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Bye Bye Boo Boo! Nice Girl...dreary clothes.

Those leggings on her little girl made her look like she had skeleton legs... LOL

I hated Emilio's little girls outfit!!! He should have been in the bottom 3.

There was no doubt that she was headed home tonight. All the editing arrows pointed in that direction.

I agree that this is an outfit that we've all seen before. But I thought it was well done, and (shoot me) I actually liked the color choices. But she had stiff competition this week, and I think the aufing was a fair decision.

I liked the shape of the adult coat and the baggy cut of the child top. I think they would be wearable and flattering to girls and women of many sizes.

Bye bye Boo Boo. It was your time to go. You were good cannon fodder for awhile (poor little thing has an inferiority complex, doesn't she?), but now it's time to get down to the serious business of finding the next great designer.

Yeah, I thought it was a cute little outfit, but it just wasn't enough. A better fabric would have helped a lot. Jonathon's was certain more heinous on all fronts, but it had clearly been DESIGNED (within an inch of its life).

I agree she was the out yesterday. I mean, who else was there.

I though her little girl's outfit was not bad. Girls love to wear that sort of thing today and it was not devoid of cuteness. But I think what got her outed was her mom which to me was awful without relief, horrid.

Apart from some switching of number 1s and 2s and that sort of thing, I'm totally with the judging this season.

Wasn't she a favorite before the show started with a much liked portfolio (or was that Anna)? I think from the first episode on she's never really got into the competition, she's not able to deal with the time constraints, the stress, and her lack of confidence. She was cracking everywhere. She's sweet and perfectly nice, good luck to her.

With her done, the only contestant whose work I don't like is Emilio. Haven't liked it from the begining, and from the ones left he holds the less interest for me. So I hope he's out next, after which... I don't want any of them to go! Can't the 9 of them just hang around together for a little longer?


Bye-Bye BooBoo!

She seemed like a sweet person if a bit over her head in this competition. Actually, it's somewhat sad that she got auf'd over what was one of her better looks.

But in looking at the wonderful pictures you posted, I noticed a lot of ribbons around the neck on the little girl's top. Don't think that's a winner safety-wise - although that's not likely to factor into anyone else's judgment, in mine that alone makes it an OUT.


Nicely done post, boys.

As a slight derail: "'whimsy,'(which is an overdone concept in children's clothing anway" - I would amend to say it is overdone in clothing for girls. As soon as boys can walk they seem to want to dress them in subdued colors of clothes exactly like adults.

Wasn't it Heidi that said "This is a design competition," not Nina? Credit where it is due, but I can see why you'd think such sage wisdom came from Nina and not Heidi.

"Anonymous said...

Those leggings on her little girl made her look like she had skeleton legs... LOL

I hated Emilio's little girls outfit!!! He should have been in the bottom 3."

Totally! IMHO, at least Janeane's little girl didn't looked like she was heading for her Christian first communion.
Still, these were mall clothes and we all know La Nina wouldn't allowed that to stay.

The judges were way too hard on her. I thought they were last week too.
Her child outfit isn't bad at all. I can totally see a kid wearing it and liking it. The leggings especially.
The jacket on the adult look was bad. But the rest was okay.
I agree that it was her time to go. But they over did it with the harsh.

Yeah, I knew she was gone, too... and, really, Amy's weird choices notwithstanding, the right choice for the auf.

My biggest problem with the kids' dress is it's just really... average. Sure, it's kid appropriate, which is why you could walk into a kids' clothing store and find it on the racks. I do think the colour is reasonably flattering on the little girl, though.

The adult outfit? Well, when I look at a jacket and think "I could probably make that", it's probably a sign it's a bit too simple. Also that colour is just enough off the kids' dress to feel totally wrong to me. The top's cute, but most of the work is being done by the fabric.

So, yeah... I guess really I agree that the big problem here is there wasn't much design going on. Nothing hideous, just nothing really all that interesting.

She neeeds to hang out with some drag queens -- a little more flair and atttudee and she'll be just fine.~~Gary

When the looks had all gone by - albeit so fast - I thought it was a fairly strong week, with out major trainwrecks.

