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Well, who didn't see THAT coming?

To be honest, it happened exactly how we knew it was going to happen and it happened pretty much right around the time we figured it would. But we were rooting for him, y'know? He's just so Disney-cute and unaffected and we were hoping for a Kaynebow-style blossoming under the tutelage of some real NY fashion bitches, but alas, it was not to be.

He seemed like a nice enough guy. Certainly, there was no drama centered around him. But his downfall was his nice-guy stubbornness because he was getting the feedback all along and he just wasn't hearing it or applying it.

This is, essentially, the dress we've been waiting for him to make since we first saw his portfolio.

And the funny thing is, we were getting the sense that the judges felt the same way. Like we said after the judges savaged his big leather dress, once they decide you have a taste issue, the clock is ticking.

There was this whole, "Okay, it's about time we addressed the tacky elephant in the room" quality to the judging. In fact, we don't recall a time when the judges were that blunt to a designer regarding their taste issues. Normally, they either dance around it or they euphemize it.

"You basically took a checklist of everything that could turn tacky and combined it into one garment."

Alrighty then! Can't argue with that, Michael.

And there are two points to that critique. It's not just that this dress demonstrated taste issues; it's that it also demonstrated a lack of imagination. A checklist approach to design.

There have been plenty of designers slapped with the "taste issue" label in the history of the show. The memorable ones, like say, Kayne, managed to stay in the game for a good chunk because they could still design and execute the hell out of a dress even if it was a little tacky for the judges' taste.

This was just so...unimaginative. And worse, it demonstrated something else we mentioned after his leather dress: he doesn't have such hot instincts. Because if he had good instincts, he'd have taken one look at those rhinestone straps and said "GOD, no."

So El Frodo the Mexi-Twink is gone. It always happens. We come up with a great nickname and then they go home. It could be argued that there were worse dresses on the runway last night but we think he confirmed to the judges their suspicion that he wasn't going to offer them the surprises they needed to remain interested in him.

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Oh, Jesus...


Yeah, Anna's was probably worse all the way around - but it wasn't tacky, and we all know what a sin that is, particularly when it isn't the first time the sin was committed.

Love the nickname! rofl

He really has showed no ability to self-edit or step back and consider commentary. I personally think he just doesn't get it and am not sure he ever will. He can be useful in the world of pagentry.

Best wishes, Jesus!

Agree, but that man that other's chick's dress was unimaginative, not sewn well, and made her client look like a football player. The judged at least said he had good technical skills... I think since they've auf'ed three women thus far, they wanted a boy to go home...

There was definitely a lot more ass on that runway, but really, he'd run his course.

The "goodbye" edit was strong from the very start too, especially with that, "I think I'll go all the way to Bryant Park!"

Oh dear.

But NOT the worst last night. Christ there was some ugly up there.

You hit the nail on the head - there were worse dresses on the runway (FAR worse IMHO), but there was no twinkle of promise here. As the judges have been known to ask, "do we want to see more from him?"

Clearly the answer was no.

Poor El Frodo, but this was TACKY.


I wasn't surprised that our little Mexican Frodo got the auf. Once the PR judges question a designer's taste, they're on the short list for elimination.

I don't know if anyone noticed or it was clever editing but they shot to Heidi as the dress was making its way down the runway and she had a huge smile on her face.

I thought of u guys and imagined her tight and shiny!!!

And her judging comments of tight and shiny I swear she was talking right at you guys!


Dahlings, that dress was off the back of the sale rack at Savers. However, none of the dresses were very good. The designer's heads seem to explode when confronted with sewing for real women. And as one commenter said, the other bottom dress made the woman look like a football player. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, what are we going to do with you? Oh, that's right, auf weidershen.

When they started beating the "taste" drum again last night, I knew our little hobbit was doomed.

And after the many discussions here about these "real women" contests, El Frodo managed to get auf'd with a "real woman" whose dimensions were model-like (well, except for height).

but, yes, there was some real fug out there in competition.


Can't say I'm seeing red over his auf. It was pretty obvious he was going. While I'm guess he might have benefited from more time on PR with mentors like Tim, I can't really say I'm sorry to see him go. Tack-y.

He's seems like a very nice guy but he may have to grow a bit more.

Despite the taste issues, I'm sure he has a great future ahead because he has great technical skills and he works great with others. So, he won't have his own line but he'd be a great asset working under a designer with vision. This is not such a bad fate considering most of the autonomous spirits will be living with their moms forever.

I don't agree with Kor's implication that taste is something you are born with and therefore you cannot acquire. Jesus is yount, and he could refine his taste if he becomes more self-critical and studies. He will never be like Jay McCarroll or Christian Siriano in terms of taste, but that is a matter of talent. He is not that good, but he can be better. Can't wait for your tale on Mila's garment.

Um, "I'm" should be "I". Stupid typo.

I don't disagree that Jesus should have been auf'ed. I just always find it ironic when Trailer Trash Heidi criticizes someone's taste. Look in the mirror, honey!

Ah, too bad. I guess I'll have to cancel that 'Jews for Jesus' party I was planning for next Thursday night (and I'd already ordered the brisket).

You're right about the lack of imagination. e was a bit like SweetP in that way: Limited repetiore and limited skills, thrown into the deep end before he could swim. I'm just sorry he got tossed before Alex got to draw him.

And having Heidi call you out on your 'taste issues', on national TV, has got to be either one of the most degrading things that can happen to a designer OR one of the funniest things that can happen to a designer. Possibly both.


"So El Frodo the Mexi-Twink is gone."

roflmao You bitches rule!

