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Hey! Remember that TV show called Project Runway?


We've come to expect hyperbole from Tim, and we're not saying a cover shot is anything to sneeze at, but ... having your look put into production by Banana Republic? Getting Iman to wear your dress on the red carpet? HELLO?

We were standing in line to get inside the tent yesterday and Joanna was standing right in front of us. After a quick introduction, she admitted she was afraid that she was too mean to Anna. Honey, we're here to tell you, after the execrable guest judging of last season, a bitchy British fashion editor is exactly what the doctor ordered.

So congratulations to Miss Sophia.

Model: Kristina Sajko

It's funny. After all this time, we can still have a new and unique viewing experience with this show. Because of the snow and the subsequent complete clusterfuck that mass transit became, we were only able to get a train into NY in the middle of the night. We saw maybe the first ten minutes of the show before the honk of a cab horn came in through our ice-encrusted windows, and the results of the show were relayed to us by reading our minions' commentary in the T Lounge post. We were pleasantly surprised to hear Miss Sophia won and judging by the enthusiastic reception his dress received in our comments section, we couldn't wait to see a picture of it.

Fast forward to 2 am (and believe us, there was no fast forwarding for us, thanks to the ashtray-smelling meth-head sitting in front of us on the train). A sleepy Peter Shelton lets us in, heads back to bed, and we immediately fired up our laptops and headed off to the Lifetime page to eagerly see the dress everyone had raved about. Our reaction? A puzzled "Oh."

We weren't originally bowled over by it, to be honest. It wasn't until we saw the entire show (last night) that we got our heads around it. It is a pretty dress and it is entirely appropriate for a Marie Claire cover. No arguments there.

But we couldn't get over how ... smushed it looks. Like it was poorly packed in a suitcase. We like the design very much, but we were surprised that no one really mentioned that.

There is a lot of interesting detailing here and it's to Anthony's credit that none of it looks like too much or overwhelms the dress. Not to take anything away from his win, but he benefitted from the fact that, for whatever reasons, the rest of the airheads in the competition went off on flights of design fancy that were particularly ill-suited for a cover shot.

But really, it was a deserved win. The color was gorgeous and absolutely appropriate. It looks exactly like something Heidi would wear. And as the judges said, it pretty much screamed "SPRING IS HERE!"

One other thing to note: we like this season's cast, but they're getting to be a little low-key as time goes on. It was truly touching how happy all of them were for Anthony. We can't think of any other designer who got that kind of screaming and clapping reaction for their win. It was adorable and a testament both to how much the cast loves him and how sweet the cast can be. It actually made these two nasty bitches tear up a bit.

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I'm with you, as I was not as wowed by it because it wasn't impeccable. That said, the time limits of the show make it difficult to make impeccable garments, so design alone it's interesting and flattering.

I liked Ben's better, though. He probably didn't get the win because it's riskier. Fashion wise, though, I thought it was modern and chic.

I loved loved the color...bright but not garish.. It looks similar to the blue Leanne used in her finale collection. But sorry the noodles make me think of a poor man's Leanne, especially with the similar color. It's not my favorite.

Here at the convent we thought the design was very pretty but the execution needed another day. It indeed looks like it's just been unpacked. Maybe that's why he was so shocked to win.

Too mean to Anna? What about the polluted beach comment she threw to Jeannene's? ; )

Out of all the dresses, this one was the "happiest". I can totally see Heidi wearing this and looking beautiful. Additionally, the color screams SPRING. Hooray for Miss Sophia.

Loves, loves, loves Anthony. Ashes and sackcloth and we'd still loves him. Which we think Lady Gaga already wore...

THANK you. I was completely baffles. I thought it was going to be in the bottom b/c it looks so smushed and haphazard. That blue is my favorite color and will look great on Heidi, but that was NOT a winning dress, to me.

I think it's really sweet how genuinely happy Seth Aaron seems with Anthony's win, considering he's yet to win a challenge and was once brought to the bottom by him. I agree that this cast are really likeable in the whole.

