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2010 Grammy Awards

Get your coffee and let's get cracking!

Beyonce in Stephane Rolland Fall 2009 Couture

Well, we pretty much hate everything from the neck up, but the dress looks good on her.

Britney Spears in Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010

Sweet Jesus, no. Dolce & Gabbana should sue.

Carrie Underwood in Georges Chakra Spring 2010

It's another white dress from her but at least this one is interesting.

Ciara in Givenchy Spring 2010 Couture

We give her major points for wearing something like this but Lorenzo thinks she should have done it runway-style, meaning with a nude underlay instead of basically wearing a black bathing suit underneath.

Fergie in Emilio Pucci Spring 2010

Enh. To be honest, it looks a little trashy. And that strap is huge.

Heidi in Emilio Pucci

This is demur for Heidi. She looks great but then again, when has she not?

Jennifer Hudson in Victoria Beckham Spring 2010

MAJOR props for wearing this. It's unexpected and it does fantastic things to her figure. Posh has been getting some big names to wear her stuff.

Jennifer Lopez in Versace Spring 2010

We don't capital-L Love this dress but it's perfect for stagewear so she gets a pass. Still, we can't look at it without thinking "tripe," and if you're going to google that word to see what we mean, we suggest you do it when you're not eating.

Kathy Griffin in Carolina Herrera

It's basic, but she looks good in it.

Katy Perry in Zac Posen Spring 2010

We think this dress is kind of adorably sweet, actually. Hate the too-literal Betty Page 'do, though.

Lady Gaga in Armani Privé Spring 2010 Couture


Except for the prop. Lady Gaga, please don't make props happen on the red carpet. Next thing you know, everyone'll be doing it and stars will be walking down the red carpet with telephones and mixing bowls and whatever they think will get their picture taken.

Lea Michele in Romona Keveza Spring 2010

She looks freaking adorable.

Mary J. Blige in Gucci Spring 2010

Mary J. Blige, you have an amazing body. Why are you wearing a dress so tight? It makes you look stuffed into it and there's no good reason for that.

Melanie Fiona in Christian Siriano Spring 2010

We're getting a little tired of seeing this dress, but we have to admit, she looks good.

Miley Cyrus in Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring 2010

The dress is cute, but that hair has got to go.

Nicole Kidman in Prada

Love it. Love the return to red hair and love the fact that she's wearing things that don't wash her out. We can't remember the last time we saw her in black.

Pink in Tony Ward Fall 2008 Couture

The sparkly on the bodice brings this dress into the tacky realm. But the real problem here is that it just doesn't look like a dress she would wear. It's not something she can pull off.

Rihanna in Elie Saab Fall 2009 Couture


Taylor Swift in Dolce & Gabbana

Lorenzo hates this dress and thinks the neckline is too low. Tom thinks it looks fine if a little boring.

Beyonce in Versace Fall 2009 Couture

Again, perfect for stagewear and again, props for wearing such an unusual dress at all.

Wow! We were way too easy on those bitches.

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My favorite remark someone gave about Beyonce's dress:

"When decoded, the symbols on Beyonce's dress reveal the ending of "Lost"."

I think Lady Gaga looks amazing. Except for the reallllyyy bad hairline on that wig. Its just reading so sharp and fake to me. Unless that's what she was going for?....

While GAGA certainly looked great on the red carpet, her "pussy lips" stagewear was offensive.

Loved Lady Gaga - someone has to be able to wear the weird.

Britney should have stayed home.

Lea Michelle's looks a little like the dress that won Jay the burlap challenge.

hate hate hate that you can see the line of Lady Gaga's wig. Ugh! And why change the Siriano dress to black? so much more interesting the way he designed it!

Agree that Lady Gaga's wig is awful.. even worse is her eyebrows.. Groucho Marx anyone? Also, what happened to her face? Has anyone else noticed that its remarkably different - even from 6 months ago? Maybe thats why she was wearing veils and face masks recently?

now I love me my B but the main diff between her and Gaga (okay there are more) that Gaga actually wore the more crazy Couture dress to the red carpet. Beyonce looked poured into that gown which was lovely, but damn gurl needs to darkern her hair. Thats yellow, not even blond. And I love me my beyonce.

"Britney Spears in Dolce & Gabbana"

I look at it this way: She's wearing underwear.

That's progress.


Heidi looked GREAT! Nobody does short. tight and shiny better than our Heidi. Seal looked great too.

I like Pink's dress for the reason you disliked it...not the type of dress you expected her to wear. I think Pink pulls it off because without the screen cap you would not realize it is her on first glance.


Carrie Underwood just looks so Stepford-wifey to me. I know she's accomplished a whole lot but give me somebody with a real personality and less-than-perfect looks.

LOOOOOOVED Lady GaGa's outfit!

Was interested how the wig was built into the dress, though. I s'pose she did have to go right into the concert hall and RIP OFF her wig to be able to perform! XD

It was tragic that her performance outfit suddenly gave her the cameltoe of a lifetime, we all know she's not a man, right?

And c'mon, seeing her smile at Elton John was adorable.

I hated J. Lo's stage outfit so much. It made my soul cry.

Gaga, when the one comment everyone makes when they see you is, "I can see her wigline", the schtick has ceased to be interesting.

I think the problem with Taylor Swift's llok is not necessarily that the neckline is too low, but she doens't have enough shoulder to pull off the look well.

Nicole Kidman has red hair again! This makes me incredibly happy.

If you look closely at Gaga's head you'll see that the wig is actually a hood that connects to the illusion netting around her neck, which is why it looks like the hairline is so awful.

God, I love that woman.

I'm not sure what Anonymous means by her "pussy lips" stagewear, but everyone should run to Youtube right now to watch her performance with Elton John.

My ankles hurt just looking at Lady Gaga's shoes.

And i totally agree with DuBois, I don't think that Britney could have dressed more like a has-been craving attention.

you're right-- j-lo's dress DOES look like tripe.

Am I the only one who thinks that Lady GaGa is so completely contrived?
And maybe Miley should go to Taylor Swift on advice on how to dress. Taylor always looks so classy and Miley looks slutty.

Jennifer Hudson and Nicole Kidman look amazing. Most of them are trying too hard.

Just wanted to add that while Lea Michelle looks great, I really wish she would start smiling more on the red carpet. More joyful and less sexyface.

Love Lady Gaga. It's so nice to see someone actually dress like a rock star instead of a starlet in a generic gown. But what I love is not only did she dress playfully, but she looks fab to boot. And I adore the shoes. They're like a work of sparkly, ankle-snapping art. I think she changed wigs for her opening number, hence the one she's wearing wasn't long for her head. And you know what? The visible wig-line doesn't bother me. It just plays up her theatricality. On anyone else, it would be a faux pas, but on Gaga, it goes with the rest of her costumed-look.

Lea Michele looks so pretty. I wish she would give a true smile once in a while, she has such a lovely smile.

Britney just looks sad and her look is a strange combo of desperation and disinterest.