I think Jesus sometimes confused decoration with design. What a sweetie-pie, but it was his time.

"El Frodo the Mexi Twink"...LMFAO! You guys just slay me! I just damn near spit coffee all over my computer screen!

And Tacky or not, I always loved Kayne. He had his own little reality show for a while where he made pagent dresses and dance costumes...didn't he?


I just watched Tim's extended critique & I question that he didn't perceive the issues with the dress. Now he encouraged Jesus to remove the chiffon- a smart move I think cause that would have been even more tacky, if that were possible.

Oh well! The best to El Frodo!!

I wonder if Heidi will contact him directly in an attempt to purchase the dress!

But TLo you should include a screencap of Heidi's face when the dress walked by her...

her eyes lit up the room and her expression was one of pure excitement!

Everything Michael said on his "tacky" list was what Heidi wears.

I actually felt bad for him; he's always so sure he's designed a winner. But his comment that the rhinestone straps "give a glamorous look" says it all; I'm afraid Jesus has a pretty unsophisticated concept of glamor.

Still, he has some skill and experience and if he was a little less sure of himself and had been willing/able to take in and learn from the judges' comments, he could have really grown on this show. I probably would have given him one more chance because of his experience and skill level (as compared to the other last designer standing).

Yeah, speaking of, where IS Alex? Who is the Alex love for this time around? He better hurry if he wants to show some love to Anna.


I laughed when I saw this garment on the runway, and right there I knew Baby Jesus was going home. Thanks for the memories!

In these still photos, I notice that there's a horizontal seam on the skirt about 3" above the hem. Was this ANOTHER "oops, better add some more fabric" blunder? At least he didn't send his client down the runway with her Go Red panties showing!

I do question Michael's statement that "you can't learn taste." Really, Michael? El Frodo is TWENTY ONE. Of course someone who is barely out of his teen years is not going to be as sophisticated as someone who is thirty-plus! He might still love rhinestones ten years from now -- God knows I still do -- but I'm certain he'll have learned to use them to better effect.

Anyone looking at his portfolio with a clear eye would have seen full evidence that the taste issue was always there. With the exception of his work with Amy (and based on his track record she's got to have primary credit for that) everything he's produced has been cheap and tacky-looking. He was in the bottom two three out of four episodes. It was past time for him to go. Really, he should have been aufed for his naugahyde nightmare in episode 1. Not sure how he managed to escape - wait, he's young and cute. Duh. Of course they wanted to keep him around for at least a little while.

There was a lot of blah on the runway but his was the only real disaster. God, it was vulgar! I don't ever see this guy making it in mainstream fashion - hell, I think he's too tacky even for the pageant world. But he might have a future on the Latino quince party circuit.

But how ironic for Heidi to be the one to call him out on his lack of taste? That bitch is the queen of tacky and vulgar. Shut up, Heidi - and then after the show you can secretly commission Jesus to make a dress just like that for you.

IMO, this wasn't the worst out there by a long shot, but last night reconfirmed my suspicious that the contestants fell into two groups:

1. weaker: Jesus, Anna, Janeane, Jesse, and, sadly, Anthony.

2. stronger: Mila, Maya, Emilio, Seth Aaron, Ben, Jonathan, Amy, and Jay.

Group 1 is destined to go home, in some order or another, and Jesus had spent too much time in the bottom to be able to stick around much longer.

I thought Ping was the only real wild card, but what will be interesting from here on out is how group 2 up there performs. The mere fact that there are 8 remaining designers who I think have the potential to really show us something keeps me as a S7 optimist even after two play-it-safe challenges.

I wasn't suprised that he was sent home. But I was suprised to see him in the bottom three.. And I bet his client was too!
It is a bit tacky. But how many of the other ones weren't even 2 of the top 3 were tacky, come on a Campbell Soup gala heart smart dress is going to BE tacky .
I like the way he used the Campbell print on the sides, it really does look like a lace inset. And regarding the rhinestone straps, I wonder if the client requested them, look at her shoes.
And Jesus the judges were wrong, taste CAN be learned. You have an excellent attitude and very high level of skills. If you don't want to learn taste, maybe you could go to work for Donetella Versace.

On the plus side, El Frodo could walk that frock and his other designs right over to Bravo and the Real Housewives of NJ/ATL/OC and those tacky bitches would buy it all right off the rack.

Okay, I just watched the workroom critique, and AGAIN he was going to do a horizontal seam?!?! Good lord! He probably thinks he shouldn't have taken Tim's advice and that if he'd left the chiffon curtain on the dress he'd still be around.

Nevertheless, I might have given him one more chance because Anna's dress was so horrendous, and she's so inexperienced. But I don't know -- Jesus seems so married to (variations on) the mermaid that I don't have much hope for him, either.

Adios, Jesus, you telegenic little papi chulo!

Anna's was worse - and as I said in the other thread, Heidi had a huge smile and glowing eyes when this went past her on the runway, and then HEIDI questioned HIS taste??? It kills me, it really does!! I am going to watch it again, just to be sure I saw that right, but I am almost certain I did, because I told my daughter, "Jesus is safe, Heidi loves it!"


Heidi may have made her comment about the lack of taste when the big kids were listening, but when that dress was coming down the runway, her face looked like a kid on Christmas morning.

Ramon said...
I don't agree with Kor's implication that taste is something you are born with and therefore you cannot acquire.

If Kors is right, then Heidi is doomed to wear short, tight and shiny until she is 96 years old! Just like Pamela Anderson.

People really believe there were worse dresses than this on the runway last night? It had racing stripes and rhinestone straps! RHINESTONE STRAPS! I'm sorry, but...rhinsetone straps.