It's not a "wow!" dress, but it fit the parameters of the challenge perfectly. He actually listened to Joanna, unlike pretty much everyone else. Eye-catching color? Check. Interest on the top? Check. No pattern? Check. Looks good on Heidi? Check.

It's no coincidence that the three top looks all used bright colors. I don't know what everyone else was thinking with their peaches, beiges, ivories and such.

I did like Ben's dress better, qua fashion, but there's no question that Miss Sophia's suited the purpose better.

Hurrah for the listening ear!

I felt a little sorry for the designers when they were told they had a chance to get a Marie Claire cover dress (yeah! I'll make my bestest dress evah!)... for Heidi (oh, it has to be short tight and shiny :( )
I wasn't crazy about Anthony's, it wasn't in my top three even. But it fit into the narrow parameters that were set for the designers. And I do like this dress (pause)..... for Heidi.

sixgables said...
THANK you. I was completely baffles. I thought it was going to be in the bottom b/c it looks so smushed and haphazard. That blue is my favorite color and will look great on Heidi, but that was NOT a winning dress, to me.

Didn't I understand correctly that TLo think this was the fair winner of the challenge?
I was at first surprised that Ben didn't get the win, but then I understood giving it to Anthony. I think that was very much the feeling in the lounge the other day. The construction issues are far more obvious in the pictures than in the screen.

It's a cute dress, and while I personally would have given the win to Ben, I mostly don't have a problem with Anthony taking this one. But did no one else look at his dress and think of the spring 2009 Versace gown that January Jones wore to last year's Golden Globes? It's a strikingly similar design, to the point that I half-expected the judges to call Anthony out on it.

- Meredith

Anthony was the only one who got the two most important criteria, it has to stand out on the newstand and it has to look great on Heidi.

I hope they gave him time to clean it up before they shot it. Since this was such a big prize (though maybe not the BIGGEST EVER) the designers should have had more time.

This dress has a ton of commercial appeal. You could wear it to an informal garden wedding, a baby/bridal shower, a cocktail party or weekend happy hour. The Duchess said "sexy without being slutty" and I will add "dressy without being formal".


Oh, what am I thinking about? Of course they gave him time to clean it up. It had to be refit (or remade) for Heidi.

I'm happy for Anthony, and I love this dress, especially for this challenge. I'd have given the win to Ben, though.

Can't wait til you guys get to Jay's dress.

Although I would have given the win to Emilio (especially after he whipped out the scissors), Anthony certainly deserved it. It managed to scream both Anthony and Heidi at the same time, amazingly, and I think that was exactly what Marie Claire was looking for. It also was surprisingly tactful & nice...for Anthony and Heidi.

I don't get the fuss over Ben... I understand that it was "a risk" but I'm not loving the color scheme, the design, the belt...not even the hair. Only Ben. ♥

I completely agree -- the dress was somehow a little off, and yet close enough. Very Heidi in silhoutte, a lot of interest up top, a happy springy color.

And it was up against at least 7 other entries that were totally the wrong color. (5 oatmeal-y and 2 too dark.) Ben's was the only real competition, though I think Seth Aaron's might have been, if he'd chosen another color (gotta see that one close up, though).

Ultimately, as the Duchess might say, "it's the right dress on the right girl." Still, I wonder if Anthony might have figured out how to make dress he drew (which was very different from the one he made), if he'd had more time.

I watched the judging with my 82-year-old mom, a print-journalism pro from way back. We agreed that Anthony's dress was the ONLY one that aced the magazine-cover requirement -- grab the eye, attract the hand, and the wallet will follow.

Oh, plus, you know, I'm sure it'll be remade and improved for the actual shoot. Don'tcha think?

Congratulations to Anthony and thanks to Ant an'em for a happy episode of PR. A couple of moments for the Best of reel was Anthony's glee at being praised by the judges, followed by Heidi's bizarre cackle... what the heck was that, was the kid sitting on her diaphragm(?), and then virtually the same thing happened when he was declared the winner.