Pink is too flashy for that flashy dress. On Taylor Swift, that dress might have worked. On Pink, all the flashiness goes tacky on her.

I loved Taylor Swift's dress, except for the neckline. Girl can't sing a note, but she always looks so fresh and pretty.

Fergie looks trashy in that dress, and the strap looks oddly bulky.

Taylor Swift looks great in that dress. Elegant *and* sexy.

Carrie Underwood is looking a little too orange and emaciated, but I love the dress.

At first I though Gaga's wig was awful but now I'm thinking is it part of the dress? If you look at the bottom left picture of her it's like the flesh colour stuff round her neck goes up over her ear and under the hair...Actually a lot of everyone's hair line's looking weird, maybe I'm looking to hard.

Love Leah Michele, Love Pink, and I think that dress is more of an ironic statement on her part. I really liked Gaga's Sputnik look, though her wig looks really weird in the photos. The Siriano dress is just tired looking at this point, and black doesn't make it any less so. Nicole Kidman looks fantastic! I love the fact that she's letting some expression back into her face. Taylor Swift? Boooooring. She reminds me of Kate Winslet at last year's Oscars - the "I'm a star and this is the dress I picked out weeks ago to prove how serious I am."

Besides, I'm sick to death of her songs and I wish they would take a break from her on the radio. Though I did love her when she hosted SNL.

Beyonce's red carpet dress reminded me of a chenille bedspread.

Britney, Britney. Lord have mercy. How on earth could she have thought she looked good in that get-up?

Heidi, beautiful as ever, really should've done something with that hair. She almost looks kinda bedraggled.

Jennifer Hudson looked simply fantastic in that dress. Lovely.

Lady GaGa's wigline was disturbing, but I love that she will wear really unusual things, although those shoes don't really appeal to me, especially since in the close-up it looks like her stockings are all wrinkly and falling down. And, yes, the performance outfit certainly left nothing to the imagination. Too bad she didn't win so we could get a better look at what she wore afterward. I'd have hated to be the person seated behind her though, what with the monumental proportions of that headdress.

Lea Michele is adorable and I love her, but I sure wish she'd knock of that ridiculous babydoll pointed toe pose. I think it actually feels almost demeaning and caricature-ish.

Miley Cyrus and that hair - you're right. Ugh.

I didn't care for Pink's red carpet dress either, but loved her performance and the outfit for that.

Loved the drape of Rhianna's gown but it made her look a little hippy.

And Taylor Swift. I couldn't be any sicker of seeing someone and that dress was just too much for her. She almost appeared to have to hunch over somewhat in an effort to keep it from sliding right down to the floor.

OK, I think that was appropriately bitchy . . .

Jennifer Hudson & Lea Michelle look gorgeous.

Some of these dresses look like they're more for the Oscars than for the Grammy's.


Wigs were looking BEAT last night. Thankg God the Drag Race starts tonight. Everybody can learn a thing or two.
goodgoddamn Ciara is beautiful.
I think I can see Taylor Swift's belly button. Ahhhhh, twenty year olds, godluvum.



Loved Lea Michelle-so f'ing adorable in that dress.

Heidi was true to form-short, shiny and tight, but damn, after four babies, she can still work that look!

Rihanna and Taylor are my favorites and Leah Michelle is looking amazing as usual -- she's like like a young, talented Demi Moore. ~ Gary

Pink looked FABULOUS. Way to rock out in style.

Lady Gaga, I don't mind the dress, but your brows...good lord, at least dye them or something.

Fergie looks like a skank, as usual.

1. Beyonce- I wish she didn't feel like she needs to show her breasts off with every single dress.

2. Brittney- Sad.

3. Carrie Underwood- I don't think she likes dressing up.

4. Ciara- I agree about the lining. Nude or a full black lining would be much better. The dress is very nice on her though.

5. Ferg- Yuck. Cheap looking

6. Heidi needs to slow down. She looks tired to me.

7 J. Hudson. She looks great, but her breasts are pushed up too high. Is she going for the signature VB look?

8.JLO- I don't like the bib.

9. Griffin- Is okay.

10. Love the Katy Perry. I think its my favorite.

11. Glenda the Good! Love the wigh, dress , prop, and shoes. Maybe Katy Perry is my 2nd favorite.

12. Lea Michele- Cute.

13. Mary J. - Great dress and color. But it is too tight.

14. The original printed fabric is what makes the dress, why do they all change that?

15. Hannah Montana.

16. Kidman looks slightly less ghoulish than usual.

17/18. Do Pink and Rihanna use the same hairdresser? I like Rihanna's dress much better than Pinks.

19. Swift- I agree the bodice is too low.

20. Beyonce.Good stage wear. It is better than the red carpet dress.


Britney's dress looked like it was the "Look for Less" version of Ciara's... as made by a C+ home ec student.

Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson both get major points for showing that a woman with curves can look just as good or BETTER than a scrawny model.

Am I the only one who really misses Pink's pink hair? The blonde is just so blah on her. Too close to her skin tone.

My boobs hurt just looking at those pictures of Jennifer Hudson!

Thumbs up:

Beyonce's Versace stage dress

Taylor Swift D&G - gorgeous dress, a little boring

Nicole Kidman - don't love the outfit but she looks great

Miley Cyrus - I like the dress, but wish it was a little longer. I'm sick of super short. Sick!

Lady G - Fabulous. Fairy princess from planet X or futuristic Glinda the Good. Hate the make up, though.

Jennifer Hudson - Looks absolutely great except for the mushed up breasts. Isn't there a way to fit a bodice to avoid that??

(Carrie Underwood looks good, as usual, but somehow I'm bored.)

(Heidi -- dress too short, but what a set of pins!)

Sewing Siren -- jinx! (See Lady G.)

Loved that Kathy Griffin made your list guys! She tries so hard, for not been in the worst worst worst dressed list!

another laura

"tripe" - my spit-out-the-coffee moment. Thanks, guys.

Didn't excpect less from Gaga.but Katy's disappointing.Love Nicole and Carrie though.

Clueless Jock

Tripe! I nearly sprayed coffee all over my monitor.

Nicole Kidman looks amazing.

I thought Taylor Swift was pretty but the dress didn't fit her style. Maybe if she & Pink swapped dresses...

Hate Beyonce's red carpet dress on her. Makes her look fat, which she's not, and the color is awful on her. Props though, for wearing something interesting.

Britney, girrrll....if you're gonna wear a see-through dress, for goshsakes, don't wear your granny's girdle panties!

I'm shocked Posh makes clothes in a size a curvy woman like JHud could wear. She looked great but her girls looked a little too uncomfortable. Never impressed by Beyonce but at least she isn't wearing House of Derrion or whatever it's called. This is the best I've seen Nicole Kidman look in a while and her husband looks pretty sharp, too.

another laura

And seriously, Lady Gaga's red carpet thing? Fabulous, absolutely fabulous demented fairy wear. Folks complaining about the wig line? I see that it's there, but calling her out for so obvious a wig and for the tippy top of a look that is clearly above and beyond the usual "red carpet" routine? I couldn't disagree more. Go, go, Gaga!

