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Goodbye, girl so low-key we couldn't come up with a nickname!

Okay, here's your daily allotment of really mean T Lo bitchiness. As we said in the Congratulations post, we only saw the first ten minutes or so of this episode before heading out the door to catch our train. We really only needed to see that much for Tom to turn to Lorenzo and say "She really needs to go." Lorenzo responded with, "Well, now that you've said that, she's probably going home tonight." So, blame us, kittens.

Model: Cerri McQuillan

Scratch that. Blame her.

Look, she seems like a nice enough girl and there's just enough raw talent there that she could actually make a go of it in this industry. As Tim told her when he was shoving her out the door, she should be proud of how far she made it considering how little in the way of training and experience she has.

When we agreed that she needed to go, it wasn't because she pissed us off or anything. It's just that it was obvious to us that she'd gone as far as she could in this competition. She was churning out some very similar looks each week and she had a clear and obvious lack of technique.

This was not a horrible outfit by any stretch of the imagination. We loved the soft iciness of the colors; loved that detail at the neck line; loved the vest and the shorts. But it's so obviously not a covergirl outfit. Not even close. We could see Heidi wearing this walking down the street somewhere with her husband and their 16 children tagging along. A sunglasses and shopping kind of look, not a cover look.

She seems sweet, but she's too much in her own head and this outfit reflects a certain mechanical approach to her designs. She's not putting out pieces that have a lot of personality to them.

One more thing about the judging: they praised these shorts, and from a design perspective, they are pretty cute. But they so obviously didn't fit her properly (hello, insane crotch). That's one thing we've noticed about the judging this season. We don't know if Nina has consciously toned herself down or not, but she's letting an awful lot of things she would have criticized mightily in previous seasons pass by without comment, specifically fit and execution.

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Might be boring, but I can see someone wearing it, unlike Janine's.

Nice girl, has talent, probably there are many young girls out there who would buy her clothes off the rack - which is nothing to sneeze at.

But, it was time for her to make a graceful exit. This year, this show, she's in over her head.

"Tlo said: (hello, insane crotch)"

Hello is right. I could NOT understand how they could praise these shorts. They made it look like the model forgot to tuck


Very, very basic. Sleeveless unfitted tank again with insets (which she has done twice before), a vest with no buttons or any detail whatsoever, and a pair of very tiny basic shorts. Maybe she should have made a dirndl skirt (ha).
I agree that it was her time to go.Although in all honesty I thought Jonathan's was worse. He wasn't even in the bottom three and his was way worse than Mila's or Janeane's.

Anna is a sweetie. But let's face it this girl needs to take some designs classes to help hone and mature her ability. There's no doubt she's got ability, but she needs a lot of nuturing


Yes, I could not believe that the judges let that CROTCHPOCALYPSE slide! Well-constructed, my inseam. Perhaps they were trying not to be overly mean, but I think it was obvious to everyone (likely including Anna) that she was way out of her depth.

There was nothing special here, except the top was cute, although completely age inappropriate.

Why was she cast on this show in the first place. It seems her lack of training and experience would limit her creative abilities. Maybe the pickings get slimmer every season.

Oh, dear Anna.

She's so clearly someone makes clothes for herself. Notice she always chose the one model who looks most like her.

She may develop the imagination and ability to grow beyond this, but she's not there yet. Still, brava to her -- she swam with some baby sharks for a few weeks.

I bitched already in the congratulations post, but I know all the bitter kittens will forgive me for reiterating- Terrible! Toddler clothes! My eyes!

Is there some huge coterie of grown women who are dying to look like they are four years old? I hope not.

I think three things are happening when it comes to the judging: 1. In order to keep the audience guessing till the last minute, the judges were probably told to find at least one compliment about every garment. 2. Editing of what the judges say gives undue weight to certain sentiments that were probably uttered for the sake of suspense more than anything else. 3. Lifetime audience is not Bravo's audience. You can sometimes see how uncomfortable the judges are giving a "compliment."