The dress reminds me the Versace dress worn by January Jones to the Golden Globes. Just an observation, I am not playing the "copied off Lee Anne" card.

I did think that judge was very mean.

I liked Anthony's dress and I was thrilled he won! I wonder if the dress that shows up on the cover will be tweaked?

He really did know who and what he was designing for. Moreso than anyone else, I thought.

Congrats to Anthony! Well done!

I loved Ben's dress too, but the color palette was not spring. So hooray for Anthony! He fulfilled the challenge perfectly, 'nuff said. Now, about those flesh-colored designs. Has anyone seen flesh tones on a magazine cover besides Playboy? No! I loved Mila's colorblocked design but the execution wasn't good, and it was peach! Pale peach! gah.

Thrilled Miss Sophia won. On a side note, I thought Ben's dress was FUG. And I HATE that belt: it just screams tacky to me. (Now there is an Hermes belt that is similar that I do like...) Ben's dress to me was just plain ugly. I appreciate the use of color but as La Nina would say I think there's an issue of...taste. Oh well viva la difference I guess.

Only that Nina didn't say that. Nina really liked it. It's the opposite of what Nina usually finds tasteless...

I thought this was the only dress that really fulfilled all the dictates of the challenge. Ben's was one my top two, but was more suited to Vogue than Marie Claire. Seth Allen's was my other favorite, but just didn't say "OMG SPRING!".

How can designer's hear the editor in chief say "No prints, go with color, details around the top" and turn out prints, a sea of drabosity and little detail around the top? There was some sad, dull stuff up there.

I am very glad that Anna is gone, although she was sweet. All of her designs looked like children's clothes to me. I don't like whimsy usually, and evidently I really dislike grownups in enlarged toddler wear.

I really liked the dress but was afraid that the smushiness of the ribbon was going to doom his dress to second place. I'm glad I was wrong!

Loved Ben's dress as well!

I like that this dress has texture and color which I think would give it a more 3 dimensional quality on a magazine cover... and to me as a seamstress, I was totally intrigued when I first saw it as to how he achieved that draping effect on the front.

I'm with joyjoy, Ms. Sophia's dress was clearly the winner, given the parameters of dressing Frau Seal for a magazine cover. Had the challenge been something else, I could have seen Ben winning, as his was a credible dress, just not a good match for a SPRING magazine cover.

I also think that the consistent judging (YEAH!!) this season has allowed a designer like Anthony to listen to the judges and take their corrective criticism and move forward.

which is a huge step forward from that mess of last season.


i ADORE that screencap of the group congratulating Anthony. =)

I liked Anthony's dress and had it in my top three, but I think Ben deserved the win.

I enjoyed this episode because I have been in many many cover design meetings and have had to write my share of cover lines. It is a VERY tricky business to balance the cover subject and other cover design considerations. The art/editorial balance is very difficult to strike. Basically, the cover is a billboard.

Seeing the dress on the runway I didn't get the love. But looking at the pix here I must admit that Anthony's dress is perfect for a photography. It only looks messy when it moves.

I was pretty sure it was going to be Ben's cover to lose once I saw his dress. Once I thought about it, though, Anthony's win makes a lot of sense. Ben's dress would have been amazing as a September or October cover. The colors were too dark for an April cover on Heidi Klum.

Good to have you guys back!

I loved Anthony's design and was very happy to see him win. The reaction from the other designers to his win really was touching =)

Mila is probably none too pleased seeing as she wasn't impressed with the LACK of reaction to her win last week....hehe. I dunno, I think she's overreacting to be honest. =)

Yes everyone's reaction on the runway and in the backroom really says it all about Anthony. And he clearly was listening and wanting to grow as a designer.

HIs Bryant Park showing is proof of that. Even if he's not officially final 3, he's made a nice presence for himself.