Mylie Cyrus has the exact look on her face that my little niece has when she poops.

Lea Michele and Nicole Kidman have never looked better.

Agree with whoever said that Taylor Swift just doesn't have enough shoulder to wear that dress, although it is pretty.

I love that J. Hud is wearing VB.

From afar, I thought Pink looked great, but in the closeups, I totally see what you guys are saying. She really needs something with more rocker edge.

Lady Gaga looks AMAZING in that dress (and those shoes!) But why, oh WHY must she insist on making herself up to look like a tranny hooker? She's an actual woman, so why does she always look like she's auditioning for RuPaul's Drag Race? I mean, Rebecca Glasscock had better makeup than that, and that is saying something.

Minority Report: I loved Taylor Swift in that amazing dress!

Jennifer Hudson and Katy Perry -- fabulous!

JLo in a dress with yards of fruit packing material cascading down the front. What the....?

Britney Spears: Why are we even talking about her? I mean, tragic.

Beyonce in the Rolland--it does look good, but that bodice somehow says "sexy scuba suit" to me

Britany--Oh honey. Oh sweetie. Those are granny's underpants, doll. They were not meant for dress-up.

Carrie U--Barbie pretty.

Ciara--Agree on this being the upscale version of Britany. And neither of them should look like they're wearing an elaborate cover-up over a swimsuit.

Fergie is from the future.

Heidi enjoys when one can see The Boobies.

Jennifer Hudson--Love that a stick-model outfit looks so va-voom on her, but her bosom is crying.

JLo--Tripe. Yes. ew.

Kathy Griffith--has an enormous head, but looks fine in this dress.

Katy Perry--I am on record as hating these flesh-toned dresses. I like it otherwise, but I don't think anyone looks good in these shades.

The Lady--Will Drag Queens even bother doing her? I mean, she has pushed it as far as it goes, how do you parody her? That said...flippin' love that. And am glad I will never have to wear it.

Lea Michelle--yes, yes, very sexy. Young lady, it wouldn't hurt you to smile.

Mary J--meh. Too small.

The person I've never heard of in the sleevefless Puffysleeves--The Oscars are later, hon.

Miley--Young Woman, you go back upstairs and put on a dress that covers your bum. Or else wear pants. And cut your hair.

Nicole! It looks more or less like you!

Pink, Rhianna...bad hair, too much dress

Taylor--I kind of love this gown. it IS too low, but if it moved up an inch or two, I'd adore it. Very Future of the Past.

and Beyonce rocks the Versace.

Lady Gaga is wearing somebody's face.

Ciara RUINED that dress by wearing the black leotard underneath-- how lovely it would have looked with a nude slip, instead.

I find Lady Gaga's look-at-me-I'm-far-out-! shtick tedious and unsightly. (Does that wig fasten with a string under her chin?)

Jennifer Hudson looks like a maid.

Mary J. Blige-- who I like-- would have looked great were it not for the distracting black graffiti on her arms.

Carrie Underwood looks less and less cute the skinnier she gets. She just becomes generic.

mary j's look is incredibly aging! With that color and the makeup, I seriously thought she was gladys knight, who is wonderful but at least 40 years older than Mary J.

The first think I thought of was Tripe, too. I didn't have to look it up. My mom was from the south and served it to us regularly with a side of sweetbreads. Ewwww.....

I choose to believe that J-Lo's dress was a shout-out to Menudo.

Fergie always looks like trtailer trash to me and this is no exception.

JLo, could you please return my air vent filter when you are through with it?

Funny that someone asked if drag queens would do Lady Gaga...

Because, to me, she looks *exactly* like a yellower version of Hedda Lettuce here!

Pam: "I choose to believe that J-Lo's dress was a shout-out to Menudo."

Very nice!

Hate to be an old lady, but the prominent tats ruin the dressed-up look. Talkin' to you, Mary J. And others.

Britney's husband looks like he's saying, "Don't look at me, I tried to talk her out of it."

You got something against tripe? I like menudo (the soup, not the band).

I'm surprised no one is asking about the injury stats from Lady G's accessories.

Sorry. I don't think Nick Kidman looks at all gorgeous. Her face looks just as plastic and waxy as it has since she ordered it not to move. if anyone deserves a horrible from the neck up comment it is her.

I want to like gaga but I just can't think anything but who peed in her hair. The dress looks cheaper than usual too...

But I agree with everything else, Rihanna's my fav.

I like Pink! I didn't see it in person, but I think it looks a little soft and a little glam; kinda new for her.

Love the black Versace on Beyonce! But I think Gaga wins.

This is probably the least Grammy red carpet I think I've ever seen. All the red carpets are blending into a mass homogenized blah blob.

I think it's supposed to be obvious she's wearing a wig. If you look closely, it's attached to a body suit that covers her from head to feet.

Lady Gaga defies the laws of physics with that dress and those shoes.

Some really beautiful pieces. Lady Gaga's looked like spun glass or crystal, amazing, but agree, the wig is such an ugly color, even a light cool blue kind of ice princess type thing ala, the russian guy from last year on PR would have been better. I thought Nicole K, even tho she wore a different color, looked so like she should be at opening night at the opera, it's the grammy for christ's sake! Fergie, she looks cheap, no?
Poor Brittany,the worst by far, Love Jen Hudson, almost perfect, but the boobs are gasping for breath. Rhianna always brings it tho! Pink, the waist belt area is no good, she needs something that elongates, not breaks it up as she has that kind of stocky, I've been kickboxing all day body, which is amazing, but she looks a bit too buff, performance was very cool tho. Carrie's so so pretty, but agree she's almost Stepford wive/too perfect/malibu barbie..girl from Glee, so so adorable. Despite the wig, Gaga wins, for being able to walk in those shoes, and for a piece that is beyond setting a trend, it's really a work of art.

The Grammy's did feel a little more Oscary this year -- I was expecting more rock-n-roll looks.

I hate to be Methuselah's older sister, but does anyone else feel that the tattoos take away from the elegance?
In my day...

Jennifer Hudson looks like her dress is strangling her breasts and they are stuggling to get free.

beyonce looks good in the performance dress but like a sausage in the first one.

Lady Gaga - could she sit or walk in that?

Thought Taylor, Miley and Carrie looked great.

Britney - so sad.
I had the same thought as DuBois regarding Lea Michelle's and Jay's - but it is the same idea as a couple of Suede's (actually didn't the car challenge have the one shoulder, fitted bodice and the full short

I'll get this out of the way right now - Lady Gaga and Pink OMFG bitches can do NO WRONG. Now. Opinions? I haz 'em. . .

Beyonce, Red Carpet: If you are gonna wear that type dress you gotta lay the cookies down and eat some celery. It makes your ass look ginormous. The earrings are wrong wrong wrong. Where is your stylist? And what is that cheap shit in your hair?

Beyonce, Stage: Perfect for the numbers she did. Looked great on her and relevant.

Britney Spears: Who? Ugh.

Carrie Underwood: Pitch perfect.