I think of Bravo as Rungay and Lifetime as Blogging Project Runway. You get to say the same things on both blogs but on Rungay you can let out your inner bitch while on BPR your post will be removed if you get too bitchy. I think this new format of a kinder and gentler judge caters to the Lifetime iVillage viewer who think that women who recovered from heart disease should be celebrated with a hot soup from a can.

As to Anna (ugh she is so forgettable I am not even sure this is her name and I am not checking!) she is sweet but way out of her element. At least she knows it and knows enough not to compare it to designing greeting cards.

Maybe Nina toned down the critique because it was obvious who was going home. No sense in piling on, eh?

Forever21 carries better more complex designs than this. Still, she probably saves a lot of money making her own clothes and it is commendable in this economy.

Given how quickly she learned to sew (I think she said she'd been sewing for 6 months before being cast?) the girl has a ton of promise. Still, she was way too green to ever be a serious contender. Which is kinda sad, actually, because given another year and a little fashion theory, she might have done better.

But yes, I agree, she only designs for herself. At first I thought it was just her limited abilities that had her cranking out the same dress over and over, but then I realized, no, that's her style. I was really struck by that when she styled her red dress model exactly like herself. Her designs are twee and juvenile, but she herself can pull them off (she's her own model in her portfolio). However "designs that look OK on me and twee on others" has really limited appeal.

Still, she's a smart girl with loads of ability, and I think she can break through this particular block. Just a shame she spent her baby designer moments on PR--too green to go far or learn much.

Hello is right. I could NOT understand how they could praise these shorts. They made it look like the model forgot to tuck


HA, that is exactly what I said!! It was SO time for her to go.

But I can't hate on sweet, pretty Anna too much. A few more years of experience could have made her a contender on PR; a few more inches of leg and she could have been a contender on MotRW!

I wish her a beautiful, happy future.

I think she deserved "Auf" because either she did not understand the challenge brief or chose to ignore the challenge brief. Maybe both.


As the Fug Girls would say, these shorts give Cerri a polterwang.

What struck me about this challenge is that so many of the designers either didn't understand or chose to ignore what JC told them in the briefing.

And as far as the judges being too nice, I'd rather watch the PR judges being kind than the acid fest that Isaac and Kelly hosted last summer on Bravo.


I didn't get the praise of the shorts either. But I did agree when they said the thing about how this was not a challenge to design for a teen magazine because that's exactly what I thought when looking at this look.

ah the dirndl skirt, thanks for the memories SS! I made a delightful mauve and gray plaid one in Mrs. Hughes' seventh grade Home Ec class at Mt Laurel Middle School in 1974.


I understand the auf'ing. I do not know what she was thinking. Had she made a cute little dress like the ones she made for the first 2 challenges, she probably would have safed out.

Ugga bugga. Farewell, pretty Wonder Bread. This is pretty damn poor. I think she does have raw talent, but she needs a mentor and some serious schooling.

But I would wear this over Janeane's....should've been a double elmination, given Janeane's poor Bryant Park collection.

Perhaps Nina didn't comment too harshly on construction because, yet again, this was a one day challenge, and Anna made three pieces. Of course it was her decision to make separates, and the separates she made were completely inappropriate for the challenge, but Heidi at least seemed to give her some credit for it.

I wish the designers had a little more time. One day challenges inevitably lead to creased and rumpled looks, unfinished hems and wonky seams.

This comment has been removed by the author.

My first thought when I saw this on the runway was that she gave Cerri "girl balls" with those shorts.


Nice enough person and nice enough separates. But really, she should have auditioned for The Fashion Show. I believe the show's catchphrase was "Finding the Next Big Target Designer."

This was not a good outfit, nor did her model wear it particularly well. Just major blah on both parts. And the model certainly looked like she was packin' some heat in those shorts.

This left me wondering if she has ever seen the cover of a fashion magazine.

I went to college with anna and she really is as sweet and cute as she comes across on pr. She's a really talented person, shes just green in apparel design. Congrats on making it that far anna!

Yes, Anna is sweet, and yes, I feel like a bitchy bitter kitten !MEOW! for saying it, but what are you all seeing that makes you think she has talent?