Also I have to say Anthony gets the award for most appreciative winner of a PR challenge. His glee, disbelief and charm were undeniable


Yay! He did listen, and the minute I saw it, I said "that's the one I'd pick." (Of course, for me that's usually the kiss of death...)

Plus, isn't he the cutest thing?

I thought that Anthony deserved to win and his design was the best for what he was designing for. Ben had a very good dress as well but it wasn't as good for who was going to be wearing it and on what magazine. This was the first time I've seen the show where I really cared about who won, and was so happy when Anthony got the win, he deserved it.

It did look a bit tortured, but it was the most cover-suitable outfit created. Ben's dress would have won, I think, had he chosen a better color story though.

As for everyone being happy for his win; that was an interesting juxtaposition to show that after Mila commented that the others didn't seem to be happy for her last week. So are they building a new story there?

But I can see why anyone would be happy for Anthony: He exudes such an effortless charm, and his personality has got to be a tension relief to all the others, in that uber-stressful situation they are in.


Anthony's my favorite person on the show, but Ben got robbed.

I'm glad for Anthony and it's a good dress, though I think Ben's was better. But I really would like to see, for once, what the designers can do without the ridiculous time-constraints. Give them a chance to make something flawless for once.

This dress fit the challenge perfectly and that's what it was all about. Miz Sophia ain't no dope. I'm really glad he won. He's a sweetheart and I really loved the color for a spring cover dress.

Ben's dress was great but the colors I couldn't see on a Marie Claire cover. An edgier magazine like Details or something, yes. But not Marie Claire.

Emilio's was perfect for the cover of Cosmo.

Love how Heidi switched up the naming of the winner. When she said "Anthony...." I was sure he came in 2nd or 3rd. I'm thinking he might have had that in mind also, thus the glee when he was the winner. I was glad for him, too.

Totally merits the win. Interesting plot twist, since he had 2 strikes AND no high scores.

Agree with this win for sure! HOWEVER. I fear he's already getting the loser edit- for next week. Mark my words: No immunity= toast.

Anthony's going to get his own show out of this season.

Except, Victoria, Mila didn't win last week. She came into the waiting room bragging about her 2nd place finish. At least the way it was presented on the show, it was bizarre and obnoxious.

I know I'm just echoing the statement of many--like that's going to stop me from giving my opinon! So, yes, Ben made the better dress, but Anthony made the best dress FOR THE CHALLENGE. As much as we often want to overlook the actual challenge and talk about the best design, them's the rules. And Anthony did deserve the win in that regard.

Ben should have won. I don't know why everyone was praising this to the sky, but for me? Yawn.

I didn't love it. But I'm not really opposed to the win, either. Ben rocked his superhero kimono and I really think he should have won. I think they probably decided to give it to Anthony just because they knew it would get a crazier reaction for the cameras. But it's not undeserving. Congrats.

The... stuff on the front seems a little haphazard to me, like either he lost control of the sewing machine while putting together the top, or wound up with too much fabric at the end and wadded it up against the side. But, apparently that's just me. The color was, indeed, way more appropriate than most of the others.

May favorite part of the episode, though, was Nina saying that Heidi is not sweet... and then Heidi, completely without saying, said, "Nope." in agreement. And Duchess rolling his eyes. Pure gold!

"completely without saying" = "completely without hesitating"


i thought ben's was a better garment overall. and i think if he had managed to find a better pink, his dress would have been the clear winner.

that said - im over the moon that anthony won. he is by far the season's best character & one of the most entertaining people this show has hosted in years. i think for that alone, he deserved to be the designer represented on the cover of the magazine. congratulations anthony!

Yes, by the perimeters of the challenge Anthony deserved the win. By the perimeters of fashion the winner should have been Ben. In my mind, this says something rather sad about Marie Claire (after all, a fashion magazine should be, first and foremost, about fashion), but never mind. (I guess that's why I don't read Marie Claire.) Congratulations, Anthony. And congratulations too to Ben, for finally getting some deserved attention.