Ciara: Of all the Givenchy choices why the cheapest, trashiest, tackiest of the lot? Discount?

Heidi: Your nose gets smaller and your dress gets shorter.

Jennifer Hudson: She looks fabulous. Just really well put together.

JLo: You thought tripe and I thought caul. Same thing. Shredded fat hanging on that girl is nasty looking. I didn't like this because, for crying out loud, she can afford any and everything so why this?

Katy Perry: Why does every girl with black hair think they can rock the Betty Page page? It isn't flattering on most of them and makes them look unoriginal which is a bigger sin.

Gaga: Loved it. LOVED it. It is perfectly her and I loved her send up the the Dolly Parton hair and makeup. I can hardly wait to see the telephones and mixing bowls. This is who she is right now.

Pink: The Red Carpet dress was ::off:: but I loved the stagewear.

Taylor Swift: That dress gave you a gut, removed your tits and aged you 15 years. Fire your mom and get a real stylist.

Everyone else: Kind of bored me. I thought Rihanna, Nicole Kidman, Lea Michele, Kathy Griffin, Katey Perry and Miley Cyrus especially, were just not memorable. They wore dresses which had been done or made them look like computer wallpaper, ie: faded into the background.

::As soon as I click "publish" I'll find the studip typo::

Re: Gaga's face

Is it just me, or does anyone else completely lack the ability to recognize Lady Gaga? I mean sure, the clothes and wig are a dead giveaway, but if you put any wackadoo in some crack-couture and told me it was Gaga, I'd believe you. Her face defies physics! Every time I think I know what she looks like, I see a picture like this one and her face looks NOTHING like previous pictures I've seen.

Ouch; Britney's look is thoroughly cringe-worthy!

I liked J-Lo's look; sort of superhero-outfit, made me imagine a new X-Man, "Lady Waterfall" or some such thing. [Though after reading the posts about tripe I'm not sure I'd like to think about what her power would be!]

Lady Gaga's look was amazing and unforgettable, but also very scary; would make an interesting supervillain to put up against Tripe-esse.

DuBois posted "Lea Michelle's looks a little like the dress that won Jay the burlap challenge." - I thought so too, though perhaps the fluffy-round-skirt idea isn't that unusual!

WHAT i wouldn't do for that beckham dress.


Beyonce #1 = AWFUL. Maybe try it in your actual size?

Miley Cyrus doesn't have the curves for that dress. It makes her look like she has no waste. And agreed, the hair needs to be cleaned up.

Heidi - short/tight/shiny. Did we expect anything less? From the neck up, she's great, but she always brings the skanky dresses when she's not pregnant.

Katy Perry looks like a cartoon and always has.

Jennifer Hudson's boobs look like they hurt, although the rest of the look is fantastic.

Taylor Swift looked great. Congrats to her on her award! I would've given it to Gaga, but it was nice to see Taylor Swift get the big prize at a classy awards show and not have Kanye stealing the moment from her.

I love Lady Gaga, but her head looked terrible. The yellow wig was awful as was her way too heavy makeup. It was too much of an '80s glam throwback for me. The dress was amazing, though. She is a national treasure.

Rihanna's hair looks like icing on a cupcake....I'm not sure if that's a bad thing....

Boo, I was really hoping for some bitchyness this morning ladies.

Ciara really did that dress a disservice with the black bodysuit. All the most interesting detail got lost! She has the style and the body to carry off the original styling. I don't know what her stylist was on, but rehab is in order.

In order of nothing:

I have to repeat what was said above: all hail Posh for designing a dress a stacked woman can wear!

Leah Michele and Taylor Swift show judgment beyond their years in their choice of garments; of how many others, this award season, can the worst that can be said is "smile more" and "a little low, a little boring."

Ciara: black under sheer always looks more naked than nude under sheer.

Strangely enough, the photo feed I was watching last night only showed JLo from the left back (over and over and over; apparently the photographer has been fond of that view since In Living Color), so I was saved the tripe panel until this morning. Ew.

We should all have our own small Australian country singer as a fashion accessory. Nicole looks ten times prettier any time she's interacting with Keith, which makes me absurdly happy.

Beyonce's red carpet dress looks like something Mae West wore in her last days.

I think I'm going to go schedule that tattoo I've always wanted now.

just a note on J.Lo - I don't think she should get a pass for "stagewear" since she was just presenting, not performing. That was her dress for the event, not a performance costume, and it was indeed tripe-like.

note to Ouizee...I agree wholeheartedly.

This comment has been removed by the author.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Somebody needs to teach Miley Cyrus how to make facial expressions.
Seriously, what was that?

Wow. Did you guys take a happy pill today? You were very nice!

Love Lady Gaga and her Glinda the good witch look. She rocks! Would've liked pink rather than yellow in the hair. But I don't know how she can walk in those shoes.

Loved Lea Michele's dress. WANT!!!

Miley Cyrus? Too distracted by the mermaid hair.

Noticed how fab J Hud looked last night. She shows what a real woman looks like and that you need curves to properly fill out a dress. Take note Posh!

You know, the stars and stylists get the flack, but I blame the 'designers' for most of the messes. Showing underwear? Puhleez. Who decided that looked good? Draped tripe? Seriously. If some of this crap showed up on PR they would surely be subject to Nina's wrath...

I'm glad I don't know what tripe is, because I kind of like JLo's outfit.

Lady Gaga's dress is fantastic. Everything above the neck is a disaster. Either go for the overexaggerated Mae West/Dolly Parton homage, or go for the intergalactic ice queen. But don't go for both at the same time; it's jarring.

I kind of liked Taylor Swift's dress, although she didn't quite pull it off.

Beyonce's beige dress--no. Beyonce's black dress--awesome.

Jennifer Hudson certainly has lost a lot of weight and looks excellent in that dress, except more room is needed for her boobs.

yeah! ho! wah!

spears: god no. at least her face and hair looks healthy and kinda happy.

ciara: not loving the dress. also, is it just me or does ciara seem a little desperate?

fergie: i actually love this. its still shocking to look at fergie and to not be offended.

hudson: adorable!

lopez: is not working at all for me.

perry: hate her, but she keeps showing up in cute and fun outfits

gaga: she looks like somebody who would win rupauls drag race. which is, of course, a compliment.

blige: i dont think this dress is working for anybody who isnt a super-skinny model.

fiona: why dont we take a cute dress and take away the firecest element of it. feh.

pink: agree, shes "out of character"

rihanna: bitch can pull off almost anything at this point.

beyoncé in versace: perfect for her and the stage

Beyonce, please stop using Lady Gaga as your eyebrow inspiration and Mariah as your cleavage inspiration. But your performance was the best so I forgive you.

Is anyone going to say anything about Carrie U's hideous, local newscaster-Miss America hair? shudder.....

Heidi looks both fabulous and like Seal came home at 3:30 and said, 'don't forget honey, the Grammies are tonight.' It's not fair how she can look so at ease in clothes. Love the hair, the dress, the shoes - love.

