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Anthony, Ben, Seth Aaron

We will always, ALWAYS, support fashion based on Wonder Woman.

We'll get to the dresses in a second, but first:

How fucking cute are they with their little bow ties?

And how cute were these two? You could tell they were genuinely enjoying the hell out of each other. We would have loved to have seen more of their interactions and less of the crying-for-the-cameras stuff. In fact, what made these two so fun were their hilarious attempts NOT to cry.

This is an "almost." There were some good ideas and some bad ideas. We'll commend him for a design that, had it been executed a little better and with some slight adjustments probably would have been pretty flattering for this lady.

We liked the basic concept of this look, but it needed some tweeking to make it look more formal. Sleeves instead of a vest and an extra 6 inches on the hem of the skirt and this really could have been something.

Unfortunately, he, like almost everyone else, used that shiny fabric and in a red, that's never going to look good. We liked the use of the Campbell's logo fabric. It looks much better if you just go ahead and embrace it, instead of trying to disguise it in trims or with pleating.

Confession time: Tom turned to Lorenzo during the episode and said, "In my twenties, I would have totally had a crush on Ben." There's just something about cute, quiet nerds.

And we will never believe that he didn't once again turn to Wonder Woman for inspiration.

There's a lot to like here. For one, it's probably one of, if not THE, most flattering of all the looks this week. There's an issue with the strap under her arm and the slit in the skirt is about 4 inches higher than it needs to go, but it's a simple, classic, elegant design.

We like the Wonder Woman belt, but we just can't get behind metallic gold and Valentine's red in the same dress. A bit too saturated. Oh, and it was kind of cute how he used the Campbell's logo.

We would have loved to see more these two as well. They just had a fun and mutually respectful kind of relationship, like they got each other immediately. Also, did you not love Seth A when he said he wanted to make her happy because she's been through enough shit? We hate the comparison to Jeffrey Sebelia because it's so superficial but we're half tempted to dub him Happy Peanut.

Unfortunately, despite his respect for her, he wound up dressing her like a waitress in a '50s-themed diner. We half expected her to break out into "Rockin' Robin" at the end of the runway. We think if the skirt had been a little less full and the top had a little more going on, it might have worked.

And when we say "a little more going on" we don't mean a Rube Goldberg-like contraption to hide her bra straps by pointing arrows at them. Seriously. What is THAT? We loved him for trying to make her happy, and we loved her for being game enough to wear a design she didn't ask for, but the results were not great.

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"Happy Peanut" Haha.
I've liked Seth Aaron's personality from the start, but was not crazy about his portfolio. This was very much in keeping with his aesthetic, but not to my taste, as Nina might say.

the fabric looked so cheap for everyone's garment. damn.

Must disagree about Anthony's design. When I saw his model I thought he really lucked out: tall, good proportions, and a great vibe. I thought--and still think--he got the best model.

And then he went and dressed her to look like a stack of tomatoes.

There's just no excuse for that.

LOVE the bow ties. LOVE.

Seth Aaron's overall look might not be fabulous, but he does seem to be the only one to properly fit his model this week. And given her set of tatas that is no small feat. Credit where it's due.

happy peanut! YES!

Oh my...I thought we were through discussing this!

well...3 of the least offensive designs of that episode...ok...I'll these guys an ounce of credit. These, along with the winner, were the best of all the bad.


Clueless Jock

Seth is my favorite contestant, though Anthony is quite entertaining, and Ben's dress was the best of the three.

Ben's dress was by far my favorite this week - not that he had a lot of competition in that regard. It's like the designers shot their collective load on the burlap challenge and have had nothing to give for the subsequent challenges. Oh well.

Seth Aaron should have gone with a fitted skirt rather than the full one. That would have lessened the Fifties diner feel.

Ben's look was great. I thought he could have been in the top. Had that slit been in the back instead of the front, I think it would have made a big difference in the look. I'm not a huge fan of the under arm straps, but IDK. The back is just beautiful though.

This has nothing to do with the post, but did everyone else know that Jay Mccarrol is on Celebrity Fit Club?!!!!

