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Calvin Klein Menswear Fall 2010 Collection

Love your cheekbones, darling.

One thing you can say about the people at Calvin Klein:

They sure know how to pack a front row. Or as the Fug Girls put it much better than we ever could, the sight of Chace Crawford, Ryan Phillippe, Kellan Lutz and Mehcad Brooks in the front row at Calvin Klein Men's Fall 2010 Show was "the type of thing that makes teen girls reach for their diaries and stain them with happy tears."

As for the clothes, it is exactly what you would expect from the CK brand: crisply tailored, precise looks with a minimalist flair. Every piece an investment in a good wardrobe.

And of course, pretty, pretty men wearing them.

[Photos: WireImage/Getty Images]

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gorgeous, gorgeous men in sharp clothes. i like!

How are you guys getting so many posts up?! Are you magic?

The shiny hurts my eyes. Not loving this.

Clueless Jock

Agreed, MercyX. Too shiny for me too.

guess i'm having dessert BEFORE dinner
tonight! :)

thank you boys. i've been meaning to tell you how much i appreciate all the posts this past week, especially through the weekend. you guys are awesome!
muchas gracias!


Gorgeous collection overall, but the shiny gray suit combined with a white tee and black overcoat was a misstep (4th set of photos). The look screams pajamas-and-bathrobe.

The mannequins are delicious.

the clothes are good, a little too basic, but c'mon, it's CK.

i don't know if it's just me, but for some reason the side-parted hair on most of the models is rather bothersome- it doesn't feel contemporary- like something out of a 90's coffee-table haircut book at the salon. and what was up with the one shaggy-haired guy, so out of place!

jackets jackets jackets coat jackets OMG THE SWEATER ROLLNECK!

Love them all -- except the shiny stuff that looks like plastic gift wrap (joke understood).

The jackets, coats and those sweaters make me sigh.

But why am I getting a moire pattern in the photos of some suits and blazers? What is the fabric used to create that optical effect? Me no likey.

Most important issue here: what happened to Ryan Phillippe? He looks crazy and he used to be so cute!


Both the clothes and the men.

Well. This just made my night better.

Love it, Thanks TLo! :)

Love most of it, but the shiny black jacket with silver lining reminds me of one of those crinkly things you put in your windshield during the summer to supposedly keep your car cooler when it's parked.

Very clean collection. Love the coats, as usual. The men are HOT too : )

I want to buy the whole collection for my husband and then steal from his closet! Beautiful and Stunning!


Good grief, you two certainly put your snowdays to good use. Thank you for all of the very many posts this week!

Gorgeous, but this year, I'm stealing all my designs for my boys from Versace and D&G. D&G had the best show, and the pants were a revelation, but for sheer attitude, and for jackets to induce clothes-ripping lust, it's simply Versace. Again.

I'm never sure how to respond to a men's wear collection. There are a limited number of things you can do with men's wear in the first place. It's going to be pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats, and maybe some shorts. So, much of what can be done to look different is really just in the details and fabrics. Some of the stuff that looks new (the light colored mini-camo suit) also looks silly. And most of what looks good (several of the other suits) doesn't look new or different or fresh or modern or any of those adjectives Nina and Michael and Heidi like to throw around. So I guess 'll just say some of it looks really nice and leave it at that.

I'm also in awe of the number of posts you two are cranking out. Amazing! And much appreciated.

*hmph.* Lee Pace was sitting on Chase Crawford's right. Just FYI since he IS my boyfriend. The least ya bitches could do is include him in the post! ;)

i'll take a sidezip leather motorcycle jacket, please!!!!!

Just the look I like to see a man in; crisp, clean and no fuss. Also really enjoying the more manly looking men this season. I may turn into one of those women the fug girls are talking about.

It's what the well dressed mortician will wear in the future. Dark and respectful. But nothing exciting.


So many pretty boys....oh, the's okay. I, too, do not dig on the shiny and some of the patterned fabric, but there are some slick pieces. When I sold men's suits, I'd always point the young guys to the CKs for a sharp, tailored fit.