Gaga meant to show her wig line - everyone please stop talking about it now. duh She is the Heir-to-Cher apparent - appreciate the entertainment value or just move on to the next prom gown.

The Gucci dress looked better on January Jones a few weeks ago. And Mary J's hair and make-up are old, old, old.

Miley, pursing your lips does not make you look edgy and you are covering up that cute dress with your stringy hair. Stop it!

Nicole does not look great. What are you all talking about? Her hair is a mess, her lips are so inflated they look painful and her dress looks like a dickey tucked into a skirt. Old.

Taylor is all relative. She looked great for her age group (see: Miley) and great for her genre (see: Carrie U.)


Lighten up boys. Taylor Swift looked gorgeous. I love that dress and it fit her perfectly! she was on my person best dressed list :)

How was what Fergie wore tacky and Heidi's dress not tacky? Don't get me wrong, I hated them both but I want to understand your distinction. Fergie
s lady lumps were at least fully reigned in. Perhaps it is the sleeves that makes Heidi classy?

I liked Pink's dress. It was interesting, and surprising.

"fine if a little boring." Probably the most fitting description of everything Taylor Swift.

They were showing repeats of Project Runway Canada last night and the designers had to make dresses out of umbrellas. Biddell (the eventual winner) sent his model out in his umbrella dress carrying a stripped umbrella (just like Gaga's.) Iman warned him, in her stern and very Iman way, about believing his own hype.

Anonymous 12:02:

I completely agree. I feel like I have no idea what Lady Gaga looks like, no matter how hard I try. She always has a face that looks like a portrait, and a different portrait every time. Its intriguing and frustrating at the same time. I mean, is she really a person?

"Is it just me, or does anyone else completely lack the ability to recognize Lady Gaga? I mean sure, the clothes and wig are a dead giveaway, but if you put any wackadoo in some crack-couture and told me it was Gaga, I'd believe you. Her face defies physics! Every time I think I know what she looks like, I see a picture like this one and her face looks NOTHING like previous pictures I've seen."

I think it's intentional. This way Stephanie Germanatto can run out to the grocery store in her pajamas whenever she wants without being recognized.

Oh boy, when I saw Beyonce I had to look twice 'cause I thought it was Queen Latifah in that dress!

Taylor looks like her stylist (mom and grandma) is trying something a little "edgy"--fail. And that hair, please make it stop. I can see her grandma each night using bobby pins to hold the curls in place.

JHud. The apron is spinning around the dress.

Carrie the seventies caftan crew leader.

Beyonce: pretty, interesting dress; not very exciting.
Britney: I'm not reading Dolce & Gabbana; I'm reading "I couldn't afford the Dolce & Gabbana, so I made this by myself instead!"
Carrie: LOVE that dress!
Ciara: really cool dress, and agreed, should have gone with the nude underlay, but the model looks kind of obscene...
Fergie: short, tight, and shiny = bad.
Heidi: short, tight, and shiny = good.
Jennifer: looks fantastic! Simple dress, but so glad she's not in another goddess gown. Go girl!
J-Lo: interesting dress; can't stand her.
Kathy: yawn.
Katy: pretty dress, doesn't go with her hair. Hate the purse
Lea: agreed, adorable.
Mary J.: why'd she lose the print?
Melanie: too much, and again, why'd she lose the print?
Miley: cute , young, funky -- perfect.
Nicole: horrible. She looks emaciated and the dress is bland. The top of it is nice, but it blends into all the black.
Pink: LOVE! Dress is gorge, and I'm a big fan of the combination of tattoos and formal wear.
Rihanna: beautiful dress, but it looks like it's swallowing her head.
I'm so sick of Taylor Swift.
Beyonce again: I KNEW that was Versace. Loved it.

riri looked gorgeous

JacquiBlue said: Am I the only one who thinks that Lady GaGa is so completely contrived?

No, no you're not. In fact, I'm not sure yet she's a 'lady'. She looks too draggish most of the time, IMO. And she's a hack talent.

But I do have to admit, this is one of my more favorite "outfits" on her.

My favorite remark of the evening was, "With that hair, Mary J. Blige is giving us some Dionne Warwick realness."

I'm sorry but Beyonce looks upholstered rather than dresses in the red carpet... and on stage she destroyed that beautiful and architectural dress

Beyonce - I don't like the detail around the lady-area under the zipper and the earring are fug

Britney - LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! But really, I don't mind this look. I'm just glad to see her out and about and looking great. She's not a skinny minnie and never has been.

Carrie - How does she make this fun gown boring? She should do something less pageanty with her hair.

Ciara - Fun!

Fergie - Love the blue, but the metallic strip is meh.

Heidi - Yes, the Heidi we love! Short, tight, and shiny!

Jennifer Hudson - Too tight! Her boobs are trying to escape out the top!

J.Lo - Expected.

Kathy - Looks great!

Katy - Meh.

Lady Gaga - I have really grown to love her! The gown is fabulous, but the hairline on the wig is distracting. Maybe she was going for a Futuristic Space Barbie look?

Lea - Cute but boring. How many times have we seen dresses like this? I want to see this in cracked-out colors!

Mary J. Blige - Too tight but love the color.

Melanie - Comes off as a bit too fancy for the Grammys. If you're going to do volume, do something batshit crazy (i.e. Lady Gaga).

Miley - Dress yes, hair no.

Nicole - That dress was too tight across the thighs.

Pink - Once again, too formal and delicate for the Grammys.

Rihanna - Don't care for her and her usual style, but this works great!

Taylor - Meh. Another country singer who can make a gown boring.

Beyonce - Sasha is Fierce!

Boys, maybe y'all need another day to find your bitchpants for a proper review, LOL.

LOVE Gaga, Love all of your comments- you were easy on them because they looked gorgeous! Must add, however Taylor Swift looked like a 10 year old wearing her mom's dress. She should dress her actual age.

Taylor Swift is in Kaufman Franco, not Dolce & Gabbana.

"Lady Gaga, please don't make props happen on the red carpet. Next thing you know, everyone'll be doing it and stars will be walking down the red carpet with telephones and mixing bowls and whatever they think will get their picture taken."

Actually, props might be helpful for some. If you teach ballet to little kids, you often end up incorporating props as a way of getting them to hold their arms gracefully. (Think of the hula hoops held by the candy cane dancers in The Nutcracker.) Perhaps a prop or two would help Sandra Bullock's red carpet stance!

Best dressed for me were Jennifer Hudson, Lady Gaga and (don't kill me) Miley Cyrus. I can die happy if Nicole Kidman will just leave her hair red. Its sooooooo much better that way.

Jennifer Hudson: boobshelf!

Apparently I've been smoking the Lady Gaga crackpipe, because the more I see this get-up, the more I like it, except for the pointy thing she's toting.

May I say I entirely loathe the first Beyoncé look? Fegh. Love that final look, though. More of that, please, Sasha Fierce.

Britany Spears should be forbidden to walk on any and all red carpets for the next, say, fifteen years.

Carrie Underwood is too tiny for that dress, which makes it lose its zing and just start looking saggy and blah.

