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4 Questions 4: T Lo GETS Interviewed

Just TRY and shut us up.

Just in case the ridiculous amount of posting we've been doing lately isn't enough for you greedy bitter kittens, check out this fun interview we did for the Margin Notes blog about a topic we've rarely ever touched upon here: our fabulous hostessing abilities. Find out everything you never thought you'd want to know about when Tom ties on his apron and Lorenzo gets out the silver polish. The one question EVERY gay male couple gets asked by nosybodies is "Which one is the 'woman?' does the cooking and which one does the dishes?" Well, if you were dying to find out, this is the interview for you.

4 Questions 4: The Fabulous & Opinionated Tom and Lorenzo

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Looking up your pattern, I can imagine the table. I bet the three of you would dish long into the night over after dinner drinks. Thanks for the peak into your dining room!:)

Sweet! And now I'm craving a basic baked potato topped with caviar!

i love it! thanks!!! so, can I ask what Latin American country is Lorenzo from?

Adored it, and I'm working on my plans for the hoped-for (a girl can dream, can't she?) dinner party a trois that I'd have with you to chez moi.

And I wouldn't have you up to your elbows in soapsuds, Lorenzo, unless you insisted. Loveyaandmeanit.

All the best,


Don’t serve anything heavy, anything that’s going to give your guests gas or bad breath, and anything that requires disemboweling at the table, like a roast or a whole chicken.

Best tip evah.
I only wish I could follow it.... My kids love the homemade black soup. And I sort of like disemboweling at the table.

But cooking and serving are like my second favorite thing. Nice to know some more about you two. Like who does the cooking and who does the cleaning, both of which I try in vain to convince Mr. Siren are very macho.

I love you boyz! You are absofuckingly fuckinfabulous!!


"Oh, GOD. Are you kidding me? I practically have to scrape the kitchen down when he’s done with it. I have no idea how he manages to dirty every bowl and cooking utensil in the house making dinner for two people."

I sympathize. Oh, how I sympathize!

Can you say: "Interviewer's dream"?
Are they not The Best?!

I'm not sure why I'm surprised that you guys are as fun being interviewed as interviewing, but this just makes me want to hang out with you all the more.

Fun interview!

"3. Compare a few of your favorite Project Runway contestants –past or present–to restaurant dishes–i.e. Laura might be Jackie Kennedy’s favorite meal at Le Cirque: fresh caviar heaped on a basic baked potato."

Chris March - lasagna
Leanne - vanilla ice cream
Christian - Szechuan dumplings in hot chili oil
Ping - carpaccio
Rami - chateaubriand
Jeffrey - pasta puttanesca
Irina - grapefruit sorbet

I love your blog and and anything that has to do with it. Fun interview.

Tom, you cook just like I do!

Vera, you and I share both a name and a cooking style! (Should I now call my technique "cooking a la Tom"?)

Fabulous interview! Although, I love serving big meaty things for my carnivorous guests. In my mind, nothing says "feast" more than a roast or some whole crustaceans!

Congrats guys!


God, is it possible to love you two bitches even more? Good, solid advice (my cooking approach is much like Tom's) with the usual TLo hilarity. I knew you two would set a fabulous table.

4 questions is not enough! We want to know more!

lol too adorable!

tom, you and i are cooking together one of these days!

Fun interview, thanks!

"Tom: It’s true, but then again, I think that’s [having to clean up a disaster kitchen] a small price to pay for basically having every meal prepared for you for 14 years."

Oh T of T & Lo, how disingenuous of you! I am the Tom-style cook in my house & I know darn well that more than half the time I enjoy the cooking.

Having always wanted a butler's pantry (and the butler-equivalent to maintain it) almost more than I wanted multiple sets of dinnerware & linens, now I want photos of how you store your linens, glassware, etc.

Just call me a greedy kitten.

Wonderful interview, guys! Where do you store all that china and frippery?

--Aunt Dee

Ariel Shpigel


TLo said...For Nina, we’d imagine none of our current table linens would be good enough (even though they’re fine) and since Lorenzo’s a wiz on a sewing machine, we’d probably head out to our favorite fabric stores and just buy the fabric and make the linens ourselves.

You'd head to your favorite fabric store after you checked out Gorgeous Fabrics first, right?

I cook half the time and clean up 95% of the time. Ed's a more adventurous and assured cook, but I am aces at the spic and span clean up.

Great interview. You guys are alwys a hoot!

What a delightful interview, and we learned a few new things...Tom's a great cook and Lorenzo is a fellow "Bitch with a Needle"...

Could I love you any more??? XXXOOO

Hilarious! Loved it!!!

Awesome. I love that Tom cooks the way I do (except probably a whole lot more often).

who cares (^ ^)v

I totally relate to the part about being asked which one is the "woman"? When my bf and I moved in together, that's all we got (mostly from his side of the family, but they're in rural WI and don't know many of "the gays"). David Sedaris has a great essay about how he and his bf get this all the time, too, and how straight people are just obsessed with these roles for everyone.

Is it possible to love you two more than ever? Yes, yes it is.

you boys just kill me!

can i come & visit?

Fun! Now I'm hungry and wishing you were my neighbors

Excellent. I cook that way, too, although I cook for a houseful of vegetarian children instead of fabulous omnivores. And that Mikasa was my mother's wedding china, which I have my greedy eye upon...

And thanks for introducing us to that blog, it looks great!

quigley (the cat)

well, I care. I'm starting to know you guys better than my neighbors.

What a fun interview. Thanks for sharing. And I cook just like Tom too.


another laura

I feel for Lorenzo when it comes to cleaning the kitchen, but I think that it works off some of the calories from the fabulous dishes, no?