Yes and he's looking faboulous in the aftermath

I think this trio is a very likebale group of guys

I too support amazon couture

And I am willing to give Seth some slack on his final dress since he flipflopped and basically started this outfit 10 PM the night before

But it's true Seth is the Big Happy Peanut


Anthony - like him but his was not as good as Jesse's - at least his was dressier under the jacket & why add a vest? If you aren't going to add sleeves it just served no purpose and didn't add too the look.

Ben - When I saw the 3 seconds on the runway, I thought maybe it wasn't bad. But in the stills, NO. Geez that strap under the arm had to be uncomfortable. And seeing the dart but the "waistband" so low it looked like it would have been uncomfortable there also for a woman with any breasts at all.

Aaron - as to fitting the gal's girls....the wrap should hit UNDER the breast not across the middle. It was underwhelming.

It's an odd season. I didn't see much of anything on the runway I liked. And yet, I still like the show so far and Anthony, Ben and Seth Aaron=true love for me.

I just absolutely LOVE you two!!!!!

I thought I could not be any happier while I read this blog but then you go ahead and name drop Rube Goldberg.

Seth, Anthony, and Ben did the best jobs. Eyes to the front, pencils down, the boys are the reason to watch this season.
Jonathan too.

While I agree that Seth Aaron is "Happy Peanut," let's please not start calling him that. It will be a weekly reminder of Angry Peanut, and that I cannot abide.

Let's all brainstorm an original nickname for Seth Aaron. He deserves a unique moniker. And he's turning out to be one to root for. I really like his demeanor and sense of humor and goodwill.

I now officially LOVE Seth Aaron. Despite his personal style hybrid of 80's glam rock band and Pee Wee Herman, he is seriously adorable. Getting Ben on the bow tie bandwagon is definitely a score!!!

Happy Peanut indeed!

Unfortunately he pulled his dress out of his ass, but he knew that, admitted it and frankly, it's not horrible considering the draped distaster it could have been.

Ben's dress is an awesome homage to my fave superhero. Love it. Don't love the armpit straps (can you imagine the sweat building up on those? the chafing? ick!) but the belt and back are divine. This dress should have been in the top 3.

Miss Sophia is such a sweetheart and I loved watching him with his model. I agree that this dress is just a miss and isn't gala appropriate, but I think that with more time, Miz Sophia could've pulled this together.

B/M - Screw the 12 hour challenges!!!!

Ask, I don't agree that the wrap should always go under. Staying with the diner waitress theme, in her case it would be like serving 'em up on a platter. I think in this case, some adjustments (as in pull this part up a bit and shift that part over a bit) would have been better. When models don't quite stand straight -- as she didn't, and as Maya's model didn't -- the look can suffer. Not that I especially liked either of those looks, but I can see how they weren't helped by their models' less than perfect posture. Which of course is a risk with "real women" because most people don't have clothes-hanger frames.

Jay is on Celebrity Fit Club?!?!?!!

Gotta say, back when we were prejudging, I was prepared to dislike Seth based on his photo. I have to admit I like him and more importantly I'm interested in his designs.

Still liking Anthony and I thought his model worked that outfit, but yeah it needed sleeves and more length to the skirt.

I like "Seth Ann" as a nickname for Seth Aaron -- on Chris March's blog, he says that Anthony was calling him that during the team challenge.

But alas, much as I've come to like Seth Ann, I'd have put him in the bottom for this challenge. His garment was unflattering, age-inappropriate, and COMPLETELY WRONG as an outfit for a gala. Several designers didn't quite seem to understand the dress code for a gala, but Seth Ann really did not get the memo.

I adore Seth Aaron. Loved his portfolio, loved him in the first episode, love him more every week. He really is the reason for the season.

I love all three of these guys, Jonathan too. The ladies completely dominated the last two seasons of PR - maybe the guys will really step it up this time.

Happy Peanut is a doll. I plan on professing my lust every chance I get. ;)

OMG. I'm in my twenties and I totally have a crush on Ben. <3

I am really starting to like Seth Aaron. A lot of people who go with the rocker vibe make it look forced (*ahem* Angry Little Peanut), but he just looks like he should (LOVE the plaid, suspenders, bow-tie look). His look really did disappoint this week BUT at least he listened to Tim!