I actually thought the adult's jacket shape was the weakest part.
The little girl's top was just not bad, but not strong. I liked the legging print, but couldn't see enough of it. Such a difference on how that little girl seemed to feel about hers versus the winning looks.

I did think she was doomed when she seemed to complain that the other designers were taking this challenge so seriously and working so hard? WTH was that?

"When my sister and I were like seven, she was in a school play and she was a butterfly, and she wore this little red romper thing and I was always so jealous of her, I need to make that."

And you've been chasing butterflies ever since, haven't you, Boo Boo Kitty? Yes. You have.


I'll miss Boo Boo Kitty, but it was time for her to go.

What really didn't help was how miserable the little girl looked wearing an outfit designed to be played in.

Poor Boo Boo.

She broke Rule 1: "Don't bore Nina!"

Boo Boo going home makes the whole Fashion Week situation even stranger. I thought for sure Maya would go home and they just did the math wrong.

I guess we'll have to keep watching to see what happened.

And why didn't she make the butterfly red romper after all?

Looking at the extended video the big problem the judges had with hers was that it was nothing special. It was cute and confortable and very practical. But that's it

It's interesting to note that they even said there were elemnts that they liked. But again nothig special. As always in the PR world ugly trumps boring

Agreed I think it was Heidi who said this is a deisgn competition. Kudos to Heidi for making sure the little girl was not to made to feel like it was her fault. Those 3 must have hated being part of the judging. It's bad enough for the "real" women models. I can't imagine what it was like for them


She was sweet but seemed way to content to remain mediocre. Like DRIVEN to it. Aim high girl!

Did anyone else think that the little girls should have be excused from the judging? That cannot be good for those kids' self esteem. Especially if any of the girls had LIKED their outfits, which none of the bottom 3 seemed to particularly.

I love that little girl with the, "Mommy, get me the hell outta here! She turned me into a shrivled pumpkin!" face.

While it was definitely Boo Boo Kitty's time to go, I thought this was an ok outfit and the judges' comments were overly harsh (but as Merle said in her interview, sometimes Producers make you say mean things.)

I thought her name was BOO HOO Kitty.

What got me was the hem on the kid's dress. Unfinished and sloppy, no matter what she was going for.

The little girl's outfit has plenty of whimsy, if you ask me. That bouquet of strings dangling down, the bubble hem, the bright colors and streaky tights? Much more interesting and playful than most kids' clothes.

Well said, TLo. I have nothing to add, which may be a first.

I know it was her time to go. She did seem to be struggling. But those pants Amy made were the most hideous things I have seen in a very very long time, and BBK's kids outfit was actually pretty cute (and whimsical) so I guess what I am saying is that I was ambivalent about the auf.

Not particularly attractive. Girl's outfit is wearable by the right girl...but I would not have been allowed to, but it looked very nice on the little girl. The grown-up one was not all that good and I am questioning her taste level a bit. Mediocre overall- not an obvious AUF, but there were other much better ones.

Going solely by this episode, I had a much bigger problem with Emilio's cheaper, plainer looking version of the dresses I used to wear for Easter mass every year.

But I can't say that I disagree with the auf either. The colors and fabrics could have been chosen more thoughtfully, a little more care in the design and polish of the garments, and she has a track record of underwhelming. Still, she seems very nice, best of luck to her!

Nothing to add, pretty straight forward aufing, telegraphed from the beginning of the show.

eek - I kind of liked Amy's and am gklad she didn't go based on this challenge.

Tim Gunn said it best; she made a barrel out of orange fabric and hung it on the child with spaghetti straps.

I didn't think these looks were THAT bad, either. In fact, if she was in bottom three and ultimately kicked off for making boring retail clothes, then Ben and Emilio would have been worthy bottom-three candidates as well, from what I remember.


Ann said:

Bye Bye Boo Boo! Nice Girl...dreary clothes.

I would add: bad fabric choices.
I agree with TLo that there were very few really weak designs this week.

When the judges utter the dreaded words "bored", and that the clothes could be bought in any mall, that is the kiss of death.

