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Alexander McQueen is Dead

Oh shit.

British fashion icon Alexander McQueen commits suicide

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has been found dead after taking his own life.

The 40-year-old committed suicide just three years after his close friend, Isabella Blow - who plucked him from obscurity and helped him become a star - killed herself.

A source at McQueen’s office this afternoon confirmed his death, saying: ‘It is a tragic loss. We are not making a comment at this time out of respect for the McQueen family.’

His death comes just days before the start of London Fashion Week and weeks before he was due to unveil his new collection at Paris Fashion Week on March 9.

Born in the East End and the son of a taxi driver, McQueen got his training in tailoring in Savile Row, eventually making suits for Prince Charles, and won the distinction of being named British designer of the year four times between 1996 and 2003.

He went on to be awarded the CBE, as well as being named International Designer of the Year at the Council of Fashion Designer Awards.

McQueen became the 'enfant terrible' of the fashion world after he was famously discovered by Isabella Blow, who was fashion director of Tatler.

She bought all the clothes he made for his graduate show for £5,000 and they were delivered to her in black binliners.

Miss Blow killed herself in May 2007 after taking an overdose of weed killer after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had attempted suicide several times by then.

McQueen was forced to deny rumours of a rift between the pair at the time of her death, saying: ‘It’s so much b******s. These people just don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t know me. They don’t know my relationship with Isabella. It’s complete bull****.

'People can talk; you can ask her sisters.… That part of the industry, they should stay away from my life, or mine and Isabella’s life. What I had with Isabella was completely disassociated from fashion, beyond fashion.

McQueen was so distraught by Isabella’s death that he dedicated his spring summer 2008 show at Paris fashion week to his late friend.

The invites to the show were poster-size illustrations Richard Gray. It depicts a triumphant Blow, in a McQueen dress and a Philip Treacy headdress, in a horse-drawn carriage ascending to heaven.

Miss Blow had said: 'My relationship with McQueen began in 1994, when I went to a Saint Martins graduate show. I couldn't get a seat, so I sat on the stairs and I was just watching, when I suddenly thought: I really like those clothes, they are amazing. It was his first collection.

‘It was the tailoring and the movement which initially drew me to them. I tried to get hold of him and I kept calling his mother, but he was on holiday.

She kept saying: 'He's not here, he's not here.' She told him: 'This crazy person is trying to get hold of you.' I eventually got to meet him and I decided to buy the collection: I bought one thing a month and paid him £100 a week. He'd bring an outfit in a bin liner, I'd look at it and then he'd come to the cashpoint with me.’

More at the link.

We're in shock. How awful. The fashion world lost one of its few visionaries.

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Love to him and all that he created.

It's awful news. My deepest condolences to his family and staff. Everyone must be absolutely devastated.

Holy Crap. I really hoped your headline wasn't literal. This sucks.

Oh my goodness. Such a talented man; this is very surprising and sad.

I saw this a couple of minutes ago, and I absolutely could not believe it. So shocked. His designs were amazing, and we'll all miss him.

Oh my God. What a loss for the fashion world. May he rest in peace. I cannot say anything else, I'm shocked.

its just sad & tragic

HOLY SHIT! Just found out!

I'm in absolute shock!

Wasn't too crazy about some of his ideas, but the cat had vision.


That's a horrible blow to fashion and even worse for his family and friends. So sad to read this.

Lux perpetua...

So very very sad.

I feel just awful for his family. What a tragic, tragic loss.

Over on the Daily Mail they're reporting that his mum died a few days ago. That might be what sent him over the edge.

OMG he's one of the most original in the business. RIP.

This is tragic. What a loss to the world.

One of the true greats, in any time. As well, one of the few artists working in fashion today.


no! i was hoping the title was some kind of metaphor. this is awful. alexander mcqueen was the first designer i fell in love with ... i can't believe it. i was really looking forward to all of his upcoming work. my room is decorated with photos of his work... there's no doubt he'll be greatly missed.

gosh. he really was a genius.

OMG!!! This is so sad and shocking. The fashion world has lost a great visionary and will surely be missed.

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Oh no. How horribly sad.

Dear Alexander,

Rest in peace.