5 episodes of boring outfits -- 3 of them the exact same dress in a different color, the 4th a dress that made the woman like so ugly and this final outable offense -- has a shirt that I bought at the Wal-mart in Ireland (I forget what it's called there), 18 months ago. If you are designing new things that already hit the massest of the mass market 2-3 years ago, I'm not sure that it can be called "talent".

Anon 4:24 pm, great analogy about BPR and Rungay -- it's why my bitterness doesn't visit BPR to frequently -- they are tooooo nice there.

As you two often say...not the worst thing on the runway. I liked the detailing on the shirt.

This episode was the second time in three weeks that the Duchess praised someone for making separates. I think he's as sick of seeing pretty dresses as many of us are.

Anna was clearly out of her depth. Nothing about her designs makes me think she has any artistry to express through clothing. Seems like a nice girl with some talent, but she's not going to set the fashion world on fire in any regard.

i thought booboo kitty was gonna get it last night, but i guess it pays to be The Crier on reality tv.

anna still gets point for making separates. she just needs more experience.

NYMag said that Anna has shown a real Anthropologie aesthetic, and I agree. If she sticks to that route, she could have a good career with some really pretty, wearable stuff and it really is amazing how well she's mastered her craft in such a short amount of time.

I really like the top and the vest, and I like the colors of the whole look. But it is SO not a cover look at all. She definitely was the right choice to go.

Honestly this reminded me the outfit we would make in home ec class. The pieces were far too basic and yes insane crotch,

She seemed a sweet girl, but so out of her league...
Tim must have issues with her, however, because he gave her an "arms clasp" in lieu of a real hug. I wonder if he was against her being cast (if not, he should have been), and I wonder if her "I define myself as an artist working in the directino of fashion design" line and attitude irked him.

Poor Anna! Cute as a button, that girl.

All I could think of when I saw Anna's outfit was that she completely misunderstood the challenge. Hello! You're designing for a magazine cover...that generally means headshot or waist up. There was nothing about her outfit that would catch the eye. Anna was sweet, but I think her youth and inexperience finally caught up with her.

Well, no offense, but the show had no business casting someone with only 6 months of sewing experience in the first place. Of course they are going to do poorly and get kicked off early! It's a little insulting to expect the audience to believe that either A) this is the best there is out there or that B) casting people for looks or personalities is 'entertaining.' (This girl has neither, so she's completely inexplicable.) This show stopped being about the design output a long, long time ago. Stick a fork in this turkey, it be DONE.

I like this girl and think she's got something, but she needs to shake herself up a little. Maybe PR will have helped in the shake-up.

Why she weighed herself down with added pressure of making shorts is either her own unconscious shake-up or bid to get eliminated because -- Hello, just make a cute dress. She can make cute dresses.

PS - I hate shorts.

PPS - There was a whole lotta not listening in that workroom last night.

PPS - Someone upthread was wondering where some of us are seeing talent -- I like what she showed at her audition.

I like her hair.

Anna didn't belong on this show, but I can see a future for her in designing clothes for the everyday woman. Her clean and simple natural style is appealing for casual dress and I can see department stores carrying it.

When I saw this comment

"Scratch that. Blame her.

right after the picture, I thought you were blaming the model?

Just clothes.

I see talent in Anna because she majored in print-making, and yet, with only 6 months of sewing experience, she was making full outfits right alongside her far more experienced designers. Were any of her designs groundbreaking? No, no where near. But still, she was finishing her outfits in 12 hours like the rest of them, and while they were simple, they were well made and for the most part, fit the models well. I think it's pretty remarkable to see how far she's taken 6 months of sewing experience. And she's clearly a creative person. It just seems like her sewing skills have out-paced her design theory--in other words, she's got the physical ability to create, but she's too much in her head, as TLo likes to say. She needs fashion theory to open up her mind to what's possible.

Totally agree. It was time for Anna to go. Bryant Park would not have been her friend, and she certainly didn't deserve to be showing in the tents at this point in her career.

