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Armani Privé Spring 2010 Haute Couture

Honey, moon.

Hilary Alexander
was there and you weren't:

"A sliver of crescent moon against scudding clouds formed a dramatic backdrop to the presentation of the Giorgio Armani Privé collection in Paris last night.

The moon, however, was just one of the stars in this shimmering, celestial collection, which was inspired by the sky at night.

Armani played the "master astronomer", choosing fabrics which twinkled like stars or were as glossy as midnight. Opalescent organza, glistening gold, "aurora borealis" jacquards and pearl-white ostrich skin created a dazzling fashion firmament on the catwalk in the Palais de Chaillot.

The moon herself, was a constant refrain, reflected in silver crescent brooches which fastened the sculpted jackets; in the graceful curves of collars, half-moon lapels, and undulating peplums and skirts which traced a graceful arc around the shoulders, hips and legs of the models"

This is a beautiful collection of meticulous, crisply tailored looks. What we love about Armani is his ability to blend detailing with simplicity. None of these garments look overworked or overthought in any way. Everything is just so. Our only criticism is that the suits do tend to get a little repetitive. It's the same silhouette over and over again. It's really all about the dresses and gowns for us, because they're each stunning. And while we love the whole "night sky" theme (which was pretty perfectly realized), we do think those crescents were a bit much sometimes. Still, it's a gorgeous, crisp, almost icy collection. We love.


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I want every single piece.

I like the crescents as necklaces and bags, but not necessarily as jacket closures.

Fi-ghting e-vil by moon-light...!

I'm sorry! That was the first thing that popped into my head. Anyway, these look great but some of the jewelery pieces are too much.

i really liked this collection and i loved sort of the bouncy arc lines that were part of a lot of the clothes, like a lot of it was drawn with a compass. and while i did like the moons, i did feel like more then a few times they were stuck on an outfit just to continue the theme rather than actually ehance the outfit and build on the theme.

i absolutely LOVE that black suit near the beginning with the white crescent moon being created in the closure

I see "Oscar red carpet" written all over some of those gowns towards the end....beautiful!

I liked the moons when they were less literal. The big closures and pins look a little...Steve Nicks, honestly. Love those structured gowns.

You actually see some of the "base" pieces for Lady GaGa's Grammy outfits.

Those moons are so naff!
God, even the purses...
Who's at the wheel in this collection? I don't like it at all.

I've never been a big Armani person, but some of these are just completely gorgeous. And I can appreciate the rest, even if they don't make me swoon. LOVE the first pink pantsuit and many others.


I feel like I should have something constructive to say but basically I can't get past that.


Those are exactly the kind of clothes I would wear if I were young, tall, and thin! I agree that the crescents are too repetitive, but that's a minor quibble.

Love most of this and the fabrics- but hate the look of the pants - and is it the shape of that model's hips or is it the pants? - on Row 2 RT, R 8 RT, R11 left.

I think it is R14 on the left the black rounded top is soo unique and fab.

lawlessly elegant perfection.

another laura

Very pretty. There would have to be a large supply of titty tape to wear my favorate of the suits, which is that off-white number on Miss Boobsalot about half way down.

The gowns are to die, particularly Miss All Swooshy Off To The Side in the second row from the bottom.

I'm probably the only one nerdy enough to think this, but I saw this collection and instantly thought of Lanfear from the Wheel of Time series.

Lovely! Wish the crescent brooches and closures hadn't been so repetitive and consistent, but I loved the crescent as an asymmetrical necklace.

Love love LOVE (almost) every piece. Cannot see the sheer cocoon thing in real life, but it certainly is dramatic and Ilove the look. The crecent moon is to die. WANT.

This is the only collection I've loved so far, but then I usually love Armani. Nobody does chic simplicity like he does.

Agreeing with Kelly Marie - this is what you would find if you opened Sailor Moon's closet.

I loved this entire collection...the colors, the silhouettes, the recurring motif. And I'd pay good cash money for that dark suit with the white cresent along the edge of the jacket.

Iridescence heaven!

with the exception of the featured "placenta" dress and a few others, these looked like old lady clothes -- beautiful ones, but old lady clothes, none the less. And I love opalescents. . .

I love this collection so much and I can't wait to see a lot of them on Anne Hathaway!

I imagine that most of the obvious, appended crescent moons would be dropped in a modification for an actual wearer, right?