This comment has been removed by the author.

"Tlo said: And when we say "a little more going on" we don't mean a Rube Goldberg-like contraption to hide her bra straps by pointing arrows at them."

Yes, it was an awful outfit, but I'm just happy to see a reference to Rube Goldberg.


I just knew Anthony would blow everybody else out of the water with this challenge....but he didn't. Not bad, but not a Gala gown. Hate the sleeveless satin baseball jacket. He should have left that in the work room. Solid middle entry.

Ben- Aww, he is cute isn't he? I think the gold belt is a nod to the gold band around the soup can. He would have been in the top three if he had fully lined the skirt with the logo fabric.
As is a middlen for me.

Seth- I like him too. But his dress is a fail. He should not have changed horses so late in the game. He ended up with a dress that looks like a low budget costume for Grease. Bottom 3, just as a warning.

TLo said: "For one, it's probably one of, if not THE, most flattering of all the looks this week."

yeah, but that's damning with such faint praise.....

I, too, was prepared to not take to Seth Aaron just based on his persona being so apparently similar to the ALP. Instead, he's like ALP's good twin - not bitching and moaning over having a "real" woman but being respectful and interested in seeing that she gets what she'd like (although frankly, cliche as that might be, he might have been better sticking with his first look).

Ben's look - minus the weird underarm strap - should have been in the top three. I'm disappointed that he and Jonathan are not getting the respect they should for their overall competent designs.

Anthony, feh. you're right, boys, on all of the points made about his dress. Step to it, Miz Sophia, lots of us would like to see you stick around for a spell!

and, yes, finally, a plague on B/M for these 12 hour challenges that end up with so much dreck on the runway. Given some time - even a half day more - we'd see much better with this group, I'm sure.


With Seth Aaron's dress, I feel that if he was going to go against her desire for a goddess gown, then he should have just flat out floored her with his vision. It should have been a knock out. But the crap he turned out as "being true to his vision" or whatever was not gala-worthy or flattering on his model.

I like the basic design of Ben's, especially the inset waist panel. Anthony's was just not flattering to his client.

Brooklyn Bomber
2/9/10 12:04 PM
Must disagree about Anthony's design. When I saw his model I thought he really lucked out: tall, good proportions, and a great vibe. I thought--and still think--he got the best model.

And then he went and dressed her to look like a stack of tomatoes.

There's just no excuse for that.

I agree 100%. I like that he embraced the logo fabric, but this dress is so hideously unflattering that I think it would have been bottom-three on a less-craptacular week.

Anthony's poor model looks like an 8. The number, not a rating on her attractiveness.

No more red and shiny. Please tell me this is the end!

I don't think anything looked good this week.

Oh, JayM.

I love Anthony, but not his designs. I'm not sure why both he and Tim thought the jacket (that turned into a vest) had to stay on. It was hideous, and the dress was less so.

I'm glad SA made it to the next round. He made a sundress, not a gala dress, but it was kind of a cute one.

Ben shoulda been a contenda. I don't know why, but I get less Wonder Woman and more Star Trek in his work, including this one. I'd have put Ben in the top 3.

The red and shiny doomed everyone this week.

I adore Seth Aaron - I'd totally do him. I like his aesthetic, too - not love, but like. And Anthony is worth it just for his comic genius, which is REALLY sharp and smart at times, not just the stereotypical funny gay man.

Oh, the dresses. Ben's was nice, and why is he so invisible all the time? I liked how he used the Campbell's fabric.
But more importantly, Ben's model's HAIR is freaking beautiful. It was before AND after the Garnier people did their magic. Gorgeous hair. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

And praise to both Anthony and Seth Aaron for not once bitching about their nonskinny models. They just went with it and did their best with the constraints they had. Props to them for bringing some class and professionalism.

Seth Aaron really does need an AWESOME nickname....

I agree with others that these three guys are just really likable!

I thought Ben's dress was very strong - I've liked everything he's done so far but he's still "flying under the radar" with the judges. Seth Aaron's style isn't mine, but I can appreciate his work (well, maybe not this week....). And Anthony - well, he may not be my favorite designer, but how can you not love him?!?!