Definitely a cute outfit I could see me or one of my classmates walking around campus in sometime in May. It's a young, casual look.

I really liked the ensemble, but it was totally wrong for the challenge. I knew that she was a goner, but it seemed like she was actually starting to get her sea legs and I was starting to get interested in her work. Ce'st la vie and I wish her well.

We could see Heidi wearing this walking down the street somewhere with her husband and their 16 children tagging along.
It's not as if I've never heard a Heidi and her brood joke before, but this still cracked me up.

MK was absolutely right about Anna missing three huge points. It was pretty obvious that she does not pay attention to fashion magazines or Marie Claire... or Heidi. I mean, Heidi in a menswear inspired vest? Or shorts, for that matter? This look would've gone well on the cover of 'Teen magazine, circa 1977.

The cami looked much more interesting when it was unfinished on the mannequin and at a longer length (which would've made it a lovely asymmetric tunic).


No,this was not a cover look for Marie Claire, but I could see it on the cover of a teen oriented magazine or on the rack at Forever 21.

And yes, I could see Heidi wearing this on the weekend strolling the Grove at Pottery Barn Kids with her brood. It wasn't that far off the mark for the subject she was designing for, being Heidi.

She's in over her head with this group of designers,and she's very young...give her a break. She looks like a sweet girl who did the best she could, with training and experience she'll grow, just like everyone else.

I LOVE Cerri's legs so much!!!!!

Had Anna made a skirt or trousers instead of shorts, would she have safed out?

I definitely think Janine should have been auf'd. I don't think Anna had much left but she definitely should have gotten through over that horrible bridal monstrosity Janine churned out.

putting janeane in the bottom two was real bullshit...mila's was way worse, you can tell the judges / producers love her

janeane's was great

Thank God you mentioned the insane crotch because it gave me a headache watching poor Cerri walk with all that dangly wonkiness. Design-wise, yeah, they were cute, but fit-wise, noooooooo.

I think Anna was lovely, but a little out of her depth. This is someone who would benefit from some time at Parson or an apprenticeship with some custom made mens clothes to get her technical skills up to par.

Also, it seemed that very few of the designers understood the challenge, which seemed so freakin simple. Design a cover look for Heidi Klum.

What really surprised me about this challenge was that although this challenge had the clearest instructions and expectations given for any challenge, so many designers messed it up.

Anna seems like the love child of Shelley Fabares and Pamela Tiffin, and in the version of this episode that runs in my mind she stops all business in the workroom and ala 'Glee', breaks out in a sweet version of "Johnny Angel".

She has something and it will be nice to see where she's at in another 5-10 years and with some good experience.



Anna comes across as a genuinely sweet young woman, but it was her time to go, based on what she produced for this episode, as well as her previous looks.

Loved TLo's comment about seeing Heidi wearing this on a casual outing with Seal and the baby Seals.

This is a cute little outfit, but on the cover of a magazine? No way.

They eliminated her, so I think it's just quibbling to want them to slam her for the shorts, too. Though there were better elements to the outfit to compliment.

This wasn't the worst thing on the runway this week, but Anna had the worst design last week. It's like the Oscars used to be, when people would win a year after they deserved to. Next week, Janeane really needs to go; she could have gone last week, too. (Actually, both of them were worse than Jesus.)

The first thing I noticed about Cerri, besides her pretty face, is that she has heavy legs. That didn't help this outfit either.

BrianB said:
Anna seems like the love child of Shelley Fabares and Pamela Tiffin, and in the version of this episode that runs in my mind she stops all business in the workroom and ala 'Glee', breaks out in a sweet version of "Johnny Angel".
LOL! "Johnny Angel" absolutely!
good call Brian. Truly... she could be either of their daughters.

No problem with this outing, although I would have chosen Jeaneane, whose garment I found utterly horrendous. But oh well.

I have felt that Anna's designs on the show have been mostly suitable for children or teens, not women. This outfit is another example of that. Then we see that the next challenge is designing for actual children! Oh to see what she would have come up with on that challenge, but sadly, it is not to be. It is time for her to go home, I agree. She needs more experience.

