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Bryant Park/Fashion Week/Twitter

We're feeling all tweety this morning!

Darlings, we're having our Bennett-Shelton coffee and trying to pull our wits together in the face of 4 boys getting ready for school at 7 AM. We promise we'll be more lucid when the caffeine hits our bloodstream. Any minute now.

When we DO become lucid, you're going to want to follow our every tweet as we sit in the tents at Bryant Park and watch more decoy collections than they've ever had -- Tim? -- "IN THE HISTORY OF PROJECT RUNWAY!"

We've made it easy for you by installing a little handy-dandy widget thingy right there on the sidebar. Follow along and post your thoughts here. We'll be able to read your comments as we're sitting in the tents.

Also, if you want to read all our tweets instead of the just the last 5, you can follow along on our main twitter page.

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Keep the info coming.....

How Exciting for you guys.
Hi Laura-from one redhead to another.


Have fun!


I have been waiting for this day for months. I can't wait to see what happens. I hope nobody goes all "Suede" on us with Barbie clothes... :) Have fun boys!

Well, I'll stick to the last five tweets here, and do the big catch-up when you're back. I refuse to join Twitter. Any trend that has Ashton Kutcher as its voice of intellect is a trend I can afford to miss.
P.S.--Remember the good old days when he was simply Chris Kutcher, a cute runway model who knew how to keep his pretty mouth shut?

Please tell Laura that the mommy bloggers from New Hampshire with all the boys and the pugs say hey.

Hate you, mean it!


"Heading back to Laura's house because she wants to wear her Chanel shoes to BP"

How COOL is she?

Snow day in Mississippi!

I'll be "working from home" - which, of course, means unlimited TLo access

No one tell, ok?

Wow, Ping blows the highlights debate away with platinum hair. Or is it just white? Maybe she's trying to match the shoes...

In the next life I'm coming back as Laura! Have fun, guys!

Thanks for this, guys. I haven't been a fan of twitter but this is fun, the next best thing to being there.

My return twitters would be:

Laura's wearing Chanel shoes in that slush?

Guest judges should maybe pull their punches a little. We don't know them well enough to be amused by their edginess.

Scattered thoughts:

For the TwitterSnobs amongst us (I used to be one too), you don't need to join to follow TLo's feed. Just click the link they provided. There's no auto-refresh, so once you catch up, refresh every minute or two. I imagine the tweets will be coming pretty fast once the shows start. Also, Twitter isn't that bad. Somewhat pointless, but a lot of fun for things like this.

Laura--could anyone be more fabulous?

Ping--Pretty sure that's a wig. Love it, hehe.

Jesus, your designs were tacky, but you're young, you can sew-- and you're freaking adorable.

Maya scares me, but in a good way.

Look how awesome Jay looks! The first episode of Celebrity Fit Club just aired, and it looks like it worked. He lost some serious weight. Good for you Jay!

*giggly and waiting for photos from the runway*

Por Jay, trapped forever in reality hell...

No gift bags? tsk tsk tsk, Lifetime.

Even blurry, Epperson looks adorable

FAITH HILL??? Seriously?

Wow, the tent seems smaller than I thought!

Only 10 designers showing?! Wonder who said "No, thanks"???? And WHY?!?!

Loved the one outfit by Jay. TLo seemed impressed too. Can't wait to see his entire collection.

And really Lifetime? Faith Hill? Really? Sheesh, they go after their demo pretty hardcore, don't they?

who is not showing?

I missed the twitter report (I'm only looking at the current 5) who was up before Janeane?

Are the models from the show walking in the collections? I am curious as to which models are with which designers.


First was Jay, then Janeane, then Jonathan :)

Oh please please post pictures!

Okay, somebody, please 'splain -- where/how are you seeing pictures (small tents...Ping's hair...blurry Epperson)?

I don't Tweet, though I did click over to TLo's Twitter page (thank you, VeryNot, for explaining that).

Did Jesse actually propose on the runway while introducing his collection?

Anthony's sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see it!

I wonder whether any conclusions can be drawn based on the order?


BB -

If you click more on the twitter page it will bring you back to previous tweets. Some of them have links to "twitpic" which is just a picture hosting site linked to twitter where you can see the pictures T&L are taking.

NP, JacquiBear!


Our Thumbs Hurt

Lol. (By the way, Laura is my fashion hero for dressing up in a blizzard.)

BB, the link for photos are in the tweets. They're links to TwitPic, just click each one in each tweet, and you'll see the photo for that tweet.

Here's the link to Jay's outfit: you can browse TLo's photos from there.