I picked Seth Aaron as my PR boyfriend for this season the second I saw him. Any designer who looks like a fugitive from Social Distortion has my heart...though admittedly this isn't his best effort.

He's definitely got the best attitude as far as 'making it work' and not being a drama queen about it. And like someone said (thank you it was driving me insane), he definitely was channelling Ed Grimley this week. How cute is that?

I really liked Ben's this week...needs some tweaking, as did all three in this post--but there was potential.

Are we finally done with these menstrual dresses??? Gah, I will be content if they just "make a pretty dress IN A PRETTY COLOR" this week!

Seth Aaron = The Happy Looker.
Or: Guyliner Noir
Or: Hair (really, has any man on this show ever changed his hair as much?)

"Seth is my favorite contestant, though Anthony is quite entertaining, and Ben's dress was the best of the three."

Why type my own opinions when another poster did it so perfectly. DITTO, my thoughts exactly

I'm sorry to say this but, when I saw Seth A's garment come down the runway, I REALLY thought he should have stuck with the Grecian gown and ignored Tim!

Whenever I see Seth Aaron, wearing that red headband, I always think Keith Richards circa 1970s...

I love the sweet comedy of Anthony. I don't see him winning PR but I hope he gets an opportunity to be a judge or a commentator on another reality fashion or entertainment program. I want to see more of him :)

You know, when I first saw Seth A., I definitely prematurely branded him D for Douche. But, I am not as prescient as you two lovelies and I have grown to adore him between last week and this week's episode. Well called gentlemen. But I do disagree slightly in that I thought Anthony's model rocked it.

CAN'T GET BEHIND 'HAPPY PEANUT' -- Seth Aaron deserves his own moniker, not just the anti-schmuck.

Zippy said: B/M - Screw the 12 hour challenges!!!!

I totally agree! How can they expect the designers to fit non-model sized "real" women for a gala in 12 hours? It is impossible. Then of course the crack smoking judges rip on the designers for less than perfectly polished looks. SCREW THE 12 HOUR CHALLENGES, B/M!


I've tried to fix in my head so many of these designs that I've just given up. Anthony's was a good try, but the overall silhouette was just to tomatofied. I liked where Seth's was going, but feel that the Campbell's logo did it in. Ben's was just okay, but wasn't going to set the runway on fire.

My questions are: Did Mood not have any decent red fabric at all for these designers? And how could this challenge have been any more difficult than say, the Hershey's challenge?


MISTER Happy Peanut!


I like Seth Aaron so much. He is so absolutely NOT like Jeffrey Sebelia, in a very good way.

I really liked Seth Aaron's Grecian look. It's too bad Tim talked him out of it.

And why the heck were all these people doing short looks for gala?

Seth Aaron really is turning out to be a very likeable designer. A gentleman - and a Gentle Glam. ;-)


Guyliner Noir. Cute. ;)

I just liked Seth Aaron's b/c girlfriend worked the hell out of it on the runway.

SA's comparison to the asshole-extrodinaire is a moot point.

Anthony's wasn't too awful, a few tweaks and a better fit would have made it more flattering though. Plus, I like that he used the campbells instead of hiding it.


Ben's was better than Maya's. Yes, the color combo looked Mcdonalds-esque, but the back is gorgeous and it was pretty and fit well.

Seth's is good for how little time he had, but it's basic and the skirt is bad. Plus that back, ugh. I loved his first 2 looks, but he's been doing poorly since.

All of these boys are so adorable and honestly seem like cool people to hang out with, so I just already have a soft spot for them all, including Jonathan. By this point, they could send whatever the hell they wanted down the runway and I would find a way to like it.

Anthony's my fellow Birmingham boy, though! Love ya, Anthony! Come back to the 'Ham and visit us!

-Purple Leah

CAN'T GET BEHIND 'HAPPY PEANUT' -- Seth Aaron deserves his own moniker, not just the anti-schmuck.

Hear, hear!!! With all this snarky talent on TLo, someone has to come up with a better name. C'mon, he's like a gentleman Ziggy Stardust and Keith Richards' love child. There's got to be a great name somewhere in that.