I thought these looks were relatively cute. You guys are right that they just weren't up to the higher level of competition this week, and her portfolio of work on the show certainly doesn't approach Amy's.

I thought Emilio should have been in the bottom with her, though. Total Walmart Easter dress from 1986.

She was a likable contestant -- and a hilarious source of screen grabs -- and she showed some real flashes of design talent. BUT she also showed no confidence, and she undermined herself throughout.

She's got talent. I hope as she moves forward she'll gain the confidence to believe in it.

Somebody had to go this week, but honestly I didn't think these looks were half bad.

I hope she finds her confidence and a sheltering niche. She seems too nice and sensitive for the fashion industry.

Call me style-challenged, but I didn't think the outfits were all that bad. I thought the little girl's leggings were adorable - just not with that top. That being said, I agree with your assessment. The biggest problem I saw with her clothes is that there was nothing really fresh and new about them. Like you said, you can get those things in any mall store right now.
I think Janeane seems like a very sweet person and it's clear that she has some talent that needs more time to incubate. I hope this experience helps her to recognize where she's lacking, and fill in those gaps. Bye-bye, Boo Boo!

I totally agree this was THE most obvious loser edit (cue Tim) "in the history of Project Runway!"

Janeane seems like a very sweet girl, and I think there is potential...but maybe she has to "want it" a little more than she seems to (at least on TV).

Like Anna, I think she would benefit from some experience working with others--to improve her skills and to develop a style uniquely her own. I wish her the best!

Is that really a panda face in the chestal region of the adult top, or is that an optical illusion?

So, now the question is - What happened to Maya?

Poor, sweet Janeane. I liked her and her stuff wasnt bad. Honestly Amy's clown pants where awful and that should have warranted an elimination but whatcha gonna do.

Janeane is talented and i would buy her clothes; they are very pretty!

Both a high and low for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest. I wanted her to be the next Leanne and sadly, she was not. Bring it home, Seth Aaron!

Her real crime here was making leggings to pass off as real clothes. Leggings are a cop-out, and the ones on the little girl made her legs look deformed. And what was with the spaghetti noodle that's all askew on the model's shirt? the ones that laid flat looked great, but that one just hanging there looked weird. Still, I liked these colors together and I loved that she used a print for the "mom"'s shirt. I think the auf should have gone to Jonathan. His clothes were completely unwearable.

that was just plain sweet boys.

bye bye boo boo kitty.....

I'd forgotten about the butterfly in the school play comment, but then when I scrolled down to the photos, I was struck by how much Boo-Boo's designs reminded me of a monarch butterfly. Perhaps that was what she was going for?

OMG...I look at that poor little girl from behind and it looks like she's wearing a saggy diaper! It is beyond bad!

No surprise that Boo Boo went bye bye...

She's been weak from the beginning. It was the right choice. Amy's creative and takes risks so she earned her stay.

The top was cute but the proportions were awful. The little girl look was boring.

I haven't read through all the comments, so I don't know if I'm repeating an observation already made... but I'd like a shout out to the little girls!! They were great. It was obvious that they all took the runway portion very seriously. And their antics in the workroom looked like "ramped up editing".
So "thank heavens for little girls!!"

This was a very interesting challenge, but I was surprised when they had BOTH models (the adult and the child) come out for the reviews. I think that an adult model can handle the judge's criticisms, but I wonder how the kids felt (like when Michael popped off his "toilet paper twins" line). Heidi at one point even had to tell one of the little girls, "You were fine." I dunno, seemed a little cruel to me.

There were others on the runway that I thought were worse. (HATED Emelio's) But I am with the consensus - time to go.

I think she can feel good about what she did during her PR stint. Don't you think she primarily needs to develop a stronger POV if she wants to be a solo designer?

Bye, Boo Boo - good fortune in your next project. IMO, you live in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. A great place to go home to.

ASK said:eek - I kind of liked Amy's and am gklad she didn't go based on this challenge.

Me, too! In fact, when they first came down the runway, I thought she'd changed her mind and made a skirt. I like the idea of gaudy skirt way more than gaudy gauchos though.

Boo Boo's was not really awful; she just got caught in a week when everyone did comparatively well, and had a shaky track record.

