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Yay or Nay: Kitten Heels

Meow, kittens.

Here's your latest Spring '10 trend to rip to shreds, or, as we like to say, "discuss."

Let's start off with this: we never could stand kitten heels. We always found them either dowdy in the old lady sense, or self-consciously "sexy" in an old-fashioned sense (we tend to associate them with a pair of maribou feather mules like something Ginger Grant would have worn or Jayne Mansfield on a day when her back was bothering her from lugging those jugs).

Now, before you jump all over us, we'll say this: Mega high heels are not for every woman (in fact, they're not for most women*), so we aren't saying Go High or Go Home. One can find a flattering and stylish low-heeled shoe and certainly one can always find a cute pair of flats to wear, although they don't always look good with certain hem lengths. But there's just something so half-assed about so-called kitten heels.

Not surprisingly, with our Amazonian First Lady sporting them frequently, the kitten heel is making another comeback to the runways. Let's take a look:

Missoni Spring 2010 Collection

Marni Spring 2010 Collection

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Collection

Uniformly AWFUL. To our eyes, the best thing to do with a kitten heel is to slap it on a very low-key, practically minimalist shoe. These all look like platform shoes with the platforms sawed off. And seriously, what the hell is up with that Marni collection? Is that supposed to be some sort of joke? Because yeah, if you're going to market kitten heels, the very best thing to do would be to make everyone think of old ladies with their knee-highs puddled around their ankles.

We say YAY to the idea of kitten heels, so women who care about their foot and lower back health can feel stylish and make choices, but we say NAY to these kitten heels because they are an assault on our eyes.

*And to the first person who says "Of course you like them. You don't have to wear them," we retort with "Neither do you."


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I think they suck-BIG TIME!


Peppermint Patty

Okay, I love kitten heels, but these are all just so hideous. Especially the last group.


I agree about kitten heels, too. Low heels can be fine, flats can be fine, but "kitten heels" have always been kinda eye-searing to me - and these are a whole new level of dreadful.

mee-ouch! these are so damn ugly!

it looks like the antique roadshow lost some table legs.

They are HORRIBLE. I like flats and I like heels, but kitten heels are dire.

"And seriously, what the hell is up with that Marni collection? Is that supposed to be some sort of joke? Because yeah, if you're going to market kitten heels, the very best thing to do would be to make everyone think of old ladies with their knee-highs puddled up around their ankles."

EXACTLY what I was thinking. Terrifying. Ugh.

These are absolutely awful and the wearing socks with shoes trend better never actually take off like the runways seem to be wanting them to. I wear kitten heels to work, but I think if you are getting super dressed up you should go for a regular heel.

"Uniformly AWFUL."

Agreed. Nothing more to say about them, is there?

Hate them, hate those.

I hate kitten heels in all incarnations. This hatred is based from a fashion standpoint, as well as from a practicality standpoint - personally I find it MORE difficult to walk in a flat masquerading as a heel. There's a false sense of security. If you want to wear a flat, just wear a mother effing flat.

Quite simply, Go Big or Stay Home.

(or wear fashionable flats)

Oh, come on, they're all great! Not so much aesthetically, but because they're great for the where-would-you-wear-this game? I defy anyone to come up with an appropriate venue for that last LV green boot. Surely, not even a Las Vegas hooker in a cowgirl outfit would be seen in those things.

The LV ones look like a freaking door knob.

I hate them with a passion...and those particular versions are truly made of ugh. As a gal who wears heels whenever she can (I prefer slightly chunky and at least three inches, but have all sorts of them)I can say, at least for me, that kitten heels are dreadful to walk in. I always end up feeling about to roll an ankle, which is odd because I do have stilettos, but they never make me feel that way. Perhaps it's because they shove you so far forward that you get used to balancing on the ball of your foot, whereas the kitten heel is deceptive to your sense of balance. Anywhoodle, nay on the kitten heel. I think they're dreadful.

I personally have a pair of red kitten heels that I LOVE and would probably buy another pair of. I like that they give me a little bit of height and dress up a pair of jeans if I need it.

However those, are just hideous.