Ciara was obviously very drunk at the time she chose to wear that hideous thing.

Fergie, darling, you look CHEAP.

(Speaking of cheap-looking....) O HAI EVERYBODY LOOK I HAS BIG TITS. TCHUS! -Mrs. Samuels.

I HATE J-Lo's outfit. HATE. H. A. T. E. BURN IT. No, wait. Don't. The toxic fumes might kill us all.

J-Hud, on the other hand, looks so fabulous, I want to give her an award of some kind. Wait. What do I hav— Hm. Ah. Here. Have a gold-star sticker and a bottle of Cuervo Gold, dear.

Having seen other photos of Katy Perry in that gown, I shall say only that I wish we could call a moritorium on exposure of Katy Perry's side boob.

Lea Michele's shoes don't fit, and I think my ankles are developing sympathy blisters. Still, she looks fab. She's a STAR, baby! A STAR!

La Blige is the second person I've seen wearing an iteration of that Gucci dress, and the second person who looks horrible in it, so I'm going to go out on a limb and declare that dress is horrid in all iterations and should be avoided by all stylists who actually want their client to look decent/non-sausagey.

I ♥ Princess Puffy-sleeves, but that dress needs to go away now, plzkthx.

I hate Miley Cyrus, so the fact that she looks so fucking horrible is a delicious slice of schaedenfreude cake to me. (Geezey-creezy, her LIPS. WTH?)

That is WAY too much dress for Pink. *shudder* DO NOT WANT.

Rhianna is rocking that silly dress. Am very glad she's managed to put actual clothing on her body. Kudos, Rhi-Rhi! Now if only we could get her to stop doing that shit to her hair (and Mary J. Blige's—stop de-awesoming La Blige, stylists!).

For that matter, someone please get Beyoncé a new hairstylist as well, as that's just...wrong. All kinds of wrong, especially considering how beautiful she is.

That dress is quite flattering on the dullsville Miss Taylor. I have to say I like it, which feels wrong, as that means I'm disagreeing with Lorenzo, and that's downright unAmerican.

Ms. Kidman is looking much more fabulous (hooray curly red hair!), but I hate to have to tell her she needs to figure out a way to prop up her pillows, as they are looking a mite low. Gravity and age do that to many of us. Perhaps they can inject some Botox there her next trip in?

GOD, I am such a bitch today. Gomen nasai.

Also, @Remy Lane, much lulz at the "Lost" symbols quote.

Beyonce (1st look): dress too tight, hair too something…
Brittney: This girl just makes me sad – what a waste of talent and money, much like Lohan.
Heidi: looks amazing! I want her legs. Although they’d look pretty stupid on the rest of my body.
Jennifer Hudson: va va voom!
Gaga: words fail me. I just can't decide if that's in a good way or not.
Blige: agree 100% with TLo.
Miley: Get me a hairbrush!
Rhianna: amazing
Taylor Swift: Looking beautiful. I think the dress is perfect on her.


Lady Gaga is so fucking awesome. I didn't watch... how did she sit? Did she change?

Miley Cyrus... loved her dress but she needs lipstick. BADLY.

So far out of all the awards shows I am sort of surprised that the Grammy's had the least fashion missteps. I mean, yeah Mary's dress is a hair too tight and I agree with most of your critics about the others but of what I saw Britney and Robert Flack were the only HUGE fashion no's.

Beyonce needs to get a hairstylist who can do a weave and not show the lace front. Overall I like everything except the earrings for the runway dress.

I liked the blue dress on Taylor. Even too tight MJB looked 1,000 times better in that dress than January Jones did.

I wonder how Lady Gaga sit in that dress, and what does she do with the prop in her hand when she is in the audience? Or does she wear the dress just for the red carpet and change to smothing else after the camera time?

Forgot to add I loved Pink's whole look. I thought her and her hubby looked gorgeous together.

Wow, I'm loving Jennifer Hudson's look!

And, of course, Praise Godga!


It's harsh, but I really thought this when I saw Ms. Heidi Klum Samuel: Seal has really pulled of a lot of guys' dream: his wife has brains, beauty and reminds other guys of a well-dressed stripper when they appear in public.

Beyond that, I thought there was an unusual amount of actively bad hair this year.

I think Lady Gaga needed to be twirling a flaming baton instead of posing with Sputnik, but I'm guessing the Fire Marshal said "No." Hey, you do the best you can with what you have. And Armani? Who knew!

I'm surprised that no one has commented on how fit and fabulous Jennifer Hudson looked. She must be getting fashion advice from someone new.

Sweet Jesus, no. Dolce & Gabbana should sue.


Rihanna looks STUNNING!

GaGa is too fabulous. I like the wig, it's not like if the hairline had been cleaner we all would have thought it was her real hair anyway.

Beyoncé kind of looks like a man in that Stephane Rolland. it's just way to much shoulder for a girl who already has shoulders. But she totally rocked that Versace. gah that collection was amazing.

In answer to the question "how did Lady Gaga sit", she opened the show, so she never sat in her red carpet look, and she was wearing a completely different outfit. Once in the audience, she was wearing a third look with a towering head-dress that must have ticked off the person who had to sit behind her, heh.

I agree with most of what you said (and there are some gorgeous dresses there, even if I don't understand why you'd change the print on the Christian Siriano to plain black), but there's something that I keep seeing on your posts that's bugging me, especially since your grammar is usually flawless: "demur" is a verb meaning "to object". You're looking for "demure".

Hey boys - just saw the Twitters about my original comment about Beyonce's dress!!

Just as an FYI, it was from Entertainment Weekly's Live Grammy Chat - here's a screengrab I posted last night:

Just wanted to pass it along in case you didn't see my reply on Twitter. :D

Gaga amazes me even when she makes a bad call. The runway outfit was NOT a bad call. HMOG.

I keep looking at Miley and realized what the problem I ahve with her is. It's not her dress choices or hairstyles so much (allowing for the fact the hair really is vile). It's the fact she has no idea how to stand. She is a bumpkin in designer dresses and for some reason can't seem to care.

As for Britney, gods, no, dear, that dress was not meant for such a figure as yours. Please look at Beyonce for how to dress curves, kthxbai.

Speaking of Beyonce, LOVE the dress on her. I love the curve displays when they don't look like overmade beds (that'd be you, Mary J). And Jennifer Hudson. Oh, my various gods. WANT. And how on earth does a Beckham scale to someone who eats three squares a day plus the occasional dessert? I am truly amazed.

Pink looked tons better in what I still call the Fifth Element meets Dune stage ensemble. Bene Gesserit to Milla Jovovich done right in one smooth drop of satin. Oh, RAWR.

Oh lord! Lady Gaga looks like a tranny hooker.

Whomever is styling Lea Michelle these days needs to get a big fat bonus check. She has been rocking it on all the red carpets lately. This look is no exception. LOVE HER! ADORABLE!