The collection is quite beautiful, but it seems sort of wearable for haute couture.

very beautiful, even the silver pants with the Vanessa pockets (from LML). how come every other designer can make those pockets except her?

another laura

Anon 2:54 -

"featured 'placenta' dress" - ?

yeah! ho! wah!

question: lady gagas dress for the grammy awards was, according to tlo and other blogs, "Armani Privé Spring 2010 Couture" too, right? so why doesnt it show up here? im confused...

Very beautiful traditional Haute Couture.
I love the opalescent and pearlescent fabrics, and the use of whites.
My favorite piece is the starry night blue suit. Fabulousity.

I am reminded of a fairy tale called Furball in which the princess has three gowns one as golden as the sun, one as silvery as the moon and the third as glittering as the stars.

beautiful. even the ones that remind me of bubble wrap. i love the theme and like other i especially adore the second to last gown and the black suit with the sliver of light fabric that i dub the 'moon phase' suit.

Nicolette nailed it in her comment.

what a lovely collection. i have been eagerly awaiting your take since i first saw the photos from this show.

@ yeah! ho! wha!- Gaga's was designed for her by Armani i.e. heavily modified.

I agree, very lady of a certain age. I guess Armani is about the one HC collection that actually offers "every day" clothes for the HC buyer. He must even sell them.

Love this. Collections like this make me wish to be wealthy and thin cause I would love to own one of these.
I even noticed the dress that was the base for Gags's red carpet dress.

If I were told that I could wear any designer I chose, but that I could wear only that designer, I would choose Armani.

... it kind of gives the impression of being filled with foam and bubblewrap, though. >.>

I think my favorite dress was a retread of previuos armani prive dresses, too. :\ (Was it the fractured black one beyonce performed in? The skirt was like that.) I'm not feeling the completely literal crescent moons, either, although I liked the seventh suit--and then there was a resumption of moons. >.> I also like the dark blue suit (also without a moon!) that preceded the dark blue gown.

Gorgeous. How did he make what appears to be bubblewrap so elegant?

See, I actually mostly like the suits, because the thing about Armani suits (for both genders) I've always liked is that they use terrific fabrics with well-tailored sleek shapes. If the basic shape is similar throughout (and I do see some variance here), it doesn't matter as much when the end result is so chic.

The really dark blue fabric used for one of the suits and a dress right after it is gorgeous. I'd love something made from that fabric, though I'm not sure what.

I also love the second-to-last gown. Beautiful.

Is the fabric supposed to look like bubble wrap? Cause half of those dresses at the end I just want to start stomping all over to hear that fun popping sound.

Absolutely gorgeous. My favorite collection so far.


These remind me of Winona Ryder's "Age Of Innocence" ballgown translated to the present day.

But, while I love the shiny, some of the fabric looks like it was ripped off the backs of my favorite, childhood Barbies.

Clueless Jock

I've been waiting for you to post this collection. So incredibly chic. Bravo Armani.

I'd love to see Tilda Swinton in some of these. They basically cast a bunch of lookalikes as it is.

Looked like wedding-wear to me.

Oh. My. God. "Beautiful" doesn't begin to describe it. If I don't see at least five of those gowns at the Oscars, I will be severely disappointed.

LOVING the clothes...not feeling the Sailor Moon tribute pieces so much

A little "Sailor Moon in Paris" to me, but in a fabulous way. Just love.

What an amazing collection, beautifully styled, no goth makeup or lampshade hats!

Spring and I were on the same wavelength. Tilda Swinton all the way. I pray she finds her way into that crazy shiny blue/black suit number. She'd stop traffic!

To yeah! ho! wah! Take the picture 26 down on the right hand side, make it sheer and add the solar system rings.


I love the moon/night sky theme, but I'm not positive I'm in love with the sequins, even Armani couture sequins. Except for this gown, which is beautiful and fun and future-fantastic.

You're right about the suits, gentlemen. Overall, they left me flat, except for this one, which I love with a fierceness. (I also want those shoes. And to be that thin.)

As much as I loved many of the gowns, I think that suit was my favorite look of the show.

And only Armani could pull off such a "futuristic" look as this and make it look so chic.

Bravo, Armani!

I'm having trouble looking past those stupid crescent moons! I do like how that first black suit incorporates the shape into that white slice. Very nice.

But overall, beautiful collection!

I don't think Tilda Swinton would be caught dead in any of this, imho.

Beautiful collection, and I love the styling.


i want an invitation to the oscars just so i can wear one of those gowns.

"I want to go to there!"

The one I called "placenta" dress is the one that TLO excerpted as the featured shot. You might call it gossamer halo or something like that but to me it reminds me of a placenta.

I agree with the comment about this looking like "wedding wear."