For the record the ones pictured I consider HIDEOUS! But I have to admit I love them for work. I cannot wear the hooker heels that are so "in" right now for work. And my foot cannot wear a simple flat (I have a really high arch which makes that painful). So my options are grandma flats high heels or kitten heels.

I like just a simple, pointy pump or something like that. These things pictured are a big NO.

I love kitten heels, but the ones you have shown are very ugly.


these are the heels that used to leave gouges in the floor, or the time I was walking across a grate and got the thing stuck... dont even care that they look dorky.

I've been looking forward to copies of the kitten heels our First Lady wears. Imagine my disappointment.


Agreed -- HATE THEM --

I personally think thicker heels are always more flattering (unless you are blessed with delicate calves and ankles) -- even when mile high...although, I will concede that some of the CLs and MBs are very pretty....just not always when they are on.

Well, those are kitten heels if the kitten is some kind of deformed hellspawn reject!

The shoes featured are ugly-a** shoes regardless of the heel.

These are HORRIBLE.

I, too, hate kitten heels. As a tall lady, I used to favor them, but I say, embrace your height! Plus, they're super uncomfortable. There's something strange about being just slightly elevated. And they make your feet look big.

I love kitten heels for work and I actually like the first set of heels, but I didn't even notice that Marni had three different styles. Just bad.

nay. nay. a thousand times nay.

I hate kitten heels and the only time I've worn them is when I was pregnant and could no long rock a decent heel.

Let me just agree with all of the posters who said that these are god-awful, but that kitten heels on a simple pump style shoe are a comfortable heel to wear. There are plenty of clothes (especially some office wear) that really needs a heel, and for those of us without the coordination (or the knees) for any significant heel, a little kitten heel works well.

Let me just agree with all of the posters who said that these are god-awful, but that kitten heels on a simple pump style shoe are a comfortable heel to wear. There are plenty of clothes (especially some office wear) that really needs a heel, and for those of us without the coordination (or the knees) for any significant heel, a little kitten heel works well.

These are awful indeed. And I have tried to wear kitten heels in the past, partly because I do not like wearing heels, but I haven't found them more comfortable at all. A well-made pair of 3" heels can be much more supportive and attractive to boot.

Tried kitten heels when they were big when I was in college and just didn't like them - very awkward feeling. My favorite heel height is 2 to 2 1/2 inches. Higher and they're painful.

That thar is a buttload of serious ugly.

A little kitten heel on what is essentially a ballerina flat with a pointed toe, or a closed toe vamp with a delicate ankle strap, can be a lovely thing. Kitten heels are for dainty, subdued heels.
I wore a pair of Italian kitten heels with my wedding dress that were a lovely taupe suede with a little buttoned strap across the foot - so pretty yet so practical for the event. (Victorian style wedding dress in golden beige embroidered dupioni covered in ivory embroidered net lace - scrumptious - was surprised to realize I bought my wedding shoes to wear on one of my first dates with my husband, LOL!)

"Because yeah, if you're going to market kitten heels, the very best thing to do would be to make everyone think of old ladies with their knee-highs puddled up around their ankles".

You just gave me my first in-office laugh of the year.

Love the fact that women are allowed to get off those towers. DO NOT love those designs.


"We say YAY to the idea of kitten heels, so women who care about their foot and lower back health can feel stylish and make choices, but we say NAY to these kitten heels because they are an assault on our eyes."

Pretty much sums it up.

Those are hideous, but I can add to the kitten heel love.

I wear the high heels for a night out, and flats when I'm being reasonable, but skirts and most pants just look so much better with even a small bit of elevation. And chunky low-heeled shoes just scream "middle school dance" to me.

I've learned that my body can wear a 1.5"-2.5" heel for 8+ hours a day, and anything higher than that is relegated to special occasions. Allow me my cute, pointy-toed, kitten heel shoes.

Something like this:,default,pd.html?cgid=70001090&itemNum=16&variantSizeClass=&variantColor=BLKRPSY


As someone who's been told "no more high heels ever!" by her doctor, I long for attractive low-heeled shoes... so I'm happy to see something other than skyscraper-high heels & platforms. BUT, these are just ugly.

I vaguely recall enjoying (in the 80s?) kitten heels that were slimmer, almost like ballet flats with pointy toes.