I liked Ben's dress better, but I'm satisfied with Anthony's win. It was perfect for the challenge while still showing his aesthetic. Really, I thought several designers really brought their A-game this week.

That said, oh my God, Lifetime, ENOUGH WITH THE ONE-DAY CHALLENGES. It's just not enough time for those designers to show what they're really capable of.

I liked it. Out of all of the outfits, this one met the brief the best. The color said Spring, the dress seemed like something Heidi would wear and it looked liked something that would appear on the cover of Marie Claire magazine. Ben's dress was nice but it didn't read Spring to me

Color is great. The construction is sloppy as fuck. Overrated.

Anthony's dress was great! I'm glad he won! Ben had the wrong color family! Very fall! Why do you call him "Sophia"?

So glad Anthony won this challenge, although I did love Seth Aaron's pantsuit. Anthony seemed to be one of the few who really understood the challenge and made his design accordingly. Well done!

Oh boo hoo, Anthony won and everybody LOOOOOVES him so much. Let's all hold hands and cry about it. *eye roll*

The dress is...ok. Definitely a cover dress, and definitely a Heidi dress, but meh from a fashion perspective. The detailing is nice but the color is cheap. Guess this was his one good look all season, since he copied it repeatedly for his final collection. Meh, Anthony...all talk, little talent.

I think the contestents are slightly retarded. No wonder Anthony won.

Joanna TOLD them:
1. solid colors are best (Anthony, check!
2. it will be a spring cover, make it appropriate (Anthony, check!)
3. Normally, you only need to worry about the waist up (Anthony, check)
4. The outfit should grab attention... obviously above the waist (Anthony, check!)
5. It will be on Heidi, so make it appropriate and flattering (Anthony, check!)

good going Anthony. What were the others thinking?

I had my fingers crossed for an Anthony win. I thought his dress was the best one out there. I didn't like the dress in the blue and yellow macaw colors, or the red nightie dress with the slutty lacing. I had the same reaction as TLo about the moment Anthony came backstage and shouts of joy greeted him. it's nice to see that people can rise above the cattiness to be happy for someone else, especially a cutie like Anthony.

I liked it and don't begrudge Anthony at all.

I do, NOT get the love for Ben's - then again I think that there has been an irrational reaction to his work and Jesse's (and Jesus before him) - maybe based who likes the designer not necessarily the clothes.

It looks like Jesse's was a dark blue or teal, the style looked like Heidi, it was solid and from what I could tell the cups were very well done (which is very often not the case).

I liked Ben's BUT I wish he had used actual brown instead of the fushia with the dark overlay. And it did not seem like Heidi at all.

As our illustrious panel of judges are so fond of saying, "you can tell that he really thought about it." Anthony was more mindful than other designers of the fact that he had to design a dress that would look good on the cover of MC, and something that would look fabulous on Heidi. Unlike most other challenges, this one had less to do with expressing one's own aesthetic. Although the dress itself is not an entirely new and unique design --- cause we've all seen many a noodle come down that runway, it is a good dress and Anthony met the dictates of the challenge to a tee.

I posted on the night of the epi that aside from Miss Sophia's glee on the runway, my fave moment of the night was the pure joy and accolades from his fellow designers backstage. I, too, had a wee tear in my eye. Great episode. Congrats to Miss Sophia --- he totally deserved the win.

P.S. I also loved the "bible-beating" he gave Jay in the opening morning scene in the boys' apartment.

ASK said...

I liked it and don't begrudge Anthony at all.

I do, NOT get the love for Ben's - then again I think that there has been an irrational reaction to his work and Jesse's (and Jesus before him) - maybe based who likes the designer not necessarily the clothes.

"Irrational" coming from the person who brings up Jesus in Jesse in every single comment. Hilarious.

Maybe people actually DO like or dislike certain garments and you don't have to analyse why. Maybe people like or dislike certain things for their own reasons and maybe you should come to terms with that. I can't imagine how you get through the day.

ASK, now now, just because someone has a different aesthetic than you does not make them irrational.

