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Daniel Vosovic Fall 2010 Collection

Who's a total Dan fan?


Some of these are really great. Good job...but why didn't he rate a traditional runway presentation? These look like they were shot in somebody's apartment!

I'm curious as to why we've heard nothing from Chloe (oh god, was that her name?) but tons from Daniel V and he didn't even win season 2?

Hmmmm . . . never was a fan of this guy's designs on the show. I always thought he ended up in the top 3 by default. He's certainly grown since then, and there are a few pieces I really like, but overall I'm still not feeling the love.

actually, i love this collection. it may be somewhat heavy on the draping ("overthought") and such but i love the bright turquoise and orange with the pretty neutrals. i want all of it right now, please. :)

Thanks for all this coverage. Can you explain why there's such an explosion of former PR designers showing at NY Fashion Week? Is there a difference between posed shows and shows in the tents?

BTW, wasn't it "I'm a full Dan fan" from the Duchess?

I'm not a fan at all of this....!

"We think Daniel would do great with a design partner to balance him out."

Where's Andrae?

The clothes are pretty, in the main. But that one model is scarily emaciated. A cheeseburger, STAT!

Pleated, tapered pants in winter white? Gag me with me an '80s throwback. And an ill-fitting one, at that. Hello. Insane Crotch, anyone? I preferred Daniel V's All-American, Ralph Lauren-esque stuff from PR days. To be fair, I like the orange marble print, but that dress makes his model look short and a little dumpy. Was that fair? Whatever.

I like Daniel V a lot - partly because I have a massive crush on him, partly because I really like a lot of his work (and I loved his Bryant Park collection from Season two). I'm not crazy about the marble prints here either, but that black skirt-suit is absolutely to die for. if i had a million dollars and a killer figure, I'd buy it in a flash.

Not love.

Daniel's work, to me, always seems like he's trying too hard to make something innovative or edgy. I agree with Brooklyn Bomber - was never a big fan of his work on the show (except the orchid dress, which I have to admit that I loved). He definitely doesn't have the design chops of someone like, say, Christian.

What's with all the Asian models?

I want to like it, but most of this looks so CHEAP. And when you're going for a more understated minimal aesthetic (which I'm not sure he achieves here, because he mixes that with some random overwork detailing, thus bringing lots of confusion), the last you can afford is looking cheap, fabrics have to look flawless, colors have to be expensive or else you stick to neutrals...

Another PR designer that would benefit from a good job at a commercial house before rushing to produce a line, but I guess it;s normal they feel they have to ride on the wave of the show's popularity.


I really love the fact that as far as I can tell, there's only one "euro-caucasian" model in there (the first one), and even she looks like a little melting pot

Why does Vosovic get praise for only using Asian models, and MJ critized for only using caucasians? Don't get it.

Not a fan. The created fabrics are kind of nice. The designs seem almost amateurish, lacking polish.

He seems to be presenting us with a restrained aesthetic but it just seems under-baked.

His potential might be realized with a design partner but would his ego ever allow such a thing?

I have always loved me some Daniel V.


Chloe Dao is alive and kickin' in Houston. She is exactly who she always was. Bright Lights - Big City didn't go to this designer's head. She found her niche and she is happy and thriving in it.

The turquoise fabric is gorgeous!

Oh noes, the gray suit pants ate the model's feet!

Sorry -- I just detest that look. Was it intentional, or did she take her 4-inch heels off?

Overall, Daniel's style just doesn't appeal to me.

As much as I love Danny V., I must say that I'm underwhelmed and...a little bit bored.

I like his original final collection for PR better than anything he has done since.

I think a problem with looking at the collection is the harsh lighting. That flash is too much and really makes the clothes look bad.

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He looks like a junky in that photo. That may explain some of the works here.

I've always like Daniel V but I can't say his stuff wows me. It's just nice. Wouldn't mind having that pale gray suit though.

Some interesting shapes: Love the curved hemlines, but I hate those orange & blue fabrics. They look busy and cheap.