I had many faves; Jennifer Hudson, Heidi, Nicole Kidman, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, and Ciara. I actually loved Lady Gaga's look, but agree, her face looked dramatically "new." I still can't wrap my brain around the wig-line, mesh netting, or whatever it was. Very, very strange. And the eyebrows? Shades of Mildred Pierce.

Least faves; Britney, Britney, Britney...wth?


It looks like the wig Lady Gaga is wearing is part of a hooded body/catsuit that she is wearing, if you look close enough.

Beyonce - The hair and makeup are very artificial looking... well even more than usual. I like the cleavage... the dress is not quite cutting it for me, perhaps in another color like navy or wine.

Britney Spears - I can't comment on this because I keep averting my eyes.

Carrie Underwood - I like the hair and makeup and she looks lovely, although it is aging her a bit. I am not feeling the dress.

Ciara - I don't love this look, but thumbs up for making an interesting and daring choice.

Fergie - Although too short, thumbs up.

Heidi - I like the boobs, but thumbs down - too short and the hair is too lank.

Jennifer Hudson - A-MA-ZING! Nitpick, not crazy about the tights - I think black hose is the right choice, but sheerer perhaps. La Posh must be a happy lady today.

Jennifer Lopez - Another too short dress. I like her hair, makeup, smile and attitude.

Kathy Griffin - A'ight.

Katy Perry - The fact that she seems to like it makes me like it.

Lady Gaga - Normally she does not look like she is trying too hard, but in this case she does. I did like the soot-stained monster look she had in her duet with Elton John.

Lea Michele - She looks very cute, better posture would have made a good thing even better. I feel strange noticing that her shoes are too big, like I wished that it had escaped my attention. BTW, she looks like Penelope Cruz's younger sister.

Mary J. Blige - I <3 her sooo much, she is my pretend best friend. Good color on her, but the dress looks good at some angles and unflattering at others. I wish Mary J. and Rihanna would lose the blonde poodle. I have to remember to remember to tell her these things when the restraining order expires.

Melanie Fiona - It's a lotta dress so big kudos to her for pulling it off. I wonder if Alexander McQueen throws a hissy fit when he sees Christian Siriano knockoffs of his designs on the red carpet.

Miley Cyrus - Too short... how old is Miley, 28?

Nicole Kidman - Thumbs up, one of her better looks in recent times.

Pink - I like the dress but not on her.

Rihanna - Like Melanie, it's a lotta dress but she is pulling it off. Ruefully shaking my head at the blond poodle.

Taylor Swift - I am not wowed, but thumbs up

Beyonce (again) - Looks good, the right dress on the right person for the right purpose.

I don't get the comments about Mary J's hair and make up making her look old. She's not in her early 20's anymore and she looks good for age. Maybe it's just me but she looked like the same fabulous Mary to me. I don't see how her hair and makeup aged her at all.

Anyway, that particular dress may not have been right for her, but that color sure is.

Beyonce's red carpet dress looks terrible. Totally inappropriate for a figure like hers. Am I the only one who hates this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

GaGa actually looked pretty on the carpet too, so props. Weird wigline thing but excusable given the overall ridiculousness of her look. Her performance outfit was also amazing, in a "I'm a pro wrestlor and/or drag queen" kind of way.

Don't know why Britney even bothered to attend if she was going to wear...that.

Rihanna = WOW!

I feely a little catty/bitchy today, too.
Some looks are very nice. Heidi, especially, was very Grammy apropriate, I thought. Short & shiny & thankfully not so tight.

Melani Fiona--WAY much of an Oscar dress for this--way. Beyonce, too. And who is this Ciara person? It was nice to see Mrs. Urban in black again, but she's lookin' rough.

Pink & Rhianna--their dresses were wearing them, not the other way around. Too, too.

Lea Michele--very cute, but I am so tired of the Wilma dress. So tired.

Jennifer Lopez--TRIPE!!! Perfect.

Britney--I. Gasp. Then. Die. And not in a good way.

Well--it's all really entertaining, anyway...

OMG--I forgot to mention Lady Gaga. She is just walking performance art. Fab!

That dress looks better on Jennifer Hudson than on the emaciated praying mantis wearing it on the runway. Good for her! Brava, I say.

Oh, and Lady Gaga just makes me so happy to be a gay man.

1. Britney has managed to make such a bare dress look matronly. She has thighs like mine (and that's not a compliment).
2. Heidi looks awful. Yes she has a good body, but with that body, hair and face, she could have done MUCH better. The color alone is a bad choice. And she's 2 out of 3 for short, tight and shiny.

It seems to me that JLo, Britney, and even Heidi are laboring under the illusion that they still have the same body they had ten years ago. The boobs are lower, the butt is bigger but the gams are still glorious. None of them need to be matronly but it is time to make a painful evaluation in a mirrored room.

Heidi looks silly with that butterfly thing on her fingers. This isn't the 60s and she didn't need anymore glitter. She seems to be getting raves for this get up but I think it looks Penthouse-ish.

Ciara you lost the vest totally by blurring the lines with your black bathing suit. The sad thing is that tends to "cut" the body into segments ruining the long, lean look she could have pulled off because she is a long, lean girl.

The model on the runway wore the Stephane Rolland unzipped for effect. Beyonce wore it unzipped because there was no effing way she could have zipped it.

Melanie Fiona made Christian's dress look like coffin lining by changing it to all black.

I love Lady Gaga, and I actually love her makeup there (plus the entire outfit, prop and all), but the too-obvious wig hairline plus the fact that the ends are the color of urine are horrible. HORRIBLE. For shame, Gaga. For shame.

Mary J .. all I can think is JOGGING BRA! Aweful

Loving Gaga. Finally, someone brings the joy of female female impersonation to the popular culture!

As far as Jennifer Hudson, as a woman with great big giant breastuses, I can attest the for many women, that look is not only not painful or squished, it's very comfortable and supportive. I think she looks great.

Some women have enormous bosoms and aren't afraid to push 'em up and show 'em, y'all. Embrace it!

Can I ask what the hell you people are eating that you think Lady Gaga's bright yellow hair is the color of urine/pee?

In answer to the question "how did Lady Gaga sit", she opened the show, so she never sat in her red carpet look, and she was wearing a completely different outfit. Once in the audience, she was wearing a third look with a towering head-dress that must have ticked off the person who had to sit behind her, heh.
From the pictures on Gagadaily, it appears that the person sitting behind her was no other than Space Cowboy, a DJ and artist featured on her record. He must have missed the whole show!

1 - beyonce - the fabric is too heavy for her & the details are meant for a girl w/ no curves. OUT

2 - britney - someone kick her in the balls for doing THAT to a D&G. MAJOR OUT

3 - carrie - the top looks great, but if it ended in a tight pencil skirt shed look 100 x better. as is - shes a fancy oompa loompa.

4 - ciara - way off the mark. too edgy, too revealing & way too ugly on her. something elegant w/ color would have looked amazing on such a pretty girl.