Thanks for all the beauty you brought into the world.

Sorry for posting redundancy. I missed that your original link was to the Daily Mail.

It's a terrible loss to any field to lose its innovators. He would have pulled fashion in directions we can't imagine and now will never see.

Love and sympathy to his family and those closest to him.

"It's better to burn out than to fade away."

Oh my...he was my absolute favorite.

Saw this on twitter and was hoping it wasn't true.So sad.

Awwwww shit. That is such bad news. He still had so much life to enjoy and so much to offer creatively. It makes me sad that he thought suicide was his only option. RIP.

Oh my god.... I can't believe this.... :/ we've lost a true artist... i still was in awe months later after he showed his spring 2010 collection in Paris... this is unbelievable... his poor family! :( :(

very bad news for the fashion world. there is no one like him out there. his collections really are exceptional. gosh i have goosebumps, i cannot believe it.

This is devastating! You never know what kind of internal demons a person might be dealign with.

Oh, no.

Look at this ad: unbelievable.

Genius. Very sad.

I really love his collections and all. He was so creative and pushed the limits. Really upset about his loss. )': Hope he's in a happier land and my condolences to his family.

RIP. i just cant believe it.

This is a sad day for fashion. He was so incredibly talented and his vision will be missed. Condolences to his family, friends, and staff.

I sincerely believe McQueen's artistic spirit will live on.

He inspired so many.

Thanks for the link to that amazing photo, Lauren

ugggh another unnecessary death and what a loss! So damn sad.

Such a tragic loss to not only the fashion world, but to those who knew and loved him. One of my absolute favourites. Rest in Peace.

I'm in shock.

I am completely heartbroken. There are few designers who can make as unique of a collection as McQueen. So sad.

I only hope we can respect what he accomplished and not launch into a lot of speculating about what caused him to do this. None of that matters really. The fact is he was incredibly gifted and the world is less fabulous without him in it. Very very sad.

NOOOOOOO!!! He was such a talented man. I wish he could've gotten help.

This world to just too hard for some people. Rest in peace.

Very sad. Such a tragic way to go, too. :(

Speechles. What a horrible loss... there was nobody like him in fashion. So incredibly sad for him, and for his loved ones

A tragic loss indeed. Sigh.

His mother died a few days ago. Even more sad.

Shocking news. Rest in peace, Mr. McQueen.

I didn't care for his clothes, but that doesn't mean I don't feel he wasn't talented and a force in the industry.

I had heard he'd died, but didn't realize until I came here to see what TLo were saying, that he committed suicide.

literally started my love of fashion. i'm so sad.

I was shocked to here this news. I loved his clothes, and he was indeed a fashion visionary. Truly a great loss. My condolences to his friends and family.

How very tragic. Rest in Peace Alexander McQueen.


"Disgraceful?" How so?

I've loved McQueens work since I first saw it, and always looked forward to his shows. The fashion industry, and the world at large has lost a visionary.

How truly tragic, what a loss to the fashion world and to those of us who value creativity.

How sad for Alexander that suicide was the only option he saw, and for his friends who are probably asking themselves a lot of questions about what they might have done to prevent this.

a sad day indeed.


Fuck off with your judgement, Alexis. Who are you to decide what's too much for someone to take in this life? Fuck, I hate that these judgmental assholes always come out of the woodwork whenever there's a suicide.

RIP Alexander. Your work took my breath away. It was art. A true visionary and a great loss to fashion. My condolences to his family and friends.

This is so very sad. Fashion is a tough, tough world, particularly because it is the combustible intersection between art and commerce. And once in a while, someone like Alexander McQueen breaks though and explodes like a supernova. It is not altogether surprising that he ended it all so soon. His incredible genius highs must have come with awesome depths of despair. He touched so many people with his talent and inspiration. The fashion world is a better place because he was in it. The "McQueen" look will live on and all who dare to break the mold will be compared to him.

Oh, how terribly sad. And so young.

He was a true visionary and created such beauty. What a loss for the world. Rest in peace, and I am so sorry for the loss to his family and friends. Much love comes your way.

warmheartedgirl in Seattle

OMG. His clothes are so crazy and beautiful...loved the runway pics.