I think both Seth Aaron's and Ben's looks would have really benefitted from a few hours more... Now I can see that the strange construction in Ben's straps was due to the initial idea of fitting flippery sleeves in the Campbell logo. There was just no time to correct anything... I liked that he didn't use that horrid satin fabric. Sethaaron's was a last minute thing and it shows. Redundant, I know, but the 12 h was just such an absurd restriction to this challenge...

I didn't get Anthony's jacket vest thing. His model was gorgeous, a missed opportunity for him (he could have done his bottom-3 signature look of last week and be in the top-3 here...).

At this stage I guess Anthony is the endearing personality Nina was talking about? he really exudes genuine charm. Hope he struggles along as far as he can in the competition!


- Don

Yes, I would've had a crush on Ben, too!

Oh, lord, my mother's voice came into my head: He's just darling.

You know, this challenge was so cheesy. Much better if they'd had to make two garments. One for the gala could be red, but more choice of fabric & no logo.

And then a second look for something more casual like a "girlfriends having lunch in one's kitchen" commercial photo shoot where they could just go to town with the logo fabric.

Otherwise, it's pure cheese & nobody looks good smothered in cheese.

Agreed -- Seth Aaron deserves his own nickname.

With his bow tie and suspenders, he was a modern day "Alfalfa" from "Little Rascals."

Anthony - Despite looking a bit cheap, this is one of the better looks. Kudos to the hair and makeup people and her parents, the model looked very pretty.

Ben - I am not a schnozz fetishist, but I find Ben's proboscis kinda appealing - profile shots of Ben causes my heart to go pitter-patter. Anyhoo, this was the best dress of the challenge, on my television, the belt read cream / beige and my heart sank when I discovered that the belt was yellow / gold. Despite this, the look maintained its top ranking.

Seth Aaron - This is an OK dress, I suspect that its mehness is due to Seth Aaron running out of time. I would have liked to have seen SA whickety-whack the skirt more with the Campbell Soup accent fabric that he used on the blouse.

On the subject of Anthony's model: HOW GORGEOUS IS SHE? Girl was absolutely darling, head-to-toe. An I loved her smile.

I'm happy these three were safe this week because I want them to hang around longer.

Anthony: the vest was all wrong, but I liked the dress for the most part, just a bit longer please. His real model was fabulous!

Ben: He should have been in the top three over Maya, in my opinion.

Seth Aaron: I give him props for turning out something in a little over 2 hours or so, but it's not a gala gown, and he knows it.

I was wondering why so many of the designers were using the hideous gold with the red. Now I know it's because of the Campbell's soup cans. Looks good on the can, not on the dresses.

Mama Jo


Gosh, I'm coming to like Seth Aaron more and more. I just want to take his hand and lead him into a good salon and say, sweetie, that hair is No Good. It's aging, and you look ridiculous.

Ben, as stated previously, is my only eye candy for this season. (sorry Jesse fans, it doesn't work for me). I feel so validated that Tom discerns his charm.

Anthony is fun.

So, I want all three of these to last a while longer.

oh, what? clothes you say? *SIGH* I was hoping we didn't have to go there.

Here goes: Ben did the best of the three and you guys were being kind to the other two, in my opinion.

Fragile Industries

Alert to TLo: I'm well past my 20's, and I have a crush on all three of these guys. I wish them all well. Happy that they skated in the safe zone. Flawed, all of them, but ...

... enough with these 1-day-make-a-pretty-dress challenges...

... and will someone PLEASE go to Mood and steal all their satin? All of it? Please? We can't trust these kids not to be attracted to the shiny stuff.

Gross, grosser, grossest. Make these red dresses STOP!

Ben's was my favorite. The only thing I didn't like were those straps under the arm. I love the belt, partly because of the superhero vibe. (Although, as a nerd note in passing, it's actually the opposite of Wonder Woman's belt, which is smaller on the sides and bigger in the center.) And, well, I actually think red and gold go together, although that particular red is not one I care for... but it's fairly true to the Campbell's thing.