(the #projectrunway links take you to a twitter feed for all tweets including #projectrunway. Which could show more tweets from people who are there, but probably shows a lot of fan tweets as well)

ooo, actually, the #projectrunway feed is really good. Lots of people tweeting from the tent.

A lot of people impressed with Seth Aaron's. This makes me really happy, he's my favorite.

Yay, my favorite (Seth Aaron) seems to have had a great collection :)

Sounds like there's lots of COLOR!

Go Seth :D seems like he rocked it!

Thanks, VeryNot.

CJCat - not to de-throne Laura (not possible!) but there is no blizzard today. The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful, clear blue.

Maybe I should be your hero for dressing up Wed. night and going to that GenArt party, very much mid-blizzard!!! Thankfully, I had on inexpensive pleather boots (in keeping with the Plastics Make it Possible theme), which worked very well for slogging through piles of slushy snow. ;)

Do the 3 finalist always show together, as in one after the other?

Hi guys...still anxiously awaiting your Sheer Genius reviews!!!!

So either Maya or Amy is not showing?

We saw Maya in the audience, so...?

Ben crying? That bodes well for him. Finalist?

I think LauraB is divine, but who on earth would NOT dress up to go to the shows in Bryant Park??!!

@the last anonymous who posted

it doesn't seem like that... for all I can tell they're mixing the designers.

Thanks for the weather report, BB. I've been picturing everyone wading through piles of snow and yes, anyone who goes out in a snow storm without long johns and artic wear is my fashion hero. I'm in Atlanta and I like the heat!

So if Maya was mingling pre-show, does that mean she was offed before the decoy cut off? Janeane instead of Maya? Oy vey.

they tweet ben is crying..i think he's in the top guess

so no Maya?

I wonder why Mayas not showing

I can't see Maya being auf'd before Janeane. I wonder what the story is there?

Yeah, CJC -- it's always a problem when the snow starts piling up at street corners -- you have to find a path that's not filled with water, and there's always some leaping and detouring required when crossing the street. But it's really beautiful today--not a cloud in the sky.

Jay, Seth Aaron, Ben and Amy's collections sound interesting. Ray Bradbury as inspiration? Oh Ben, you rock so hard.

Yeah no Maya. Seems its over.

No Maya?.....

(adding to the chorus lol)

Hey guys please where can I watch last night's episode? The user who usually posts it on is apparently not doing his work today :(

Gotta say, Faith Hill as guest judge is a major disappointment.

Who had Holly as a model, Amy or Ben?
Anyway, the fact that Emilio didn't have her kind of suggest he didn't make it to the final 3.
Mila had Brandise. They're both probably in the final 3.
Sounds there's lot of agreement on S-A. It'd be funny he was a decoy.
(not that that means much to me, I hated Carol-Hannah's collection. That said, noone liked it much while it was anonymous)

What's with Maya not showing? Hmm...that can't be good.

I had to google Faith Hill?
Country Singer??
Wasn't one of the selling points this season they were going to have fashion insiders judging (and they've been doing very well in that front I have to say).
I guess industry people had better things to do during fashion week!

Love the pictures that are coming. Even Jeannine's looks interesting. There really is a lot of talent this season. Not crazy about so much purple, that was the new black a couple of seasons back.

I'm getting cramps in my thumbs just reading all these tweets!

You need to take your poor thumbs out for a drink (something with a long straw).


Who on earth is Jerry?

Zoinks! Add me to the chorus of surprise that Maya didn't show. And Boo boo kitty did! What a world.

Tim had said everyone who made it through last night would be showing, so that doesn't explain about Maya. Did all these people show?

Seth Aaron

Who thinks Anthony was one of the three finalists?


Gotham, did you go to the thing Wed. night? I looked for you -- but I don't know what you look like!

Well, here at IP Central the clients made sure I couldn't take my eyes off their tangled files, so I've completely missed all the commentary and tweeting; I've only brought up your blog just now. I'll have to review when I can, as the files are pulling my sleeve hard.

It's a sunny day in the Apple, Boys, so I hope you and the Bennett Sheltons are having a blast at Bryant and in midtown.

All the best from a harried


Althea - what a rock! Irina is beautiful in red.

Have fun (although that's a given) and stay toasty (in every sense of the word)!

Brooklyn Bomber:

Everyone you listed showed a collection.

A couple of tweats said that the finalists were revealed via Twitter BUT I COULD FIND OUT WHO?

Did anybody read all of the tweets and can tell me who are the finalists that were revealed?

thanks, Janet.

And re Anon. after Janet -=

Please do NOT post the finalists here. Some of us don't want to know.