I can't look at most of this without smelling moth balls, aquanet and old soap.

Gorgeous! As I've mentioned before, I love unique twists on tailored pieces.

This collection is a masterpiece. And isn't THIS the perfect way to work a theme through a collection without hitting the viewer over the head with it? And he doesn't feel the need to make the models look like they've been accosted by psychotic make up artists.

Elegant. Confident. Gorgeous. This collection makes you wish you lived the life of these clothes.


the crescent trinkets tacked to the clothes? no.
the white lining popping out in a crescent shape on the black suit? GORGEOUS.

vlada roslyakova in the weird full moon pita - no.
karlie kloss in well tailored volumes of bubble wrap - phenomenal!

aside from those moments of dreadful tastelessness, my one complain is that a lot of these clothes look quite plastic-y. Love the crescent purses.

I feel like quoting Lattis, "I am strangely drawn to this inverted cloth funnel and its wonderful softness."

If I were showing an alien what was best in human arts, I would include this show.

The moons are too much and too literal at times (especially as the closures), but the clothes are so beautiful and have so much incredible detail.

I do love many bits of the collection, but I also think that my barbie doll may have had a few of those dresses...

omgsogorgeous! all of the clothes here are stunning & classic & just beautiful.

but i really wish they had a bit more restraint w/ the tchotchke moons... too distracting to have them smack in the middle of those gorgeous clothes :P


Proof that shiny fabric doesn't have to look cheap.

I don't mind the crescents. But featuring them in each outfit cumulatively makes them seem passé.

Pretty and feminine! the gowns are very taylor swift...

Beautiful collection. I've always been a bit moonstruck, so I'm really loving this. I especially adore the black suit with the white crescent border on the jacket. But I must admit, when I saw the "placenta" dress, the first thing that came to my mind was that scene from "Spinal Tap" where Harry Shearer was trapped in the plastic pod.

I died for this collection. The two dresses at the end are amazing. I will do whatever I can to get one of the two for my wedding day (way way way off in the future)


Whenever I see a new fashion collection I play a little game I call "What will we see again on the red carpet?"

I must say, there are a number of absolutely gorgeous pieces in this collection that I can envision seeing again on a future red carpet.

Mama Jo

Gotta echo -- hope these show up on the red carpet -- Nicole Kiddman stylists are you listening? These would be a natural for Kate Hudson if she wasn't out of her whiter period yet -- loved everything -- even the garment bag. ~Gary

Unbelievable. One incredibly beautiful yet wearable yet strikingly new piece after another. -victoria

It's been a long time since I thought of the word "chic" when looking at a collection. This collection is the definition

tell me Cate Blanchett and Armani still have some kind of working arrangement, because I will die of joy if I see her in some of these suits!

Hideous. This is what Sailor Moon would wear after getting drunk at the post office.

I rarely comment, but these are amazing. Thank you for posting them. So elegant, so classic.

Some of theses would look awesome on the red carpet!!! I hope someone wears something from here!

the girl that was used as the picture for this blog looks like she forgot to take off her dry cleaning bag

Take the moon closures off and replace them with shiny silver X emblems, and Emma Frost is ALL OVER this collection.

5 no points to people who know who Emma Frost is.

Basically, I love this collection.

Sailor Armani!

crescents are annoying, but interesting overall.
kate hudson will go gollum for all the white.

Wow, I wish I hadn't thrown away all that bubble wrap in the attic...who knew it was such a useful fabric?

Also diggin' that transparent jellyfish thing one of the dresses has going on. Women who dress like a member of the Cnidaria phylum are so sexy.

Wait a of those dresses is definitely made out of the plastic mats you put down in offices to help your rolling chair glide along.

I would be so pissed as a model if, with all these gorgeous stunning gowns, dresses, and suits, I got stuck wearing that retarded jellyfish garment bag monstrosity thing.
FINALLY ! flat out beautiful clothes worn by pretty girls without all that freaky "edgy" weird ass shit going on.

They would be so much prettier if they smiled.
A smile... always your best accessory.

A little too traditional for my taste, but beautiful.


I tried to pick out favorites, but the list got too long. Those colors work as a collection, on persons some might be a little "very young junior league" or, as noted, "of a certain age"

In many cases the cut, especially in the swoopingly elegant pieces, was just "to die." Like the lines of beautiful sculpture.