I thought he was older than 40...even more tragic.

2/11/10 11:15 AM I sincerely believe McQueen's artistic spirit will live on.

He inspired so many.

There would probably be no Christian Siriano had there been no Alexander McQueen.

Such very sad news to wake up to.

Disgraceful in it's unkindness, too himself and the world.
In ending a life, I find disgrace.
He was a GENIUS! THAT does not change! An act of such tremendous sorrow speaks of a tremendous disrespect for what he contributed and was given in life. And hanging yourself is a big FUCK YOU to everyone left behind. Especially the one who finds you.
His life will be missed.

A terrible shame. Any loss is tragic, but for such a talented man to take his own life, is doubly tragic.

May he rest in peace.

What a horrible loss - I hate to think of what kind of pain and hopelessness would make him feel that things would never get better. Depression is a killer. So many small wonders of daily life he'll never see or feel by leaving this world with so much to live for. I feel for those who knew and loved him.

Oh bloody hell - what awful news.


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Oh so sad. RIP Alexander McQueen.

The Times of London has this as its lead Estory and also has links to photo essays of his latest collection and to his work as art.

Rest in peace, Mr. McQueen. The world is a grayer place now. :(

Expecting people who are in that kind of pain to be able to really think through all the consequences of suicide is a bit like expecting someone who just lost a leg to watch where he's bleeding.

not only a visionary in the world of fashion, but also for marriage equality. I grieve for his husband...

How tragic. My condolences to his loved ones and friends.


Very very sad indeed :(


I heard the news in the car during my commute. I gasped in shock and sat there open mouthed for a good 30 seconds in line for the toll booth.

So aweful, he was a wonderful inspirational artist.

Alexis, if you find suicide so morally reprehensible, then the solution is easy--don't commit it. Live your own life by your own standards, and let others live and die by theirs.

I'll never understand why anyone thinks it's OK to tell other people (especially strangers!) what to do with their own bodies.

"Who is Alexander McQueen?"
- Kenley

Alexander McQueen influenced everything from other Couture designers to Prete-a-Porte to Forever 21 & bebe! May he rest in peace and see how many people loved him and loved his talent. My thoughts are prayers are with his family and close friends.


At first I thought you guys were joking and the headline was just in bad taste... now I wish you were.

The world has lost a very talented man.

No! Please say this isn't true. I can't bear the thought of this genius not being in the world.

I am shocked and incredibly saddened. Most heartfelt blessings and condolences to his family, friends and staff.

I was hoping you were kidding :'(

I am so, so sad. He was so young and so talented and he made me see fashion in a new way. I am just stricken for his poor family and friends. -victoria

how incredibly sad... i was shocked to see it in the headlines when i turned on my computer this morning and came straight here to see if you had any commentary up yet... thank you tlo for keeping us informed.

the fashion industry has lost a true star. my deepest sympathy to his family and loved ones.

Deeply saddened
Major loss

Anastasia Beverhausen

I saw this on the news and freaked out immediately. I headed right over here to see what was up. I am so sad about this. It's such a tragedy and he was so fascinating... Ugh.

TLO, I wouldn't even know what has been lost by his death if it hadn't been for your site. You exposed me to a different side of the fashion industry with your collection reviews, and that is why I started paying attention to McQueen in the first place. I just wanted to thank you guys for exposing me to him to begin with.

Such a loss.

I can't wait for the lounge to open, because now I REALLY need a drink.

Still can't believe it.

this is so devastating

rip mcqueen

Oh my God, this is awful. His shows were such earthquakes of imagination. I hope books and DVDs are published of his runway shows, so no one ever, ever forgets, and we never lose that crazy inspiration.

The world has lost a bona fide genius.

So very sad. I hope you are now finally at peace Mr. McQueen. My thoughts and best wishes to the family who I know must be going through so much at this horrible time.

i keep coming back to this site thinking i might have something worthwhile to say about this...but i don't. it's making me tear up and it's not like i even knew the man.

so incredibly tragic and awful. i hope he is at peace.

What a terrible loss. He was brilliant. I can't say anymore, this is awful news. RIP Lee Alexander McQueen.