--Aunt Dee

Aw. I like Janeane and thinks she's got potential if she can boost up her confidence level, sharpen her skills and focus on just what her focus she be on. We've seen hints of her POV, but she needs to step it up.

Realizing this ain't a great "fashion" critique, but I thought the little girl looked adorable in this outfit.

raisin mountaineer

Hers wasn't worst, but it was probably time for her to go. Worst was clearly (to me) Emilio, with the polygamist LDS outfits-- dresses that you can see on any weekend at my local Northern Arizona mall.

I have been an Emilio fan (loved loved his first several outfits) but this was beyond dreadful. Not him at all.

What's with the hanger straps on the mommy top? And the pile of spaghetti on the kid's?

Sad to say, she was my contestant in a pool. So I've lost. Sigh. I gotta go buy a prezzie now.

Poor Boo Boo just didn't have the skin fer it. Every week she showed the lack of confidence in her own vision; second-guessing herself, changing designs at the first sign of any critique, poor time management. She really should have been gone weeks ago. Weeks!
You know that when a boring design is in the bottom with a wacko one--the boring one always goes. As it should be.

She's very sweet and I wish her well.

i feel a lot of fuckery from the producers this season
janeane was not the worst, and i really didn't get why any of the top three were so praised...
seth aaron's wasn't the best either...
producers obviously didn't like janeane so she had to go...

One thing about Janeanne confused me, when Tim cautioned her to have a response to the fact that she chose Halloween colors. She commented later something to the effect that she had chosen pink. On my tv (which was professionally calibrated), it looked straight-out orange, not even coral. How weird must the lighting have been at Mood and/or in the workroom for her think that was pink?

It was time for her to go. I wish her the best.

Maybe next week we'll find out what happened with Maya?

3:24 said, "Boo Boo's was not really awful; she just got caught in a week when everyone did comparatively well, and had a shaky track record."

Agreed. I liked her little girl outfit, and I don't think you'd find it at the mall. The mom's, however,...not so much.

The girl needs a big ol' tumbler of confidence. I hope she finds it because she obviously loves fashion and she's a sweetheart.

Good luck, BooBoo!

The strings in the back of the little girl's top were giving me Isadora Duncan flashbacks. In other words, they are a safety hazard. That alone is good enough reason to auf somebody.

Otherwise, the little girl's outfit was fine. Not particularly creative, but still passable.

The grown-up one is rather tacky.

And I like Emilio's ensemble. Very sweet and appropriate for both ages.

Aww, Boo Boo Kitty… She didn't deserve to go home this week. That bout of loose stool water Patrick Batement sent sloshing down the runway was beyond redemption. I agree: BM are completely taking the reality out of this show. It just isn't believable anymore.

"Was that not the most obvious loser's edit in the history of loser edits?"

Indeed, it was.

Her outfits were very wearable. But most of the designers really stepped up this week, and somebody had to go.

I loved her little girl. So grown up when she said, "Thank you" to Heidi.

Prior to the runway show I was already CERTAIN who would win and who would be going home. The obvious editing of this season is really getting old!

So long, Boo Boo Kitty. This is one of those cases where it wasn't a lack of talent that caused the auf'ing, but a mismatch - I don't just think Project Runway was a good place to showcase her talents.

Jeannine always reminded me of Mary Katherine Gallagher from Saturday Night Live.

you know what - shes got a very lucrative career at QVC waiting for her. those bitches would eat this shit up with a spoon. make it happen booboo! <3

One just knew when they brought out the "B" word (boring), that it was her time to go. Albeit, I didn't think it was the worst look on the runway this week. I wish she had been "aufed" last week, I'm thinking Anna would have had a better collection at Bryant Park.

I agree that she should have gone home, but thinking back to when I was a child, I would have LOVED to wear this outfit BECAUSE it's so simple. I could just throw it on and go play and get dirty and do what I want without worrying about messing up the clothes.

raisin mountaineer said...
Emilio, with the polygamist LDS outfits . . .

THAT's the creepy vibe I was sensing! Perfect description.