Liked almost all the dresses, loved almost all the gowns. Liked the suits with skirts better, generally, than the pants - the cut of the pants with a jacket swooping up to, or above, the natural waist, is a hard cut to wear. It sometimes looked odd on the models, on anyone lacking an absolutely flat stomach it would be drastically unflattering.

p.s. I think the transparent dress called variously the "placenta" "jellyfish" and "moon" dress is beautiful. Obviously not to wear to dinner, but for walking a runway I loved it. Or almost loved it, the way it came up right under the model's chin introduced a jarring note for me - it looked uncomfortable, while in all other respects I thought the dress projected a cool, beautiful simplicity.

Placenta works too, but I was thinking more along the lines of silicone breast insert...

quigley (the cat)

god, I love the way Hilary Alexander writes. I know it's completely over-the-top but it sends me over the moon.... (wee voice) sorry.

Not many collections make me wish I were tall, willowy, slender AND ethereal, but this one does.

Very beautiful.

luv 'n purrs,

Oh my god, love it. The textured materials, like the "cratered" silvery white material on that first short sheath and the iridescent beaded fabric on the next look, are to die for.

I love it all, even the more obvious crescent moons. Maybe that's because they remind me of Sailor Moon and therefor induce child-like glee.


The more subtle ones are obviously the best, but that black suit with the white crescents is just stunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning.


Amazing collection except for the amoeba dress.

A bit repetitive but irresistibly beautiful.

I hate the moons, but aside from that it's a gorgeous collection.

LOVE IT! Best Armani Prive I've seen in a log time.

Not the biggest fan of the suits, but the gowns are so beautiful. Very elegant, chic and clean.


This is my favorite collection to date! I love the simple elegance ramped up by the modern fabrics and shapes. I think it's a good mix of modern and classic.

I agree with TLo about the crescent shaped closures on some of the clothes - too obvious. I liked the necklaces though, especially when worn to the side. (I guess I agree with Lulu too!)

I love the dark blue, striated, metallic fabric.

Polly Glot

If they ever remake Dynasty, and I hope they never do, this collection could outfit the first two seasons.

It's gorgeous. Goes right up to the top without going over.

WOW! definitely a BEAUTIFUL collection (but the crescents on the jackets are excessive)! why cant mens suits be hat stunnning.

AND no angry shoes. Yay!

Gorgeous clothes. Period. But the styling and the realization fo the theme -- I don't love. Seemed to hit you over the head with the night sky/space/celestial bodies theme. Seriously, when humans live in space one day, will women all be wearing their hair pulled back and looking like some sci-fi cliche? I hardly think so.

The jackets, dresses and gowns are gorgeous. The pants, however...too many insane crotches.

Overall, it rises to a lovely collection.

Oh my. Oh, MY. As usual, I am taken by the jackets, especially the capelets.

Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. Love the black suit with the subtle reversed crescents. LOVE the gown that seems to be unfolding and opening along the seam, like the moon emerging from a cloud. Just stunning, start to finish.

Yuck. Cheap and old looking. It looks like everything was wrapped in saran wrap and painted with some god awful iridescent nail polish.


I.Die. I especially love the black suit with the thin white crescent detail along the lapel. I think it's the fifth look.

I said once,and I'll say it one more time: In my next life, I want to be rich enough and thin enough to wear Armani Prive.


So lovely
So beautiful
I can't stand it

Can't wait to see some of these show up on the red carpet. I think they can look beautiful but also easily ruined with poor styling.

What absolutely gorgeous clothes!
A collection that doesn't show trash described as "edgy".

Every one of these is stunning.

Bravo for beautiful, elegant design.

For the most part I think the collection is gorgeous, but I really dislike the enormous moon emblems

Gorgeous and Luxe, but these kind of clothes really show how young and undernourished those models are--they look like baby skeletons playing dress-up in momma's best outfits.

Beautiful clothes. Cohesion in a line is one thing but going over-board in crescents is quite another. I felt they were very distracting and took away from the beauty and simplicity of the clothing and runway showing.

Is ostrich skin REAL ostrich skin? The skin of an ostrich? I like ostriches! I don't want them to be made into clothes, however stunning. It saddens me. It's just a name, right? Not a real ostrich's skin?

Don't want to be vulgar but I thought one of the suits highlighted the model's "lady parts". Also some of the moons looked like the tin foil Christmas decorations I made last year.

GORGEOUS! I love moons and I LOVE this collection. Armani knocks it out of the park again. If I only had the money.

Seriously, TLo/TLo's readers- it's not the real skin of an ostrich, is it?

Love this collection. I was very glad to see that the make-up didn't look like it was done by an Anime or Goth artist.

loooooovvvvvveeee ittttt!

but the 7th girl from the end forgot to take the garment bag off

can you post the video please!

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