Christina said:

i keep coming back to this site thinking i might have something worthwhile to say about this...but i don't. it's making me tear up and it's not like i even knew the man.

so incredibly tragic and awful. i hope he is at peace.

My sentiments, exactly.

Tragic, tragic loss for his family, friends, and the fashion world. He was a great artist.

Alexis, it is apparent you've never experienced serious depression or despair. Perhaps if you had, you would realize how "disgraceful" your lack of empathy is. I have struggled with depression since I was 11 years old, and I would never judge anyone who couldn't bear it anymore, any more than I would judge someone who was in unbearable physical pain with no hope of relief.

No. No no no. This is sucky indeed.

Thank you for the link, that it amazing!!!
How tragic, condolences to his loved ones.

Cynica ,
But you are judging Alexis right now. Nothing is apparent in her post. It is entirely possible that she has had suicide in her family or watch a love one have to deal with the aftermath, the view from that side of the tragedy is different indeed.

OMG I just heard this on the radio. How terrible!

another laura

I hoped you were joking. aaaaahhhhh. so sad.

My heart just broke into an immeasurable amount of pieces. The world has lost a true visionary.

This is a tragic loss. I was really inspired by him and what he created. He will be missed.

So very sad. And I knew he was "youngish," but I didn't realize he was only 40.


My heart goes out to family & friends. I can't even imagine the hurricane their lives must be right now.

Please rest in peace, you lovely man.

damn, fumble fingers, but I hate leaving an Anon comment hanging out there. I'm Anon 1:10.

Damn I thought that the sub-title was going to be
like he pissed you off.

Anonymous 12:13 PM - DAMN calm down the personal attacks at folks.

Suicide is not "just some personal choice" to be celebrated.
I mean, IMO, if it is done with a clear mind when faced with an irreversible certain painful death I think reasonable people can understand (and I am a Catholic, saying this).

BUT it is a permanent solution to what may be a temporary depression and THAT is beyond tragic.


Heartbreaking. He truly was the most visionary artist in fashion today.

I'm just sitting here not knowing what to write. What a tragic loss. My condolences to his family and friends.

CNN Int'l. is reporting that the manner of death is not known officially right now. Only that the police have said that there were "no suspicious circumstances". I guess you can extrapolate that he committed suicide, but nothing was said about hanging. Let's give the man some respect before jumping to conclusions.

Sewing Siren - I agree.

I forgot to mention that when I was young I was friends with a gal who found her mother - who had hanged herself. The poor girl suffered greatly.

This is tragic and devastating all around... for him, for his family, for the loss of the wonderful things he might have created in the future.

That kind of pain is so crushing and devastating, and it breaks my heart to think of what he must have been feeling.

May he rest in peace.

How very, very sad. He was such a creative, innovative designer. This is a sad loss to the fashion world.

Love and condolences to his family and friends.

Shocking and tragic. What a talent.

Very sad.

This: And hanging yourself is a big FUCK YOU to everyone left behind, is wrong, I think.

Suicide or attempted suicide in cases like this (no diagnosis of incurable, fatal disease) is a symptom of mental illness. Healthy people don't kill themselves, nor do they want to kill themselves. One of the major symptoms of depression is suicidal ideation. The news reports indicate that McQueen had been struggling, and it appears he lost his battle before he could get help.

This is a very sad day.


I agree with QB - Not being in the fashion world, the news of his death would have had little impact on me if it hadn't been for TLo. I now understand what a true loss this is.


absolutely devastating.

ASK, your definition of personal attack must be different from mine.

There's nothing personal in telling someone to mind their own business, which is essentially what Anon 12:23 was saying. And He/she didn't say it was a personal choice to be "celebrated." Just that no one should judge such a personal decision.

As someone who has lived my entire life dealing with depression, and yes, has been suicidal in my darker days, I find the phrase "permanent solution to a temporary problem" trite, insulting, and dismissive. It's a phrase usually uttered by people who are not only ignorant of depression, but have no interest in learning about it. Sorry ASK, this isn't meant as a personal attack, honestly. But it's a phrase I've heard so much it sets me off.