Heidi said: "The strings in the back of the little girl's top were giving me Isadora Duncan flashbacks. In other words, they are a safety hazard. That alone is good enough reason to auf somebody."

Yes! As I said before, that should have been an automatic auf (and if they'd had a designer with a more credible background in children's clothing, this might have been a point for discussion).


I don't think hers was the weakest by any stretch, but it was her time to go. If it hadn't been this week, it would have been soon, for sure. She seems like a nice person, but not a strong designer.

She needed to go --she has proven her self to be weak. But simply on designs presented Emilio should have been out out out.

Boo Boo Kitty's kid's leggings and the model's top were kind of cute. Emilio's designs, point of view and attitude sucked. He is getting tiresome.

I did like the adult top but hated that jacket. And with different leggings the little girl's outfit could've been better but still both would've been mall outfits. But the question now remains as others have stated: Why did Maya not show? Did she choose not to (or was unable to) and they called up Boo Boo Kitty and told her she could show instead so that they could have 10 designers that they planned to have? Weird. Because if that's the case, why not just leave it at 9 designers? Guess we'll find out.

Anyone who's ever played (or supervised) on a playground knows that all those ties up top are calling to boys (or mean girls) to be untied.

srq said...
Heidi said: "The strings in the back of the little girl's top were giving me Isadora Duncan flashbacks. In other words, they are a safety hazard. That alone is good enough reason to auf somebody."

Yes! As I said before, that should have been an automatic auf (and if they'd had a designer with a more credible background in children's clothing, this might have been a point for discussion).


That's a good point. There are lots of regulations regarding drawstrings and ties in childrens wear. The loops on the front that are stitched in place would be okay. The cob web of knots in the back would probably have to be stitched in place. But I cant imagine why she did it that way to begin with. More interest?

You know, I wanted so much to like her--well, like her designs, I should say. She's from my hometown, gotta give my Portland girls some support. But. Naw.
Hated everything but the pretty Mom top. These are mall clothes, no way around that.
(Seth Aaron's from Vancouver, WA and that's just across the river, so, he's getting all my Portland love from here on out.)

OK, some of you are asking about Mood's dog. His name is Swatch and he has his own blog. How f***ing cute is that?

T Lo

I'm going to miss calling her Boo Boo Kitty.

B/M's editor needs to go to editing school STAT. The show is so predictable that it's skidding on the edge of boring.

Though Amy's and Jonathan's respective messes were more offensive to look at, IMHO, Boo Boo's outfits were so boring and the color choice so foul for the mom's jacket that I'm neither surprised or upset she went home. LISTEN TO TIM!!

After seeing Boo Boo's runway collection, I'm annoyed about not seeing Maya's. WTF happened with Maya??? Can't someone just ask her??

OK, some of you are asking about Mood's dog. His name is Swatch and he has his own blog. How f***ing cute is that?

T Lo

OMG!!!! I'm bookmarking that for sure!! SO cute!!

That wasn't just a mall outfit, it was a Walmart outfit. I swear I've seen it there. That's the type of print/colors they use to be "trendy."

Your jacket looks like a depressed hedgehog in a hammock.

Nostalgie said...
. But the question now remains as others have stated: Why did Maya not show? Did she choose not to (or was unable to) and they called up Boo Boo Kitty and told her she could show instead so that they could have 10 designers that they planned to have? Weird. Because if that's the case, why not just leave it at 9 designers? Guess we'll find out.

The mistery is why Maya didn't show, but now why BooBoo did. There was nothing about 10 designers: Tim Gunn said that all designers not eliminated in the last challenge (the MC cover challenge), that is, the last challenge before the runway shows in fashion week. would show in BP. The speculation of this challenge was that maybe Maya had been auffed and somehow they got the dates wrong. This proves they did not get the dates wrong and surely all designers not eliminated before this mom & girl challenge were supposed to show. Why didn't Maya? We don't know. Funny that they're not saying or?

I'll miss her, she's sweet. I still remember her reaction when she arrived at the apartment.

Having read an interview with Tim wherein he references the designers throwing *him* under the bus, I wonder when that is going to happen. His workroom critiques have been spot-on, and this one is no exception.