And I wonder if he had anyone walk in that orange dress before he showed it. It looks like it would get bunched between your legs when you walk.

I love DanielV, but this is a disappointment.


Daniel was my favorite during whatever season that was... I don't love this collection, though. Funny b/c my favorite pieces are either black or white, just not feeling the colors or marble prints he used.

Gad, the baggy white pants, baggy blue pants, baggy black pants are awful. BUT there's an enormous department store market for them (and I'm not a snob about department stores -- just sayin' there's a market for shapeless clothes: Eileen Fisher, Michael Michael Kors, etc.).

Am I really saying this? That the most impressive show I have seen you post thus far is Irina?

This is a disappointment.

I would also love to be educated about who rates where and how the clothes are shown.


To add to Faline's reply, Chloe has a store in Houston, there are maybe a dozen other stores (about half? in Texas) that carry her stuff, and she designs for a firm that makes "eco-friendly" bags & cases for tech gear. (Nuo-something)

I remember hearing she was planning to expand her store to other cities, but I'm guessing the economy delayed that plan. She works with several charities, the kind of things you'd expect a boutique retailer of women's wear to participate in.

She never said she wanted to do the New York scene, and apparently she's found a niche she's happy with.

When he does "simple" he is spot on. When he embellishes, he strays.

Jules - I thought Chloe never deserved her win. I hated her fabric choices (that shiny nauve and that dreary green with mauve print) and the shape of her clothes. (mostly not wearable with a bra).

kind of mixed on this collection - not really in love, but not bad.

I do like the orange-y "marble" pants - just not with the blue-gray top.

I'm loving Gary's new style of posting.

Love it. Even the marble.

And what can you say about that decaled coat? GOR-GEOUS.

And despite the human hangers, some of these looks can be worn by many women of different sizes.

It looks like something that would sell well at Macy's. (and that's no put-down, either)

He has some superb pieces here. The aqua marble printed dress (2 down) and the black coat with the scarf drape on the shoulder (I think 7 dwn) standout.

Minneapolis Mike, it's not a matter of Daniel V "rating" a runway show, but they are very expensive and time consuming to stage. This type of presentation ( was it cocktail party reception?) is a better fit for an emerging designer.

He still seems to be working through that whole military/WWII thing. As you've stated, it looks great when it's simple and executed flawlessly, but just looks silly when overdone.

Gary's typing reminds of when I need a laugh at work (and I've already read all of the TLo posts for the day). I'll slow down people's voice messages so that they sound like they are drunk or just woke up.

Ahh, the things we in cubeland do to keep from running letter openers through all of the people we are forced to work with every day.

I liked it alot.
i thought it was very strong.
However yes, marble inspiration, helloooo Rodarte Fall 2009 that's exactly what they did!
And some of the prints were even a little reminiscent of Christian's Spring 2010 italian coastline prints.

Chloe's a regular on QVC and seems to be a fan favorite. Now, that may cause fashion snobs to snicker, but it's the equivalent of a very healthy annuity. Few designers can say they've sold thousands of pieces in hours--and do it repeatedly.
Designer for America's stay-at-homes? The middle-aged woman's Tory Burch? Making the XXL feel cute and sexy? Cha-ching! And that cash register ring probably beats the sound of praise from a slew of fashion critics, no matter how fabulous they may be.

I thought the collection was pretty, and I liked all the necklines, but it certainly didn't feel high fashion. Oh well. He's still got it in him, I'm certain.

It does seem a bit... fetish-y to cast only Asian models. Not sure how I feel about that. Hm.

I like the marbled fabric, except for the orange one, which doesn't really work for me.

For the outfits themselves... well, there's a few I like. The third one down has a gorgeous top (and I love the colour on it) but the pants are so ho-hum. The dresses with the pale marbly patterns are nice. Midway down under one of those is a black jacket with a drapey shoulder I like quite a bit. Most of the rest I'm fairly neutral on... nothing I hate, but nothing that really grabs me.