OK - I'll admit "irrational" may not have been the right word for Ben. I do think that if his designs were labelled as Jesse's they would get different reviews - and vice versa.

Love Anthony, love the dress, love the win. He deserved it because he was the only one who designed something suitable for the challenge. It might not have been flawless, but 12 hours isn't going to produce something flawless.

And I loved how everyone was so happy for him. He's obviously as well liked by his fellow designers as by us viewers.

I like Anthony and especially his willingness to listen to the judges critiques so I was happy for his win. But I loved Ben's dress. It fit beautifully and the back was eye catching. Just my feeling but I feel Heidi would have looked too old in Ben's dress and I can't really say why.

First let me say, I love that you call Anthony Miss Sophia. I almost peed on myself I was laughing so hard.

And while I agree with everyone about Ben's dress, the task was to make a dress that Heidi could wear on the cover of Marie Claire that exemplified Spring.

Ben's dress didn't say Spring and would not have been a good fit for Marie Claire. Whatever Marie Claire is, it isn't cutting edge, it's safe.

The color of Anthony's dress was perfect and though he will definitely need to clean up some of his execution before the cover comes out, it fit the bill. Plus Ben's dress just wasn't Heidi, and would have looked as bad as the dress she had on yesterday for Fashion week....

I'm happy he won one....He definitely bring some spice to the cast...

Just think, a challenge in which Heidi's "I'd wear that!" feedback is actually useful, for once.

I much preferred Ben Chmura's dress and thought he deserved to win.

I cheered Anthony's win. The dress looked Heidi-esque: Short, tight, shiny, and great color.

But I want to get to Seth Aaron's. I gottalotta say about that one.

I had no problem with the win. I could have just as easily gotten behind a win for Ben, but the color Anthony chose was definitely Spring(!)


Ultimately, as the Duchess might say, "it's the right dress on the right girl."

Well said. Miss Sophia listened to the brief, and he has also paid attention to the judges' critiques of his previous designs. As another poster commented, having consistent judging is a real benefit to the designers. Bunim/Murray,are you listening?

I'd rather they get rid of all the crappy headlines on the covers of magazines, and not let that dictate what kind of garment they can feature. Does anyone really read that stuff?

Anthony did well on the challenge and I think it looked better moving on camera than in the still shots.

And thank God he didn't use that hideous green fabric!


I agree with previous posters, Anthony deserved the win for listening to what was needed for the challenge and putting out the dress to fit it. My question goes back to season one, remember the dress Jay created inspired by the picture hanging in the workroom of the Chrysler Building? This season, has the picture been replaced by one of the Sydney Opera house? (So many overlapping triangles of fabric...)

I loved Ben's dress. I think it was way more interesting than Anthony's and if this had been another "make a pretty dress" challenge, I'm sure it would have won.

Still, Anthony absolutely nailed all of the requirements of the challenge, and was the only one to do so.

And what was with all the dirty dishwater "colors"? Have these people never seen a magazine cover before? I'm a complete fashion dork and even I knew those weren't suitable.

I loved Ben's dress- it was beautiful.
but I think that Anthony dress will look better on a cover

Florida: Anthony's dress was great! I'm glad he won! Ben had the wrong color family! Very fall! Why do you call him "Sophia"?


Miss Sophia was the character played by Oprah on The Color Purple. Anthony is about as fabulous as Miss Sophia.

Don't really get why everyone's going on about Ben. The challenge was Marie Claire, Heidi, and Spring...Anthony's dress was the clear winner.

I LOVED when everyone cheered (and meant it!), sweetest moment this season. Love Anthony!

I agree that Anthony listened best to the parameters mentioned by the editor for the cover she was looking for, and that other designers did not cover some or any of them. But to take that and say those are THE parameters for a fashion cover outfit is plainly absurd (magazine covers don't feature black? give me a break...) Just look at the news stand today with the March issues (spring), plenty of them show "dishwasher" or washout or pale colors, or black, or print, look at Elle, Tatler, BritishVogue, Wonderland, Numero, I-D, Vanity Fair... InStyle is all about the bottom of the dress.