I switched back and forth between the Olympic men's skating and PR during their massive commercial breaks. It worked out great.

Okay, whether Boo Boo's garments this week were deserving of the auf or not, she was going to be gone soon. Next!

Tory Burch. Oy. I could say that she's just a blonde Carolyne Roehm, but that would be insulting to Carolyne.


very ODD season. I still have not selected a special designer. I was actually at Bryant Park. We sat through 10 designers. A high school talent show... sad days for PR...

I have to say, I really liked Boo Boo Kitty's adult top. I agree with TLo: she's got a problem picking fabrics, both in terms of colors and prints.

But the look I HATED with a passion was Mila's child look. Neon + 101 Dalmatians? Fugly x 101. Am I the only one who felt this way?

I sense a conspiracy to smuggle Emilio up to the next round. If they had called him out as one of the bottom three, it would have been obvious that his was the worst. So they snuck him out with the middling group. The only mother/daughter combo I could imagine would be someone in a politician's family who have to wear something so bland that it has no chance of offending anyone.

Sweet girl.

I agree that it was probably her time to go, but I don't think her clothes were the worst up there. Jonathan's were just plain tacky IMO, despite all of the judges' fawning over how "conceptual" they were.

I too thought the little girls, especially the bottom 3! Should have been taken off the stage. Even Heidi telling the one it had nothing to do with her wasn't enough...Really really poor judgement all around to have them stand there and listen to how awful the outfits were.

I was just so glad Amy didn't go that I didn't mind this decision, but TBH if I could have picked I would have sent home all the assholes who put eight year olds in grey (and screw guest judge, man). There are ten to twelve years of your life when you can wear absolutely any colour and look terrific and when you're six to eight, those are THE YEARS. You don't fuck around with black and grey, seriously. My favourite dress when I was that age was an intensely patterned print with flowers and peaches all over it (sigh, I miss that dress.) Anyway. I just had so much RAGE at that I had to express it.

I forgot to add -- totally agree with everyone saying that it was cruel to leave the children up there in the bottom 3.

But I gotta say, it was adorable and awesome to see Amy's mini-model stick up for Amy's design amid the judges' criticisms, saying that she trusts Amy.

I think her clothes were garanimal cute when she should have been going for gap kids cute.

Bye bye Boo boo.

Can we just jump ahead and say that Holly looked smokin' in that pink dress... she almost makes me want to try to be straight again... almost....

The interesting thing about this season is she was the last person who really needed to go to make sure there was no weak link in the finals. Of the ten designers left--sure there are some better than others--but all are capable of showing acceptable finale collections, and most of worthy ones.

I don't think we'll hear anything about Maya until the episode when she'd auf'ed (if then.) To explain her absence would be, probably, to admit that she'd been auf'ed.

Also, some of the weird model pairings in the finale make sense now. Each designer is probably paired with the model that was eliminated when s/he was.(With, possibly, some last minute switches for Janeane/Maya)

I think spaghetti straps and bare skin from shoulder to shoulder and chest to chin are not appropriate for that young age. Call me a prude, and I'm sure there are those who will, but that style was way too old for that little girl.
I have the same opinion about halters and skimpy tank tops and belly shirts. On children.
Yeah, I know, lots of kids wear clothes like that... doesn't make it any more okay.

Anonymous said...i feel a lot of fuckery from the producers this season

And how is that different from the previous six seasons of PR?

CourtneyL said...

Boo Boo going home makes the whole Fashion Week situation even stranger. I thought for sure Maya would go home and they just did the math wrong.

I was of the same frame of mind. Instead, we got almost no Maya this entire episode. Time to come up with some new theories as to why Maya didn't show at Fashion Week.

Re: harshness from the judges:

Heidi brought the mean girl vibe again this week. In the extended judging she riffs on Nina's comment that the outfits are plain, and says, "plain...plain Jane...plain Janeane." Is it really necessary to turn a critique into a personal insult? No, Heidi, it is not.

I didn't think it was nearly as bad as Amy's, but A has more potential in this competition and therefore they had to say bad stuff about Boo Boo's. I don't think it was terrible and, based on this challenge only, I didn't think she deserved the auf. However, she would be off in another week or so, so I can't fault the judges' decision.