Mama Jo

I didn't understand Nina's comment about the "perfect" shorts. When she was walking down the runway, I yelled, "IT LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS A PENIS." If that's the first reaction to seeing an outfit, the shorts are not impeccably done.

The shorts are great; they're just on backward, that's all.

Anna was cute as a bug's ear, and I could watch her move around the screen for hours (rrrrr), but she really did have to go. It was obvious from episode two.

I agree that Anthony listened best to the parameters mentioned by the editor for the cover she was looking for, and that other designers did not cover some or any of them. But to take that and say those are THE parameters for a fashion cover outfit is plainly absurd (magazine covers don't feature black? give me a break...) Just look at the news stand today with the March issues (spring), plenty of them show "dishwasher" or washout or pale colors, or black, or print, look at Elle, Tatler, BritishVogue, Wonderland, Numero, I-D, Vanity Fair... InStyle is all about the bottom of the dress.

Out of curiosity I checked Marie Claire's cover for April 2009: It features a Mandy Moore in a no-color generic t-shirt and jeans and a waistcoat which is actually the exact shape of the one made by Anna's, only with a print.


I've been on the "why is Anna Here?" bandwagon since week one, but I actually feel bad for her. She at least realized last week that her look sucked (unlike many delusional designers). But mostly, I think they cast her a year or two too early which did her no favors.

Anna's a sweet girl and I think she is talented. She is inexperienced in fashion design. I think she would fit in well at Stella McCartney. She kinda has that vibe.

The blue tank is cute.
Why would you make shorts when your model's legs are fat from the front and cottage cheesey from the back?

And enough with dudes wearing black nail polish. They look like Herman Munster hands.

this is TV people. I would rather see Blanes clown costume over this yawn any day. Thank goodness she did not show in the tents. that would havev made the longest show ever way to unconfortable. really nice girl though. she would make a perfect high school design teacher

So, Emilio was right after all.

After looking at the April cover I think Anna should have won ... and contrary to what MK said, she is the only one who DID undestand the crappola sensibilities of that magazine.

Short and shiny, but not tight. What was she thinking!

Thank you so much for mentioning the crotch. When it came down the runway I turned to my mother, who was visiting, and said, "That model looks like she has a penis. Did we switch over to RuPaul's Drag Race by mistake?"

Around our house we called her "Amish girl" because she made boring, colorless, boxy clothes every week and had the on-screen personality of a pet rock. (I'm not saying we made a clear comparison with the Amish.) She just seemed like she'd be more at home at a quilting bee than on reality tv.

And can we talk about Kasey's aufing? Too commercial.

I think she stole this outfit from the wardrobe department for the tv show Blossom.

Seriously, what was she thinking? Did she even look at the Marie Claire covers in the workroom? You'd never see that on the cover of Marie Claire.

I thought that when they complimented how well her shorts were made, it was what my mother taught me.... "you can ALWAYS find at least one nice thing to say."

they knew that she would be auffed - so obvious to all - and they didn't want to leave her a crumpled loser, so they tried to find at least one nice thing to say. And the video editors put it in so that the audience would have a very little glimmer of doubt as to who would go home.

Don't worry, Nina isn't getting less critical. I am sure there were plenty of disparaging remarks edited out. It is only a 60 minute program after all!

(Hey, an idea for another link on the Project Runway website... "click here to see videos of all of the really cutting remarks made by the judges that we did not have time to include in the show..."

I was bored with Anna right from the get go...about time she got the old heave-ho! Snore...

side note...Jesus would have kicked ass in this challenge...Heidi loved his sh*t! :D

I was hoping that you would say something about those shorts. I couldn't understand why Heidi and Nina both said that they were great.

CroqueMonsieur said...
Seriously, what was she thinking? Did she even look at the Marie Claire covers in the workroom? You'd never see that on the cover of Marie Claire.

I repeat myself but can you check THIS copy of Marie Clare from April 2009?
I don't disagree with Anna's outing, but just saying...