Out of curiosity I checked Marie Claire's cover for April 2009: It features a Mandy Moore in a no-color generic t-shirt and jeans and a waistcoat which is actually the exact shape of the one made by Anna's, only with a print.


"thanks to the ashtray-smelling meth-head sitting in front of us on the train"

Um...that was me. Sorry.

And...yeah...can't pitch a tent for the dress. Sorry Anthony.

Anthony completely deserved the win. He was the only one to follow the dictates of the challenge, and the dress really is cute. Ben's dress was my favorite, but the colors weren't spring-y enough to fulfill the challenge.

When it comes down to it, I thought Ben's dress was interesting, sure, but I thought Anthony's was pretty. It makes me happy to look at it, it reminds me of spring, and I'd even like wear it. I can't say the same for Ben's dress.

Not to take Anthony's win away, it was the best of the lot BUT did you notice that his garment was basically a reworking (and not as well made or pretty) as the sample cover they showed them in the challenge? Oh yeah he changed the color, but it a derivative concept:

Consequences - unlike the ping fanatics or the people who STILL bash Wendy?

And duh the reason I brought them in - is I think Jesse's look belonged in the top 3 (So it is okay to mention Ben in Anthony's post but not Jesse. slip showing)

Anonymous said...

Consequences - unlike the ping fanatics or the people who STILL bash Wendy?

ASK - I'm assuming you're ASK because you're employing the same "logic" she normally employs: Name one. Name one "Ping fanatic" who constantly brings her up in comment threads about other designers. Also, name one person who "bashes" Wendy constantly in comment threads that have nothing to do with her.

And duh the reason I brought them in - is I think Jesse's look belonged in the top 3 (So it is okay to mention Ben in Anthony's post but not Jesse. slip showing)

Ah, yes. And there's the patented ASK "I'm being repressed" response every time someone questions her posts. I said nothing about whether or not it was "okay" to mention either Ben or Jesse. My point is, you have a history of belittling or questioning anyone who has different opinions than yours and you have a history of becoming a bit obsessive about certain opinions that don't jibe with yours, e.g., because people didn't like Jesus's work, you assume that they're unfair and have irrational reasons for thinking that way.

Why is it so hard for you to accept that people have different opinions? You like Jesus and Jesse! Great! Other people don't! So what?

To D-

You are probably right that the palette for cover shots is broader than the judge gave them, but the fact is that they were given explicit, unmistakable guidelines for what to produce from someone who definitely knows what she wants. If they don't look at fashion magazines (which I don't), they should at least have looked at previous seasons of PR. Every time they show a cover of Marie Claire it has a light background, so they should have immediately known not to go for the light and unattractive colors. I assume that editors have a range of beautiful, fashionable clothes to pick from and they pick the one that suits the theme of the issue and the layout of the cover.

Ben was robbed. Ok, maybe not robbed but his dress was so modern looking and chic there was something about Anthony's - the color or the shape - I dunno. I was bored and having 80's flashbacks at the same time. I can see the cheap knock-off on the racks in the mall and you know what? It doesn't look that much different than the original. But it certainly does look like a Heidi dress!

Yay for Anthony! I wouln't normally buy an issue of Marie Clare but I am sooo getting this April's mag!

The minute I saw his dress, I knew it. It has Heidi written all over it. I'm kind of tired of the silhouette but the color was perfect for the cover and Heidi.

Yes...Anthony deserved the win. I agree though that it looks smushed...but is has so much potential to be really cute. A bit of fluffing to make it look more like ribbon candy perhaps...hmmm...but not too much.

The time constraints seem to be more of a factor this season than ever before...maybe more noticeable with all the designers constantly complaining about it in their diary room sessions. I noticed the clock when they got back from Mood was 2:45...leaving them just a bit over 9 hours til then end of the day...not a lot of time to gets things perfect. That's why I tend to overlook some minor flaws and look at the overall potential.