Sending Amy or Jonathan home would have been a mistake. Both have sent several strong looks down the runway, and eliminating them would basically tell the contestants "don't take risks".

We don't need more boring clothes. Amy took a huge risk and it failed, but she has a lot of interesting ideas and deserves to stay in the competition.

I don't see Jonathan making it to the final three if he continues on this path of overdesigning.

Great episode in terms of what was designed but absolutely lacking drama. Expected result, even without the loser edit.

It's too bad she didn't listen to her inner voice and do a bit more. It's sad to see her go out with such a whimper.

fragile industries

I believe Boo Boo can create marketable looks with more time and better fabric choices, and she seems like a lovely person. But I can't disagree with the auf.

This episode was sort of The Tale of Two Jackets -- compare SA's perfectly tailored WOW of a jacket and Boo Boo's here. Didn't the Duchess call it a home-ec project? I don't understand the defenders of this totally fug jacket. Without it, Boo Boo might have skated in the bottom two. I actually didn't mind the adult top. But paired with the droopy boring rest of it ... she was doomed.

The adult top actually could be marketable, but nothing about this was "fashion forward."

Glad Amy escaped the auf, I want to see more of her despite the huge misstep this time.

While the winners seem to be picked fairly for meeting the challenge, the auf consistently seems based on a body of work -- no one is interested enough to want to see more. These are not invalid standards for a reality competition.

For the first time by this point in a season, I have yet to gnash my teeth and wail in a serious way about the wins and aufs. I'm not crazy about some of the Lifetime revisions (editing, editing, editing) but I appreciate the judges having consistent standards.

I thought these looks were actually some of the best out of Boo Boo Kitty. I was betting on Jonathon, Emilio, and Maya for the bottom ... oh you judges. I do suppose Boo Boo Kitty wasn't making enough of the drama.

Thank you for this. Even tho it has nothing to do with me.

I'm glad that you guys are bitchy, funny, and snarky and also display real kindness and warmth when it's needed.

I hope she is someday able to believe in herself because God knows the fashion world needs some friendly and genuine people infused into it.

My love for RuPaul increased by a thousand fold when he made his recent comment about how he loves fashion but hates the nasty people who make up the fashion world.

Lovely post, boys. Boo Boo Kitty will me missed.

In the video blog by Michael Kors he said that "fashion is something that whets your appetite, gets you excited, makes you kind of perk up. Clothes are something that cover your body. Janeane's clothes just look like clothes. They never do anything emotional." He went on to say that "her clothes look like something you can find in any store. What they are looking for is something kind of special."

That sums up why they sent her home. Bye, Boo Boo Kitty and Good luck!

Heidi: "Plain Jane. Plain Janeanne..."

Boo Boo: "Well, you're fat."

Why did she show at Bryant Park...if Maya wasn't eliminated???

As soon as BooBoo's models hit the runway, I sensed she would be going home. The child's outfit was fine, although the color choices were sort of blah. Bad fabric choice for the adult jacket and the leggings were horrible.

Honestly, I thought she was completely & utterly dull. Her meltdowns weren't even all that entertaining (that sounds horrid, but we don't watch reality TV for the sane happy people, do we?)

Insecurity sucks, but she really needs to reevaluate her dreams because fashion will not be kind to someone who produces blah work.

I feel like a heartless bastard to say anything negative about her but she was so very clearly over her head. You cannot meet every week's challenge with a hope to skate by unnoticed.

The top was cute but as you say I can get that as Macy's right now. I didn't like the little model's Skeletor leggings.

"I just want to be safe" = the kiss of death.

It might be editing, but almost everytime a contestant says the Safe word, next thing you know it and it's, I'm sorry but you're out.

Great post TLo!

I can't figure Janeane out, at least not her PR persona. She careened from meh to overworked and then back to meh. I found her pre-show stuff and some of her overworked PR looks rather interesting and see her having potential if she learns how to edit better. I hope that outside the PR bubble she does quite well, not just for her sake, but also because she does seem to have something to offer.

Boo Boo Kitty saved the best for last... that said, she needed to go.

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