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Davidelfin Fall 2010 Collection

The Yellow Hairs are coming!


The peplums are fine- it's the man-tights that get me!

Exist some point on the collection when you get a doubt if the model is a man or a woman.


Too odd for me.

The man tights, the weird shirt/black stripe combo under the jackets, the hulky hunched posture. And this was a good kind of androgeny to me,

And I like plaid but not all over.

Man peplums? (Pepla?) What about yellow tights!

Oh, oh, oh..... blurring the gender boundaries ultimately is a good thing, I know it is, but it's so hard to wrap the mind around some of the blurrage. Why shouldn't a man wear peplums and yellow tights, after all?

As for all the plaid, it just makes me want to get into some jammies, pull the cowboy print sheets up to my chinny chin chin, and have Ward pat me on the head and June kiss me good night.

Eew. It just didn't look very good or flattering. There was maybe one piece I liked.

Lovelovelove the collection!

The guys all look like serial killers with good fashion sense.

Wow. Muy androgynous. I think I like but am confused.

Gender bending is one thing, but making them both equally fug is something else entirely. Yuck.

I can see why I have never heard of him. Ugh!

Pretty. I can see Tilda Swinton in the long black dress 9 rows down.

Nice...I love those yellow shoes with yellow cuffs.

Oooooo...this collection is FAB! Well, lose the man peplum and it would be absolutely fab, but love the clean, crisp lines. This is how you do minimalist silhouettes.

honesty.not.pc, on all accounts. Sorry boys but you and I have very different tastes in mens clothing, but that is what makes our country great right :)

BTW if you love plaid you should really like the Olympic snowboarding outfits (uniforms?)!

Gender bending should never be confused with making men look like stupid women. It's making men look good as men wearing clothes that are traditionally for women. It's being able to look at women's clothes with a masculine eye. When you put a woman in a tux, you make sure that it's a more fem version of a tux (unless you are K D Lang and then you look fab no matter what style tux you wear, just keep singing!). Same way should be with men. Take a skirt and make it for a man's body. Tights are fine, but there is no need to do a ballerina yellow version. Can't you come up with a male version of tights?

The women fashion looks good. The men's looks like an unintended parody. Pity.

I really loved the color story and different plays on traditional silhouettes. I think I actually liked the sweater over jacket looks. I can't really get behind he man peplum looks in this particular collection --- seemed too random amidst all of the other looks. However, if men can pull of skirts, why not a flirty little black peplum?


i'm surprised nobody mentioned that eleonora bose is in the catwalk, tlo are obviously unaware of who she is :)

Ugh... it's rare that I feel so negatively towards a whole collection but I hate most of these looks. That one dress doesn't know if it wants to be a dress, a suit, or a prison uniform. Everything else is either extremely dull or extremely glaring.

The "norm" never alters until some people are willing to veer considerably off course and pull the center along with them - so, I salute you Davidelfin. Men's clothing is way too colorless and uniform-like.

Also, it is interesting that in fashion, people not connected to each other come up with similar looks at the same time. This collection has a passing similarity to Seth Aaron's - and Michael Kors' collection has similarities to Irina's, etc..

Do you think it's just that designers are absorbing the same fashion and color trends etc., and now and then come up with similar design solutions? Or what? Or am I seeing patterns where none exist?

New to posting here. Just LOVE your blog!!!!

I rather liked it. I still love plaid.

Wish I could see the front of the outfit the gent is wearing in the first row, second picture.

Also, are all those shoes Davidelfin? I see some red soles on some of the women and men's shoes and I just associate that with Louboutin.

I really like the ladies shoe at the end - classic.

also that duffel is very nice. men's peplums, men's tights, men's jesus kilts, etc. just won't be happening.

Not sure, cant put it into words.

I can't be the only one who thought "Bowie!!!" when looking at this collection.

i'm not dorothy gale

Nice clean lines and surprising pops of color. Best of all, no fur.

Nothing more than glorified track suits.

i am weary of androgyny.

Eye catching, but can't say I love it.

Is Eleonora Bose the one with the yellow hair? She looks extremely... masculine. Harsh face and bulky body. I like her... I think.

I like it quite a lot. It's really well-made minimalism with lots of wearable pieces. Actually, I'm craving quite a few...
I also like the play on gender-bending. The androgynous models achieve a certain severety, that makes the clothes the focus. Most probably men's tights will never happen, but here they serve their purpose on the runway perfectly. We all know, that the runway is about a show. In this minimalistic presentation, the mentights break up the austerity of the greys and hold it all together at the same time. I like them here - although I'd probably get a laughing fit, if I saw them in exactely the same way on the street.

I cannot shake the impression that the model with the yellow/orange hair is modeled after Tilda Swinton.

I cannot shake the impression that the model with the yellow/orange hair is modeled after Tilda Swinton.

Those models need some fiber! They look seriously constipated.

The collection is definitely interesting. Some is nice, some is just plain weird.

I agree with Pagan Place though...I have no idea if some of them are boys or girls...It's Pat! (obscure SNL reference alert).

Interesting, but the styling worries me. White gloves? Models look like uptight germophobes.

Love the plaids. And some of the suits are just fantastic! Oh to be whip-thin

nicely made- reminds me of the stewardess outfits for SpanAir

This collection is so all over the place, it makes me think this designer needs an editor.

I love the hot pink dress. And I'd kinda like white gloves to make comeback. The mudflap pockets will be popular with street vendors. But those outfits with the shorts and tights make me think the designer got high while watching The Red Balloon.