The proportion is just out of whack - you can't take the chunky, clunky uppers off of your crazy platforms and slap a kitten on it. These need either a thicker heel or slimmer upper. No surprise then that the only ones I could bear are the pink Missoni.

I thought i liked kitten heels, but these pictures make me wonder if I actually know what a kitten heel is....

anyway, these are no-holds-barred awful

torrinpaige said...

"kitten heels are dreadful to walk in. I always end up feeling about to roll an ankle, which is odd because I do have stilettos, but they never make me feel that way. Perhaps it's because they shove you so far forward that you get used to balancing on the ball of your foot, whereas the kitten heel is deceptive to your sense of balance."

I agree! I think kitten heels take all of the good things about heels (the ability to make your legs/ass look awesome, that sexy feeling you get when wearing them) and all the good things about wearing flats (stability and comfort) and throw them out the window so all you're left with is an unflattering, stumpy heel that you can't run in or stand in for 8 hours.

But I know some women like them. So can we see some pictures of pretty kitten heels, please? I'm sure they exist somewhere

YAY to kitten heels. NAY to these.

I love a cute kitten heel - now more than ever, since I recently had knee surgery.
But I agree strongly with this quote
NAY to these kitten heels because they are an assault on our eyes

Actually, I usually like kitten heels (I hatehatehate tall stilettos - nothing fashionable about pain and foot deformities!), and the Missonis are fairly cute. BUT, those Marnis look like something out of the bargain bin at Wal-Mart, and why why why paired with those dingy, droopy socks (or any socks, for that matter)? The LV ones are pretty crazy, especially the cracktastic last green pair.

But really, don't dismiss all kitten heels just because some kitten heels are hideous.

I like kitten heels but these are fug.

Are those... wooden pegs being used as heels? Might as well just glue a wine bottle cork on a sandal and call it a day.

I've had gorgeous kitten heel sandals. These? Are hideous. Too heavy and overworked for the heel height.

The Marni collection is absurd! I wonder what the clothes look like.
Are they marching in a crime os fashion chain gang, as the striped pants seem to imply?

another laura

The Marnis are inexplicably hideous unless you see them as some kind of play on geisha footwear, which they might be, but you know, no matter - they're horrible.

The Louis Vuittons are jaw-droppingly hideous.

And now, hiding behind a snowdrift, I'll say ... I like the Missonis. I see them for actual resort wear (rather than couture "resort" wear, like ball gowns, you know what I mean?).

Nay to all of them...the heel just looks so out of proportion to the shoe, abrupt, no graceful lines..ugh...ugly!


It's so funny that you're posting about kitten heels because this past weekend I saw the most bizarre pair of turquoise, neoprene Kitten Hell *(that was an actual type-over, but it's appropriate for the following description)* boots at a local shoestore. The fabric of the boots actually had Rosie the Robot(of The Jetson's fame) printed all over them and the heels were slightly off-center from the soles and were zig-zagged in structure. These boots were totally insane and made me wonder if this is what we'd see in the upcoming spring season. I wish I'd photographed them at the time.

Anyway, generally speaking I like a kitten heel every now and again. I had a great pair of kitten heel boots, but they were an absolute b**** to walk in. I say, "yay" to kitten heels. But Marni's collection should definitely go under the "Kitten Hell" category.


I'm putting my head in the oven.


I wore a pair of 1 1/2" heels the other day and realized that I looked like I had cankles.

NAY to kitten heels. I hate them. They look like sawed off regular heel and I find them uncomfortable.

Those Marni shoes look horrible like expensive orthopedic shoes.

Unfortunately*, because of my disabilities, I cannot wear anything but kitten heels if I want any extra height. I only have a couple pair though because for the most part they are simply too "old" or too "ugly."

I was hoping that with them making a resurgence that the designers would come up with some cute or sexy or even classy new versions. Alas, that was not to be. ALL of those are absolutely hideous!

Since I wear them, I will give a "Yay" to the five pairs in existence that are cute or sexy or classy or some combination there in. I have to give a "Nay" to all the others.