Anna (not _that_ Anna, obvsly)

I remember in the Campbell's challenge, Anna said something along the lines of, "I don't really do red-carpet gowns," and when Brooklyn Bomber said Anna designs for herself, I think that totally hit the nail on the head. She's like the opposite of one of those designers who only want to make fabulous gowns for supermodels.

I did like that Anna and Janeane were shown admitting some of their designs' flaws--Anna's shorts being too small, and Janeane's dress turning out bridesmaid-y. Granted, I'd like them better as designers if they hadn't made those mistakes in the first place or if they'd come up with a way to make it work, but at least they have some self-awareness, unlike people who boast about their tailoring skills and then appear to have tailored their work to someone a different size from their model.

Hey, an idea for another link on the Project Runway website... "click here to see videos of all of the really cutting remarks made by the judges that we did not have time to include in the show..."

Pfft, why give it away for free when they can sell special-edition DVDs? PROJECT RUNWAY: TOO HOT FOR TV!!! ;)

I wanna see Nina Garcia throwing a chair at a designer with taste issues and a vicious catfight on the runway when Heidi, unable to restrain herself, leaps onstage to tear the ultimate short-tight-'n'-shiny dress off a model.

Anna (N.T.A.O.)

Oh, and I _did_ like Anna's decorated tank top--it looked like it could've been part of a collection with Gordana's aqua origami-bodice minidress from early last season.

One of the few things I could say is that at least she used some color, unlike others for this challenge. That being said, the vest (which really haven't been 'in' since the '90s) wasn't even finished, because it had no fastenings and the edge wasn't all that crisp. It obviously hadn't been basted and ironed. The shorts weren't a perfect fit, though they did fit better than a good many things Anna did. And, has she ever heard of darting? A few darts and a slimmer cut through the sides would've made the tank fit a lot better!

Anna is sweet, but she should have given more thought to what covers usually look like instead of creating an everyday separates outfit that to be frank, needed some tweaks to fit properly.

I LOVE Cerri's stocky legs so much! They are part of what makes her unique as a model. In some parts of the world, stocky legs are SEXY! Don't know if Ireland is one of them.

Kojii had rather stocky legs- which I think were beautiful.

Sarah and Matar have been said to have wide hips- which I found very feminine and alluring.

I do not want to see walking sticks on the runway. In fact, I am hoping to see a larger chested model soon!

Nor right for the challenge but it was relatively well-made and could be worn somewhere and look reasonably fashionable, unlike Janeane's saggy satin sadness. I really don't agree with this decision but what else is new?

Not bad, I actually like the top sans vest, but just not right for the challenge.

Vest haven't been in since the 90s? Where have you been hiding?
I think Cerri is a beautiful girl, but stocky legs are sexy in which part of the word exactly?

I'm glad it's not just me feeling like Nina's been too forgiving. Anna's committed some pretty heinous crimes on that runway and Nina should have laid into her for those shorts. Maybe B/M (I can't help thinking Bowel Movement due to all the crap they've shovelled our way) think viewers need to be treated like babies and are editing Nina's comments down? Whatever -- I hope Anna gets over that dumpy vibe as she moves forward.

Just not the right entry for the challenge, way too basic.

She seems like a very sweet girl--I hope she finds a job in the biz somewhere to get some more experience and technical skill under her belt.

She's also young, and it's not everyone that has their own sense of style or design aesthetic that early. Hopefully that will develop--I wish her the best!

This made the model look matronly. Is the dark color next to her pale skin and the lighting making her look like she has cellulite too? Yikes.

"[T]his final outable offense...has a shirt that I bought at the Wal-mart in Ireland (I forget what it's called there), 18 months ago..."

There is no Walmart in Ireland.

Heff said...
"[T]his final outable offense...has a shirt that I bought at the Wal-mart in Ireland (I forget what it's called there), 18 months ago..."

There is no Walmart in Ireland

I think the poster was refering to Dunnes.

I always called her 'Fawny Sue', because she looks like a little scared deer and is pretty plain. A regular ol' Fawny Sue.

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