I actually like Anthony's to some extent, although it doesn't really seem like a "gala" dress. Looking at it for the nth time, I see the waist is probably higher than ideal for his client's body type, and from the back she looks a bit square. So, not perfect, no. But I like the top and like the cut of the jacket.

Seth Aaron with his crisis of confidence still managed to make at least a tolerable look. I think maybe there's too much black for the constraints of the challenge and it's a little simple overall, but it still came out better than some people's. I do like how he used the logo fabric.

I actually liked Ben's dress, I can see where he was going; it needed to be a little more polished, though.

raisin mountaineer

Ben is the stealth contestant-- every time I look at these dresses, I like his more, to the point that I now wish it had taken the win. It was super flattering, a little unusual, and very glamorous.

Hated Anthony's jacket/vest thing. It made his model's boobs look like they hung to her waist. As a buxom woman myself, I would NEVER put that jacket on.

And agree, no more 12 hour dresses, and too much shiny shiny shiny. But this season is SO MUCH BETTER than last season. Thank Goodness they are back in NYC!

Glad to see that Ben is finally getting some love here. As Jo said, he should have been top three rather than Maya. In fact, I think I'd place him higher than Mila as well. There was more WIT to his wonder woman idea (after all, these women are superheroes, aren't they?) than Mila's star gown or Maya's heart-shaped dress. Maya's, in particular, was interestingly conceived but mediocre in execution. Tim on his blog has been speaking well of Ben throughout the competition. Hope he is going to have a break out moment soon, and in a good way.

I really think Ben should have been in the top three. I agree the the color combo wasn't the best, but I really liked this, and his model looked fabulous.

He can't seem to get himself on the judges' radar, but I hope his time is coming.

The Artists Formerly Known As Team Brown Sugar were adorable and lovely as usual and did passable work.

First thing first: I saw Jay McC on Celelbrity Fit Club and he actually did very well. I thought he'd be aall whiney and odd, but he was sorta down-to-earth and sucked it up to get thru the challenge. Maybe PR taught him that!
I am getting more and more respect for Seth Aaron. He is truly a gentleman (Ziggy Star Dust and Keith Richards' love child--perfect!) Loves his bow tie! However, do not love his dress. It did, though, reflect his style without turning his model into an 80s video star.

I liked Ben's and I could totally see the Campbell's can with the red and gold. His model rocked it!
Poor Anthony, though. He is so sweet, but, again, his design is lacking. Not great, not I don;'t think he's long for this (PR) world...

Holy typos, Batman...ah, well...

Seth Aaron was so sweet and nice and adorable, and has been from the start. I want to just give him a call befriend him right now.

Ben and Seth Aaron looking fabulous : )

I dig all 3 of these guys. I really did like Ben's dress the best and I love his comic book style. And he and Seth Aaron looked adorable in their bow ties!

I am liking Seth Aaron more and more as a person, but agree he needs to step it up in the competition. I know his look was a last minute change, so I am not going to read too much into it for this challenge.

If Diana Prince was attending a gala, I imagine she would garb herself in something like Ben's gown. Unless she was back with the Amazons, in which case, paging Rami. I like the empowering superhero vibe considering the backstories of the models.

Still can't get over the tacky Campbell's fabric on everything, though.

And Seth Aaron is a doll...Happy Cashew?

Real woman thought #1: Don't these designers know that shiny fabrics add pounds?? Stick with matte finishes and darker colors, please.

Real woman thought #2: The production team should pay for bra fittings for "real women" models. Having "the girls" properly supported would benefit both the women and the designers.

Totally agree with b: Seth Aaron = young Keith Richards!

I think part of the reason Seth Aaron is cool is because he's not from LA.

All the biggest douches the show ever had came from LA or a tugboat.

I think Ben's was one of the best designs this episode. A couple of issues (like a little too much exposed thigh), but it was cute and flattering.
Now, Ben: I'm not still in my 20s (I'm 48, and I'll admit it because I'm fucking fabulous), but I have a little Ben-crush anyway. I loves me some nerds--just ask my nerdy computer-geek boyfriend!--and Ben is a doll!

Seth Aaron should have delivered on the grecian style dress she asked would have been much more flattering as his client well knew...

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