Linving in the South Western part of the US, (on the border of Mexico and AZ) I can see the woman he designs for daily. Most Mexican women here wear his type of designs. So I do think he has been designing for his target market in Mexico.
Hopefully he will learn to design for other markets.


I was expecting to hear Heidi say "I would wear that".

Oh sweet baby Jesus. It was time. No doubt which TLo award this dress will win. But Heidi questioning the taste was indeed amusing.

And you never know -- Heidi's smile might have been one of "OMG LOL!" rather than "WANT!"

El Frodo the Mexi-Twink

I just spit my lunch all over my keyboard. I will be laughing at this gem all day!

Anna's dress was so unflattering, ugly, misshapen, tattered, (have I forgotten an adjective?) that she should have been gone.

Jesus has taste issues out the wazoo, but I wouldn't call what he made "ugly." I guess his time had come - 3 strikes and you're auf, but his garment was FAR from the worst thing on that runway last night.

Yess! Heidi had verboten ashamed feelings for this dress and (dare I say?) succumbed to peer pressure -- But I bet she wore home from hospital at having little four or five. ~Gary

Anna's dress was awful, but Jesus had been on the bottle too many times. The writing was on the wall. I hope Anthony can step up also. He is so charming. I think I am developing a crush on Seth Aaron - is he straight?

I liked this challenge but wish the Campbell's fabric was embraced more enthusiatically. Would have made for more interesting dresses.

Frodo Mexi-Twink! *snort* Love.

Oh, Jesus. What a sweet kid, but yeah, this was inevitable. I fully agree with those who said Anna's was worse, but 3 tacky strikes baby. (Anna will be gone soon enough, but this was her first time in the bottom)

I think the thing I'm going to miss most is reading posts about him. Obviously, I know his name is "Hey-Seuss." But when reading, I always 'hear' "Geezus." Makes me giggle.

No drama Jesus and his tasteless designers. I hated the dress, but empathize with him because he is such a sweet guy. I just hope he learns that less is more.

I had to laugh when Heidi chastised Jesus for his "taste issues"...Pot, meet kettle. His dress looked like a featured design from the Frederick's of Hollywood Valentines Day catalog. But I was sorry to see him go...loved his eyebrows and updo.

You know you're in trouble when a dress is too short, shiny and tight even for Heidi!

I have to say, he made his model look like an escapee from one of Bravo's "Housewife" shows.

Sad, really, because he is adorable.

Gosh, Heidi Klum calling you out for taste issues...

...that must feel a lot like being thrown out of Guns N' Roses because you do too many drugs.

Did anyone else see Heidi's big smile as Jesus' dress went down the runway? I think she secretly loved it - short shiny & tight.

I caught the Models of the Runway episode afterwards, and they showed Jesus breaking down in tears in his model's arms. Wow, he was devastated. Poor guy. He can make it, I hope he doesn't get discouraged. He's still so young.


The Jesus dress is just plain FUGLY!


It was about time for him to go. He'd been in the bottom two every challenge except the one where he was partnered with Amy -- she saved his ass.

As for Anna, while her dress was executed poorly, there was an actual concept to her dress. Had it been executed properly (and made a little more formal considering the event), it could've been a decent entry. Point of view beats tacky and uninspired but well-executed.

I forgot who made the bubble-hem dress, but i think it made the poor blonde "guest model" look pregnant. I gasped when I saw it and was sure it would be in the bottom three. I was amazed that it wasn't.


If you can't learn taste then the Duchess needs to take a look in the tanning bed mirror. For pete's sake, even the American Idol judges call out contestants who tan everything but their teeth! Tanning doesn't make you look thinner. It makes you look like you have taste issues.

Too short and too tight- especially for a gala. But then, a dress being too short and tight is always tacky per se.

I like the rhinestone straps and do think they are rather creative. How well they went with the rest of the dress is a matter of opinion.

I dislike the band of fabric in the back. Seems to not go well with the flow. I like the Campbell's logo on the site...although it may be argued that it may work better for an athletic outfit than for a formal dress.

Three strikes, you're out!

I almost Jesus would get the winner edit after he stated "I love my model - she's so Tiny." Looks like we've finally broken through the "whoever gets the smallest model wins" era of the real woman challenge.

Did Seth Aaron actually say that they were used to working with size 4 - 6 models? BWAAHAHAHAHA. Can you imagine a size 6 model? Isn't that plus size in fashion?

Goodbye Mini-Morrissey. We hardly knew ye.

This is the PERFECT DRESS..

For a las vegas hooker...

But his downfall was his nice-guy stubbornness because he was getting the feedback all along and he just wasn't hearing it or applying it.

See, that's what I said two episodes ago! I was right! But, then, so were you guys, so we all win. Except poor Jesus.

I feel for the guy, I really do. He's so excited and just really, really into the work. He just needs to learn to look objectively at his work (or listen when someone else does).

I'm also with the people who disagree with Michael Kors about taste and who think over time it can be refined.

Unfortunately, I'm also with the judges for aufing him. My summation was "He might as well have hung a sign saying 'cougar' on his client's neck." Unless he suddenly learned how to listen and edit, he was a goner whether it was this week or another. (Anna's time is probably short, too, mind.)

I liked Jesus, I really did, but I knew he was going to go the minute he sent my prom dress from 1994 down the runway.

Oh, Jesus...I will miss the sweet little hobbit!

Quiltrx 12:27 said:
Gosh, Heidi Klum calling you out for taste issues...

...that must feel a lot like being thrown out of Guns N' Roses because you do too many drugs.