If anyone finds the suicide of such a bright artist disturbing, and has a knee-jerk reaction to how wrong suicide is, this might be a good time to educate oneself on what brings people to this decision. The demons some people live with are many, varied, and sometimes too much to bear. One doesn't have to accept suicide as a life choice (though I'm with Anon 1:23 that it's no one's business what people do with their own lives), but one can become more compassionate and understanding, and that's only a good thing.

RIP Alexander. I loved your work. It was whimsical and different and beautiful, and I'm saddened that we won't see anything more from you. I hope you've escaped your demons.


That absolutely breaks my heart. I'm a little speechless and a little wounded right now.

RIP Mr. McQueen

OMG, that is so horrible, and so tragic. The fashion world truly lost a magnificent artist.

I hate that the entire world isn't mourning his death like they should be. I still would not even know about this tragedy if I didn't check TLo as soon as I wake up in the morning. The news channels are not covering this or even mentioning it at all. Doesn't the world understand they have lost one of their true artists?

Oh he was one of my favorites! So devestating...RIP

Absolutely devastating, both to his family that is left behind and to the fashion industry.

Rest in Peace, Lee.

How horrible. It was awful when Isabella Blow died -- now we lose another trailblazing provocateur. I hope that he will be appropriately honored.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

This is a sad, sad day. My condolences to his family and friends.

Mama Jo

Oh no. This is so awful. I live in a community that has had a rash of teen/young adult suicides in the last couple of years, and it truly is devastating to those left behind, wondering what we could have done to help out.

Peace to his family and friends, and I hope healing comes soon. I'm sad for whatever drove him to this terrible decision.

ASK said, "I mean, IMO, if it is done with a clear mind when faced with an irreversible certain painful death I think reasonable people can understand (and I am a Catholic, saying this). BUT it is a permanent solution to what may be a temporary depression and THAT is beyond tragic."

Ask, while you're correct that severe depression may be temporary, what you might not realize is that the state of being depressed can define one's reality so entirely that a person literally may not be able to imagine things will ever be any other way. Part of the very nature of being depressed (clinically, that is) is loss of the ability to understand or believe that things might get better. It's probably not unreasonable to assume that your childhood friend's mother would have chosen to spare her family of such terrible pain, if she had been able to. Let's also remember that depression is not the only condition that leads to suicide; there's psychosis, for example.

(Of course, when it comes to Mr. McQueen, we don't know the state of his psyche or his medical condition, so I'm speaking generally, and not about him specifically.)

Everybody, can we PLEASE stop bickering amongst ourselves and focus instead of what a genius in the world of fashion Alexander McQueen was? Depression sucks, the way he ended his life sucks, sometime life sucks. Just agree to disagree and move on already!

What if we all post links to favorite pieces?

Thanks and love,

I thought this was a joke... how sad... he was a wonderful designer. As someone who suffers from clinical depression I know how hard it can be (if that was indeed his problem) and how sometimes ending it just seems like the only way out. I'm sorry he couldn't find the help he needed. This illness can strike anyone, and the great pressures he faced didn't help I'm sure. This is very tragic :(. I am new to the fashion world and was just starting to look at his designs and to see what he had for the future, so this is definitely a shock.

His Fall 97 haute couture collection was the show that made me look at fashion as a form real expressionism and art instead of frivolity. His designs were flexible sculpture in motion that were bizarre and breathtaking. I have always anticipated his twice yearly couture offerings with a sense of satisfaction nerly every time. With great talent and creativity comes vast turmoil. So very sad.

I'm so, so sad. The man truly left his mark on the design world. I can't imagine his demons that made him not want to live anymore. RIP

TLo, thank you for reporting this sad, sad news. Might I suggest, however, that as soon as a better news link is available you remove the link to The Daily Mail?

It may not be particularly well known in the US but - as a Brit - I can tell you that the Daily Mail is a nasty, NASTY, rightwing, 'socially conservative' (and by that I mean homophobic) piece of shit rag that does not deserve the traffic from your fabulous website.

Verynot - your post moved me to tears. I wish you, and everyone else struggling with deamons, the very best of health and happiness.

hugs to all


This is very upsetting. RIP Lee. My condolences to the family and friends. What a gifted visionary.