Eleventh photo from the top--mom jeans on a dude. We are at that point.

Perfect for the up and coming young vampire.
So much black and shiny leather.

Still quite nice and the guys were yummy.

Chace, Kellan and Mehcad all looking quite yummy...I'd have been watching them the entire show (drools) lol! Ryan...OTOH...WTF is up with his hair? Looks like he has Kenley's stylist curling it. I wouldn't have recognized him if he wasn't captioned.

oh yeah, the CK clothes...nice, typical... :)

Some pieces are a little too shiny for my taste, but I like the collection overall. I really like the opening look.

"And of course, pretty, pretty men wearing them.

yeah that's the whole lame clothes and put them on hot guys or girls...that's how mr klein built his empire...

My taste in men must be questionable, because most of these guys look like alien vistor descriptions with makeup.

Those crotches are insane.

Ugh, can we stop with the shiny already? Unless you're goal is to be able to be one giant walking safety reflector, no one should have that much shiny fabric on them.


It is hard to type with one hand while furiously fanning myself with the other.

Lord those are some good looking men (both on the runway and the front row).

I love the ribbed hoodies :) The shiny...not so much. Overall I liked the collection. There were things in there even my husband would wear (with some coaxing, he is an accountant after all).

Those gently ribbed sweatshirts are so classy and interesting. And yes, an aggressively cheekbony collection of models!

The coats. Oh, man, the coats. Looks #5 and 35, the greatcoats? The open-front grey, #12, with the moire or silk lapels turned back?

So. very. lovely.

You guys need to do a post about the amazing CK underwear ads! The ones with Kellan, Mechad, and some other guy were awesome! I can guarantee that the readers here would love it. Nice eye candy!

Couldn't love because too many of the fabrics were ugh.

Worst row: 3rd up from bottom. Nicely cut zip up jacket on left looked rubbery/plasticy - made the model look like an action figure. Jacket on right looked like it'd been made from some sort of airplane emergency kit insulating tarp - and had been balled up and sat on for about 4 hours before putting on.

But there were some lovely classic pieces, just that the attention grabbers were not to my tastes.

More gay boy crap. Any real men dressed in real men's clothes out there?

Delicious men in lovely clothes. CK didn't do it for me like the D&G show, though...

Too basic for my taste, cute men though.

"Excuse me, young man. I need to cut some glass. Might I borrow your jaw line?"

Holy smokes! What kind of gene pools produce such chiseled features!? (Agree - nix on the shiny)

Don't know I feel about the gothic batman coats.

Are the jawlines and cheekbones for sale? That's what I really need to up my look.

Great stuff. I'll look for the collection. I wouldn't touch the shiny stuff, but some of the other pieces are quite wearable.

Bill said...
Are the jawlines and cheekbones for sale? That's what I really need to up my look.

You're not doing to badly there Bill..we can't all be Calvin Klein models. Then we'd all be gorgeous, advertising wouldn't work on us, the fashion industry wouldn't have a leg to stand on and Project Rungay/TLo wouldn't exist!

BTW kudos for your first comment not being that the cheekbones are fake.

i would take each on of those boys home & raise them :)

what can you say but that collection was just beautiful!

I know models aren't supposed to smile, but these guys look downright miserable.

The last photo looks like a funeral procession.

Don't care for the shiny stuff (except the leather), but all around very nice. I'm not a label whore, but always have a few CK pieces as basics for mix and match.

(Well, except for the printed pajama suit.)

A moire suit, Mr Klein?


The ugly burns the retinas.

why oh why oh why so shiny??? damn.

I am loving the knits.

The clothes are beautiful but the men are. gorgeous.

If I saw a man that good looking in clothes that gorgeous walking down the street towards me, I'd have great difficulty not jumping his bones right then and there: WHOMP! SHAG! And that's terrible! How could I do that to that poor hypothetical gorgeous well-dressed man? I'm such an awful person. I feel deep shame and want to cry.

Gorgeous (to the point of being monotonous) men in shiny, lothario-wear. I do not approve.

Also, Jared Leto was next to them :)

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