Well said!

Jesus was robbed. His dress was one of the best dresses in this challenge. It is absurd that he was auf'd.

Anna should have been auf'd. Tim was right when he called her dress the worst in Project Runway history. It was WORSE than awful.

lol The rhinestones sealed it for me as well. Jesus just always seemed to be designing for someone's quinceaƱera..

He looked like he cut two rectangles and sewed them together, then when the "dress" didn't fit the model, he removed the side seams and extended it with leftover fabric.

He raved and raved that he got the thin model, but made her look like a hooker. Seems that dressing the big girls who have confidence would be the gold star, IMO.

I applaud PR for doing this show. The women were so inspirational and beautiful, and if I had the scar I'd show it off too. Rock on, women!

I definitely think it was a close call between Anna and Jesus - either one of them could have gone home and I would have been happy (although they are both so sweet). This dress was fug but I was upset to see how the judges as TLO says went overboard on their critique of him. He can definitely as someone says refine his taste over time. Also, there is a market for his taste level(housewives of the OC anyone?)

Poor Mexi-Twink, he's a S6 designer in S7. The crackerrible judges in S6, with Heidi as their teutonic tacky queen, would have eaten this dress up. Short, shiny, tacky -- in S6, that would have been top 3. Oh wait, Frodo can at least sew, maybe it was too well sewn to be S6 top three.

After seeing the difference in judging between S6-S7, I wish Heidi would get auf'ed.

Yes, we saw it coming from a mile away, but I am still mourning the loss of Frodito.

Fro's model had a slammin' body! I was laughing from the moment she came from behind the scrim, not because I was looking at the dress through my eyes, but through the eyes of Michael Kors' and when she turned around and the spangling continued I laughed even harder. I agree with Georgina Chapman, that it was mostly the spangly straps that sank the look, take away the spangles and the dress became a slightly tacky cliche as opposed to a horrifyingly tacky mess. Yes it was shiny, tight and somewhat short but that model had the body to pull it off, heck post-partum Heidi may not have been able to pull this look off.

Still I am not losing sleep over Jesus' aufing, he could not (or would not) play the PR game and therefore what was the point in keeping him around. I think Jesus has a lot going for him considering that he is only 21, I think a lot of his PR missteps were one part cultural and three parts enthusiasm that led to impatience and he threw everything he could think of at each dress without taking the time to reflect or edit. I think he is far from a lost cause.

Princess Die

I'm really sorry to see the greatest nickname in Season 7 go home. He was ridiculously cute and it would've been funny to see just how oblivious he could stay with so many people telling him to rethink his approach. And you never know, he might have had a breakthrough. I really haven't seen anything yet from Anna that makes me wonder anything at all.

Am I the only one who is amused that TLo's Tlounge thumbnail was perfectly on-theme for last night's overwhelmingly red and white challenge? Had they actually shot the whole episode right in the Centre Pompidou it couldn't have been more appropriate.

She had a great body, yes, but she did NOT look happy in that dress, and wouldn't stand up straight. I wonder if the dress would have looked different if she had...

I think this challenge had too many things going on at once. There were material constraints (must use red and Campbell's logo/theme), there were model constraints (must look good on non-models with a variety of figure types), and there were production constraints (we're going to produce and sell this).

With one constraint, you get something like Rami's season 4 awesome Hershey dress. With two, you get the deserving season one Jay not winning for his amazing Banana Republic challenge. And with three, you get a whole bunch of ugly on the runway.

I think they threw too much at one challenge to produce "aesthetically pleasing" looks, plain and simple.

I haven't seen the episode yet...went to Lifetime and saw designs on Rate the helluvalota fug on the runway last night! My eyes hurt! Note...shiny red satin fabric and heavy women...not a good pairing!

Was Jesus' the way...there were so many bad designs especially Janeane's saloon girl look and Anna's linebacker look. There should have been no winner, a bottom 9 with noone getting auf'd...send 2 home next week.

I realize Jesus had zero chance of going much further and even I really didn't care to see any more designs of his...but after seeing what I saw, I'm kind of not looking forward to seeing what any of them produce next. Well...bright side, it can't get much worse...can it?

I'll miss that cutie! ;)

As that dress came out, I knew he was not long for this world. And YES!! Heidi had a big smile on her face as it went down the runway. She *loved* it, so I really thoght Baby J would be saved again.
Anna's was kind of a hot mess, but at least it was something different than her other looks.
This was the 3rd (or 4th?) tight strapless for Jesus. Too bad. Byeeeee!

I think the basic dress is adorable and for me, the rhinestones weren't the worst - it was the bathing suit stripe in the back. That's where he lost me.

I was a little put off by him saying how glad he was that his model was super-skinny. Have these designers never had to fit anything outside of a dress form?

Sewing Siren said... And regarding the rhinestone straps, I wonder if the client requested them, look at her shoes. 2/5/10 11:49 AM

That's possible based on Jesus' consultation with Tim in the workroom, he said his model likes crystals. Interestingly, Jesus told Tim how he was going to use the crystals and Tim did not object.

Speaking of Tim on my video player, there is a screen shot of Tim and Jesus contemplating his design and they are both in the same hand on chin, furrowed brow pose... it is tres cute.

Heidi said, with a big ole Cheshire Cat Grin...
"I'm just not sure about your TASTE" (hee hee hee)

Well, what was that smile about? It was like she was thinking "I'm going to say this first, before Michael does. I am going to prove that I do TOO know what to say. I'll show him and Nina!"
I just didn't understand Heidi's glee. Odd.

Also, Jesus's eyes .... are they blue? They are really haunting.