I think I would take the train to Philly to have dinner at your place.

Hey, how about that for a charity fund-raising prize? Dinner Chez TLo, what am I bid?

Skipper (Penguins of Madagascar) says: "Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly."

I am eagerly awaiting the book (which I hope) you two are writing about - well, anything. I would read what you have to say about pretty much anything. : )

Love to you both! Congrats!

Great interview! Thanks for sharing.

OMG - that is EXACTLY how I cook. Pick a dish. Research, research, research. Mix them all together and Voila!
I never follow a recipe exactly but unfortunately, can rarely reproduce a dish the same way twice.

My dream dinner dates? You boys + La Gunn! I wouldn't care what the food was.

Congratulations, TLo!

I had no idea Lorenzo sews!! What do you, sew, Lo??

And how is it that he of the Italian heritage doesn't cook - it seems such a waste, sigh.

Thanks for posting this, guys, and congrats on your ever-growing and much-deserved popularity!

"a pinch of this a handful of that"

That right there describes a great cook or chef. My grandmother and mother-in-law were like that. Sadly I can only cook (if you call it that) because I can read.

Thanks for sharing.

Casey Ellis is a national treasure, and now the whole world knows it.

Awesome. Loved it!

I love you bitches!!

That was fun to read. Thanks for sharing it. I, too, am an extremely messy cook. Sometimes my husband walks into the kitchen to do the dishes and says something like, "Exactly HOW many people did we feed tonight?

Curious to know more about sewing up table linens. It can be terribly difficult to fine the right widths.

Tom: It’s true, but then again, I think that’s a small price to pay for basically having every meal prepared for you for 14 years. Bitch.
I am not a prolific cooker, but my favorite thing is going online to - I especially love the comments section because the commenters review the dish and share how they modified it. I pretty much factor the most interesting comments in, along with my own take and what's lying around, and take it from there.

Oh man, the table settings display was always my favorite at the state fair - hearing about your table settings brought me back. And seriously, Thanksgiving for THIRTY? You two are saints.

This is who I'd invite to my dinner party, and in contrast to TLo, I would make sure that the knives on the table are sharp:

Kenley - self explanatory
Korto - because Kenley will insult her and then it will be on;
Kara Janx - hopefully she still cries at the drop of a hat;
Irina - because Season 6 would no doubt get trashed and she will have to defend its honor;
Christian Siriano - hopefully he will do his snotty, pouty faces and Kenley will throw a cat at him;
Andrae - for feigned drama and a fake British accent;
Wendy - for lame attempts at shenanigans that will be called on;
Kayne - for trashing whomever I am in the mood for trashing;
Blayne - for silliness;
Seth Aaron - to be annoying;
Chris March - because he's Chris March;
Austin - because he's Austin;
Anthony - because he's Anthony;
Tim Gunn - I would tell and do everything in my power to get him good and drunk by the time the other guests arrive.

Aw. That was so much fun, guys.

Into the mix for the Fireworks Dinner Party of Laura Bennett, Jeffrey, Christian, Santino & Wendy Pepper, I'd add:

Jay McCarroll, Vanessa, Cheater Keith, Angela's mother, Chris March, Terry Stevens, Kenley, Jerry Tam, Suede, Emilio and ... Daniel Franco.

Hide the butter knives!

"Tom: It’s true, but then again, I think that’s a small price to pay for basically having every meal prepared for you for 14 years. Bitch."

Hilarious. You guys couldn't get any funnier.

(Also, Laura's from NOLA? That totally took me by surprise.)

PS -- Tim Gunn arrives early to "help" and is pretty much two sheets to the wind by the time this crew is assembled.

I'm not really the type of person who has any interest in domestic activities (or even one who eats food, for that matter) but I absolutely love finding out these type of tidbits about people I like. Fabulous!

Just read the post about you two on Margin Notes! SOOOOO Hilarious. I was at work and SPEWED diet coke when I read "I practically have to SCRAPE the kitchen down after he cooks!!!" I nearly coughed up a lung.
Casey's questions were perfect for you guys!

Fucking hilarious, guys! You guys must throw the best dinner parties around : )

What I meant to state in my previous post was:

Tim Gunn - I would tell Tim that dinner is an hour earlier than what I would have told the other guests and then do everything in my power to get Tim good and drunk by the time the other guests arrive.

Fabulous interview! Thanks for sharing (and for the plethora of posts recently)!

I really want to know what happens after the dishes are done and the last guest is walked down to the street - you know, after the last of the wine is poured and the cock rings come out... ;-)

You guys rock! Love this!

So cool. I cook the same way, Tom : )

I already adore you guys! But anyone who can use every pot/spoon/bowl in the kitchen while cooking is a rock star to me!!!!!

I feel sad, because I'd never be fabulous enough to be worth of going to a dinner party at Tom & Lorenzo's. Not that there ever was a possibility of that happening in real life, but still. Sadness.

What I am saying is that you are officially too fabulous for words and I am in awe.

Just TRY and shut us up.

NEVAH! That interview was so much fun.

What a fun little post. Sounds just like my own dinner parties (I'm the "Tom").

It's been too long as well. Thanks for the reminder.

@ a -

LOL -great dinner party - PLEASE film it!

Sweetness on a Stick looking into the Culinary side of TLo. But what's wrong with dirtying up every dish in the kitchen? Isn't that what kitchen bitches are for?

Tom, that is EXACTLY how I cook! I look at tons of recipes for the dish I want to cook and then take the good parts of each recipe! I feel so validated! I am holding my head up proudly!

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