lumberjacks, grunge or parochial school uniforms. But not all at the same time. At least for me.

"And so help us, if anyone tells us we're too old for these clothes we'll smack them so hard their second cousin twice removed will feel it."

Fabulous knows no age limit, bitches. Please.

I just can't get behind those pedal pusher pants. I get the design aesthetic but I don't see those on the street.

The ones in plaid look like punk golfers.

Don't care for the mixed tartans. Seems they really like Stewart and Black Watch tartans. Like the jackets, the pants, not so much.

WTF is with the models' hair??? I think I saw Spock, Moe from the 3 Stooges and was that Uncle Fester???

I liked the longer coats for women but not so much on a man. And those blond guys looked very Children of the Corn!

Please post pic of you in cossack shirt circa 1980s!

But seriously, there was a lot of good to the 80s (not the least of which is the music) as you noted. Here's to an equally inspired women's collection.

Love plaid forever and ever!

Love the jackets.

Oh dear. I'm old enough that the style of my youth is now retro-chic. What's next? Yelling at the neighbor kids to get off my lawn?

Well if the 80's have to come back, I'm glad to see the rude boy look again. I like men in plaid, long coats, and boots. The look makes me swoon, especially when the punkier elements are paired with more tailored pieces--which this collection does very well. I like the plaid, I like the coats, I like the tweed. Heck, I even like the shorter pants as paired with the Doc Marten-style boots. TLo, if you boys are too old to wear this stuff, I don't want to hear about it, because I'd be attracted to a guy wearing these clothes and I'd hope he wouldn't be half my age, heh.

Now I'm off to listen to the Specials and cry over my misspent youth.

I can totally see Lorenzo in any of the plaid pants!!!

No one should wear plaids that loud unless there are bag pipes and a burning village involved.

I do like the coats and most of the jackets. The guy in the second pair of pictures from the top reminds me of Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory."

i thought they looked ugly and silly

"Retro"? I think this is CLASSIC! Not so much for the plaid-on-plaid-on-plaid styling, but the individual pieces are timeless.

One thing about most men's fashion, as opposed to women's, even older fashionistas can wear it.

Plaid leggings being a singular exception.

Take note.


FREAKING LOVE IT! Now I have to convince my boyfriend to wear those plaid pants.

And thank you guys for all these fabulous posts this weekend! You must be exhausted : )

Gorgeous jackets! Just when you start to think there is nothing new that doesn't border on ridiculous someone - thank you Duckie! - comes out with genius. Too old? Puh-leeze. Even men much older than you boys would look drop dead fabulous in any of those jackets. The question is whether I am too old to go retro-80's and wear them. I am flashing back to my favorite men's dinner jacket, skinny black pants and a certain OMD concert. sigh....


I'm a female and i still want to wear every piece on that runway


I'm a female and i still want to wear every piece on that runway

Love the collection, hate the styling.

talking about rude boys and not a single checker pattern? sad....

Ahhh, the fabulous '80's. Loved the whole rude boy look and culture. Lot's of great jackets and topcoats in this collection. Did not love the head to toe tweeds. My personal favorites were looks #7 & #8 (model #8 in the red jacket is one gorgeous man).


Speaking of being too old...back in my day, I wore plaid bell! I loved plaid then and still do...would never ever wear those capri style trousers though. But, I'd wear them as full length trousers or Bermuda shorts. A lot of great coats too. Hurray for plaid! :)

"We love it. We want it. And so help us, if anyone tells us we're too old for these clothes we'll smack them so hard their second cousin twice removed will feel it."

I definitely wouldn't consider anyone over the age of 40 too old for these clothes 'cause that's who they look like they were designed for. Everything here is so plain and dull and, my god, poorly fitted. 20 years old here, and the only thing I'd consider wearing is the yellow jacket. Everything else would be a gift for my father.

"Soonah or later, your legs give way you hit the ground.
Save it for later, don't run away run away, lettin' me down....."
( - The English Beat - rude boys extraordinaire)
Love the clothes. Love Thom Browne and this is nice too. Anglophiles of the world....unite and take over!
Thank you TLo you are awesome.


I wish I was a dude so I could wear this entire collection.

Apparently I'm to young for these clothes because they border on tacky.

I really like the yellow jacket, but I dont think i could pull it off.

Doc Martens have been back in for a while now. So it makes sense that the rude boy look would make a return sooner or later.

Sadly I am not a fan of plaid. I do like the coats though. On a shallow note, I'm also happy to see more manly male model instead of skinny waifs.

However, I still have a pair of black/white wing tip Doc Maartens that would br just perfect for this collection.

i hated the 80s.
i hate plaid.
✶ stunning collection. ✶

Good Lord, I haven't seen a pair of Doc Martins in an age! Takes me back......

I don't understand your blog anymore. For example, why are you covering this show? You did not attend. There is no connection to any of the designers normally covered- ie, the PR people. And the only comments are "we like it" and "we would wear it." It's getting awfully close to those celebrity judges that we criticize. I enjoy this blog as TV criticism, not fashion criticism. For that I will go to someone like Cathy Horyn who knows what she's talking about.

Seriously Anon 7:23? They're covering the show because they liked it. Do they really need a better reason?

From TLo's "about us" section:

"Not wanting to be pinned down to such a narrow topic (and because frankly, we loved the attention), we renamed our blog Tom & Lorenzo and proceeded to expand our topic range to include fashion blogging, further reality TV blogging (for shows such as Shear Genius, Top Design, Launch My Line, and RuPaul's Drag Race), general TV blogging (for shows such as Lost, Mad Men, Glee, and V) and anything else that caught our eye."