I *love* kitten heels, but THESE are all awful. I'm very tall but I like to wear heels, and I also walk just about everywhere and am not a fan of exchanging "real" shoes for "walking" shoes. Thus, kitten heels are a nice compromise for me. I do generally tend to wear them with pants, though, since I do think they look a little off with skirts/dresses.

So, like TLo, YAY for kitten heels in general, but a big fat NAY for this particular collection of them!

Personally? I like kitten heels - just not THOSE monstrosities! If that was the selection I faced, I'd never strap another kitten heel on again. But those aside, they are more comfortable - and let's be honest here. I'm 6'2 and built like a Valkyrie on vacation. Last thing I need while running errands is another 4-6 inches high heels would give me. I think I intimidate the bag boys at the grocery as it is!

High heels? Save those for the night out with my husband. Flats kill my feet (and back) so long live the kitten heel! (Again, except the ones you showed. Those can be quietly killed and buried out back.)

Oops! Forgot the * by unfortunately. Soooo.....

* Unfortunately because I LOVE the way my legs look in heels and miss it dearly! :( lol

kitten heels are for quitters.

Those are the kind of heels that making walking truly precarious. I always see women falling flat on their asses in those shoes, whereas I see far fewer accidents in stilettos or even the craziest platform rigs going.

Nothing could be more humiliating than falling on your face in those hideous Louis Vuittons.

Those are the kind of heels that making walking truly precarious. I always see women falling flat on their asses in those shoes, whereas I see far fewer accidents in stilettos or even the craziest platform rigs going.

Nothing could be more humiliating than falling on your face in those hideous Louis Vuittons.

Those Marni shoes look like they're straight out of the Aunt Esther collection of the Sanford & Son line!

I have to agree with @Toni and several others. Done right, with a classic shape and style, a kitten heel is an excellent way to add a chic profile to the foot without the discomfort of a higher heel that many of us just can't wear. They give a different flavor than a flat, and I find them very European.

To me, these particular shoes join the recent phenomenon of Look at Me Footwear that seems to be pervading the catwalks, like the Alexander McQueen horse hoof heels for Spring.

I actually quite like a good kitten heal, but these are...horrendous. Yech!

As someone who can't wear heels, I like the idea of the kitten heel. However, of the samples shown, the only ones I like are the Missoni. They have a light, tropical feel. The Marni are ugly and the LV are just too much shoe for a low heel.

When I first saw the Marni, I thought they were perhaps going for an Oriental vibe and missed. But after reading TLo's remarks, I see they hit the mark on the old lady vibe.

Happy 2010 to everyone!
Polly Glot

yeah! ho! wah!

"We say YAY to the idea of kitten heels, (...) but we say NAY to these kitten heels because they are an assault on our eyes."

agree on the first part. there is nothing wrong with kitten heels.

half-agree on the second part. the missoni are boring and the marni are ugly as fuck, but the vuitton are kinda funky in a batshit-crazy kinda way. not for everybody, but how boring would fashion be without its regular lapses into mental-institution-territory?

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I love kitten heels, because I walk alot and I don't like athletic shoes for every day. But these kinda suck.

I hate kitten heels, will never wear them... all of those shoes are hideous, kitten or not. Especially the Marni's, oy.

I can say nothing more apt here than these immortal words:

"Look at her shoes. If a fashion magazine told her to, she'd wear cats strapped to her feet. "

too many cats

These kitten heels make feline furballs look to be things of beauty.

Kitten heels are a mainstay of my work wardrobe, but these are just hideous.

I would say you could wear the last one (green LV) with either of these looks:

*ducks and runs for cover*

Seriously, they've got a western/Victorian vibe going for them, either of which would go with something costumey along these lines.

I honestly, I kinda dig the LV set. Batshit crazy footwear indeed, but then again, I'm in a crazy Victorian vibe place since I saw Sherlock Holmes last night.

they're awful for my balance, and terribly uncomfortable. they put your foot in this weird middle position between tiptoe and flat that fucks with my arches and hamstrings something awful. i can't wear them more than 1/2 hour at a stretch.

The problem is that other than the Missoni, these are all hideous shoes. It's not the heels. Kitten heels can be great but these are not an example of this.