I vote for a TLounge specifically dedicated to the L'enfant terrible of couture tonight.

Ginger, "Everybody, can we PLEASE stop bickering amongst ourselves and focus instead of what a genius in the world of fashion Alexander McQueen was? "

Welcome to the TLo comments page, Ginger! Look, I sympathize (and I like your suggestion that people post links to favorite McQueen designs), but going off on tangents may be one of the best things about this blog. We can go from why a pair of shoes doesn't go with a dress to racial politics without skipping a beat. In this case, well, suicide stirs up strong emotions and I don't see what's wrong with talking about it, as long as it's okay with T & Lo (it's their blog, after all). Indeed there have been times they've decided comments have gone too far and have posted as such.

Here's a link to the Guardian newspaper's coverage of the story. I can guarantee that it is more sensitively and thoughtfully written than anything you'd ever find in The Daily Mail's fascist rag.


Then debate away. I am totally fine with people expressing their feelings. I, for one, would just much rather read about how he impacted somebody's life and views regarding fashion and art rather than debate about depression. I've been married to a man with depression for 14 years and I can go on and on about it. I go to fashion blogs for the art and fantasy that it provides, not to get into deep conversations. Merely my opinion!


You're so right Eclectic. I see a chasm of difference between the the Daily Mail article and the one on the Guardian. The Daily Mail makes him sound like the anti-christ, after all.

*rolls eyes*


This is devastating news. He was easily one of the most innovative, talented, and creative designers working today. What a loss for the fashion industry, he'll be sorely missed.


Oh my God. This is such a loss for his family and friends, and for the world of fashion.

What a tragedy that he felt such deespair.

I think The Washington Post's article paints the best portrait of him, more so than the Guardian and the Daily Mail.

I was quite shocked to learn of this. He was too young, its quite a tragedy. RIP

Okey dokey,

I'm going to make a drink suggestion for everyone (you have plenty of time to go to the liquor store before the show starts).

Alexander Cocktail:

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1oz Creme de Cacao
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for the more hard core drinkers may I suggest :

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My preferance is Pinch (fabu bottle).

If ya'll buy the liquor I'll mix the drinks.

Anonymous 2 said "...The Washington Post's article paints the best portrait of him..."

The Post's article is excellent Anonymous - thanks for posting it.

I suggested the Guardian simply as a useful - British publication to British publication - comparison to the tripe the Mail is selling.

Forgive me for getting so incensed about such a detail but - for me - it's a little as though TLo had linked to whatever Rush Limbaugh had to say on the subject!

Please TLo, or if (as I'd totally understand) you're not monitoring the traffic on this story, can someone who has better access to them get them to change the link to a different newspaper. ANY newspaper!


What a great loss to the fashion world, and I'm sure to those who were close to him. May he rest in peace.

As someone who treats depressed people on a regular basis, I suggest we all show sensitivity to anyone who shows signs of depression and suicidality and encourage them to get treatment. Too often suicidal ideation is brushed away. I'd be interested to know if he was in treatment. May he rest in peace.

I just heard and can't stop crying.

I liked this guy very much.

So sad.

i can t believe it.. he was the one that stood out.

I'm absolutely gutted. T_T

I'd like to say something about this, but I'm just not sure what...

His death is such an incredible loss.

Rest in peace.

I've read the news here, there, and a few more places, and I still can't really believe it. What a tragedy; what a waste.

And this line in the posted article got to me: an overdose of weed killer. Is there ever a proper dose of weed killer?

I don't think his shows should be cancelled, I think they should go on as a tribute.

I'm also having a hard time not tearing up...and, as another poster mentioned, it isn't like I knew him personally. As a designer, he was truly one of my heroes...loved his work, his imagination, and his attitude.

Here's an article I found this morning that actually made me smile a little - the author painted a picture of McQueen draping a garment in his studio vividly enough through his writing that I could see it. That was what made me smile.

RIP, Mr. McQueen. We will miss you.

I thought the wedding dresses he did, that Kenley copied, were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Ballerina-y and princess-y and still just so *crazy*! In fact, so much of his stuff was what made me go from, "But who would WEAR that" to an appreciation of fashion for the sake of the art.