Going by the order in which they showed (and the history of the show). I'll guess that Mila, Ben and Amy are the true finalists.
Maya must be out next week.

Brooklyn Bomber, some of us DO want to know. Why are you the boss? Knowing the finalists helps cut through the producer manip crap.

Last year, everyone knew the finalists but we still played the game on this blog of *gasp* I can't believe he/she was eliminated -- when of course he/she was eliminated, they weren't at Bryant Park.

Let's see a Twitpic of Seth Aaron, please.

Yes, please do not post the finalists or rumors of the finalists.

And thanks so much, TLo. This was wonderful.

It strikes me that it's a pretty good crop this year. Most of the chaff has been weeded out, it seems like there are only a couple of weak links left here at episode 5.

I really don't think they showed the finalists one after another, it would be too obvious and revealing.

I just hope Seth Aaron is one of them and not another Kara Janx situation!

Doesn't Irina, in the blurry twitpic, look just like a Russian magnate's bride?

Anon, that's fine if you want to know, but please do not spoil it for the rest of us. You can get what you want without ruining other people's experience.


Last year the finalists were anonymous, and until the last episodes there was lots of speculation, Irina's collection was said to be Epperson's, Althea's Irina, CarolH's Christopher's, etc, etc.

I've been following tweet and have seen nothing about the finalists.

It would make sense the 3 finalists show one after the other because it facilitates comparison for the judges.

11:44 -- yes, I'm the boss! No, of course not, and that wasn't my intention. The person who asked said the names were revealed via twitter, so why not link or point to that tweet instead of posting here?

Just saw one of Seth-Aaron's dresses+leatherlegging combo. Not that impressed...

For all the Ping adorers, especially the ones who had angst over whether highlights and white shoes were part of the 'Asian aesthetic', check out this pic

Favorite new Tweet word of the day:


" Brooklyn Bomber said: Gotham, did you go to the thing Wed. night? I looked for you -- but I don't know what you look like!"

Yes, I was there. I heard you were going to be there, but I don't know what you look like either. Next time we should all wear purple carnations or something. Though it was soooo crowded that we likely wouldn't have found each other anyway.

I did see Stella & Kenley though (as well as Daniel).


are there any pictures anywhere?

Yes -- Kenley & Stella, Daniel & Wesley. That was it from PR (as far as I know; I saw a few other reality TV contestants, as well).

I thought I might figure out who you were by looking for someone who's female, over 30, and working a real camera. Oh, well. Another time.

The finalists weren't revealed via twitter. Some people can't or don't read all the information and think that since Tlo was giving the names of the designers whose collections were showing they were giving something away. The people who are saying the finalists were revealed don't realize that 7 of the collections were decoys. Except for Maya, they didn't publish anything I didn't already know.

It will be interesting to see who the true final three really are. I hope Miss Sophia is one of thr final three.


Judging on what little I've seen, I'm liking Ben's and Amy's.

Has anyone found any pictures yet, anywhere?

Max said...Has anyone found any pictures yet, anywhere?

I haven't seen any besides those found on twitter using the #projectrunway tag. Where are others seeing pix?

In twitter. There's at least one pic for every collection right now.

Faith Hill???
Lifetime you suck!!!!!

are there no fashion professionals in all of New York city available to judge this FASHION competition?
Come on Lifetime! Get a f'ing clue!
this isn't American Idol.

I'm sure Faith is a lovely women, but
is she really qualified to have a hand in picking the next great American designer? I don't think so.

Laurie, thank you for the information that via TLo's twitter at least, the 3 finalists weren't known.

, you must LOL have not been paying attention because it was clear from the design aesthetic in S6 who created those collections. TLo even mention it in, when reviewing the final show so not spoilerish, that they'd known all along (guessed correctly) who because of the styles. And the putting the right name with the right collections was also on several other reputable blogs.

Now for those who don't want to know, you really shouldn't even be reading or looking at the Bryant Park stuff because it's often pretty clear who is a decoy and who is not based on the quality of the materials that they used, their models, etc. I guess?? there was some confusion with Kara Janx in the past but most of the time it's clear.

Regardless, I promise to not post real spoilers in this blog. :)

"Brooklyn Bomber said: I thought I might figure out who you were by looking for someone who's female, over 30, and working a real camera."

Ahh, you wouldn't have figured it out that way. I shoot only film, so when I go to an event like this, I just bring a little pocket PHD digital camera. (It's the only digital I have).


"Anonymous said...

Keep the info coming.....

How Exciting for you guys.
Hi Laura-from one redhead to another.


I know, I love Laura!

Thanks for all the tweets, guys. That was awesome.

Just wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work : )

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