I think they almost always make your feet look bigger. That might be a psychological thing though. I prefer to either wear flats or heels that are at least 2 inches.

I wore kitten heels in the same way I wore a training bra: once I got big enough I threw them away and never looked back.

Thank you for showing me that I can replace the heels of shoes with old pieces of furniture.

I dunno....I think the Missoni ones are pretty cute. The others, not so much. The LVs are beyond fugly. I have a few pairs of kitten heels, and I like them, especially with capri pants. Sometimes a shorter heel is perfect.

Those shoes are hideous, and it's got nothing to do with the heels. They'd be bad as flats or as sky-high heels.

As someone who thinks Ginger Grant and Jayne Mansfield are both fabulous, I don't see anything wrong with kitten heels, on a pretty, delicate shoe. I also like flats and wear them often. And I must tell you, as a short woman with tiny feet, I look adorable in them.

Ginger and Jayne wouldn't be caught dead in these monstrosities. What is the matter with shoe designers lately? It's either those horrible armadillo shoes or something icky like this.

Kitten hells really have no point - they are equally miserable on your feet and back without the benefit of making your calves look spectacular.

And these are generally "what were they thinking" versions of the kitten heel.


As much as I believe kitten heels are basically an identity crisis on your feet, they can be cute. This gives some great examples of good kitten heels:

Kitten heels seem great for kicking up a casual outfit, but what's with overdoing the embellishments? My own grandmother would scoff at these examples.

I love fabulous pairs of high heels. I own 3 pairs of 4-inch stuart weitzmans and they are fabulous and comfortable. I've never liked kitten heels, as the whole point of heels is to make legs look longer and they don't do that at all. The missonis are obviously the least terrible, but still ugly as they would make unremarkable wedges but look strange here

I love kitten heels, but the ones here are not shoes, they're furniture. From the deckchair, futon, and ugly-ass victorian upholstered collections, respectively.


Those Marni shoes look more like the old-man made-from-used-tires sandals and should've been paired with black socks to complete the look. Gag!


Nope! They're hideous!

I love kitten heels! They're great for work or running around when you have to be on your feet all day but want to look a bit more put together.

However, these are just AWFUL.. They don't look like they were designed with any sort of consideration that one day a woman would wear them on her feet.

I always remember what Posh said in her book, about how kitten heels are not only extremely unflattering to your leg, they're still just as bad for your feet.

I'm a sneaker girl, but I would rather wear real high-heels than kitten heels. If you're going to wear a heel, why not go all out?

(wow, 'heel' does not look like a word anymore)

They're good for working in the office environment - the formality of heels without the pain and wobbling.

These aren't kitten heels. Kitten heels are classic, pointy toed, delicate shoes.

These are mutant, grotesque lovechildren of grandma shoes and grandma furniture conjured up in some sick sadist's mind..."How can I make a woman into a clodhopping hunchback....and let's add grungy unwashed socks!"

This comment has been removed by the author.

I must be insane, but I actually think the LV shoes on the left are pretty cute. *ducks*

I've decided I've become a fashion failure though, so there you go. I've had to resort to lower heels since my back injury, so finding flats that aren't matronly is a tough enough task.

i'm not dorothy gale

Overwhelmingly ugly, and not because of the heel height but rather the styling. I think we're going to see some wonderful LOWER HEELS since the ultra-highs are on the markdown racks everywhere. Anthropologie has some to-die-for lower heels that I'm coveting.

But not these. Nay.

I love the idea, but every time I put my size 10 gunboats in a kitten heel, it just looks like they grew 4 sizes. I'll stick with high heels or flats.

Those are horrid. But a classic kitten heel, pointy toe, sleek lines? Very pretty and sexy. But, as has been mentioned, harder to walk in than an actual heel. The center of gravity is all off.

Says the woman who regularly falls off her Danskos.


What's wrong with a nice pump? Wearing heels doesn't mean you have to go with a pair of stilts.

I have found exactly one pair of kitten heels that looks nice and is easy to walk in. 1 pair in over a decade of shoe shopping. Ridiculous!