I thought it looked exactly like something Heidi would wear. It's so hypocritical how they constantly slam short, tight and shiny when those are the staples of Heidi's wardrobe.

yeah! ho! wah!

jesus seems adorable, but it was time for him to go. next: anna, then janeane. jesse is just as bad design wise, but he is also such a douche, i want some more opportunities to hate him.

El Frodo the Mexi-Twink. That is going to be stuck in my head all day. Anyways, this whole runway collection was just plain ugly. I hated the challenge--I despise this much corporate "synergy" with PR. Campbell's Soup? What the frak could you do with the Campbell's Soup label? Let's hope next week's challenge does not produce so much hot buttered ass.

I knew it!
As soon as I saw the dress I said he was a goner. With these judges you could of had a dress put together with tape and toothpicks, and Tacky will loose to bad construction any day...........

Everybody's picking on Heidi, and I think it's a little unfair. We don't know why she was smiling when she saw the dress.

Maybe she thought it was a funny dress.

Maybe she was thinking of Nina saying, "It isn't aesthetically pleasing."

Maybe she was aware of the irony of putting cheap-looking streetwear in front of Georgina Chapman, the queen of expensive-looking hyper-fem dresses (though it seems GC likes the contrast of styling her models so they look like on their way to rehab).

Maybe she was thinking, "Wow, even I wouldn't wear that!"


We have a term for that dress, it is called "club wear" as in what strippers wear when they are at the club but not on the pole. Kind of a waiting in the wings stripper.

You can google club wear on the internet and find all sorts of fun tidbits to imagine Heidi in :)

It is sad he turned this into tacky town cause his model had a great body and he could have made something stunning for her. It didn't even fit her very well.

Brooklyn Bomber said...
Everybody's picking on Heidi, and I think it's a little unfair. We don't know why she was smiling when she saw the dress.

The only problem with this defense is that Heidi wasn't just smiling - she was glowing, her eyes were popping, she was coveting that dress from the look of things!! She was saying, "I want that bad!!!" LOL!

The insets on the sides were nice. Rhinestones? Too much. Bra strap cover in the back? Too much. Random strip of fabric tacked on to the bottom, interrupting the insets? Blah. But was I the only one wondering where her boobs had gone?

oh yea pretty much from the get go he was getting the loser's edit. Poor kid, he does seem sweet and such a cutie pie but he was way in over his head with this competition.

I interpreted Heidi's smile as "oh, these 3 to my right are going to rip into this!" I thought the judging was a little harsh. He's only 21 and his taste level can improve. Maybe he will never be a high-fashion designer but he clearly has a future if he can get out in the world and study real fashion. When I think back to what I wore at 21, it's embarrassing. Of course, it was the 80's.

Whoever offered the 'Real Housewives' suggestion was spot-on. As soon as she turned the corner, the husband and I both said, "Wow, that is a cougar dress!"

And the Duchess, oh my God.

Heidi: "What do you think, Michael?"
Duchess: (pause)
*heavy sigh*
"Where do I start?"

Classic. File that one under "Crotch, Insane."

dark_blue_mania said:
Heidi may have made her comment about the lack of taste when the big kids were listening, but when that dress was coming down the runway, her face looked like a kid on Christmas morning.
truly! and correct me if I'm wrong, didn't she pass the buck to Michael at first and say "Michael what do you think?" before commenting?
or was that one someone else's? My cable kept going on and off.

this was not a great dress but I am sorry to see cute little Jesus go. I was hoping for Jesse to make his exit. Another tacky outfit from this smug sob.

A voice of dissent - I think there is no way he should have gone this week. In fact, I would have put his closer to top 3 than bottom 3. But Heidi picked his as this season's Gordana and MK bitching about TSS that has been a staple on the runway and of Heidi is ridiculous.

I wish Jesus well - I think he has potential to be one of the more successful of the early eliminations - maybe not high fashion but actually working like Kayne.

BPR has a composite picture and man that was a lot of ugly.

I'd rather see short shiny and tight than ugly cheap remnant-y seconds.

The skirting of the use of Campbell's and a gala gown requirement were all over the others.
Plus the ugly. Oh the ugly.

Anna's was painful to look at

Janeane dingy white underskirt/old dirty slip hanging out?

Maya lumpy frumpy

Mila - fattening and model couldn't walk it appeared too restricting in the lower leg area

Emilio - if the model was not pregnant EVERYONE will think she is

Anthony and Seth cheap and not gala appropriate

Jesse - better w/out the jacket but just not very good

Jonathan - looks like a pool of dried blood

Did anyone else notice that brilliant editing when they were on the runway? "One of you will be the winner of this challenge" cut to nervous looking El Frodo and "one of you will be out" cut to Amy and her campbell's logo headband.

I also saw Heidi's smile as gleeful. And, boy, did the Duchess rip into poor Jesus.

When Michael Kors says "Taste can't be taught." I kind of seeing that as referring to having an eye--an instinct for how to far enough to make it interesting, but also knowing where to stop.

This one was a little weird because Jesus has a portfolio of full-length gowns. Not sure why he thought a woman over 30 (she actually looked over 40) would want to dress in a shiny, tight mini. And while she had a good figure, she did not have great legs--toned, yes, but her other features were better. It was like all he noticed is that she was thin, but past that, he didn't think about what would flatter this particular woman.

That said, if Jesus hadn't been down on the bottom so consistently, I'd have auf'd Anna. Damn, that dress was unflattering on her client. Ouch.