I just have to show some love for my Birmingham boy.

Go Anthony!!!

-Purple Leah

Anthony won because he followed the instructions and thought about his customer. That's surely an important quality for a designer. Too bad more of the other contestants didn't do that.

I am really interested to see how they alter the dress for Heidi's cover. I'll definitely be buying Marie Claire in April.

Georgia Maude

Not to mention, isn't turquoise Pantone's color of the year for 2010? What better for a spring cover? According to Pantone's press release:

Turquoise Transports Us to an Exciting, Tropical Paradise While Offering a Sense of Protection and Healing in Stressful Times

And god knows the publishing industry needs that!

I was thrilled for Anthony, more so than I've ever been for a contestant. He worked and earned that win.

The dress looks like the dress the guest judge was wearing...

I too agree that the design and color was reminiscent of Leanne but she doesn't have a patent on cyan noodles. Good on Suzanne Sugarbaker anyways. I was really struggling between this one and Ben's. This dress was prettier and girlier but Ben's was fashiony but still wearable. Tough choice. I also liked Amy's.

I knew he was going to win the minute I saw the dress.

God, I hate that color. But there's no denying that it says "Spring". I still think the dress is a little fussy, but I can see Heidi wearing it. So there's that. And, seriously, how can I not be happy for Anthony after his reaction? He went into Paroxysms of Pleasure. I can't remember the last time I've seen anyone that happy over anything.

Hmmm. I loved it on the show, but in stills it does look a little smushed. That may be a problem for the cover.

Heidi is not going to wear that dress, she's going to wear that design.

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I liked Ben's dress better, but I was so happy for Miss Sophia. You keep using the Bible as a weapon miss thang -- it pays off!

I'm over the moon that Anthony won this challenge. He really listened to the judges and took their advice and it's paying off. The dress is perfect for Heidi (not to my liking, but I don't like tarty garden party frocks). My feeling is that the flaps and seams will improve a lot when he has time to execute properly. He's really talented and we're only just beginning to see that. And it was so hilarious to see how grateful the judges were that a PR contestant finally seemed to be listening to them. Bonuses all around!

Anthony is a riot, I was so happy for me and it's a great dress, perfect for Heidi.

Joanna must have pissed off some producer because they showed a lot of her looking bitchily and blankly into space before her 'bot face snapped into its more pleasing "I'm on TV" position.

Ben's dress was my favorite. I loved it, but Anthony's dress looked more like something Heidi would wear.

Yeah I wasn't bowled over by any of the dresses last night, least of all Anothys. I though the color as a little crayola and the pleating detail on the shoulder (which has been done TO DEATH by now) looked shmushed and messy.
I feel like alot of the pieces have the potential to be stunning, if only the designers would get more than ONE FUCKING DAY so they could actually produce good looks.

Hooray for Miss Sophia!

I think the judges appreciated the fact that he really got the idea of the challenge, and what it took to be appropriate for a magazine cover. Also, I think it was important in their decision that he had actually listened to their criticism of his previous garments and tried to improve, while still remaining true to himself.

I am quite the hard shell/gooey center type myself, so I have to push myself to admit I got a bit teary-eyed that everyone was SO happy that he won.

I even clapped myself, just like we were trying to raise Tinkerbell from the dead!

It wasn't immaculate, but I definitely thought it was the best for this challenge.

Yeah, definitely looks like a dress suited for Heidi and he knew what would work for her. (that mode, however, needs some polishing)Congrats Anthony! I wasn't sure you could pull it off, but I do like you! But I liked Ben's dress better and thought it would look great on Heidi and the cover as well.

No Consequences that wasn't me. People do tend to agree with me.
But note that my early comments seem to have disappeared, as do some I've seen agree with me.
But the ones like yours and some Anon who writes some really out of line cmts stay. Happens all the time. Heck I've seen other people post with tag.

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