I definitely agree. Shorter heels are nice for when you want to be a bit more fancy then flats without having to risk killing your feet. But all of these are just hideous. And really whose HORRIBLe idea was it to pair those with socks?

kitten heels are horribly ugly all the time, but these designers found a way to make them even uglier. go for high heels, flats, or switching btw for purpose of commuting/walking around. i love my heels and have found that i extend the life of them exponentially by wearing flats or cute casual/athletic shoes while walking from courthouse to courthouse to lunch and to my car while at work.

I am a little confused at the love of flats though.

I wear pumps or sandals most of the time. I guess that most used to be around 3" or sandals with kitten heels or a small wedge.
But since my knee injury last year, I have been looking for shoes to wear with skirts.

I really cannot find cute flats or cute low heels to wear with skirts. (In the winter, I tended to go with boots, because then I could find cute ones with lower heels.) I wonder what the flats fans would be wearing?

Kitten heels date back to the 18th century, I believe, and can be part of a very pretty shoe.

The gold ones look like those plastic "Japanese" huarache-type sandals they sell in some supermarkets and drug stores. In Arizona, they make the prisoners wear them.

Flats over kitten heels in casual situations for me.

What the hell was Marc Jacobs thinking? Those are fugly.


Kitten heels, pale pink sling backs, circa 1971, a gift from my cousin as my first "heels" were great. Ever since, no thanks for me but I can see they look fine on others. I prefer 3" or higher.

But these? Fug. You couldn't pay me to put them on my feet, let alone fork over cash to actually buy them.

I hate them!

I hate kitten heels, those and every other kitten heels. I agree that they look half-assed, old ladyish, and ugly.

These are heels tall girls can love. The Missoni group are the best!

Ok, I am a girl who enjoys the super high heels, but I understand there comes a time for a smaller heel. The first group isn't so bad, kind of a beachy feeling, though I don't know why anyone would wear heels to the beach but you get the idea. The second group is just awful, and the third group is downright freakin' hideous!!! SO OUT. Go high or go home!!! haha


My calves are the size of sequoia's so they are a big NAY for me.

Hate to bash you, TLo, but kitten heels are gods gift to tall women who still like to walk in heels (which totally change your posture). I will grant that the rafia shoes are hideous, and sandals with socks are ALWAYS a no, but done right, kitten heels are perfectly sexy.

I'm 5'10", and I love me some kitten heels. Flats are also wonderful, but the heels are a welcome change.

I think I will be the only one here, but I sort of like all of the collextions, and I would wear all of sandals from Missoni collection.

Honestly, the only Kitten Heels that look decent are the flip/flop variety (at least on me anyway). Couldn't agree more with all "Ugly" comments.

Dear Lord, MY EYES!

Only to be worn by true fashion victims.

These are hideous kitten heels depicted here, so they get a Nay. Kitten heels in theory get a Yay from me. I like very simple ones. I have serious foot problems from rheumatoid arthritis. I can occasionally wear a high-ish heel (3.25 inches, max) for a couple of hours if I'm not having bad inflammation, so the kitten is a good option for me. They are especially cute in summer and spring with cute, casual dresses.

The Missoni collection looks like someone bedazzled a few pairs of Candie's.

I was vintage shopping today...and the place was just flooded with kitten heeled shoes. I ran like hell.

YAY!! I love it when you two fashion bitches back up one of my opinions!

I CAN NOT STAND kitten heels. They're so twee and childish and awkward and ugly! I'll wear clunky shoes or high heels or sneakers or flats or mid-heels or big-ass motorcycle boots or flip-flops and I'll attempt to totter around in a stiletto, and I'll go barefoot - but kitten heels - LOATHE.

All that being said, I hate the LV less than the others because at least they're sorta interesting, but the heel ... oh ugh. make them go away, TLo - use your superpowers of fab.


Hate kitten heels, feels very weird trying to walk in them. I have to say the Missoni collection would make a great summer flat or wedge, but nay to the kitten heels!