As much as I liked Jesus....and didn't mind the dress (let's face it, I am not invited to a lot of galas, and therefore don't know what's done to death...), they gave him the "oh, my poor mother" edit, so we had a chance to get to know him before they axed him. I think Jesus has really good potential, and needs to take a design history course to give him more exposure to more things. He'll grow into his skills.

Jr. Goddess

Oh and I think someone else posted this earlier...but I would bet good money (which I cannot afford to lose) that Jesus' would be in top 3 of almost every straight male.

When Michael Kors says "Taste can't be taught." I kind of seeing that as referring to having an eye--an instinct for how to far enough to make it interesting, but also knowing where to stop.

Then how do they explain Jerrell - another one who NEVER knew when to stop? (But made it to FF)

Mrs."cheap and tacky" Seal calling someone on a taste level is laughable. Is she kidding?
She is the EPITOME of cheap and tacky dresing.

TLo maybe you can do "Worst Hits of Heidi Cheap and Tacky" post at some point.

You know secretly she absolutely loved that dress.

Summer said:

"I do question Michael's statement that "you can't learn taste." Really, Michael? El Frodo is TWENTY ONE. Of course someone who is barely out of his teen years is not going to be as sophisticated as someone who is thirty-plus! He might still love rhinestones ten years from now -- God knows I still do -- but I'm certain he'll have learned to use them to better effect."

Yeah, when I was his age I thought Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill was good wine! The screw-off top was so much easier than a cork. Yech.

Michael Kors, most of us that are not orange year round grew up and out of the trendy wear of our youth. At 55, I don't wear the same clothes I wore at 25. My "taste" level changed as I went to college, got a job, got better jobs and, just basically, got older.

I think of taste as fine wines. It can be hit or miss but it can be acquired.

I know it's about maintaining the designer's core look but he did give the client exactly what she wanted. Maybe any other fabric than satin would have looked a tiny bit better. Oh well, he wasn't going to Bryant Park anyway.

Two words: Forever 21

Jesus is young and with training I think he'll get it. His personality is so winning, I hope he gets the opportunity somewhere along the line to grow and learn.

I think MK was a little heavy handed with the taste issue.
He's 21. I'm sure MK's taste and style have evolved since he was that age and hopefully Jesus's will as well.

And, as other posters have mentioned Heidi calling someone on a
"cheap, tacky, taste" level is really ironic. Look in the mirror honey. You're the poster girl for that narrative.

I love Heidi paused before she said "your taste." Plus the gesture she made with her fingers, it says everything.

Adam I didn't catch that -Was it his first finger and pinky to her ear and mouth (CALL ME)?

ASK said:
Adam I didn't catch that -Was it his first finger and pinky to her ear and mouth (CALL ME)

that's great! Jesus just added to her speed dial.

Goodbye, cute little Frodo. Each week I wanted to pet you and put you in my handbag.

Perhaps it wasn't the best idea for him to get paired with the skinny "real-woman" model? I think if he had one of the other, curvier women, he might have avoided the short-tight syndrome.

Jesus' dress was bad...Anna's was worse. Way worse. But what WASN'T hideous coming down the runway on this one? One worse than the other.

Yeah while Maya and Anna had worse dresses can't argue with the whole "we're no longer interested in what you have to make" line of judging.

I adore MK but he was sooo talking out of his backside about either you have or don't have taste. In one of the PR reunions, season 4 I think(?), they showed photos of Kors in his late teens / twenties and he looked as faddish and tacky as they come. He rightly so laughed it off and said something to the effect that that goes with the territory of being young and he does not regret it at all.

He didn't have the chops, and frankly, his personality never thrilled me, either.

He seemed sweet enough, though. Best of luck to you, Chuy!

I'm with the chorus that thought there were far worse dresses hurled down the runway in this episode. But as many have said, poor Jesus was a marked man.

I wonder how many of the elements he was savaged for (length, crystals, back design) were incorporated at the request of his client? From the video, the ruched Campbell's logo fabric was his idea and fairly clever, IMHO.

Of course the producers can never pass up an opportunity for a product placement, hence the Campbell Soup angle instead of going with the American Heart Association.

And I have to ask; is an "El Frodo Mexi-Twink" what you get when you cross a Hostess Twinkie and a churro? *g*

It is annoying and disheartening to read to - "oh well he wasn't going to win anyway" when contrasting it to the OMG POOOOOOR PING. I know not everyone reacted that way - but at least his were, you know, actually CLOTHES.

I liked it. There, I said it.

heidi's look of sheer glee when it walked down was priceless. i really think she was waiting for nina to rip him apart

That dress looks like standard gear for the Real Housewives franchise-- not the worst look actually, but definitely the third strike for Frodo. I think that this challenge was actually harder than the burlap sack one-- I don't think it would be possible to make something in that hideous shade of red that did not look vulgar. Every single garment, winners included, was tacky-looking. And yes! I did see the huge grin plastered across Heidi's face--did she secretly want that dress for her wardrobe, or was she amused because Jesus shot himself in the foot again?

Jesus' dress reminded me of formalwear from Size 5-7-9 shops in the early '80s. There wasn't one thing fashionable about it. Anna's dress, as bad as it was, was at least an attempt at fashion. She'll be gone soon too.

The black women rocked the runway last night. All of the top three designs were worn by black girls, who looked happy and confident in front of the judges. They walked beautifully and just beamed.

Were they smiling and confident because their clothes were actually better than those worn by their peers, or did the models elevate the appearance of the clothes and get their designers into the top 3? Hmmmm . . . .


He's insanely cute in that "pick him up and put him in your pocket" way, but let's be honest: he's pretty much sucked from the start.
Jesus and Jesse are the two that, for me, have shown us all they have in them to show us. I can't image Jesse sticking around much longer.