5 - fergie - a tacky dress for a tacky girl. it suits her. IN

6 - heidi - god bless that crazy broad. IN

7 - jennifer hudson - FABULOUS! surprising & classysexy. love it. IN

8 - jlo - lumpy & too tight. OUT

9 - kathy - too long for her. shes a little thing & she looks better in tight knee-length dresses. and the gold is too aging on her. color color color. OUT

10 - katy - another pretty girl who pussed out on the wearing color & suffered for it. put that dress in an actual color & we can discuss it, but like that no. OUT

11 - gaga - lose the prop, lose the yellow wig, lose the couturewannabe posturing and im with you. for now she just looks like shes trying too hard.

12 - lea - PERFECT! the right dress, right length, right fit, appropriate for the occasion. NAILED IT.

13 - mary - marymarymary... 1 size up & youda been slammin'....

14 - melanie - love the dress on her, but i honestly think the color version would have looked better. shes young, thin & beautiful, she should be wearing color.

15 - miley - i want to brush her hair & punch her smug little face, but i like the dress on her.

16 - nicole - oh god what the hell did she pay people to do to her face? love the dress.

17 - pink - its okay, but if that could somehow be made into a shorter version, i think she would have looked great.

18 - rihanna - THUNK. that dress is eating her. beautiful gown, not on her. again - young, thin & beautiful is wasted on these people... learn from heidi - tight, shiny & short! do it while you can!

19 - taylor - honestly, i kinda like it. its way too old for her, but i love the color, texture & cut. she looks great. shes like 30-something, tough, right? :P

20 - beyonce - meh. still to thick on her. she never quite gets it right & its a damn shame cause shes so pretty. her gays must hate her.

Why does anybody even look at Fergie's dresses anymore? Every time, it's just a brightly colored tube that hardly covers her on either end.

I missed the show so I have had to rely on the pictures of strangers.
One of my friends called Lady Gaga "Tinkerbell on acid," and I have to say that's an apt description. I also agree with the comments that Christian's dress was just not the same in black. Let's see, what else? I do like Taylor's dress, but not necessarily on her, and I love Nicole's red hair. (Her best accessory is the one on her right arm, though.)

Oh, and a few of these dresses make my girls scream in sympathy.

(another suz)

Does anyone else see the resemblance between Gaga and Amy Winehouse? Face wise, I mean.

When I missed the beginning of the Grammy's, I asked my 70+ year old dad what Lady Gaga was wearing - and he knew! You might think that is the beginning of the end for Lady Gaga, but my dad is COOL (so you'd be wrong)...but he liked Pink's water theatrics better.

and JHudson looked absolutely awesome.

Carrie Underwood looks beautiful, if a bit hungry. Get that girl a sandwich.

Heidi - short/tight/shiny. Did we expect anything less? From the neck up, she's great, but she always brings the skanky dresses when she's not pregnant.


Must you always wear short, tight and shiny???

She does look like a Penthouse pin-up, always showing her boobs. Would a little elegance kill her???

Is Gaga's hair attached to the hood of her body stocking?? I am confused, but in awe.


I will be the dissenter on Lea Michelle. I think the dress is boring and juvenile. Yeah, I know she's young, but c'mon she's Hollywood young. That's like 35 in the rest of America.

When you look at the whole batch of photos it's all "OOO, love!" and "Ugh, terrible". Then there's Lea and it's "Zzzzzzz....". A longer and more interesting dress seems like it would been more fitting for what is a cracktastic occasion.

That dress Taylor Swift was wearing makes her look boxie and boobless.. I couldn't figure out what was wrong till I read about it being cut too low.
Brill you'all are just Brill.
Thank you for all the pic's.

Nicole needs'a leave her hair alone; one more dye job and she's gonna be already looks like a singed cotton ball.

Pink rocks and I don't care what she wears, she gets a pass and a thumbs-up 'cause she's Pink. I want an entire generation of Pink ladies.

Lady GaGa is a treat, and her bellowing it out with the greatest Gal of 'em all, ol' Elton John was absolutely dreamy. She can do out-of-the-box and make you wish you could pull it off.'s over, honey. It just is. J-Lo? It was never really there to begin with...

I loved Katy Perry and Gaga. Both of them know how to bring it to the Grammys.

Katy's dress did seem a little ill fitting in the bust during the show, but otherwise it was a breath of fresh air - loved it.

Gaga - can do no wrong. Contrived? Sure! That's the point! Isn't it?
Elton John was contrived.
Cher was contrived.
Madonna was contrived.
Gaga is carring the torch quite well, IMO.

TLo said about Nicole Kidman: We can't remember the last time we saw her in black.

If I remember correctly, Nicole wore black to the premiere of "Nine". I think it was the Los Angeles premiere. I'm loving the fact that she is going back to her red hair (at least for now).

Mama Jo

When I saw Lea Michele's dress the first thing I thought about was Jay's winning dress from episode 2 of PR...


dear god, when i die can you please reincarnate me as Lea Michele? Kthanx

I'm surprised no one addressed the fact that Miley appears to be wearing shoulder pads (that the model is not wearing). Is no else seeing that?? It was very noticeable last night. And very terrible.

Agreed with just about everything, except for Pink - I think she looks gorgeous, love the dress. But I happily defer to you guy's expertise.

OK--I confess that I was watching E! Fashion Police this morning (I like to get second opinons about these things--they loved Miley, BTW...) and got a very good look at Lady Gaga. She did, indeed, put her pee-yellow wig OVER the hood of the body stocking. Hence the weird hairline.
It was bothering me because I am positive it was NOT an accident. Not from this gal--everything seems to be VERY orchestrated.

Pink's tattoo looks like she took a mid term test and forgot to wash the cheat notes off the inside of her left arm. When will people learn to stop writing on themselves?

When is Seal going to lose the baby weight? And who robbed "The Bodyguard" wardrobe for Beyonce?

I heard an interview with David Bowie a while ago in which he mused that he should have licensed the character of Ziggy Stardust and hired a succession of actors to tour with it. Looks like he's finally done that but changed the name to "Lady Gaga."

Lea Michele's dress was a last minute substitution. She told Seacrest that her first dress was white but you could see through it when she stood next to a window.

Tom & Lorenzo,
Just fyi, Taylor Swift wore Kaufman Franco not D&G. I also thought it was D&G and was corrected. Upon doing a fact check, it is Kaufman Franco. Just fyi, you might want to change the credits on that one. These poor designers give these dresses away, so it's good to give the proper credits for the work.

Mary, The Recessionista Blog

HATE J Lo's, she can do sooo much better. And I think Pink is ROCKING her gown. It's very elegant without too much frou frou. Other than that, I agree with the rest of your judgings.

Carry On

Beyonce is not fat. But why does she insist on wearing things that make her look fat? Same thing for Fergie!

And I didn't like Heidi's. It was just too short. But then again, it was Heidi.

Loved Gaga. And Pink looked FIERCE onstage.

Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse. Wtf did Gaga do to her face? Am I the only one thinking she looks like Wino?

What's up with the weird photoshot crop out of Beyonce's earring in that last photo at the top? Oops!

Has anyone purchased Lady Gaga Tickets from the website

BALMAIN for women

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