I actually like kitten heels, and disagree with those who say they are unflattering or hard to walk in. I'm 2 inches taller than my husband, so surely don't want to add four more, even if I liked those absurdly high heels. I think the Missoni's would be cute with a sundress, but the others are just ugly shoes, period.
And where did the term kitten heels come from, anyway? Must not have penetrated the deep south, or else may be a pretty modern term, because I never heard of them. Not that I am fashionably knowledgeable, anyway, but don't consider Posh an authority either. :-)

These are kitten heels for CRAZY CAT LADIES!

and they make me giggle.

But the only pair of kitten heels I ever owned was a pair of red ones when I was 12 and I loved them and wore them to death.

Definite nay! Those thorn heels will always make your calves and ankles look fat.

I wore kitten heels in my wedding. But mine were not vomit-worthy.

In a season when Karl Lagerfeld would have women sporting clogs, I have to say the idea of a kitten heel isn't so bad.

I understand women who don't want to wear high-heels, but why not simply wear normal lower heels? I think kitten-heels are one of those things that can be worn only in certain conservative styles of shoes. Even when they are part of a beautiful shoe - let's simply ignore those hideous examples from the spring10 runways, okay? - they are still extremely unflattering to the leg and figure of a woman. While high-heels equal long shapely legs+ beautiful curvature of the ankle+tight bum and tummy, kitten heels equal stumpy legs+bad poise+ awkwardly waddling walk in my opinion. I own two pairs of kitten heels myself - from the beginnings of my heel-wearing, and I still wear them from time to time, but whenever I do so, I feel strangely off-center and my feet hurt more in the evening than after wearing simply flats or "real" heels...

Screw Louis Vuitton. The whole label is terrible.

I had never heard of kitten heels but thing they are ridiculous looking -- at least the ones you showed. I was never a fan of really high heels but did wear medium high ones -- anyone remember Cuban heels (sort of clunky, but comfortable,wedgies (likewise) and elegantly shaped shoes with 2 -2 1/2" heels?
I still treasure for the memories a pair of Italian sandals which fit the last description that I bought in the early '60s even though I can't wear them any longer. They still look elegant -- and were incredibly comfortable to wear.
Now despite Tim Gunn's strictures I wear and enjoy Croc knock-offs ... To h*ll with heels!


Holy god in heaven, those are HIDEOUS. I like kitten heels, but those are dreadful. Socks. With and open toed shoe. Where are we? Tampa for Tourists?

I own a lot of what I consider kitten heels (less than 2" heel height), but they're all built to look streamlined, not chunky. A tiny heel off a chunky sole really isn't worth it. Why not just make it a wedge and be done with it?

I've always hated kitten heels. Go high or go home IS my motto, and kitten heels are just so... unflattering. If you want your feet to look like giant flippers on an insufficient broken-looking heel, then go ahead. But I think dainty flats are much more flattering.

Agreed. These are all awful.

Kitten heels need a slim figure a la Audrey Hepburn. They don't really suit the First Lady given her athletic/sturdy physique but it's part of her preppy/Peggy Sue look.

At 5'10" I find the current high & platformed shoe trends way over the top, literally. I'll wear a kitten heel but only with long length tailored trousers or jeans.

Love a cute kitten heel. Wonderful for day wear, office wear, anytime wear. Just love them...

These are wretched. An absolutely vomitus collection of footwear which should not bear the beloved title kitten heel.

I live in flats, and have yet to run into a heel above two inches that didn't make me feel like I was being tortured trying to walk three steps in them.

So on the rare occasions when I want a dressy shoe, kitten heels are what I gravitate towards. Especially given that I have small feet and tiny ankles. Kitten heels are the only shoes that aren't overpowering on my feet.

That being said, these designers missed the point of kitten heels entirely, and went straight for being utter eyesores.

I'm so thrilled I'm not alone. I'm 6 feet tall but I only like high heels or flats. And if I wear high heels I prefer 4 inches. But I never realized my dislike of kitten heels was so widely shared.

Of course, in my case I think there's something pitiful about a 6-foot-tall woman wearing kitten heels. It conveys this sense of, "Oh, the poor thing, she obviously has to wear low heels." I'm of the "If you've got it, flaunt it" school.


sorry, i'm a little late to the party, but i had to comment.... these particular shoes are really fugly.... that said, i like kitten heels, especially for my 14-year old daughter. she is trying to find shoes that don't make her look 8, but most heels these days look like slut-wear. i applaud the idea of kitten heels --- no, they're not for everyone, but a nice alternative for the tweens and women who just don't want to deal with high heels, yet want to look a little more dressed up than flats allow.