And that outfit 8th row on the left looks like it can't figure out what it is: Part priest, part slutty cheerleader. That inner conflict looks like a running theme in this collection - hence the need for an editor.


The Yellow-haired Model looks like Early Bowie.

Hey, is that Brig's little brother? Or maybe sister?

I like it. Yellow and black seems to be hot all of the sudden. Are we all getting jobs as cabbies?

Love those shoes that look like they have tone-on-tone spats at the end there.

The shoes! The shoes! The last pair....just tell me where and how much.


Brilliant. I love the suits that can't decide if they are suits or not. Truly original, and even if androgyny is a bit played, the blurring of traditional silhouettes always catches my eye.

"Anonymous said: The Yellow-haired Model looks like Early Bowie."

I was thinking the yellow hair makes the model look like Tilda Swinton, as drawn by Hank Ketcham.


Can't you come up with a male version of tights?

I really don't think you can.

On the whole, I'm not really feeling this collection, and the styling makes the models look like they're staff members at the Androgyny Inn. I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy my stay.

is andrew's boyfriend in this show?

Yes, sixgables, I believe that is Brig's transgendered sibling. I, too, am confused as to which way he or she is transitioning, but whatever. It's nice to know that Tweety Bird is sporting her natural color, right?

Hank Ketcham! Oh, Gotham, there's a pop culture reference we don't see too often.

As for the mud flap pockets, I hope these don't catch on, as my husband will want them. He likes cargo pants for their convenience, God help me. I fear these would be next.

I liked that the women's clothing had men's tailoring and the men's clothing had some feminine elements. From an artistic point of view, I liked it. From a fashion point of view, I hated this collection, the menswear especially.

Some cute nice outfits on the women, but overall just didn't like it.

I LOVE the women's suit dress! That's a look that could easily translate to RTW.

Serial killers, germaphobes, extras in a B sci-fi dystpoian movie of the week.... i don't love the clothes but those gloves and the styling just really ruined what chance the clothes had with me.

Man tights - (which i originally mis-typed as 'man tits') - i applaud him for trying though i can't say i'm behind it. Maybe not in yellow? makes them look like Big Bird.

"Brooklyn Bomber said: Hank Ketcham! Oh, Gotham, there's a pop culture reference we don't see too often."

HA! And I feared it might be too obscure.


Ohhhhhh Julie, taking a 2nd look I think you're correct. The bags contain their murder kits. And yes, I watch too much crime TV.

We're men.
We're men in tights.
We roam through the forest
-- something something --
lookin' for fights.

There really is much to like, but...

Word to the wise, Lorenzo! Those plaid shorts make that male model's ass look HUGE.

I agree with you and I really liked this collection when I first saw it. It's somewhat playful, both conceptually and aesthetically - with the androgous theme and the deconstruction of garments - yet tastefully severe. Probably one of my favourites so far.

Love the plaids, love the snakeskin print, especially love the hot pink dress!

Also, Robin Hood called. He wants his tights back.

This collections is SO Lillith from Cheers.

The men bear a stiking resemblance to Leopold and Loeb.

I really like his aesthetic.

Where did they find this many men with stick legs?

Fun, fab and with a slight whiff of Elizabethan flair with those man-tights and pleated thingy at the waist.
Really love it!

YUCK!!!!!!! FUG!!

Ok now that is out of my system. Here's my assessment. I don't mind blurring the lines into androgeny, don't mind the severity of the styling or anything like that. BUT if you are going to do that--do it with SOME style. Most of those clothes looked like he ran out of time fitting the models.

And a word about male tights and skirts or peplums. They won't catch on for practical reasons...not aesthetic ones. Exactly HOW is a man supposed to pee standing up wearing tights and a peplum? I realize fashion isn't about practicality (for the most part) but if women think about this--why catsuits never caught on--then you KNOW men do.

Started out liking it, then not. Then, a love followed by a hate. No, no, no, men do not wear peplums. (or tutu's = Isabel.)

Gloves! Gloves make me as happy as plaid. Plaid and gloves, hooray!

Man tights, though? Brightly-colored man tights? Those went away centuries ago, and I don't think they're coming back anytime soon. Just as well, as the low-riding jeans on all females are punishment enough (there is only a very small portion of this country that can get away with low-riding pants, folks. sooooo many muffin tops! my poor eyes!), the horror of brightly-clad fat northern dude's's just...oh, god, no, please, no.

That jumpsuit/romper/whateverthehell (I haven't had my coffee yet for some ungodly reason) is ridonk, as in it's so ridiculous, I can't even be bothered to use a real word to describe it.

Is it their posture or are many of these *severely* unflattering? Male models under 30 should not look pear-shaped no matter what their posture.

I think most of the jackets are cut unflatteringly. The one (women's) with the grey/black color blocked peplum is particularly hideous.

I really like the grey/mustard color combo, and many of the individual pieces. The long black dress lined in red is nice.

Grey flannel boarding school shorts over tights for grown men - also not going to catch on.

Not digging this plaid as much in the last big plaid collection. (too lazy to go back and double check the designer and don't want to make a mistake)

p.s. yes, a few men can bring it to judicious selections from this collection and make it look marvelous. But those are the kind of guys who by force of personality, can wear the goodwill grab bag clothes and look marvelous.

"We're men . . . we're men in ti-ights . . ." Somewhere Mel Brooks is laughing his *** off!

Some of these individual pieces are gorgeous.

The man tights are weird. I remember when I was in Spain years ago thinking they were the only country in Europe that really had their own thing going on fashion-wise. Everyone else looked pretty much like New Yorkers.

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