Jerrell was all over the place, but he wasn't someone who tried to make his client look trashy.

With Jesus it's not a question of having an idea and then not having it work. Jesus seems to make things that look the way he wants and doesn't get that they're awful.

It's not a case of Jesus taking a risk and having it blow up in his face. Jesus really thought tiny, shiny red with rhinestones was a GOOD idea.

That's the taste aspect. I don't think it was the worst dress up there, but it may have been the worst concept for a dress up there.

El Frodo the Mexi-Twink

Ah, just losing that moniker sucks for sure!

Poor Jesus had it coming like a freight train from hell. I was rolling when it was Heidi who gave him the taste line. Talk about IRONY.

I think Jesus has a future designing for Frederick's of Hollywood or one of the other short, shiny, lace, boobies-wear lines that are around. Nothing wrong with that.

But the Duchess of L'Orange was off-base about the taste thing. Taste can be taught but judgment may be more difficult to learn and that's where I think Jesus' youth plays out. He was unable to hear constructive criticism and judge how to use it in applying it to his own taste and aesthetic.

I'll miss the cute little hobbit. He's seems like a real sweetheart.

Poor Jesus. They really did pile on. And I too think Heidi actually liked the dress a lot. Her face just lit up when it came down the runway. And honest to God, I thought the Duchess was going to say: "You took a checklist of everything that . . . Heidi likes."

On the positive side, this dress is an improvement over what he originally was going to do. That was really terrible. And I agree it wasn't the worst dress on the runway. But his number was going to be up soon anyway and so is Anna's. The cream is starting to rise to the top.

It also kills me to say this because she's married to the inexecrable Harvey Weinstein, but I think Georgina Chapman is a really good judge as well as drop dead gorgeous.

i agree with ramon and disagree with kors- taste can be acquired- most often designers get it from imitating others (ahem)

jesus does seem likable but tha can only get you so far- for him his age appeared to be a factor- he just hadnt been designing, showing and getting critiqued enough to have his own style takes time. very very few designers are ready for such success at 21.

put him back in the wine cellar and let him age a bit. he'll surely be someone we will see again

i totally do NOT get why they put him on the show in the first place!
his audition had his mother in a dress with a 15 foot train! and tim said it was impossible then.
maybe they added him to be the tacky man as he got his sense of taste from that company who made the dissolving thongs....


I respect your opinion but disagree vehemently.

Jerrell was all over the place, but he wasn't someone who tried to make his client look trashy.

He just made everyone look like circus freaks. The 2 atrocities that are seared into my brain -ouch - are the Olympic challenge and the music grinder monkey hat and as to trashy (and nuts at the same time):

And his Spring 2010 collection

I liked Jesus' first look the brown gown and thought this one was in the top half - and we all know Heidi would wear it (w/ the rhinestone straps) and not look like she escaped from an institution. And his burlap one got dinged for too much ribbon not that he made the model look like a tramp. (His portfolio looked fun)

w/OUT the rhinestone straps

So is Heidi Klum the Mona Lisa of the 21st century, as many try to decode her enigmatic grin?


Also, there is a market for his taste level(housewives of the OC anyone?)

2/5/10 1:14 PM

Oh, so very true. My fantasy episode would be every one of those tacky-ass botoxed bimbos clawing each other in a cat fight over who got Jesus's dress!

Rainwood said:
...And I too think Heidi actually liked the dress a lot. Her face just lit up when it came down the runway. And honest to God, I thought the Duchess was going to say: "You took a checklist of everything that . . . Heidi likes.
LOL! I thought the same thing. That dress had Heidi written all over it.

Anna's was the worst dress. yes, Jesus' design was tacky, but there are women who would wear his dresses -- hookers, underwear models when they aren't pregnant, and housewhores of fill-in-name-of-city!

No one would ever, ever buy Anna's dress. It was a mess. It was strangely shorter in front than in the back. It made the poor woman look deformed. She was broad in the shoulders, but Anna made her look like frankenstein from the back. The flesh tone fabric was an extremely poor choice. Poor design, poor construction and poor choice of fabric.

But I can't get too worked up about Jesus getting the auf. He wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway, and he was never going to listen feedback. No matter what he was told, or who told him, he ignored it all and insisted on designing the same things again and again. Why bother going on a show like this if you don't want to stretch yourself or hear honest assessments of your work.


Sigh, well, I was never a big fan of Jerrell's designs, so I don't think I'm going to get into a big defense of them. I just remember his doing a pretty cool evening gown in the last challenge (and a good job on one of the real-women challenges.) In fact, I think the judges figured they'd auf him then but couldn't when he won the challenge--so they saved the auf for later when Jerrell turned in yet another mish-mash.

The judging isn't perfect--there are always contestants who last long past their expiration date--Wendy Pepper, Santino, lingerie guy in Season 4, Blayne in Season 5 and Christopher, Carol-Hannah and Logan in Season 6. (Christ, I hated the judging last season--outrageous that Gordana didn't get her collection--neither Carol-Hannah nor Althea did a collection I can remember. Several other contestants had the potential to do something more interesting--Ram'n, dreadlock guy, Shirin, even Louise. Okay, rant-mode off)

But, anyway, Jerrell had interesting moments, Jesus just hasn't, though he has skills. I think Season Five had a weak group of male contestants--Jerrell was the best of the men, but the men were really weak--I mean, Suede? Blayne?, Straight guy with bad facial hair whom I'm confusing Season 4 Straight guy with bad facial hair?