His mother had just died. I remember how I felt in the days after my mother died. I'm just not sure you can judge somebody's actions who's in that kind of pain.

But I saw a picture of his boyfriend this morning, and the grief, the despair on his face... terrible. To be missing him on a personal level must be impossible.

They're all in my thoughts and prayers.

McQueen was an artistic genius and living with that kind of vision carries a burden. I'm sorry he fell into the abyss.

What a terrible tragedy. My condolences to his friends and family.

he was one of my very favorite designers, second only to Galliano.

I'm so very, very sad :(

The worst news to wake up to this morning. :[ RIP Lee McQueen!

What a shame. He must have had demons within that he couldn't overcome.

I really feel for his family in having to deal with this tragedy and hope they find solace in the good times of the past.

No words——

But the images hover, take hold in my eyes——

Like others, I am not sure what to say. I am reminded of Kerouac...

"The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars ...."

May he find peace.

The Post article is nice, but they managed to caption one of the photos in their slideshow:

"When it came to exaggeration and audacity, McQueen didn't fail to disappoint."


His originality and creativity were a blaze of soulful expression that ended all too soon. Condolences to his family and friends.

I was so sad to read TLo's tweet this morning. All day I've been reflecting on Alexander McQueen's passing. Even though I never wore any of his pieces, McQueen's aesthetic has influenced the way I dress. I love all the elements that are essential to his line. (And yes, even the lobster claw shoes, which I first thought were ugly, but just yesterday I saw them somewhere else and was happy to see them again. I love them after all!)

Today I stumbled across Polyvore, a fashion collage website. It looks as if it's mostly comprised of teens, but just look at the collages they've done in his memory:

Picture 1: "The world has lost an amazing fashion genius today: (

Picture 2: "RIP Alexander McQueen"

He inspired a generation.

My heart goes out to not just McQueen's family, but everyone who believed in his artistic vision. We truly lost someone great today.

Brooklyn Bomber
Ask, while you're correct that severe depression may be temporary, what you might not realize that the state of being depressed can define one's reality so entirely that a person literally may not be able to imagine things will ever be any other way.

BB - actually that is part of posting that makes it hard to read into someone just by a post - absolutely no offense intended - the fact that it is not a good way to have a conversation and we work in edited "sound bites".

Depression and anxiety run in my family. I had a little bit and a severe phobia in my teens; and during college I started having full-on frequent and extreme Panic Attacks. That was early on, Dr. David Sheehan had just written his book on the subject. Everyone including Doctors asked like you were "crazy" or faking and then as though you were "just depressed". And if there had been no relief I don't know how I would have survived.

My mother, both grandmothers, cousins, brother and an uncle have all had issues that ranged from panic attacks to anxiety to depression.

So I am not unsympathetic in the least. In fact one medicine gave me scary thoughts and I got off it immediately.

But what I wrote was
BUT it is a permanent solution to what MAY BE a temporary depression and THAT is beyond tragic.
and VN - I am sorry you have suffered but what I wrote - and experienced - is just as valid as what you think.

*I DO* think is beyond tragic that anyone has to suffer so much that they (think they) have no other way out. How that opinion is worthy of derision is beyond me.

Gone to soon, R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

i'm not dorothy gale

I am so sorry this brilliant, creative man was so tormented that ending his life was his only choice.

My favorite designer ever. RIP Alexander.

Shocking. Terribly, terribly shocking.

My heart breaks for him, for those who knew and loved him. I worry about those who looked up to him who are already depressed or in a bad spot.

I do want to share are few resources for anyone struggling:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK 1.800.SUICIDE

"The Trevor Project is the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth."


What a horrible loss. :(

Instead of fighting each other, can we please pay respect to one of the greatest artists ever? His work is a living inspiration of what creative minds can do, and he made some of the most beautiful artwork through mere textiles. May he rest in Piece.

Terrible. The world needs more mental health awareness and less stigma around seeking help.

Utterly depressing...I was looking forward to one day being able to afford his fabulous creations.