Anon 7:23, you can't really be bitching about the coverage here? Did you not see the 8 or 9 posts from the last couple of days all having to do with Project Runway? With the dozens upon dozens of pictures? Did you not see all the tweets TLo sent from the PR runway show? Do you not appreciate that they're in New York and yet are still posting like madmen, keeping all of us in the loop?

They're doing this blog in their spare time. It's not a newspaper column, they're not judges on a reality show, and they don't have to answer to anyone. It's a blog for them to talk about whatever they like, and give their opinions in any way they like. Again, blog. Blog. Personal musings and opinions shared with the public. Get it?

They don't owe anyone anything.


I love the plaids, love the jackets, don't love the "pedal pusher" pants. Somehow, I don't think this length will be a big seller, especially here in the US.
Lengthen them, and even my hubby would love this collection!

To Anon 7:23 AM,
I love this blog, I love TLo. It is immaterial to me if one of the blog subjects is not attended by anyone. I just love fashion, and TLo satisfies the passion for fashion in me.
I appreciate the joy they bring us every day.

Ah, at last. THIS is the 80s I remember. I can hear the Fine Young Cannibals even as I look at these photos.

Super sexy and masculine. I want them.

Anon 7:23, they've been covering non-PR designers for at least a year now. It should be quite easy for you to skip past the posts you don't want to read, rather than bitch and moan in an entitled fashion.

Just say no to Gene Rayburn Match Game 76 plaid jackets...

I have no problem with plaid, but two unmatched plaids worn together? Blech. But, as long as plaid blazers stay out of the office and off of the backs of game show hosts, I'm ok with them, I guess.

I'm a HUGE fan of their work. Lovelovelove this collection!!

Anon 7:23,

There's a refund, I mean, donate button in the upper right corner of the main page.

So many posts, so little time...I've been traveling with no internet access and I've missed everyone. It's so nice to be back : )

Fabulous collection! I want every piece.

Like the plaids.
Hate the short pants.

Model in the second row - esp in pic on the right - looks like Sheldon from Bing Bang Theory

Lorenzo is whipping out his credit card as we speak.

Please tell me he's not going to wear mismatched plaids! One plaid is all that anyone should have on at any given time.

But I'm sure he'll look adorable, whatever he does.

Pieces get paired in runway shows all the time that are not necessarily meant to be worn together.

I'd wear several of the coats and suit jackets. The pants not so much. I don't think I could pull of plaid pants, and I just don't like pants that are too short.

The collection seems cool and interesting. Hey, as child of grunge, you can never go wrong showing me plaid. I have to say, though, the legging-style pants make some of the skinny boy models look bowlegged. It's a little disturbing.

FINALLY, jackets that fit men. Those too tight jackets that have been popular looked silly (yes, I am talking about you Conan O'Brien!)

Mrs. Miniver

AWESOME! I'm breaking out my plaid Doc Martens NOW.

"Ah, at last. THIS is the 80s I remember."
Indeed. What a relief. Plaid has always been punk (that's why the grunge plaid happened in the first place - a little joke of melding lumberjack plaid and punk plaid). Screw the acid-washed 80's, whoever they were.

I am a child of the 80's and i miss them so much.

So glad to see 80's "anything goes" fun style coming back into fashion again..the 90's and 2000's have done nothing for me other than bootleg cut jeans and some nice red carpet gowns. Jay Mccarroll reminds me of the 80's which is why i think his collection will always be my fav from PR.

I miss my colorful watches,my purple jordache(what happened to jordache anyway? I thought heidi was revamping the label a few years back?) i Miss my plaid vans and painted converse. I too had the floor length trenches back then, one in black with gold chain link buttons and a houndstooth that was the warmest thing ever on my body. I could have trudged through Antartica with that baby!

I used to really be a fashion gal back then, i had my own quirky style that all my friends copied, then fucking GRUNGE hit the scene and i stopped caring about clothes. It took me a long time to embrace boot cut pants having loved my rolled cuffed pants with all my little matching socks wearing heart!

Maybe I will get back into clothes.

God I hope matching shoes and accessories come back in to, for me they never went out! Haha, I know TLO hates matching shoes but I think shoes that dont match the clothes look odd.

Now if only 80's music would come back i'd be able to find my bliss!

"the 80's rude boy is back"

Like all easily identifiable trend-genres, it's all about what pieces you choose and how you put it together!

Which give you two a free pass. Your natural taste will guide.

That said, I'd hesitate to outfit all of the men I might buy for in some of these - but other pieces are Just So Styling. Right now, while it's fresh (at least in this incarnation), I'd want to go over and talk to a guy I saw togged out like this at a party. And what more can you ask?

P.s. Again, as always, copious thanks for giving us the menswear.

Gorge! Gorge gorge gorge gorge! And CLASSIC. I can see men of all ages wearing these pieces!

Love the jackets, but the pant + boot combo had some negative connotations where and when I grew up, and I just cannot get behind this collection. :( I really love the jackets, though.

I would like this so much better if it were just a little more rugged. It just seems a little to feminine to me. But.. I like my men stinking of testosterone

Hate all the pants, love most of the coats and jackets, love the boots.

oh, belted houndstooth that went to my ankles, how I miss you so

Oh! Me, too! I loved mine so, I kept wearing it even when I was too tall for it and couldn't close it anymore. Sadface. Growing up sucked in so many ways, but I'd forgotten how much I regreted my inability to wear certain items of exceptionally awesome clothing as I got taller/bigger.

I really love the fabrics in this collection. I heartily second the cheer for Good `80s retro. Hooray for the return of plaids! (Houndstooth, too, SVP.) And, ah, Doc Martens. Yay. This collection made me smile contentedly, and I'm not even in the intended market.

If anyone tells you you're too young to wear this, T Lo, after you're done smacking them about, send them my way, and I'll ensure they keep their fool thoughts to themselves in the future.

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