I have always liked Dan's work. But I do agree, he needs a partner to bounce off ideas. Otherwise, excellent work!

He seems like a nice guy, I guess, but his designs are just unappealing time after time.

Sewing Siren on 2/19/10 at 11:24 AM said....Minneapolis Mike, it's not a matter of Daniel V "rating" a runway show, but they are very expensive and time consuming to stage. This type of presentation ( was it cocktail party reception?) is a better fit for an emerging designer.

According to Kelly Cutrone the AVERAGE NYC fashion show held during fashion week cost $60,000 to $80,000.00 to produce and putt on. I read somwhere (and I do not remember where) that Marc Jacobs averages a cost of about $500,000.00 for each of his NYC fashion shows. The half million $$$ does NOT include the cost of the after party.

I liked the grey suit (if it were hemmed). I'm not wild about the curved hems and I loathe handkerchief hems. I do kind of like the marble prints, even if they have been done.

I'm already tired of all the digitally printed fabric. It seems everyone did it this season and everyone's clothes look the same now.
The marble and the aerial geo photos.
Overdone already. At least Mizrahi did cityscape with it on some dresses.
That was nice.

Has anyone brought up the fact that his blue marble print looks a lot like Christian's ocean map print from his previous collection, only not quite as rich and luxurious-looking?

I'm not super thrilled with this collection, which makes me sad, because I love Daniel V, and still think he should have won his season. (I personally didn't like that Chloe basically said she had no intention of trying to be a major designer)

But a lot of this collection feels overworked and kind of sloppy to me. And why do all of those models look so depressed? I know smiling is a no-no, but they all look like someone should start spiking their drinks with Prozac.

I can't get past the God-awful styling on those models. Maybe if I crop the heads out of all the pictures I could see the clothes.

Why does anyone do a nude face with red/pink/orange eye makeup? It alwayswaysalways makes the poor model look like she's got a virus or the plague or something. I get feverish and itchy whenever I see it.

I didn't really care for it. The prominent rounded hemlines and in particular one sweater land at a woman's (actual regular non-model women) hips and pones and that is not flattering. I was just at the store and rejected the new Burda patterns rectangle/square hem that I see are in his collection as well. the bulk seems to gather in the middle. The black suit, I don't like how the skirt and the jacket doesn't cover the belly well. I don't know, this just does not excite me. I really don't notice models much so have no comment on his selection.

Very nice. Clean, minimalist pieces that all have a bit of originality.

Not sure what I think about the whole collection, but I do have two favorites:

The slouchy gray pant suit and the white handkerchief hem with asymetrical collar (7 down).

Some of these are really wonderful, but that first black shirt thing with the tiny....saddle bags on the bottom reminds me way too much of a Star Trek uniform with a spot to put your phaser and tricorder.

Holy anorexia!


Yikes, sorry to be a voice of discord but I hate every look in this collection.

The marble prints look like the fake marble pattern that you find on formica countertops.

Interesting collection.

Hideous. I've never gotten Daniel, other than that Orchid Blouse he won for on PR. I still have bad dreams about those wooden purses he made his models carry on the runway. And this collection - not one thing in it is attractive. The pants are all horribly cut. Nothing here flatters or comments on the human body in any way - just ugly "drapes" of depressing fabric.

"What's with all the Asian models?"

Would you have brought up race if they were all white? Or even all black?

Regardless, the models look beautiful.

How on-trend of him!

I've never been on the Daniel V love train. I find his aesthetic boring and this collection doesn't disappoint in that respect. The only look I like is the 7th down but the winter white is not my cup of tea. I still am not forgiving that he won the All-Star Challenge. That was a joke.

Who's the customer here? 35+ with money and not the body she had at 21?

I'm seeing Eileen Fisher shapes, which-- nothing wrong with that (and probably a market that's ripe for good clothes), but kind of unexpected. And totally incompatible with bare strips in a tuxedo pant or a shirt dress.