I was always struck by McQueen designs. Even when he drew criticism for the extreme styling, I still felt that the clothes spoke for themselves, e.g as recently as Fall 09, and spring 10 both of which you featured.

There is a reason that people often included "McQueen" and "Westwood" in the same breath. What a terrible loss to fashion!

Rest in peace. Fashion Master.

this news totally ruined my weekend.

Very sad news! He was a genius.

I am so saddened by this news.

--(not that other) Alexis

A very inspiring man who has helped many with his brilliant creations and amazing mind. A human with only good intentions to live, to love and to die. Rest in piece Alexander...

I was surprised how stunned I was at this news. I will miss his amazing collections. A very sad day for the world and for fashion.

What an original and how sad. We are all one of a kind, but he was more singular than most.

Sometimes the people we least expect can be very lonely. How sad that he didn't get help for his depression. Having suffered from depression, I can say that it feels like you are being crushed by it, and that, even with treatment, it can be a struggle at times.

Bless him.

I'm absolutely gutted. I adored Alexander McQueen and his vision.
May he now find peace.

I'm utterly heartbroken.

What a shame that such a talented visionary is now gone.

I hope he'll continue to live through the work he's created and the countless designers he's inspired.

When I first saw your caption, I was stunned. Such a tragic end for a gifted designer. RIP.

quigley (the cat)

I was so shocked and sad when I heard the news this morning. Devastating. My deepest condolences to all his loved ones. The world, not just the fashion world, has lost an extraordinary talent.

I too owe any initial knowledge of Mr. McQueen to TLo. They opened my eyes to a world of fashion I had no idea existed. I spent time searching on line for all I could learn of him, and was just blown away.

Suicide has touched my family peripherally more than once, and it crushes your heart beyond anything you can imagine. My daughter-in-law's 27 year old brother fought the demons of bi-polar disease for most of his young life before ending it. My youngest son, at 21, was the RA at his college, and found a student in his dorm, who had killed himself. My son was haunted for years by this experience. He needed therapy to help deal with it. Then when his brother-in-law died, I was terrified it would all come back. And the sorrow that I saw in my daughter-in-law and her sister and mother was heart-breaking.

God bless those he left behind.

RIP, Alexander McQueen.


How devastating. His work was just simply fantastic.

How sad.

Oh shit indeed. Such a terrible loss; I'm kind of reeling over it.

Unspeakably sad.

noooo!!!! i worked late tonight and just found out about this.. devastated.. he was one of my favorite designers.. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and legions of people like me who loved to follow his work. :(

My prayers go out to his friends, family, and everyone who loved his work. He was a great designer and will be missed.

Maybe if we are lucky Kenley will copy this too.

/totally kidding

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen, one of the only true visionaries left...

Some articles tried to make it sound like he fell apart with his mother's death.

But I wonder, I don't know his work back very far; but the recent stuff we've seen here, from TLo, a lot of it seems dark (to the odd of those shoes). Had his prior work been any lighter?

Didn't you guys hated Alexander McQueen, so why the hypocrisy

Anonymous 12:24 AM: "Didn't you guys hated Alexander McQueen, so why the hypocrisy"

No one here 'hates' Alexander McQueen. We might not agree with some of his fashion choices or his aesthetic, but we respect him as one of the best fashion visionaries of our time.

what a lost to the fashion world./
RIP Alexander.

This really makes my heart hurt. I immediately thought of Gianni Versace - of how I felt when he died - the ineffable, irreplaceable loss. McQueen's death hit me the same way. I just wish he'd waited another day. That's often all it takes. Not to offer up conjecture or opprobrium - no analysis or criticism intended (really); just a heartfelt wish. I know how bad 'bad' can get. I suffer with severe chronic pain. There are times when it hurts so bad I can hardly breathe. I survive by telling myself it will, eventually, end. A time will come when the pain passes. That's why I wish he'd waited that one extra day. Maybe I'm wrong - maybe there was no surcease possible....I understand that, actually. There have been times…… so I try and wait that extra day – hoping it will get better.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who love him. It’s hard being the ones left behind.

Only 40 years old and at the top of his game. Inexplicable. When I heard the news yesterday, they didn't mention it was self-inflicted.

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