Sigh. Just think what Chris March could have done with a Campbell's Soup challenge--particularly before he was beat into submission by the judges . . .or Rami draping red--so we didn't have to deal with his color palate. Now, he'd have come up with a gorgeous gown.

Anybody seen that Movieline interview with Jesus?

Gordana has taken him under her wing!

Anyhooo -- I wonder if the harsh comments were an attempt to shock Jesus into listening? Would love to see even more of the judging.

In his Movieline interview he says not listening to Tim was a strategy. No. I think it's a character trait he needs to grow out of. I can imagine he had to be pretty stubborn to make it through childhood.

But, his friendship with Gordana bodes well for him.

Do you think it's partly about his age? With his brown shoehorn dress, I got the feeling that he didn't KNOW he was channeling 1972 because that's a clean slate for him. His WorldBook set doesn't go back that far. With the Campbell's dress, I'm thinking the 80s are ancient for him too.

Your comments about Jesus were spot on.

Your comments about Kayne -- SRSLY? He was every bit as tasteless as Jesus. There was never any "blossoming." Kayne did not advance through his season of PR because of any talent; he advanced solely because he was deemed by the producers to be an interesting character. His season of PR was particularly bad in that regard.

Judging was a bit harsh for many of them considering the real woman model was standing there in the garment that was created based partly on her taste and fashion sense and maybe thinking: "I look totaly hot in this" and then hearing she's a checklist of tacky.

The two hetero-men in our group LOVED this. And when names were called on, there was no persuading them that this was not going to be in the top-3...

Oh god.
This was tacky.

You know you're in bad shape when Mrs. Samuels ain't diggin' the short, tight and shiny.

She looked like an AHA hooker.

The auf'ing was so obvious.

But I'm mad Seth Aron didn't make top three. The outfit was nice and his model worked the shit out of it.

This was the second time he miscalculated and changed the length of his garment mid way. Again there is an unnatural addition and a pronounce line at the bottom of the dress. The first time it raised red flags, the second time it was an auf.

I just watched the runway show and not the rest of the eppi. I don't know you guys. This IS tacky, TACKAAAAAY in fact but was it really the worst?
Anna's was embarrassing and Jay's was so strange. Did that lady have four boobies? Why so many cups.
MK is very annoying lately right?
He's lost any redeeming quality and is just purely a my shit smells like roses queen now.
Not loving it! In fact the whole show is droppingit's appreciative of new designers vibe and taking on a we're not letting you in the club vibe.
NOT loving it.

Yes, this was a very tacky dress and yes, it was right that he went, because he was never going to make anything that wasn't tacky. But I would love him to make me some strapless dresses - in a different fabric, obviously. And rhinestone-free. Because he can really fit to the body.

Love him personally, but when I noticed the cameras deliberately not showing us his dress during Tim's critique, I knew it was 'auf weidersehn'. Generally they don't show very much of the dress before the runway show to keep some suspense as to how it all turns out, but they deliberately showed Tim critiquing his dress with El Frodo blocking the viewers from seeing it.

Anyway, I figured it would be a bottom 3 look after that. Then I saw it on the runway, and I said 'wow, that's tacky' and i'm usually more forgiving than folks around here lol.

Overall was disappointed with the entries this week, but it was more execution problems than design problems.

There were at least 6 dresses that were good, so I was fairly pleased.

At least he made a really great departure - even Tim noted his great 'tude. I mean, he is 21 and he realized that he had a benefit from this show, and it's now up to him to parlay it into something more, which he should if he's good. His exit video was actually... professional and calm and it made me like this guy I was otherwise not interested in. Timing...

I designed this exact dress once while plying with my Barbies in 1972. mine was long and midnight blue. I must say , the second it turned the corner I had a good laugh...even I knew what was about to happen.

This one should make it into the Top Ten Worst Garments of all seasons.

He was charming and I liked him, but it was pretty clear he had no intention of learning from his mistakes, or even of being aware that he had made them. Other times, you can think of one or two changes that might have salvaged a garment and made it decent, but this one would have taken, like, twenty.

Anonymous said...

His WorldBook set doesn't go back that far.

Ha! Love that.

Exactly: there were worse dresses but the judges weren't seeing any improvement so they did what they've been wanting to do from week one.

Jesus is cute as a button, but this was tacky, tacky, tacky.

Minus75 - that is such a ridiculous statement.

Just off the top of my head: 2 bare asses, a see-thru piece of fabric basically tied at the neck, a couple trash bags belted, a fugly jumpsuit with sleeves falling off, a one-legged "jumpsuit" pooping fabric, a disco soccer ball, the chicken and the egg, The centipede crotch, Santino's lingere, Vincent's basket hat slutty combo, etc...

And this doesn't even attempt to compare outifts that are "wearable" clothing but fit the Heidi trifecta - or just even one of the categories short, shiny, tight. (this would include Michael, Kayne, Q, Christiane, etc)

Honey there is absolutely no comparison

I totally noticed the big ol smile on Heidi's face while she was critiquing but I *also* noticed the grin on her face when the dress walked out. I was waiting for you guys to screencap that one!

El Frodo the Mexi-Twink? Oh, T&L, how could you? ROFL

But ... but ... he's so magically delicious. Who cares about his Frederick's of Hollywood design aesthetic?

Adios, el Frodo...

that dress wasn't that bad...there were worst dresses on the catwalk...
mila's wasn't that great, but the judges love her, you can tell

Heidi obviously had to stifle her delight at the could tell when she channeled Nina: "the one thing is *LONG PAUSE* your taste." Total Nina.

I think this should have been a double elimination - Anna and Jesus.

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