These girls look like they were just rescued from the Gulag--and the Red Cross handed them some temporary clothing.

honestly, i do not like this. i do not the styling, the color combinations or the construction. each gartment except the white suit( i believe there was a white suit) was either overthought, unfinished or indulgent student work. TLo were spot on when they said he needs a partner to level him out and polish his skills to the point where his collection are as strong Irina's, Leanne's, Korto's or Christian's collections.

Donny B --I thought the same thing and was wondering if it was just me. The blue is very Siriano-ish.

It's weird that these models are so thin,yet some of those clothes make them look hippy,as my Mom would say.

I am trying , very hard, to look at these clothes and decide if I like them or not

but I cannot get past the gastly styling of these women and their emaciated look. Not a single one of them looks alive. There is nothing to like, they totally detract from his work

add the terrible lightling the lack of color backdrop ... many of the models rival the pillar for style and excitement.


I like some of these quite a bit, like the jacket with the black droopy thing on the shoulder, but that orange fabric is Awful.
'Minneapolis mike' said these look like they were shot in someone's apartment. Agreed. And it's not doing the clothes any favors.


Nice, yet weak. Personally I dont think he should've won the All Star challenge. Sweats from Models or Kmart with mesh added. Hardly a winner. But then again look at the judges...

i'm not dorothy gale

The models look so incredibly depressed and tormented that I barely noticed the clothing.


"Why does Vosovic get praise for only using Asian models, and MJ critized for only using caucasians? Don't get it"

Using all asian models and only one caucasian is praised because it NEVER happens! Do your really not get that? Pretend you're not caucasian for a moment and maybe you will.

First of all, the first girl looks Asian, not caucasian.

Secondly, to the person questioning why no one ever questions when designers use all white models, what blog are you reading? Designers get called out here all the time for using all-white models. And rightly so.

Thirdly, DV using all Asian models is gimmicky and has nothing to do with promoting Asian models. It's choice no different from using all blondes or all waifs. He's using Asians as an esthetic, not to promote diversity. Casting diverse models is promoting diversity.

Finally, Stepoutsideyourbox, you can tell someone's ethnicity by a post they make on the internet? That's a real gift. And not at all presumptuous or vaguely racist to assume anyone's race based on nothing more than one post.

Oh, and this collection? Hideous.

Disagree. I actually love this! Well done, Daniel!


Really like the blue and beige prints! I was liking the oxidizing copper print as a dress, but the pants in the next photo turned me off it.
I still think that when it comes to prints, Christian Siriano did it better.

The makeup is atrocious!

And Daniel is not looking very good in that photo. Was he ill?

This collection really screams "McCall's Patterns!" to me.
It's not very forward and the shapes have commercial glitches that store buyers will see and possibly pass on buying.

I expected much more from Daniel V.

Love it! He's got a huge future if he keeps it up.

OUT. Daniel was good on PR, not since. Too bad. His models are hideous.

Sorry if I post this twice, I've been having computer issues.

@ Jules - I agree! I saw Chloe on channel 7 where I am, it's some fashion/shopping network that caters mainly to middle-age and above. Yes, it's the same Chloe!!! What was she doing there????? What happened?!

models=whack. I appreciate a beautiful asian model but some of these girls were not up to par. Why not show some diversity? Hire the models based on talent and looks not just the arbitrary "I want to be different."

I am a fan of graceful lines and elegant style and Daniel does that well. His choice of color was refreshing, even though the fabric wouldn't have been my first choice.

All in all, I liked it. I can see a toned down version of most in high-end shops.

hate most of it except the semi oval at the bottom of one of the looks. what happened to the direction he was going in his allstars collection?

OMG!!! I love it all. I must respectfully disagree daddy and papa, as the "over thought" embellishments really serve as interesting pieces which could find their way into anyone's closet. The average buyer would want one or two pieces. Its just the Vosovic aesthetic; remember the sheilds of his final collection.

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