That is all.

Ugh, those are all vile!

When I was in Japan a couple months ago, I saw a ton of really really cute kitten heels, too bad these are nothing akin to that!

HATE kitten heels and their bad looks are just magnified tenfold when worn by tall models (who usually have larger feet), which messes up the proportions even more! Kitten heels make me feel less stable than higher heels and exaggerate cankles. Honestly, I think most women would find a chunkier 3-inch heel to be more comfortable than a kitten heel - I do! It takes a good designer (or a very simple style) to make a kitten pump look acceptable to me, but I will never wear them.

PS, this reminds me of a few years back when those ugly jelly-style thong sandal kitten heels (whew, that's a mouthful!) by Sigerson Morrison were trendy for a season. Why would you possibly want a thong sandal with a kitten heel? For what was it, like $300? So, I suppose I think that the sandal kitten heel is worse than the current kitten heel trend.

for some strange reason I always topple over when wearing kitten heels but not high high I've given up on them. and what's up with marni? ugh

The footwear shown IS uniformly ugly. But, they're ugly because of the ugly uppers, NOT because of the "kitten" heels.

You see, the problem with these shoes are that they are UGLY. Kitten heels can be done well, but these are from hell.

I've always liked heels from 2-3 inches. They give you a decent boost without making your feet want to curl up and die.

I love kitten heels. But flat, kitten-heeled or sky-high, these shoes all suck.

Okay, here's the thing... I'm a 6' tall woman and sometimes flats get boring. As much as I love wearing heels, sometimes it's nice to be able to look someone in the eyes without getting that annoying crick in my neck.

These kitten heels are U-G-L-Y.... but cute ones do exist. I promise!

I have a couple pairs of cute kitten heels, but I don't love most that I see when I'm out shopping. I prefer the types that look a bit more like sandals... I think they're the perfect hot summer BBQ heel - easy and comfortable to wear on a grassy lawn while sporting an adorable sundress. Aside from that, I don't have much use for them.

UGH! And I *love* kitten heels! But dangit, those short little heels are NOT meant to be slapped on some fancy shoe just for the sake of having them there. Seriously- these shoes look like the designer said "Okay I've got these shoes I want to make, but Kitten Heels are going to be THE THING this season so instead of making normal heels lets go short!"

I have always hated kitten heels. I think they make all women's calves look chunky. Fug fug fug. And then these ones are double, no, triple fug. Ughhhhhhhhh. Bad bad bad.

I LOVE kitten heels, but all these shoes are ugly. They'd be even uglier with higher heels.

I don't mind kitten heels as a concept. I have seen pairs I've liked in the past, and, as someone who towers over most people without heels (dear lord, you should see the looks of terror when I wear my four-inch-heeled boots), I deeply appreciate having the option.

However, these shoes are so incredibly fugtacular, they make me want to wear fuzzy bunny slippers for ever and ever and ever rather than unintentionally give money to any of the asshats who considered designing these for public purchase and use was a good idea. Seriously, what the hell? How stupid do they think women are? They have offended mine eyes and my feet, and need to be put in the corner for the next three seasons and think about what they've done. BAD. NO.

(I may or may not be exaggerating my response. It's amazing what comes out of my keyboard when I'm on prescription painkillers.)

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Now, I do like some kittens, but they have to be alittle higher than that and less ugly.


I LOATHE kitten heels! For some reason, I find them very unstable : I can walk in 3-4" stilettos or platforms or wedges with no problems, but put me in a kitten heel and I wobble badly. Actually, I have twisted my ankle badly while wearing kitten heels-that's NEVER happened in a true high heel! Do higher heels have MORE stability because the weight is distributed differently? I don't know-I just know that I will continue to wear 2-4" heels and platform wedges, fashion be d*****d.

I wonder how many women feel that HAVE to wear only flats, because they also had disastrous experiences with kitten/low heels , and they (falsely) thought that if they couldn't manage low heels, they'd never be able to walk in high???

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